-Bi - Bu-

BICHE, Leon Leroy         USA         #-440 (1888-1941)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.         Military balloonist.
b: 15 Jun.1888 Evans, NY.
d: 24 Oct.1941 Pittsfield, MA.
s: Officer in U.S.Army Balloon Corps 1917-19.
p: Salesman of electrical equipment (General Electric since 1926).
f: ACA B-License #440 issued 6 Mar.1918.
m: North Adams Balloon Club.
r: NT-25 Oct.1941/17/4(T).

BICKET, James "Jaime"         USA                 (1950?1981) K                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-B(+4)         Professional Balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
b: 1953 Bloomington, IL.
d: 15 Aug.1981 Barrington, IL.
p: Professional balloonist; contract pilot for Windy City B-Port; Worked for The Balloon Works 3-years.
f: 3-4 years experience, Considered high-time pilot.
l: All aeronauts were parachutists. ***Epic flight 15 Aug.1981 (W/K.Coleman, T.Ritter, B.Baker, W.Keaking & R.Evans) from Windy City Balloon Port (Fox River Grove, NW Chicago, IL). Launching in marginal weather, he was soon overtaken by a fast moving storm. While attempting to land in a restaurant parking lot, the large AX-8 balloon contacted 34,000 volt power lines near Barrington (IL). All aeronauts (all sport parachutists) jumped 60' or more, from the burning basket. Only Rocco H.Evans survived. NOTE: Kenneth Coleman was an innovative designer of accelerated free-fall parachute training.
a: Res.Fox River Grove (IL) at time of death; Mother still living in Bloomington 1992.
r: Chicago Tribune 16 & 17 Aug.1981p1; NTSB-report; J.O'Rieley archives.

BIDMEAD, ?         BRITAIN                 (1870?1930)          (SM/GB)
Name sometimes spelled "Bimead"; Protégé of L.COVE. Professional balloonist;
p: Worked for A.GAUDRON 1898.
f: Received early B-Training from A.GAUDRON; Still active 1906. ***Epic flight 1895. Slid down roof and fell from 80', injured back. ***Epic flight 1898 from Keighley. His parachute would not release from the balloon; he landed in bushes and dragged for a mile.
r: Bradford Telegraph 12 Jun.1906; PYA-scrapbook.

BIEDEMA, Jose de Baldomere           ARGENTINA #21            (1891-1961)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military balloonist.
b: 24 Apr.1891 Buenos Aires:
d: 17 Jul.1961 Buanos Aires.
s: Officer in Argentine Army, Lt. in 1913.
f: First B-Flight 19 Apr.1913 from Palermo in "Hurracan"; ACA B-License #21 issued 24 Apr.1913; Made 3 recorded B-Flights in his lifetime; longest 2:05; Airplane license #25 issued 21 Apr.1913.
l: Author of "Chronica Historica de la Argentina" in 1969.
r: Genesis de la Aviacion Argentina

BIENAIME, Maurice A.            FRANCE                 (1885?1940)                 (GB)
b: 7 Jun.1885 Paris.
f: First B-Flight 1906; Sport balloonist 1906-14 era.
m: Aero Club of France.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.
h: La Grande Medialle de L'Aero-Club de France-1912. ***Epic flight 9 Apr.1911 in "Picardi" to 9488 meters altitude. ***Epic flight 10 Nov.1911. Paris to Riga Russia (1700 Km) flight. ***Epic flight 1912 (G-Bennett B-Race), Established new world distance record of 1334 Sm..

BIENVENN, ?         FRANCE                 (1870?1930)                 (GB)
s: Military aerostier; Made several successful ascents in an observation balloon over enemy lines at Casablanca, Morocco commencing 10 Sep.1907.

BIGGINS, George         ENGLAND         (1760?1810)                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.         Sport Balloonist.
FIRST English woman to fly. ***Epic flight 29 June 1785 (W/SAGE) from London. Balloon was too heavy for three passengers, so B-Owner (LUNARDI) got out of basket to allow the two to make the flight (see SIMONET).

BIGLER, Fritz         SWITZERLAND         #+136 (1931-                  (HB/GB)
b: 14 Mar.1931 Utzigen.
e: Secondary School.
s: Officer on Swiss Army, 1953-82; Ret. Major, Artillery.
p: Inspector for Civil Aviation.
f: First B-Flight 22 May 1966; First B-Solo 22 Jun.1968 from Birrfeld; B-License #136 issued 23 Jul.1968; More than 700 B-Hours (211 Gas starts) by 1985; 1680 hrs in Gliders; 875 hrs in Airplanes; 230 para-jumps; Swiss-FIE B-Instructor & Examiner (Hot-Air & Gas).
l: 1981, Swiss National Hot-Air Balloon Champion.
m: Swiss Aero Club; Ballongruppe Bern.
a: Eisengasse 12; CH-3065 Bolligen; 031/57-1724.

BINN, ?         ENGLAND         (1755?1805)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X. Pioneer sport balloonist.
***Epic flight 9 Aug. 1785 (W/Frobisher & Newmark). Details unknown.

BIOT, Jean Baptiste         FRANCE                 (1774-1862)                 (HP)
See APPENDIX-A.                 Pioneer Scientific aeronaut.
b: 21 Apr.1774, Paris.
d: 3 Feb.1862, Paris.
p: Chemist, Mathematician, Physicist for the "Academie Françoise." ***Epic flight 23 Aug.1804 (W/GAY-Lussac) to 4600 meters. Took air samples and did experiments with birds & animals, recorded their actions & reactions. Proved humidity decreased, and magnetic force remains constant with altitude. Debunked altitude claims of Etienne ROBERTSON.

BIRK, James                        USA                        (1950?                                (HB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BO.                Professional balloonist.
e: BS-Geology.
p: Professor of Geology, Defiance (OH) College; Owner/operator of B-Ride business.
f: Averaged 100+ B-Hours per year for the period 1970-95.
m: BFA, Competition Div.Chairman. 1; Director of U.S.Nat.Thermal Championships 1981-84, 87 & 89; Top ranked U.S Competitor 1991; U.S.World Thermal team 1981, 83, 85, 91;
h: Shields/ Trauger Award 1986; FAI Championship Diploma 1991; Competition Division Directors Award 1990.
r: BL-May 1995p41.

BISHOP, Courtlandt Field         USA                 (1860?1920)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AH.         Sport balloonist 1900-1915 era.(Bio-Data unknown)
p: Wealthy industrialist.
f: No FAI-ACA B-License but participated in many balloon events.
l: Sportsman, World traveler.
m: ACA (FM), Chairman of B-Race Committee 1907, President 1910.
r: NASM file.

BITTORF, Herr         GERMANY         (1780?1812) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/B.                 Professional balloonist, 1810-12 era.
***Epic flight 17 July 1812 (with his wife) from Mannheim. Flight reached a considerable altitude when it caught fire. They fell to their deaths, landing on the roof of a building in the outskirts of the town.

BITTORF, Mme. (F)            GERMANY         (1780?1812) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 p: Professional balloonist, 1811-12 era.
Killed with her husband 17 July 1812.

BIXIO, Jacques Alexander        FRANCE                 (1810?1860)                 (HP)
See APPENDIX-T/U.                 p: Professional scientist, amateur astronomer.
***Epic flight 27 July 1850 (W/BARRAL) from Paris. Flight successfully determined formation & composition of clouds.

BLACK, James William           USA         (1830?1890)                 (HP)
p: Professional photographer from Richmond, VA; Partner with BATCHELDER; Resident of Boston. ***Epic ascent 10 Aug.1860 (W/HELME) from Providence, RI. Made an unsuccessful attempt at aerial photography. ***Epic ascent 13 Oct.1860 (W/S. KING) from Boston, MA. Made the first aerial photographs in the USA (see TOURNACHON, 23 Oct.1858, Europe).
r: Boston Journal 16 Oct.1860.

BLACK, Samuel         USA                 (1870?1890) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         p: Professional smoke balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
***Epic flight 4 Jul.1890 from Beardstown, IL. Ascent and release seemed normal, but a thin trail of smoke was seen coming from the Parachute, before it burst into flames without opening.
r: AIAA-219.

BLAIR, Roland (Ronald?) J.        USA          #-1027 (1902?1980)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AR.         Professional Aeronaut. Nickname "Oscar"?
b: 10 Oct.1902 Durland, WI; Resident of Akron, OH.
p: Riveter at the Bremerton (WA) Navy yards; Goodyear Balloon & Airship pilot.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1940-46; Ret Lt.Commander; Served with 4th Detachment at Santa Cruz, Brazil.
f: Completed Balloon & Airship training in 1930; FAI-ACA B-License #1027 issued 29 Oct.1929.
l: Sport balloonist; Participated in many events; 1930, Aide (W/TROTTER) in NBR; was a student pilot on flight. Epic flight 4 July 1930 (W/Trotter) from Houston TX. Winner of the US-National B-Race, landed at Greenville, KY after 768 mi.
a: Last known residence in Florida, 1980.

BLAKELEY, Horatio            USA         #-406 (1895-1926) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 1 Mar.1895 Bosworth, MO.
d: 12 May 1926 Vera Cruz, MEX.
e: Arvada College, BSEE-1912.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot 1917-19 (Ens.).
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & Pensacola NAS; FAI-ACA B-License #406 issued 20 Feb.1918; Naval Aviator #546.
r: Contact-Profiles p171.

BLAKENSEE, Randall           USA         (1867?1887) K                         (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional Balloonist.
Half American Indian (see H.GALVIN).
p: Balloonist for the Mercer County Fairgrounds. ***Epic flight 1 Sep.1887 from Princeton, MO. Balloon was launched prematurely with the pilot holding a restraining rope. He lost his grip at about 500' and fell to his death.
r: NT-2 Sep.1887/3/1.

BLANCHARD, Jean Pierre            FRANCE         (1753-1809)          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-A/C/F/S/X.         Professional Balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
FIRST pilot to cross English Channel.
b: 1753, les Andeleys.
d: 7 Mar.1809 Paris; Suffered a serious heart-attack in 1808, died in bed the following year. Wife, Marie, continued his aeronautical business.
e: Little, or no education; mechanically inclined.
p: First professional balloonist.
f: First ascent (solo) 2 Mar.1784 from Paris; Flew in most European countries, and USA; Made more than 36 (60 max.) flights in his lifetime.
l: Egotistical, vain, showman. ***Epic flight 2 Mar.1784 from Champ de Mars in Paris. Balloon rigging was slashed with a sword by DUPONT, who was unable to obtain permission to participate in the flight. Balloon was repaired, and ascended to an est. 9600 feet, landing safely after 1:15 at Bilancourt. ***Epic flight 7 Jan.1785 (W/JEFFRIES) from Dover, England. Crossed the English Channel in two hours, landing near Calais, France. Balloon was originally equipped with winged oars, but all equipment was jettisoned by end of the flight. ***Epic flight 3 May 1785 (W/SIMONET) from London. His passenger was the first woman to ascend in a balloon. ***Epic flight 26 Aug.1785 (W/ESPINARD) covering a distance est. at 300 Sm. Successfully dropped a dog by parachute. ***Epic flight 9 Aug.1792 (?solo?W/RUSH) from Walnut Street Prison in Philadelphia. He covered 15 Sm. in 55 minutes, landing in Woodbury, NJ. Flight was made in the presence of 5 U.S. Presidents.

BLANCHARD, Marie Sophie (F)           FRANCE            (1778-1819) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/C.                 Professional Aeronaut.
Maiden name Madeleine Sophie Armant; Second wife of Jean Pierre; Mother of balloonist, Sophie M.
b: 1778;
d: 7 July 1819, Paris.
p: Accomplished B-Pilot by 1800; Official balloonist for Napoleon; Became professional balloonist after husbands incapacitation.
f: Intensive promoter & true showwoman, specializing in inflight fireworks displays. Flew in Italy 1811-12. ***Epic flight 7 July 1819 from Tivoli Gardens in Paris. Flight was witnessed by Napoleon, and was to commemorate his marriage. Fireworks ignited the hydrogen balloon, and she fell to her death on a Paris rooftop.

BLANCHARD, Sophie M. (F)            FRANCE         (1800?1850)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-A.                 Semi-Professional Balloonist.
Daughter of balloonists Jean & Marie.
f: Accomplished B-Pilot by 1819; Career after mothers death unknown; First recorded flight 3 Jul.1792 with father.

BLANCHARD, W.E.            USA                 (1852?1928)          (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 1852 Boston; Clamed descendancy to "J.P.."
p: Assistant to BALDWIN & TASSELL in San Francisco, CA; Worked for T.S. BALDWIN.
f: First ascent 1868 with S.A. KING; Made 35 flights in lifetime; First Smoke balloon flight 1869 from Quincy, IL.
l: Flew in Mexico, Chile,, & Peru by 1900 (unsubstantiated).
r: Long Beach Press Magazine 12 Aug.1928.

BLANCHET, Georges            FRANCE         (1876?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AC/AG/AH/AT/AZ.            Sport Balloonist. Aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 10 Jan.1876 Paris; Brother of balloonist, Paul.
l: Sport balloonist, 1895-1933 era; Airplane pilot.
h: Grand Prix d'Sport, ACF 1908, 09, 10. l: Author of "Le Vade - Mecum de L'Aeronaut", 1907; Famous for his "Blanchet Scale" of repaying farmers for crop losses due to balloon landings.
m: Aero Club of France.
h: La Grande Medialle de L'Aero Club de France-1922; La Grande Prix de L'Aero Club, Gold Medals 1908, 09, 10, & 22. ***Epic flight 13 Aug.1905 (W/G.RAVINE & Donnette). Landed in a river and dragged for a considerable time before rescue.
r: Aero Manual, C.Faroux 1912-13; Aerostat, Apr.1974p55.

BLANKERTZ, August (Jr.)            GERMANY         (1890?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH/CH.         Military & Sport balloonist.
s: Officer in the German Army Balloon Corps, Leut.
f: First B-Solo 24 Oct.1912; Received German B-License 7 Dec.1913.
l: Aide to ABERCON in 1910 G.Bennett B.Race.
m: Berliner, Kolner, Niederrheinisher, & Westfalisch-Lippischer B-Clubs; Berliner & Kaiserlicher Aero Club.
r: BuA p19.

BLAU, Albrecht         GERMANY         (1885?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG.         Military balloonist.
s: Officer in the German Army Balloon Corps, Leut.
b: 1885, Berlin; Sport balloonist 1910-12 era.
m: Niederrheinisher, Berliner, & Westfalisch-Lippischer B-Clubs; Berliner Aero Club.

BLENK, Gottlieb         GERMANY         (1950?                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BM/BP         Semi-Professional Balloonist.(Bio-data unknown)
b: 20 Nov.1935 Augsburg.
f: B-Training 1978 with Kurt Reisch.
l: Participated in Modern G.Bennett B-Race 1978/80/85;

BLINO, Jose Domingo            CUBA                 (1805?1835)                 (GB)
FIRST native Cuban to fly a balloon; Born with a hunch-back.
b: about 1805, Cuban sugar plantation;
d: 1835 on ocean voyage.
p: Skilled metal worker in sugar industry; Inventor of sugar purifying process.
f: Observed first B-Flights 1828-9 8by E. ROBERTSON). ***Epic flight 3 May 1831 from Campo de Marte, now a park in Havana. Dared by a bystander to attempt the flight, the successful his first attempt ended by landing in the middle of a party given by a socialite at 9pm.
r: Who's Who of Cuba. See E.G.ROBERTSON.

BLONDEL, Georges            FRANCE         (1869?1830)                 (GB)
b: 25 Jun.1869; Sport balloonist 1900-10 era.
f: French B-License #132.
h: Winner of the "Deutsch Prize."
r: C. Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

BLONDIN, Joseph Anthony            USA                 (1893-1951)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                        Professional balloonist.
b: 4 Mar.1879 Chicago IL;
d: 25 Dec.1951 Sacramento CA.
e: Parochial school; Resident of Albuquerque, NM.
p: Acrobat, Tightrope walker, Musician (cello), Bookeeper, Miner /prospector, Mechanic; 1904-05, Aeronaut for A.L.STEVENS; 1905-10, Airplane mechanic & rigger for WRIGHT Bros.; 1910-12, Mechanic for Glen Curtis; 1920-22, Owner of American Air Commerce Co.; Had offices in Chicago and Los Angeles; 1923-43, Owner of Blondin Aircraft Co.; Aeronautical Engineer, Designer, Fabricator.
f: Made only three recorded balloon flights: #1 = 1896, Paris, France (details unknown); #2 = 7 Oct. 1907, (solo) Albuquerque to Corvales, NM; #3 =19 Oct.1909, (W/STAMM) Albuquerque to Torrance, NM.
l: Holder of many aviation patents: 1) Inventor of differential aileron control; 2) "Lepree-Strut" for unit-frame construction; 3) Irreversible aircraft control surfaces; Author of "Mans Conquest of the Air", 1936.
m: Aero Club of America; Early Birds.
a: 356 Westminster Ave; Los Angeles, CA. NOTE: Relationship to famous French acrobat Francois (Blondin), Gravelet claimed, but unverified.
r: Albuquerque newspapers.

BOWEN, Joyce (F)                 USA                Professional Balloonist
See APPENDIX-B (BioData unknown) Pilot for Bonaventura Balloon Co. in Oakville, CA. Agreed to take Scottish tourist up on a tether line for photographs the pax (Brian Stevenson) hung onto the side of the basket during inflation as it rose and eventually fell to his death.
r: M.Furgus/Press-Democrat archives.

BOWERS, Robert Jr.                USA                        (1943-2002) K                        (HB)
See APPENDIX B                                Full time Professional Balloonist
b: 26 March 1943 N.Y.City;
d: 26 Jan.2002 Las Vegas, NV.
s: Air Force mechanic, served in Vietnam. Retired engine mechanic for Pratt & Whitney; Owner of Ultimate Balloon Adventurers. BFA Member. Epic landing (W/3 pax) in a moderate wind. He was ejected from the basket and died of a broken neck.
r: Skylines Mar.2002 p6

BLOUNT, Alan           USA                 (1946-                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-BD/BK/BN/BO.         Sport Balloonist.
b: 30 Sept.1946, Chicago, IL.
e: BA-Degree from Northern Illinois University.
s: U.S. Coast Gaurd, 4-years.
p: Real Estate.
f: First B-Flight Sept.1974, Fox River Gr. IL w/Jerry Kinkade; FAA B-License 30 Oct.1974. More than 284 hours by 1983.
l: Winner of the 1993 World HB Champion-ships in Luxembourg; Participant in many National & 6 World Championship events.
m: BFA, Board of Dir.1980-83, Pres.1981-83. 1987 (April): elected board member (Pilot Board Member, Great Lakes Region) of newly formed BFA Competition Division. April 1987 to November 1989: President BFA Competition Division.
h: Montgolfier Diploma. 1990. Received the Sheilds Trauger Award for service to Ballooning. (Highest national ballooning award.) 1994 - Received the National Certificate of Honor Award from the National Aeronautics Association (NAA) at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. (Highest NAA award for balloonists). March 1988: Served as Crew Chief for "Project Share", John Petrehn's world circumnavigation attempt from Mendoza, Argentina. January 1996: Served as member of Steve Fossett's "Solo Spirit" Loyola Chicago tracking team for world circumnavigation attempt from St. Louis. January 1997: Served as of Steve Fossett's Director of Mission Control in St. Louis for "Solo Spirit" world circumnavigation attempt from St. Louis. August 1998. Served as of Steve Fossett's Director of Mission Control in St. Louis for "Solo Spirit" world circumnavigation attempt from Mendoza, Argentina. October 1998 through December 1998: Served in London, England Ops Centre for ICO Global circumnavigation attempt from Morocco. Pilots: Steve Fossett, Richard Branson, Per Lindstrand. 1986 and 1987: U.S.National Championships Jury member. Jury president for the 1997 Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon race, Warsteiner, Germany. Jury member for the 2001 World Air Games Hot Air Balloon Championships, Seville, Spain. Late 2004 to present: Chairman of the CIA Competitors Sub Committee, div of the FAI. 2006: Member of the CIA EDS Subcommittee (Event Development Services, formerly EPAS). 2005 to present: Member of the STATUTES, BY-LAWS & SC Working Group, (Division of the CIA Rules Subcommittee)***Epic flight 23 Jul.1985 from Kellog Airport (Battle Creek, MI) in "Sarah's Delight." Competing in World Hot-Air B-Championships, his envelope was torn by the basket of an Italian competitor. Al survived a 1000' fall that broke his shoulder; FAA/NTSB initially ruled that the accident was Al's fault, but later reversed itself, blaming “key punch error” and ruling that Contegiacomo was at fault on all counts.
a: 10 N.Old Creek Rd; Palos Park, IL 60464; 312/448-6755.
r: E-mail, 19 Dec. 2006; Chicago Tribune 24 Jul.1985(S2)p1:2; BM-1985p25; Data-Sheet Nov.82; BL-Aug.87p19.

BLOUNT, ?         USA                 (1780?1830)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional balloonist.
Possibly a stage name.
p: Performer for Rickets Circus of Philadelphia, PA.
f: Only recorded flight 18 Dec.1800 from Philadelphia. r: Columbian Centennial (Boston) 20 Dec.1800.

BLYTHE, Harry E.         USA          #-1062 (1889?1980)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Professional Aeronaut.
b: 23 Jun.1889 Canton, OH.
p: Goodyear Balloon & Airship Pilot; Goodyear executive; Owner of own successful business.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1062 issued 24 Nov.1930.

BOEGLER, Albert         FRANCE                 (1880?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-                 Sport Balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
***Epic flight 1911. Made the longest distance flight from France that year.
r: FAI-Archives.
h: La Grande Prix de L'Aero-Club de France-1911.

BOESMAN, Johan         NETHERLANDS         (1914-1976)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-F/V.                 Sport Balloonist.
Prolific pilot of Balloon Mail; Husband Of balloonist Nini.
b: 7 Oct. 1914, Rotterdam.
d: 13 Dec. 1976, Leiden.
e: Public Notary School, The Hague.
p: Economist for KLM Airways, Author of three B-Books; President of the Dutch Aeronautical Museum.
f: First B-Flight 1935 (F. BEMDEN); First B-Solo 1936; Received B-License 1936, Hague balloon club; Made more than 485 B-Flights in lifetime.
m: Youth Aviation Club, 1926. Hague Balloon Club (FM), 1936-Life; Balloon-Zeppelin Post Club (De Vliegende Hollander), Pres.; Historical Aviation Association, President.
h: George W. Anders Memorial Award, 1970 (for service to Aero philately); Order of the Vest, 1970, Transport Assoc.of America; National recognition by In'tl Feder. of Aero philately. De Vliegende Hollander. Honorary member of most World Aero philatelic Societies. Honored with his picture on two Postage Stamp issues (Haiti-1968). ***Epic flight 18 May 1946 (W/Nini & C.DOLLFUS). Started honeymoon in a balloon. ***Epic flight 1951 from Munster. Made the first B-Flight in Post War Germany. ***Epic flights flying the first B-Mail in the following countries: Austria, 13 June 1965; Israel, 8 Sep. 1959; Australia, 13 Sep. 1953; Italy, 28 Oct. 1952; Algeria, 8 Dec. 1950; Yugoslavia, 22 Sep. 1967; Belgium,13 Sep. 1953; Kenya, 21 Mar. 1962; Canada, 1959 & 67; Mali, 1963; Denmark, 4 July 1948; Morocco, 3 Mar. 1968; England, 8 June 1953; Netherlands, 1951; France, 25 May 1949; Norway,10 May 1959; Germany, 30 July 1951; Pakistan, 23 Feb. 1964; Greece, 13 Nov. 1952; San Marino 15 Oct. 1958; Haiti, 28 Nov. 1968; Sarr, 3 May 1953; Hungary, 3 Sep. 1967; So. Africa, 4 June 1958; Iceland, 23 June 1957; Surinam, 5 Nov. 1955; India, 14 Nov. 1963; Sweden, 4 July 1948; Indonesia, 7 Nov. 1948; Switzerland, 26 Oct. 1952;
r: Data sheet Dec 1981 by Nini.

BOESMAN, Nini Visscher (F)            NETHERLANDS         (1918-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-V/BF.         Sport Balloonist.
Wife of balloonist, Johan.
b: 11 May 1918, Dedemsvart.
e: Teachers College, Secretarial School; Language School, England.
p: Secretary for the Dutch Dept. of Economics; Curator of the Dutch Aeronautical Museum.
f: First B-Solo 1937; B-License 1948 with the Haagsche Balloon Club; Accompanied her husband on most all World travels; Expert balloonist in her own right.
m: Haagsche B-Club; De Vliegende Hollander; Italian Union Aida.
h: First prize, Courncelles, 1949; Second prize, Amsterdam, 1950; Second prize, Hengelo, 1957; Coupe Andries Blitz, Definitive; LTA Hall of Fame-1996. *** Made many epic flights across the Alps.
r: Who's Who of Holland; BM-Sept.96 p25.

BOETTNER, Jack A.         USA         # 237 (1893-1961)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AR/BH.         Aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 23 Jun.1892 Woodville, OH;
d: 16 Mar.1961 Miami, FL.
e: Washington & Jefferson University.
s: Officer in U.S.Navy Reserve; Drafted W/commission 9 Nov.1939; Active duty Moffett-NAS 1940-45, Ret.Lt.Commander in 1946.
p: Balloon & Airship pilot for Goodyear, 1916-45; Chief of Blimp Operations, 1928-45.
f: Obtained Balloon (#237) & Airship (#13) licenses in 1917; Instructed over 200 Balloon students; More than 1000 B-Hours by 1929; Made 603 airship flights in 1926; Had over 10,000 airship hours in his lifetime.
l: Participated in many National & In'tl balloon events.
m: Caterpillar Club Member #2; Aero Club of America. Epic flight 21 Jul.1919 (W/H.Wacker & 3-crew) from Chicago IL in "Wingfoot Express." Airship ignited at 1200'; Boettner & Wacker parachuted to safety, but burning pieces (& 3-crew) fell through a bank skylight, killing 11, and injuring 27 persons.
r: Chicago Tribune 22 Jul.1919; NT-18 Mar.1961/23/6; BF-M/A-1983p5/6(T).

BOILEAU, Jean                CAN                        (1961-                        (HB)
See Appendix-B                        Semi professional Balloonist.
p: Dir.of Communications, City of Gatineau;
l: Director of the annual Gatineau Balloon Festival. Epic flight 15 July 2001 over Ottawa with daughter Julie (age 15) and two other passengers. Balloon contacted powerlines and the resulting fuel fire separated the basket from the envelope. Julie died, Jean suffered severe injuries, and the other two suffered minor injuries.
r: Ottawa Sun 16 July; Mark Schilling, Luc Madore archives.

BOISE, Edwin C.         USA            (1880?1960)                 (GB)
p: Professional aeronaut, Balloons & Airships; Protégé of Leo STEVENS.
a: Resident of Coney Island (NY). ***Epic flight 30 Sep.1902 from Brighton Beach (Britain) in "Santos Dumont #6" (L.STEVENS & S.SPENCER flew it the same day).
r: Daily Mail 1 Oct. 1902; PYA-Scrapbook.

BOLAND, Brian Jeffrey         USA                 (1949-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-P/BA/BB/BC.        Aeronaut extraordinaire.
Ex-husband of balloonist Katherine; Father of balloonist Jeffery.
b: 15 Apr.1949, Queens, NY.
e: MBA-Pratt Institute, NY-1973.
p: Art teacher to deaf; Semi-Professional balloonist; Flew "tour-balloons" in Europe for B.BOMBARD; Owner/operator of Aero Sports facility.
f: First B-Flight 1970(solo) self taught, 1970 from Farmington, CN; FAA B-License #2220650 on 10 Mar.1973; One Gas B-Flight with Tony FAIRBANKS.
l: Built & flew more than 100 self-made balloons & airships by 1998; Holder of many FAI-World AX-Class records; Aerostation author for many Aerostat Publications; 1982, Competitor at Irish National B-Championships; 1983, Completed Hot-Air Airship "Rover" (80,000 Cf.); 1988, Established a World BX-Altitude record of 16,200'. ***Epic flight Spring of 1972 (solo) from Farmington, CN. Load tapes on self-made balloon melted in-flight. Pilot impacted with the ground with the basket & burner, sustaining minor injuries. ***Epic flight 14 May 1982 (W/wife & Jorge Delano) from "Angel Falls" in Venezuela. First successful flight over the falls, landing in the jungle. ***Epic flight 19 Feb.1988 (W/61-pax) from Sebago Lake, ME. Flight established a record in the Guinness Book of Records, for the number of passengers flown. (see C.DAVY-1979=32, H.BRINK-1987=44).***Epic flight 34 Mar.1995 from Sebago Lake, ME. Flight set (not FAI sanctioned) altitude and distance records for BX-3 thru 9 airships.
r: Bio-Data Nov.1983; BL-Feb.1988, Apr.1995p9; Pers.interview.

BOLAND, Katherine E. (F)            USA                 (1951-                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC/BX.         Sport Balloonist.
Ex-wife of Brian; Wife of balloonist DELANO.
b: 28 Nov.1951, Farmington, CN; Maiden name Wadsworth.
p: Draftsman, Commercial artist, Architectural consultant.
l: Coauthor (W/DELANO) of "Above the Lost World." ***Epic flight 2 Nov.1978 (solo) from Monarch Pass, CO. Established a new FAI World AX-Class record of 11,412'.

BOLEY, J.H.         USA                 (1850?1873) K                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional Balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
***Epic flight 1873. Balloon was noticed to be on fire at 300' on ascent. Trapeze lines burned through at about 1200' and pilot died of impact injuries.

BOLITHO, Thomas Gerald C.            BRITAIN         (1880?1930)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AL/AS?         Military balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
s: Officer in the British Army; Captain in B-Corps 1918; Made 7 para-jumps in 700 hours aloft.
h: Distinguished Flying Cross. ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1918. Called in counter-fire, and destroyed the enemy battery that hit his balloon, as his balloon was falling.
r: RAF-archives, Kew Gardens.

BOLSHEV,                        RUSSIA                (1860?1920)                 (GB/KB)
s: Officer in the Russian Navy; Commander of the "Sebastopol Aerostatic Park" 1910+; Balloon & Kite maker 1890-99; Served as B-Instructor to 1910.
l: Credited for his design in the remodeling of the Kite-balloon carrier ship "Russ" Nov.1904 (FIRST ship totally dedicated to the launch of aircraft, later named Dniestr).
r: To Launch From a Floating Base.

BONAPARTE, Luigi N.        ITALY                 (1802-1831)                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-CR.                 Sport Balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
Mid-name: Napoleone.
b: 10 Oct.1802 Paris.
d: 17 Nov.1831 Forli.
l: Made one recorded flight.
r: l'Aeronautica Italia.

BOND, Carlton Foster         USA         #-863 (1893?1873)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AH/AI.         Military & Sport balloonist.
b: 27 Jul.1893 Chicago, IL.
s: Enlisted as Sergeant in the Oregon National Guard 1916; Commissioned 1918, assigned to Balloon Corp; Lt.Colonel Airforce, 1942; Retired 1945.
f: Completed B-Training 1918 at Ft.Omaha; Airship training 1921; FAI-ACA B-License #863 issued 10 Sep.1919; Airship license.
l: 1922, Aide (to WESTOVER) in U.S.National B-Race; 1922, Aide (to WESTOVER) in G-Bennett B-Races; 1923, Aide (to McCULLOUGH) in U.S.National B-Race.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

BONNETTE, Charles C.           USA                 (1890?1907) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist.
Patriarch of a ballooning family.
p: Acrobat, made ascents hanging by his teeth.
f: First recorded ascent 1903 from Concord, NH. ***Epic flight 20 Oct.1907 from Claremont, NH. Balloon burst at 200' after launch. Pilot released with his parachute, but it failed to fully open. He landed on his back in the middle of the crowd, and died of internal injuries.
r: NT-21 Oct.1907/1/2.

BOONE, Thomas Carroll            USA                 (1876-1899) K          (HP/OB)
See APPENDIX-B/J.                 Patriot of Patriots.
Direct descendant of Daniel Boone (famous frontiersman), and Thomas Caroll (signer of U.S.Declaration of Independence).
b: 1876, Annapolis, MD.
d: 1899, Boston, MA.
p: Telegraph operator.
s: Volunteer telegraph operator; Served as balloon/telegraph operator in Spanish-American War. ***Epic ascent 30 Jun.1898 (see APP-J) near Santiago Cuba. Observation balloon drew full enemy fire before crucial battle. Boone was shot, and became impaled on a drag anchor. He never fully recovered from his wounds. NOTE: injuries disputed by Commander MAXFIELD.
r: NT-1899.

BOOTH, Ralph Sleigh            BRITAIN         (1890?1950)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/CH.         Sport balloonist; Military Aeronaut.
d: 12 Sep.1969 Netherbury.
s: Officer in the Royal Navy Flying Corps; Airship Designer/Developer/pilot; Captain 1 Apr.1918; Squadron Leader 1918; Wing Commander 1945; Outstanding aviation career.
f: No record of FAI B-License; Military brevet based in his airship training.
l: Commander of the R-100 Airship; Participant (W/G.MEAGAR) in the 1927 G-Bennett B-Race; Considered the "finest" rigid airship captain in the RAF; Many epic flights in career.
h: Airman’s Flying Cross, with Bar.
r: RAC-archives; My Airships; BF-Nov.1969p5(T).

BOOTHBY, F.L.M.            BRITAIN #*30 (1890?1950)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AS.                 Military balloonist.
s: Officer in the Royal Navy Flying Corps. Airship pilot; Lt.; Colonel 1 Apr.1918.
f: B-License #30 issued.
r: RAC-arhives.

BORING, Gordon         USA                 (1940?                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-                 Sport balloonist.(Bio-data unavailable).
p: Owner of a Balloon Repair facility (Wicker Basket B-Center).
f: First B-Flight 1976.
l: Participant in G-Bennett B-Races 1988,89, 91 & 93.
m: BFA, Gas B-Committee.
a: 1801 Rock Rd; Walled Lake, MI 48088; 313/669-4233.

BORREN, vanden            BELGIUM         #.43 (1860?1930)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Military balloonist.
s: Officer in the Belgian Army, General in 1909.
m: Aero Club of Anvers, President.
f: FAI-ACB B-License #43 issued 1909.
r: ACB-Anniee 1909-26.
a: 33 r.des Pierres; Anvers.

BORSEN, Guy         USA                 (1870?1896) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist 1895-96 era.
***Epic flight 16 Aug.1898 from Dallas, TX. Launch from Oak Cliff College; ascent & descent were normal, but he landed in a tree. His head caught in a forked branch about 10' from the ground, and dislocated his neck.

BORT, Teisserence de         FRANCE                 (1860?1910)                 (HP)
Pseudonym for "Leon Philippe."
p: Scientist, meteorologist.
l: Discovered the Stratosphere" by using a sounding balloon; Did systematic research on the nature of the atmosphere; Discovered the correct height of the "tropopause" with sounding balloons; Noted that at that specific altitude, the temperature does not decrease anymore, but increases slightly.

BOURLOUSKI, B.                RUSSIA                (1900?1945)                        (GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/AC/AQ.                Military balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
Russian name spelled "Bourloutzki."
s: Officer in the Russian Army.
l: Established Russian Distance (1702 km) & Duration (61 hours) AA4 & 5 records (W/Aliochine) from Moscow in 1939 (Russia was not then a member of the FAI, nor did they submit appropriate documentation. Claim has been generally recognized). Russian press release; FAI record files.

BOUTTIEUX, Victor Paul            FRANCE         (1860?1920)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.                 Military balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
s: Officer in French Army, Commander of Aerostiers, 1907; Retired General. Balloon history unknown.
h: Aero Club of France, Honorary Member; Chevalier de le Legion d'honneur.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

BOWERS, David         BRITAIN                 (1945-1989) K                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Semi-professional balloonist (bio-data unknown)
b: 1945, Yorkshire, U.K.
d: 15 Oct.1989 Australia; Emigrated to N.Zealand 1975; Australia 1976.
p: Furniture salesman; Chief Pilot, Balloon Flights of Australia.
f: First B-Flight 1973; Self-taught.
l: Established the "Swan Flight" B-Group in Yorkshire, Britain. ***Epic flight 15 Oct.1989 (W/Gabriel Leslie) from Hunter Valley. Flight was normal until landing in the proximity of powerlines. Bowers jumped from the basket, holding the deflation line, and was electrocuted. The balloon started to rise and the passenger jumped from about 25 meters and died from impact injuries. The balloon continued on and landed gently in trees, with no damage. NOTE; Balloon was very old, and Bowers was considered a heavy drinker.
r: Howard Lacy, P.Vizzard archives.

BOWERS, David H.            USA                #-62        (1945-1989)                 (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR/CU.                Military balloonist (bio-data unknown)
West Point Military Academy-1902.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army; Served in the Philippines, Cuba, & Alaska; First Commander of Camp Wise (San Antonio, TX) B-School; Major in 1918; Outstanding Military career.
f: Received initial B-Training at Ft.Omaha with the Missouri Aeronautical Society; FAI-ACA B-License #62 issued 6 Jun.1917.
r: The Balloon Souvenir.

BOWES, Harvey R.         USA         #-670 (1893?1960)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 19 Jul.1893 Howard, PA. Still alive 1969.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917, Balloon & Airship pilot; Recommissioned from retirement 1 Aug.1939; Sea duty commander to 1945; Naval aviator #2910.
f: Balloon & Airship training 1918-19 at Akron, OH; Airplane pilot; FAI-ACA B-License #670 issued 21 Aug.1918; Airship license.
r: Contact-Profiles p515.

BOWLING, Elmer J.         USA         #-241 (1892-1950)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 15 Jan.1892 Parmington, MO;
d: 12 Oct.1950 Maxwell AFB, AL.
s: Enlisted as Private in the U.S.Army Reserve 1916, Airsrvice; Commissioned 1917; Assigned to B-Corps 1918; Retired Colonel; Commanding Officer of Maxwell AFB, 1944-45.
f: Received balloon training at Ft. Omaha, NB; FAI-ACA B-License #141 issued 12 Dec.1918; Completed Airship school 1923; Airplane School 1929.
h: Bowling Field (AFB) named in his honor.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1942-43; NT-13 Oct.1950/29/2.

BOWMAN, Charles Richard        USA                        (1892?1950)                        (GB)
s: Officer in the U.S.Army; Served as a Kite Balloon observer in frontline combat for 8 months starting Dec.1917.
f: Received initial flight training at Ft.Omaha in 1917; Free & Kite balloon, Airship, and Airplane pilot; Military brevets
l: Distinguished Aviation career.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1928.

BOYCE, William D.         USA                 (1860-1929)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF.         Sport Balloonist. FIRST to fly in KENYA.
b: 16 Jun.1860 Allegheny, PA;
d: 11 Jun.1929 Chicago, IL.
p: Lawyer, Newspaper publisher (Chicago Ledger & Saturday Blade); Correspondent to 1200 newspapers; Pres. of Marseilles Land & Water Power Co.; Owner of Boyce Building, downtown Chicago; Flight history unknown, no previous flight records.
l: Self-made Millionaire from middle - class family; Bought Santos-Dumont’s No.9 airship and donated it to the Smithsonian Museum in 1908; Founder of the Boy Scouts of America, 1910 (see THOMAS).
h: Street in Ottawa, IL named in his honor.
m: Chicago B-Club (FM & Pilot); Republican Clubs; Union League; Chicago Athletic Club; Pres.of the American Publishers Club. ***Epic flight 4 Dec.1909 (W/Sir Percy Girouad) from the Rift Valley, Kenya. Balloon was tethered to a mule for a photographic ascent. A strong "thermal" carried the balloon & mule aloft; Occupants were missing for several days and reported as dead. NOTE: See LOVELACE, who was hired to do the safari logistics.
r: Who's Who in America; Lunatic Express; Nairobi Herald, 1909-10.

BOZARTH, Montz         USA                 (1875?1925)                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional Balloonist.
f: First recorded B-flight 3 Apr.1893; Last recorded flight 1926. ***Epic flight 22 Oct. 1897. Did a parachute act from a smoke balloon, by being shot from a suspended cannon.
r: Billboard Posters; Classic American Air posts.

BRABAZON, Claud M.P.            BRITAIN          #* 7 (1870-1959)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH/AS.                Sport & Military Balloonist.
Nickname: Ivan; Residential estate in N.Ireland; Cousin of balloonist John; Married to sister of E. MAITLAND; Son of administrator for the "East India Company."
b: 1870 Meath;
d: 14 May 1959 Wicklowe: Wellington & Trinity Hall; Cambridge University.
s: Officer in the Royal Military Service (Ret.1919 Mjr.); Served in: Royal Field Artillery at Malta; N.Irish Horse Guards in S.Africa (Boer War); Egyptian Army in the Sudan; Royal Flying Corps, Squadron #1 (1912); Flight Commander of Airship "Eta" (1913); Active flight duty in France (1914); Commander of 2nd Kite B-Section (France 1915-16); Commander of Mullion Airship Station (1917); Commander of Pulham Airship Station (1917).
f: Sport balloonist 1905-10 era; Balloon, Airship, Airplane pilot; Collaborator W/ ROLLS / HUNTINGTON / BREWER / MAITLAND.
l: Auto mechanic for C.ROLLS; Race car driver; Yachtsman; Participated in 1907 & 08 G-Bennett B-Races.
h: Winner of "Circuit des Ardennes", 1907 (auto race).
r: RAC-Archives; The Balloonatics p4; The Brabazon Story.

BRABAZON, John T.C.            BRITAIN          #* 8 (1870-1964)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AD/AG/AH/AS.         Sport Balloonist.
Full name: Lord John Theodore Cuthbert Moore-Brabazon of Tara; Cousin of balloonist Claud; Husband of balloonist.
b: 8 Feb.1884 Meath. d: 18 May 1964 Chertsey.
e: Harrow & Trinity College; Cambridge University.
p: Member of Parliament 30 years (1918-48, Commons AND Lords); Minister of Transport 1923-27; Minister of Aircraft Production, 1942-45; Director of many companies and aviation enterprises.
s: French ambulance driver; Officer in the Royal Flying Corps; Aerial Photographer, Distinguished career; Retired Lt.Colonel.
f: First B-Flight 1900?with SPENCER/ROLLS/BUTLER; Was issued FAI-RAC B-License #8 on 5 Nov.1907; Was issued FAI-RAC Airplane license #1 on 8 Mar.1910; FIRST Brit. to fly an airplane (29 Apr.1909, see CODY); Was issued FAI-French Airplane license #40.
l: Accident investigator of R-101 airship crash; Author of four Aeronautical publications; Co-financer (W/ROLLS) of the "Short Brothers" Aircraft Co.; Champion Golfer; motorcycle & race car driver.
m: Royal Aero Club, President; President of the FAI; Founded FAI-CIA (1946) to include the "International League of Aeronauts"; Royal Auto Club, 1904-24; Royal Yacht Club, 1903-64; Pres.Institute of Aero Engineers; Pres.St.Moritz Toboggan Club; Captain of the Ancient Royal Golf Club of St.Andrews.
h: Honorary Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Pres.1934-6; Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society; Winner of 1000L for first 1-mile circular flight in an airplane,1909; FIRST 3-time Winner of"Cruzon Cup"toboggan race, St.Moritz-1927; Commander AND Chevalier in the "Legion of Honor."
r: The Brabazon Story.

BRACHTENDORT, Heinrich           GERMANY         (1933-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BN/BP.         Sport balloonist.
Bio-Data ON file (in German); 200+ G-Balloon flights by 1983.
r: FuA.

BRADIE, John         USA                 (1895?1911) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Smoke balloonist.
Name sometimes spelled: Bradey.
p: Professional balloonist for South Georgia State Fair. ***Epic flight 5 Oct.1911 from Tifton, GA. Launch seemed normal, but release was made from 700' and his parachute did not fully open before impact.
r: NT-6 Oct.1911/2/3.

BRADLEY, Eduardo            ARGENTINA #:12 (1889-1951)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-W/AH/AV.         Military Aeronaut.
FIRST to cross the Andes Mountains.
b: 9 Apr.1889, La Plata.
d: 4 May 1951, Buenos Aires.
p: Manager of Pan American-Argentine Aviation; Member of Civil Aviation Board of Directors; Director of many Aviation Co's.
f: First B-Solo 19 Nov. 1911; Made 19 B-Flights in his lifetime; B-License #12 issued 28 Sep.1912; Airplane license issued 7 Feb.1915.
l: Established Argentine Altitude record, 6920m, 13 Oct.1915; Established Argentine Duration record, 28:10, 22 Oct.1915; Established Argentine Distance record, 900Km, 29 Oct.1915.
m: Argentine Aero Club-1912, Pres. & Director.
h: Decorated "Military Aviator" for epic Andes flight; Commemorated on an Argentine postage stamp. ***Epic flight 29 Oct.1915 (W/Zuloaga) from Buenos Aires in "Belgrano." Landed in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil. ***Epic flight 24 Jun.1916 (W/Zuloaga) from Chile to Argentina. Crossed the Andes mountains in six hours. ***Epic flight 1929 (Cadavel) from St.Louis, MO in "Argentino." Flight in the G-Bennett B-Race ended in an landing collision with a tree in Indiana. Ed fell out of the basket and crushed his knee on impact.
r: Cronica Historica Aeronautica Argentina.
r: NT-5 May 1951p17(T).

BRADLEY, Lucretia (F)            USA                 (1828-1900)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Sport Balloonist.
Married name "Hubbell."
b: 1828 Easton, PA.
d: 1900 Norwich, CN.
f: Purchased first balloon from John Wise for $100; First B-Flight (solo) Jan.1855; Reportedly made 3-flights. ***Epic flight Jan.1855 from New Jersey (her first flight, no previous instruction). Inexperienced pilot left the appendix tied closed, balloon burst at considerable altitude. Envelope inverted in the net, she survived the crash in a field with minor injuries.

BRADLEY, Ray            USA                 (1885-1910) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 1885 Muncie, IN.
p: Smoke balloonist. ***Epic flight 1 Jul.1910 from Albany, IN on a double parachute drop. Launch and First parachute release were successful. After cutting away the first, the second failed to open before impact.
r: NT-2 Jul.1910/1:6.

BRADLEY, Troy         USA                 (1964-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BG/BV/BY.         Professional balloonist.
b: 15 Aug.1964 Denver, CO.
e: Golden (CO) High School.
p: Worked for World-Balloons 1984-93, Albuquerque, NM; Partner in Adventure Balloons, and Odyssey project.
l: Skydiving
f: Hot-Air & Gas balloon qualified; First HB-Flight 1976 W/J.Dutro (grandfather); First Gas B-Flight; 1986; First B-Solo Jul.1979 from Frederick, CO; FAA B-License #524239781 issued 23 Aug.1980, Commercial-1982;.
l: 1981, Participant at the U.S.Nat.HB-Champion-ships; 1985, N.Mexico State B-Champion; 1986, Organized a 19 B-Event to 24,000'; 1987, Participated in the G-Bennett B-Races; More than 2300 B-Hours (24 gas ascents) by 1994.1988, Competitor in N.American champion-ships at St.Jean Canada; 1990, Placed 4th in N.American Championships at San Antonio,TX; 1991, Built & flew his own Anhydrous Ammonia Gas balloon; 1991, Placed 8th in U.S.Nat.GB-Championships; 1992, N.Mexico State B-Champion; 1993, Participated in the G-Bennett B-Races; 1994, Established World Duration record (10:01) in AM-1 Class; Established World Distance record (197sm) in AM-1 Class; Established World Altitude record (5614m) in AM1-7 Class. 2003, Awarded Montgolfier Diploma for HB flight of 1017 miles.
m: AAAA; BFA, Gas Balloon Committee, AM-class subcommittee; Colorado Balloon Club.
h: Shields-Trauger Memorial Award; Sid Cutter Award; LTA-Society Achievement Award; De La VAULX Medal. ***Epic flight 16 Sep.1992 (W/R.ABRUZZO) from Bangor Maine and landed east of Casablanca, Morocco. Established World records for AM-7 thru 9 class (heated helium) balloons. It also established an absolute endurance (144:23) record. Set a total of 46 world records by 2004.
r: Pers. interview-1992; Skylines Aug.94p7, Dec.04p4; Bio-form Oct./94.

BRADSKY, Herald M.de            FRANCE         (1866-1902) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.                 Sport Balloonist.
Aristocrat (Baron).
b: 1866 Zwickau Hungary.
d: 9 Oct.1902 Paris (age 36).
p: Diplomat to Japan and India.
m: Aero Club of France.
f: First B-Flight Sep.1901 W/LACHAMBRE from Paris to Mayenne.
l: Sport balloonist; Airship designer, no previous experience. ***Epic flight 9 Oct.1902 (W/P.Morin) from Paris. Test flight in his new airship ended when the frame broke at 200 meters near St. Dennis. Both aeronauts were killed on impact, Bradsky under the weight of the motor. NOTE: Paul Morin was an electrical engineer; Airship was built by LACHAMBRE.
r: NY Herald 14 Oct.1902; Birmingham (GER) Gazette.

BRADY, Williamas            USA         #-586 (1896?1980)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 24 Jan.1896 Saginaw, MI; Res.Roscummon, MI 1969.
e: Drexel Institute, Phily, PA.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-21; Naval aviator #728.
p: Brady-Schriner Insurance (Board Chairman).
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #586 issued 10 Apr.1918.
r: Contact-Profiles p217.

BRAMHALL, Rubin A.            ENGLAND         (1850?1910)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.                 Professional Balloonist.
Resident of Bradford; Name not to be confused W/CRAMHALL, R.A.
f: Made an eventful B-Flight 24 Oct.1904; Last recorded flight 16 Aug.1909 from Lister. ***Epic flight Aug.1879 (W/Schmidt & Croft) from Bradford. Pilot was standing on the edge of the basket at launch, and fell off when it hit some bushes. The two passengers managed to land safely after 27 miles. ***Epic flight Aug.1879 from Bradford (3-days after above incident). Partially inflated balloon encountered a strong gust. The pilot, clinging to the net, was dragged a considerable distance before the balloon was impaled on a tree.
r: Bradford Telegraph 24 Oct.1904.

BRANDENSTEIN, Franz von            GERMANY         (1870?1940)                 (GB)
s: Military balloonist, free balloon pilot 1900 era.
p: Worked for the Zeppelin Airship Works 1902.
m: Member of Berliner Balloon Club.
r: A.D.Topping.

BRANNIF, Alberto D.        MEXICO                 (1870?1930)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-G.                 Sport Aeronaut.
f: Airplane & Balloon pilot.
l: Prominent sportsman; Sport balloonist 1910-15; Established a Mexican Airplane altitude record in 1910.
m: Aero Club of Mexico (FM), First Pres (31 Mar.1911).

BRANNIGAN, Charles E        USA                #-643        (1894-1931)        K                (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Professional Aeronaut.
b: 21 Sep.1894 Bowling Green, KY.
p: Pilot/Mechanic for Goodyear. FAI-ACA B-License # 643 issued 17 July 1918.
l: Test pilot for the Army at Langley, Test flew British, Italian, & French airships. ***Epic flight July 1931 from Kansas City (MO) in the Mayflower airship. Ship broke loose with the mast in a storm. It contacted powerlines before he could climb, and he died of severe burns from the explosion.
r: BF-V15 #1 p3, V30#5(T).

BRANSON, Richard                ENG                        (1950-                         (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B                        Lighter-than-Air enthusiast
b: 1950.
e: Stowe School, Buckinghamshire.
p: Entrepreneur, Founder of the Virgin companies, Publishing, Recordings, Airlines; Co-Owner of American Blimp Company.
f: British Hot air license; Instructor was Robin Batchelor
l: Financed and participated (W/P.LINDSTRAND) in many record setting balloon voyages.
h: Knighted 30 March 2000.
r: San Diego Air Museum archives.

BRAUN, Fritz         GERMANY         (1922-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BE/BF/BJ/BN.         Sport balloonist 1953+
b: 25 Apr.1922 Peiting
p: Railway official.
s: Officer in German Airforce 1941-45 (bomber pilot).
f: First Gas B-Flight 20 Sep.1953 with Ernst FRANK; First Gas B-Solo 3 Feb.1957 from Gersthofen/Augsburg; German B-License 5396-BYLAS (HB/GB) issued 14 Dec.1956; Designated Ballonmeister #38 22 Feb.1965; Glider pilot,1953; More than 639 B-Flights (558-Gas) by 1985.
l: 1979, Pilot in Modern G-Bennett B-Race.
h: 1965, Montgolfier Diploma; Otto Lilienthal Diploma; Dadalias Gold Medal-1979.
m: Frei-ballonverin Augsburg; Southofen-Alpen Ballon Sportclub.
a: Schillerstr. 18; G-8900 Augsburg; 0821-55-73-57.
r: Bio-data 17 aug.1985.

BRAYTON, William         USA                 (1850?1900)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional aeronaut.
f: Made many flights in the Central United States. ***Epic flight 25 Oct.1879 from St. Charles, MO. Pilot, dressed in thin "tights", ascended for a short flight that covered 60 miles in one hour. He reminisced afterwards, that he got so numb from the cold, that he feared being dragged to death on landing.
r: NT-28 Oct.1879/2/5.

BRENK, Stanislaw         POLAND                 (1901-1969)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-CH.         Sport balloonist.
b: 24 Dec.1901 near Gniezno;
d: 24 Sep.1969 Kitchener Canada.
s: Officer in the Polish Airforce.
f: Early B-History unknown; Number of B-Flights unknown.
l: 1936, Aide to A.JANUSZ in G.Bennett B-Race (placed second); Author of "Balonem-LOPP" nad Movze Biate (To the White Sea with the Balloon LOPP).
r: A.Janusz, Mar.1991.

BREWER, Arthur D.         USA          #-819 (1896?1960)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military Aeronaut.
b: 4 May 1896 Medford, MI.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917, Balloon & Airship pilot; Lt.Commander 16 Jun.1942; Executive Officer at Weeksville NAS.
f: Attended FIRST U.S.Navy Airship class (June 1917); Balloon & Airship training with Goodyear at Akron, OH; FAI-ACA B-License #819 issued 21 May 1919.
r: Contact-Profiles.

BREWER, Cyril (F)            ENGLAND         (1870?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AS.         Sport Balloonist. Wife of balloonist, Griffith.
***Epic flight 20 Feb.1906 as pilot (W/P.SPENCER & F.BUTLER) from London. FIRST English woman balloonist to cross the English Channel. Landed at Habersant after 110 miles in 4-hours.

BREWER, Griffith         ENGLAND         (1867-1948)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-X/AG/AH/AS.         Sport & Military Balloonist.
Husband of balloonist, Cyril.
b: 23 July 1867, London.
d: 1 Mar. 1948 Hersham.
s: Officer in British Army, 1914-20; Test pilot; Balloon instructor (1914-18) and WW-I combat balloon observer; Commander of British Balloon Observer Corps; Lost a leg in WW-I combat.
p: Professional balloonist for SPENCER 1892-1906; Patent Agent; Teacher, Lecturer for the Royal Aero Society.
f: First B-Flight 9 May 1891 W/ GAUDRON from Chelsea; First B-Solo 1 Aug.1892 from Haverhill; FAI-RAC B-License #5 issued 25 Sep.1906; Fifty year flying career in all aircraft.
l: Made many epic balloon flights; Designer of many balloon safety devices and procedures; FIRST Englishman to ride in an airplane (W/W.Wright), 8 Oct.1908; Accomplished airplane & Autogyro pilot. ***Epic flight Apr.1916 W/E.MAITLAND) from Roehampton. Testing a new deflation mechanism on a free-flying kite balloon, he ripped at 2500'over the Thames River. The balloon immediately pitched nose-up, to a position where both pilots were able to see the internal rigging thru the air scoop of the tail fin. They landed in a London rail yard after dumping ballast at 200' above the water.
r: The Balloonatics p124.
m: RAC; Aero Society of Great Britain, President to 1941; Royal Aero Society 1940-42.
r: NT-2 Mar.1948p24; Nature-3 Apr.1948.

BRIGHTON, Malcolm            ENGLAND         (1938-1970) K          (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-B/I.                 Professional Balloonist.
b: March 1938 Aldershot.
d: 20 Sep.1970 Atlantic Ocean.
e: Aeronautical engineer.
s: Royal Airforce, 9-years (6 of those years at Farnborough).
p: Roller Bearing salesman, Founded Brighton Balloon Company (Hot-Air & Gas).
f: First B-Flight 1965; Exactly 100 flights in lifetime; Crossed English Channel on CAA B-License flight; Flew in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.
l: 1965, Participated in BBC B-Race; 1967, Built (W/A.SMITH, never flew) the W.A.S.P. Airship; 1967, Built (W/G.CAMPLIN) & flew the first successful U.K. hot-air balloon "Bristol Belle" 9 July; 1967, Built & flew "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang Airship (see L.VENTRY, G.CAMPLIN); 1970, Participated in St.Niklaas (Belgium) B-Race.
m: Founder Committee of the BBAC. ***Epic flight 20 Sep.1970 (W/R & P.ANDERSON) from E.Hampton, NY, in "Free-Life." Trans-Atlantic attempt unsuccessful. Last position was 100 Nm. East of 41N-72W (1488 Nm.). Neither bodies nor balloon were ever found.
r: BM-Spring 1972p49.
a: Farnham, Surrey (survived by wife Janet & 2-children).
r: NT-Sep.1970 (multi-issues); BBAC & T.Fairbanks archives; The Free Life by A.Smith.

BRIHUEGA, Anibal         ARGENTINA #:15 (1884?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military balloonist.
b: 21 Mar.1884 Rio Negro Prov.
s: Officer in Argentine Army, Lt. in 1913.
f: First B-Flight 18 Mar.1911 from Palermo in "Argentina"; FAI-AAC B-License #15 issued 20 Mar.1913; Made 22 B-Flights in lifetime; Airplane license #22 issued 21 May 1913.
r: Chronica Historica Argentina.

BRINE, R.E.         ENGLAND         (1855?1905)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG.         Sport balloonist, 1880-1900 era.
p: Officer in British Army.
l: Attempted several crossings of the English Channel.
r: See SIMMONS. NT-5 Mar.1882/1/3.

BRINK, Henk          NETHERLANDS         (1943-                   (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-I.         Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
p: Husband of balloonist "Evelien." ***Epic flight 25 Aug.1985 (W/Wife & E. Louwmam) from St.Johns, NFL (Canada) in "Flying Dutchman." Transalantic attempt was aborted after covering 1100 mi. Rescued by a passing ship. ***Epic flight 31 Aug.1986 (W/Wife & Hageman) from St.Johns NFL in "Dutch Viking." Successfully completed a Transalantic voyage, landing at Almere (near Amsterdam) after covering 2540 miles in 51:14. Beating the best previous time (see J.KITTINGER-1984) by 30 hours. ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1987 (W/44-pax) in "Nashua"(850,000 cu.ft). Flight was recognized as a World Record by Guinness Book of Records. See C.DAVY, 1979=32; B.BOLAND, 1988=61.
a: Laan Van Niftarlake 28; 3612 BT Tienhoven (UT); Holland.
r: The Aerostat-Oct.86p30, Oct.87p4.

BRINCKMANN, Wilhelm            GERMANY         (1870?1909) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AG.         Sport balloonist.
p: Doctor of Medicine, Charity Hospital of Berlin.
f: Sport balloonist; Made many epic flights. ***Epic flight 26 Nov.1909 (W/Hugo Francke) from Berlin in "Kolmar." Balloon was thought to have been struck by lightning. It burst in flight and both died of their injuries. Wreckage was found Northeast of the Adriatic Sea after covering more than 500 mi.
r: NT-22 Nov.1909/4/4.

BRISCOE, William Crawford            USA         #-520 (1892-1948)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 2 Sep.1892 Baltimore, MD;
d: 23 Oct.1948 Baltimore, MD.
e: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Civil Engineering.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Ret.1919; Naval Aviator #1070.
p: District Manager of Containered Products.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron, Montauk, and Chatham ENG; FAI-ACA B-License #529 issued 3 Apr.1918.
r: Contact-Profiles p293.

BROCKELMANN, Karl            GERMANY         (1866?1933)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-K/AH/AU/AZ/CH.         Sport balloonist.
b: 25 Mar.1866 Berlin.
d: 1933?Gaualgesheim.
e: Doctor of Philosophy.
p: Teacher in Berlin.
l: Pilot in G.Bennett B.Races of 1909; Predicted the modern development of ballooning; Many epic B-Flights, including Alpine from Innsbruck in 1908.
m: Augsberger & Berliner B-Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero Club.
h: Received German Sports balloon Gold Medal, 1934.
r: BuA p25.

BROGEN, William         BRITAIN                 (1950?                 (HB)
Sport balloonist (Bio-data unavailable).
b: Scotland.
s: Naval Aviator, 4000+ hours aloft.
l: Flew in Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Thailand; Owner of "Rossi."

BROKE-Smith, Philip W.L.            BRITAIN          #*17 (1882?1940)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-J/X/AG/AS.         Military balloonist.
Middle names William Lilian.
b: 1882.
e: Cheltenham; Royal Military Academy.
s: Officer in British Army, 2nd Lt.1900, Major 1916; Commander of British Balloon Corps in Boer War of 1899-1900; Served in Gibraltar 1903-4; India 1907; Mesopotania-1915; Afganistan-1919; India-1920; Adjutant B-Instructor 1910-11; Royal Air Service Squad. Instructor 1912.
f: FAI-RAC B-license #17 & Airship #2 issued 14 Apr.1911; Airplane 1912. First flights were in manned-kites 1902.
h: Distinguished Service Order-1916; OBE-1918.
m: Royal Aero Club.
r: Who's Who in Britain; RAC-archives.

BROOKES, Maude (F)            BRITAIN                 (1870?1930)                 (SM)
b: 1870 Liverpool;                 Professional Balloonist.
Married name "Maude Morgan"; Sister of balloonist "Edith"(killed 22/4/02 on first Dublin ascent).
p: Professional balloonist 1891-1902 era.
f: Student of G.P.LEMPRIERE (her manager and protégé); Made 18 ascents 1891-93.
l: 1891, Almost drowned in water landing. ***Epic flight 25 May 1893 from Dublin. Launched successfully, her parachute opened as normal, but collapsed 50' before landing. Pilot suffered severe injuries. ***Epic flight 7 Jul.1901 from Derby. Launched successfully, her parachute would not release. She climbed back up to the trapeze and flew until the balloon descended near Stonesby. She was dragged thru the bushes in her "tights"costume and suffered severe lacerations. Passing cyclists loaned her some clothes for her return.
r: Daily Mail 7 Aug.1901; The Big Umbrella-p38; When the Chute Went Up; Dublin Freeman 26/5/93.

BROOKS, G.W.         USA                 (1830?1890)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                        Professional Balloonist.
***Epic flight 1857 from St.Louis, MO. Became engulfed in a thunderstorm; encountered severe whirlwind and snow. Balloon was torn to pieces, but he escaped with minor injuries.

BROOKS, Silas M.         USA                 (1824-1906)          (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional Balloonist.
Brother of balloonist,G.W.; Resident of Forestville, NY and St. Louis, MO; Made a fortune, and spent all of it; Died in the Poorhouse; Reportedly had a sister that flew also.
b: 19 Dec.1824 Plymouth CT;
d: 5 Apr.1906 Burlington VT.
p: Musician (Druid horn) for BARNUMS Circus 1848; Professional B-Pilot, Instructor, Manufacturer; Museum Curator (St. Louis).
f: First B-Flight 4 July 1855; Last recorded flight 1888; Student of PAULLIN; started to do his ascents when Paullin fell ill; Lost 3-balloons Jun/Jul 1855; 30 year professional career; Last flight 4 July 1894 from Hartford, CN; Made 187-200 flights in his lifetime (30 year career). ***Epic flight 4 July 1855 from Chicago, IL in "Eclipse." Pilot fell out of the basket, when the grapnel caught securely on telegraph lines. Balloon was recovered several days later.
h: Gravesite honored with a bronze memorial marker donated by the Connecticut Lighter-Than-Air Society.
r: Journal of the CT.State Historical Society, April 1972; Illinois Gazette 2 Aug.1856; NT-8 Apr.1906/9/6(T).

BROUCKERE, Leon de            BELGIUM         (1870?1930)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV/AZ.         Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
f: Belgian B-License #8 Issued 1907.
p: Engineer.
l: Participated in many National & International B-Events. ***Epic flight 22 Apr.1907 from Brussels in "Ville de Bruxelles." Landed near Kiel after covering 700 miles.
a: 13 Rua Aug.Hock; Liege.
r: N.Y.Herald 24 Apr.1907; Royal Aero Club Annuals.

BROWN, Charles Henry            AUSTRALIA         (1815?1880)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-F/S.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 1826 USA.
d: Jan.1870 Richmond Australia (suicide, age 44); Moved to England, settled in Australia.
p: Assistant Dean of London University; Assistant to H.COXWEL-1850; Professional Balloon maker; Postal Clerk; Law Clerk.
f: Student of J.WISE about 1840; Protégé of J.DEAN; Made several ascents near Sydney Australia, 15 Feb.58-8 Feb.59; Claimed 40-80 ascents in his career; Last flight 4 Jan.1862 (W/Wife) from Melbourne. ***Epic flight 13 Dec.1858 (W/DEAN) from Sydney, crossing "Neutral Bay in 55 minutes.
r: EB-29; Melbourne Eve. Mail, 30 Mar.1858; Sydney Morn. Herald, 14 Dec.1858; H.Rogers archives.

BROWN, Richard Martin            USA                 (1941-                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-BD/BF.                Sport Balloonist.
b: 16 Sep.1941 Orange, NJ; Resident of Albuquerque, NM.
e: Univ.of New Mexico, BSEE-1972;
s: U.S.Navy 6-years.
f: First B-Flight 1973 W/S.CUTTER; First B-Solo Aug.1973 (Watrons); More than 200 B-Hours (incl. 2-Gas flights) by 1983.
l: 1973, Cloudbouncer Newsletter Editor; 1974-79, Ballooning Magazine Editor; 1974-Jan.79, Raven Owner Newsletter Editor; 1979, Author of "Hot-Air Ballooning" (Tab Books).
h: BFA-Presidents Award, 1976; Shields-Trauger Memorial Award; 1976; Sid Cutter Traveling Trophy, 1979; Montgolfier Diploma; 1980.
r: Data-Sheet, 1983.

BROWN, Walter Drennen            USA         (1888-1923)                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-S/L.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 7 Jun.1888 Viloa, IL.
d: 18 Jan.1923 Quincy, IL (age 35).
p: Was trained by, and worked for T.S.BALDWIN.
l: Incarcerated in the Coulty Workhouse for non-support of wife & four children; Pled severe heart disease and asthma; Died a few weeks later of heart failure in local hospital.
m: Member of Quincy Eagles Lodge.
h: Entire Lodge turned out for his funeral services; Buried in Quincy-Greenmount Cemetery.
a: Most of family resided in Racine, WI, present in Caledonia, MI.; Joyce Quillin (granddaughter); 7713 Thornapple River Drive, Caledonia, MI 49316; 616/981-0469.
r: Quincy Whig Journal 19 Jan.1923(T); Quincy Daily Herald 20 Jan. 1923; Quincy Daily Herald 23 Jan.1923(T); J.Quillin archives.

BROWN, William Dennis            USA                 (1942-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-                 Sport Balloonist.
b: 20 Jun.1942 Detroit, MI. Res.of Colorado-1991.
e: Western State College, BA-Business Management.
p: Businessman, Insurance & Real Estate.
f: First B-Flight (HB) 1 Sep.1976 W/Joe Wood; First B-Solo (HB) Oct.1977 from Frederick, CO; First B-Flight (GB) Nov.1985 D.REINHARD; First B-Solo (GB) Jan.1991 from Kersey to Brighton, CO; FAA B-License issued Oct.1978; More than 500 hours by 1991.
l: 1986, Asst. Steward for World G-Balloon Championship; 1990, Co-Founder (W/T.COLE) of: The NH3 Aero Research Consortium; Designed, built & flew own gas balloon; 1991, Participated in FIRST NH3 B-Race (Tyndall, SD).
m: BFA, Gas Balloon Committee; NAA; Colorado B-Club.
h: Winner of Montgolfier Diploma. ***Epic flight 7 Jan.1991 from Littleton (CO) in Golden Globe." FIRST recorded flight of a gas balloon using Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) for lift. Flight lasted 1:30, reaching 7200'MSL, and covered 30 Miles.
r: BL-Jun.91p16; Bio-data 1991.

BRUCE, Lyscom Alonzo            USA         #-703 (1895?1950)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 2.Apr.1895 Windsor, VT; Res.Worchester, MA 1969.
e: Harvard University, 1917.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-20 (Ens); Naval Aviator #1566.
p: Community Services of Greator Worchester.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #703 issued 25 Sep.1918.
a: 3 Tahanto Rd; Worchester, MA.
r: Contact-Profiles p406.

BRUCKNER, Joseph            GERMANY         (1870?1930)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Sport balloonist.
b: Milwaukee, WI; Family returned to Germany.
s: Officer in the German Army B-Corps.
f: Made many epic balloon flights in lifetime. ***Epic flight attempt 17 Apr.1913 (W/KRUGER) from Las Palmas, Canary Islands in "Suchard-II." Dirigible balloon could not be fully inflated, due to a lack of Hydrogen. Thus a bonified Transatlantic flight was abandoned.

BRUNNER, Rudolf            AUSTRIA (1895?1950)            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-AU (German nationality unconfirmed) Sport balloonist.
f: Active sport balloonist 1911-20 era.
p: Mechanic, inventor (See J.EMMER); Invented balloon heat-system using heating oil pressurized with a hand pump. ***Epic flight 5 Sep. 1934 from Berlin Germany. Ascended to 1500' in a hot-air balloon for 30 minutes, burning oil as a heat source.
r: Scientific American; BuA p26.

BRUNO, Edith T. (F)            USA                 (1875?1897) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 14 Jun.1897 from Chattanooga, TN. Launch and parachute release were normal. But she landed in the Tennessee River, became entangled in the lines, and drowned before rescue.

BRUNO, J.         ITALY                 (1800?1850)                 (GB)
Sport balloonist, 1830 era. ***Epic flight 1830. Unsuccessful attempt to cross Mediterranean Sea.

BRYAN, John Randolph            USA                 (1840?1900)          (HP/OB)
See APPENDIX-C/S/M;         Military Balloonist.
b: 1840, Yorktown, PA.
p: Officer in Confederate Army (Capt./chief clerk under Gen. Magruder. Participated in many major battles.
f: Organized first Confederate Balloon Corps of three balloons; All balloons made in Richmond, VA (by CEVOR); First balloon (Hot-Air, made of cotton) was lost on it's third flight. Rope caught on soldiers leg and was cut loose near Yorktown, VA 11 Apr. 1862 With Gen. Fitz-John as passenger. It drifted over Wynes Mill & Williamsburg enemy lines before returning South; Second balloon (Gas, made of varnished silk) known as the "Silk-Dress." Balloon was captured in boat-transport by Union Forces. See L.CHEVES & E.ALEXANDER; Third Balloon (also gas, made of silk scraps) caught in a gust of wind and broke loose from its mooring. It drifted over Union lines, and was captured by the enemy.
h: Cited for conspicuous bravery many times. ***Epic flight 11 Apr.1862 (W/?Gen.F-J.PORTER as passenger?) from Yorktown, VA. Third ascent over the battle zone, while being moved closer to the front. A handling rope impaled a soldiers leg, and the rope was quickly cut by an axe. The free balloon drifted over the enemy lines at Wynes Mill, before drifting South. It was abandoned after landing, due to the proximity of the enemy.
r: The Air Devils; Air Arm of the Confederacy; Sword Over the Mantel p94.

BRYANT, Frank         USA                 (1870?1930)                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-S/L.                 Professional Smoke Balloonist 1895-98.
p: Train Engineer 1906-08.
f: Student of T.S. BALDWIN; His B-Jumps were known for using great amounts of fireworks; Built & flew airship 1902; Flew glider 1909; Airplane 1911. NOTE: He may have been the first to fly a powered airship in USA.

BUCKNALL, Leslie         ENGLAND         (1860?1920)         (GB)
See APPENDIX-X/AG.         Sport balloonist 1890-1910 era.
Brother of balloonist Ernest.
f: First recorded B-Flight 1902 W/P.SPENCER. ***Epic flight 27 Nov.1906 (W/S.SPENCER) from London in"Vivienne." Crossed the English Channel during a flight of 402 miles, landing near Very Switzerland, after 16 hours. ***Epic flight 19 Jun.1907 from Ranelagh (London) in Enchantment." Balloon was struck by lightning and crashed onto a rooftop in Earlsfield.
r: Le Journal, 20 Jun.1907.

BUKER, Christopher         GERMANY         (1973?1996) K         (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Professional balloonist 1990-96 era.
Son of balloonist Hans.
p: Worked for his father, from Stad. ***Epic flight 31 January 1996 (W/4 German tourists) from Launterbrunnen. Balloon ascended rapidly in a beautiful valley with high mountains on both sides and hit a wind shear-line at about 7900 AGL (9000' MSL). A home video shown on worldwide television revealed that the envelope split the length of one gore, and streamered into a ravine. Radio contact with other balloonists broadcast his final words: "this is it." All aeronauts died on impact
r: CBS-TV news; Skylines March 1996 p12; A.Barnes archives.

BUKER, Hans-Heinrich        GERMANY         (1939-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-CJ.                 Professional balloonist 1978-86 era.
Father of balloonist Chris.
b: 30 Jun.1939 Wattenscheid.
e: University, Journalism-1960.
p: Journalist; Owner of Alpine Balloon Tours in Gstaad.
f: First Gas B-Flight 16 May 1968 with Werner LOHMAN; First Gas B-Solo 1971 from Westphalia; Swiss B-License #194 issued 8 Nov.1978; More than 3000 B-Hours (42 Gas starts) by 1983; Glider pilot.
l: 1971, Participated in Dunstable ENG B-Rally; 1972, Participated in Stanford Hall ENG B-Rally; 1980, Made first crossing of the Alps in a Hot-Air balloon, Crossed 20 times by 1985.
r: Personal interview; Swiss Aviation files.
a: Gstaad.

BUMBAUGH, George L.            USA          #-21 (1876-1952)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-C/L/S/AF/AI/AN/AR.        Professional Balloonist.
b: 7 Jan.1876, New Castle, PA;
d: 8 Nov.1952 Hickory Hills, IL.
e: Grove City College; Daughter married to balloonist C. A. COEY; Resident of Indianapolis, IN.
p: Balloonist & balloon manufacturer.
f: Received B-Training in Europe; Sport balloonist, 1898-1912 era; Parachutist 1898-1912; Airship pilot 1906-12, Airplanes 1910-17; Made more than 1000 gas balloon flights in lifetime.
l: 1907, Made 4-balloons for the Illinois Aero Club; 1908, Constructed a 110,000 cu.ft. Gas balloon.
m: ACA; Illinois Aero Club. ***Epic flight 20 Oct.1908 (W/FISHER) from Indianapolis, IN. Balloon was 119,000 cu.ft. of coal gas; gondola was an automobile. Flight ended successfully after 2:10; all equipment was loaded on the back of the car and driven to the launch point. ***Epic flight 1 Jun.1908 (W/COEY & Leichliter from Quincy. IL. Made a record breaking night flight, landing near Clear Lake, SD after covering 800 miles in 12 hours.***Epic flight 5 Jun.1909 (W/FISHER) from Indianapolis, IN. Made a record breaking flight in the National B-Race, covering 280 miles in 48 hours. Was disqualified for stopping (tethering to a tree) for cigars and water. ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1909 (W/Buiba, Custer, Carley, & Wender) from Dayton, OH in "Hoosier." FIRST in-flight publication of a newspaper (Dayton Journal). Crew carried a small printing press aloft on the 140 mile flight. ***Epic flight 1913 (W/Mrs. McDonald) from Indianapolis, IN. Gondola was a standard Baldwin piano, played in flight.
r: NT-9 Nov.1952p90(T).

BURFORD, Napoleon B.            USA                 (1807-1883)                 (HP)
See APPENDIX-M.                 Military Balloon Observer.
b: 1807 Kentucky.
d: 1 Mar.1883 Chicago, IL.
s: Officer in U.S. Army 1827-65, Ret. Brig. General; Distinguished military career.
p: President of Rock Island Railway; Pres. Union Federal Bank. ***Epic ascent 1862 (W/STEINER) at Island #10 on the Mississippi River. Used observation balloon to capture Belmont, MO.
r: NT-3 Mar.1883/5/4.

BURGESS, Arthur I.         USA         #-256 (1894?1960)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AN/AR.         Military balloonist.
Descendant of a Revolutionary War General.
b: 13 Oct.1894 Kingston, NY;
d: 21 Sep.1941 (age 47) Los Angeles, CA.
e: Harvard Business School; Univ.of Southern California.
s: Officer in U.S. Army 60th B-Company 1917-19; No Front line combat service; Captain in Judge Advocate Generals Department in WW-2; Served in Burma, China, France, and India.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Omaha, and Camp Wise; FAI-ACA B-License #256 issued 19 Nov.1918.
r: NAABCV-files.

BURGESS, Sullivan          USA         #-666 (1902-1941)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military Aeronaut.
Descendant of a Revolutionary War General; Brother of Arthur.
b: 3 Mar.1902 Los Angeles, CA;
d: 21 Sep.1941 Los Angeles, CA.
e: Harvard Business School; Univ.of Southern California.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy (Observation balloonist); Youngest Officer in the U.S. Navy (gave birth date of 1898); Distinguished military career.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #444 issued 14 Aug.1918; Airplane pilot; Naval Aviator #2679.
p: Author and professor of economics; Investment counselor.
m: ACA; University Club of Boston.
r: NT-22 Sep.1941/15/5 (T).

BURKE, ?         USA                 (1870?-1930)                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
p: Partners with R.NELSON. ***Epic flight 1 Aug.1895 from Phoenix, AZ. Ascent was interrupted at about 30' when his parachute cords parted. He landed on his side and suffered severe injuries. His partner tried to calm the crowd (claiming fraud) by attempting a moonlight ascent that cost him his life.
r: Evening Telegraph, Arizona Republican 2 Aug. 1895p1.

BURKE, Edward R.         USA         #-499 (1882-1968)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 28 Nov.1882 Running Water, SD;
d: 4 Nov.1968 Kinsington, MD.
e: Beloit College, 1906; Harvard Law School, 1911.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corp 1917-19.
f: Balloon training at Ft. Omaha, NB 1917-18. FAI-ACA B-License #499 issued 27 Mar. 1918.
p: U.S. Rep.(D) for Nebraska 1932-34; Senator 1934-40; Supported: Compulsory draft 1940; Equal Rights for Women; Statehood for Hawaii.
r: NT-5 Nov.1968/44/3 (T).

BURNABY, Frederic         ENGLAND         (1842-1885)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.                        Sport Balloonist.
Mid-name: Gustavus; Son of a church deacon.
b: 1842, Bedfordshire.
d:18 Jan.1885, Abu Klean, Sudan.
p: Officer in British Army, Cavalry Colonel; Killed in battle by a natives spear in the Sudan War.
f: First B-Flight July 1864 (W/GODDARD) in the hot-air balloon "Eagle."
l: A natural athlete, vain personality; 1882, Author of "A Ride Across the Channel."
m: Aeronautical Society Council. ***Epic flight 23 mar.1882 (solo) across the English Channel. Landing at Normandy (his only recorded solo flight, and his last ascent). He was discouraged from further participation in the sport by his Commanding Officer.

BURNET, Fred         USA                 (1850?1910)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Sport balloonist, 1875-80 era.
***Epic flight 23 Aug 1877 (w/Ned Estes) from Detroit, ascended in the late afternoon, encountered a fierce storm and landed in a tree-top.

BURNS, Lawrence                USA                        (1921-1994)                        (HB)
FIRST recorded active parish priest (Catholic, Indianola Iowa) to own and pilot a balloon.
b: 1921;
d: 23 Nov.1994 Des Moines, IA.
f: First B-Flight 1 Aug.1971 W/R.RECHS.
m: BFA, National Chaplain.
r: Skylines Jan.1995p9.

BURNS, Wallace C.         USA         #-876 (1893-1922) K          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military Balloonist.
b: 10 Mar.1893 Brandon, MS;
d: 20 Feb.1922 Hampton, VA.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #24 Mar.1920. Airship pilot. ***Epic flight 20 Feb.1922 (see MABRY). Killed in airship crash.

BURNS, Wilfred (William)            CANADA         (1874-1916) K                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 28 Oct.1874 (Canada).
d: 1916 Penang, Malaysia.
p: Circus acrobat, Prof.balloonist for Abell & Klaers Circus.
f: Made more than 500 ascents by 1895; Associate of J. PRICE; Made more than 700 flights, and 337 para-jumps in lifetime; Flew worldwide, including: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hawaii, India, Malaysia, Thailand. ***Epic flight 28 Oct.1895 from Pearl City, Honolulu. Sustained serious injuries from an exhibition ascent. ***Epic flight 1916 from Penang (Malaysia). Ascent was normal, but his parachute failed to open. He crashed thru the thatched roof of an apothecary shop, and died of impact injuries 5-days later.
r: Honolulu Evening Bulletin 1895 & 96; Burns-scrapbook (M.Galvin).

BURR, George         USA                 (1850?1879) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport Balloonist.
p: Banker; Res.of St.Louis, MO. ***Epic flight 29 Sep.1879 (see J.WISE). Buried 28 Oct.in St.Louis.

BURT, Byron T.         USA          #-818 (1889-19 )          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AI/AR/AM/CP/CS.         Military Aeronaut.
b: 18 Sep.1889 Turin, ITA; Resident of Chattanooga, TN.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Air Service; B-Corps 1917-19; Distinguished military career in WW-1 combat: Spent 77 hours 23 min. aloft in Observation Balloon; Made 4 para-jumps from while under attack by enemy planes; Commander of the 8th Airship School, El Paso, TX 1919; Airplane pilot 1923; Colonel in Air Force 1943; Staff Officer.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #818 issued 21 May 1919; Airship pilot 1922.
l: 1919, Aide (to PHILLIPS) in U.S. National B-Race; 1920, Placed 10th (W/Olmstead) in U.S. National B-Race.
h: Distinguished Service Cross. ***Epic flight 1 Oct.1919 (W/PHILLIPS). Rescued from Lake Michigan. ***Epic flight 21 Feb.1922 (W/MABURY & 40 crew) from Langley, VA in airship "Roma"(R-38). Helmsman at the time of crash, he survived by jumping 30' to the ground.
r: NT-22 Feb.1922/1/1; Who's Who of Aviation 1942-43.

BURZYNSKI, Zbigniew J.            POLAND         (1902-1971)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/AC/AH/AX/BF.         Military & Sport balloonist.
Name sometimes misspelled "Zebrew Jozef Burzynsky."
b: 31 Mar.1902 Zolkwia.
d: 30 Dec.1971 Warsaw.
p: Balloon maker and aeronaut; Airship pilot.
p: Officer in Polish Army; Member of Balloon Corp (W/HYNEK); Served aboard Polish airship "Lech."
f: Early Balloon training/history unknown; 139 B-Flights by 1971.
l: Outstanding Sport balloonist; Made many epic balloon flights; Participated in many World Balloon events; 1932, Aide (to F.HYNEK) in G.Bennett B-Race (placed 6th); 1933, Aide (to F.HYNEK) in G.Bennett B-Race (winner); 1934, Winner (W/J.Zakrezwski) of G.Bennett B-Race; 1935, Winner (W/W.WYSOCKI) of G.Bennett B-Race; Author of books: Kosciuszko, Balloon on America, 1933; Ballooning by Continents, 1956.
h: Tissandier Diploma-1960; Montgolfier Diploma-1960; FAI-CIA delegate 1956-1970; Published his autobiography "Balonem Prez Kontynenty."
m: Warsaw Aeroclub. ***Epic flight 1935. FAI-Distance record of 1650 Km. ***Epic flight 1935. FAI-Duration record of 57 hours 54 minutes. ***Epic flight 1936. FAI-Altitude record of 10853 Meters.
r: Mala Encyklpedia Sportu, T1,V1 1984 & T2,V2 1987; Dia Dla Wszystkich-Lotnictwo, 1970; A.Janusz, Mar.1991; The Aerostat Apr.1972p28(T).

BUSH, Joseph         USA                 (1885?1935)                 (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional Balloonist.
p: Worked for Hillside Amusement Park, NJ. ***Epic flight 19 Jun.1905 from Newark, NJ. Balloon failed to rise satisfactorily on launch. Pilot elected to parachute into the water. The balloon was recovered, but damaged beyond repair.
r: NT-20 Jun.1905/1/4.

BUSHNELL, Wilfred         USA            #-1068 (1902-1933) K                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AR/AX. Military Aeronaut.
b: 8 Dec.1902 Watertown, NY;
d: 4 Apr.1933 Atlantic Ocean.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy, Lt. in 1930, Lt.JG at death.
f: First B-Flight 1929 from Akron, OH; FAI-ACA B-License #1068 issued 22 Jun.1932; Airship and Airplane pilot; Naval Aviator #3513.
l: Sport balloonist 1930-33 era; Participated in NBR & GBR competitions. ***Epic flight 3 Apr. 1933 (crew of 73, see G.MOFFETT) from Lakehurst, NJ. All were killed in the crash of the airship "Shenandoah."
r: Contact-Profiles p565.

BUSLEY, Geheimer         GERMANY         (1850?1915)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport balloonist.
p: Doctor, Professor of Geheimrat University in Berlin.
m: German B-Federation, Pres-1906; Berlin B-Club, Pres-1906; Schlesischer B-Club; Kaiserlicher Aero Club. NOTE: German B-Clubs had 2743 members flying 12 balloons by 1915.
r: BuA p26.

BUSSEY, William Edward            USA                 (1943-                 (HB)
See APPENDIX-BB/BF/BI/BK(5)/BR/BX.         Sport Balloonist.
b: 27 Feb.1943 Dallas, TX.
e: BA, DDS
p: Dentist, Dental surgeon.
s: U.S. Army, Captain.
f: First B-Flight 1 Apr.1977 W/K.Bradford; First B-Solo Aug.1977 from Longview, TX; More than 1465 B-Hours by 1988; BFA-Master Instructor; FAA B-Pilot Examiner; Airplane pilot.
l: Placed in top 10 of US-HB Championships 5 times by 1978; 1985, Competitor in World HB-Championships; 1989, Competitor in World HB-Championships, Saga Japan; 1978-90, Champion of 27 B-Competitions; 1976, FAI-Distance record for AX-5 of 179 miles; 1987, FAI-Distance record for AX-6 of 324 miles; 1993, Established 7 distance & duration records; Owner of a AX-5 and a AX-6 hot air balloons.
m: BFA, NAA, AOPA, N.Texas B-Assoc; Plano B-Assoc; Houston B-Pilots Assoc; American Pro B-Tour.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1995; Nominee, Grover Windsor Spirit of Ballooning award. ***Epic flight (details unk) from ocean-going barge in 22Kt.winds in the Gulf of Mexico. ***Epic flight 24 Jan.1993 (solo) from Amarillo (TX) in "Frigid Skyquest-2." Flew 755.5 miles in 29:15, landing near Millbank (SD) after establishing seven World/FAI AX-8 Records.
a: Longview, TX 75601; 214/759-2392.
r: BL-V2:N3/6; Bio-data 1988; Skylines V21#3; BM-Su.93p9.

BUTLER, Frank Hedges            BRITAIN          #*33 (1855-1928)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-L/U/AH/AG/AS.                 Sport Balloonist.
b: 17 Dec. 1855, London.
d: 27 Nov.1928 Strand (London); Heir to a family fortune; Father of balloonist, Vera.
p: Wine merchant, Author, Sport enthusiast, World traveler; Known for his bravery and coolness in the face of adversity.
f: First B-Flight 1901 (W/ROLLS & Daughter Vera); First B-Solo 6 Nov.1902 from the Crystal Palace (London); Received B-Training in France; French FAI license 8 Jan.1903; Made more than 100 flights in his life time.
l: FIRST Britain to ascend in an airship; Second Brit to ascend in an Airplane (see G.BREWER); Crossed the English Channel twice by balloon; 1902, Made the longest solo flight in England, to that time; 1905, Crossed English Channel from London to Caen France; 1907, Author of "5000 Miles in a Balloon"; 1920, Author of "50 Years of Travel by Land, Sea, & Water"; 1925, Author of "Round the World."
m: Aero Club of the U.K.(FM-Conceived idea while on a B-Flight); Royal Aero Club, FM-24 Sep.1901; Royal Auto Club; Mitterlrheinischer (German) B-Club. ***Epic flight 19 Dec.1901 from Paris in a snowstorm.
r: Queen Magazine-10 May 1967/36; BuA p28; RAC-Archives.

BUTLER, Vera (F)            ENGLAND         (1880/1950)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG.         Sport balloonist 1900-05 era.
Daughter of balloonist, Frank; Married name "Titid Nicholl."
f: First B-solo 18 Dec.1902 from Crystal Palace; Made 81 ascents by 1910.
l: Author of "Ballooning for Ladies."

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