-Ba - Be-

BABA, Sinpachi           JAPAN          (1850?1900)          (OB)
See APPENDIX-F.          
FIRST Japanese balloonist.
p: Officer in Japanese Army.
l: Flew an experimental tethered gas balloon made of paper in Tokyo April 1876. Second flight Feb.1877 reached a height of 363 meters.

BACHE, Richard Franklin           USA          #-1078          (1903?1980)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Son-in-law of Goodyear President, LITCHFIELD.
b: 22 Aug.1903 Milton, MA.
e: Univ.of Colorado, BSME-1927.
s: U.S.Naval Reserve, Ensign.
p: Design and test Engineer for Goodyear-Akron, 1929-39; Design Engineer for Glen F.Martin, 1939-40; Airworthiness Engineer for CAA(FAA) 1940-70.
f: Balloon history unknown (assumed, trained by Goodyear); FAI-ACA B-License #1078 issued 20 Mar.1934.
m: Institute of Aeronautical Sciences.
r: Who's Who in Aviation-1942-43.

BACHELARD, Edouard           FRANCE          (1870?1930)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT/AG.         Sport balloonist.
e: Rollin College, Chemistry & Physics.
f: First B-Flight 17 Jun.1894 with DUCOLLET from LaVillette.
l: Early automobile enthusiast & technician.; Active balloonist 1908-13 era.
m: Aero Club of France, Spherical Balloon Committee. ***Epic flight 1906 in "Sartrouville." Flew 600 Km.
r: l'Auto 22 Sep.1907; C.Faroux, Aero Manual, 1912-13.

BACON, Gertrude (F)           BRITAIN          (1876?1930)          (GB)
b: 1974(76?);          Sport balloonist.
Daughter of balloonist John M.
f: First B-Flight W/P.SPENCER & Father on 15 Aug.1898 from London; Made three recorded ascents in lifetime W/P.SPENCER & father.
l: Wrote many articles on the sport; Author of several ballooning books.
r: EB-35/36/37. ***Epic flight Nov.1899 (see John BACON). Broke arm on landing.

BACON, John MacKenzie           BRITAIN          (1846-1904)          (GB)
See Appendix-C/X.          Sport and Scientific balloonist.
b: 19 Jun.1846 Woodlands;
d: 23 Dec.1904 Coldash, London (age 59); Fourth son of a Minister; Father of aeronauts Gertrude & Fred.
e: Trinity College, Cambridge 1865-70. Contemporary of all great men of science in his era.
f: Witnessed first B-Flight (by COXWELL) Cambridge-1867(75?); First B-Ascent 20 Aug.1888 W/W.DALE from London; All subsequent flights made with P. Spencer; No record of having made a solo flight; Last ascent Aug.1904. Made an estimated 20 flights in his lifetime.
p: Ordained minister (Episcopal) 1870, Retired from ministry 1895; Inventor, Scientist & Lecturer. l: Early Gymnast & Physical sports enthusiast; Bell ringer; Expert in mathematics, chemistry, Photography, Bee keeping, Fireworks, oration and club organization; 1889, Made a series of astronomical observations by balloon; 1900-02, Made a series of acoustics observations by balloon; 1900, Did "wireless" telegraphy in flight (30 Oct); 1902, Crossed Irish Sea (10 Nov., Isle of Mann to Dumfries); 1903-04, Co-Developed (W/J.MASKELYNE) a liquid-petroleum fueled burner for hot-air balloons (used 8.5 gal/hr); Made photographs of solar eclipses in Norway, India, & USA.; Took pictures over land and water; Wrote two books on the science of ballooning: "Dominion of the Air" and "Through the Air."
m: Fellow in the Royal Astronomical Society.***Epic flight 16 Nov.1899 (W/P.SPENCER & Gurtude) from London. Scientific flight launched from the Newbury Gas Works to photograph a Meteor Shower, spent 10 hours above the clouds with their position unknown. Hearing the sound of breaking surf, they descended rapidly, and landed near Neath,1.5 miles from the sea.
r: NT-11 Nov.1902/2/5; EB-35/36/37.

BACON, Victor           FRANCE          (1870?1930)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/(B).                Professional balloonist .
s: Reserve B-Officer 1900-10 era. ***Epic flight 12 May 1904 (W/Paul Marcheti & R.Bourdeau) from Nanterre in "Sourcouf." Forced down by a cold rain into a narrow street in Reuilly, the deflating balloon was ignited by a cooking fire inside a house. The resulting conflagration produced one fatality, and 20 injured (4 serious). The family successfully sued (25 Jan.1906) the aeronaut and won damages of 7500 Ffr. and 1500 Ffr. for the fatality (Francois Bautney).
r: N.Y.Herald, Daily Telegraph 13 May 1904.

BADEN-POWELL, R.S.           BRITAIN          (1857-1941)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-G/U/X/AG.          Military balloonist 1895-05 era.
+++credits intermixed with brothers +++
Full name: Lord Robert Stephenson Baden-Powell of Gillwell. Son of an Oxford professor, last of 7 children. Brother of famous balloonist Fletcher (who served as President of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain).
e: Royal Military College at Sandhurst.
s: Officer in the British Army, Major-1900.
f: Details of flight career unknown.
l: Hero of the Battle of Mafeking (S.Africa Boer War).
m: Aeronautical Society of Great Britain, Secretary.
r: L'Aerophile Oct.1905.

BADEN-POWELL, F.S.           BRITAIN          (1857-1941)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-G/U/X/AG.          Sport balloonist 1875-85 era.
b: 22 Feb.1857;
d: 8 Jan.1941 Nyeri Kenya. Middle names: Fletcher Smythe, First Baron of Gilwell. Brother of famous Military Officer/aeronaut "Robert" (who served as Secretary of the "Societe Aeronautique").
s: Officer in British Army; Joined 13th Hussars 1876 (Scotts Guards); Served with distinction in India, Italy, Afghanistan, S.Africa, Kenya, Malta, Russia, Italy, Balkins; Did experiments with night signaling balloon devices 1892-93; Map maker and battlefield sketch artist; Flew in Italian War and Boer War as observation balloonist, 1899; Retired 1901 as Major General (age 43).
f: Witnessed first ascent 1875; First B-Flight June 1881 from the Crystal Palace (W/SIMMONS).
l: Founded the Boy Scout organization (World-wide) 1908; Authored many Boy Scout Publications; Ardent sportsman: Fishing, Polo, Big Game hunter, Pig-sticking.
m: President of the Aeronautical Society of Gr.Britain, 1875-80. Aero Club of America; Royal Aero Club, 1904.
h: Royal Aero Club Silver Medal; Medals of honor from 22 countries for dedicating his life to the Boy Scout Movement; KCB-1909, KCVO-1909, GCVO-1923, GCMG-1927, OM-1937; Others too numerous to list. ***Epic flight 1890 in a military observation balloon. Balloon was being towed when the cable broke. Flight was made with no ballast nor grapnel, and with the appendix tied closed. Balloon eventually burst, but no injuries were reported.
r: Ballooning as a Sport; PYA-Scrapbook; L7Aerophile Oct.1905.

BAILEY, Joseph P.           USA          #- 963          (1894?1960)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Military balloonist.
b: 16 Dec.1894 Alabama.
e: Education unknown.
p: Career officer in the U.S.Army Air Corps; Commissioned 2nd Lt.1918; Colonel since 1942.
f: Received B-Training 1922-23; Airship training 1923; Airplane pilot training 1927-27; FAI-ACA B-License #963 issued 7 Jun.1923.
r: Who's Who in Aviation-1942-43.

BAIRD, Allen         USA                 (1894?1960)          (HB)
See APPENDIX-                                Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
Winner of 3 Long Jump competitions in 5 years.
r: Skylines June 1995 p1.

BALASCHOFF, Pierre de           RUSSIA          (1860?1920)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.          Balloon builder and pilot, 1880-88 era.

BALBAS-Carrillo, Vincente           SPAIN          (1869?1920)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV.          Military and Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
s: Officer in the Spanish Army, Aviator.
f: Learned ballooning at the Military Academy at Guadalajara.
l: Made many epic balloon flights; Airplane pilot; Participated in G-Bennett B-Race of 1924. ***Epic flight 1908 (W/HERERRA) from Guadalajara. Balloon impacted a wall on launch. Both aeronauts fell from the basket. Balbas was entangled in the guide-rope, hanging by his ankle. He flew it to a gentle landing, by using the valve-line hanging next to him.

BALBO, Italo           ITALY          (1896-1940) K          (GB)
b: 6 Jun.1896, Ferrara;
d: 28 Jun.1940 Tobruk, Libya (killed in plane crash during British bombardment). Personal friend of Mussolini.
p: Aviator, Politician, Governor of Libya, 1933.
s: Officer in the Italian Alpine Corps 1915-18; Commander of Italian National Militia 1923; Commander of Italian Airforce; Air Minister 1929-33.
f: Balloon and airship history unknown. Held Italian balloon, airship, and airplane licenses.
l: Commander of Transatlantic formation flight to Brazil in 1929; Commander of Transatlantic formation flight to the USA in 1923.
r: Encyclopedia Americana.

BALDOMERE-Biedma, J.C.           ARGENTINA          #20          (1889-1925)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.          Military balloonist. First names: Juan Carlos
b: 14 Jul.1889 Buenos Aires;
d: 27 Aug.1925 Buenos Aires.
s: Officer in the Argentine Army, Aviator.
f: First B-Flight 13 Mar.1913 from Palermo in "Condor"; Landed in Altamirano after one hour 45 minutes; Made 3 recorded B-Flights in 1913; Argentine B-License #20 issued 28 Mar. 1913; FAI-Airplane pilot license #28 issued 26 Jun.1913.
r: Argentine Aero Club records.

BALDWIN, Charles           BRITAIN          (1869?1920)         (SM)
b: 1 Nov.1869; Unrelated to USA-Baldwins (Bio-Data unknown).
f: Student of T.S. BALDWIN on his 1890 England visit; Bought two of his balloons, AND parachute patents; First recorded flight 11 Jul.1893 from Chiechester Hippodrome.
p: Semi-Professional balloonist; Balloon & parachute maker.

BALDWIN, Evelyn           USA          (1880?1940)          (HP)
Cousin to Sam Y. & Thomas S.
l: Artic explorer. Used small gas balloons for meteorological experiments in Tromsue, Norway.

BALDWIN, Frederick Alfred           ENGLAND           (1890?1950)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AS/AH/CH.          Military balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
s: Officer in the Royal Air Force; Squadron commander; Wing commander.
f: Royal Navy B-Pilot Examiner 1916. FAI-RAC; B-License #279 issued 1917.
l: Participant in 1921, '23, '24, & '26 G.Bennett B-Races; Friend of the SPENCER family.
r: RAC-records.

BALDWIN, Harold P.         USA                #-505        (1891?1970)                 (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.         Military balloonist (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 23 Jan.1891 Naugatuck, CN.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps; Personnel Classification Department at Camp Wise (TX).
f: FAI-ACA B-License #505 issued 27 Mar.1918.
r: The B-Souvenir.

BALDWIN, John E.                 USA (1868-1905)          K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.         Professional balloonist (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 1868 Losantville, IN;
d: 31 Aug.1905 Greenville, OH.
p: Professional balloonist and airship pilot 20 years. ***Epic flight 31 Aug.1905 from Greenville, OH, in an airship of his own design & construction. Carried 6-sticks of dynamite aloft for a fireworks display; when ignited, it blew the airship into such small pieces, the crowd of 25,000 (incl. his wife & children) couldn't understand how it had disappeared. Pieces of him and his airship were later found scattered over 20 acres.
r: NT-1 Sep.1905p1:5.

BALDWIN, Murray A.           USA          #-578          (1896?1980)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.          Military balloonist.
b: 1 Jul.1896 Casselton, ND; Res.Fargo, ND 1969 (Farmer).
e: Dartmouth University, BS-Chemistry 1918, Phi Kapa Psi.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot 1917-19; Served at NAS Dunkeswell ENG in WW-I; Recalled to active airship duty 1943-45; Served at NAS Lakehurst & NAS Glenco in WW-II; Executive Officer of Glenco NAS 1945; Ret.CMDR 1954.
f: Received balloon & airship training at Goodyear, Akron, OH; FAI-ACA B-License #578 issued 10 Apr.1918; Naval Aviator #699. a: 401 Oakland Ave; Fargo, ND.
r: U.S.Navy files; Contact-Profiles.

BALDWIN, Samuel Yates            USA          #-282           (1860?1920)           (SM/GB)
See APPENDX-L/S/AR.         Professional balloonist. Elder Brother of Thomas S.
b: 14 Oct.1857, Quincy IL; Stage name: "Signor Yates."
f: First B-Flight 2 Jul.1888 from Quincy, IA (Parachuted from a gas balloon); FAI-ACA B-License #282 issued 9 Jan.1918.
p: Promoter/helper for brother 1886-1916 era. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1888 from Keokuk Iowa. Landed in the Mississippi River soon after launch, and almost drowned before rescue (in full view of many spectators). Rescued by fishermen, but collected the $250 for his first professional jump.
r: Quincy Herald Whig 21 Aug.1949; Quincy Historical Society.

BALDWIN, Theodore A.           USA           (1878?1940)           (GB)
b: 1 Aug.1878 Indiana; Resident of Ft.Sill, OK.
e: Mass. Institute of Technology, 1900.
s: Enlisted in U.S. Army 1898 for Cuban campaign; Served honorably at the battle of San Juan Hill; Officer in U.S. Army, 1907-1930 era; Infantry and Cavalry School 1906; Army Staff College, 1907; Commander/Commandant of Ft.Ross B-School 1921-22 era; Recalled to service 1942; Retired Colonel.
f: Graduated from Army balloon school, Ross Field, 1921; Was issued a Military Brevet, but no FAI-ACA B-License; Airplane pilot, 1918; Airship pilot June 1923, Scott Field.
l: Outstanding aviation career.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1942-43.

BALDWIN, Thomas A.           ENGLAND           (1750?1810)          (GB)
See Appendix-A/X.          Sport balloonist.
f: First B-Ascent 8 Sep.1785 from Chester (balloon was owned by LUNARDI).
l: Author of aviation publication "Aerophida"; First to suggest use of a "Trail Rope" for altitude control (Documented in 1786 issue, but later credited to Charles GREEN).
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

BALDWIN, Thomas Sackett           USA          #- 9          (1854-1923)          (SM/GB)
See Appendix-L/S/AR.          Professional Aeronaut. Son of a doctor, Brother of Sam.
b: 30 June 1854 Marion City, MO ??(1858 Decatur, IL); Orphaned (1862) by Civil War.
d: 17 May 1923 Buffalo, NY. Father's name: "Yates"; Mother's maiden name: "Baldwin."
p: Lamplighter, newsboy, Book salesman, Railroad brakeman (1868); Circus roustabout & performer, Acrobat & Tightrope walker for W.W.Cole's"Nickle-Plate" Circus, 1885; Professional Smoke balloonist for "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" (1880-83), Gas balloonist 1883-1908; Airship pilot 1904-1910; Airplane pilot 1910-16; Amusement park co-owner/operator 1891 (Riverfront Park, and later Baldwin Park); Balloon & Airship builder 1892+; 46 year flying career.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army, Major 1917-19, Balloon & Airship instructor & inspector. Commissioned 4 May 1917; Discharged 25 Oct.1919.
f: First recorded B-Flight 1869 from Chillicothe, OH (at age 15) in self-made balloon; Gas balloon student of P.V. TASSEL at San Francisco (CA) in 1886; First Gas balloon Para-Jump 24 Jan.1887 (TASSELL was pilot); Participated in many parachute experiments; First Smoke Balloon Para-Jump 4 July 1887 from Quincy IL; Flew in Japan 8 Dec.1890, England (12 descents) 1888-89; Flew worldwide during lifetime; Designed and built first successful See F.MARROTT) American Airship 29 July 1904 (made first circular flight 3 Aug.1904 at Oakland, CA); Designed and built first U.S. Army Airship 1908, Ft. Myers, VA (Sold it to the Navy after first series of demonstrations); FAI B-License #9, Airship #1, Airplane #7.
l: 1888-90 tour incl. Spain, England, France, S.Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii. Hong Kong & Shanghai China, Indo-China, Burma, Mexico. Made second tour of Japan in 1911; First to fly an airship to a point & return in the USA; First to sell an airship to the U.S. Army; Designed and helped build first U.S. Navy airship; Holder of British patents on parachutes, 1888.
h: Quincy Business Men’s Club Gold Medal, 1887. B-Society of Great Britain Gold Medal, 1888; Nat.Aviation Hall of Fame; Quincy Airport named in his honor; Buried in Washington-Arlington Cemetery.***Epic flight 1887 from Chillicothe, OH. Balloon burst on ascent, but inverted in the net, causing him to give great thought to balloon redesign.***Epic flight 30 Jan.1887 (See P.V.TASSEL) from San Francisco, CA. Shared $1/foot for parachute jump from 1000' over Golden Gate Park. Event changed his career from acrobat to balloonist.***Epic flight 28 Jul.1888 from London's Alexandra Palace. Record size crowd of 50,000 included most of the Royal Family.***Epic flight 2 Sep.1902 (W/3-pax) from Denver CO. Carried in a storm over Pikes Peak to 28,000'. Narrowly escaped a crash landing from a terminal velocity descent.***Epic flight Oct.1898 from Denver, Co. Flew 48 hours on a Trans America attempt.
r: Aviation Magazine, 28 May 1923; Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 1956/163; Outing Magazine V63(Dec.1913)325; Quincy Herald Whig 28 Aug.1949.

BALKEDAL, Janne           SWEDEN           (1945-           (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO/BF. Professional and Sport balloonist
b: 21 Sept.1945 Stockholm.
f: Swedish B-License #FB-450921-2330 issued 1971; Flew balloons in: Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, Turkey (Bosporus 1973); Over 400 B-Hours by 1984.
l: 1971, Made B-Film on life of ANDREE; 1972+, organizer of Granna Balloon Meets; 1972, organizer of Kiruna/Artic Balloon Meets; 1974, organizer of Ballonatic Race Association; 1973, Took balloon to Iran (W/H.BUKER?); 1973, Placed 3rd in World Balloon championship; 1975, Placed 2nd in World Balloon championship; 1977, Placed 25th in World Balloon championship; 1981, Recommended for Montgolfier Diploma; 1981, Placed 3rd in World Balloon championship; Built & flew Hot-Air airship (see AKERSTEDT, same?).***Epic flight (1971?) from (?Switzerland). Crossed the Swiss Alps in a HOT-AIR balloon.
a: Maria Prastgardsg 1-C; S-11626 Stockholm; 08/91-0807. 1983 Fosabaken 12; S-13200 Saltsjo-boo, Sweden; 08/747-8900. 1985

BALSAN, Jacques           FRANCE           (1868-1956)           (GB)
See Appendix-C/U/AG/AH/AT. Sport balloonist 1895-1905 era.
b: 16 Sep.1868 Chateauroux;
d: 4 Nov.1956 New York, NY. Married to the Duchess of Marlboro.
p: Balloon maker & Pilot; Airplane Pilot & photographer. Textile industrialist from a wealthy French family.
s: Officer in the French Army both World Wars; Commander of three air wings in 1918; Cofounder (W/Vanderbilt & Gros) of the "Lafayette Escadrille"; Organizer of the Free French Forces of WW-2.
f: First B-Flight 1899 from Chateaurox; Skilled aeronaut by 1901; Reportedly accompanied a War-balloon to Tonkin (Vietnam) China.
l: World traveler: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, USA, England, Russia (across), Australia, Polynesia, Philippines, Japan, Canada (all before 1899); Expert hunter, hunted tigers in China.
h: Laureat de l'Aero Club; Croix de Garre (W/2-palms).; Officer in the "Legion of Honor" with 2-citations "before the entire French Army"; Medalle de Maroc; Medalle de St.George & St.Michael.
m: Aero Club of France, Co-founder-1898, V.P. 1905-21, Chairman of many committees.***Epic flight 16 Sep.1900. Stayed aloft 35 hours, 15 minutes.***Epic flight 23 Sep.1900. Reached an altitude of 8417 meters. ***Epic flight 9 Oct.1900. Covered 1345 Km.(Vincennes-Russia).
r: C.Faroux, Aero Digest. 1912-13; l'Aerophile Oct.1900/130-1; NT-6 Nov.1956p35(T).

BALZON, Justin           FRANCE           (1870?1940)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/U.         Sport & Scientific balloonist.
b: 10 Nov.1870 Paris.
f: First B-Flight 7 Jul.1889; First B-Solo 7 Jul.1890 from Eleve-de-Dieppe in "Dauphin."
m: Aero Club of France, Secretary (13 years by 1904); l'Academie d'Aerostation Meteorologique de France; l'Academie d'Aeronautique de France.
r: l'Aerophile-Dec.1904.

BAMBERGER, Raymond S.           USA           #-710 (1877-1957)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.         Military balloonist.
b: 29 Oct.1877 Louisville, KY;
d: 17 Jun.1957 New Canaan, CT.
s: Officer in U.S. Army 1898-1941 (43 years), ret. Colonel; Served in Spanish American War; Served as Adjutant General in New York.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Omaha, NB.; FAI-ACA B-License #710 issued 2 Oct.1918.
r: NT-18 Jun.1957/33/2.

BANA, Auguste           ARGENTINA           #:11 (1883-1972)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military balloonist.
b: 13 Nov.1872 Treviso, Italy;
d: 26 Jun.1947 Buenos Aires.
s: Officer in the Argentine Navy, Engineer.
f: First B-Flight 15 Sep.1912 from "Sportive" in "Bols"; Made 3 recorded B-Flights in his lifetime; FAI-AAC B-License #11 issued 21 Sep.1912.***Epic flight 1912 from Buenos Aires. Reached 5000 meters before splashing in the Plate River, finally landing at Del Vista.
r: NT-18 Jun.1957/33/2.

BANGE, Jacobus Henricus           DENMARK           (1816-1896)           (GB)
Professional balloonist 1875 era. (Bio-data unknown).

BANISTER, William D.           USA           (1830?1900)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.           Sport balloonist, 1850-55 era. (bio-data unknown).
p: Professional balloonist 1854-60 era; Partner of THURSTON.; Resident of Monroe, MI..***Epic flight 10 Aug.1851 from Akron, Ohio. Carried the FIRST airmail postmarked on aeronautical stationary.***Epic flight 8 June 1854 (W/Keenan) from Adrian, MI. Flight covered 350 miles in four hours. Ended with the pilot and passenger being rescued unconscious, still anchored to a tree near Clarion, PA. ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1858 (see THURSTON).
r: AIAA-219; Harpers Weekly 2 Oct.1858.

BANKSTON, C.R.           USA           (1880?1940)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.           Professional balloonist.
Epic flight 1 Jun.1912 (see THIBEDEAU) from Cleveland, OH. The bottom of the balloon (attached to Bankston's parachute) tore away on launch. Bankston completed the flight, but his passenger was killed. NT-8 Jul.1912/14/2.

BANKER, Andrew           USA           (1871-1909) K           (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                   Professional balloonist.
Nicknamed "Shorty"; Brother of balloonist Fred (both midgets).
b: 21 Jan.1871 Germany; d: 6 Sep.1909, Dekalb, IL.
p: Cornice maker; Summer Smoke balloonist; Residents of Aurora, IL.
f: Made about 100 jumps in his lifetime; Sustained serious injuries many times.***Epic flight 6 Sep.1909 from DeKalb, IL in a smoke-balloon. Flight was successfully launched before 6000 spectators, but he was seen to have trouble with his release at the top of his ascent. When the release did work, he was too low, and his parachute did not deploy. He died about 12 hours later of injuries.
r: Aurora Daily Beacon, 7 Sep.1909.

BANS, Georges           FRANCE           (1870?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT.           Military & Sport balloonist.
s: Officer in French Army B-Corps 1894-95.
p: Journalist: l'Aerostat, l'Aerophile, La France Aeriene, La Lebre, Parole, La Patrie, La Aurove, La Critique.
f: Considered "the" expert of his era; Made many unique & epic gas balloon flights.
l: Prolific commentator on aviation events to the press.
h: Chevalier du Merite agricole.
m: Aero Club of France, Secretary, Officer of instruction; l'Academie d'Aerostation Meteorologique. ***Epic flight 19 Oct.1892 (W/BESANCON, Sossa, Baissas) from Paris in "Zenith." Landed in Marsac after 19hrs.13min.
r: C.Faroux Aero Manual, 1912-13; l'Aerophile-Feb.1902.

BARAILLE, Frances           ARGENTINA           (1840?1869) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/W.           Sport balloonist 1868-69 era. French aeronaut & citizen.
f: First recorded flight 7 Apr.1867 from Buenos Aires was without incident.***Epic flight 24 May 1869 from Central Buenos Aires in "America." Flight proceeded normally in little or no wind. Staying over the city for some time, he gradually drifted over the Rio Plata (river). The steamboat "Cavoir" approached for an attempted rescue thru the cloud of deflating hydrogen. The resulting fire engulfed the ship and balloon, killing 8 persons by burns, drowning two, and an additional 22 pax & 10 sailors suffered severe burn injuries.
r: Sitos de Volation.

BARATOUX, Marcel           FRANCE           (1880?1940)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH/AT.           Sport balloonist 1908-13 era.
f: French Balloon and Airplane licenses by 1913.
m: Aero Club of France.
l: 1908, Aide (to J.FAURE) in G-Bennett B-Race.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Digest, 1912-13.

BARBIER, August?           USA           (1840?1890)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.           Professional balloonist. Name may have been a pseudonym.
p: Balloonist for Woodward's Garden Amusement Park (S.F.) 1874.***Epic flight 4 Apr.1874 (W/J.GRUET, J.A.ALLEN, STARKWEATHER, Russel, Miline, & McRoberts) from San Francisco, CA in "Le Secours" (formerly "Sierra Nevada"). Trans Sierra flight attempt ended with a rapid descent after it collapsed at 600' over the city of San Leandro. Aeronauts survived with considerable injuries after crossing the Bay, and covering about 25 miles in 1-hr.40min. NOTE: A pigeon carrying a note was dropped from 1600', and promptly nose-dived into the Bay.
r: NT-6 Apr.1974/1/4; S.F.Sunday Chronicle 5 Apr.1874/1/4.

BARBOTTE, Ernest           FRANCE           (1871?1930)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/X/AG/AH/AT.           Sport balloonist. Professional aeronaut.
b: 19 Nov.1871 Paris.
f: Sport balloonist, 1900-1922 era;
p: Professional pilot and instructor; Distinguished aeronaut; Founded the Normal School of Aeronautics.
f: First flight 1886 with G.BESANCON; Made 400 flights by 1912, 41 in 1907; Airplane pilot; Made about 500 B-Flights in his lifetime.
l: Owned his own balloon.
m: Aero Club of France 1902 (FM), Served as Deputy, and Secretary of the Balloon Commission.
h: La Grande Prix de L'Aeroclub, Gold Medal-1906.***Epic flight Sep.1903 (W/Mayaudor & Schlisinger). Crashed, details unknown.
r: C.Faroux; Aero Manual, 1912-13; l'Aerophile Jul.1904/145.

BAREFORD, David           BRITAIN           (1949-           (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO(5).           Sport balloonist.
b: 3 Oct.1949 Peterborough.
e: Judd, Tonbridge, MB/ChB-1973; Bristol University, MD-1988.
p: Hospital specialist (Hematologist).
f: First B-Flight 19 Aug.1974 with P.CLARK.; First B-Solo 5 Apr.1975 from Cirencester; CAA B-License #PP222B issued 23 Apr.1975; 1470+ B-Hours by 1991; Airplane pilot since 1967.
l: 1976, Meteorological officer, Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1977, Placed 7th in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1977, Placed 10th in World HB-Championships (ENG); 1978, Placed 1st in S.African Nat.HB-Championships;1979, Placed 1st in S.African Nat.HB-Championships; 1980, Placed 1st in S.African Nat.HB-Championships; 1980, Placed 6th in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1981, Placed 2nd in World HB-Championships (USA); 1981, Placed 1st in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1982, Placed 11th in European HB-Championships (LUX); 1982, Placed 2nd in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1983, Placed 2nd in Brit. Nat. HB-Championships; 1983, Placed 1st in Great Britain B-Race (271 miles);1983, Placed 3rd in World HB-Championships (FRA); 1984, Placed 1st in Great Britain B-Race (251 miles); 1984, Placed 3rd in European HB-Championships (ENG); 1985, Placed 1st in Great Britain B-Race (296 miles); 1985, Placed 21st in World HB-Championships (USA); 1986, Placed 3rd in Great Britain B-Race (121 miles); 1986, Placed 6th in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1987, Placed 1st in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1987, Placed 2nd in Battle Creek In'tl B-Race (USA); 1987, Participated in Hofmeister Challenge B-Race (GER); 1988, Placed 1st in Jamaican In'tl B-Meet; 1988, Placed 4th in Battle Creek In'tl B-Race (USA); 1988, Placed 9th in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1988, Placed 1st in European HB-Championships (POL); 1988, Placed 5th in Saga In'tl HB-Meet (JAP); 1988, Participated in Hofmeister Challenge B-Race (GER); 1989, Placed 4th in Battle Creek In'tl B-Race (USA); Placed 1st in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; Placed 8th in World HB-Championships (JAP); 1990, Placed 1st in Belgian Open B-Championships (BEL); 1990, Placed 18th in Battle Creek In'tl B-Race (USA); 1990, Placed 1st in Brit.Nat.HB-Championships; 1990, Placed 4th in German Open B-Championships (GER); 1990, Placed 19th in European HB-Championships (SPA).
h: Kirby Formula Trophy-1981,84 & 90; BBAC Pilot of the year-1982; Prince Antone de Ligne Trophy-1987.
m: BBAC-1975, Competitors Club Chairman 1984-89.***Epic flight 3 Jun.1980 (solo) from Koelendof, South Africa in "ZS-HOI. Landed near Velddrof after covering 85 miles in 7 hours. Longest flight ever undertaken in S.Africa.
a: Clee Hall Lodge; Austcliffe Ln, Cookley; Kidder, Worcs; DY103RT.
r: Bio-Data form-1991.

BARKER, David           BRITAIN           (1938-         (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO.           Sport balloonist.
b: 18 Aug.1938 Hull.
e: unknown.
p: Manufacturer/Distributor of kitchen gifts.
f: First B-Flight 10 Jun.1972 with Terry ADAMS; First B-Solo 25 Nov.1972 from Newbury; CAA B-License #PP182B issued Dec. 1972 (received night exemption 1977); More than 1000 B-Hours by 1991.
l: Successfully completed 60 HB crossings of the Swiss Alps (including 8 crossings of the main Alpine ridge); Winner of many European HB-competitions, i.e. Irish Championships twice; St. Niklaas (BEL) twice; 1973, Winner of Rheims Cup (FRA); 1973, Winner of Franco-Brittanique Cup (FRA); 1977, Placed 8th in the World HB-Championships; 1978, Winner of Challenge Prince de Ligne (BEL); 1981, Winner of Gstaad-Open (SWI); 1982, Winner of David Niven Trophy (SWI); 1973, Winner Cirencester Air Britain Trophy (ENG); 1993, Winner Gstaad/Kaprun Open (SWI/AUSTRIA)
m: BBAC (since 1969), Technical Committee 1978-85; CAIF-France, 1975. Chairman Technical Committee 1978-85.
h: Tissandier Diploma, FAI-1985.***Epic flight. Crossed the Swiss Alps at over 100 mph. Details unknown.
a: Mirande, 32300 France.
r: Bio-Data 1991, e-mail 9 Dec. 2006.

BARKER, Roger           USA           (1940?           (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC.           Professional balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
p: Psychologist; Owner/Operator of "Blue-Rose B-Company" (Passenger rides and sales of cold-air inflatables).
l: Participated in many Gas & Hot-air balloon events.
m: BFA, Board of Directors, many committee assignments; So. California B-Association(FM).***Epic flight 3 May 1984 in atmosat "America." Established 33 FAI records for altitude, distance, & duration.
a: Westlake Village, CA; 805/373-5216.
r: BFA-data.

BARLATIER, Emil           CANADA           (1875?1930)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-CE.           Professional balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
p: Professional French balloonist; Emigrated to Canada April 1911; Husband of balloonist.***Epic flight April 1911 from Montreal ONT in "La Presse." Landed successfully in Ogdensburg, New York.
r: A.Brookes files.

BARNELL, Dan           USA           (1875?1930) (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.         Professional balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
p: Balloonist for "Hanover Park."***Epic flight 29 Jun.1895 from Meriden, CN. Balloon burst at 150' on ascent; Pilot sustained minor injuries.
m: NY-World, 30 Jun.1895.

BARNES, Arthur A.           BRITAIN #*28           (1880?1940)           (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AS.           Military balloonist.
e: Williams College, 1919.
s: Non-Commissioned Officer in the Royal Airforce to 1912; Commissioned in the Royal Navy Apr.1915; Ret.RNAS Lt.1921..
f: FAI-RAC Balloon & Airship licenses issued.
r: Contemptible; G.Meagar archives.

BARNES, Frank                 ENGLAND                (1947-1994)        K                (HB)
See APPENDIX-B/CF.                Sport & Professional balloonist.
b: 15 Oct.1947.
d: 10 Jun.1994 Accrington/Lancashire.
p: Mathematics teacher at Nairobi University (Kenya); Part time Balloon pilot for Balloon Safaris Ltd.(Masai-Mara Kenya).
f: Received Kenyon B-License 3 Oct.1980.
l: Mountain climbing enthusiast.
h: Trophy presented in his honor at the annual Boyle Ireland balloon meet. m: Nairobi Mountaineering Club. ***Epic flight 10 Jun.1994 from Accrington England in a one-man chair-balloon (Thunder & Colt 17A Skychariot GBKBZ). Contacted powerlines on landing and died of his injuries.
r: N.Pritchard archives; DCA-Kenya files; Aerostat Aug.94, p.7.

BARNES, Phillip Jameson           USA           (#*149) (1894-1956)           (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AS.           Military balloonist.
b: 30 Mar.1894 Minneapolis, MN;
d: 17 Jun.1956 San Fernando, CA.
e: Williams College, 1919. Ret.USN Lt.1921.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Balloon & Airship Pilot; Attached to The Royal Naval Airship Service in WW-I; Served from bases at Cranwell, E.Fortune, & Paimboeuf.
p: Geologist, mineral exploration.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Howden ENG; FIA-RAC (British) B-License #149 issued 7 May 1918. NOTE: One of 6 Americans to receive British B-Licenses.
h: Received Commendation from RNAS for protecting British convoys in the European theater.
a: West Los Angeles VA hospital.
r: Contact-Profiles p205; My Airships.

BARNES, Tracy           USA           (1939-           (HB/GB)
b: 21 Feb.1939, St.Louis, MO.
e: Univ. of Minnesota, 1960-Physics major.
s: U.S.Army 1955-59, 101st Airborne Division. p: Balloon & Airship designer and manufacturer; Founder: "The Balloon Works", "The Blimp Works."
f: Self-taught in self-built balloon; FAA B-License Oct.1960; First Gas balloon flight May 1964 from Minneapolis, MN; More than 2500 B-Hrs., incl. one gas flight, by 1983.
l: Sport parachutist; 1963-73, Conducted series of solar balloon experiments.
h: Holder of many FAI records; Montgolfier Diploma, FAI-1974.
m: Aerostat Society of America, founder; BFA.***Epic series of flights 30 Jan.-4 Feb.1965 from LaJolla, CA. Conducted experiments on locating schools of fish at sea.***Epic series of flights 1966 (Apr.10-Sep. 12) from Coronado, CA. Made first successful Trans America flight (non-continuous). First flight leg ended by crashing on mountain, he was rescued with serious back injuries. Final landing on the beach at Villas, NJ.***Epic flight 16 May 1973 from Charlotte,NC in "SolarFirefly." First flight totally powered by solar heat. Balloon was black "tetroon-shaped," of 203,000 Cf. (5757 cu.m.). NOTE: See E.VERDIER-1853, R.G.WELLS-1869; T.SIVEL-1869.
r: NT-10 Apr.1973/58:4; 29 Apr.35:8/12 Sep.57:5; Tel-Con Aug.83.

BARNUM, Phineas Taylor           USA           (1810-1891)           (HP)
b: 1810 Bethel, CN; d: 1891.
p: Showman, Promoter, Mobile-Circus founder, State Legislator, Entrepreneur, Hotel and Museum Owner; Founder and first mayor of E.Bridgeport, CN.
f: No record of having flown in a balloon.
l: Sponsored S.BROOKS-1848; W.DONALDSON-1874; D.THOMAS-1876; W.BATCHELLOR-1880, and many others.
r: Standard Encyclopedia.

BAROA, Penaranda           SPAIN           (1895?1923) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B. Sport balloonist 1920 era.
***Epic flight 23 Sep. 1923 (W/GOMEZ-GUILLAMON) in balloon "Polar." Struck by lightning in flight during G.Bennett Race.

BARR, James           USA           (1892-1912)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.         Professional balloonist.
b: 1892 Lynn, MA;
d: 19 May 1912 Nahant, ME.
f: Made only one flight in his career. ***Epic flight 19 May 1912 from Nahant, ME. Ascent was normal, but his parachute failed to open in spite of his frantic efforts. He landed head-first in a shallow marsh, and died of his injuries.
r: NT-20 May 1912/1/6.

BARRAL, Jean Augustin           FRANCE           (1810-1884)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.           Professional scientist.,
b: 1810; d: 1884.
f: Made two recorded flights in his lifetime.
l: Amateur astronomer. ***Epic flight 29 June 1850 (W/BIXIO), Paris Observatory Garden (no previous flight experience). Net was to small, foot ropes too short. Balloon increased in size with altitude and almost squashed occupants in basket. They slashed the envelope with a knife, hydrogen almost asphyxiated them. Lost consciousness and awoke in a vineyard, with minor injuries. Records indicate an altitude of 7039 meters was reached. ***Epic flight (#2) 27 July 1850 (W/BIXIO) to study cirrus clouds and ice crystals. Estimated altitude exceeded 23,000 feet (-39C) and they almost froze to death.
r: l'Aerophile-May 1904.

BARRETT, Francis           ENGLAND           (1770?1830)           (GB)
epic flight attempt 21 Sep. 1802 from London. Balloon was destroyed by a mob after repeated failure to fly. Flight was witnessed and reported by GARNERIN.

BARRINGTON-Kennett, B.           BRITAIN           #*14 (1845-1919)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AS.         Sport balloonist.
Mid-names "Brackley Harrington.
b: 1845;
d: 12 Mar.1919 Athenum. Also known as Sir Vincent Hunter Barrington. (supposedly died of heart failure, but pathologists reported blood poisoning from ankle injury).
e: Rugby; Trinity College; Cambridge, BA.
s: Officer in British Army 1870-95, Retired Lt.Colonel; Served in: Franco-German war 1870-71; Carlist War in Spain 1877; Afghan War (wounded) of 1878-80; Royal Bodyguard 1895; Royal Flying Corps 1905-15.
f: Sport balloonist 1985-12; First 8-ascents W/F.BUTLER; FAI-RAC Balloon & Airplane licenses.
l: 1912, Won"Singer Trophy" for a B-Distance flight within Britain.
h: Many Military honors, to numerous to list. ***Epic flight 10 Jun.1902. Injured leg on landing. ***Epic flight 11 Sep.1908 (W/E.SHORT). Rescued from the North Sea.
a: 57 Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington.
r: Pall Mall Gazette 17 Jul.1903; Who Was Who 1916-28.

BARTHOLOMEW, Corgell           USA           (1870?1920)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-S/L.           Professional balloonist.
f: Partner/Student of A.G. SPALDING; Resident of Jackson, MI. ***Epic flight 20 Sep. 1888 (W/Marks Sanborn) from Centerville, MI. Sanborn (an assistant) became entangled in the parachute cords on launch. The pilot landed the balloon safely, and Sanborn was uninjured.
r: NT-21 Sep.1888/2/1; Jackson Daily Citizen 20 Sep.1888/7/3.

BARTHOLOMEW, Rob            USA           (1946-           (HB)
See APPENDIX-BK/BO/BR/BX.           Sport balloonist.
b: 28 Mar.1946 Des Moines, IA.
e: Carlisle High School;
s: U.S.Airforce, 6-years.
p: Farmer; Owner of Balloons over Iowa, Ltd. Balloon repair station & Sales.
f: First B-Solo April 1974 from Carlisle, IA; FAA B-License #1753732 issued 1 May 1974; Airplane pilot; More than 860 B-Hours by 1988; FAA B-Pilot Examiner. l: 1977, BFA-National points winner for the year; 1977, Placed 7th in U.S.National HB-Championships; 1979, Placed 9th in U.S.National HB-Champion-ships; 1982, Placed 7th in U.S.National HB-Championships; 1983, Placed 7th in U.S.National HB-Championships; 1985, BFA-National points winner for the year; 1985, Placed 14th in U.S.National HB-Champion-ships; 1986, BFA-National points winner for the year; 1987, Placed 2nd in U.S. National HB-Championships; 1988, WINNER of the U.S.National HB-Championships; Filmed ballooning sequence for television special. Owner of "Charlie Brown" balloon; Flew in Mexico & Japan.
m: BFA, Board of Directors 1985-88.
r: Bio-Data form 1988.

BARTHOU, Leon           FRANCE           (1860?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AT.           Sport balloonist; Brother of balloonist Louis.
p: Minister of Public Transport.
m: Aero Club of France, V.Pres., Administrative Consul, Pres of many committees.
h: Le Grande Medaille de L'Aero-Club de France, 1912; Le Grande Prix de L'Aero-Club de France, Gold Medal-1912.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13;
r: FAI-files.

BARTON, Francis Alexander           BRITAIN           (1861-1939)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/CK.           Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Father of RNAS aeronaut W.A.Barton.
b: 1861 Dover;
d: 1939 Romaley.
p: Doctor of Medicine.
e: Harrow & Cambridge Universities; Guys Medical Hospital.
l: Sport balloonist; Airship designer. Invented FIRST airship (a model) in Britain; successfully demonstrated it at Beckham-Kent on 10 Mar.1899; Built his own balloon; flew it across the English Channel 1902, FIRST Brit to carry stamped international mail; Owned a motor-car by 1897; Built & flew a hydroplane before the WRIGHT Brothers; Built & flew (W/5-pax) airship from Alexandria palace in 1905; Produced non-alcoholic wines in France. Ran a convalescent home in Italy.
h: Memorial erected 18 Jun.1994 at Romsley in his honor. ***Epic flight 20 Sep.1902 (W/A.GAUDRON). Balloon exploded in flight.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; Airship, Sep.1994 p18.

BARTON, Fredrick B.                 USA        #-625        (1891-1962)                 (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                                Military Balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 30 Apr/1891 Wellington, OH. d: 27 Dec.1962 Akron, OH. s: Observation balloonist (from the stern of ocean going ships) in the U.S.Navy 1917-20. f: Received B-Training at Wingfoot Lake; FAI-ACA B-License #625 issued 3 Jul.1918. l: War correspondent in WW-2; Brother of famous author. r: BF-V10#5p6(T).

BARTON, Fredrick Otis           USA           (1899-           (HB)
Scientific balloonist.
b: 5 June 1899 New York,NY.
e: Columbia University.
p: Explorer, Writer, Adventurer, Photographer.
f: First Balloon Flight 13 Feb.1972 W/R. RECHS from Filmore, CA; First B-Solo 19 Mar.1972 from Lancaster, CA; FAA B-License #013-36-2736 issued 22 Mar.1972; Estimated 10 Balloon Hours (+5-Airship) in lifetime.
l: World traveler; Explorer of many primitive cultures. 1931, Co-developed (W/H.J.Butler) of the "Bathyscaph", Descended 3100 feet below the sea (June); 1934, Participated (W/C.W.Beebe, 1877-1962) in a deep-sea dive to 3028' in a bathysphere near Bermuda (Dec.); 1942-45, Served as official combat photographer to General Macarthur in the So.Pacific during WW-II; 1976, Credited with shooting the last of a species of monkey in the jungles of Borneo; 1979-81, Attempted to construct an airship for exploration of Central American & African wildlife;
m: Explorers Club; National Geographic Society.
a: House in CT; Resident of the "University Club" of NYC.
r: FAA-Records; NG-1934; NG-Jan.1963; Personal interviews.

BARZ, Patricia (F)           USA           (1950-           (HB)
See APPENDIX-BD. (Bio-Data unknown)
m. BFA, President, Member of many committees.

BASENACH, Nicolas           GERMANY           (1870?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.           Military and Sport balloonist.
p: Engineer for Krupp Works 1906. Designer/constructor of military dirigibles.
l: Sport balloonist 1905-10 era.
f: German-FAI B-License.

BASSETT, Adelaide (F)           BRITAIN           (1859-1895) K           (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/X.           Professional balloonist.
b: 1859; wife of Henry Bassett.
p: Smoke balloonist 1892-95 era. Partner/student with Captain ORTON.
f: Made about 30 ascents in her career (all with ORTON). Flew smoke balloons in probably the first "double-aeronaut" para-jump in Europe.
r: LT-8 Jun.1892; PYA-Scrapbook. ***Epic flight 5 Aug.1895 (W/ORTON) from Petersburg. Ascended thru telegraph lines that destroyed her parachute. She fell 60' to her death.
r: LT-8 Aug. 1895; Evening Leader 6 Aug.1895.

BASSETT, E.C.           USA           (1840?1891)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.           Professional balloonist. Resident of Cleveland, OH.
b: Stockbridge, MA;
d: 21 May 1891 Hartford, CN.
p: Hairdresser, Insurance agent, Lecturer. Started ballooning career as a Booking & ticket agent for S.& G.BROOKS.
f: First solo flight 4 Jul.1863 from Hartford in "Stars & Stripes."
r: Hartford Evening Post, All July 1863.

BASSON, ?           USA           (1660?1700)           (HP)
Missionary; Reported a B-Ascent at the coronation of Fo-Kien at Pekin, China in 1694.
r: "Astra-Castra,p291 (see KI-KUNG-SHI).

BATCHELLOR William H.         USA                        (1860?1900)                        (GB)
Professional acrobat and balloonist for P.T.BARNUM

BATES, Louise Victoria (F)            USA           (1845?1905)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.           Professional Balloonist.
f: Smoke balloonist 1860-93 era. First recorded flight Aug.1860 from Cincinnati, OH. Last recorded flight Jul.1893 from Winnipeg ALB Canada.
l: Associated with J.WISE, most likely her instructor. Worked alone after 1865. Made most of her flights in Central N.America.
r: EB-152 (Iowa Takes to the Air).

BAUCH, Charles E.           USA           #-730 (1897?1960)           (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.           Military balloonist.
b: 26 May 1897 Dorchester, MA.
e: Tufts College.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-2?, Observation balloonist; Balloon & Airship test pilot.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #730 issued 20 Nov.1918; Naval Aviator #2688; Blimp & Rigid pilot; Italian Semi-Rigid Airship license #102.
h: Commandante di Dirigible Exploratore.
m: ACA; Aero Club of Mass.; Washington Racquet Club. ***Epic flight 3 Sep.1925 (crew of 43, see Z.LANDSDOWN) from Lakehurst (NJ) in the Airship "Shenandoah." Survived the breakup and destruction.
r: Aviation Mag. 1921; Contact-Profiles p558.

BAUDIC, Vaisseau           FRANCE           (1866-1902) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.           Military balloonist.
b: 18 Jan.1866; 10 Jun.1906;
d: 12 May 1902.
s: Officer in the French Navy 22 years, Commissioned 5 Oct.1886. Director of Naval Aerostatic Park at Lagonbran. ***Epic flight 20 Feb.1901 (W/Desreac). Rescued from the Sea. ***Epic flight 12 May 1902. Rescued from the Sea after 8 hours 33 min. ***Epic flight 10 Jun.1902 off Toulon. Balloon was tethered to a battleship for the detection of submarines. A strong gust of wind broke the cable, and he was lost at sea near Lagouban.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; To Ascend from a Floating Base.

BAUDRY, Charles F.           FRANCE           (1867?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT/AZ.           Sport balloonist.
b: 2 Nov.1867 Touraine.
p: Civil Engineer, Industrialist.
f: First B-Flight Jul.1903; Made 12 ascents by 1907.
l: Sportsman, Technical writer for l'Aerophile Magazine.
m: Aero Club du Sud-Ouest, Pres.; Industrial Society. ***Epic flight 10 Oct.1904. Crashed and broke his leg.
r: l'Aerophile-Feb.1907.

BAYERN, George von           GERMANY           (1880?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.           Sport balloonist 1905-15 era.
p: Prince, Member of Bavarian/German aristocracy. First member of Royal Family to pilot an aircraft. m: German Aero Club; Aero Club du Sud-Ouest (FRA). ***Epic flight 26 Jun.1908 from Augsburg. Landed in Imminstadt after covering 65 miles in 15 hours.
r: NT-27 Jun.1908/1/6.

BEACHEY, Hillery           USA           (1885?1965)           (GB)
b: 9 May 1885 Boise, ID;
d: 196? La Jolla, CA. p: Professional aeronaut, Airplane barnstormer, mechanic, designer; Co-Owner (W/brother) of airship business.
s: U.S. Navy 1898-1905; rank & skills unknown.
f: Learned ballooning (1905) & airships (1909); No ACA B-License, but holder of Airplane license #84.
l: Participated in many aviation competitions.
m: Early Birds.
a: 365 S. Coast Blvd; La Jolla, CA.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942.

BEACHEY, J.Lincoln           USA           # 27* (1887-1915) K           (GB)
b: 3 Mar.1887 San Francisco, CA;
d: 14 Mar.1915 San Francisco (crashed in bay).
p: Bicycle repairman, Gas engine mechanic, Auto & motorcycle racer; Professional aeronaut, Airplane barnstormer.
f: Learned ballooning (1900) & airships (1905) from T.S.BALDWIN; Made 25 airship flights at the Lewis & Clark Expo; Learned to fly airplanes with Glen Curtis (1907); *FAI-ACA B-License #27, and Airplane license #24 suspended 1913 (see POHL, for participating in a non sanctioned event).
l: Sport balloonist 1900-07 era; FIRST to fly airship in Cuba & Mexico 1907; FIRST person to loop an airplane; Participated in many aviation competitions USA & Canada, Made many unique flights. ***Epic flight 14 Mar.1915 from San Francisco. Airplane broke apart during a loop, and his death was witnessed by 300,000 people.
r: NASN-Files; AAHS-Magazine V6/105, V9/56.

BEATSON, J.T.           BRITAIN           (1870?1930)           (GB)
Father of a sport balloonist.
f: Sport balloonist 1891-92; Resident of Huddersfieldn.
l: Owner of balloons "Paragon" & "Princess May" (built by J.W.POTTER of Dalton Gardens).
r: Huddersfield Express 11 Jun.1892; PYA-Scrapbook.

BEAUCHAMP, D.           FRANCE           (1770?1830)           (OB)
See Appendix-J;           Military balloonist.
e: Harcourt College.
f: Made many captive ascents 1794-96.
l: Nobleman, favored the monarchy in the French revolution; Caught attempting to flee the country; Enlisted as observation balloonist in lieu of induction into infantry; Recorded the history of the first French B-Corps (Les Aerostiers), contributing most of present knowledge of era.

BEAUCLAIR, Victor de           GERMAN           (1874-1929)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-K/U/AG/AH/AV;           Sport balloonist.
b: 19 Jul.1874, Contaggalo Brazil.
d: 1929 Bergtour Switzerland.
p: Director of the German Auto-Union.
f: Received German B-License. Resident of Germany.
l: Crossed the Alps by balloon 9 times; Known for his daring exploits; Pilot in the 1908, 09, 12, & 13 G.Bennett B-Races.
m: Augsberger, Berliner, Breisgau, Oberrheinischer, & Vogtland-ischer B-Clubs; Kaiserlischer Aero-Club.
h: La Grande Medaille de L'Aero-Club de France, 1907. ***Epic flight 29 June 1908 (W/fiancée, Falke, & Guyer) from Eiger, Austria in "Cognac" (81,000 Cm.). Crossed Bernese Alps in 21 hours. Landing in Gigrese, Italy.

BEAUMONT, Alma (F)          BRITAIN           (1874?1930)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.           Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 1874
p: Swimmer for "Captain Royton's Water Show" to 1891; Professional balloonist for "Spencer & Sons" 1891-95 era; Partners with Miss KING (may have accompanied A.SPENCER to Brazil about 1895).
f: First B-Flight 1891; Last B-Flight 1895, retired to marry; Made 35 ascents in her career, all from gas balloons. ***Epic flight 24 Jun.1891 (W/S.SPENCER) from Glasgow Scotland. Ascent was thru a rain cloud. Her parachute was so wet, it was considered useless. Stan parachuted down safely from 5000', but Alma chose to land with the balloon. She continued the flight in an Easterly direction, crossing from Coast to Coast, climbing to an estimated 20,000'. When she finally landed in a tree near Haddington, she was so frozen, that she had to be carried to medical attention. *** Epic flight Sep.1895 from Melksham. Two young boy assistants held onto the ropes as the balloon ascended. One fell off and suffered severe injuries. The other landed safely with her.
r: Glasgow Scotsman 24 Jun.1895.

BEAUMONT, Fred W         ENGLAND           (1830?1900)            (OB)
See APPENDIX-A/M.           Military balloonist.
p: Captain in British Army, Royal Engineers.
s: Professional officer in the British Army.
f: First recorded ascent 15 May 1830 from Cambridge.
l: Military observer in U.S. Civil War 1861-62; Primary interest was the use of observation Balloons; Worked with LOWE, made a solo ascent at Chickahominy; Participated in many battles; Wrote a serious report of his experience, presented oral report at Chatham Military College, 14 Nov. 1862.

BECKETT, G.C.           BRITAIN           (1870?1940)           (GB/SM)
Resident of Aberdeen Scotland.
p: Professional Smoke balloonist 1890 era; protégé of S.SPENCER.
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

BEEBE, ?           USA           (1890?1950)           (GB/SM)
l: Brought two large balloons to New Zealand in 1910. p: Professional balloonist 1908-15 era; partners with: Albert EASTWOOD of Australia, and Christopher SEBPHE of Spain.
f: Ascended for large crowds in Auckland & Christchurch 1910-13; augmented his flights with fireworks displays.

BEGG, Gerald           BRITAIN           (1870?1930)           (GB)
l: Sport balloonist 1892-93 era; Resident of Guildford.
r: PYA-Scrapbook. NOTE: credits may be ABEGG of France.

BELCHOIR, ?           PORTUGAL           (1870?1903) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.           Sport balloonist.
d: 22 Nov.1903 Atlantic Ocean.
p: Pharmacist in Gaya/Oporto.
l: His last flight was his fiftieth. ***Epic flight 21 Nov.1903 (W/Cesar Marque & Jose Opeiro) from Paris. Balloon was last seen by a ship 60 miles at sea.
r: Le fil, 25 Nov.1903; Daily Express, 26 Nov.1903.

BELHUMEUR, Edouard           USA           (1892?1960)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.           Semi-Professional balloonist.
b: 1892 Woonsocket, RI; resident of Hartford, CN.
p: Balloonist for Rockville Fair Grounds. ***Epic flight 19 Sep.1911 (W/MARSH) from Rockville, CN. Double aeronaut launch was normal. Ed released too low and his parachute failed to fully open, ending his career with severe back injuries. Marsh was slightly hurt. NT-21 Sep.1911/5/1.

BELL, Harold William           USA            #-673 (1895-1949)           (GB)
See Appendix-AR.           Military balloonist.
b: 19 Jun.1895 Chicago, IL;
d: 28 Jan.1949 San Gabriel, CA.
e: Notre Dame University 1915-17.
p: unknown.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-21; Ret.1921 Ensign; Balloon and Airship pilot; Naval Aviator #1565.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Akron & Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #673 issued 28 Jun.1918.
r: Contact-Profiles p4o6.

BELL, Hugh E.           ENGLAND           (1820?1880)           (GB)
See Appendix-E/X;           Professional Balloonist 1850 era.
l: Made several Dirigible attempts in 1850 era. ***Epic flight May 1850. Killed boy bystander with grapnel on lift-off (See APPENDX-B). Drifted 48 Km. in this unsuccessful "Locomotive" balloon. ***Epic flight attempt Oct.1851 (W/4-pax) from London. Balloon burst at launch, no injuries were reported.

BELMAN, J.C.           USA           (1820?1880)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.           Sport balloonist.
p: Newspaper reporter (balloon editor) Cincinnati Daily Gazette.
f: First ascent 24 Sep. 1855 (W/GODARD as pilot); First solo flight 18 Oct.1858 from Cincinnati, OH in "Niagara."
l: Participant in FIRST 3-Balloon race in (USA W/GODARD/STEINER).
r: Cincinnati Daily Gazette 19 Oct.1858.

BELOTTI, Roy Thomas         USA                        (1917-1995)                        (GB)
Military Aeronaut.
b: 17 Jul.1917 Chicago, IL.
d. 22 Apr.1995 Riverside, CA.
e: Orange Coast College.
s: Enlisted as Seaman U.S.Navy 14 Aug.1935; Served aboard the USS Pensacola; Received Balloon & Airship Training 1943 at Goodyear-Akron; Commissioned 8 Jan.1944; Served as Balloon & Airship Pilot & Instructor; Served at Glenco, Lakehurst, Moffett, Pensacola, Richmond, NAS; Guantanamo, Cuba and San Luis Brazil; Served as officer aboard the USS Randall during the Korean War of 1950-1; Outstanding 50 year military & Civilian airship career, flew L's,K's,ZS2G,ZS4G,ZPG2W,GZ-19; Retired 1963 Lt.Cmdr..
p: Chief Pilot (Carson, CA) Goodyear Airships (GZ20's) 1963-67, Chief Pilot (England, France, Germany, Japan) WDL-Airships (WDL-1); Chief Pilot, Airships In'tl (AA-500/600) 1985-96.
f: 6278 LTA hours at last recorded flight (23 Jul.1987); FAA Airship Pilot license #1401489 issued July 1956, Helicopter issued 29 Jan.1971; German #AS73-1 issued 16 July 1973; Japanese #30607-2442 issued 9 Aug.1968.
l: Consultant on the development of the "Tom Swift" airship.
m: Naval Airship Assoc; Mason/Shriner; American Legion; Lions Club.
h: numerous military medals & commendations.
a: Grant Belotti (son); 924 Cedar St; Costa Mesa, CA 92627; 714/646-8578.
r: Pers. Interviews; Press-Enterprise 26 Apr.95pB4(T); Belotti archives: Moffett Field Historical Society.

BEMDEN, Albert vanden           BELGIUM           (1890?1945)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/BF/BJ/BM/BQ.           Military & Sport balloonist.
Son of balloonist Felix. Belgian name normally alphabetized "vanden Bemden."
b: 22 Aug.1918, Molenbeck-St.Jean;
e: Commercial Business School;
s: Belgian Army Observation Balloonist, 1938-39; Infantry, 1940-45.
p: Fabricator of gas-balloons; 43 to 1983. f: First B-Flight 28 Aug.1928 with father; First B-Solo 13 Sep.1937 from Chatelineau; FAI B-License 1937; More than 350 gas-balloon flights by 1983.
l: 1946-57, Participated in many B-Competitions (Won 19 First Places, 22 Second Places);1964, First Belgian to cross the Alps.
m: BFA since 1966; Belgian B-Federation.
h: 1979, Jan Boesman Award; Peeswert of Belgian Balloon Federation. ***Epic flight 1953 from Belgium in first Post-WW-2 balloon competition (W/18 balloons). Landed safely at night.

BEMIS, James Ward           USA           #- 29 (1876?1940)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AR/CU.           Military balloonist.
b: 28 Feb.1876 Jefferson, TX;
e: Manual Training School.
p: V.Pres-Ozan Lumber Company; Director of Prescott N.W.Railroad; Civilian contractor for the U.S.Army B-Corps, B-Instructor 1917-19.
f: Qualified 354 B-Pilots & B-Observers in 18 months (1917-19); Used 40 balloons, making 1500 ascensions; FAI-ACA B-License #29 issued 1910.
l: Sport balloonist 1908-16. m: Knight Templar, Shriner.
m: Missouri Aeronautical Society (FM), Pres. Apr.1917; Formed for the express purpose of supplying skilled B-Instructors to the Army; All of these members volunteered their B-Expertise to help the war effort. They were paid at the rate of $100 per flight. ***Epic flight 4 Oct.1909 from St.Louis, MO in "Peoria." Crossed the Mississippi River 4-times, and the Ohio River 3-times in 120 mi. a: Resident of St.Louis, MO 1900+.
r: NT-6 Oct.1909/1/6; Book of St.Louisans, p49; BEMIS-Scrapbook; Archives of the Missouri State Historical Society.

BENAVENTE, Edgardo           ARGENTINA           #:25 (1888-1952)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.           Military balloonist.
b: 15 Feb.1888 Buenos Aires;
d: 8 Jun.1952 Buenos Aires.
s: Officer in the Argentine Army, Lt.
f: First B-Flight 21 Mar.1914 from B.A. in "Pampero-II; Landed at Sportevia after 6hrs 10min.; AAC B-License #25 issued 4 Apr.1914; Made 7 recorded B-Flights; Airplane License #35.
r: Argentine Airforce records.

BENBOW, Thomas Chalkley         USA           (1864-1931)            (GB)
Professional Aeronaut.
b: 29 Dec.1864 Iowa.
d: 17 Dec.1931 Columbus, MT.
p: Colorado cowboy; Montana miner; Balloon & Airship pilot for C.MYERS 1901; Student of C.MYERS at Frankfort, NY.
l: Most famous pilot at the (Nov.1904) St.Louis Worlds Fair; Many epic flights in balloons, airships, and airplanes in career. ***Epic flight 27 Nov.1908 from the St.Louis Fairgrounds in an airship. Anchor caught on a fence during his takeoff. Resulting crash was the most thrilling event during the entire air show.
r: St.Louis Post Dispatch; LTAS-Files, Box 43/20; Columbus Montana News 24 Dec.1931(T); They Gazed at the Beartooths.

BENJAMIN, Benjaman           USA           (1880?1930)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.           Professional balloonist. Resident of New York City.
f: Made four flights in recorded career (3 in previous week); Assistant to Leo STEVENS. ***Epic flight 22 Aug.1901 from Union Hill, NJ. Ascent was normal, but his parachute failed on descent. He landed feet-first in a marsh, and was rescued from mud up to his neck, still conscious. He had no broken bones, and was expected to recover.
r: N.Y. Herald, NT-23 Aug.1901/12/4.

BENNETT, James Anthony           BRITIAN           (1866-1904) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.           Professional balloonist. Resident of Bristol.
b: 1866 Bristol;
d: 18 Jul.1904 Longueuil.
f: First B-Flight 1904 in France; Made numerous flights in the USA & Canada. ***Epic flight 18 Jul.1904 from Riverside Park (Longueuil). Ascent on a trapeze attached to the bottom of a gondola, was uneventful. The release and descent were also normal, but he landed in the river and disappeared.
r Bristol Press 20 Jul.1904.

BENNETT, James Gordon           USA           (1841-1918)           (HP)
See APPENDIX-AH/AX/BJ/BQ.           Patron of Ballooning
b: 10 May 1841, New York, NY.
d: 14 May 1918, Paris.
p: Newspaper Publisher (NY-Herald), Heir to publishing empire founded by his father in 1828.
f: He is not known to have ever ridden in a balloon.
l: Sportsman: Sailing, Equestrian, Car Racing, B-Racing; Introduced polo to the USA; Financed Thomas Edison in early 1880 aviation experiments. Financed Stanley's Expedition to find Livingston in Africa; Introduced weather reports in the daily press; Sponsored balloon (F.P.LAHM) in 1906 In'tl race in Paris; Donated silver trophy presented to winners of the annual World Balloon Competition; Presented 10 times, from 1906, until 192?; From this gesture, the annual event bears his name today.
r: Who's Who in America.

BENNETT, John J.           BRITAIN           (1875?1930)            (GB/OB)
See APPENDIX-AI.           Sport balloonist 1908-9 era.
p: Officer in British Army B-Corps, Lt. in 1908. ***Epic flight 29 Aug.1908 (W/Tuttle) from Columbus,OH in "Iroquois." Rescued by ship on Lake Erie after 48 hour flight.
r: NT-1 Sep.1908/3/5.

BENOIST, Cecile (F)           FRANCE           (1804?1860)           (GB)
p: First professional woman balloon-parachutist (See E.GARNERIN).
f: First B-Flight 18 Oct.1818.

BENSON, Joseph W.           USA            #- 515 (1887-1949)           (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.           Military balloonist.
b: 19 Jan.1887 Highland, NY;
d: 27 Oct.1949 Middletown, NY.
p: Officer in U.S. Army B-Corps 1917-19; Participated as artillery spotter in St.Mihiel and Meuse Argonne battles of World War One.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #515 issued 27 Mar.1918 ***Epic ascent 11 May 1918 (W/G.THOMPSON) from Camp Wise (San Antonio), TX. Balloon made a rapid descent from 6000', and Benson fell out when it hit the ground. Thompson stayed in the basket as it climbed back up to 8000', but landed safely later.
r: NT-28 Oct.1949/23/3; NAAOBCV-files.

BENTON, Jay Baynard           USA           #- 33 (1870?1918)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.           Sport balloonist. Resident of Boston, MA.
b: Boston, MA;
d: 25 May 1918 Winchester, MA.
p: Newspaper editor (Boston Evening Transcript).
f: First recorded flight 9 Oct.1911 with SLEET; FAI-ACA B-license #33 issued Oct.1911.
l: Winner of "Stevens Cup" for longest flight in New England.
m: Aero Club of New England, Pres.1912.
r: NT-26 May 1918/23/2.

BERARD, Maurice           FRANCE           (1880?1940)           (OB/GB)
Military Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
e: University of Paris, LLB.
p: Lawyer.
s: Enlisted in French Army Artillery; Commissioned 10 Oct.1912; Served in Balloon Corp as an Artillery Spotter: Spent an unequaled, 1453 hours aloft in front line combat; Made 802 artillery adjustments; Was shot at hundreds of times, but made only one parachute jump (from his burning balloon). NOTE: Personally spent more time aloft, and made more artillery adjustments, than ALL U.S.Observation Balloonists combined during the entire WW-1.
h: Legion of Honor 13 Oct.1917; Distinguished Conduct Medal; Gold Medal, Aero Club of America; Gold Medal, Aero Club of France.
a: Last address; 176 Ave.Henri Martin; Paris.
r: The Balloon Section.

BERCOSQUE, Carlos F.           CHILE           #:34 (1894-1965)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military Balloonist.
b: 9 Sep.1894 Valparaiso;
d: 5 Oct.1965 (unknown).
e: Argentine Military schools 1912-15.
s: Officer in the Chilean Airforce; Balloon & airplane instructor.
p: Journalist; Movie director for MGM-Hollywood 1934.
f: First B-Flight (at night) in "Lt.Agneta" from Sportiva to Tapiales in 4-hours, His only recorded B-Flight; AAC B-License #34 issued 19 Sep.1915; AAC Airplane License #50 issued 9 Dec.1914.
m: Aero Club of Chile, Flight instructor.
r: Argentine Aero Club records.

BERG, Mark           USA           (1860?1887) K           (SM)
See APPENDIX-B. Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
***Epic flight 1887 from Santa Monica, CA. Launch and release were uneventful, but while descending by parachute, holding on by his teeth, he bit through the leather strap, and fell 4000' to his death.
r: The Big Umbrella.

BERGER, Robert C.           USA           (1927-1974) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/I.           Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 28 Nov.1927, Philadelphia,PA;
d: 6 Aug.1974, Atlantic Ocean.
e: unknown, upper level doubtful.
p: Groundskeeper for the University of Pennsylvania.
f: FAA Student Pilot Certificate #AA-44245861 issued 1 June 1974; Made only one recorded flight, his last (at age 28).
l: Introduced to sport by books in 1971; Served as ground crewman for T. GATCH on his fatal flight of 18 Feb.1974. ***Epic flight 6 Aug.1974 from Lakehurst, NJ. Attempted solo Trans Atlantic crossing. Plastic balloon burst at an estimated 6000' after one hour, and crashed into Barnegat Bay, off the New Jersey Coast.
a: Last address; 438 W.Abbotsford Ave; Phila, PA. (wife Estelle, and 4-children).
r: Chicago Tribune p7:6, NT(AP)-7 Aug.1974p10:3; NTSB report.

BERGERON, Henri           USA           (1870?1930)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT.           Sport balloonist 1908-13 era.
p: Illustrator for "Monde Illustre" & "Gazette de France"; Officer in French Academy (Science School).
l: Photography.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

BERGNER, Wulf           GERMANY           (1939-           (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BF.           Sport balloonist.
b: 18 Sep.1939 Dresden.
s: German Army, 2-years.
e: Sprechen und Dolmetscherinstitut, Munich.
f: First B-Flight 12 Apr.1968 with Erich MAERKL; First B-Solo 29 Nov.1970 from Augsburg; German B-License issued 20 Mar.1970; 4454+ B-Hours by 1985.
m: B-Club of America; BBAC; Club Aerostatico Italiano; Augsburg Free-Balloon Club; Bayerischer Montgolfieren Club.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1977; DAEC Silver Cup-1984; LVB Lilienthal Gold Medal. Bio-Data-1985. ***Epic flight 13 Feb.1984 (W/wife) from Augsburg. Landed in Bretagne France after covering 1091Km. in 16Hrs.36Min.

BERLINER, Hans Rudolf           GERMANY           (1876-1951)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-D/AH/AU.           Sport balloonist.
b: 8 Mar.1876 Leobschutz;
d: 27 Jul.1951 Berlin.
p: Engineer.
f: FAI B-License #198 issued 1909.
l: German National Champion 1908. ***Epic flight 8 Feb.1914 (W/Nicolai & Haase) from Bitterfield GER in "Siemens Schuckert." Landed in Kirgischan RUS after covering 3051 Km.(1897 Sm.) in 47.5 hours. Flight was recognized as a free distance record; Speed exceeded 268 KPH on part of journey. They were incarcerated as spies for 3-months.
r: Deutsche Luftfahrer Zeitung, Sep.1914.

BERNARD,            FRANCE           (1875?1899) K           (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/U.           
d: 1899, Beuville. ***Epic flight 1899 from Beuville. Balloon was found to have little lift, so pilot discarded the basket. Ascending in the load ring, he lost his grip, and fell from a great height. It was assumed that he was asphyxiated from the overflowing gas.

BERNARDES, Antonio da Costa           PORTUGAL           (1870?1930)           (GB)
p: Bread Baker.
f: Witnessed first flight in 1903 (E.CARTON).
l: Started construction of own balloon in Sept. 1903 (1200 cubic meters "Portuguez"). ***epic flight 3 Apr.1904 from the "Crystal Palace." The 200 meter tether cable broke, and he free-flew it, landing safely at San Miguel. r: Aero philatelist Annals, Jan. 1981, pg.32.

BERRY, Arthur           USA            (1849-1931)           (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.           Professional balloonist. Resident of New York City.
p: Balloonist for Palisades Amusement Park. ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1908 from New York City. Launch was successful, but his parachute would not release from the balloon. Pilot jumped into a large tree as he was passing over, suffering severe contusions and bruises, but survived. NT-17 Aug.1908/1/6.

BERRY, Charles Walter           BRITAIN #*115           (1890?1950)           (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AS/AH/CH.            Sport balloonist. (bio-data unavailable).
f: FAI-RAC B-License #115 issued 10 Apr.1917.
l: Participant in the 1926 G-Bennett B-Race. NOTE: Not listed as affiliated with any military unit even though only the military had access to balloons and gas during 1917.
r: RAC-archives; GBR-records.

BERRY, John           USA            #- 24 (1849-1931)           (GB/SB)
See APPENDIX-L/S/AF/AH/AI/AR.           Sport balloonist 1908-22 era.
Father of famous parachutist/airplane pilot (Albert).
b: 1849, Rochester, NY; d: 22 Apr.1931 St. Louis, MO (age 82).
p: Professional Smoke balloonist 1867 (at age 18); Inventor, mechanic; Motor-car dealer; Manufacturer of balloons & airships in St.Louis (Berry Aerial Navigation Co.); Chief Engineer for the Air Mail Service; Superintendent of Cleveland (OH) airport 1925-32.
f: First Smoke B-Flight 1862 (at age 13) from Rochester, NY; First gas B-Ascent 1863; Civilian B-Instructor for the U.S.Army 1917-19. FAI-ACA B-License #24 issued 1910; Last B-Flight 1922 (at age 74); Made more than 500 B-Flights in his lifetime.
l: Sport balloonist 1862-1922; Airship enthusiast 1903-15; Purchased first balloon from settlement of lawsuit against co-worker that shot him in a dispute over an airship; Attempted first airship flight 1904, successful 1907; Airplane pilot by 1915 (age 67).
m: Missouri Aeronautical Society 1917. ***Epic flight 18 May 1910 (W/G.James & A.Drew) from St.Louis, MO; Landed near Hillview (IL) after a 65 mile flight to view "Halley's Comet." Had run out of ballast, missing a fast moving train by 50'. ***Epic flight 5 Oct.1911 (W/McCULLOUGH) from Kansas City, MO in "Million Population." Anchor caught on a barn; the sudden jerk threw both aeronauts out of the basket. Berry was carried aloft on the rope, and made a safe landing.
r:NT-7 Oct.1911/3/1. ***Epic flight 12 Jun.1914 (W/Geo.Y.Morrison) from Portland, OR in "Million-Population." Balloon was struck by lightning; resulting crash in the trees of the Cascade Mountains, knocked the pilot unconscious. a: Resident of the Creve Cover area of St.Louis.
r: NASM file; NT-14 Jun.1914 /12/2; NY-American 23 Apr.1931 (T).

BERRY, Thomas J.           USA           # 527 (1891-1943)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.           Military balloonist.
b: 16 Jul.1891 Ashmont, ME;
d: 8 Apr.1943 Poughkeepsie, NY.
p: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1917-19; Overseas service unknown, but doubtful.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #527 issued 26 Feb.1918.
r: NT-9 Apr.1943/21/2.

BERRY, William R.           USA           (1928-1978)           (HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BH/BI.           Professional & Sport balloonist.
FIRST to fly in Alaska (26 Mar.1967).
b: 4 Mar.1928, Chicago, IL;
d: 8 Dec.1978, Corning, CA.; Died of a heart attack; Father of balloonist Tom.
f: First B-Flight 1961 with Dick HIGBY; First B-Solo 7 Apr.1961; Last B-Flight 1976, Washington,DC; FAA B-License #1256921, Airplanes & Free-Balloons; More than 500 B-Hours in lifetime.
l: FIRST to fly a Hot-Air balloon in Alaska (see S.Zelinski).
FIRST to fly a Hot-Air balloon in India (see V.GUPTA-1975). ***Epic flight 7 Apr.1961 (first solo) from Livermore, CA on FAI-altitude attempt. Upon reaching maximum altitude (est. 7000'), he was startled to hear the voice of a small boy (Danny Newell), who was still entangled in one of the handling lines. Both landed safely, much to the pleasure of the launch spectators. ***Epic flight 7 Apr.1966 from Livermore, CA. Balloon ruptured at 300'. Pilot sustained severe back injury from hard landing.
r: Bio-Data-1983 (wife); BM-multiple issues; True Magazine Apr.1965.

BERSON, Artur Joseph Stan.           POLAND           (1859-1943)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AU.           Scientific balloonist.
b: 6 Aug.1859 Nowy Sacz, Poland;
d: 10 Jan.1943 Berlin (age 84).
p: Physicist, Lindenberg University professor of Meteorology.
f: First B-Solo 4 Dec.1894 from Berlin; Last B-Flight 30 Aug.1905.
l: Made a series of scientific ascents under the auspices of the Prussian Meteorological Institute, 1894-1901; Co-Author (see ASSMAN) of ballooning book.
m: Berlin & Oberrheinischer B-Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero Club. ***Epic flight 4 Dec.1894 (W/SURING) from Strasburg Germany, to 9150m (33,433'). Made first demonstrated use of compressed air for breathing. ***Epic flight 30 Jul.1901 (W/ SURING) to (9150*meters (30018') using hand-held oxygen masks. Both aeronauts lost consciousness, but survived the 6 hour flight. ***Epic flight 3 Aug.1905 (W/Dr.Elias) from Bergos. Landed again in Germany after covering 1470 km. An all time German record.
r:*10800m=Freeballonfurher und Anwarter p17.

BERT, M.Paul           FRANCE           (1830?1900)           (HP)
p: Inventor/developer of Oxygen breathing apparatus. NOTE: It was first used 1875 by SIVEL & SPELLINI on the historic flight of "Zenith." Unit converted liquid to vapor, and used a rubber facemask.
r: Scientific American Sup#51/p21338.

BERTAUX, Albert           FRANCE           (1870?1920)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-N/U.            Military balloonist.
s: Officer in French Army, Capt. of Aerostiers, Versailles-1896; Chief of Aviation Materials, 1907; Retired Lt.Colonel.
f: Early balloon history unknown.
h: Aero Club of France, Honorary Member; Chevalier de le Legion d'honneur.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

BERTONIERE, George U.           USA           #-628 (1893-1956)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.           Military balloonist.
b: 12 Dec.1893 New Orleans, LA;
d: 2 Sep.1956 Coral Gables, FL.
e: Holy Cross College, Civil Engineering.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy; Balloon & Airship pilot 1917-19. Served at Hampton Roads and Cape May; Recommissioned 22 Oct.1942; Ret.CMDR 1947; Served at NAS Lakehurst, Richmond (as XO), Jacksonville.
p: Engineer, heating and air conditioning.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Akron and NAS Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #628 issued 3 Jul.1918; Airship #69.
r: Aviation Magazine 1921; Contact-Profiles p274.

BESANCON, George           FRANCE           (1866-1934)           (GB)
See APPENDIX-T/U/AG/AT.           Sport balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
FIRST to attempt North Pole flight.
b: 30 May 1866 Paris;
d: 1934 Paris.
p: Balloon maker, had shop in Paris.
f: First recorded ascent 1890 in "Sirius"; Made about 500 B-Flights in lifetime.
l: Co-Author (W/FONVIELLE) of "Notre Flutte Aerienne"; Co-developed recording devices for meteorological research (patents issued 21 Mar.1893); Co-founder of magazine "L'Aerophile" (see APPENDIX-U); Director from start of publication in 1894; Author of "ballons et Aeroplanes."
m: Aero Club of France, Secretary General.
h: Chevalier de la Legion d'Honor; La Grande Medaille de L'Aeroclub de France-1906. ***Epic flight 12 Jul.1892 (W/Perlier & Demoyer) from LeHarve in "Jupiter." Balloon was found 14 July, washed up on shore at Keevil ENG without occupants. Aeronauts were feared dead until the rescue ship docked three days later. ***Epic flight Aug.1894 (W/Porlier) from Le Havre. Stepped into the basket at launch, not realizing that explosives were mounted under the basket. Fireworks were electrically sequenced to detonate safely. ***Epic flight 4 Sep.1895 (W/HERMITE) in "Sivel." North Pole attempt ended in failure. ***Epic flight 20 Oct.1895 (W/HERMITE) in "Sivel." Successful altitude record attempt reached an air temperature of -75C. NOTE: This may have been the first to exceed the Tropopause (est. 38200') at -65C.
r: L'Aerophile-1894; PYA-Scrapbook.

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