AASS, Thorvald Valentine           NORWAY      #/3     (1879?1940)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.           Sport balloonist 1911-14 era.
b: 1879.
p: Lawyer.
f: First B-Flight March 1911; FAI-SAC B-License #3 issued 2 Feb. 1912.
r: Sem-Jacobsen files.

ABD-EL-NOUR, Alexandre          FRANCE          (1869?1935)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT.           Sport balloonist 1900-10 era.
b: 19 Oct.1869 Bazeilles.
p: Doctor of Medicine.
m: Aero Club of Ardennes (pres-1910); Auto Club of Ardennes.(Sec.Gen.).
r: L'Aerophile notes.

ABEGG, Richard           GERMANY          (1868-1910)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/AU.          Sport balloonist.
b: 1868 Danzig;
d: 3 Apr.1910 Schlesien; Husband of balloonist "Lina" (B-License#140, 29 Sep. 1908).
e: Doctorate in Philosophy.
p: Professor of Chemistry and Physics; Director of Breslau Technical University.
f: Sport Balloonist 1900-1910 era, flight history unknown; First B-Flight 1900, last 1930; German B-License issued 1910;
m: Augsberger, Berliner, Neidersachsischer, & Oberrheinscher B-Clubs; Kaiserrlicher Aeroclub. ***Epic flight 3 Apr.1910 (W/3-pax) from Schlesien in "Aero Club-I." The ascent and flight were uneventful. But after landing, two of the passengers got out of the basket. A gust of wind caught the balloon and it struck a tree at 50', throwing the pilot out. Multiple fatalities were reported.
r: N.Y.Herald 5 Apr.1910; The Aeronautical Journal; Freiballonfahrer und Anwarter (FuA) p7.

ABERCRON, Hugo von Wilhelm          GERMANY          (1869-1938)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AH/AU.          Sport balloonist/Aeronaut Extroardinaire.
FIRST Pilot to cross the Alps alone.
b: 24 Nov.1865(69?) Ratibor;
d: 16 Apr.1945 Berlin. Husband of balloonist "Goldine" (B-License #8). e: Doctorate in Philosophy.
p: Doctor of Medicine.
s: Officer in German Army, 1910-18; Retired Major General; Batalion Commander of Aerostiers 1899-1900. f: First B-Flight 5 Oct. 1899 W/ Haver-stein; Received B-Training from B.v.SIGSFELD Dec.1899; Received FAI-DaC B-License #4 18 Dec.1899; Active 1900-1930 era; More than 500 flights by 1928.
l: Flew in Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, Netherlands; Participated in many National & In'tl B-Competitions; Author of biographical book.
m: Deutscher Luftschifter Verband, V.Pres. 1906; Many Aeroclubs.
h: German Golden Sports Balloon Medal, 1931. ***Epic flight May 1908, Augsburg Germany to Judenburg Austria in "Gersthofen" (12,000 Cf.). First solo Alps crossing. ***Epic flight 28 Sep.1908 (W/Goltzheim) from Augsburg. The balloon burst at 6000', but inverted in the net, parachuting to the ground safely.
r: l'Aerophile; FuA p7.

ABRAMS, Lawrence Tilden          USA          (1956-1982) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-B(+1).          Sport balloonist.
b: 1956 Greenville, SC;
d: 3 Oct.1982 Piedmont, SC.
p: Industrial worker; Owner of slot car track.
f: First B-Flight with Carl Stefan Jr.(instructor); Student pilot license AA 1290648; little experience, No B-Rating.
l: Owner of balloon (Eagle C7, N70014). *** Epic flight 3 Oct.1982 (W/brother Neil, & August Schwires) from 18 miles south of Greenville. Considered pilot-in-command, as the balloon contacted high voltage power lines. Two fuel tanks exploded. Anthony Neil survived with 70% burns, but Lawrence and August died of injuries sustained.
a: Lifelong resident of Greenville, wife & son still there.
r: Charlotte (NC) Observer 4 Oct.82pC1; NTSB-report; D.Axsom, D.Clark archives.

ABRUZZO, Benjamin L.           USA          (1930-1985) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-I/AB/AC/BF/BJ/BQ/BY.          Sport balloonist; Aeronaut Extroardinaire. FIRST to cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon.
b: 9 June 1930, Rockford, IL;
d: 10 Feb.1985 Albuquerque, NM; Died in an airplane crash. Father of balloonist Richard.
s: Officer in U.S. Air Force, 1952-56.
e: Univ. of Illinois, BBA-1952, Business Administration.
p: President of Real-Estate Conglomerate.
f: First B-Flight 1970 with Sid Cutter in Albuquerque, NM; First B-Solo 1970; FAA B-License #1242906 issued 1970; also pilot of airplanes, helicopters and gliders; Over 950 B-Hours (500 in gas) by 1985.
m: Member of BFA.
h: Gold Medal Achievement Award, Congress of the USA; FAA Achievement Award; Grande Medal of France; John Oliver la Gorce gold Medal; Montgolfier Diploma; FAI Gold Air Medal; De la Vaulx Medal; French Sports Medal; LTAS Achievement Award.
l: 1977, First Trans Atlantic attempt aborted near Iceland after covering 2950 Sm. (9 Sep.). *** Epic flight 11 Aug.1978 (W/M.ANDERSON & L.NEWMAN) from Presque Isle, ME in "Double Eagle-II." Second Trans Atlantic attempt was successful, Landing in Miserey France after covering 3120 Sm. (5002 Km) in 137 hours and 6 minutes. ***Epic flight 26 Apr.1979 (W/L.NEWMAN) from Long Beach, CA in "Double Eagle-III." Winner of the G-Bennett B-Race, covering 1347 miles, and setting a FAI-Duration record of 75:10. ***Epic flight 12 Nov.1982 (W/ABRUZZO, AOKI, CLARK, & NEWMAN) from Nagashima, Japan in "Double Eagle-V." Completed successful Trans-Pacific crossing, landing near Covelo, CA after covering 5768 miles in 84 hours 31 minutes.
r: Bio-data 1982

ABRUZZO, Richard           USA           (1964-)          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/AC.          Sport balloonist; Son of balloonist, Benjamin
Winner of the Harmon Trophy in 2001 for World duration record of 80+ hours (beating his father's record of 21 years earlier). Winner of the Harmon Trophy and three Montgolfier Diplomas in 2003 for his outstanding solo flight of 2074 miles across the USA in 73 hours. Winner of the America’s Challenge Gas B-Races four times.
r: Skylines May 2004

ACKERMAN, B.F.          USA          (1855?1930)          (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.          Professional balloonist.
Nickname: "May."
l: Crossed the Hudson River three times in his career. ***Epic flight 26 Aug.1907 from Bayonne, NJ. Launching from Melville Park, the balloon struck telegraph lines. The pilot lost his grip on the trapeze and fell into the wires. Bystanders formed a ring holding a blanket, in an attempt to catch him when the wires were cut. Unfortunately, the pilot missed the blanket, and sustained severe head injuries.
r: NT-27 Aug.1907/1/4.

ACOSTA, Aida de                USA                (1882-1962)                        (HP)
Married names: Root, & Breckenridge.
b: 1882 Elberon, NJ.
d: 27 May 1962 Bedford Long Island, NY. FIRST Woman to pilot a powered aircraft (Santos Dumont #9, 29 Jun.1903, after 3 instruction flights). See Ms.Pearson-1902, Ms.Lebaudy-1904.
r: My Airships; BF-Sum.1962p5.

ACOSTA, Benito Leon          MEXICO          (1820?1880)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-G.          FIRST native to fly in his own country. Pioneer Mexican balloonist, circus acrobat.

ADAIR, Leila (F)          AUSTRALIA          (1880?1930)          (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.          Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 6 Jan.1896 from Sydney. Landed in Sydney Bay; Rescued by fishermen pulling on the parachute. Aeronaut came up feet first (unconscious) after considerable time under water, but survived. NOTE: Seattle newspapers indicated she was from USA as she arrived there by boat about 31 Jan.

ADAMS, Arthur Richard          USA          (1946-1974) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-B(+1)          Sport balloonist.
b: 1946 Idaho Falls, ID;
d: 21 Sep.1974 Tracy, CA (age 28).
e: San Francisco Golden Gate College, MS-Finance.
p: Financial Analyist for J.A.Tertching & Sons(San Fran), 6 years.
f: Student Pilot license, Newspapers reported Commercial license; 29 total hours at time of death. l: Piccard Balloon was Co-Owned with Michael A.Curley.
m: Member of a Bay-Area B-Club. ***Epic flight 21 Sep.1974 (w/Kathy Beaver, M.Curley) from Tracy, CA. Launch in a 3-balloon club event ended in tragedy when the top of the balloon came out in-flight. Cathy was the only survivor. NOTE: The subsequent lawsuit produced a disclaimer by the VELCRO Corporation, on the continued use of their product on balloons.
a: 817 N.Hamilton; San Mateo, CA.
NOTE: Mike was an exterminator for Terminix-Sunnyvale on his second B-Flight. Kathy worked for Signetics-Sunnyvale on first flight.
r: San Mateo Times 23 Sep.1974p1:5, Sunnyvale Valley Journal 25 Sep.74 p3:3. FAA-report; D.Sonnichsen archives.

ADAMS, Michael Dowling          USA          (1939-1985)          (HB)
Stage name: "Captain Smash" (Bio-Data unknown).
b: 1939;
d: 1985 (cancer).
p: Professional balloonist and balloon maker (ADAMS AEROSTATS); President of Mike Adams Balloon Loft (P.O.B.12168; Atlanta, GA).
m: Annual Memorial B-Race held in his honor in Atlanta.
r: See J.Michael Davidson.
m: BFA.

ADAMS, Mike          BRITAIN          (1945?1974) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B.          Sport balloonist.
Brother of balloonist Terry A.
d: 8 Oct.1974 Saltby.
f: First B-Flight 1968; Student of G.TURNBULL; CAA B-License 1970 for Gas & Hot-Air.
l: 1973, Won Irish B-Championships; 1974, Won Munster B-Race; 1974, Placed second at Cirencester B-Race.
m: BBAC; Southern Balloon Group, Founding Member. ***Epic flight 8 Oct.1974 (W/M. SPARKS) from Saltby in "Clark Lift." Balloon was caught in a whirlwind (willi-nilli), and rotated so violently, that it actuated the rip line, and it streamered 2000' to the ground.
r: Sacramento Bee 9 Oct.1974pA12:1; The Aerostat 8 Dec.1974p213.

ADAMS, Paul E.          USA          #-448 (1873?1970)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Military balloonist 1917-19 era.
b: 25 Apr.1873 Lebanon, KY.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corp.
m: NAA, res.1927.

ADAMS, Terrance Alfred          BRITAIN          (1945?)          (HB)
(Bio-Data unknown) Brother of balloonist, Mike.
s: Pilot, Royal Air force.
f: First B-Flight 1969 in "Jester."
l: Flew in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, S. Africa, USA; Philatelist. m: Southern Balloon Group. ***Epic flight 29 Nov.1976 from the deck of the H.S.Draper, landing on the island (near Taltrovidenza) Malta. ***Epic flight Feb.1993, broke arm on landing.
a: Flamboyant Balloons; Lanseria, So.Africa-1748.
r: The Aerostat.

ADDIS, Burt          USA          (1885?1950)          (GB)
l: Sport balloonist 1905-19 California.
f: Only one recorded flight (type unknown) 31 Jan.1909, Los Angeles, A.

ADLER,          USA          (1872-1894) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.          Professional balloonist 1893-94 era.
***Epic flight 30 May 1894 from Cincinnati, OH. Ascent & descent were normal, except that he landed in the Ohio River and drowned.
r: Chicago 31 May 1893.

AGNETA, Alfredo S.          ARGENTINA     #:24     (1887-1914) K          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.          Military balloonist.
b: 17 Oct.1887;
d: 28 Oct.1914 Palomar (plane crash).
s: Officer in the Argentine Army; Aviator.
e: Argentine Military school of Aviation, 1912.
f: First B-Flight 11 May 1913 in "Argentina"; Flew Palermo to San Vincent in 3 hours 50 minutes; Made 3 B-Flights in his lifetime; Airplane License #19 issued 28 Dec.1912.; FAI-AAC B-License #26 issued 6 Oct.1914.
l: 1913, Established Argentine altitude record of 2500 meters, in a 50 Hp. Bleriot (21 Jun.); 1913, Established Argentine passenger record of 4 persons to 150 meters for 6 minutes in a Rumpler-Traub (19 Jul.); 1913, Established So. American distance record flying passengers 170 kilometers (30 Oct.).

AIME, Emmanuel          FRANCE          (1860?1920)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.          Sport balloonist 1890-1905 era. (bio-data unknown)
m: Aero Club of France, Secretary 1900-01.
l: Involved in many personal disputes within the club.

AKERSTEDT, Hans          SWEDEN          (1942-          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BO.          Sport balloonist.
b: 25 June 1942 Harnosand, Sweden.
p: Pilot (Scandinavian Airlines).
e: Royal University of Technology, Stockholm, 1969 BS-Engineering.
s: Swedish Airforce 1962-69, Pilot and Engineer.
f: First B-Flight (HB) 8 Mar.1971 W/D.CAMERON; (GB) 28 May 1978 W/J.MAES; First B-Solo 1971 from Tetbury, Britain; First Airship solo 13 Feb.1977; British B-License #97399 issued 12 July 1971; Swedish B-License #FB3(now FB420625-7919) issued 23 Aug.1971; USA B-License #2277667 issued 8 Feb.1978; German B-License # 4849-NWMS (GB) issued 10 Mar.1981; Airship rating (BX) issued 1977; Night flight rating 1982; More than 400 LTA hours (25 Gas starts, +30 Airship) by 1984.
l: Also flew in: Austria-1980, Belgium-1982, Britain-1971, Denmark-1981, Finland-1979, France-1977, Germany-1978, Holland-1980, Norway-1980, Portugal-1980 Spain-1980, Switzerland-1984, USA-1973; 1973, Participant in World Hot-Air Championships; 1974-9+, FAI-CIA delegate for Sweden, VP-1995; 1977, Built and flew own airship (see BALKEDAL); 1979,81,82, Participant in Modern G-Bennett B-Races; 1982-8+, Secretary of FAI-CIA; 1983, Participant in Charles-Robert Race (Paris). 1984, Participant in Coupe G-Bennett B-Race (Zurich). h: Montgolfier Diploma-1996.
a: Sveavagen 19B; S-18160 Lidingo, Sweden; 8/765-8331.
r: Bio-data form Aug.1985.

ALBEE, Charles E.          USA          (1860?1910)          (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-S.          Sport balloonist. Protégé of the James ALLEN family.
l: Active Smoke & Gas balloonist 1890-92 era.
f: Well known "aerial navigator" by 1892. ***Epic flight 16 Jul.1892 (see ALLEN, James K.); suffered minor injuries.
r: NT-17 Jul.1892/5/2.

ALEXANDER, Edward Porter          USA          (1820?1880)          (OB)
See APPENDIX-M.          Military balloonist. FIRST Confederate balloonist.
e: Military Academy at West Point. Outstanding Military career.
p: Officer in U.S. Con-federate Army, 1861-64; Brigadier General.
l: Considered the premier chronicler of Civil War events. ***Epic ascent 27 June 1861 for Confederate Army in "Silk Dress" Balloon. Observed Battle of Gaines Mill. Made the only successful Confederate observation of the Civil War (see PORTER, F.J.; BRYAN, J.R.).
r: Air Arm of the Confederacy; Military Memoirs of a Confederate p172.

ALEXANDER, Patrick Young          BRITISH          (1867-1943)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG.          Sport balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 28 Mar.1867 Hern;
d: 7 Jul.1943 Windsor. Son of a founding member of the "Aero-nautical Society (1866); Inherited wealth 1891; Bankrupt by 1922, died almost penniless.
e: Wesley College; Mechanical Engineer.
p: Apprentice seaman in merchant Navy (fell from a mast and broke his leg), mustered out, and was lame for the rest of life; Advisor to the British Government on aviation and scientific matters;.
f: 1878, First ascent in GIFFARD captive balloon at Paris Expo.; 1891, First free flight (W/P.SPENCER) from Chelsea (9 June); 1891-92, Received B-Training from P.SPENCER; 1892-02, Built and flew his own balloons (Owner of "Queen of the West"&"Majestic"); 1894-02, Made scientific flights in Germany, France, Russia; 1895, Made only Para-jump from a balloon from Bath;
l: Amateur meteorologist, made extensive use of sonde-balloons; Holder of many aero-patents, researched all aero-patents to 1891; Proficient and fluent in almost every scientific field; First to demonstrate radio controlled airplane models; 1892-10, Financial supporter of most amateur aero endeavor; Built, staffed and financed a complete aviation school; 1893, Co-Authored(W/BREWER) of "Aeronautics 1815-91"; 1895, Proposed a scientific flight across central Africa using known Trade-Winds; 1908, Planed a notice in the N.Y.Herald (7 Feb) resigning from all foreign aero clubs because "he didn't have time to answer correspondence"; Credited with the invention of the "Air-Soc" wind indicator. m: Member of most all active aero clubs (Britian, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Russia). NOTE: Left an extensive scrapbook of 1892-1913 aero newspaper clippings to the British Science Museum Library at Kensington/London.
h: Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.
r: L'Aerophile-Aug.1900; Patrick Y.Alexander, by Gross.

ALFARO, Jose Maria          MEXICO          (1750?1820)          (HP)
See APPENDIX-G.          FIRST to launch a balloon (toy) in N.America (18 May 1784); Jalapa, Vericruiz using Hot-Air.
r: Breve Historica de la Aviacion en Mexico, 1971

ALFONSO XII, King          SPAIN          (1820?1902)          (HP)
d: 1902. Father of famous aviator, Infante (Alfonso-XIII); Direct descendant of French King Louis XIV; Great Grandfather of present King of Spain (1993), Juan Carlos de Bourbon.
p: Regent of Spain 1874-1902; Founded the Spanish "School of Ballooning" (military) in Guadalajara, 1884 (Established by L. GODARD). Graduates who became famous aeronauts were: Generals Ansalado, Pombo, HERERRA, KINDILAN-DUANI, and Admiral Fontan. All military aviators of the 1900-35 era.

ALLEN, Arlene (F)           USA          (1929-1948) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-S.          Professional balloonist.
b: 1927 Batavia, NY;
d: 1948 Batavia. NY (age 19), Daughter of balloonist Capt. Edward"; Granddaughter of Curt", Sister of balloonists "Ed Jr., Gloria, & Florence.
p: Smoke Balloonist 1945-46; made 5 B-jumps in career.
f: First balloon ascent 1945; Last, 1946 (causing fatal injuries).
l: Worked County-Fair circuit with Brother & Sister. ***Epic flight 27 Jul.1946 from Bristol, TN. Smoke balloon ascent was normal, but she landed in power lines and suffered severe burns. She died almost 2-years later of internal complications. a: Lived with parents in Batavia, NY. r: BM-AU/74; Allen Family Scrap-book; Batavia Daily News.

ALLEN, Comfort          USA          (1850-1930)          (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.          Professional balloonist.
b: 9 Apr.1850 Stevens Mills, NY;
d: 14 May 1930 Dansville, NY (80); Nickname: "Curt"; Brother (twin) of "Martin"; Brother of Ira"; Father (had 11 children) of balloonists Warren, Edward, & Edgar; Grandfather of balloonists Edward, Gloria, Flo, & Arlene; Great grand-father of balloonist "David."
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1874-1915 era; Worked in a gas-station until advanced age; Parachute specialist of family.
f: First balloon ascent 1874; Last about 1905; helped sons inflate balloons until 1928 (age 78). ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1946 from Salamanca, NY. Ascent ended abruptly at about 75' when the bottom of the balloon tore off. He died of resulting injuries. (at Nello, NY?). r: BM-AU/74; Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News.

ALLEN, David Brundage          USA          (1950-          (HB)
b: 1 May 1950 Batavia, NY; FOURTH generation balloonist; Son of balloonist "Edward"; Grandson of "Eddie"; Great-grandson of "Comfort."
p: Fence installer; Professional Balloonist 1985+.
f: First balloon flight 1984; First balloon solo 1984. a: 307 Earls Lane; New Town Square, PA 19073; 215/237-9873.

ALLEN, Edgar William          USA          (1898-          (SM)
b: 24 Aug.1896 Dansville, NY; Nickname: "Punie" / Stagename: "Professor; Son of balloonist "Curt"; Brother of Warren, twin of Eddie.
p: Welder (52-years), Semi-Professional Smoke Balloonist 1912-28.
f: First balloon ascent 1913 from Delhi, NY.; Flew as a family-team with Eddie; Made 5-600 (claimed "less than 100") ascents in his lifetime; Last Smoke Balloon flight 4 Jul.1928 (see below). ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1928 From Myersville, NY. The ascent ended abruptly at about 500' when the bottom of the balloon tore off. He descended safely by parachute, which caused a change in career.
a: Lives with Daughter Caroline (1988); 716/335-3340.

ALLEN, Edward Bostwick (Sr.)          USA          (1896-1985)          (HB/SM)
See APPENDIX-S/BF/BL.          Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 24 Aug.1896 Dansville, NY;
d: 9 Oct.1984 Batavia. NY (age 89); Stage name: "Captain Eddie"; Nickname "Bill"; Son of balloonist "Curt"; Brother of Warren, twin of Edgar; Father of balloonists "Ed Jr.,Gloria, Florence, & Arlene; Grandfather of balloonist David.
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1912-76; Worked for "Lucky-Teteer's Daredevil Thrill Show, and "Joie Chitwood Thrill Shows"; Worked County-Fair circuit with children; Shoemaker, Gas-station owner/operator.
f: First balloon ascent 7 Sep.1912 from Lockport, NY; Last recorded 5 Aug.1976 (see below, May have made several hot-air flights 1977-85); made more than 3300 ascents in his lifetime (3253 recorded parachute descents).
l: Claimed to have flown in every mainland United States; Used 129 different balloons in his career.
h: Honorary Life Member of the Balloon Federation of America; Montgolfier Diploma, FAI-1975. ***Epic flight 5 Aug.1976 (at age 80) from Indianola, IA. Ascent in a traditional smoke balloon was normal, but his parachute malfunctioned and partially collapsed on descent. He sustained a broken ankle, pelvis, & 2-vertibrae. r: BM-AU/74; Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News; F.WOOD.

ALLEN, Edward Bostric (Jr)          USA          (1917-          (HB/SM)
b: 1 May 1917 Batavia, NY (Florence says 5 May 1918); Son of balloonist "Captain"; Grandson of "Curt"; Father of balloonist "David"; Brother of balloonists Gloria, Florence, & Arlene.
e: Univ. of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kapa; All-Letter athlete. p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1934-41; Sports coach, Real estate manager, sales, & investments.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Special Forces, Physical training.
f: First balloon ascent 1934 from Corfu, NY. Flew as a family-team with sisters (never with father); First multi-family member (W/Florence & Gloria) ascent was 1937 from Craig Beach Park/Youngstown, OH; Last Smoke Balloon flight 1 Oct.1941 from Macon, GA; Still flies (1986) hot-air balloons with son David. ***Epic flight 12 Jul.1937 (W/Gloria & Florence) from Blackstone, VA. Triple smoke-balloon ascent was normal, but Gloria's parachute failed on descent, and she sustained serious injuries. a: 307 Earls Lane; New Town Square, PA 19073; 201/356-1558. r: BM-AU/74; Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News.

ALLEN, Elizabeth (F)           USA          (1860?1920)          (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.          Professional balloonist (bio-data unknown).
p: Active 1867-70 era; Stage name "Lizzie"; Daughter of balloonist James A; Married name "Boker."

ALLEN, Ezra B.          USA          (1840-1917)          (OB/SM)
See APPENDIX-J/L/M/S/V.          Professional Balloonist; Resident of Providence, RI.
b: 1840 Providence, RI;
d: 1917 Providence, RI.; Brother of Balloonist James A.; Uncle to four balloonists.
p: Active 1860-80 era; Balloon observer in American Civil War of 1862-63.
f: First recorded B-Solo 1869 (age 19) from Bath, ME.
l: Accompanied brother James on most all endeavors, including the trip to Brazil in 1967. ***Epic flight 29 Sep. 1888 (W/Davis/Buckley) in wedding aloft. ***Epic flight 1896 (W/James A.) from Providence, RI. Ezra fell from the basket at 50' over the city center, and sustained major injuries.

ALLEN, Ezra S.          USA          (1869-1951)          (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.          Semi-Professional Balloonist Resident of Providence, RI.
b: 1869 Providence, RI;
d: 1951 Providence, RI; Son of balloonist James A.; Brother of James K., Malvern, & Elizabeth; Husband & Father of balloonists.
p: Active 1880-85 era.

ALLEN, Florence (F)          USA          (1922-          (SM)
b: 25 Apr.1922 Batavia, NY; Married name: "Wood"; Daughter of balloonist "Eddie"; Grand daughter of "Comfort"; Sister of balloonists Edward, Gloria, & Arlene; Mother of 6-children, none balloonists (1986).
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1937-44 era;.
f: First balloon ascent 12 Jun.1937 from Youngstown, OH with GLORIA and Ed Jr.; Flew as a family-team with Gloria and brother Edward; Made more than 500 balloon ascents in career; Last recorded Balloon flight 1944 from Batavia, NY; Served as crew with father until 1976; Holder of CAA-Balloon license. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1937 (W/Edward & Gloria) from Blackstone, VA.
a: 4600 Senica; W.Senica (Buffalo), NY; 716/674-3617.
r: BM-AU/74; Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News.

ALLEN, Gloria (F)          USA          (1920-1937) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B.          Professional balloonist.
b: 29 Feb.1920 Batavia, NY;
d: 1 Oct.1937 Batavia, NY (age 17); Daughter of balloonist "Eddie"; Granddaughter of "Comfort"; Sister of balloonists Edward, Florence, & Arlene; Lived with parents in Batavia, NY.
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1935-37 era.
f: First balloon ascent 12?Jun?1935 from Youngstown, OH; Flew as a family-team with brother & sister; Made about 50 balloon ascents in her career; Last Balloon flight 1937 (resulted in fatal injuries,see below). ***Epic flight 12 Jul.1937 (W/Edward & Florence) from Blackstone, VA. Triple smoke-balloon ascent was normal, but Gloria's parachute failed on descent, and sustained two broken legs, and serious internal injuries. She died later of injury complications.
r: BM-Au/74; Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News.

ALLEN, Harold Ernest          BRITAIN          (1881?1945)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/CH.          Military & Sport balloonist (bio-data unknown).
b: 1881.
s: Officer in the British Army; Balloon & Airship Pilot & Instructor.
l: Outstanding military career; Participant in G-Bennett B-Races 1921, 22, & 23.
f: Military brevets for Airships & Balloons.
h: Distinguished Service Order.
r: Registry of Military aviators.

ALLEN, Ira          USA          (1846-1932)          (SM)
b: 18 Apr.1846 Dansville, NY;
d: 5 Dec.1932 Dansville, NY (age 86); Brother of balloonists Curt and Martin.
s: Enlisted at age 16 in Union Army; Served in Cavalry, and as artillery observer; Observed several observation balloon ascents in 1862; Became blind in later years due to war injuries.
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist 1870-1917 era; accomplished tightrope walker for Ringling Brothers Circus.
f: First recorded ascent 1874; Last recorded 1917; Bought a surplus Civil war balloon in 1875; Flew as a family-team with brothers Curt & Martin; Still jumped while blind; had children shout up directions.
r: BM-AU/74; Eddie Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News; Caroline Allen Family records; Dansville Historical Society.

ALLEN, James A.          USA          (1824-1897)          (OB/GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-F/J/L/M/S/W.          Professional balloonist; Son of a sea captain.
Brother of Ezera B.; Father and Grandfather of balloonists.
b: 11 Sep.1824, Barrington, RI;
d: 24 Sep.1897 Providence, RI. Ninth child of Sylvester and Nancy.
p: Laborer, Seaman, Printer, Started as partner with Sam KING; Worked w/family after 1864.
s: Member of Marine Corps Artillery, 1st Rhode Island Regiment; Member of Union Army B-Observer Corps 23 Mar.1862 to Jun.1863.
f: Witnessed 1st B-Flight 1846 from Wilmington, DL; 1st Free flight 8 Oct.1856 (w/KING); First solo 4 Jul.1857; Fell from basket (in-flight) at least 3-times in career. Made 308 flights by 1888, about 400 in lifetime.
l: Successfully flew a "CAMPBELL-dirigicycle" 8 Dec.1888 from Coney Island, NY. ***Epic ascent 9 Jun.1861 (W/Henry Abbot) from Calons farm. FIRST Observation B-Ascent of the Civil War. Ascent to 5000'(using Coal Gas) was made one mile South of the Washington Capitol, at the request of General Burnside. NOTE: See T.LOWE-18 Jun.1861, and J.La MOUNTAIN-31 Jul.1861. ***Epic flight 6 July 1866 (W/James K., Prince, Laudy, & F. Allen) from Troy, NY. Balloon was 40,000 cubic feet and had a two-tiered basket. Crashed in a high wind landing near Dedham, MA. All sustained serious injuries. ***Epic ascent 14 Jun.1867 in Brazil at the invitation of King Dom Pedro-II as a balloon observer in the war against Rosas of Argentina. Made several ascents in what is now Paraguay; pay was 180 oz. of gold per month. Last recorded South American ascent 8 Jul.1867 (Last ascent was 25 Sep.1867 at Humaita). ***Epic flight 6 Aug. 1872 from Providence, RI in "Castle of the Air." Balloon was destroyed in a thunderstorm, and he was seriously injured. ***Epic flight 4 July 188? from Providence, RI. Lost consciousness from hydrogen asphyxiation; passenger had to land the balloon near North Lexington. ***Epic flight 4 July 1889 from Providence, RI. Sustained major injuries when envelope split and he fell from 30 feet.
r: Nat. Cyclopedia of Biography Vol.IX-210; Mrs.G.B.Nangle, 1969 (grand daughter).

ALLEN, James B.          USA          (1849-1933)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S.          Military Aeronaut.
Relationship to other "Allen's" unknown, but doubtful.
b: 13 Feb.1849, Laporte, IN;
d: 16 Feb.1933 Washington, DC;
e: U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 1872.
p: Officer in U.S. Army; Ret.1913 (after 43 years) Brig. General; Chief of Army Signal Corps Balloon School; Chief of Army Signal Corps-1 Aug.1907; Considered founder of the "army Air Corps.
l: 1906, Bought free-balloons for the Army (from BALDWIN); 1908, Bought first Airship for the Army (from BALDWIN); 1912, Bought first Airplane for the Army (from WRIGHT); ***Epic B-ascent 1917. Observation balloon ignited, and James parachuted safely.
r: Airpower Historian July 1960p130.

ALLEN, James K.          USA          (1858?1920)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S.          Professional balloonist
Eldest Son of James A.; Brother of balloonists Lizzie & Ezra S..
b: 1858 Providence, RI; d: Providence, RI. (Still alive 1918).
p: ; worked w/Father until 1879, Continued career alone until 1907.
f: First B-Flight 6 July 1866 (W/Father) from Lowell, MA, sustained injuries, 8 years old at time; First Solo flight 10 July 1871 from Troy, NY; Last flight 1907 from Boston, MA; Made about 400 B-Flights in his lifetime.
m: Founding Member of the Aero Club of America. ***Epic flight 16 Jul.1892 (W/ALBEE & Barnett) from Providence, RI in "Royal Sovereign." Failing to throw out enough ballast on launch, the balloon promptly collided with trees and buildings. Allen was thrown out of the load ring and sustained broken bones. Passengers were dashed against another building before Albee got the balloon deflated.
r: NT-17 Jul.1892/5/2. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1906 from Providence, RI. Rose quickly into an approaching thunderstorm and was carried out to open sea. Was rescued by a passing fisherman.
r: Providence Journal 28 Jul.1918/S5.

ALLEN, John F.          USA          (1921-1944) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.          Professional balloonist.
b: 1921 Providence, RI.
d: 1944 Sicily; Son, Grandson, Great grandson of balloonists; Killed in WW-2 combat in fighter plane over Italy.
f: Smoke balloonist 1936-40 era.
h: DFC; Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Clusters.
r: Providence Journal, 21 Oct.1951/Mag/p.3.

ALLEN, Malvern Hill          USA          (1860-1955)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.          Professional balloonist.
b: 1860, Providence, RI;
d: 13 Feb.1955 Providence, RI. Named after Civil War battle that his father (James A.) observed from a military balloon.
p: Semi-Professional balloonist 1880-90 era, Carpenter in later life.
f: Worked with father and Uncle; used only gas balloons. ***Epic flight 6 July 1888 (W/Sprague) from Pelham, NH in "City of Fitchburg" (his 26th ascent). Passenger dropped off the end of the drag-rope, and let the pilot continue alone in a high wind. Both sustained considerable injuries.
r: NT-14 Feb.1955/19/3.

ALLEN, Martin A.          USA          (1850-1940)          (SM)
b: 9 Apr.1850 Stevens Mill, NY;
d: 5 Nov.1940 Dansville, NY (age 90); Brother (twin) of balloonist Comfort, and Ira; Father of 2-sons (Steve & William, ballooning unverified).
p: Semi-Professional Smoke Balloonist 1870-1900 era; Owner/founder of Jewelry business 1866-1931 (in Dansville); Later operated by Warren Sr. f: First recorded ascent 1877; Last unrecorded; Flew as a family-team with brothers Curt & Ira.
l: Credited with the introduction of the parachute to the act.
r: BM-AU/74; Eddie Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News; Caroline Allen Family records; Dansville Historical Society.

ALLEN, Mary Francis (F)          USA          (1850?1920)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-S. Professional balloonist.
Daughter of balloonist Ezra S.; Maiden name "Peno."
p: Active 1878-98 era.
f: First flight 1887 from Providence, RI; Made 27 flights in her lifetime. ***Epic flight 5 Jul.1891 from Rehoboth, RI. Broke ankle on landing, and announced retirement, as she reportedly was pregnant at the time. NOTE: Confusion exists as to exact position in family. Her daughter's name was Mary Francis Allen also, but her married name was "Nangle" (still alive in Providence 1969).

ALLEN, Pearl Ionia (F)           USA          (1906-19)          (SM)
b: 4 Dec.1906 Lakeville, NY (still living 1987); Wife of balloonist "Warren A"; Maiden name "Graves." p: Semi-Professional Smoke Balloonist 1936-40 era. f: First recorded ascent about 1940; Flew as a family-team with Husband; Retired after 50th Balloon-Jump. r: Daughter, Ruthie (Allen) Jacob Archives. a: Summer: P.O.B.507; Pineola, NC. 28662 (704/733-6593; Winter: 1200 Johnston Rd (B3); Travelers Rest; Dade City, FL 33525 (305/588-2865).

ALLEN, Stephan William          USA          (1880?1940)          (SM)
Son of balloonist "Martin"; Cousin of Speck"(bio-data unknown). p: Semi-Professional Smoke Balloonist 1936-41 era. f: Made only one recorded ascent;. ***Epic flight 1938 from LeRoy, NY. Flight launched in moderate winds was successful. However, he landed in telephone wires on descent, and suffered minor injuries from falling the last 20'. r: Nina Bechtler archives; newspaper clipping unlabeled.

ALLEN, Warren Arnold (Jr.)          USA          (1904-1946) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B.          Semi-Professional balloonist.
b: 19 Mar.1904 Dansville, NY;
d: 4 Jul.1946 Salamanca, NY (age 42); Nickname "Jum"; Son of balloonist Warren N.; Husband of balloonist Pearl; Father of 6-children.
p: Welding Supervisor, Bell Aircraft; Active Smoke Balloonist 1925-1946 era;
f: First recorded ascent Jun.1936 from Lockport, NY; Flew as a family-team with Father; Made about 500 B-Jumps. r: Caroline Allen Family records; Dansville Historical Society; Nina Bechtler (sister), & Ruthe Jacobs (daughter) archives. Nina = 919/579-2993; Ruthe = 305/588-2865.

ALLEN, Warren Nello (Sr.)          USA          (1876-1955)          (SM)
b: 12 May 1876 Dansville, NY;
d: 4 May 1955 Dansville, NY (age 81); Nickname "Spec"; Oldest Brother of balloonists Edward & Edgar; Father of balloonist Warren A.; Son of Martin.
p: Semi-Professional Smoke Balloonist 1907-17; acrobat/athlete; Operator of fathers Jewelry store (in Dansville).
f: First recorded ascent 1907 (at age 13); Made about 330 ascents in his lifetime; Last ascent 1938 (age 62) from LeRoy, NY; Liked to jump with his pet dog; Flew as a family-team with brothers Eddie & Edgar.
l: 1907, Made a spectacular para-jump from a railroad trestle. ***Epic flight 1918 from Nunda, NY. Ascent and Descent in strong winds seemed normal. However, he hit a tree and embankment on landing, and broke both legs. ***Epic flight 1938 from LeRoy, NY. Sheriff and local animal lovers warned him, that if he jumped with his pet dog, he would be arrested. He was saved from arrest when the crowd found a toy substitution in the parachute.
r: BM-Au/74; Eddie Allen Family Scrapbook; Batavia Daily News; Carolyn Allen Family records; Dansville Historical Society; Nina Bechtler (daughter) archives; 919/579-2993.

ALLIONE, Miss. (F)          FRANCE          (1950?1971) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-B. Student balloonist.
d: 11 Jul.1971. Daughter of balloonist Lewis Allione.
f: Extent of B-Training or expertise unknown. ***Epic flight 11 Jul.1971 from St. Florentin, France. Balloon had just left the ground (W/another person as pilot), when she grabbed, and held to the basket wicker. She eventually lost her grip, and fell 320'to her death.
r: Aerostat, V2/#4; BF-Sep/Oct.1971.

ALTMAN, Gilbert          USA          (1881-1930)          (KB)(OB)
b: 5 Feb.1881 Cincinnati, OH.
d: ? 1930 Chicago, IL.
e: University of Chicago, BA-Chemistry.
s: U.S.Army, Non Commissioned Officer; Assigned to the 9th Balloon Company; Specialist in combat aerial photography from kite balloons; Photo-recon instructor.
f: Made many European ascents
l: Photographic chemistry.
h: Numerous military Merit Medals & Campaign Ribbons. r: Hope Ableson (daughter); Chicago, IL.

AMARAL, Francisco          BRAZIL          (1820?1880)          (OB)
See APPENDIX-J.          Full name: Francisco Cezar da Silva Amaral.
p: Professional soldier; Officer in the Brazilian Army, 1860-70; Major-1867; Fought in the Brazil-Paraguay War of 1865-67; Commander of Balloon forces 24 June to 25 Sept.1867. ***Epic ascent 8 Jul.1867 (W/J.A.ALLEN) at Humaita. Reportedly made many ascents thereafter to ascertain enemy positions. Expedition was considered a great success, in spite of the difficult conditions of terrain and supply. NOTE: The last balloon inflation of the war was recorded as 25 Sep. when it was reportedly lost after inadvertent release. See J.ALLEN, E.ALLEN; R.CHODASIEWLAY. r: The Envelope, ABB#3p3.

AMES, Joseph          USA          (1800?1850)          (GB)
Advertised a flight 1834 Philadelphia, but never flew.

AMMAN, Doris (F)          SWISS          (1955?1980) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.          Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
Daughter of sport balloonist, still active 1993; Father won't discuss daughter or accident.
f: Student pilot; Instructor was H.SIEBER, PIC unknown. ***Epic flight 20 Sep.1980 (W/H.SIEBER). Contacted power lines that severed the suspension cables. Both aeronauts died of their injuries.
r: The Aerostat.; U.Hohmann archives.

AMORETTI, Alejandro R.          ARGENTINA     #:10     (1884?1950)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.          Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Oct.1884 LaPlata;
d: 8 Jul.1950 Buenos Aires.
p: Engineer; Agent for the French Auto Touring Club.
f: Argentine B-License #10 issued 30 Jan.1910; First B-Flight 10 Jan.1910 from Belgrano; Made 8 B-Flights by 1910, 15 in lifetime.
m: Argentine Aero Club, Pres; Technical Air Institute; Camara Aeronautique Argentina, President. ***Epic flight 24 Apr.1910 (W/Nestor French) from Buenos Aires in "Patriota." Won "Caza del Zoro" (Fox Hunt) B-Race. r: Chronica Historica Aeronautica - Argentina.

AMREIN, Joseph H.          USA     #-1092     (1913?1990)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Military balloonist.
b: 7 Apr.1912 Akron, OH.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy, Airship pilot Apr.1942-46; Served at Akron, Lakehurst, Tillimook, Sunnyvale, Santa Ana.
p: Goodyear employee, shoe products salesman; Airship barnstormer 1946-50.
f: Balloon & Airship pilot & instructor; FAI-NAA Balloon & Airship licenses issued 1942.
r: Contact-Profiles; BF-V25#5p3.

AMSBAUGH, Allen          USA          (1932-          (HB)
See APPENDIX-          Sport balloonist.
b: 21 June 1932 San Francisco, CA.
e: Stanford Univ. BSME-1960.
s: U.S. Marine Corps. Aviator 1952-72, Fighter pilot.
p: Airline Pilot, American Airlines-Ret.; NASA/ASRS Safety Annalist.
f: First B-Flight May 1968 W/D.SONNICHSEN; First B-Solo July 1970 from Morgan Hill, CA; FAA B-License #[redacted] issued May 1971; More than 680 B-Hours by 1995.
m: BFA; Pacific Coast Aeronauts Society. V.Pres; The Aeronaut Society.
h: Winner of the WHAMOBASS Trophy (twice, 1982 & 94).
a: 900 Menlo Oaks Drive; Menlo Park, CA 94025; 415/ 324-2385.
r: Bio-form Dec.95.

AMUNDSSON, Karl Albert Byron          SWEDEN     #=2     (1873-1938)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.          Military balloonist; Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 1873; d: 1938; No relation to Arctic explorer "Roald."
s: Officer in the Swedish Army; Commander of Swedish Air Force when the Army & Marine Flying Corps merged in 1925.
p: Pres. Scandinavian Airline System 1906-1911, 1930-32.
f: First B-Flight 1897 with L.JOHANSEN; FAI-SAC B-License #2 issued 8 May 1905.
l: 1900, Represented Sweden at Paris Aero Meet; 1903, Made a 26 hour flight.
h: Many Swedish postage stamps issued in his honor. ***Epic flight 14 Jan.1903 from Stockholm. Landed at Randers after covering 570 Km. in 26 hours. Established a Swedish duration record that still stands in 1988.
r: Swedish Aero Club Journal; Akerstedt files-1987.

ANASAGASTI, Horacio          ARGENTINA #:5          (1879-1932)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.          Sport balloonist 1908-09 era.
b: 16 Jul.1879 Buenos Aires;
d: 8 Apr.1932 Bariloche.
p: Engineer.
f: First B-Flight May 1908 W/E.NEWBERRY; 3 Flights in lifetime; Argentine B-License #5 issued 25 May 1908.
m: Argentine Aero Club, V. Pres.& Pres.; Served as Official FAI-Representative in Paris.
r: Chronica Historica Aeronautica - Argentina.

ANCHORENA, Aaron de Felix          ARGENTINA #:1          (1878-1965)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-W/AV/CN.          Sport balloonist.
b: 5 Nov.1877 Buenos Aires;
d: 24 Feb.1965 Uruguay; Scion of a wealthy family; descendant of Spanish Royalty; Inheritor of immense fortune in land, cattle, Buenos Aires land.
p: Diplomat, Sportsman.
f: Made his first balloon flight in France 1907; Brought 1st balloon (1200 cm) "Pampero" to Argentina; Donated it to the aero club 13 Jan.1908; First solo flight 25 Dec.1907, Buenos Aries to Chorrilos, URU; Received Argentine B-Pilot License #1 issued 1908. m: Founded Argentine Aero Club, 13 Jan.1908, Served as 1st President & flight instructor.
h: Argentina issued a postage stamp in his honor 2 Nov.1968.

ANDERSON, Kristian          USA          (1956-          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BL/BJ/BO/BN/BV/BY.          Sport balloonist. Son of balloonist Maxie.
b: 13 Aug.1956, Albuquerque, NM; Resident of Albuquerque, NM.
f: First HB-Flight 1972, GB-Flight 1980 with father; First B-Solo Feb.1972 from Albuquerque, NM; FAA B-License 1980; Also Comm. Airplane pilot, with instrument rating.
l: 1980, Pilot on Trans America flight from Calif. to Quebec CAN.; 1981, Established FAI World AA-Class distance record of 3314Sm; 1981, Established FAI World AX-Class distance record of 707 Sm. ***Epic flight 24 Apr.1982(W/father) in G-Bennett B-Race. Spectacular flight crossed scenic Western USA, encountering snow and thunderstorms, before landing near Casper, WY. Night, in isolated location, was spent sleeping in the balloon, until rescue the following day.
r: BM; Tel-Con.Aug.83

ANDERSON, Mary (F)          USA          (1850?1910)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.          Professional balloonist.
Daughter of Confederate Army Officer.
p: Actress, Professional balloonist.
l: Active balloonist 1874-84 era; Amassed a considerable fortune from ballooning.
f: Made many flights in the USA and Europe. ***Epic flight 1875 from New Orleans, LA. Was rescued from a swamp. r: Rufus Wells.

ANDERSON, Maxie Leroy          USA          (1934-1983) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/I/BB/BC/BJ/BL/BN/BQ.          Sport balloonist.
FIRST to cross Atlantic Ocean.
b: 10 Sep.1933, Sayre, OK;
d: 26 Jun.1983, Germany;
Father of Kristian; Resident of Albuquerque, NM; Lost sight in right eye, due to a football injury; sometimes wore a black eye patch while flying.
e: Missouri Military Academy; considered "All-round athlete."
p: Mining Company Owner; Amassed considerable wealth.
f: Airplane pilot since age 14; FAA-SEL license 1959 (at age 15); MEL/Instrument; owned his own airplanes; First B-Flight 1972 with Sid CUTTER; First B-Solo from Alb., NM (after one hour, on the same day), FAA B-License 1972; More than 300 B-Hours (500-TT), incl. 25 gas flights, by 1983.
l: 1973, Participated in "Bahamas to Florida" race.
h: 1978: U.S.Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement; FAA-Aviation Medal; National Geographic Gold Medal; French Sports Medal; French Grand Aviation Medal. 1979: FAI-Montgolfier Award. ***Epic flight 9 Sep.1977(W/ABRUZZO) in "Double Eagle." TransAtlantic attempt covered 2950 miles in 64 hours, ending in an Ocean rescue near Iceland on 12 September. ***Epic flight 11 Aug.1978(W/ABRUZZO & NEWMAN) from Presque Isle, ME in "Double Eagle-2." Successful 3001 Sm. TransAtlantic flight in 137:06, landing at Missery (near Paris FRA) on 17 August. ***Epic flight 8 May 1980 (W/K.ANDERSON) from Ft.Baker, CA. TransContinental flight covered 3120 Sm., landed near Matane, Quebec. ***Epic flight 12 Feb.1981 (W/IDA) from Luxor, Egypt in "Jules Verne." TransWorld attempt was aborted over Murchpur, India after 2673 Sm. in 47:30. Second TransWorld attempt 22 Dec.1981 from Jai pur, India. Flight was aborted after near Rattal, India, after two hours due to mechanical problems. Third TransWorld attempt Nov.1983 from Stratobowl, ND, was aborted over Eastern Canada. ***Epic flight 26 Jun.1981 (W/IDA) from The "Place de Concorde" Paris, in "America-III." The flight as participants in the G-Bennett B-Race ended in tragedy 25 nm. NW of Schweinfurt, Germany. Preliminary reports indicate a delayed-response release of the gondola from the envelope, killing both pilots on impact.
r: BM; EB-101; Tel-Con D.Rice; Tel-Con Kris; NT-28 Jun.1983/B8; NT-Dec.1978, Apr.1982, Dec.1983.

ANDERSON, Orvil Arson          USA     #-1080     (1885-1965)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AA/AP/AR.          Military balloonist.
b: 2 May 1885 Springville, UT;
d: 23 Aug.1965 Maxwell AFB, AL.
e: Brigham Young University.
s: U.S. Army Officer, Enlisted 1917, Ret. Major General.; Strong life-long advocate of L.T.A.; Commandant of Air War College, Maxwell AFB, 1946-50; Dep. Commander of the Eighth Air Force, 1944-45; Founder of the "Air-War College", Maxwell AFB.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1080 issued 31 May 1934; Balloon instructor for 59th Balloon Company; Airship pilot 1920; Flew Rigid airships 1920-30; Airplane pilot 1924.
l: Sport & Scientific balloonist; made two high altitude flights; Dir. of Airforce Historical Society, Maxwell AFB; Retired after announcing to the press that: "he could break up Russia's nuclear project within one week.
h: Distinguished Flying Cross, with Oak Leaf Cluster.
l: Author of "Air War in the Pacific."
m: Executive Director of the Air Force Historical Foundation 1951-65. ***Epic flight Fall 1922 in airship TC-13. Made the first transcontinental USA of an airship as commander in both directions. ***Epic flight 28 Jul.1934 in "Explorer-I. Made emergency parachute jump when the balloon ruptured at 30,000'. r: NASM-files; NT-25 Aug 1965p39c4; Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; BF-V13#4p3.

ANDERSON, Pamela Brown (F)          USA          (1942-1970) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/I.          Wife of Rodney (3-years), Daughter of Congressman (financier of ill-fated voyage).
b: 1942 Kentucky;
d: 1970 Atlantic Ocean (age 28).
FIRST woman to die in Transatlantic attempt (not originally included as crew).
p: part-time television actress & comedienne.
f: Licensed airplane pilot; NO previous balloon experience.
l: Licensed horse trainer at age 16; Winner of several beauty pageants; TV-Actress; Accomplished harpist; enthusiastic supporter of the Free Life voyage.
r: G.Chips Henderson archives.

ANDERSON, Rodney          USA          (1938-1970) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/I.          
b: 13 June 1938 Cory, PA; Adopted as a child; Husband of Pamela.
p: Asst. Director, Long Island University; Commodities broker (N.Y.City); Founder of Faris Voyage Enterprises.
e: Allegheny College, BA-Liberal Arts.
f: No B-License, made one tethered ascent in a thermal balloon; no gas balloon experience.
l: Concert pianist, stage actor; Originator of fateful Transatlantic attempt (See M.BRIGHTON, J.CONTOS, M.SEMICH). NOTE: the best reference source is The Free Life by A.SMITH.
r: Newsweek 6 Oct.1970; BF-J/F 1971p11.

ANDRE, ?          FRANCE          (1870?1892) K          (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.          Scientific balloonist.
p: Professor of Science at the St. Genis Observatory; Teacher of Electrical Engineering.
f: Made many scientific flights 1890-92 era. ***Epic flight 30 Sep.1892 (W/Cadet & Pompein) from Lyon in "L'Esperance." Balloon hit a chimney on landing near St.Trivier; all occupants fell from the basket and died on impact. r: PYA-Scrapbook.

ANDREANI, Paolo          ITALY          (1763?1820)          (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/F.          Scientific balloonist.
p: Count;
b: 1763.
l: FIRST to fly outside France; FIRST to fly in Italy.
f: All flying and experiments were conducted in Hot-Air balloons. ***Epic flight 25 Feb.1784 (W/GERLI Brothers, makers of the balloon) from Milan ITA. Flew 7-miles in 20 minutes. ***Epic flight 13 Mar.1784 (W/GERLI Brothers) from Morcucco (Milan). Landed in Caponago after covering 6-miles in 25 minutes.

ANDREE, Salomon August          SWEDEN          (1854-1897) K          (GB)
See APPENDIX-C/T/U.          Scientific balloonist.
Made the FIRST bonified attempt to the North Pole.
b: 18 Oct.1854, Grenna;
d: 1897, Arctic.
e: Engineering Grad, Royal Institute of Technology, 1873.
p: Janitor as student in USA 1876, Tech. school professor, 1881; Engineer of Swedish Patent office, 1883.
f: 1st Balloon flight 1877 (w/J.WISE), made 2-flights W/CETTI; Made 9 solo flights (40 hrs.) before 1897 N. Pole attempt; 1st Swedish B-Pilot; Received most of his training w/CETTI.
l: 1892, Observer of polar expedition; 1896, Abandoned N. Pole attempt due to contrary winds. ***Epic flight 11 July 1897 (W/STRINDBERG & FRAENKEL) from Danes Island, Norway in "Ornen "(built by LACHAMBRE). After a normal launch, the Flight sponsored by Alfred Nobel & King Oscar, proceeded toward the North Pole. Contact was soon lost, but the bodies & equipment were not found until 1932, still 800 miles from their destination.
r: BF-V18#1p3.

ANDREOLI, Pascal          ITALY (1760?1830)          (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/F/CR.          Scientific balloonist.
Resident of Ancona.
d: 30 Nov.1837 Colora, Sicily.
p: Meteorologist; Professor of Science. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1803 (see ZAMBECCARI) from Bologna ITA. Departed at midnight on a scientific ascent to an est.25,000'. ***Epic flight 1808 as pilot (W/Carlo BRIOSCHI) to 20,000' in a hot air balloon.
r: History of Aeronautics in Great Britain.

ANDREWS, Solomon          USA          (1806-1872)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-E/H/S;          Scientific balloonist.
b: 15 Feb.1806 Herkimer, NY;
d: 1872 Perth Amboy, NJ. Son of a Minister.
e: Rutgers Medical School.
p: Druggist, Physician, and Health Officer.
s: Physician in the Union Army during US-Civil War (witnessed many ascents by T.LOWE). 3-times Mayor of Perth Amboy, NJ.
f: First recorded flight 1 June 1863 from Perth Amboy, NJ; Made all recorded flights in a blimp-shaped balloon: AERON-1: #1=1 June, #2=July, #3=August, #4=4 Sep.1862; AERON-2: #1=25 May, #2=27 May 1866 (W/Trow, Plumb, & Hill).
l: 1863, Designed and flew first multi-hulled balloon "Aereon-1"; U.S. Patent for "Airship";
m: Inventors Institute; Founding Member (W/Hill, Plumb, & Trow) of "Aerial Navigation Co." 1866; Author: The Art of Flying, 1865.
h: Credited by the City of Perth Amboy for saving it from Cholera; Holder of 24 US-Patents. ***Epic flight 25 May 1865 (solo) From New York City in "Aereo-2." Reported by reliable witness as a completely maneuverable, aerodynamic shape, with no mechanical power. Balloon was a 21-cell airship, made from old "Intrepid"&"Union" (Civil War Army OB), with rudder & elevators. Gondola was 12' long, 16" wide, with adjustable ballast track in the middle.
r: New York Herald, 26 May 1866; Harpers Weekly 2 Jun.1866/p350; FAA-Aviation News Feb.74p12.

ANDRUS, Clarence George          USA          (1894?1950)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/CH.          Sport balloonist.
b: 19 Jun.1894 Meriden, CN.
s: Aerologist, U.S. Navy Reserve 1918-19, served in Ireland and England; Retired Major.
p: 1913, Weather observer for U.S. Government; 1926, founder of Airway Weather Service; 1929, meteorologist for National Air Tour of Detroit; 1930, Supervising meteorologist for U.S. Weather Bureau.
f: No recorded solo flight, nor FAI-ACA B-License.
l: 1921-23, Aide (to R.UPSON) in U.S.Nat. B-Race; 1921, Aide (to R.UPSON) in G.Bennett B-Race; Co-Author (W/W.Gregg) of "Aeronautical Meteorology."
m: Fellow, American Meteorological Society. r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

ANNION, Mlle. (F)          FRANCE          (1800?1850)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-C.          FIRST to use balloon for immoral purposes.
p: Prostitute; balloon used for professional endeavors.; reportedly made public ascents (W/clientele) with colorfully-painted bare breasts, in a specially-designed gondola.

ANSERMIER, Louis          SWISS #+41          (1869-1952)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.          Sport balloonist.
b: 2 Feb.1869 Lausanne; d: 7 Feb.1954 Geneva. f: Early B-History unknown; FAI-Swiss B-License #41 issued 10 Aug.1918. l: Flew as aide (see ARMBRUSTER) in 1021 G-Bennett B-Race. r: NT-8 Feb.1954p23 (T).

AOKI, Rocky          USA          (1938-          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/BJ/BL/BN/BQ.          Sport balloonist.
b: 9 Oct.1938, Nakano, Japan. Immigrated to the USA 1959; Resident of New Jersey.
e: Keio University, Tokyo;
p: Businessman; Restaurant owner (owner of 54 Benihana restaurants by 1983.
f: First B-Flight 1978; First B-Solo 1980 from Miami, FL; FAA B-License 1980; More than 25o B-Hours, incl.15 gas flights.
l: Sports enthusiast, Wrestling, balloons, offshore powerboats; Undersea exploration, race cars & motorcycles; 1981, Assistant on Trans Pacific flight of 10-13 November; Participant on many National and International Balloon events.
h: Picture on cover of Newsweek (In'tl) Magazine, 1981. ***Epic flight 24 Apr.1982 (W/ABRUZZO) from Palm Springs, CA. Flight in the Modern G-Bennett B-Race crossed the Rocky Mountains, landing in North Dakota after 1346 miles.
r: Telcon interview Aug.83; Miami Herald, 27 Feb.1989/p18.

APPLEBY, Arnold          ENGLAND          (1760?1800)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.          Made the FIRST parachute attempt from a balloon.
***Epic flight attempt 31 Aug.1785 (W/S.& G.ARNOLD). First person to attempt a parachute jump from a balloon. Appleby & S.Arnold were jerked from their restraints on launch. (see ARNOLD)

APRAXINE, Count          RUSSIA          (1860?1900)          (GB)
Ref. APPENDIX-B.          Nobleman of Royal family.
l: Amateur aeronaut. ***Epic flight attempt 21 Jun.1891 (W/4-passengers) from St. Petersburg. Balloon launched prematurely by ground crew, without the pilot, climbed rapidly and burst at great height. The four passengers were killed on impact. NT-12 Jul.1891/2/6.

ARBAN, Francois          FRANCE          (1815-1849) K          (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/C/K/T/CR.          Sport balloonist.
FIRST to cross European Alps by balloon.
b: 1815 Lyon, France; d: 7 Oct.1849, Mediterranean Sea.
f: First B-Flight 24 May 1832; Made 16 ascents in his lifetime; Made 14 recorded flights in Italy 1845-49. ***Epic flight 2 Sep.1849 from Marseilles (France). Flight crossed the Alps in 8 hours, landing at Stubini (near Turin). ***Epic flight 7 Oct. 1849, Barcelona (Spain), disappeared over Mediterranean Sea.

ARCHDEACON, Ernest          FRANCE          (1863-1950)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/T/AT.          Sport balloonist.
b: 1863 Paris;
d: 3 Jan.1950 Versailles (age 87).
p: Dilettante, Scion of a wealthy family; Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Businessman; Developer of internal combustion engines; Manufacturer of early automobiles.
f: First B-Flight 1884 with Francois L'Host; Avid balloonist by 1890; Considered an expert by 1900; Made many daring and epic flights in his lifetime.
l: Sport & Scientific balloonist 1890-1900 era; Early motorcycle & automobile enthusiast; Close friend of H.Farman & Santos-Dumont; Co-Founder of the "Deutsch Prize" (see DEUTSCH); Made and flew airships 1903; airplanes 1908 era.
m: Commission de Aerostation, FM-1903; Aero Club of France (FM); French Auto Club (FM).
h: Won Deutsch Prize (W/Farman) 13 Jan.1908; Honorary Member, Aero Club of France; Chevalier, Legion of Honor. ***Epic flight 2 Mar.1895 (W/Lalette) from Paris in "Pioneer." Balloon launched in a gale, and traveled 240 miles to Thys in two hours and 15 fifteen minutes.
r: Aero Manual 1912-13; L'Aerophile Jan.1894.

ARCHER, Peter          USA          (1810?1880)          (HP)
See APPENDIX-C.          FIRST to sue balloonist for damages, and win; Served "Writ of Trespass" on balloonist LOWE, when an anchor caught the eaves of his house and pulled the roof off.

ARCHIBALD, Douglas           ENGLAND          (1850?1910)          (HP/OB)
See APPENDIX-K/X/AG.          Military balloonist.
p: Officer in British Army, Balloon observer Corps; Original designer of the captive "Kite Balloon"; Details are verified by "Nature Magazine: London, 1876, p-278.

ARCIPRETE, Tenente          ITALY          (1860-190?)          (OB/OB)
s: Officer in the Italian Aerostiers. ***Epic flight 23 Aug.1904 from Rome resulted in a serious accident. Details unknown.

ARGAND, Ami          SWITZERLAND          (1750-1803)          (HP)
b: 1750 Geneva, Switzerland; d: 1803 France.
p: Chemist, Scientist; Manufacturer on alcohol lamps in France.
f: No recorded balloon flights; Specialist in developing hydrogen gas generators.
l: Assistant to MONTGOLFIER on flight of 4 Jun.1783 at Annonay; Met Joseph the evening before in a Leon restaurant; Assistant to MONTGOLFIER & CHARLES flights of Nov.1783; Launched small demonstration gas balloon in England for the King at Windsor Palace 26 Nov.1783; Assistant to BLANCHARD 1783-84.
r: History of Aeronautics in Great Britain.

ARLANDES, Francois Laurent          FRANCE (1742-1809)          (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/C.          FIRST balloon passenger.
b: 1742 Anneyron;
d: 1809 Drone; Name also spelled "d'Arlandes."
p: Member of French Royal Family, Marquis.
s: Officer of the Royal Guard; Discharged from Army at the outbreak of the revolution for cowardice in the line of duty. ***Epic flight 21 Nov.1783 from Paris. Flew as participating crew of first manned balloon flight. Traveled 5.5 miles in 25 minutes.

ARMBRUSTER, Paul          SWISS     #+18     (1869-1938)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV.          Military balloonist.
b: 2 Feb.1869 Bern;
d: 10 Mar.1938 Bern.
p: Officer in Swiss Army Balloon Corps, 1917-20, Captain.
f: Received Military B-Training 1908-09; FAI-Swiss B-License #18 issued 11 Jul.1909.
l: Pilot in G-Bennett B-Races 1909, 10, 13, 22, 23, 24. ***Epic flight 18 Sep.1921 (W/L.ANSERMIER) from Brussels Belgium in the G-Bennett B-Race. Landed on the Isle of Lombay Ireland after 27 hours 23 minutes, and WON the race.
r: NT-8 Feb.1954p23(T).

ARMSTRONG, George D.          USA          (1900?1960)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AM.          Military balloonist.
p: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corps, 1917-20, Lieutenant; Credited with surviving 3 emergency parachute jumps from kite balloons in one day (6 Oct.1918), when attacked by enemy airplanes. r: NOBCV-files.

ARMSTRONG, Richard          USA          (1945?1977) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-B+(1).          Sport balloonist (bio-data unavailable)
s: Officer in the U.S.Airforce, Bomber & Fighter pilot, Ret.Col.
f: Commercial Balloon license, 2 years B-Experience.
m: Zaney Zeppelin & Shaggy B-Society. ***Epic flight 7 May 1977 (W/Mr & Mrs.Robert Kehoe) from Burrs Berry Farm (S.W.Miami), FL. Piccard AX-7 balloon participating in a Hare & Hound Race, contacted 7680 volt powerlines at 32' and exploded. The basket separated from envelope and all aeronauts died of their injuries. NOTE: Richard received 3rd degree burns to 50% of his body; His instructor was reported as Rich Newbauer Jr. Mrs Kehoe may have survived.
r: NY-Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald 8 May.

ARMSTRONG, William G.          USA          (1947-          (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-CA.          Sport balloonist.
b: 16 Dec.1947 Cleveland, OH;
e: Kent State University, BA-1970.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy, Res.Lt.Cmdr, a/o-1986.
p: Stockbroker, Investment counselor, Public relations.
f: First B-Flight Oct.1972 with the Washington (DC) B-Club; First B-Solo 30 Oct.1974 from Warrenton, VA; FAA B-License #[redacted] issued 31 Oct.1974; More than 175 B-Hours (8-Gas flights) by 1986;
l: 1984, 14-hour gas flight from Akron (OH) to Augusta (ONT); 1985, 17-hour gas flight from Akron (OH) to Northboro (MA); 1986, gas flight from Pensacola (FL) commemorating 75th anniversary of Naval Aviation (8 May). m: BFA, Dir.& V.Pres, Editor of "Pilot News"; LTAS, Pres.1981-83; Balloon Flyers of Akron, Pres.1983-87; Northeast Ohio B-Pilots Assn.(FM), Dir.1981.
h: 1986, LTAS Achievement Award; B 1986, BFA-Shields-Trauger Award.
r: Bio-data form, 1986; a: 201/744-2471.

ARNOLD, George Jr.          ENGLAND          (1760?1820)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.          Sport balloonist.
***Epic flight 31 Aug.1785 (W/APPLEBY & S.Arnold) from St.George England in "Royal George." Balloon hit a chimney on launch, and knocked the basket off. George clung to the rigging while it continued to climb. It finally burst at considerable height, but he landed in the Thames River, and was rescued.

ARNOLD, Nason Henry          USA     #- 14     (1874-1949)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AH/AI/AR.          Sport balloonist.
b: 1874, North Adams, MA;
d: 17 Oct.1949 Princton, MA.
s: Civilian B-Instructor in U.S.Army Balloon Corps, 1917-19; Chief pilot of Rockville B-School, 17 Nov.1917 (Macon, GA).
p: Newspaper editor (Worchester, MA); Newspaper publisher (N.Adams Herald; Worchester Telegram; Springfield Union; N.Adams Transcript; Battleboro Reformer; Providence Journal).
l: Founder of the Collegiate Balloon School, Connecticut-1910; Librarian at Princton University in later life.
f: First B-flight 1 Sep.1907 from Springfield, MA W/Osca Hanlon; FAI-ACA B-License #14 issued 1908; Made 18 ascents by 1 Sep.1908, 250 by 1920.
m: ACA; N.Adams Aero Club.
r: NT-18 Oct.1949/27/3. ***Epic flight 11 Oct.1908 (W/Hewat) from Berlin Germany. Flight in the G-Bennett B-Race resulted in rescue from the North Sea. Balloon and all possessions were lost.

ARNOLD, Stuart Amos          ENGLAND          (1760?1820)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.          p: Purser in Royal Navy, Retired with a leg disability.
f: Attempted several flights (W/G.ARNOLD & APPLEBY).

ARNOULD, Michel          FRANCE          (1946-1985) K          (HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC/BF/BL/BO.          Sport balloonist.
b: 14 Sep.1946 Dijon;
d: 19 May 1985 (in airplane crash).
s: French Navy (Aviation), 1965-66.
p: Electronic Engineer.
f: First B-Flight 1976 with J.C. de Beauregard; First B-Solo 1977 from Chalon si Saone; French B-License #01030004-77 issued 21 April 1977; More than 1300 B-Hours by date of death; Airplane pilot.
l: 1977, French National (HB) champion; 1980, Established World Altitude record (12,301M, 18 July); 1981, Established World Distance an Duration record;1981, Placed sixth in World Hot-Air championships; 1983, Participant in Nantes (France) Commemorative Rally;1983, FIRST to cross the Mediterranean sea by balloon (HB);1983, FIRST to cross the English Channel France to England in a hot-air balloon (10 Nov.). See D.PICCARD/E.YOST;1984, Established Duration record over France (40:12, 6-7 July); 1984, European Hot-Air Balloon champion; m: Federation Francois de Pilotes de Montgolfieres, President. h: Montgolfier Diploma-1981 (for Ireland to France flight); Medaellen d'argent de P.A.C.F, for (for record altitude flight). ***Epic flight 25 Nov.1981 (W/H.DORIGNY) from Ballina W.Ireland in "Semiramis." Flight ended near LaCharte (on the Mediterranean Coast of France) on the following day, after covering 1153 Km. in 29 hours and 5 minutes. Established absolute Distance and Duration records in a hot-air balloon. ***Epic flight 6 Jul.1984 (W/H.DORIGNY) from Germain (FRA). Established a absolute World duration record of 40:12:05, landing at LeMel-Sur-Sarthe. ***Epic flight 2 Mar.1983 (See H.DORIGNY) from France accross the Mediterranean.
a: Resident of Chalon sur Saone.
r: BM-1981-85; Bio-data H.Dorigny Aug.1985.

ARNSTEIN, Karl          USA          (1887-1974)          (GB)
b: 24 Mar.1887 Prague, Czechoslovakia; Emigrated to the USA 1924.
d: 12 Dec.1974 Akron, OH (age 87).
e: Prague Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering.
p: Director of Technical Sciences, Prague Inst. of Technology; Zeppelin Works, 1915-24, Stress analyst, Chief designer; Goodyear, 1924-57, V.P. of Engineering; Akron & Macon airships; Responsible for the design of more airships than any man in history (200 pressure, & 82 Rigid); Responsible for the construction of: Explorer-1 (3,000,000 cf.) for STEVENS & KEPNER, Explorer-2 (3.700,000 cf.) for STEVENS & ANDERSON, Century of Progress, for Jean & Jeannette PICCARD. l: Only recorded Balloon Flight March 1912, Prague; Only recorded Airship (Macon) Flight 4 June 1931(*).
m: Nat. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1926-38; Society of Automotive Engineers, V.P. 1949; LTAS, Hon. Member.
h: Hon.Dr.Degrees: Univ.of Aachen-1927; Univ.of Akron,1957; Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, 1957; LTAS Award, 1968.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; Kite Balloons to Airships; NT-13 Dec.74p48:3; BF-M/A 1975p2.
*Refuted by D.Topping.

ARRAS, William          USA          (1956-          (HB)
See APPENDIX-BC/BK/BO.          Sport balloonist.
b: 12 Jan.1956 Waterbury, CT.
e: Nagatuc High School-1974.
p: Owner of Morning Glory B-Company.
f: First B-Flight Oct.1985 W/D.Lasher; First B-Solo 30 Mar.1986 from Redmond, OR; B-License #[redacted] issued 17 Jun.1986; 1200+ B-hours by 1995; 1100 in hang-gliders; Sailplane pilot.
l: Made B-Flights in Antartica-1996, Austria-1994, Barbados-1994, Canada-1987-93,95, Chechoslovakia-1991, Chile-93, China-1992, Germany-91, India-1993, Israel-1988, Italy-1991, Japan-1986/89/90//91/93, Jordan-1992, Korea-1991, Lithuania-1989, Luxembourg-1993, Puerto Rico-1987, Russia-1990; Placed ninth in the 1993-World HB-Championships.
FIRST to fly a free-balloon in Antarctica;
FIRST to fly on all 7 World Continents.
m: BFA, B.D.-Competition Committee-91-94. ***Epic flight 30 Mar.1990 from Little Diomede Island. Made the FIRST crossing of the Bearing Strait between Russia and the USA (Big Diomede Island) in a balloon. ***Epic flight 7 March 1995 from Heiser, Alb.(CAN). Established FAI-Duration record of 12:6 for AX-5.
a: 7843 SW 77th St; Redmond, OR 97756.
r: Pers.interview 1994; Bio-form 1995; BL-Apr.95p9, Jun.96p24.

ARTOIS, ?          ITALY          (1870?1930)          (GB)
***Epic flight 3 Sep.1903 from Geneva (SWI). Crossed the Apennine Mountains at 16,000'.
r: Daily Express (ENG) 4 Sep.1903.

ARVILLE, Thomas de          FRANCE          (1820?1880)          (GB)
***Epic flight 1 Aug.1851 from Champ de Mars, Paris. Ascended for two minutes, to a height of 300 feet above the observers. Used a mechanical device to separate the basket from the balloon, and descended by parachute.

ASH, Nicholas J.          USA          (1800?1850)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.          Semi-Professional balloonist. Stage name "J.J.."
f: First flight attempt 2 Jun.1834 from Baltimore, MD. The hydrogen generated was poor quality & quantity. Since it was unable to lift the pilot, the large 6-color balloon was released unmanned to appease the unruly crowd. ***Epic flight 7 Jul.1834 from Fairmont Gardens. The balloon rose so rapidly, and rotated so fast, that the pilot became confused. He inadvertently opened the wrong control valve, and crashed in the center of Baltimore.
r: Baltimore Gazette 29 Sep.1834.

ASHPOLE, Ian          BRITAIN          (1955?          (HP)
p: Sportsman, Adventurer; Chief Pilot, Board Director of "Flying Pictures (Balloon advertising & sales).
f: First B-Flight mid-1970’s, Airplane & Micro-light pilot. ***Epic flight 16 May 1986 (W/ pilot Colin Prescot). Set an altitude record by performing in a trapeze at 16,400'. l: Sport parachutist, trapeze artist, and bungee-jumper. ***Epic flight 15 Jun.1994 (W/pilot John Harbutt) from 3-Counties Showground’s. Launched from a T&C balloon in a paraglider and flew for 27 miles over Malvern countryside.
r: The Aerostat Dec.86p12; Paragliding Mag.V5#5p21; B&A Feb.97p7.

ASSMANN, Richard          GERMANY          (1845-1914)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AU.          Scientific and Sport balloonist.
b: 1845 Magdebourg;
d: 1 Apr.1914 Ruhestand.
e: University of Halle, Dr-Meteorology. Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy.
p: Scientist/Meteorologist of great repute; Professor of science and meteorology at the Prussian University;
f: Made many scientific flights 1871-79; 75 ascents by 1899;
l: 1899, Co-Author (W/BERSON) of "Wissenschaftliehe Luftfarten."
m: Aero Society of Berlin, Pres-1889; FAI (FM); Member of many German Balloon Clubs.
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

ASSMANN, William F.           USA     #-35     (1880?-1940)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AH/AI/AR.          Sport balloonist.
b: St. Louis, MO.
p: Owner of many tailor shops in St. Louis area.
f: Made his fifth flight (solo) 2 May 1910; 100+ in lifetime.
l: Spoke fluent German; Considered skillful and daring; Owner of balloon "Sophia" named after his daughter; 1910, Aide (to VOGT) in G-Bennett B-Race in "Harburg-III."
m: ACA; Missouri Aeronautical Society. ***Epic flight 18 Oct.1910 (W/Vogt) from St. Louis (est. speed 30mph). Ran out of ballast over Lake Nipissing, ONT. Made a terminal velocity descent from 18,000 feet into the water. Broke his arm and severed an artery. They were saved by Indians passing in a canoe, who paddled them 10 miles to Powassan. ***Epic flight 25 Feb.1911 (W/O'RILLEY) from San Antonio, TX in "Sophia." Landed in Gowever, MO, in a blinding snowstorm, after covering 900 miles.
a: residence: 413 Walnut St.; St. Louis, MO.
r: Missouri Historical Society; NT-30 May 1902/9/2.

ATHERHOLT, Arthur F.          USA     #-36     (1867-1915)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AH/AI/AR.          Sport balloonist 1905-15 era.
b: 1867 Philadelphia, PA.
d: 15 Apr.1915 Holmsberg, PA.
p: Journalist, aeronautical writer.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #36 issued 1911.
l: Participated in US-Nat.B-Races 1912 & 15.
m: ACA (FM); Aero Club of Pennsylvania, Pres-1910. ***Epic flight 27 Oct.1912 (see WATTS). Landed in Russia.
a: Resident of Philadelphia (PA) area.
r: NT-16 Apr. 1915p13:4.

ATKINS,          USA          (1850?1872) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/S.          Professional balloonist.
p: Circus acrobat, f: Made many flights East of the Mississippi River. ***Epic flight 27 May 1872 from Decatur, AL. Aeronaut proclaimed this to be his last ascent. Tethered hot-air balloon broke away from its cable-winch. and climbed rapidly to 5000'. The balloon eventually landed in the river, the pilot became entangled in the handling ropes and drowned.
r: NT-30 May 1872/1/2.

ATKINSON,          USA          (1850?1878) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.          Professional balloonist.
d: 25 July 1878. ***Epic Flight 25 Nov.1878 from Owensboro, KY. Ascended by smoke balloon hanging on a trapeze. Balloon was seen to be on fire by crowd. Pilot fell to the ground and died of his injuries.

AUGUST, John          USA          (1880-1905) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.          Professional balloonist.
5-year career.
l: Considered reckless and foolhardy (age 25). ***Epic flight 9 Sep.1905 from Baltimore, MD. The rapid ascent caused him to lose his grip on the trapeze and he fell an estimated 2000' to his death. Investigation revealed he had been using morphine.
a: Resident of Shenandoah, PA.
r: NT-10 Sep.1905p1:4(T), 11 Sep.05.

AUSTIN, W.W.          USA          (1840?1919)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.          Sport balloonist 1870-73 era.
p: Newspaper reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle & N.Y.Times; Started career with Mark Twain in Virginia City, NV.
f: Made two previous free-flights.
d: 8 Feb.1919 N.Y.City. ***Epic flight 18 Oct.1873 (W/Clough) from San Francisco, CA. Balloon headed westward out over the Pacific Ocean after launch. The amateur aeronauts were rescued by rowboat after dragging in the water for a considerable time. Clough jumped free as the boat arrived; Austin, tangled in the net, ascended again. Finally rescued, the balloon was released and lost to the open sea. NOTE: Balloon was owned by "Professor Lay."
r: NT-20 Oct.1873/1/7; S.F.Chronicle 19 Oct.1873; NT-19 Feb.1919p13:2(T).

AXTATER, Karl S.          USA     #-76     (1893?1860)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI/AR/AW.          Sport balloonist 1920-35 era.
b: 11 Sep.1893 Nebraska; Resident of St.Louis, MO.
s: Reserve Private in the Missouri National Guard Cavalry 1916; Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army Signal-Corps 1917; Colonel in Airforce 1941; Retired General 1945.
f: B-Student with the Missouri Aero-nautical Society 1917; FAI-ACA B-License #76 issued 18 Jul.1917; Graduated from Air Service Limp-Airship School 1923; Graduated from Air Service Rigid-Airship School 1925; Graduated from Air Service Airplane Flight School 1936.
l: 1930, Placed 5th (W/Holmes) in U.S. National B-Races; 1931, Placed 4th (W/Crouch) in U.S. National B-Races.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

AYERS, (Prof)          CANADA          (1840?1880)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-CE.          Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
f: Made 6 recorded flights, all in Canada in 1862. ***Epic flight 11 Sep.1862 from Victoria Pleasure Garden (Montreal) in "Niagra." Ascended in a 125,000 cu.ft. balloon using coal gas. Made a Northeasterly flight, and landed safely at St. Leonard.
r: Montreal Gazette.

AYLING, John G.          USA     #-734     (1889?19??) K          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Military Balloonist 1917-35 era.
b: 19 Nov.1889 Syracuse, NY;
d: 9 Sep.1943 Mediterranean.
p: Agent for New York Advertising firm.
s: Commissioned Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps 27 Sep.1917; Major in 8th Airforce 1941; Staff Officer in the War Department; Posted overseas 1942; Killed in action, details unknown.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #734 issued 20 Nov.1918; Held Military Brevets for Airships, Balloons, Land & seaplanes.
l: Winner of many Golf Trophies.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; Pictorial History of Ft.Omaha; NT-22 Oct.1943p4:3(T).

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