-Spen - Sy-

SPENCER Arthur Charles            ENGLAND            (1886?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH.         Professional balloonist.
Second son of C.G.SPENCER; Brother of famous balloonists Percival & Stanley.
b: 1866 Islington;
d: Highgate.
p: Professional balloonist; Gold prospector (in Australia).
f: Flew in Australia 1897, America 1896 (unsubstantiated); Other reports include Canada, and Campinas/Rio de Janiero, Brazil-1893; Considered an expert & resourceful balloonist; Last Smoke Balloon flight 1901, crashed at Pointypool, suffered severe injuries, retired from prof. ballooning.
l: 1897, Broke his thigh landing on an Australian tombstone; 1909, ?Participant in the G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated). ***Epic flight attempt 1897 from Melbourne Australia. Balloon almost full with 80,000 cu.ft. of coal gas, was hit by a sudden wind gust. It lifted 12 men and 220 sandbags, before it escaped the net, and was lost.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; Dominion of the Air.

SPENCER, Charles Green            ENGLAND          (1920?1880)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.         Professional balloonist.
Husband of balloonist Louise; Son of Edward, Father of six balloonists; Named after famous period aeronaut, Charles GREEN.
b: 1837 Highgate;
d: 1880 Islington (resident of both).
p: Gymnast; Professional balloonist & B-Maker, 1840-70 era; Founded own firm of C.G. Spencer & Sons, B-Factory at 14 Ringcroft St.; Holloway, London; Employees were Griffith BREWER, and Gordon WHITER.
l: Made many practical flight experiments and innovations; Made first gliding experiments in England; Credited with Co-Introducing the bicycle (velo) to Britain; Publisher of the "Cycle Directory."
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

SPENCER, Charles William            ENGLAND          (1860?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH.         Military balloonist.
First Son of Percival.
b: 1895, Islington;
d: Hygate.
s: Officer in the British Navy Air Service 1915-18; Reserve officer in the Royal Air Force 1920+; Built the first British Kite Balloon from captured German data.
p: Civil Engineer, Served in Madras India.
f: First B-Flight 13 Jul.1907 (age 9) w/Father; No FAI-RAC B-License recorded.
l: 1921, ?Placed 2nd in the G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated); 1922,?Placed 14th in the G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated); 1924,?Placed 7th in the G-Bennett B-Race unsubstantiated). ***Epic ascent in a K-Balloon above the N.Sea; Struck by lightning.
r: PYA-Microfilm, 1907; 50 Years of Flying.

SPENCER, Douglas         USA                  (1970-                          (HB)
See APPENDIX- (B).         Professional balloonist.        Bio-data unknown
Originally from Mich. Lived briefly in San Diego, relocated to job in N.Cal.
p: Professional balloonist for Balloons by the Sea of Marana, CA. ***Epic flight 9 May 1999 (w/Doug & Holly Jacobs) from Morgan Hill, CA. Launched balloon (Aerostar RX-8) in a light wind from a confined area and contacted 21,000V powerlines at about 43’ height. The fuel tanks exploded and the Pilot jumped immediately, sustaining 2 broken legs and serious burn injuries. Both pax stayed in the basket and died of their injuries.
r: SCBA; FAA report; Skylines Sept.1999p7.

SPENCER, Edward         ENGLAND          (1799-1849)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.         Professional balloonist.
Father of Charles; Resident of Pentonville & Highgate.
b: 1799 Barnsbury/Pentonville;
d: 1849 Highgate.
e: St.Paul School.
p: Soliciter; balloon-maker, Balloonist & Parachutist, 1836-90 era; Co-founder (w/GREEN) of B-Fabricating firm; sold Worldwide.
f: First B-Flight 28 May 1836 from Surrey Zoological Gardens; Made 27 ascents with GREEN, and 40 solo flights in lifetime.

SPENCER, Ena Louise (F)           ENGLAND          (1897?1937)          (SM/GB)
Daughter of Henry; Brother of P.Frederick.
b: 1897?Highgate; Moved to the USA about 1940.
p: Professional balloonist/Parachutist 1917-25 era; Ran the Spencer Brothers B-Factory after the death of her brother in 1938.
f: First B-Flight about 1900 as a babe in her father's arms; Famous for tripple-parachute jumps.

SPENCER, Henry         ENGLAND          (1877-1937)          (SM/GB)
Son of C.Green; Father of Aeronauts E.Louise & P.Frederick.
b: 1877 Highgate.
d: 1937.
p: Professional B-Maker (w/GAUDRON) to 1914.
f: Only recorded B-Flight 12 Aug.1909 (w/Lt.Goodden) in England (from the Halifax-Zoogrounds), descended by parachute.
l: Made and flew first airship 20 May 1908, from London; More interested in the new development of powered airplanes; FIRST (?) person to parachute from an airplane in Britain; Reportedly flew in 1922 G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated). ***Epic flight 1924 (w/his 2-children). Made the first 3-person Para-jump from a balloon in Europe.
r: Halifax Evening Courrier 13 Aug.1909.

SPENCER, Herbert         ENGLAND          (1884?19??)          (SM/GB)
Youngest son of C.Green; Grandson of a balloonist.
b: 1884 Highgate;
d: 1937, Res.of Highbury Hill & Aberdeen Park; Still living 1964 at Barn Lodge, 30 Highbury Hill.
p: Professional balloonist/B-Maker in family business; Made/tested/sold parachutes; Distinguished airplane maker by 1915; Attempted to revive the family firm in 1923, Built balloon that killed E.WILLOWS in 1926.
l: Made and flew successful airship 2 Aug.1909; More interested in the new development of powered airplanes.
f: Balloon & Airplane pilot (FAI #124).
l: 1899, Made his first parachute jump; 1909, Made a parachute jump from 14,700'.
r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, H.M.         USA                  (1840?1980)          (SM/GB)
p: Career unknown; Advertized as an aeronaut from Winsted, CN.
l: Printed postcards exist postmarked from Hartford, CN on 16 Sep.1861, bearing a 2-cent stamp.
r: Early Aerophilatelic Posts.

SPENCER, Juliana Diana (F)            ENGLAND          (1875-1940)          (SM/GB)
Fourth child of C.Green; Sport balloonist 1895-1914 era.
b: 1875 Islington;
d: 1940.
f: Flying career unverified.
p: Professional balloonist/B-Maker in family business.
l: Known Parachutist & airplane pilot; More interested in the new development of powered airplanes.
f: Balloon & Airplane pilot (FAI #124).
h: FIRST British woman to parachute from an airplane (age 40) 1915.
r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, Marie Louise (F)            ENGLAND          (1897?1950)                  (GB)
b: 1897. Daughter of Percival; Married name "Townend."
f: First B-Flight 1898, age 11 months, in mothers arms; First Airship flight 1906 (age 9) with Uncle Stanley; FIRST woman to ride in an airship in Britain.
r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, Marina Lois (F)            ENGLAND          (1871?1930)          (SM/GB)
Daughter of Percival; Wife of Auguste GAUDRON; Nickname "Ena."
p: Professional balloonist/B-Maker in family business.
f: Balloon career sketchy.
b: 1871 Islington.
l: Flew in England, France, & Russia (inside the Alexandra Palace).
r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, Percival Frederick         ENGLAND            (1910?1938)          (SM/GB)
Oldest son of Henry, Brother of aeronaut Marina.
b: Islington;
d: early Feb.1938.
p: Professional balloonist; Mostly Smoke Ballooning; Revived family firm of "Spencer Brothers" B-Company 1923; Inherited firm with sister (she survived him).
f: Early balloon activity unknown; Teamed with his father & sister in B-Parachute exhibitions.
l: 1924, ?Aide (w/ALLEN) in G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated);1925,?Participant in the G-Bennett B-Race (unsubstantiated).
r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, Percival Green            ENGLAND          (1864-1913)                  (GB)
Oldest son of C.Green, Grandson of Edward; Brother of balloonists Arthur & Stanley, Father of Chs.William.
b: 11 Nov.1864 Islington;
d: 11 Apr.1913 Highbury.
p: Professional balloonist 1860-99; Resident of Highbury-London; Partners with "Sterling"in airplane factory 1910.
f: First B-Flight Easter-1872 (at age 8) with his father; Made over 700 ascents by 1890; 1000 by 1901.
l: Crossed the Irish Sea (Isle of Mann) to Scotland; 1888, Crossed the English Channel (20 Dec.); Claimed 5 (disputed) Channel crossings in his lifetime; 1890-93, Made a World Tour with Stanley; flew:
        Jan.1899         Bombay, India;         May 1889         Singapore, RP;
        Sep.1889         Dublin, Ireland;         ???.1890         Cairo, Egypt.
        Jul.1890         Surabaya Indonesia; Oct.1890         Tokyo Japan.
Rescued by boat from parachute into the Sea of Japan; was shot at in Indonesia; Used both Smoke & Gas balloons on World tours; Gymnast, Cycleist, Sport fisherman, photographer. ***Epic flight 19 Mar.1889 from Calcutta (India) in "Emperess of India. Small balloon took 4 days to fill due to poor quality of gas. Ascent was made at 4PM from the Racecourse in a parachute harness, without a apex valve. Balloon climbed to 4000' and landed at Baetcrli-Abad, after covering 40-miles. ***Epic flight 10 Apr.1889 from Calcutta (India) in "Viceroy" (Emperess of India, renamed). Balloon was filled with coal-gas and landed at Palpakria Kajipur after one hour. ***Epic flight 9 Jun.1891 (w/ALEXANDER & BREWER) from Chelsea. Flight launched in rain and wind, passed over London at 40 mph. He used the last of his ballast to clear a church steeple at Heath, The anchor caught on roof tops and chimneys before deflating in the mud.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; Brit.Science Museum Archives. ***Epic flight 29 Nov.1906 (w/BUCK-NALL) from London. Landed near Lake Geneva, Switzerland (420 miles), in 16 hours.

SPENCER, Rose Pearson            ENGLAND          (1879?1960)                  (GB)
Wife of Stanly Spencer. Reportedly, was the First woman to fly in a powered aircraft (airship 7 Jul.1902), but details are unsubstantiated.
r: The London SPHERE 12 July 1902. NOTE: Article & picture indicates that Stan took his niece, Marie age 9, up for 2 hours. Accompaning photo shows 2 tether lines attached. See A.ACOSTA-1903.

SPENCER, Sidney Ewart            ENGLAND          (1879?1960)                  (GB)
Son of C.Green; Brother of Percival, Arthur, & Stanley.
b: 1879 Islington; Still res.of St.Helens, Liverpool 1944.
p: Assistant Chemist, Baschon-Smith, Holloway Rd; Reportedly filed bankrupcy 1901 (r: Evening Std.1 Nov.1904).
s: Reserve Officer in the Royal Navy; Later RAF 1916-19.
f: Extent of ballooning unconfirmed; Reportedly flew in South Africa pre-1914; Made one recorded B-Flight in 1904. r: British Science Museum Archives.

SPENCER, Stanley         ENGLAND          (1840?1906)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-X/AG.         Professional balloonist.
Third son of Charles; Had two daughters, but their carreer in ballooning doubtful.
b: 1868 Islington;
d: 19 Jan.1906 Malta (malaria).
p: Professional aeronaut, balloon & airship builder 1880-1905 era; Operator of"Spencer & Sons"firm* by 1905.
f: First B-Flight at age 8, from "Crystal Palace" with Father; Flew in: Canada, China, Cuba, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, USA, South Africa; Made 134 B-Jumps +84"voyages"by end of tour; Made more than 980 ascents by 1896; 2000 by 1902.
l: Made two tours of Canada (Sep.1891 & Sep.1892); 1890, Made Balloon Parachute jumps in Tokyo & Yokahama, (Nov); 1902, Built & flew (19 Sep) first successful airship in England. NOTE: Niece (unidentified) also flew it; she was the first woman to fly powered aircraft; 1905, Winner of International B-Race at Belgium; 1905, Flew for the Paris Hippodrome during entire season; 1906, Completed successful B-Tour of India; died on return home. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1891 from Charlottown (P.E.I.) Canada. Balloon launched in calm winds, encountered an offshore breeze at 3000'. Pilot almost drowned before rescue, trying to retrieve his parachute. ***Epic flight Nov.1897 from Hong Kong. The balloon tore at about 600' after launch. Stan broke his leg on landing. ***Epic flight 1897 (w/BERSON) to 27,000 feet. NOTE: Aeronaut (see S.PEREZ) impersonating Stanley was killed in Cuba shortly after he left the country (see J.WELLS).
a:*Spencer & Sons; 14 Ringcroft St.; Holloway, London.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; Dominion of the Air; Evening Standard, 1 Nov.04; New York Herald 20 Sep.1902.

SPENCER, Viola (F)            ENGLAND          (1874?1940)          (SM/GB)
Position unknown in family, she stated to press that she was a "cousin" to Percival; Said she had 6 brothers, no sisters.
p: Professional balloonist (at age 16) 1901-1908 era.
f: First B-Flight 1898 at age 14; 146 ascents by 5 Aug.1904; Last recorded ascent 16 Aug.1908 (her 300th) from Ilkerton.
l: Landed on a church spire; landed in a lake and almost drowned; Landed barely missed by a train. ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1908 from Ilkerton. Launched at sunset, she landed on a mountaintop at night, and was rescued the next day after sleeping in her parachute.
r: Ilkerton Pioneer. NOTE: See Viola.Cavanagh, Viola Smith, or Spencer Kavanagh for similarities.

SPENGER, Karl         SWITZERLAND          #+178 (1925-                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BN/BP.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1925 Vil.
p: Engineer; Designer/Developer of Gas balloons technology.
f: First B-Flight 1971 with A.NATER; Swiss B-Pilot license #178 issued 3 Sep.1976; More than 1500 B-Hours bu 1984.
l: 1980, Placed 6th in Modern G-Bennett B-Race; 1981, Placed 8th in Modern G-Bennett B-Race; 1983-85, Built and flew his own gas balloons; Crossed the Alps 40 times by 1985; Participated in two World Championships; ***Epic flight 16 May 1985 from Basle. Flight and landing were normal. But a crowd gathered to witness the final stages of the deflation, and the balloon exploded. Pilot was severly burned in the face, and 36 bystanders were injured.
r: Swiss Aero Club archives.

SPICER, Ross         AUSTRALIA          (1950?1989) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B+ (1)         Semi-Professional balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
b: (age late 40's, early 50's)
p: Printer, Resident of Mudgee.
f: First B-Flight 1983 with Ruth Wilson; Considered a high-time pilot with over 350 hours; Commercial pilot license.
l: Made two unsuccessful attempts to cross the Blue Mountains; Participated in the "Trans-Australia Challange"; Considered a heavy drinker. ***Epic flight 11 Oct.1989 (w/Christine Ann McDonald) from Mudgee in "Hilux." Flight ended contacting powerlines, and both aeronauts were electrocuted.
r: Howard Lacy, P.Vizzard archives.

SPILHAUS, Athelstan         USA                  (1911-                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-BS.                 High altitude B-Scientist.
b: 25 Nov.1911, Capetown, S.Africa; Resident of Fieldston, NY.
e: Univ.of Capetown, ME-1931; Mass.Institute of Technology, 1933.
p: 1933-35, Research Engineer for Sperry Gyroscope Co; 1935-36, Tech.Services Director for So.African Defense Forces;1937, Physical Oceanographer for Woods Hole Institution; 1942, Professor of Meteorology, New York University.
l: Developer of many Strato-Balloon projects; Participated in many (overt/covert) B-Projects, 1950-60 era; Designer of "Pillow Balloon," used to for distribution of propaganda leaflets over Eastern Europe; Co-Developer (w/C.B. MOORE) of B-Project to detect Soviet atomic tests; Contributed many technical papers on high altitude balloons.
h: Fellow of Royal Meteorological Society; Royal Soc.of S.Africa; Fellow of American Geophysical Union; Amer. Meteorlogical Soc.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

SPINA, Grace di Campello (F)            ITALY                  (1880?1940)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-K.                 Sport balloonist.
Italian Countessa.
f: Made three recorded flights: #1 = Mid-1904; #2 = 11 Nov.1906; #3 = Jan.1907. ***Epic flight 11 Nov.1906 (w/CRESPI, USUELLI as pilot) from Milan. Flight across the Alps, was the start of her honeymoon (believed to be the first woman to cross the Alps). ***Epic flight Jan.1907 (w/HEIBIG and Husband) from Rome. Flight ended in San Seventro (near Florence) after 9.5 hours.

CROCE-Spinelli, Joseph         FRANCE                  (1845-1875) K                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Scientific balloonist.
Name sometimes listed Croce-SPINELLI.
f: Made three flights in his lifetime (Professional scientist): #1, 26 Apr.1873 with SIVEL, Jobert, & Pinaud; #2, 23 Mar.1874 with SIVEL; #3, 15 Apr.1875 with SIVEL & TISSANDIER (as pilot) in "Zenith." Spinelli & Sivel died of hypoxia.

SPRECKELSEN, Heinrich von            GERMANY          (1905?1993)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BF.                 Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
b: 31 Dec.1905 Koln/Bremen.
p: Teacher.
f: First B-Flight 29 May 1932 with H.Nebelthau; Received German B-License #327 14 Jun.1934; B-Meister #180 1935; B-License reissued as #71 on 30 May 1953; Instructor 1958; Last recorded flight (#132) 1982.
h: DAeC Silver Ehrenzeichen (honor) 1964 and 1965; Montgolfier Diploma-1968; Deligate to FAI-CIA 1965.
r: FuA p148.

SPROTT, Kingswood         USA                  (1935?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-AP/BA.                 Sport balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
p: Lawyer, own law firm.
l: Sport balloonist 1970-80 era; Participant in many early 1970's balloon events.
m: BFA. Epic flight 7 Dec.1974 from Lakeland Florida. Established a new World Altitude record for FAI-Class's AX-7 and AX-8 balloons.
a: P.O.B. 3; Lakeland, FL 33802; 813/646-2612.

SPULLER, Eugene                 FRANCE                 (1840?1893)                         (HP)
See APPENDIX=O.                        Historic person.
p: Journalist; Statesman, Politician, Senator; President of the French Cabinet 1893. Epic flight 7 Oct.1870 (see TRICHET) from Paris to form a government in exile.
r: Philadelphia Evening Telegram 29 Nov.1893.

SQUIRES, Herman D.         USA                  (1840?1900)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S/T.                 Professional balloonist.
b: Utica, NY.
p: Started as an assistant to J.LaMOUNTAIN 1858; Partners with E.MOSS (N.Thurston) 1871; Became her manager after his 1874 injuries (possibly married her in later years).
f: First recorded flight 1860; First B-Solo 1861. ***Epic flight 1 Jul.1874 from Brockville, Ontario, CAN in "Atlantic." Whirlwind caused a premature launch, and the Balloon caught on a church steeple. The basket crashed against a second story wall and knocked the pilot unconscious. He was saved by a 3-man human chain that extracted him from the basket, thru a trap door in the steeple. The pilot suffered severe injuries.
a: Resident of Prospect, NY.
r: NT-5 Jul.1874 p3c4; The Brockville (ONT.) Recorder 9 Jul.1874.

STACEY, Clarence W.            USA            #-1066 (1906-1988)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 9 Mar.1906 Cambridge, MA;
d: 12 Sep.1988 Venice, FL.
e: Mass.Institute of Tech-nology.
p: Airship pilot, Goodyear 1931-47.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Blimp pilot NAS-Lakehurst 6 years.
f: FAI/ACA B-License #1066 issued 5 Aug.1931; B-History unknown.
r: T.Waters-1988; BF-M/J 1984p12, V31 #6 p3.

STACH von GOLTZHEIM, Hans         GERMANY            (1875?1925)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU/AH/CH.                  (bio-data unknown)
s: Officer in the German Army Hussars Regiment #11, Leutnant 1910.
m: Augsburger, Aachener, Berliner, Mittel, Niederrheinischen, and Ostpreussischer B-Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero Club.
l: Participant in the 1909 G-Bennett B-Race.
r: FuA p148.

STAFFORD, Eugene M.            USA                  (1900?1921) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist.
f: First flight 24 Sep.1902 from Lowell, MA. ***Epic flight 5 Sep.1921 from N.Adams, MA. Attempting a double parachute release, the second opening broke his safety harness, and he fell to his death.
r: NT-6 Sep.1921/17/3.

STAHL, Frederich         GERMANY          (1889-1979)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Military balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
b: 14 Jun.1889 Darmstadt. d; 19 Dec.1979.
s: Officer in the German Army; Retired Lt.General; Observation balloonist 1911; Airship pilot 1914; Commanding General of airship squadron 1916.
f: German B-License issued 8 Jan.1912; 23 recorded airship flights
r: FuA p148.

STAMM, Roy A.         USA                  (1890?1940)                  (GB)
p: Professional balloonist, Central USA, 1905-10 era.
f: First recorded B-Flight 19 Oct. 1909 w/BLONDIN from Albuquerque to Torrance, NM. (90 miles in two hours).

STANISLAUS, ?         ENGLAND          (1860?1910)                  (GB)
p: Professional balloonist for Vauxhall Gardens, 1880-90 era; Assistant to MICHEL in Philidelphia Sep.1819.

STARKBAUM, Josef            AUSTRIA          (1934-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BI/BJ/BL/BM/BO/BP/Bw/BX.         Sport balloonist.
b: 22 Mar.1934, Brunn.
e: Univ.of Vienna, BS-Mechanical Engineering, 1953.
p: Airline pilot, Austrian Airlines.
f: First B-Flight 16 Mar.1973 with Don CAMERON; First B-Solo 22 Mar.1973 from Salford, England; B-License 30 May 1979; Austrian B-License #007 issued 22 Mar.1973; More than 18,000 TT (900 B-Hours, incl 25 gas flights) by 1983.
l: 1974, FIRST hot-air balloon crossing the Alps (solo, 20 Apr); 1979-83, Winner of "BP-Alpine B-Trophy" (5-times); 1980&85, European Hot-Air B-Champion four times; 1984, Placed 2nd in Classic G-Bennett B-Race; 1984, Flight to 40,590' (19 June) from Tamplitz, OUS in AX-7; Participated in Modern G-Bennett B-Races 1979, 84, 85; Second place in the World Thermal B-Championships 1987; World gas B-Champion 1988 & 90.
h: "Wieland Preis" Luftfahrtverband; "Sports Gold Medal," Austrian Aero Club; FAI-Gold Medal; BFA-Distinguished Aeronaut. ***Epic flight 8 July 1995 from Dimbach Austria. Established a FAI-World Altitude record of 14,018 meters (45,991') for AX-7 class (see M.KANDA).
r: Bio-form 1990.

STARKWEATHER, John B.            USA                  (1820?1870)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-M/S.         Professional balloonist 1850-60 era.
b: Prospect, NY; Resident of Boston 1861.
s: Hired by T.LOWE as an Observation balloonist, 1861; Accompanied General Sherman into South Carolina.
l: Accompanied J.A.ALLEN on West Coast USA tour in 1874. ***Epic series of ascents 19 Apr.1862 from the deck of the steamship "Mayflower"; Tethered ascent was the FIRST from an "aircraft carrier" specifically designed for its use (see LaMOUNTAIN from "Fanny," & LOWE from "Custis"). ***Epic flight Apr.1874 (w/ALLEN) from San Francisco, CA in "Sierra." Retired from ballooning after the balloon burst and crashed onto a city street in San Leandro.
r: The Air Devils; Civil War Ironclads p110-2; Ascending From a Floating Base.

STEEL, George W.                 USA                         (1879?1940)                         (GB)
b: 19 Jun.1879 Marian, IN.
e: Annapolis-1900.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy; Early proponent of Naval Aviation; Commander of FIRST U.S.Air Fleet 1917; Commander of NAS Lakehurst 1925.
f: Balloon, Airship, & Airplane pilot.
l: Pilot of the ZR-3; Senior Observer on the 1924 Atlantic Crossing.
r: Who's Who in Aeronautics-1928.

STEFAN, Karl         USA                  (1916-                  (GB/HB)
b: 28 July 1916, Omaha, NB.
Husband and father of balloonists.
e: U.S.Naval Academy-1940; Univ.of Minnesota, ME-1945, Aero-Engineering.
s: Officer in U.S.Navy 25 years, Ret.1960; Pilot, Airplanes & Helicopters; R.& D. Administrator.
p: Wind Tunnel Director, Univ.of Minn; LTA-Engineer for the Nat.Center for Atmospheric Research; R & D Engineer for "The Balloon Works" 1973-83; R & D Engineer for "The Tyler Airship Company"; R & D Engineer for "ILC-Dover" LTA-Projects.
f: First Airship ride 1930 w/H.Eckner; First B-Flight (GB) 1956 with Tony FAIRBANKS from Swarthmore; First B-Flight (HB) 1961 with Tracy BARNES from Minneapolis.
l: 1962-63, Chief Judge of St.Paul Winter Carnival B-Races; Crew chief for N.PIANTANIDA on 1965 Strato-parachute attempt.
m: BFA (served on many committees), FAI/CIA permanent delegate1982 to March 1994.
h: Montgolfier Award, 1972; Elder Statesman Award, NAA-1996; CIA-Director, 1985-95; FAI-Bronze Medal-1990. ***Epic flight 9 June 1971 from Longmont, CO. Established new World FAI-Class altitude record.
r: Pers. interview; BL-Sep.96p41.

STEFAN, Lucy (F)            USA                  (1923?                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BD.         Sport balloonist.
First wife of balloonist Karl, Mother of 4 aeronauts.
b: 11?Mar.1923?St.Paul, MN.
e: Univ.of Minnesota, BE-1944 Aeronautical Engineering (student of Jean PICCARD, D. Ackerman, and R.UPSON).
p: Airline Weight & Balance Engineer for TACA Airlines; Stockholder (w/husband Karl) in "The Balloon Works" (Stock was sold to Sid CONN).
f: First B-Flight (gas) w/D.PICCARD in early 1950's; First B-Flight (HB) w/T.BARNES in early 1960's; FAA B-License issued 1973.
l: Crew for N.PIANTANIDA on his Strato-parachute attempt.
m: Minnesota Aerostat Society (FM); Univ.of Minn.Flying Club, President; BFA-active in many committees during the 1970's; Chairman of Gas B-Committee 1980's; AIAA-Chairman of LTA-Committee 1990's.
h: Amelia Earhart Fellowship, to study Supersonic Aircraft design.
a: 5929 S.Concord Ave.; Minneapolis, MN 55404.
r: BM-Sp.90p36.

STEFFANINI, Carillo         ITALY                  (1857-1938)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport Balloonist, 1890-1915 era.
p: Acrobat, Trapeze artist.
f: Flew a Hot-Air Balloon 1895-1904 era. ***Epic flight 5 Jul. 1895 from Vienna, Fell from his trapeze into the Adige River from 65'.
r: NT-7 Jul.1895.

STEFHANSON, Robert            NORWAY            #/4 (1887-1968)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport balloonist 1910-14 era.
b: 13 Jul.1887 Kristiana.
d: Aug.1968 Kristania.
p: Diplomat, Consul General.
f: First B-Flight July 1910; Last B-Flight 30 Jun.1914; FAI-NAC B-License #4 issued 4 Apr. 1912; Made about 20 ascents in his lifetime.
r: Sem-Jacobsen archives-1988.

STEHLING, Kurt Richard            USA                  (1919-1997)                  (GB)
b: 19 Sep.1919, Giessen Germany; Emigrated to Canada 1930; U.S.Citizen, 1950;
d: 18 Mar.1997 Chevy Chase, MD.
e: Univ.of Toronto 1940-42, !945-48 (MA); Univ.of Buffalo, 1949-51; Princeton, 1953-54-Astronomy.
p: Research physicist & engineer, LTA, HTA, Space propulsion.
f: Witnessed first B-Flight 1928; Rode in Graf Zepplin 1929; First B-Flight June 1929 from Wetzlar Germany; First US B-Flight Nov.1958 with O.WINZEN on "Skycar"; First B-Solo 15 Oct.1964 from Fostoria, OH; Early B-Training with T.FAIRBANKS 1957-64; FAA Balloon license #1614475 issued 15 Nov.1964; Made 18 B-Flights by the end of 1962; 43 by Spring 1986.
l: Academician, Oceanographer; Co-Author of B-Books: Skyhooks & Bags Up; Published many LTA articles.
h: Fellow of AIAA;
m: LTAS (LM); International Academy of Astronautics; Aero Club of Washington. ***Epic flight 30 Apr.1962 (w/B.LEVITT & Benson) from Brawley, CA in "Kathleen." Unsuccessful Trans-America attempt ended near Mexicali, Mexico after 12 hours 30 minutes. ***Epic flight attempt Sep.1968 (w/OVERS) from Palestine, TX. Balloon separated from the basket on launch. ***Epic flight 13-14 Oct.1972 (w/ SWANSON) from Sioux Falls, SD. Crash landed near Spearman (TX) after 29 hours. Kurt suffered mild concussion, and Swanson suffered more severe injuries.
r: Pers.interview-1983; BF-V20#4/11-12; Bio-Data Mar.1985; BF-M/J-1997p7 (T).

STEHLING, William         GERMANY          (1896-1948)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AK/AU.         Military balloonist.
Emigrated to Canada 1930; Canadian Citizenship 1936; Father of balloonist Kurt R.
b: 4 Dec.1896 Giessen.
d: 1948 Canada.
e: Techniche Hochschule "Giessen," Diplom-Meister.
s: Officer in German Army; Observation balloonist, 1914-17; Ober Lieutenant in 115th Regiment.
p: Technical Sales Engineer.
f: German FAI Balloon license issued pre-1917.
m: German Aero Club (Flieger Verband) 1920-24. ***Epic Ascent 1917 near St.Quentin France. Aloft in a kite balloon over the combat zone during WW-I, His aircraft was ignited by enemy fire. He survived by parachuting down, but Suffered severe burns on his back.
r: KRS bio-data.

STEIN, Adolf         GERMANY          (1870?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Sport balloonist 1895-1905.
p: Newspaper editor.
s: Officer in the German Army Field Artillery Regiment 63; Obser-vation balloonist; Balloon pilot.
m: Berliner Balloon Club; Kaiserlicher Aero Club.
r: FuA p149.

STEINER, John H.         USA                  (1840?1900)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-M/S.         Professional balloonist.
Emigrated to the USA 1853; Resident of Philadelphia, PA.
b: 1840, Germany; some reports indicate birth 10 Feb.1832 in Lebanon, PA.
p: Balloonist 1952-61; Observation balloonist for LOWE; Served the Union Army Dec.1861 to Apr.1863; Made 700' ascent w/ZEPPELIN near Minneapolis, MN (19 Aug.1863); Made last ascent at New Madrid, IL (Island #10) 7 Apr.1863; Quit Army because of the lack of pay.
f: First recorded B-Flight 1855 with LOWE; Claimed first flight 21 Oct.1851; 40 flights by 1857; Claimed a 12000' ascent in a 1853 thunderstorm.
l: 1858, Race competitor against E.GODARD & BELMAN (18 Oct.), Possibly the first 3-balloon race; Made six flights in Canada Jun.1860-May 1861. ***Epic flight 2 July 1857 (w/Woodworth) from Erie, PA. Crossed Lake Erie, and crash landed in Canada. ***Epic flight 2 July 1871 from Kansas City, MO. FIRST to cross Lake Michigan; Landed in the water 5 July, and was dragged ashore.
r: St.Paul Pioneer 20 Aug.1863; Minn.History Vol.40#6 (Sum.1967).

STEINMETZ, ?         USA                  (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist, 1900-05 era.
***Epic flight 4 July 1901 from W.Liberty, NY. Guide rope tangled around a bystander's (Carlton Meyers) leg on launch. Meyers fell from considerable height, and was seriously injured.

STELLAS, Dean         USA                  (1950?                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BN/BP/BY.         Sport balloonist 1978-85 era. Bio-data unavailable.
p: Owner/Operator of Chicago Balloons Inc.
f: Flown Gas balloons since 1979; More than 500 B-Hours by 1985.
l: Participated in Modern G-Bennett B-Races 1979, 80, 81.
a: 1729 Grove St; Glenview, IL 60025.

STEMPEL, Friederich         GERMANY          (1875-1960)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Military balloonist 1900-1920.
b: 18 Sep.1875 Munich.
d: 1960 Lindau.
p: Salesnan in Munich.
s: Officer in the German Army Balloon Corps-1910; Commander of flight squadron #6 in WW-1.
m: Bayerischer Balloon Club.
r: FuA p150.

STEPHENSON, Steffani C.            ITALY                  (1859-1946)          (SM/GB)
b: 3 Jan.1859, Milan.
p: Professional balloonist, 1885-95 era; Circus strongman, acrobat.
f: First B-Flight 26 Apr.1886 with BLONDEAU from Belgium; First B-Solo 16 July 1887.

STEVENS, Albert Leo         USA                  #- 2 (1877-1944)          (SM/GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-L/S/AF/AI/AN/AR/AZ.         Aeronaut extrordinare.
Stage name "Don Carlos"&"Prince Leo"; Brother of Frank.
b: 27 Sep.1877 Cleveland, OH;
d: 8 May 1944 Bardonia, NY.
p: Professional balloon & airship pilot/stunt man, 1895-1910; B-Instructor to J.C.McCOY, A.R.HAWLEY, H.H.HEDGE, F. WHITEHOUSE; Builder of balloons, airships, & parachutes in New York City; Later had his B-Factory in Hoboken, NJ); Test pilot of Army balloons, Airships, & parachutes, 1907-15; Civilian B-Instructor for the U.S. Army (Ft.Omaha & Scott Field.
s: Officer in U.S. Army, 1917-20; Balloon and Parachute Instructor.
f: First B-Ascent 1885 from Cleveland, OH; First B-Solo 1891 (gas); First Smoke Para-jump 1891; FAI-ACA B-License #2 issued 1908; Airship #6 issued 1908; Made more than 1000 B-Flights before 1900, 3000 by 1910; First recorded airship flight attempt 1897; Claimed first attempted Airship flight in 1893; First recorded successful airship flight 30 Sep.1902; First Airplane flight 1908.
l: 1895, Made his first parachute jump from a church spire (Montreal Canada); 1902, Made & flew his first successful airship; 1906, Flew the first woman passenger in an American airship (12 Aug.1906, see SANTOS-Dumont 1901) Demonstrated the first parachute "pack" (16 July); 1917, Demonstrated first successful "jumping" balloons; Made the first wireless telegraphy from an airship. m: First to propose the formation of the Aero Club of America (at the 1905 meeting of the Auto Club of New Jersey); Active member in Aero Clubs of: Columbia Univ., New England, North Adams, Ohio, Pittsburgh (PA). ***Epic flight 1885 (solo, at age 12) from Cleveland, OH. Sneaked in to a tethered balloon basket, and cut the rope. Made an uncontrolled landing near Canton, OH. ***Epic flight 1891 (first solo) from New York. Landed in Lake Erie; rescued after spending the night in the water. ***Epic flight 1896 (w/Frank) from New York City. Rescued after spending seven hours in the water. ***Epic flight 1897 from Montreal. Ascent was normal, but his parachute malfunctioned and did not fully open. He suffered a serious back injury. ***Epic flight 19 Jun.1908 (w/GLIDDEN). Got shot at (2-holes), charged by a bull (climbed tree for 1.5 hours), scaled a wall (w/barbed wire on top), was refused shelter (as tramps). Considered a "very eventful flight." ***Epic flight 31 Oct.1909. Made a night ascent using arc lights inside a silk shirt to illuminate advertising sign.
r: Fly,Jan.1909/12-13; Aeronautics Aug.1907; NT-30 Sep.1944/19/4.

STEVENS, Albert W.         USA                  (1886-1949)                  (SB)
See APPENDIX-AA/AP.         Scientific balloonist.
b: 13 Mar.1886, Belfast, ME;
d: 9 May 1949, Redwood City, CA.
e: Univ. of Maine, BS/EE-1907; MS/EE-1909; Hon.Doctorate, Univ.of Maine-1935; Hon.Doctorate, So.Dakota School of Mines-1935; Hon.Doctorate, Norwich University-1936.
s: Officer in U.S. Army, 1918-45; Lt.Colonel 1942; Air Service aerial photographer in World War One, Combat photographer 24th Observation Squadron; Strato-Balloonist, 1935 era, Established new world record.
f: Airplane Flight training 1917, Brooks Field, Texas.
l: 1924, Aerial photographer on Rice Expedition of Upper Amazon; 1930, Aerial surveyor on Nat.Geographic Expedition of S.America; 1934, Author of "Exploring the Strato-sphere."
h: Dist.Service Medal; Dist.Flying Cross, w/Oak Leaf Clusters; Purple Heart. ***Epic flight 28 Jul.1934 (see ANDERSON & KEPNER) in Explorer-I. ***Epic flight 11 Nov.1935 (w/ANDERSON) from Stratobowl, SD in "Explorer-2." Established new World AA-Class altitude record.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; Architects of Aviation.

STEVENS, Donald R.         USA         #-140 (1889-1963)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 3 May 1889 Richland, MI;
d: 26 Nov.1963 Ridgewood, NJ.
e: Massachatucets Institute of Technology, BS-1911.
p: Engineer, Industrialist; Factory manager for Goodyear, 1915-21.
f: Received B-Training at Akron, OH; FAI-ACA B-License # 140 issued 17 Oct.1917.
m: Ridgewood Republican Club; Ridgewood Country Club.

STEVENS, Frank         USA                  (1874?1940)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist
Brother of Al Leo; Stage name "Don Carlos" (same name his brother used in Canada).
p: Worked for the "Wolcott Balloon Company" 1896. ***Epic flight 8 Sep.1896 from Huntington, QUE. His parachute malfunctioned on release, and suffered severe impact injuries.
r: Canadain Gleaner, Huntington, QUE 10 Sep.1896.

STEVENS, James Harold            USA          #-798 (1892-1929)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 20 Apr.1892 Vandalia, MI;
d: 23 Feb.1929 Island Heights, NJ.
e: University of Michigan, BS-Electrical Engineering, 1916.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1918-29; Naval Aviator #1977; Balloon and Airship pilot.
f: Balloon and Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #798 issued 9 Apr.1918.
l: Member of the U.S.Navy Balloon team in 1919.
r: Contact Profiles p494.

STEWART, E.L.         FRANCE?                  (1860?1883) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/S.                 Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
***Epic flight 18 Jun.1883 from Fayette, MO. Balloon burst at 2000'; Pilot fell into a creek and died of injuries. AIAA box-219.

STOCKS, Miss. (F)            ENGLAND          (1806?1860)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-A.                 Semi-Professional balloonist.
b: 1806.
f: Made 4 ascents in her lifetime, 3 after epic first ascent. ***Epic first ascent 25 May 1824 (w/HARRIS). Pilot made a control error that almost cost her life (took his).

STOCKWELL, Brent            USA                  (1931-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-C/BJ/BL/BN/BR/BU/BX/CL.         Professional aeronaut.
b: 23 Sep.1931, Alameda, CA.
e: San Francisco State Univ., BA-Broadcasting, 1959.
p: Professional balloonist, balloon repair facility.
f: First B-Flight 11 Feb.1968 with Fred Dingler; First B-Solo 19 Oct.1968; FAA B-License Nov.1970; More than 1000 free balloon flights by 1982.
m: BFA 1972-Life, Board of directors 1981-83.
l: 1971-74, Competitor in U.S. National B-Championships; 1972, First FAA approved B-Flight school (Sep., see W.MEADOWS); 1972, First successful crossing of San Francisco Bay; 1973, Designated FAA B-Pilot Examiner (May); 1977&78, Participated in German gas B-Races; 1978&79, Participated in Belgian gas B-Races; 1979, Participated in Dutch gas B-Races; 1979-83, Competitor in G-Bennett B-Races; 1982, Participant in St. Louis gas B-Race; 1985, First to fly in Jamaca (Petersfield-10 Jan.). ***Epic flight 25 Dec.1974 (w/Dennis Kulberg) from Livermore, CA. Established World altitude record for a manned kite-drop (17,040').
r: Bio-data 1983.

STOKES, George Albert            USA                  (1937-                  (HB)
b: 16 Aug.1937 San Francisco, CA; Father of balloonist David.
e: Long Beach (CA) Public Schools; Brigham Young University.
p: Professional B-Pilot, Balloon & Airship maker; Designer of 3-dimensional inflatables.
f: Self taught balloonist 1966 in a SEMCO one-man balloon; FAA B-License 25 Feb.1971; Est. 1000 B-hours by 1985. ***Epic series of five tethered ascents Sep.1975 from Kaneohe Hawaii. Successfully disembarked a passenger (cable rigger) onto a antenna cable 1000' above the valley floor (see S. CUTTER, W.BERRY, E.YOST). ***Epic flight 1977. Launched 8 hang-gliders from a 525,000 cf.balloon (see P.ANDERSON).
r: Bio-data 1985; BM-J/F 1977 p5; BM-J/A 1977 p27.

STOLBERG, August         GERMANY          (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-F/K/AU.         Scientific balloonist, 1905-10 era.
p: Professor of Meteorology at the Strassburg Institute.
m: Breisgau, Oberrheinischer, and Wurttembergischen B-Clubs. ***Epic series of flights 8-9 May 1900 (w/ HERGESELL as assistant) from Friedrichshafen over the Alps to Fernpass. ***Epic series of flights 5-7 May 1909 (w/QUERVIN as assistant) from Godthaab in Western Greenland. (2-tethered, 2-free).
r: FuAr p150.

STOLWERK, Gustav P.            GERMANY          (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown).
p: Factory owner in Coln.
f: German B-License issued 1910.
m: Aachener, Frankfurter, Kolner, Westfalisch B-Clubs. ***Epic flight Jan.1914 from Koln to Seeland Netherlands at 90Kph.
r: FuA p150.

STONE, Laurence Fielding         USA #-987         (1892?1960)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military aeronaut
b: 9 Feb.1892 Malad, IN.
e: Univ.of Idaho, BS-1915.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army; Served as Major in the Amer. Expeditionary Force (AEF) in France, 1917-19.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Ross Sep.1920 to Apr.1921 (FAI B-License issued 12 Mar.1926); Airship School Jul.1922-Mar.1924; Airplanes Mar.-Aug 1924; Aircraft Engineering School Mar.1925-Aug.1925.
r: Who's Who of Aeronautics-1928.

STONE, Vincent C.         USA                  (1850?1900)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional balloonist, 1875-80 era.
Vandals destroyed his ballloon 1 July 1876 with vitriol-acid.

STONEY, Ronald C.         USA                  (1950?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX- (B)                 Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 11 Feb.1943 Los Angeles, CA.
e: Education Unknown.
p: Airplane & Helicopter pilot; Ski Chalet owner/operator.
f: Instructor was F.Wecther; Commercial B-Pilot license; Good pilot; 7000+TT, 135 hours in balloons.
l: Raised llamas near Taos, NM; Owner of Cameron O34-5094 (N74000). ***Epic flight 26 Aug.1990 (w/Josephine Smith, P.& P.Laney) from Taos, NM in Mountain Magic. Flight in a B-Rally ended in tragedy when the basket touched 7200 Volt powerlines. Josephine (Stoney's aunt) reached out to push the cable away. The resulting explosion killed her and she fell about 32' from the basket to the ground, She died of her injuries. NOTE: When the news was given to her husband, he immediately went into cardiac arrest, and died that day.
a: Res.of Arroyo Seco, NM (1991).
r: ABQ-Journal 27 Aug.1990pA2; P.Thompson, F.Wecther archives; BL-Sep.90p7:2; NTSB-Report DEN90FA176.

STRAETEN, Joseph vander            BELGIUM          (1892?1950)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/BF.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Sept.1892, Brussles.
f: First ascent 1927 with BEMDEN.
l: Founder & promoter of the annual St.Niklas B-Race, 1948 (placed first in 1948 & 1973).
h: Montgolfier Award, FAI-1960. ***Epic flight 1949 from Belgium to England, across the North Sea in a 630 Cf. balloon.

STRAUSS, Harold A.                 USA                #-935         (1887?1960)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military Aeronaut.
b: 11 Sep.1887 Wilmington, OH.
e: Annapolis-1908. Officer in the U.S.Navy; Transferred to Army Air Service 1913; Served as Intelligence Officer 1917-19; Chief of Army LTA 1922; Executive Officer of Kelly Field 1928.
f: Received Balloon & Airship Training 1921 (FAI B-License issued 13 Aug.1921); Balloon & Airship instructor.
l: Commander of FIRST transcontinental USA airship flight.
r: Who's Who of Aeronautica-1928.

STRELZYK, Peter         GERMANY          (1950?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BL.                 Reluctant aeronaut. (Bio-Data unavailable)
p: Mechanic. ***Epic flight 16 Sep.1979 (w/Gunter Wetzel, their wives & 4 children) from Posneck to Naila (East to West Germany, 28 miles at night), in 30 minutes. Made the first successful escape from Communism in a 70,600 CuFt. hot-air balloon. Aircraft was made of 800 meters of umbrella taffeta scraps; the burner made from a 6'stovepipe. (see R.HUTYRA-1983).
r: NT-16 Sep.1979; Aerostat-Oct.79 p26; Time Magazine 1 Oct.79p39.

STRINDBERG, Nils         SWEDEN                  (1872-1897) K                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-B/U.         Scientific balloonist.
b: 1872;
d: 1897.
p: Medical technician.
e: Educated in France.
f: Received his B-Training in France; Made 6-flights prior to the N.Pole expedition.
l: Amateur photog-rapher, Cold weather athlete. ***Epic fatal flight 11 July 1897 (w/ANDREE & FRAENKEL) from Danes Island on North Pole attempt.
r: Encyclopedia Bratanica; l'Aerophile May 1896; H.Akerstedt files.

STROEBEL, Charles J.         USA                  (1870?1920)                  (GB)
p: Prof.balloonist, 1905-10 era; Resident of Albuquerque, NM; Ran a group of airship barnstormers 1908-10 era; Flew airships in the Central USA, and Central Canada; Protege of Jack Dallas, and Howard LeVan.
f: Balloon, Airship, and Airplane pilot; No record of any FAI-ACA Pilot license issued; Last recorded balloon flight, Albuquerque (NM) Oct.1909.

STRONG, John         USA                  (1920?1990)                  (HP)
p: Professor of astronomy.
l: Made the telescope used by ROSS & MOORE, for Strato-balloon observations of Venus, 27 Nov.1959.

STUART-Jervis, John                 VIRGIN ISLANDS         (1930?1995)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                        Sport balloonist
b: 1927 Harwich England.
s: Enlisted in the Royal Navy 1942 (age 15), received pilot training 1951, Retired 1968, outstanding military career. P: Professional Pilot for Virgin Island Airways, retired.
f: Licensed B-Pilot 1989.
l: Shot down in the Suez War of 1956, retrained in helicopters 1959, served in Malaya & Borneo.
m: BFA. ***Epic flight 16 Sept.1995. See A.FRAENKEL.

STUBER, Eugen         GERMANY          (1898-1972)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Sport balloonist.
b: 19 Oct.1898 Leipzig.
d: 16 Nov.1972.
s: Won fame as an observation balloonist in WW-1 (details unknown).
f: German B-License issued 1 Apr.1931; Last recorded B-Flight (#81) 1955.
l: Pilot in 1935 G-Bennett B-Race in Poland.
m: Bitterfelder, Leipziger, Duddeldorfer, and Wuppertal B-Clubs. ***Epic flight 25 Mar.1935 from Bitterfeld to Beschenkowitschi Romania in an AA-2 class balloon. Made a World distance record of 1203.6 Km. NOTE: Record was not FAI-homoligated.
r: FuA p150.

STUMPF, Paul         USA                  (1960-                  (HB)
p: Balloon and Accessory maker; Merged his "Adventure Equipment" w/L.Coffman's "Danger Zone" 1993.
a: Resident of Farmington, CN-1983, Bristol, RI-1990. ***Epic flight Nov.1978 from Farmington, CN in "Geostat" hot air balloon. Built and flew the first geodesic envelope design of 180 polygonal pieces.

SULLIVAN, Mark                 USA                         (1945?                         (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BG/BO.                        Sport balloonist (Bio-Data unknown)
f: First B-flight 1982.
m: BFA, Board of Directors, Chairman of the Gas Balloon Committee; Albuquerque In'tl B-Festival, 1995-6 V.Pres; 1997-8 Pres.
l: Competitor in 5 Gas & Thermal World Championships; Competitor in 13 National B-Championships; Organizer of America’s Challenge Gas B-Races of 1995, 96, & 97; FAI-CIA Alternate Deligate.
h: Trauger-Shields Award 1993; Montgolfier Award 1997.
r: Skylines-Nov.1994p7, Jan.97, May 98.

SUNDQUIST, Charlie         USA                        1940?                                 (HB)
Sport Balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
f: First B-Flight 1978; First B-Solo from Mountain Home, ID in "Martha's Mink"; Designated B-Pilot Examiner.
l: Carried more than 4000 passingers by 1995; Organizer of first safety seminars in the NW; Organizer of more than 50 B-Festivals.
m: BFA, Director; NW B-Assoc (3-time Pres.).
r: BL-Nov.95p41.

SUNER, ?         USA                  (1885?1905) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 20 Feb.1905 from the Bull-Ring of Barcelona in "Deveado." Balloon struck an electric tramway cable on ascent. The balloon burst into flames. Suner jumped to the ground, receiving fatal injuries.
r: Daily Express, Morning Herald 21 Feb.1905.

SURCOUF, Edouard         FRANCE?                  (1862?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AT.         Professional Aeronaut.
b: 1862. Husband of balloonist Marie.
p: Balloon & Airship pilot, Inventor, Expirimentor; Designer and builder of balloons and airships; V.President of "l'Ecole d'Aeronautics 1889.
f: First B-Flight 1879 (age 17); Made 40 B-Flights (85 hours) by 1897.
m: Aero Club of France; Society of French Aerial Navigation; B-Society of England; Auto Club of France. ***Epic flight 12 May 1903 from Paris. Balloon landed in a street and burst. Gas ignited as it entered a building window. Resulting fire seriously burned 8 people.
r: NT-13 May 1904/1/6; C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

SURING, Reinhard Joachim            GERMANY          (1866-1951)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU/U.         Scientific balloonist.
b: 15 May 1866 Hamburg.
d: 7 Jan.1951? (29 Dec.50) Potsdam.
p: Professor of physics (meteorology), Berlin; Specialist in clouds and radiation; Chief of Potsdam Meteorological Observatory; Chief of East German Weather Services. ***Epic flight 24 Mar.1899 (w/A.BERSON). First to demonstrate the use of pressurized oxygen for high-altitude (8000m) flight. ***Epic flight 31 July 1901 (w/BERSON). Used an open gondola on an ascent to 10,800m (35,449').
r: NT-8 Jan,1951 p17 (T); FuA p152.

SVERINGER, Chester         USA                  (1870?1920)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S;                 Student balloonist.
f: Made one recorded ascent, his last. ***Epic flight 18 Apr.1893 from Quincy, IL. Collided with a tree on ascent, and fell 40' to the ground. Was taken to the hospital with internal injuries. Survival unknown.
r: Quincy Whig 19 Apr.1893.

SWANSON, Arthur H.            USA                  (1906?1980 )                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BD/BE;         Sport balloonist 1952-62.
b: 2 May 1906 Chicago, IL.
e: Chicago Public Schools.
p: Airship mechanic for Goodyear-Akron, 1932-71.
f: First B-Flight 28 Sep.1956 with Ren BROWN; First B-Solo 31 May 1963 From Akron OH; FAA Airplane & Glider License #10937 issued 1929; B-license issued 1956; More than 40 B-Flights (20 flights) by 1986.
l: 1931, Toured Ohio doing Captive ascents with Capt.WALTERS.
m: LTAS; Balloon Flyers of Akron (FM). ***Epic flight 1956 (w/R.BROWN) from Akron, OH. Made his first solo when making an intermediate landing in a tree, and Brown fell out of the basket. He continued the flight and made a safe landing. ***Epic flight 13 Oct.1972 (see K.STEHLING). Broke his Collar-Bone, multiple rib fractures, & spine compression, from the hard landing.
r: Bio-Data-1986.

SWEENEY, James Monroe            USA         #-731 (1893-1950)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 29 Dec.1893 Paris, KY.
d: 30 Jan.1950 Ft. Worth, TX.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-19 (Ens); Observation balloonist, from ships at sea; Served aboard the USS-Pennsylvania, and USS-Arkansas.
p: Major League Baseball Umpire; Hotel Mgr.; Veterans Afairs Mgr.
f: Received balloon training at NAS-Great Lakes (Akron); FAI-ACA B-License #731 issued 20 Nov.1918.
a: 1006 Cecilia St; Taylor, TX. r: NT-31 Jan.1950 p23c1 (T); Contact Profiles p480.

SWEDENBORG, Wilhelm E.            SWEDEN          #=1 (1869-1938)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AV.         Military balloonist.
b: 1869.
d: 1939.
s: Captain in the Swedish Aerostiers.
l: Technician (and spare crew) for the ANDREE Polar Expedition.
f: First B-Flight 1897 from Paris; FAI-ACS B-License #1 issued 5 May 1905.
m: Swedish Aeronautical Society (FM); Swedish Aero Club. ***Epic flight 29-30 Jul.1902 (see E.UNGE) from Stockholm Sweden in "Svenske." Landed in Menjuska (Russia), establishing a Swedish distance record that still stands in 1988.
r: Swedish B-Federation; H.Akerstedt files.

SWIFT, W.A.         USA                  (1800?1850)                  (HP)
l: Advertised a flight 1834, but never flew.

SYLVAN, Ove Christian         SWEDEN          #=8 (1870?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Military balloonist.
s: Officer in the Swedish Army; General in 1908.
f: SBK-FAI B-License #8 issued 23 May 1908.
r: H.Ackerstedt files.

SYLVON, G.         CANADA          (1890?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist
Stage name: "The Great Sylvon."
b: Vancouver, BRC; Had diamonds in his two front teeth.
p: Flew in the Western USA 1898-1918 era.
f: First recorded flight Summer of 1898 from Tacoma, WA.
l: Made spectacular escapes from a straitjacket and chains before descending by parachute.

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