(A)=Aid (or Go-Pilot on that particular flight)
AA-=FAI class of Gas Balloons
ACA=Aero Club of America
AS-=Air Service (of U.S. Army)
AX-=FAI class of Hot-Air balloons
BDU=Bio-Data unavailable
BFA=Balloon Federation of America
BFN=Balloon Flight Number (in a series)
BMJ=Ballooning Maagazine Journal
BSN=Balloon Section Number
(C)=Captured by the enemy
CdG=Croix de Guerre (French Military honor)
CIA=Committee of Aerostation
CU =Corps Unit (military unit) CIE in French
Cf.=Cubic feet volume
Cm.=Cubic meters
DSC=Distinguished Service Cross (honor)
DSM=Distinguished Service Medal (honor)
ELB=English Language Book, or ELP=publication
FA =Field Artillery (unit of the U.S. Army)
FAA=Federal Aviation Administration
FAI=Federation Aeronautique Internationale
FLB=Foreign Language Book, FLP=publication
FM =Founding Member
GBR=Gordon Bennett Races
(I)=Injured in that particular B-event
IP =Instructor Pilot
K =Killed in a balloon related accident
(K)=Killed in that particular B-event
L# =FAI/ACA License number
MB =Military Balloonist
NAA=National Aeronautic Association
NCO=Non Commissioned Officer
NBR=National Balloon Races
(NL)=No License issued
(O) =Officer
p= Pilot of that flight
PB =Professional Balloonist
P+2=Pilot plus 2 passingers
(Q)=Questionable data
(S)=Stage Name
Sm.=Statute Mile
SM =Smoke Balloonist
SP =Student Pilot
(Z)=Main body reference
(*)=Data complete
(+)=Need more data


The three capital letters preceeding the name are an abbreviation of nationality. (F) following the person's name indicates "female." The letter/codes to the right of the name indicate the APPENDIX section where data/comparisons can be found. The letter "Z" indicates that biographical information can be found in the MAIN BODY.

Following the person's name and sex ("F" for female) is the person's nationality, his/her year of birth and death ("?" indicates approximate, or unverified). A letter "K" following will indicate his death was attributed to a balloon-related accident. The type of balloon he/she is known to have flown is/are indicated by one or more of the following:
(HB)=Hot-Air balloon (with an airborne heater)
(GB)=Gas Balloon (Hydrogen, helium or coal-gas)
(SB)=Strato-Balloon (flight exceeding 38,300')
nbsp;&(SM)=Smoke Balloon (HB with no airborne heater)
nbsp;&(OB)=Observation Balloon (tethered spherical)
nbsp;&(KB)=Kite Balloon (tethered aerodynamic shape)
(DB)=Dirigible Balloon (w/power or steering)
nbsp;&(HP)=Historic Person (non-pilot), a prominent passenger, contributor of technology or science.
In the absence of biographical data, known facts on the person's life will be given. If extensive biographical data is known, it will be listed in the following sequence:
b: date & place of birth; d: date & place of death;
e: education (highest level);
p: profession;
s: military service (if applicable);
f: flight history: first balloon flight, W/whom & where;
m: membership(s) (in aviation organizations);
1: leisure aviation activities;
h: honors (aviation, or pertaining to status); epic flights of unique adventure;
r: reference source (if unique).

Important sources of biographical data is separated into sections of:
1. Single letters (of EARLY Aeronauts)
2. Double letters, starting with "A" (of RECENT Aeronauts), covering the 1900 to 1939 era.
3. Double letters, starting with "B" (of MODERN Aeronauts), covering the 1940 to present era.


RECHS, Robert Joseph (a/k/a Recks, REX)           USA          (1935- )           (HE)
b: 31 Aug. 1935, South Gate, CAI
e: Compton College, AA-Aero Engineering, 1959; Univ. of Miami, BBA-Aviation Management, 1961; San Jose State, Grad. program.
p: Contract Pilot, Airplanes & Helicopters, Aviat. consultant, Instructor, Mechanic, Flight Engineer, Dispatcher, Navigator.
f: First B-Flight nec.1968 W/D.PICCARD) from Paris, CA; First B-Solo 1969 from Lancaster, CA; FAA B-License 31 May 1969, with D.SONNICHSEN; ATR-Pilot rated in Airplanes & helicopters; (also comm. rated in Gliders & Gyroplanes, Airship pending); More than 8500 hours total (500 in balloons) by 1983. Flew in more than 100 countries since 1959.
1: 1968, Founded first successful Hot-Air B-Club in the USA.
1969-83, Author/publisher of more than 15 B-Publications.
1970, Built & flew first production Delta hang-gliders.
1970-74, Participated in U.S. National B-Races.
1971-75, Designated FAA B-Pilot Examiner (WE-17-49).
1971, Built & flew own Hot-Air Balloon (N71RR).
1972, Built & flew first hot-ait balloon in Brazil (PP-ZBT).
1975, Built the first hot-air airship in Brazil.
1980, Founded the Balloon Federation of Brazil.
m: Univ. of Miami Flying Club, 1959-61 (Pres. 1960-61); Golden Gate Parachute Club, 1962-64; Soaring Sec. of America, 1963-64; Amer. Helicopter Sec., 1966; Nat. Assoc. of Flight Instructors, 1968; Lockheed Balloon Club, 1968-75 (Pres. 1968-71); Balloon Federation of America, 1969-Life )Charge d'Affaires 1970-71, FAA Liaison 1971-74, Publications 1970-73). Aviation-Space Writers Association.
h: Trauger-Shields Memorial Award, BFA-1970.
Epic flight 20 Nov. 1971 (W/TRUFFI) from Araraquara, Brazil. Ascended from football stadium before 25,000 people. First hot-air balloon flight in Brazil. Flight lasted 45 minutes, landing in the middle of the city and 5000 enthusiastic Brazilians, as fuel was exhausted.
r: Data Sheet Dec. 82.
a: 8157 Madison Ave.; South Gate, CA 90280; 213/567-6693.

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