Omega 56 G-AXJA, Photographed at the Teesside Airport Pageant, March 7, 1969.

Available through the kind courtesy of the
Teesside International Airport Photograph Library

Special thanks to Richard Bowater

Don Cameron, left, shows off his creation to the wondering crowd.

Here, without unnecessary editorial comment, are some beautiful photos of an Omega balloon, being demonstrated for a patently curious English crowd in the spring of 1969. The balloon was later sold to a syndicate in Ireland and, after suffering extensive damage during the filming of a television commercial, was named Yellow Peril (she's yellow with a horizontal red stripe). She flew at the 1973 Worlds in Albuquerque, and, after she was no longer airworthy, was converted into a large kite. These photos were offered for display here, as noted above, courtesy of the Teesside International Airport Photograph Library, where they have obviously been well cared for these last 35+ years.  I am extremely grateful for the use of these wonderful photos, and hope readers find them at least somewhat as fascinating as I do.

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