NOTE: passenger/non-pilot names are in lower case letters.

Date Name Nationality Cause Notes
15 Jun.1785 D'ROZIER, Francis FRA Impact after inflight fire (Z)
same Romain, Jules FRA same accident (Z)
Aug.1785 Lunardi's asst. ENG Fell from anchor rope (Z)
Aug.1786 HERON, Ralph ENG Entangled in rope, fell (Z)
1791 Blanchard's asst. ENG Fell (see BLANCHARD) (Z)
25 Nov.1802 OLIVARI, M. FRA Impact after inflight fire (Z)
7 Aug.1806 MOSMENT, FRA Impact, fell from basket. -?-
24 Jul. 1808 LaPIQUE, FRA Impact, Killed in Duel (Z)
same + assistant FRA same accident (Z)
17 Jul. 1812 BITTORF, Herr GER Impact after inflight fire  
same BITTORF, Mme. GER same accident  
21 Sep.1812 ZAMBECARI, F. ITA Impact after inflight fire (Z)
same Bonga, assistant ITA same accident  
6 Jul. 1819 BLANCHARD, M. (F) FRA Impact after inflight fire (Z)
8 May 1824 HARRIS, Thomas ENG Jumped from basket, drowned (Z)
29 Sep.1824 SADLER, Windham ENG Fell from basket (Z)
24 Jul. 1837 COCKING, Richard ENG Parachute failed (Z)
?1842 WADMAN, ENG ? -?-
8 Jul.1844 COSMACHI, Antonio ITA Lost at Sea, Constantinople -Z-
1847 LEDET, RUS Drowned in Russian lake -?-
11 Jul.1849 GREEN, George Sr. ENG Drowned off Cardiff (Z)
7 Oct.1849 ARBAN, Fran FRA Lost over Mediterranean (Z)
May 1850 boy spectator ENG Hit by trailing grapnel -?-
8 Sep.1850 GALE, George B. FRA Asphixyated (Z)
15 Sep.1851 TARDINI, J.G. DEN Disappeared from Copenhagen (Z)
24 Sep.1851 MERLE, FRA Asphixyated by hydrogen -?-
31 May 1852 CLARK, George F. USA Fell from balloon +Z)
2 Jun.1852 GOULSTON, James ENG Dragged to death (Z)
19 Jul.1853 VERDIER, Emma (F) FRA Impact on crash landing (Z)
10 Sep.1853 PIANA, Luigi ITA Asphixyated (Rome) +Z)
27 Sep.1853 DESCHAMPS, Emile FRA Balloon exploded; hit chimney -?-
14 Dec.1853 KNIGHT, ENG Lost over Indian Ocean -?-
same DAR, Raja IND same accident -?-
27 Jun.1854 LETOUR, Francois FRA High-wind impact into trees (Z)
Aug.1855 WINCHESTER, T. USA Lost over Lake Erie -?-
29 Jun.1856 PEREZ, Matias CUB Lost over Atlantic (Z)
10 Aug.1859 THURSTON, Ira USA Fell from balloon rigging (Z)
14 Aug.1859 HALL, W.H. ENG Fell from trapeze (Z)
17 May 1860 CONNOR, Agustus USA Building impact, fell +Z)
?1860 BALDWIN, John E. USA Balloon/fireworks exploded +Z)
4 Jul. 1862 WESTBROOK, T.H. USA Balloon burst, impact +Z)
18 Aug.1863 CHAMBERS, Stephan ENG Asphyxiated +Z)
24 May 1869 BARAILLE, ARG Burned on hydrogen fire (Z)
same +7-bystanders ARG same accident (Buenos Aires) -?-
1 Jan.1870 HAPE, Albert USA Balloon burst, impact +Z)
10 Nov.1870 GLOENNEC, le FRA Died of exposure -?-
30 Nov.1870 PRINCE, Alexander FRA Lost over Atlantic Ocean (Z)
same Ducavroy, FRA same accident  
1870 BAMBO, Peter ITA Impact after inflight fire -?-
27 Jan. 1871 LACAZE, E. FRA Lost over Atlantic -?-
Sep. 1871 WILBUR, USA Fell from balloon, impact (Z)
27 May 1872 ATKINS, USA Drowned in river +Z)
25 Oct. 1872 McMANN, Michael USA Impact (see DENNISTON) +Z)
4 Jul. 1873 MOUNTAIN, Edward USA Impact, net slipped off +Z)
? 1873 BOLEY, J.H. USA Inflight fire, impact +Z)
1874 native unknown TIA Disappeared from Bangkok -?-
? 1874 CRAIG, E.E. USA Lost grip on trapeze,fell +Z)
9 Jul. 1874 GROOF, Vincent de BEL Impact, B-Launched kite (Z)
9 Aug.1874 BRACQUET, FRA Impact -?-
6 Oct.1874 DRESSEDEN, B. (F) USA Parachute failed to open +Z)
11 Oct. 1874 GRUET, Joseph USA Impact injuries +Z)
9 Jan. 1875 GENES, FRA Impact -?-
2 Apr.1875 GALLAND, Mr. FRA Envelope tore; Crashed -?-
same GALLAND, Mrs. FRA same accident  
15 Apr.1875 SIVEL, T. FRA Hypoxia (Z)
same SPINELLI, C.J. FRA same accident (Z)
3 May 1875 DAVIDSON, A. FRA Landed in sea; died later -?-
15 Jul. 1875 DONALDSON, W. H. USA Lost over Lake Michigan (Z)
same GRIMWOOD, USA same accident  
Nov. 1875 FERGITH, Doctor USA Lost over Atlantic -?-
same MONROSE, Jedediah USA same accident  
13 Aug.1876 TRIQUET (son) FRA Crushed under basket +Z)
24 Sep.1876 WINTHROP, George USA Impact, balloon burst +Z)
19 Oct.1876 McMANN, Michael USA Lost grip on trapeze +Z)
10 Sep.1877 HAINUR, Frank USA Balloon burst, impact (Z)
24 Oct. 1877 MORLEY, Aguilla ENG Impact, balloon ruptured -?-
18 May 1878 LAVELLE, USA Impact against building +Z)
26 Jul. 1878 ATKINSON, USA Crash landing (Z)
Sep. 1878 unknown soldier ITA Fell from drag-rope -?-
28 Sep.1879 COLEGROVE, S.W. USA Impact injuries +Z)
same Williams, Chs.H. USA same accident  
29 Sep.1878 WISE, John USA Lost over Lake Michigan (Z)
same Burr, George USA same accident  
1879 HILL, Frederic ENG Crash Landing -?-
4 Jul. 1880 PETIT, Francois FRA Envelope ruptured, impact -?-
8 Aug. 1880 BREST, Charles FRA Drowned in Mediterranean -?-
31 Oct. 1880 NAVARRE, Augustos FRA Crash landing -?-
14 Aug 1881 ARMENTIERES, FRA Drowned in Mediterranean -?-
10 Dec.1881 POWELL, Walter ENG Lost at sea (Z)
1883 LAURENS, USA ? (Philadelphia,PA) -?-
18 Jan.1883 STEWART, E.L. USA Balloon burst, impact +Z)
28 Jan.1883 MAYET, SPA Lost at sea -?-
1884 MAZET, SPA Crashed in street -?-
same BREMONT, SPA same accident  
16 Sep.1884 Rosas, Nicamor MEX Fell from rope (pilot: DAVALOS) -?-
14 Jul. 1885 ELOY, Francois J. FRA Lost at sea -?-
18 Jul. 1885 GOWER, Frederic USA Drowned in Eng. Channel -?-
1886 SACHS, FIN Lost at sea -?-
1887 INFANTES, FRA Impaled on lightning rod -?-
1887 CLARAGE, Edward USA Crash landing -?-
1887 ANDREWS, William USA Inflight fire -?-
31 May 1887 Harding, L.C. ENG Asphyxiated (see H. BALLEIN) +Z)
1 Sep. 1887 BLACKENSE, Randall USA Lost grip on trapeeze +Z)
13 Nov.1887 L'HOSTE, Francois FRA Lost over Atlantic Ocean (Z)
same 1887 MANGET, Joseph FRA same accident  
1888 CASTANET, FRA Crash landing -?-
1888 PEDROWSKI, BRA Drowned in lake -?-
26 Feb.1888 Wensley, Tom CAN Fell from handling line +?-
26 Jun. 1888 JACOBSDORF, GER Static eletricity -?-
27 Aug.1888 SIMMONS, Joseph ENG Fell from basket (Z)
28 Aug.1888 COLE, Edward USA Lost grip on trapeze +Z)
29 Aug.1888 HOGAN, John USA Lost grip on trapeze +Z)
26 Sep.1888 WILLIAMS, Clare. USA Fire in flight +Z)
Oct.1888 VANDIGRIFT, USA Drowned (Z)
16 Jul. 1889 HOGAN, Edward D. USA Lost over Atlantic (Z)
1?Aug.1889 STRUT? USA Lost grip on trapeze (Texas) -?-
15 Sep.1889 WALSWORTH, Edward USA Drowned in Lake (NY) -Z)
16 Nov.1889 TASSELL, Joe L. USA Lost in Hawaian Pacific +Z)
1890 SLOCUM, USA Fell from trapeze +Z)
1890 BARLETTI, FRA Inflight fire -?-
1890 DENNIS, William USA Fell from gondola -?-
4 Jul. 1890 BLACK, Samuel USA Inflight fire, impact +Z)
Aug. 1890 OLIVER, FRA ? -?-
3 Sep. 1890 BLONDEAU, ITA Crashed in violent winds -?-
21 Jun. 1891 pilot +3 persons RUS Crash landing -?-
21 Jun. 1891 4-Passengers RUS Impact (see APRAXINE) +Z)
2 Jul. 1891 SANZA, ITA Crash landing -?-
5 Jul. 1891 DEUTLEY, Loetta (F) USA Crash landing -?-
8 Aug.1891 HIGGINS George ENG Impact, hit tele-lines (Z)
15 Aug.1891 HARKNESS, Annie (F) USA Parachute failed to open +Z)
20 Aug.1891 HIGGINS, George ENG Impact, broke back (Z)
10 Dec.1891 MANSFIELD, USA Impact, harness failed +Z)
24 Sep.1891 TARL, Lewis B. USA Crash landing -?-
same Thayder, Frank USA same accident  
Mar. 1892 TASSELL, Mrs. (F) USA details unknown (Dacca) -Z)
27 Apr.1892 MARCHE, FRA Crash landing, Drowned -?-
29 Jun. 1892 DALE, W.D. ENG Crashed after torn envelope (Z)
same SHADBOLT, Cecil ENG same accident +Z)
4 Jul. 1892 ROGERS, G.A. USA Drowned in Boston Bay +Z)
same Lenton, Thomas USA same accident  
5 Jul. 1892 GARRETT, Jeanie (F) USA Parachute opened late +Z)
Sep. 1892 GOODALL, Harry S.A Crashed in Jagersfontein -Z)
8 Jan. 1893 ? FRA Parachute failed (Saigon) -?-
26 Apr.1893 WILSON, USA Inflight fire, impact +Z)
5 Jun. 1893 RICHMOND, Charles USA Impact, wings failed +Z)
15 Jul. 1893 Alphonse, Louguet FRA Asphyxiated (Paris) +?-
23 Aug.1893 WHELAN, James A. ENG Impact injuries +Z)
2 Sep. 1893 MEZ, Jania RUS ? (Minsk) -?-
? Sep. 1893 FIERMAN, GER Fell from basket (Milwaukee) -?-
9 Oct. 1893 CHARBONNET ITA Crash in Alps -?-
30 May 1894 ADLER, USA Drowned -?-
25 Mar.1894 WILTON, Austin OUS Crashed and drowned +Z)
17 Jun. 1894 LATTMANN, GER Impact, B-Burst inflight. (Z)
1 Aug. 1894 SABERN, Tillie (F) USA Fell from trapeze +Z)
6 Oct. 1894 DRESSDEN, Bea (F) USA Impact injuries +Z)
28 May 1895 Heafle, Tony USA Suicide (see BARSON) +Z)
Jul. 1895 number unknown GER Explosion and fire -?-
14 Jul. 1895 JULHES, FRA Envelope tore, crashed (Z)
28 Jul. 1895 SIMMONS, Harry USA Jumped to tree, fell +Z)
1 Aug.1895 BURKE, USA Jumped to roof, fell +Z)
5 Aug.1895 Peek, Anna (F) USA Balloon failed (see ELLIOT) +Z)
? Aug.1895 BASSETT, Adel. (F) ENG Fell from trapeze +Z)
15 Sep.1895 TOULET, Auguste BEL Envelope tore, crashed (Z)
same DELVAUX, (F) BEL same accident  
same SAULCOIT, BEL same  
same SCHEERS-Dupuis BEL same  
29 Sep.1895 HAGLE, Nellie (F) USA Parachute failed, impact +Z)
1 Oct. 1895 EISEL, Homer USA Parachute failed, impact +Z)
23 Jan.1896 PEREZ, CUB Drowned (Florida) +Z)
26 May 1896 HANNAR, May (F) USA Drowned +Z)
12 Jun.1896 WOELFORT, Ira GER Impact after in-flight fire (Z)
same Knabe, (assistant) GER same (Berlin)  
23 Jun.1896 FOUCART, FRA Fell from basket, impact +Z)
same LeLoup, FRA same accident  
23 Jun.1896 GUILLAUMIN, X. FRA Crashed in storm, impact +Z)
23 Jul.1896 EVANS, Maude (F) ENG Drowned +Z)
11 Jul.1896 ANDREE, Soloman SWE North Pole flight, exposure (Z)
same FRAENKEL, Knut SWE same accident  
same STRINDBERG, N. SWE same accident  
16 Aug.1896 BORSEN, Guy USA Hit tree, broke neck +Z)
29 Aug.1896 HIBBARD, G.W. (F) USA Fell from safety rope +Z)
30 Aug.1896 COLE, Edward USA Drowned +Z)
14 Jun. 1897 BRUNO, Edith (F) USA Drowned +Z)
5 Jul. 1897 Hill, Bertie (F) USA Fell from handling line -Z)
27 Jul. 1898 BELL, Charles USA Asphyxiated (Tampa) -?-
21 Aug.1898 CHRISTENSEN (F) USA Drowned +Z)
1899 two soldiers GER Hydrogen asphixiation -?-
1899 MAHONEY, Lorraine N.Z. Drowned at sea (Z)
20 Mar.1899 BOONE, Thomas C. USA Shot, impaled on anchor +Z)
May 1899 BERNARD, FRA Asphixiated +Z)
14 Jun. 1899 VACCA, Oreste ITA Fell from captive balloon -?-
6 Jul. 1899 AUDEMER, Pont FRA Basket broke loose -?-
same Honfleur, FRA same accident  
Sep. 1899 BERNARD, FRA Impact after asphyxiation -?-
3 Apr. 1900 EHRHART, FRA Hydrogen fire -?-
same DECK, FRA same accident  
Jul. 1900 MARKEBERG, Emile USA Fell from parachute harness +Z)
Jul. 1900 VENNI, ITA Crashed in Mediterranean -?-
same PELLIZONI, ITA same accident  
18 Jul. 1901 unknown boy RUS B-Explosion at St.Petersburg -?-
18 Jul. 1901 McBRIDE, Frank USA Impact in strong wind (Z)
20 May 1902 unknown girl ENG Parachute impact -?-
10 Jun. 1902 BAUDIC, Vaisseau FRA Tether broke, lost at sea (Z)
15 Jul. 1902 WARD, Mabel (F) USA Fell from trapeze (Z)
29 Aug. 1902 Tickner, John ENG Fell from rope (see J.BACON) -Z-
8 Sep. 1902 two handlers ITA Mil.B-Exploded at Arsoli -?-
3 Mar. 1903 Ordody, K. HUN Fell from basket -Z)
2 Jun. 1903 unknown handler ITA Fell 2000' from rope (Sardinia) -
14 Aug. 1903 DUCHATEAU, Celuici BEL Impact, fell from basket (Z)
21 Nov. 1903 BELCHIOR, POR Lost at sea (Z)
13 May 1904 Bautney, Francois FRA bystander, B-Exploded -?-
25 May 1904 ZAMBIANCHI, R. ITA Impact, fell from trapeze (Z)
18 Jul. 1904 BENNETT, James ENG Fell into river, drowned (Z)
14 Sep. 1904 8-handlers HUN Fell from kite balloon -?-
20 Feb. 1905 SUNER, ? SPA Fire, jumped from basket (Z)
20 Mar. 1905 MIDDLEKARF, USA Impact, basket fell from net (Z)
12 Jun. 1905 VOLMER, ? GER Drowned in North Sea -?-
same Flogel, ? GER same accident -?-
16 Jul. 1905 MINKEVICH, RUS Tether broke, lost at sea -?-
6 Aug. 1905 VINCENTE, SPA details unknown -?-
29 Aug. 1905 DUMORTIER, BEL Lost at sea (Z)
same passenger BEL same accident -Z)
7 Sep. 1905 BALDWIN, ? USA B-Exploded (Greenville, OH) -?-
11 Mar. 1906 number unknown GER Lost in gale, never recovered -?-
3 Jun. 1906 Minoletti, Luigi ITA Landed in sea, drowned -Z)
same Nazari, Capt. ITA same accident -Z)
25 Aug. 1906 ELLINQUIST, Will. USA B-Ignited (N.Y.City) -Z)
8 May 1907 GERNY, Lt. BEL Fell from basket -?-
2 Jun. 1907 ULIVELLI, Arnaldo ITA Lightning, B-Exploded (Z)
7 Jun. 1907 handler SPA Fell from rope at 900' -?-
10 Jun. 1907 pilot HUN B-Caught fire on deflation -?-
same two passengers HUN same accident -?-
same eight farmers HUN same accident -?-
27 Jun. 1907 two pilots FRA Drowned off Dunkirk -?-
21 Jul. 1907 four officers RUS Drowned in Gulf of Finland -?-
Sep. 1907 BETHMANN, Guy de FRA B-Caught fire (Bordeaux) (Z)
same Scharf, FRA same accident -Z)
2 Jun. 1908 JONES, Luther M. USA Safety harness broke +Z)
7 May 1908 unknown GER B-Burst near Berlin -?-
30 Jul. 1908 OLIVER, William USA Parachute malfunctioned +Z)
13 Aug. 1908 Hill, Blanche (F) ENG Balloon exploded +Z)
same Higgins, Edward ENG same accident (airship) +Z)
18 Aug. 1908 LANE, Arthur USA Fell from basket +Z)
2 Sep. 1908 JONES, Charles O. USA Fell after in-flight fire +Z)
1909 BANKER, Andrew USA Impact, parachure failed (Z)
5 Jul. 1909 pilot ITA Lost at sea from Naples -?-
same passenger ITA same accident -?-
17 Oct.1909 NEWBERRY, Ed ARG Lost over Rio Plata (Z)
same Romero, ARG same accident -?-
??? 1909 FRANCKE, H. GER ? -?-
8 Jan. 1909 FOERTSCH, GER Lost at Sea (?12 Oct.08?)  
same Hummel, GER same accident  
2 Feb.1909 Pilot +1-Pax FRA Dashed against rocks -?-
8 Mar.1909 ELKINS, Frank L. USA Lost over Pacific Ocean +Z)
5 Apr.1909 unknown (F) FRA Drowned (Coutances) -?-
9 Apr. 1909 MAYER, ITA Thrown from basket (Milan) +Z)
same Gardoit ITA same accident  
same Patterson ITA same accident  
13 Apr. 1909 BELLAMY, FRA Lost over North Sea +Z)
18 Jun. 1909 CHAMBERLAIN, Count RUS Pulled deflation line +Z)
same Chamberlain, C' (F) RUS same accident  
6 Jul. 1909 CORCORAN, Jones USA ? (Portland) -?-
15 Sep. 1909 MARTINEZ, SPA Lost at sea (Valencia) (Z)
16 Sep. 1909 NASAR, CAN Electrocution (Ottawa) +Z)
26 Nov. 1909 BRENCKMANN, Dr. GER Balloon ruptured in flight (Z)
same Francke GER same accident  
1910 TARRO, John A. USA Electrostatic flt. -?-
16 Mar.1910 LUFT, Karl GER Struck by lightning -?-
same Luschering, GER same accident  
same Hoecker, GER same accident  
same Graupner, GER same accident  
3 Apr. 1910 DELBRUCK, Werner GER Lost over Baltic Sea +Z)
same Heim, GER same accident  
same Benduhn, Hetn GER same accident  
3 Apr. 1910 ABEGG, Richard GER Gust impact after landing +Z)
16 Apr.1910 LUFT, GER Struck by lightning -Z)
same Leuchseuring, GER same accident  
same +2 Pax. GER same accident  
26 Jun. 1910 TAYLOR, George USA Parachute failed (Z)
1 Jul. 1910 BRADLEY, Raymond USA Impact, parachute failed (Z)
4 Jul. 1910 HERRGUTH, William USA Drowned in Lk.Erie -Z)
14 Aug. 1910 PRINCE, Ben USA Impact, fell from trapeze (Z)
25 Aug. 1910 RAYMOND, Eugene USA Impact with structure (Z)
16 Nov. 1910 two pilots GER Lost at sea from Berlin -?-
5 Dec. 1910 METZGER, GER Drowned by large wave (Z)
13 Dec. 1910 LANGE, GER Lost at Sea (Z)
29 Dec. 1910 KOHRS, GER Froze to death (Z)
same Keidel, GER same accident  
29 Dec.1910 ROEHRS, GER Drowned in Lk.Pommern (Z)
same Rommelier, GER same accident  
same Zimmerman, GER same accident  
2 Mar. 1911 KAYSER, Paul GER Hit breakwater (Z)
26 Jun. 1911 Pilot +1-Pax FRA Lost over North Sea  
5 Aug. 1911 RAMBALDO, NET Fell from basket, impact +Z)
20 Aug. 1911 Pilot +1-pax FRA Lost over North Sea +
20 Aug. 1911 CRANFORD, Frank USA Parachute failed +Z)
19 Sep. 1911 BERLINGER, USA Parachute failed +Z)
5 Oct. 1911 BRADIE, John USA Parachute failed +Z)
31 Oct. 1911 MONTGOMERY, John USA Heart attack, crashed  
19 May. 1912 BARR, James USA Parachute failed +Z)
30 May. 1912 RADA, Freds USA Parachute failed +Z)
1 Jun. 1912 THIBEDEAU, Robert USA Drowned in resevoir +Z)
4 Jul. 1912 MOORE, Thomas USA Parachute failed +Z)
27 Jul. 1912 FLICK, Thomas USA Lost grip on trapeze +Z)
30 Jul. 1912 OTELLE, Arthur USA Premature parachute release +Z)
25 Aug. 1912 OWENS, Frederick USA Impact with building +Z)
1 Dec. 1912 FRAYNE, Richard USA Lost grip on trapeze +Z)
17 Apr. 1913 DeNOVE, FRA Crashed and exploded +
same DeRegne, Vascot FRA same accident (Vincennes) +
same Thieville, Aumont FRA same accident +
same Clavenad, FRA same accident +
same Richy, FRA same accident +
16 Sep. 1913 Berliner, George USA Fell (see GATES) +Z)
10 Oct.1913 ? SPA Fell from the basket +
May 1914 ? USA Drowned (Avon Pk, OH) +Z)
28 Aug.1915 WILLIAMS, George USA Premature harness release +Z)
1916 BURNS, Wilfred USA Parachute failed (Thailand) +Z)
6 Sep. 1916 LIBBY, Samuel USA Parachute failed +Z)
1914 - 1918 3 Belgian Officers BEL details unknown (WW-1)  
1914 - 1918 12 Brit. Officers BRI see APPENDIX-AK (WW-1)  
1914 - 1918 30 French Officers FRA see APPENDIX-AK (WW-1)  
1914 - 1918 ?? German Officers GER est.50-90 details unknown  
2 May 1918 Beall, Vincent L. USA Balloon exploded (Omaha, NB)  
same Davis, John L. USA same accident (injured 26)  
12 Sep. 1918 ROSS, Cleo J. USA Balloon & parachute fire (Z)
2 Oct. 1919 DAUIMON, Carl W. USA Drowned, Lake Huron (NBR) (Z)
same VERHEYDEN, Joseph USA same as above  
4 Jul. 1920 HADDOCK, Leslie USA Premature parachute release (Z)
22 Mar. 1921 WILKENSON, G.K. USA Lost over Gulf of Mexico +Z)
same Eland, R.E. USA same accident (Vincennes) +
same Elder, J.E. USA same accident +
same Trefrey, W.H. USA same accident +
same Kershaw, USA same accident +
4 Jul. 1923 ROTH, Louis J. USA Drowned in lake +Z)
same NULL, Telford B. USA same  
23 Sep. 1923 BAROA, Penaranda SPA Lightning strike +Z)
same GUILLAMON, Gomez SPA same  
23 Sep. 1923 OLMSTEAD, Robert USA Lightning strike +Z)
same SHOPTAW, John W. USA same +Z)
23 Sep. 1923 GRUNINGEN, von SWI Lightning strike  
same WEHREN, SWI same  
3 Jun. 1924 NEELY, James T. USA Crashed in Illinois (Z)
same MEISINGER, Leroy USA same (Z)
3 Aug. 1926 WILLOWS, Ernest T. ENG Foot ropes broke at 100' (Z)
same Mr/Mrs W.F.Harbage ENG same  
same Mr/Mrs E.Crowsley ENG same  
4 Nov.1927 GRAY, Geo. H.W. USA Hypoxia (Z)
31 May1928 EVERT, Paul USA Lightning strike (NBR) +Z)
15 Sep. 1928 MOLAS, Benito SPA Breathing device failed (Z)
30 May 1928 MORTON, Walter W. USA Lightning strike (NBR) (Z)
? Jul. 1929 GUERRERO, Sam COL Env.slipped from net (Z)
30 Jan. 1934 FEDOSEJENKO, P. RUS Impact, uncontrolled descent (Z)
same USYSHIN, I RUS same +Z)
same VASENKO, A. RUS same +Z)
12 Jun. 1937 ALLEN, Gloria (F) USA Parachute failed, impact +Z)
10 May 1943 HOMER, George USA Balloon ignited in-flight NJ Z)
same Konstrand, Amos W. USA same accident "
same Bryant, Wayne USA same accident "
5 May 1945 Mitchel, Elsie (F) USA War-balloon bomb OR (Z)
same Engen, Eddie USA same accident, child "
same Gifford, Jay USA same accident, child "
same Patzke, Dick USA same accident, child "
same Patzke, Joan (F) USA same accident, child "
same Shoemaker, Sherman USA same accident, child "
4 Jul. 1946 ALLEN, Warren A. USA B-tore on ascent, impact (NY) (Z)
27 Jul. 1948 ALLEN, Arlene USA Powerlines (TN) Z)
6 Jul. 1950 LEWIS, M. Lee USA Balloon pulley fell on him (MN) Z)
4 May 1961 PRATHER, Vic.A. USA Drowned in Caribbean (Z)
13 Apr.1963 Pilot +4-pax GER Fire on deflation (Hebride) ?
11 Jan. 1964 KEITH, Barbara (F) USA Died of ocean exposure (CA) Z)
26 Jul. 1964 POLLARD, Dick USA Electrocution (CA) Z)
1 May 1966 PIANTANIDA, Nick USA Hypoxia in stratosphere. Z)
6 Jun. 1968 SHIELDS, Francis USA Impact, net snagged tower (PA) Z)
same Palmer, Graham OUS same accident "
same Kasper, Dieter OUS same accident "
19 Sep. 1968 TRAUGER, Robert USA Electrocution (PA) (Z)
same Flannery, Joan (Susanne) (F) USA same accident "
20 Sep. 1970 BRIGHTON, Malcolm ENG Lost over Atlantic (Z)
same Anderson, Pam (F) USA same accident z
same Anderson, Rodney USA same accident z
11 Jul. 1971 ALLIONE, Miss (F) FRA Fell from basket Z)
1 Sep. 1971 JAGER, Martin GER Fell from handling line Z)
8 Dec.1973 Wright, Tim USA Powerlines (PIC=FAVOR) (Z)
18 Feb.1974 GATCH, Thomas USA Lost over Atlantic Ocean (Z)
31 Mar.1974 JACOBS, Clyde H. USA Powerlines (OH) (Z)
same LeBleu, Thomas USA same accident (died later) "
9 Jul. 1974 EDWARDS, Fred V. USA Impact, envelope ruptured (FL) Z)
same Hall, James W. USA same accident "
6 Aug. 1974 BERGER, Rbt.C. USA Atlantic crossing (NJ) (Z)
21 Sep.1974 ADAMS, Richard USA Electrocution (CA) Z)
same Curley, Michael USA same accident "
8 Oct.1974 ADAMS, Mike ENG Impact, top opened Z)
same SPARKS, Mike ENG same accident Z)
12 Oct.1974 Cooperage, Edith USA Fell from basket (PIC=CORNELL) z
19 Sep. 1975 Atkinson, Jane USA Powerlines (PIC=JENKINS) ?
26 Sep. 1975 officer (N. Korea) N.K. Drowned in Sea of Japan ?
23 Nov. 1975 McCORMIC, Terence AUS Impact, top opened Z)
same HAYES, Anthony AUS same accident "
Dec? 1975 unknown male USA Broken fitting (Fremont, MI) ?
20 Mar. 1976 TARZI Safra (F) FRA FRA Explosion (PIC=VIELLARD) Z)
same SABLIERE, Diane (F) FRA same accident Z)
18 May 1976 HODKINSON, Peter USA Powerlines (GA) Z)
21 Oct. 1976 GIBSON, Patrick USA Powerlines/explosion (NC) Z)
same GIBSON, Sydney USA same accident "
same Vogan, James USA same accident "
11 Nov. 1976 Cohen, Donald USA Hang-glider crash (PIC=?) z
30 Dec.1976 SHELDON-Sparks, (F) USA Electrocution (TX) Z)
same Sheldon, Percy USA same accident "
7 May 1977 ARMSTRONG, Richard USA Powerlines/explosion (FL) z
same Kehoe, Robert USA same accident "
4 Oct. 1977 KASEVA, Veikko FIN Impact after top failed Z)
4 Jul. 1978 SIEFKES, John USA Powerlines, electrocution (KS) Z)
same Williams, Y. USA same accident "
29 Aug. 1978 DOMONT, Eliz. (F) USA Electrocution (Fischers, IN) z
same Kohles, James USA same accident "
same Kelly, Michael USA same accident "
15 Dec. 1978 unknown (Tampa) USA Electrocution (PIC=Webster) (FL) Z
7 Feb. 1979 MOUNT, Eugene USA Lost over Lake Michigan (WI) z
28 Aug. 1979 CURLEE, Jay USA Electrocution (?) (Chapel Hill, NC) ?
10 Oct. 1979 TEMPLE, Richard USA Envelope rupture (Abq, NM) Z)
same Wiley, Kathy (F) USA same accident "
15 Dec. 1979 HAUPRICH, Ray (F) USA Electrocution (Davie, FL) z
same Mowday, Jack USA same accident "
same Berg, Glen USA same accident "
same Rhine, Richard USA same accident "
20 Apr. 1980 PERKINS, Rich.E. USA Fabric failed (Hurrican, WV) (Z)
same Perkins, Jerry USA same accident "
same Cargil, Angel USA same accident "
27 Jul. 1980 Terrorists LEB Shot down, killed on ground Z
same +3 pax unknown USA same accident "
3 Aug. 1980 HUG-MESSNER, C. SWI Electrocuted (Z)
6 Sep. 1980 CANFIELD, John R. USA Powerlines (Shedd, OR) (Z)
20 Sep. 1980 SIEBER, H.W. SWI Cable cut basket off ?
same AMMAN, Doris (F) SWI same accident "
17 Oct.1980 KOVACH, Louis M. USA Electrocution (Delaware, OH) (Z)
Oct. 1980 Spectator USA Fell from tether (Lovelnd, OH) ?
15 Aug. 1981 BICKET, Jaime USA Electrocution (Barrington, IL) (Z)
same Ritter, Terry USA same accident "
same Coleman, Kenneth USA same accident "
same Baker, Brian USA same accident "
same Keating, William USA same accident "
15 Apr. 1981 OBEYD, Omar Ahmed ISR Shot as terrorist Z)
same Khalil, Mussa M. ISR same accident "
? Dec. 1981 bystander (F) SWI details unknown ?
1 Jul. 1982 KRAUER, Ernst SWI Impact; Gas B-Net tore (Z)
same Krauer, Marg. (F) SWI same accident "
same Bruner, Adel. (F) SWI same accident "
same Bruner, Albert SWI same accident "
28 Aug. 1982 HUTCHINS, Philip ENG Impact, fell from harness (Luxembourg) (Z)
3 Oct. 1982 WIRTH, Richard ENG Impact after in-flight fire (Alb. N.M.) (Z)
same ROBINSON, Cris. (F) ENG same accident (Kris Kirby) (Z)
same Brainard, Nick USA same accident "
same Brainard, Pam. (F) USA same accident "
3 Oct. 1982 ABRAMS, Lawrence USA Electrocution (Piedmont, SC) Z)
same Schwires, August USA same accident "
18 Jun.1983 THORNTON, James USA Heart attack (Flint, MI) Z)
27 Jun. 1983 ANDERSON, Maxie USA Impact, gondola separation (Brucknau, Germany) (Z)
same IDA, Donald USA same accident (Z)
10 Jul. 1983 CONN, Richard C. USA Electrocution (Ft.Worth, TX) (Z)
same Bersano, Connie USA same accident "
Apr. 1985 James (Keekerock) KEN Fell from rope (PIC=Mike Moore) z
7 Apr. 1985 Marsh, Judy USA fell from basket (PIC=Prendergast) Z)
17 May 1986 FLANAGAN, Leon USA Powerlines (Temecula, CA) (Z)
same Cron, Dale USA same accident "
13 Mar 1987 ERWIN, Breg GER Powerlines (Mannheim) Z
same student, unknown GER same accident "
21 Mar. 1987 unknown girl USA Powerlines (PIC=B. MILLS) (UT) Z)
1987 unknown pilot GER Powerlines (Muenster) Z
same 1-pax GER same accident "
6 Jun.1987 Newkirk, Chris (F) USA Powerlines (PIC=R. NEWKIRK) (MD) z
7 Jun. 1987 McVaney, Geo.T. USA Powerlines (PIC=S. PAGE) (NC) z
10 Jan. 1989 NIWA, Fumio JAP Hypothermia, in Ocean
11 Jun. 1989 JOHNSON, Dan D. USA Antenna wire severed basket (Raleigh, NC) (Z)
same Tanahey, Joseph USA same accident "
same Tanahey, Marty USA same accident "
21 Jun. 1989 TRAYNOR, William CAN Powerlines (Z)
16 Jul. 1989 SELL, Martin USA Powerlines (TX) (Z)
same Buckert, Bob USA same accident  
5 Aug.1989 MOCK, Robert USA Envelope failed (LA) Z)
13 Aug. 1989 FRASER, Anthony AUS Top vent opened in flight Z
same Murphy, Veronic (F) AUS same accident  
same Murphy, Lawrence AUS same accident  
same Fitzgibbon, Daniel AUS same accident  
same Reid, Blinda (F) AUS same accident  
same Overton, Daphine (F) AUS same accident  
same Taylor, Claire (F) AUS same accident  
same Dover, Jennifer (F) AUS same accident  
same Dover, Gary AUS same accident  
same Jacobson, Priben AUS same accident  
same Smith, Rosemary (F) AUS same accident  
same Lowsden, Maurie (F) AUS same accident  
same unk.foreigner ??? same accident  
11 Oct. 1989 SPICER, V. Ross AUS Powerlines, electrocution (near Mudgee) Z)
same McDonald, Christ. AUS same accident  
15 Oct. 1989 BOWERS, David AUS Powerlines; Jumped from 25' (Hunter Valley) Z)
same Leslie, Gabriel AUS same accident  
3 Mar. 1990 Simms, Robert A. USA Inflight fire (GLAS=PIC) Z
26 Aug. 1990 Smith, Josephine (F) USA Powerlines (STONEY=PIC) Z)
1 Oct.1990 Pilot unknown OUS Hi-wind landing in trees ?
same 4-pax OUS same accident Z)
6 Oct. 1990 FALACY, Stephen USA Powerlines (Abq, N.M.) Z)
same Schobel, William USA same accident "
6 Oct. 1990 HERMANN, Peter GER Powerlines z
same 1-pax GER same accident "
11 Dec. 1990 INGWERSON, Erick USA Powerlines (PIC) (OH) (Z)
same MEEKER, Scott USA same accident (also pilot) (Z)
same SHIREY, Doug USA same accident (also pilot) (Z)
same Nemes, Katherine (F) USA same accident (stu. pilot) Z)
19 Jan. 1991 NIWA, Fumio USA Hypothermia, Pacific Ocean Z)
8 Jun. 1991 McGrath, Mike USA Fell from rope (Wohler=PIC) Z)
19 Oct. 1991 unknown man USA Electrocuted (Lappies=PIC)  
27 Oct. 1991 Irish, Hal USA Bungee disengaged (Wiener=PIC) Z)
9 Aug. 1992 HOLMES, Larry A. USA Powerlines (Z)
same Shukla, Vibhooti (F) IND same accident "
5 Jul. 1992 WEBSTER, Roy USA Powerlines (FL) Z)
13 Mar. 1993 HERMAN, Breg GER Powerlines (Mannheim) Z
same student, unknown GER same accident "
22 May 1993 SCHABBAUER, Gustav OUS Powerlines Z
same Nimricher, Aloia (F) OUS same accident "
same Keresztes, Arpad OUS same accident "
same Keresztes, Anna (F) OUS same accident "
same Keresztes, Antonia (F) OUS same accident "
same Klein, Helmut OUS same accident  
27 Jun. 1993 Brotherton, William USA Bungee short (Glennon=PIC) (CO) Z
8 Aug. 1993 HODGDEN, Debra (F) USA Powerlines, basket fell (CO) Z
same Dodson, D USA same accident "
same Prendergast, C USA same accident "
same Prendergast, D USA same accident "
same Prendergast, S USA same accident "
6 Aug. 1993 JONES, Allen USA Powerlines (NM) Z
same Gordon, Carl USA same accident "
22 Jan. 1995 TAKAHASHI, Kazato JAP lost at sea, training flight z
same 3 students, unknown JAP same accident ?
4 Apr. 1995 passenger (PIC unknown) OUS Powerlines (Zellam Moos) ?
3 July 1995 Kinner, Caroline (F) USA Fell out (Hartman=PIC) Z)
13 Sep.1995 FRAENCKEL, Alan USA Shot down in Russia (Z)
same STUART-Davis, John AVI same incident (Z)
19 Oct. 1995 Yumi Ikeoka (F) JAP Drowned (P.Kollar=PIC) Z)
same Yoshiyuki Hashimoto (F) JAP Japanese tourists z
same 3rd passenger, name unknown TAI same accident z
9 Dec. 1995 CURTIS, John G. USA Powerlines (Z)
same passenger (died later) USA same accident  
27 Jan.1996 male pax SWE Powerlines (PIC=B.Palmblad) (Upsalla)  
31 Jan. 1996 BUKER, Chris SWI wind shear, top opened Z)
same +4 German pax GER same accident  
15 Apr.1996 woman pax unk. USA Crash (PIC=T.Welsh) (AZ)  
30 Aug. 1996 CAMACHO, Juan SPA Lost at sea from Cadiz  
same Camacho, Francisco (son, age 14) SPA same accident Z)
3 Aug. 1997 Allamonand, Carl USA Trees (PIC=Stadtmueller) (OR)  
Nov. 1997 WELLEKOTTER, Maria (F) GER Explosion near Berlin  
same +3 pax husband + M&F friends GER same accident  
6 Dec. 1997 Milner, Sue (F) USA Fell from line (PIC=R.Woodall) (Z)
Dec. 1997 pilot survived, pax drowned IND fuel exhaustion over river  
5 Oct. 1998 female pax USA pwr.lines (PIC=T. Thompson)  
9 May 1999 Doug & Holly Jacobs USA pwr.lines(PIC=D.Spenser) (CA) Z)
27 Jan. 2002 BOWERS, Robert USA Hit wall (NV)  
?? Feb. 2003 Stevenson, Brian USA Fell from basket (PIC= J. Bowen)  
9 Jun. 2003 British girl GER Gas balloon crash  
28 Feb. 2004 WIRT, Gordon USA Powerline (KY)  
11Apr. 2004 DEARING, Harry USA Crashed, died of stroke (GA)  
25 Sep. 2004 ? USA Crash landing (WV)  

NOTES: PILOT'S name shown in capital letters; (Z) = Good bio-data; +Z)=Minor data missing; Z)=Have some data; z =have little info; ? = Details unknown. R:10/05

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