DAGGETT, Byron B.            USA            #-63 (1870-1945)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b:26 Jun.1870 Buffalo, N.Y.
d: 22 Jan.l945 Buffalo, NY (age 75).
e: High School Cadet, Niagara University, Engineering-1892.
p: Telephone Engineer.
s: Officer in the New York National Guard; Served in the Spanish-American War of l898, Officer in the U.S.Army Signal Corps during WW-l; Served in the Balloon Corps as telephone engineer, Arrived in Bordeaux France 3 Nov. 19l8 as Procurement Officer, Chief of Balloon Material at Langley Field Mar.1921.
f: First B-Flight 11 Apr.1917 with A.L.STEVENS; First Kite Balloon ascent 23 Apr.1917; First B-Solo 25 May 1917; FAI-ACA B-License #63 issued 6 Apr.1917.
r: Daggett Collection, Ft.Omaha, NB.

DAGUERRE, Fransose            ITALY            (1800?1850)            (HP)
l: Reportedly took the first aerial photographs from a balloon in 1839 (see TOURNA-CHON & BLACK).
r: Schweiz Aus Der Vogelschau 1976, Zurich p287.

DAHL, Alexander            GERMANY            (1892-1978)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AT/CH.            Sport and Military balloonist.
Husband of balloonist "Isle."
b: 29 Nov.1892:
d: 15 Dec.1978 (age 86).
p: Engineer.
m: Niederrheinischer B-Club.
f: First B-Flight 1925 with the German Army; Original FAI B-License issued 7 Jan.1926, reissued 5 Aug.1951 as LFS#18. Credited with 107 B-Ascents in lifetime.
l: Photographer; Friend of K.PAULAS. Participated (as Aide) in G-Bennett B-Races of 1927 & 32. ***Epic flight 31 Aug. 1933 to 11,300m over Erdkrummung.
r: FuA p33.

DAILEY, Margaret (F)            USA            (1886?1930)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1886 Middletown, NY. Nickname: Maggy.
f: Made her first flight "on-a-dare" with a balloon owned by KELLY. ***Epic flight 5 Jun.1906 from Middletown, NY. Standing in the crowd Margaret was dared by her friends to make a flight. She calmly walked up to the balloon, picked up the trapeze, as someone said, "let-go." Rising quickly to 2000', she made a perfect parachute landing two miles away. NT-Jun.1906 p2&3. ***Epic flight 29 Aug. 1906 from Kingston, NY. The balloon was launched with a trailing handling rope that wrapped around the feet of a woman (Miss Roper) bystander. The bystander was pulled aloft upside-down, but Maggy held onto her until landing. Miss Roper landed unconscious, receiving many broken bones.
r: Daily Telegraph; Bradford Argus; NT-30 Aug.l906plc3.

DALE, William Duncan            BRITAIN            (1845-1892) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/X.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1845;
d: 29 Jun.1892 London. Father of aeronauts: Martin, Archie, & William.
p: watchmaker until 1888; Professional balloonist 1888-92 for the Crystal Palace (London). Balloon maker (w/wife & son), bought business from T.WRIGHT (see SHADBOLT as financier, and T.WRIGHT).
f:: First flight 1881 w/B.B.POWELL across the English Channel; Received his balloon training from T.WRIGHT & H.COXWELL; Made a solo flight across the Channel in 1883; Made more than 200 flights from the Crystal Palace by 1888. ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1892 (w/Son, SHADBOLT, & MacIntosh) from London. Ascent from the Crystal Palace quickly ended in tragedy. The balloon, newly repaired by his wife, ruptured at considerable height before her eyes. Dale died soon after impact, SHADBOLT about a week later, son (William) and MacIntosh had severe internal injuries, but survived. NOTE: The balloon had several previous owners (incl.B.BADEN-POWELL) and had been considered "unairworthy" years before being "rejuvenated" into two new balloons. This balloon was one of those two; it had a serious rupture on its previous flight, and had just received extensive repairs just before inflation. Other balloon (made from the other half) was sold to MANSFIELD, who met a similar fate in India the previous December.
r: NT-30 Jun.1892 p5c1; PYA-Scrapbook.

DALTON, William Robert            USA            (1841-1931)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-R.            Historic person.
b: 6 Dec. 1841 Livingston, AL;
d: 26 May 1931, Seattle, WA.
p: Doctor of Medicine, Served 4 years as surgeon with Confederate Army & Navy; Served 4 months as surgeon with Brazilian Army in war with Paraguay 1866-67 (w/J.& .ALLEN).
f: First B-Flight 1859 (w/CEVOR) from Savannah, Ga. Launched in strong wind and was rescued from a swamp.

DAME, Charles            USA            (1905?1955)            (SM)
f: Made multiple parachute descents at Rochester (NY) Fairgrounds in September 1927.
r: The Parachute Manual, D.Poynter, page 5.009.

D'AMICO, ?            ITALY            (1860?1920)            (OB)
s: Officer in Italian Aerostiers (Bio-Data unknown). ***Epic ascent 17 Nov.1891 above Rome. Captive observation balloon was struck by lightning, and crashed, in a demonstration before the King and Queen. The pilot was reportedly uninjured.

DAMM, Edward & Paul            DENMARK            (1860?1910)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-C.            Professional balloonists (brothers).
p: Worked for the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, 1881-92 era. Forced to pawn their balloon to pay hotel debts in 1882. ***Epic flight 5 Jul.1891 from Lichtenberg, Germany. Balloon was launched heavy, with no ballast, and skimmed the rooftops for some time before becoming entangled in telegraph lines. Pilot was rescued by sliding down a rope provided by the local fire brigade.
r: NT-12 Ju1.1891/2/6.

DAMMONN, Carl W.            USA            #- 92 (1890-1919) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AI/AR/CU.            Military balloonist. Resident of Wichita, KA.
b: 21 Sep.1890, St.Louis, MO;
d: 2 Oct.l919, Lake Huron.
e: Soldan High School.
m: Missouri Aeronautical Society.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army B-Corps at Ft.Omaha 1917-19.
f: Early B-training unknown; B-Instructor in Army. FAI/ACA B-License #92 issued 29 Aug.1917. ***Epic flight 31 Oct.l919 (w/VERHEYDEN) from St.Louis, MO in "Wichita." Flight in the U.S.National B-Races ended by landing in Lake Huron (near Tobermory, ONT) during a violent storm. His body was recovered 15-days later.
a: 3614 Hartford Street, St.Louis, MO.
r: St.Louis Post Dispatch 5 Oct.1919pl, 16 Oct.l9 (T).

DANE, Frank            USA            (1872?1892)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.            Professional balloonist.
Stage name "Ringold Brothers."
p: Professional balloonist 1890-92 era. Partners with George SETTEL and Lettie MARTIN.
f: Toured the East and Central United States as traveling performers to County Fairs in the Summertime. Flew in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. NOTE: Frank was tried in Denver (CO) for "Attempted Murder" of Settel, but was acquitted in spite of overwhelming evidence (to marry Lettie). He was eventually killed in a dance-hall fight.
r: Harpers Weekly 36:855 Sep.3, 1892.

DARBELET, Antione            FRANCE            (1750?1800)            (HB)
l: FIRST recorded use of a "Solar powered" balloon.
f: Made 2 successful Flights (16 June, & 26 July 1784) from Bordeaux (w/Desgranges & Chalifour), using a black balloon with a white reflecting inner coat.
r: Bordeaux Museum; C.DOLLFUS.

DARE, Leona (F)            USA            (1850?1900)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional balloonist.
Name may be pseudonym (see Leila Adair).
p: Circus performer & acrobat; Performed from a trapeze, hanging by her teeth. Partner with Tommy Hall in Connecticut.
p: Professional balloonist 1872-1890 era. Worked for C.MYERS about 1885, E.SPELTERINI 1886-92.
f: First flight Aug.1872 from Indianapolis, IN.
l: Flew in England Summer 1888, All over European Continent thereafter. Made one trip to Egypt (w/E.SPELTERINI). Retired 1892 to marry an Austrian railway station agent. ***Epic flight3 Sep.1888 (w/SPELTERINI) from Clarendonia Grounds (Leicester). Inflating in strong winds, the balloon was launched rapidly into the evening sky with Leona hanging by her teeth. Flight ended near Great Darby after bumping along thru hedges and fields for two miles. The grappling hook eventually held but all 3 aeronauts sustained injuries.
r: Scientific American Aug.1872; NT-23 Nov.1884p7c2; Newbury Weekly News 4 Sep.1888; C.DOLLFUS archives.

DARNELL, Herbert            USA            (1870?1940)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.            Professional Smoke Balloonist.
f: First recorded B-Flight 2 Sep.1893 from Cincinnati, OH.
r: Classic American Airposts p79.

DARTOIS, Camille J.A.L.            FRANCE            (1838-1917)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-T/U.         Professional balloonist.
Mid names Joseph-Albert-Legrand; Father of balloonist, Eugene.
b: 7 Aug. 1838 Baulancourt;
d: 1917 Paris.
p: Farmer (came from a farm family), Professional balloonist & B-Maker 1861-1901 era (40-years). Constructed 27 Balloons at Montmare durring war of 1870-71; Primary supplier of early balloons for the GODARD family.
f: First flight 1853 using a trapeze;
h: l'Ordre de Perse.
m: Aero Club of France; French Academy of Aeronautics.

DAVALOS, Abraham            MEXICO            (1845?l900)            (GB)
See APPENDIX- (B)/G Professional Balloonist. Name also recorded as Ceballos Zeballos. Referred to as a "Mexican" balloonist.
f: First recorded B-Flight 27 Apr.1874 from Belgrano, Argentina.
l: Dropped a dog by parachute. Last recorded flight 16 Sep. 1882 from Mexico City. ***Epic flight 8 Mar.1884?from Rosareo Mexico. Caused the death of Nicanor Rosas (age 15), who fell from handling line at launch.
r: source unknown.

DAVID, Edmond            FRANCE            (1875?1925)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT/AZ.            Sport balloonist 1901-11 era.
p: Director of Pharmacy in Nantes.
f: Learned ballooning at BESANCON's school of Aviation; First B-Flight 27 Apr. 1911 w/NICOLLEAU from in "l'Orient." Made 17 ascents (53-hours) by 1904.
l: Reportedly flew in l908 GBR w/Delebecque & Boivin.
h: Scientific Medal, French Society of Aerial Navigation, for B-Flight 14 Ju1.1904 researching industrial ozone pollution. ***Epic flight 11 Oct.1903 (w/Maurice). Dragged violently on landing. Epic flight 4 Dec.1904 from Nantes. Landed in Maaseyck after covering 698 Km. in 10hr. 30min.
r: L'Aerophile.

DAVIS, Carol Rymer (F)            USA            (1944-            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC/BF (2)/BK/BX.            Sport Balloonist
b: 28 Nov.1944, Denver, CO. Wife of balloonist John.
e: Colorado College, BS-1966; U of Colo. Medical School, MD-1969.
s: U.S.Army Reserve Lt.Colonel; Served in Persian Gulf War of 1990.
p: Physician, Radiology & Nuclear. Regent of New Mexico Institute for Mining Technology.
f: First B-Flight Aug.1972 with Dan Marshall; First B-Solo Oct. 1972 from Albuquerque, NM; FAA B-License Nov-1972; More than 600 B-Hours by 1983.
l: 1973, First attempt at a FAI World record; 1974, Participated in World Hot-Air Championships-1974; Participated in U.S.National Hot-Air Championships; 1975, Crossed Swiss Alps in Gas balloon; 1979, Placed 2nd in Albuquerque B-Fiesta Competition. 1979-81, Set many Feminine World Records; 1980, Served as Crew Chief at World Gas B-Championships; 1981, Established World Distance & Duration records (AX-5); 1982-83, Served as Ground Instructor for AAAA.
l: Biathlete, cyclist, mountain climber; Competitor in handball and racquetball.
m: BFA-Life (since 1974), Gas Balloon Events Committee 1985, SW Region Director 1986, and Treasurer 1987-89.
h: Montgolfier Award, 1981 & 99. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1995 (w/L.P.DAVIS) from Albuquerque, NM in the America Challenge Gas B-Race. Flight ended near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, covering 2331.17 Km (1448.49 Sm.) after 60 hours aloft. It was a US-National record, but penalties assessed for a collision on launch lost them the race.
r: Bio-Data 1985; BL-Sep.92p42, Nov.95p30.

DAVIS, Donald Adams Jr.            USA            (1919-1999) (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BN/BR/BU.            Aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 27 Mar.l919 Los Angeles, CA.
e: Univ.of S.California, MS-Architecture l952; Los Angeles University, BS-Engineering 1949.
p: Architect, Licensed in Arizona, Calif., Colo., & Hawaii. Flight Instructor, Pilot examiner.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Active duty 1940-47; Pilot; Ret. Res.CMDR-1967. Pearl Harbor survivor, Combat pilot in the South Pacific (1941-45). Qualified in 47 types of military aircraft; Ret. 1979.
f: First airplane flight 1935; FAA license: S&MEL&S, Balloon, Glider; Pilot Examiner for Gliders & Balloons; More than 20000 flt.hrs.; First B-Flight 1969 w/G.STOKES; More than 600 B-Hours by 1989.
l: 1979-89, Participant in ALL Modern G-Bennett B-Races; Owner of own balloon (leased to the Civil Air Patrol for $1/yr).
h: Dist. Flying Cross; Bronze Star; 5 Air Medals; Presidential Citation; Civil Air Patrol Pilot of the year (1984); Glider pilot, w/Silver, Gold, and Diamond badges.
m: BFA; QB (Officer); Soaring Society of Amer. (Officer); Long Beach Soaring Club; Combat Pilots Assoc; USAF Auxiliary; Civil; Air Patrol; Confederate Air Force. ***Epic flight 4 May 1986 (aide to D.LEVIN) from Palm Springs, CA in "Jump'in Jack." Flight in Modern G-Bennett B-Race ended after 19 hours in the Utah Salt Flats. (Winning Duration). ***Epic flight 14 May 1987 (aide to G.BORING) from Palm Springs, CA in "Wind-song." Flight in Modern G-Bennett B-Race ended within 4/10ths mile of winning the race.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1984; Who's Who in California 1970; Royal Blue Book; Personal interview 1989.
a: 49 Nieto Ave; Long Beach, CA 90803; 310/ 438-8817.

DAVIS, E.M. (Mrs.) (F)            USA            (1835?1890)            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-S.            Professional balloonist, 1855-60 era.
Wife of balloonist William R. ***Epic flight 10 July 1858 (w/S.WILSON) from Nashville TN. Crossed the Cumberland River and landed in Edgefield in a hot-air balloon. (other details unknown).
r: Nashville Republican Banner, 11 July 1858. NOTE: Her manager was Samuel WILSON; both were reportedly from Tuscumbia, AL.

DAVIS, Michael F.                 USA                #-929         (1894?1960)                 (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military balloonist
b: 25 Mar.1921 Richmond, OH.
e: U.S.Military Academy at West Point.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Signal Corps Aviation Section Sept.1916; Flying Instructor at Langley Field 1928.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #929 issued 8 Apr.1921.
r: Who's Who of Aviation-1928.

DAVISSON, Cyrus Gibson            USA         #-652         (1895?1970)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 4 Apr.1895 Philadelphia, PA; Res. Peekskill NY 1969.
e: Cornell University, BS-Chemistry, 1917 (Phi Kapa Tau).
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy 1917-28 (Ens).
p: President of C.S.Davisson Co, New York.
f: Balloon & Air-ship training at Akron & NAS Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #652 issued 7 Aug. 1918; Naval Aviator #1564.
a: 7 Crestview Ave; Peekskill, NY 10566.
r: Contact-Profiles p406.

DAVY, Christopher            BRITAIN            (1940-            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-I.            Sport balloonist.
Name sometimes spelled "DAVEY."
b: Yorkshire;
e: Eton College.
s: Officer in the British Army Tank Corps, Major in 1980. 1: Co-Author (w/D. CAMERON) of "Zanussi: Transatlantic Balloon." Co-Author (w/D.CAMERON) of "Daffodils." First English Channel crossing 25 Ju1.1975. ***Epic Transatlantic flight attempt 26 Ju1.1980 (see D.CAMERON). ***Epic flight 1979 (w/32 pax-). Flight in a hot-air balloon was recognized as an official World record by the Guinness Book of Records. (see H.BRINK, 1987=44; B.BOLAND, 1988=61). ***Epic flight 1980 (w/D-CAMERON & Costa) from England in "Gerard A. Heineken." Crossed the English Channel at the widest point (78 miles) and continued for 250 miles in 18 hours 56 minutes. ***Epic flight 1981 (w/D. CAMERON) from Algeria in 'Daffodil." Landed in Libya after an adventurous flight across the Sahara Desert.
r: Aerostat, BM & BL multi-issues.

DAVY, Robert            ENGLAND            (1755?1815)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.            Sport balloonist. Made one recorded flight.
***Epic Flight 11 Oct.1785 from Beccles, England. Attempted to cross the Irish Sea, East to West. Rescued from the North Sea near Holland.

DEAN, Joseph            AUSTRALIA            (1820?1880)            (GB)
Protégé of C.BROWN,1852. Stage name "Capt. Bedey."
p: Professional balloonist for Coppin & Brooke in Australia.
f: Reportedly made 119 ascents in England before 1857 (unverified).
l: Reportedly flew in India (1 Jan.1862), China, & Java. Had a reputation as an alcoholic. ***Epic flight 1 Feb.1858 from Cremore Gardens (Melbourne, AUS). The FIRST Balloon flight in Australia. Balloon was made by C.BROWN, who had to defer because of ill health.
r: H.Rodgers archives.

DEARING, Harry                 USA                         (1950-2004) K                         (HB)
See Appendix-B                 Sport Balloonist
b: 1950 Williamson, GA.
d: 11 Apr.2002, Atlanta, GA. Commercial B-Pilot. Suffered a stroke Apr.7 while attempting to inflate his balloon at Lk.Oconee in a light wind. The eyebolt securing the tether line broke and the heavy bolt hit him in the head. He was pronounced dead at the hospital 11 April.
r: Skylines June 2002 p6

DEBURAUX, Edourd            FRANCE            (1850?1910)            (GB)
Reportedly flew in Africa in 1894 (details unverified).

DECAUVILLE, Paul                 FRANCE (1846?1910)            (GB)
b: Jun.1846 Evry-sur-Seine.
p: Senator of Seine-et-Oise.
r: L'Aerophile V4 p129.

DEEKER, Joseph/James            USA            (1760?1820)          (HP)
See APPENDIX-S/X.            Semi-professional balloonist.
b: England; Emigrated to the USA late 1785 (New York City).
p: Toy maker, sport & scientific balloonist. FIRST person to market toy balloons in Britain (see Beaumanoir). First B-Flight 1 June 1785 (solo) after witnessing one flight by BLANCHARD. ***Epic flight 15 June 1785 from Norwich. Made ascent by holding on to the load ring, as partially inflated balloon would not lift with the basket. Epic flight attempt 23 Sep.1789 from New York City. Launch was delayed by high winds. The crowd pushed in the 100' circumference enclosure and the hot-air balloon was engulfed in flames.
r: NY Daily Advertiser 26 Sep.1789.

DEFALRO, -            USA            (1880?1940)            (SM/GB)
b: Switzerland. Professional balloonist, 1900 era. (Bio-data unknown)

DEGEN, Jakob            AUSTRIA            (1756-1848)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/E.            Sport balloonist.
p: Mechanic/Inventor.
e: Studied aeronautics in Paris 1812.
f: Made successful flights from Paris 12 Jun. & 5 Oct.1812. Reportedly flew in Poland 1817.
l: Spent a considerable time in France. ***Epic flight 15 Nov.1812 from Vienna Austria. Attempted unsuccessful test of a balloon-launched ornithopter.

DEHLI, Halfdan Gyth            NORWAY            #/5 (1877?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.            Military aeronaut.
b: 1877.
s: officer in the Royal Norwegian Airforce, Airplane pilot.
f: FAI-NAK B-License #5 issued 5 Oct.1912; Made about 12 ascensions in his lifetime.
r: Sem-Jacobsen files.

DEIMER, Robert P.            USA            #-1025 (1893?1960)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 25 Oct.1893 Akron, OH.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy; Balloon & Airship pilot; Re-commissioned 1 Apr.1944, Lt.Jg. Lakehurst NAS.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1025 issued 23 May 1929.
r: USN class records.

DELAGRANGE, Leon            FRANCE            (1873-1910) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG.            Sport balloonist.
b: 13 Mar.1873 Orleans;
d: 4 Jan. 1910 Bordeau (airplane crash).
m: Aero Club of France.
h: Legion of Honor.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

DELBRUCK, Werner Hugo            GERMANY            (1870?1910) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AU.            Sport balloonist.
p: Politician, Radical member of the Reichstag.
m: Berlin Balloon Club. ***Epic flight 3 Apr.1910 (w/Semmeldardt, Hein, & Benduhn) from Stettin in "Pommeren." Launched prematurely in a strong wind, it collided with telegraph line, demolished a chimney. It continued onward with most of the basket ropes cut, only to drop suddenly into the sea. Semmelhardt survived with a crushed knee and severe head injuries. Others, with severe injuries, drowned before a rescue ship arrived. NOTE: "Pommeren" had a unique and tragic history (see EBSLOEH).
r: N.Y.Herald; N.Y.Norning Post; NT-4 Apr.1910/1/4. NOTE: Name not to be confused w/Frenchman "F.Delebeque" of 1908 & '09 G-Bennett B-Races.

DELLCHAU, C.A.A.            GER/USA            (1840?1900)          (HP)
b: 1840, Germany; (immigrated to the USA in 1848). 1: Founded mythical Sonora Aero Club in 1865. Created bound volume of artistic watercolor balloon paintings

DELAMTRE, Henry C.         USA                #-537         (1888?1950)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military balloonist
b: 8 Aug.1888 Omaha, NB.
e: Univ.of Nebraska. Officer in the U.S.Army; Personnel Officer at Camp Wise, TX.
f: Received initial training at; FAI-ACA B-License #537 issued 3 Apr.1918.
r: The Balloon Pilot Souvener.

DELOBEL, Albert            FRANCE                  (1872?1935)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/AG/U.            Sport balloonist.
b: 20 Sep.1872 Tourcoing.
f: First B-Flight 1903 w/GLORIEUX. Made 6 flights by 1904; 23 by 1905 (16 as Captain).
m: Aero Club du Nord; Aero Club of France; Auto Club of France.
h: La Grands Prix de L'Aero Club, Gold Medal-1907. ***Epic series of flights (w/GLORIEUX) in Argentina & Paraguay. (Details unknown & unverified). ***Epic flight 30 Sep.1907 (w/A. Lepiers) from Paris. Rescued from the N.Sea; The balloon was lost.
r: l'Auto 1 Oct.1907.

DELON, Mlle. (F)            USA            (1830?1880)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            Sport balloonist.
f: Made only one recorded flight (solo). 25 June 1856 from Philadelphia, to 1.5 miles North of Tacony, PA (assisted by J.WISE & PAULLIN)
r: AIAA Box-217.

DeLONG, George W.                 USA                         (1850?1920)                 (HP)
Mid-name: Washington.
d: Artic, when his ship Jeannette was crushed in the ice.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy, Lt. in 1876.
l: Artic explorer; FIRST person to suggest the use of manned balloons to explore the Artic (see S.ANDREE-1897).

DELONO, Jorge A. (?Delano)            VENEZUELA            (1940?            (HB)
See APPENDIX-CX (3).            Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
Second husband of Kathy (Boland).
p: Ceramics Manufacturer; Known as "The king of Bidets."
l: 1982, Participated in epic flight over Angel Falls; 1985, Participated in epic flight over the sink holes of the Sari Mana; 1987, Participated in epic flight over the Caribbean archipelago of Los Roques. Co-Author (w/K.BOLAND) of "Above the Lost World."
a: Apartado postal 50088; Caracas 1050A; Venezuela.
r: BL-Oct.87 p24.

DeMAREUIL, Gilles            FRANCE            (1940?            (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BN (3).            Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
l: Participated in the Modern G-Bennett B-Race 1979, 80, 81.

DEMUYTER, Ernest A.            BELGIUM            #.15 (1893-1963)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AA/AB/AC/AH/AX/AV/BF.            Sport balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 26 Mar.1893 Brussels;
d: 7 Feb.1963 Brussels.
s: Belgian Army Kite Balloonist 1917.
p: Elected to Belgian House of Representatives 1939.
f: First ascent 1907 (w/LEPRINCE); First solo 21 Oct.l910; Belgian B-License issued 1910; Airplane License 1912; Airship license 1917; FAI B-License #55 issued 1923; Estimated to have more than 250 gas balloon flights in lifetime;
l: Prolific sport balloonist, 1910-40 era. Flew in 1908 G-Bennett B-Race at age 15; Was flying a balloon in Poland when Germans invaded (1 Sep.1939). Escaped, and joined the Anti-Nazi underground resistance fighters in WW-II; was captured by Germans, sentenced to death, escaped from prison. Author of autobiographical book "Belgica," and "Les Randonnes Victorieuses du Belgica." 6-time winner of G-Bennett B-Races. Epic flights too innumerable to list (70 years of flight).
h: La Grande Medialle de L'Aero-Club de France-1925; La Grands Prix Gold Medialle=1926.***Epic flight 30 Aug-1936 (w/HOFFMANS) from Warsaw in"Belgica." Winner of G-Bennett B-Race; landing in Russia after 1100Km.
r: Belgica; La Navigation Aeriene; Evening Standard 12 Sep.1936; J.Lauwers archives; BF-Mar.1963p4 (T).

DENE, Jessie (F)            ENGLAND            (1870?1950)            (SM)
p: Balloonist/parachutist for A.GAUDRAN 1890-1900 era.

DENISTON, Noble Graham            USA                 #-739 (1893-1952) (HB/SM)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 20 Mar.1893 Sardinia, IN;
d: 9 Ju1.1952 Richmond, KY.
e: Univ.of Chicago, BS-Industrial Education, 1914.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy 1917-19 (Ens).
p: Teacher of Industrial Arts, Teachers College.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS Pensacola; FAI-ACA b-License #739 issued 20 Nov. 1918; Naval Aviator #1728.
a: 210 South 3rd St; Richmond, KY.
r: Contact-Profiles p441.

DENNISTON, ?            USA            (1850?1900)            (HB/SM)
See APPENDIX- (B)L/S.            Professional balloonist.
Epic event 25 Oct.1872 (w/student L.DURHAM) at DeKalb, IL. Inflation was interrupted by a fire that burned through the fabric, and parted the restraining rope. Balloon launched prematurely with an assistant (Mr.McMann) tangled in the rigging by one foot. He fell from 300', and died of his injuries.
r: NT-30 Oct.1872/5/3.

DENNY, A.Wallace            USA                 #-1075         (1906?1980)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            (Bio-Data unknown)
Married daughter of P.W.LITCHFIELD.
b: 19 Dec.1906 Indianapolis, IN.
p: Goodyear Balloon & Airship pilot; Executive (production V.P.) of Goodyear-Canada.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1075 issued 20 Mar.1934.
a: resident of Phoenix, AZ
r: ADT.

DERBY, George McClellan            USA            (1856-1948)            (OB)
See APPENDIX-J/M.            Military Balloonist.
b: 1 Nov.1856 Born at Sea;
d: 25 Oct.1948 New Orleans, LA.
e: West Point Military Academy, 1878 (top of class).
p: officer in U.S, Army; Col. in 1898.
p: Taught at West Point.
s: Ret. 1907 Lt.Colonel; Recalled to active duty 1917-l9. Chief of Second Army at Santiago, Cuba. Served as field commander during entire campaign; Commander of balloon detachment in Cuba during Spanish-American War of 1898. ***Epic ascent 1 July 1898 'w/MAXFIELD) near Santiago, Cuba (El Poso Hill) in "Santiago" balloon. Served as artillery observer until the balloon was so full of bullet holes, it would not sustain lift. Balloon was discarded as unfit for further use, and the battle continued. (see BOONE, MAXFIELD, CANPBELL, IVY).
l: Participated in the siege of San Juan Puerto Rico later.
r: Army Aviation Story; SA-1899; NT-26 Oct.1948 p32c2 (T).

DERF, Frank            USA            (1874-1902) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1874;
d: 3 Ju1.1902 Louisville, KY. Resident of New York City.
p: Worked for Leo STEVENS. Epic flight 3 Ju1.1902 from Louisville, KY. Ascent in his smoke balloon was normal, but he was killed by fireworks exploding prematurely.
r: NT-4 Ju1.1902/1/2.

DEUTSCH, Henry de la Meurthe            FRANCE            (1875?1940)            (HP)
See APPENDIX-AG/U.            Patron of Ballooning & Aeronautics.
p: Engineer, Inventor (automobile engines), and Industrialist.
f: No record of any balloon flights.
l: Sportsman, early Automobile enthusiast. Donated awards & prize money for many notable sporting events; Founder of "Deutsch Prize" for outstanding aero achievements, endowed with 1000 gold French Francs.
m: Officer de la Legion d'Honneur; Auto Club of France; Aero Club of France (FM), Pres. of Aviation Commission.
h: La Grande Medaille de L'Aero-Club de France-1901.
r: l'Aerophile-Jan.1901.

DEVEAU, Ruby (F)            USA            (l877?1965)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.            Professional balloonist. Stage name "Queen of the Clouds."
b: 1877, Germany; Still living in Missoula, MT 1964. Emigrated to the USA 1881; Married name: Mrs.David W.Owen (1919).
p: Vaudeville actress, pre-1892; Professional Smoke Balloonist; Stenographer Secretary after 1895.
f: First B-Flight 1892 from Memphis, TN; Made 175 Para-Jumps in 3-year (1892-95) career; Retired 1895. Epic flight 1895 from London, Ontario (CAN). Hit a chimney on ascent in a strong wind. Broke her back, and retired from the profession.
r: unknown.

DICKEY, Robert R. Jr.            USA            #-189 (1895?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
Son of sportsman and industrialist.
b: 24 Jan. l896 Dayton, OH;
e: Yale University.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1917-19.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #189 issued 21 Nov.1917.
r: NAABCV-files.

DICKMAN, B.            GERMANY            (1880?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU/CR.            Sport balloonist.
f: Made only one recorded B-Flight. It caused an international incident on the eve of WW-l hostilities.
m: Member of the Niederrheinischer Balloon Club. Epic flight 1914. Crossed the N.Sea to Aberdeen Scotland.
r: The London Times.

DIETSCHI, Eugen            SWISS            #+67 (1896-            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV.            Sport balloonist.
b: 2 Jan.1896 Olren (still alive 1984).
p: Journalist.
f: B-Training unknown; Swiss-OFAC B-License #67 issued 20 May 1932.
l: Aide (w/vanBAERLE) in G-Bennett B-Race 1932 & 1934.
a: Ob.Batterieweg 26; Basle; 061/35-8361.
r: Swiss Federal archives.

DIRKSEN, Everett            USA            (1887?1975)            (KB)
See APPENDIX-AW.            Military balloonist.
Mid name "McKinley."
b: 4 Jcn.1896 Perkin, IL;
d: 7 Sep.1969, Washington, DC.
e: Univ.of Minnesota; Princeton University, LLB-1936.
s: Enlisted as Private in U.S.Army 5 Jan.1918; Commissioned Second Lt. in the Field Artillery 1918; Attached to 2nd section, 69th B-Corps during WW-l combat; Artillery spotter/Observation balloonist.
p: Gen.Manager of Dredging Company, Lawyer, City Commissioner; Politician (Congressman 1932-48, Senator 1950-69). Represented Illinois; Famous for his patriotic oratory.
f: Received free-balloon training early 1918 at Ft. Omaha, NB. Received OB-Training mid-1918 at Camp de Souge, France. Held a Military Brevette; No FAI-ACA B-License issued. Airplane pilot, Flew Mexico, Central & South America.
l: Served on select government committee to investigate aviation accidents 1940-63.
m: American Legion; Vets of Foreign Wars; D.C. Bar Assoc.; F.& A.M.
h: Likeness appears on U.S. Postage stamp. ***Epic series of ascents 17 Aug. to 11 Nov. 1918 from St. Lorain/Toul/ St.Mehiel Sector. Served 87 continuous days in combat, doing artillery observations. Returned to USA 3 May 1919.
a: 355 Buena Vista; Perkin, IL.
r: Who's Who in Politics.

DIXON, Cromwell            USA            (1893-1911) K            (GB)
b: 1893 Columbus, OH;
d: 2 Oct.l911 Seattle, WA (airplane crash).
l: Sport balloonist and dirigible pilot 1905-11 era. Epic flight May 1907 at the Lewis & Clark Expo. in St. Louis, MO. Sucessfully demonstrated a pedal-powered dirigible at the age of 14, for the World's Fair.
r: St. Louis Post Dispatch; City of Flight. Note: First airship was 32’ long, second was 40’; both Japanese silk envelopes were made by his mother.

DIXON, Prescott Lawson            USA            #-1061 (1907-1975)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 17 Nov.1907 Barnstable, MA;
d: 12 Nov-1975 Lakewood, NJ.
p: Officer with Steamship Company. Airship pilot for Goodyear (Hired 1929 by Seiberling while on a cruise) & Douglas Leigh, Ret.1970.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Goodyear-Akron; FAI-ACA B-License #1061 issued 3 Nov.1930.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy 1941-45, Airship instructor; Lt.Cmdr. by 1943, Retired Captain. ***Epic flight 1932 (w/John Blair) at Holmes Airport Long Isl., NY. Landing in a storm, Blair fell out and was killed.
r: NT-13 Nov.1975 (T).

DOBBS, Ernest A.                 BRITAIN (1890?1926) K            (GB/OB)
See APPENDIX-B.            Military & Sport balloonist.
Nickname:"Brainy" (Bio-Data unknown).
s: Observation balloonist in the British B-Corps 1914-18; Parachute Rigger for the crew of the R-33 airship.
p: Professional parachutist and parachute tester.
f: Pioneered "jump ballooning" in Britain, 1924-26 (see G. TURNBULL). NOTE: Originally used clustered meteorological balloons with a parachute harness. Later used a netted spherical, filled at slightly less than equilibrium. Sport is referred to as: "Bounce Ballooning" in the U.K.
l: Considered the inventor of the inflatable life raft. ***Epic flight about l925. Experienced a cascade failure of 8 (of 50) meteorological Balloons and suffered a severe fall to Earth. Epic flight about 1926. Failed to clear a 3000 volt power line, and paid with his life.
r: Flight Yearbook pl32; PPPSSSTTT, Oct-Nov.1990 p6; A.Smith files; Jumping Balloons, See S.KONDO-Jumping Balloons

DOCKSTADER, (Mrs.) (F)            USA            (1890?1940)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.            Professional Smoke balloonist, 1906-10 era.
f: First recorded flight 30 Sep.1906, Dubuque, IA.

DOLDER, Fred            SWISS            #+93 (1898-1988)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BM.            Sport balloonist; Aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 8 Jun.1898 Weggis;
d: 5 Jun.1988 Thalwil.
p: Hotel manager 1942-65.
f: FAI-Swiss B-License #93 issued 15 Aug.1939; Made more than 579 gas balloon flights (in 11 countries) in his lifetime; Crossed the Alps more than 40 times.
l: Credited with reviving post-WW2 Sport ballooning; Organized first annual "High-Alpine Week" in 1962 (Oldest continuous existing balloon event to 1986); Raised more than 4 million Marks for children’s charities.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1961 (Aeronaut Extraordinaire).
m: In'tl Spelterini Society (FM), president; LTAS.
r: Schweitzen Luftheardt; SAC-records; Pers.interview 1985. ***Epic flight 21 Nov.1972 (w/ECISARO) from Costa Mashaga (ITA). Successfully crossed the Mediterranean Sea, landing at Sala al Barro, Algeria. (See C. St.VICTOR-1901; J.FERNANDEZ-Duro-1906.
r: Pers.Interview; BF-J/A 1988.

DOLLFUS, Audouin            FRANCE            (1925?            (HB/GB)
See Appendix-AA/AB/AC/AP.            Scientific balloonist. Son of famous balloonist Charles.
p: Physicist, space scientist, Meudon Observatory. Made series of scientific flights (1954, 56, 57, & 59) making important contributions to future space travel.
l: Sport and scientific balloonist, 1950-60 era.
r: Scientific American, June 1971/p28. Epic flight 30 May 1954 (w/father). Flight was made at night to an altitude of 23,000 feet in a "cluster" (105) balloon (weighing only 230 pounds), carrying a telescope.

DOLLFUS, Charles            FRANCE            (1898-1981)            (SM/GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-V/AH/AT/BF.            Sport balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Father of balloonist, Audouin.
b: 31 Mar.1893, Paris;
d: 6 July 1981, Paris.
e: Ecole de Louvre, 1914 (Aerostatics).
p: Civilian Instructor for French Navy 1914-19 (airship & balloon); Prison Administrator for National Health Service; Professor of History for National Aeronautical School; Curator of French National Aeronautical Museum.
f: First B-Flight 29 Oct.l911 (w/DECUGIS) from St.Cloud; First B-Solo 9 March 1913; FAI B-License 13 Apr. 1913; FAI-FAC B-License #299 issued 3 Apr.1913; FAI-FAC Airship License #37 issued 3 Sep.1918 (66 flights).
h: 1961, Montgolfier Diploma (Aeronaut Extraordinaire).
l: BALLOON ascents included: 125 solo flights, 443 in France, 95 in other countries; Carried 821 passengers and Co-Pilots; Participated in 102 rallies, 64 distance & 32 landing contests; Competitor in 6 G-Bennett B-Races. Made 11 Distance flights over 400, 8 over 500, 6 over 700 Km, 3 over 1000, and one to 1406 Km. Made 6 Altitude flights over 5000m, 2 over 7000m. Made 5 Duration flights over 24 hours, longest 42:35. Ditched in the Sea twice, stranded in Alps once. Crossed the English Channel twice, Lake Erie once. Owned 25 Gas (and two Hot-Air) balloons in lifetime. AIRSHIP time 760 hours, in 66 flights (incl. 90 Navy hours). Flew 76,000 km., incl. 3 South Atlantic, 2 North Atlantic, one in the Caribbean; Author of five major books on ballooning: Les Ballons; En Ballon; L'Historie de L'Aeronautique; Orion Book of Balloons. Co-Author of three balloon books: L'Homme; L'Air et L'Space; L'Annee Aeronautique.
m: BFA; LTAS; BBAC, Hon.Pres; Haagsche (Holland) B-Club; Le Aeronautes, Pres; Club Aeronautique de France, Pres; Musee de l'Air (FM), Pres. ***Epic flight 30 Jun. 1928 (w/G.CORMIER) from Detroit, MI. Flight in the G-Bennett B-Race placed him third. It was discovered later that a mathematical error had occurred, and he had actually won. ***Epic flight 13 Sep.1977 (w/D.CAMERON +many pax) in "Gerard A. Heineken." A large balloon, in a moderate wind, resulted in a high impact landing. Charles suffered two broken ribs, resulting in pneumonia, hastening his death at age 83. His last flight.
r: BM-???

DOLPP, Hans            GERMANY            (1910-            (GB)
See APPENDIX-BE/BF.            Sport balloonist.
b: 26 May 1910 Stadtbergen. Father of balloonist Alfred, Grandfather of Johannes & Stefan.
f: German B-License #209 re-issued 25 Jan.1964 (initial-1936?). More than 400 Gas balloon ascents by 1983.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1964; German Silver Sports Medal-1967, Gold Sports Medal-1968.
m: Augsburg Balloon Club.
a: Rosenweg 8; D-8901 Stadtbergen; W.Germany.
r: German B-Club records; FuA p37.

DOMONT, Elizebeth C. (F)            USA            (1947-1978) K            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+2).            Sport balloonist.
b: 26 Dec.1947 Indianapolis, IN;
d: 29 Aug.1978 Fishers, IN. Maiden name "Cohen," nickname "Liz"; Wife of balloonist, Dan.
p: Asst.Buyer for Sachs Fifth Avenue; Housewife (2-children).
e: Toby Colburn Fashion Design School-1967, New York City.
f: First B-Flight Mar.77 w/P.Krieg (Instructor); Licensed 30 Aug.77; Had logged 30-50 B-Hours.
l: Tennis, Motorcycles, Parasailing; Participated in 1979 U.S.National HB-Championships; Had her balloon (TBW) about 6-weeks before death.
h: First licensed woman balloonist in the state of Indiana;
m: BFA; Member of many community organizations; Civic leader. ***Epic flight 29 Aug.1978 (w/James E.Kohls & Michael A. Kelly) from Fischers (IN) in "Serendipity." Flying in a charitable event, Balloon contacted 69,000 volt powerlines. A man and a woman jumped 100' from the burning basket, a third person fell 200' with the basket. All aeronauts died of injuries sustained. Speculation was that the pilot was distracted while the passengers were taking pictures of another balloon switched over to an empty fuel tank, and did not have enough time to climb over the powerlines. NOTE: A $14,000 trust fund was established with the BFA (by Will Nickols) to promote B-Safety in her name. Recipients of the trophy were: (#1) Richard Niles, (#2) unknown, and (#3) Phil Thompson.
a: (Rick Cohen) 12748 Torrey Pines Cr; Indianapolis, IN 46032.
r: Indianapolis News 30 Aug.78pl:2; B.Murtorff, P.Thompson, P.Krieg, R.Cohen archives.

DONALDSON, Roy F.            USA            #- 47 (1880?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-V/AI/AR.            Sport balloonist.
b: Springfield, IL.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #47 issued 1908. Early B-Training with friend H.E.HONEYWELL. ***Epic flight 1914 from Portland, OR. He pulled the wrong control cord shortly after launch. Balloon deflated unglamorously into a lake, in full view of spectators. It was his last recorded flight.
r: Portland newspapers.

DONALDSON, Washington H.            USA            (1840-1875) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/I/L/S/V.            Professional balloonist. Mid-name: Harrison.
b: 10 Oct. 1840, Philadelphia., PA;
d: 15 July 1875, Lake Michigan.
p: Circus performer, bicycle/tightrope walker; balloonist 1871-75 era (worked for P.T.BARNUM at the N.Y. Hippodrome).
f: First B-Flight 30 Aug.1871 (Reading, PA to Topton, NY). Made series of B-Flights 1873-4 carrying personal mail, dropping newspapers and public advertisements. Made more than 139 ascents in his lifetime.
l: Personal friend of J.WISE. Epic flight 6 Oct. 1873 (w/Lunt & Ford) from Brooklyn, New York. Unsuccessful Transatlantic attempt, landing in Connecticut 3 hours after launch. ***Epic flight 19 Oct.1874 (w/WALSH & COLTON) from Hippodrome. Aerial wedding was performed above 50,000 spectators. Epic 139th flight 15 July 1875 (w/Grimwood) from Chicago, IL. Last seen crossing Lake Michigan, bodies recovered Aug.1875.
r: BM-Sp.70/4; Chicago Tribune 18 Ju1.1875; BM-N/D-1978..

DONEGANI, Joseph            CANADA            (1800?1850)            (HP)
1: FIRST to launch a balloon (toy) in Canada.
r: Montreal Gazette 24 Aug. 1835. (see L. LAURANT-1840, for first free-flight in Canada).

DONNALY, N.E.            USA            (1880?1902) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.            Professional balloonist. Resident of Boston.
***Epic flight 4 Sep.1902 from Rye, NY. Lost hold of his parachute trapeze, while doing stunts, on ascent. Fell into water and was knocked unconscious. Died later of internal injuries.
r: NT-5 Sep.1902.

DONNET, Michael            BELGIUM            (1914-            (HB)
Sport balloonist.            Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 1 Apr.1914 Richmond, England;
e: St.Michael; Brussels Military Air School; NATO Defense College.
p: 1939, Flew airplane (stolen from Germans) to England to enlist in WW-2, Became RAF Commander of 350th Squadron. Officer in Belgian Airforce 38 years, Ret. Lt. General.
f: First B-Flight 8 May 1976 from Cerouxmousty w/DELFORGE. First B-Solo 28 Sep.1978 from Cerouxmousty, Belgium. ICAO B-License 1 Aug.1978; Airplane license Previous to 1935. More than 5500 flight hours (120 balloon) by 1983. 1979, Flew from Royal Palace Gardens. 1980, Won St.Niklaas Marlborough Challenge race. Author of: Flight to Freedom, and Ilsen Etaient
m: Aero Club Royal de Belgique, Pres.1983; Royal Airforce Club; Cercle du Parc.
h: Croix de Guerre; Distinguished Flying Cross.
r: Datasheet-1983

DORIGNY, Helene            FRANCE            (1943-            (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BB/BC/BL/BO.            Sport balloonist.
b: 9 Jan.1943 Reims.
p: Entrepreneur, Religious books. Balloon manufacturer/distributor for RAVEN Balloons in France.
f: First B-Flight 16 Sep.1974 with R.WIRTH; First B-Solo June 1975 from Reims; French B-License #01060001-75 issued July 1975; More than 830 B-Hours by Aug.1985; 1977, Competitor in French National (HB) championships; 1977, Competitor in World Hot-Air Balloon championships; 1981, Established (w/ARNOULD) World Distance an Duration record; 1981, Competitor in World Hot-Air championships; 1983, Participant in Nantes (France) Commemorative Rally; 1983, Crossed (w/ARNOULD) the English Channel France to England; 1984, Established (w/ARNOULD) Duration record over France; 1984, Competitor in European Hot-Air Balloon championships. ***Epic flight 2-3 Mar.1983 (w/ARNOULD) from France in "Kodachrome." Flight ended near Birbouguecha Tunisia. FIRST crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to the African Continent by HOT-AIR balloon. (see JULHES-1883; CAPAZZA-1888; D'VAULX-190l; HERRERA-1905; F.DOLDER-1972).
r: Bio-data Aug.1985.

DORNA, Gervasio videla            ARGENTINA            #:8 (1878?1951)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.            Military aeronaut.
b: 5 Nov.18?? Buenos Aires;
d: 6 Mar.1951 Buenos Aires.
s: Officer in the Argentine Army Air Service; Commander of "Ligna Aero Brigade"; Minister of War.
f: Active balloonist 1908-18 era; FAI-Argentine B-License #8 issued 24 Oct.1909; Airplane pilot; Made 17 B-Flights in his lifetime.
m: Argentine Aero Club, Pres.1915-16.
r: Cronica Historica Aerona Utica Argentina.

DORMAN, Alan            BRITAIN            (1948-            (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO (4)/CK.            Sport balloonist.
b: 5 Nov.1948 Belfast, N.Ireland.
p: Airline pilot, British Airways, 747-Capt.l991.
e: Queens University, Economics-1970.
f: First B-Flight 4 Jun.1973 with David Liddiard; First B-solo 20 Jun.1974 from Newbury, England; CAA B-License #77252/B issued 1974; 700+ B-Hours by 1991.
l: 1974-78, Sponsored by "British Bacon" in G-BBHO; 1976, Crossed the English Channel; 1976, FIRST to cross the Bristol Channel; 1976, Established British Distance & Duration records; 1978, HB-Champion of the United Kingdom; 1979, Placed 4th in World HB-Championships (SWE); 1983, Placed 14th in World HB-Championships (FRA); Placed 5th in European HB-Championships; 1984, Placed 10th in World HB -Championships (USA); 1985, Placed 10th in European HB-Championships (OUS); 1986, Placed 16th in World HB-Championships (OUS).
m: BBAC; Dublin B-Club. Epic flight 11 Aug.1976 up Loch Ness in "British Bacon." Attempted to catch the Loch Ness monster by trailing a hunk of bacon from his drag rope.
r: Bio-data form Mar. 1991.

D'OULTREMONT, Hadelin            BELGIUM            (1877-1943)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AH/AV.            Sport balloonist.
Member of Belgian Aristocracy, inherited title 1898.
b: 5 Mar.1877, Brussels;
d: 10 Dec.1943.
a: Active 1900-40 era.
l: Made many scientific ascents; 1905, Organized the first In'tl Balloon Contest. Traveled to most countries around the Mediterranean Sea.
m: Aero Club of France; FAI (FM), Vice Pres. 1927.
h: Medal of the Meteorological Society. Medal of Prince Roland Bonapart.
r: Yves archives.

D'OULTREMONT, Yves            BELGIUM            (1952-            (HB)
Sport balloonist. Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Member of Belgian Aristocracy, inherited title.
b: 19 Oct.1952 Brussels; Son of a famous balloonist. Univ.of Namur, 1979; Inst.Tecnique, Liege. Armurier; Semi Prof. Aeronaut. First B-Flight 15 Oct.1977 with H. vander LINDEN; First B-Solo 15 Apr.1979 from Beloeil; B-License #17298 issued 29 Jun.1979; B-Instructor since 1981; More than 420 B-Hours by 1985; B-Examiner since 1983. Flown/overflown: Austria, Algeria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, United States, by 1985.
l: 1980, First to drop a parachutist from balloon over Belgium; 1980, organized Belgian Independence (150th) Rally, Flew the Belgian Royal Family. 1980, Participant in Belgian National B-Championships; 1980, Winner of French-Belgium B-Competition; 1980, Participant in European B-Championships; 1980, Crossed the Alps from Chateau D'Oex Switzerland; 1981, Winner of first Benelux Challenge Cup; 1981, Participant in World B-Championships; 1981, Crossed the Alps from Chateau D'Oex Switzerland (#2); 1983, Made first night flight authorized from Lille, France; 1983, Crossed the Alps from Gstaad Switzerland (#3); 1983, Participant in World B-Championships; 1983, European winner of Trophee Montgolfier; 1983, Organized Belgian Balloon Club Challenge Rally; 1984, Crossed the Alps from Switzerland (#4); 1984, Winner of International LaClusaz Trophy; 1984, Organized Belgian Balloon Club Challenge Rally; 1984, Participant in Tunisian B-Festival; 1985, Crossed the Alps from LaClusaz, France (#5); 1985, Winner of Prince DeLigne Challenge Race; 1985, Winner of Belgian Balloon Club Challenge Rally; 1985, Participant in Richelieu (Canada) B-Festival;
m: Belgian Balloon Club (FM); RACB; BBAC; BFA. Epic flight 1 Jan.1982 from Brussels. Recovered a duck from the middle of a lake, that he had shot earlier that morning.
r: Bio-Data 1985.

DOYLE, Arthur Conan            ENGLAND            (HP)
p: Prominent author of detective novels (Sherlock Holmes).
l: Made only one recorded B-Ascent to 6000' about 1885, but wrote extensively on the subject thereafter.

DOZIER, Lewis D.            USA            (1826-1914)            (HP)
See APPENDIX-AF.            Sport balloonist.
Member of one of the oldest St. Louis families.
b: 25 Aug.1826 St.Louis, MO;
d: 23 May 1914 St. Louis, MO.
e: Bryant & Stratton Business School.
p: Industrialist, Owner of "National Biscuit Company" (name later condensed to "Nabisco").
f: balloonist and aviation enthusiast 1900-1914.
l: Member of Executive Committee for Louisiana Purchase Exposition; Philanthropist.
m: St. Louis Balloon Club (FM), First President 1908; Missouri Historical Society, Life.
r: NT-24 May 1914/17/5; Book of St.Louisans-1912p165.

DRATON, Thomas Fenwick            USA            (1830?1860)            (HP)
See APPENDIX-R.            Military Aerostier.
e: West Point Military Academy.
p: Confederate Army Officer, 1861-64.

DRESCHER, John Morris            USA            #-143 (1892?1970)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 20 Mar.1892 Hannibal, MO
e: University of Illinois.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps 1917-19. Commander of the 102nd Balloon Company.
f: B-Training at Ft.Omaha (NB), and Camp de Souge France; FAI-ACA B-License #143 issued 17 Aug.1917.
a: 1008 Center St.; Hannibal, MO.
r: The Balloon Section.

DRESSDEN, Beatrice von (F)            USA            (1877-1894) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.            Professional balloonist. Stage name: Ella Dresen.
b: 1877 Buffalo, NY;
d: 6 Oct.1894 Buffalo, NY.
p: Smoke Balloonist Summer 1894.
f: Made bout 20 balloon jumps that season. ***Epic flight 6 Oct.1894 from Buffalo Fair Grounds. Ascent was successful, but she released herself from the balloon & parachute at the same time. Died on impact in front of her parents.
r: NT-7 Oct.1894/1/6.

DREW, George B.            USA            (1890?1940)            (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-L.            Semi-Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 1 Sep.1909 from Edgewater, NJ. Smoke balloon launch and parachute release were normal. However, the pilot landed in telegraph lines 50' above the pavement. He had to be rescued by three policemen. ***Epic flight 24 Ju1.1910 from St.Louis, MO. Flew 19 mi. in 25 minutes. ***Epic flight 9 Apr.l911 (w/Hart, Bookmaker, & Obermeyer). Crashed in the middle of the city.
r: NT-2 Sep.1909/1/3.

DREYER, Carl T.            DENMARK            (1880?1940)            (GB)
Professional balloonist, 1900-15 era. Did early movie stunts with balloons & airships.

DRIESSCHE, Emile vanden            BELGIUM            (1844?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/U.            Sport balloonist.
Personal friend of L.CAPAZZA.
f: First B-Flight 1891 with A.TOULET.
l: 1906, Placed 15th in the G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Aero Club of Belgium.
r: l'AEROPHILE-Sep.1906.

DUBOIS, Georges            FRANCE            (1865?1930)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AC/AT/U.            Sport balloonist.
b: 19 May 1865 Paris; Brother of famous aeronaut, Jules.
f: First B-Flight 13 Jul.1888 with E.CARTON; Active 1888-1922.
l: Automobile Club of France; Aero Club of France. ***Epic flight 15 May 1922. Established a FAI-Duration record of 23 hours 28 minutes for A-2 balloons.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

DUBOIS, Jules                 FRANCE            (1862?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AC/AT/U.            Sport balloonist.
b: 4 May 1862 Pontoise. Brother of famous aeronaut, Georges.
p: Commercial automobile agent in Decanville.
f: First B-Flight from Roubaix to Mouseron with Capt. Sterling; Active 1888-1910; made 58 ascents by 1910; flew in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia.
l: Champion athlete, ran a record of 500 meters in 62 seconds; Sport cyclist, peddled 100 kilometers in 2 hours 21 seconds in 1897; Participated in many National & In'tl B-Events.
m: Automobile Club of France; Aero Club of France. ***Epic flight 1910 from Saint Cloud (Paris) to Dtuttrow, Russia.
r: l'Aerophile 1 Feb.1911 p1; C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

DUBONNET, Emile            FRANCE            (l883?l940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH/AT.            Sport Aeronaut.
b: 18 Oct.1883 Paris.
f: Active balloonist 1908-13.
l: Participant in 1908, 09, & 11 G-Bennett B-Races.
m: Aero Club of France;
h: La Grande Medialle de L'Aero Club de France, 1912.
r: FAI-Records; C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

DUBOST, Antonin            FRANCE            (1844?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.            Sport balloonist.
b: 4 Apr.1844 L'Arbresle.
p: Professor of Science; Politician.
m: Aero Club of France; Societe de Aeronautes du Siege, Pres-1906. ***Epic flight 19 Oct.1870 (w/JOSSEC) from Paris (Orleans Station) in "Lafayette." Flight ended safely after 9hours, 10 minutes.
r: 'Aerophile Mar. 1905

DUCHATEAU, Celuici            BELGIUM            (1875?1903) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.            Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 14 Aug.1903 (w/Dr. Delcommine & M.Thibaut) from Liege. Celuici was on a trapeze below the gondola when it struck a lightning rod soon after launch, and was thrown to the ground. The doctor panicked, seeing the balloon without a pilot, and also jumped. Mr. Thibaut landed the balloon safely near Aix-la-Chapelle. Celuici suffered a broken leg, a skull fracture, and committed suicide shortly thereafter.
r: N.Y.Herald 16 Aug.1903; Daily Mail 20 Aug.1903.

DUDLEY, Edward P.            USA            (1875?1925)            (GB)
p: Professional balloonist. ***Epic flight 14 Nov.1901 (w/5-pax) from San Francisco, CA. Tethered balloon broke its line and proceeded South. It crossed the Santa Cruz Mountains, and landed safely near the ocean.
r: N.Y. Herald 15 Nov.1901.

DUEL, James            USA            (1875?1925)            (SM)
See APPENDITX-L.            Professional balloonist. ***Epic flight 2 Ju1.1902 from Louisville, KY. Smoke balloon performance was to include an exploding bomb in the midst of a fireworks display. The bomb failed, and parachute released late. Pilot sustained broken back.
r: Aeronautical World 1 Aug.1902.

DUELL, Prentice W.            USA            #-271 (1894-1960)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 17 Aug.1894 Sellersberg, IN;
d: 19 Apr.1960 Boston, MA.
e: Harvard University, Masters in Archaeology, 1924.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corp 1917-19. Participated in St.Mihiel & Argonne offensives, France 1918.
p: Archaeologist of International renown. Field director of the Chicago Oriental Institute. Research fellow of the Fogg Museum of Art (Harvard).
f: ACA B-license #272 issued 1917. Extent, or number of balloon flights unknown. Advanced the idea of using a balloon to scout archaeological sites. Toured the world in search of mankind's earliest habitat. Author of numerous works on archaeology. Restoration efforts on Williamsburg, VA 1929-31. Renowned watercolor artist and photographer.
m: Harvard Club.
r: NT-20 Apr.1960/39/l (T).

DUMORTIER, Le Forian            BELGIUM            (1870?1905)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B+ (B)/AZ.            Sport balloonist.
***Epic flight 29 Aug.1905 (w/2-pax) from Brussels. Balloon launched in a strong wind, and immediately hit a building. One passenger jumped to a roof safely. Another fell out and was killed. The pilot flew on and was never seen again.
r: Morning Advertiser 29 Aug.1905.

DUMOUTET, ?            FRANCE            (1870?1905)            (GB)
p: Artist, skyscraper painter.
l: Sport balloonist. ***Epic flight 18 Dec.1901 from Paris. Fell from the basket into the Garonne River, in full view of 6000 spectators, but uninjured.

DUNGAN, Harold Elmer            USA            #-103 (1895?1960)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AM/AR/AW.            Military balloonist.
b: 1 May 1895 Cobden, IL; Resident of Cleveland, OH. Considered "The greatest Hero of the American WW-I B-Corps" by his peers.
p: Officer in U.S.Army 1917-19. (Balloon Corps Observer). Made the greatest number of artillery adjustments (330) in WW-I. Aloft 131 hours 32 minutes over the front lines (in 5 months & 28 days). Retired Lt.Colonel USAF 1945.
f: FAI B-License #103 issued 12 Aug.1917.
a: Resident of Cleveland, OH.
r: NAOBCV-files.

DUNLOP, Wellington            USA            (1800?1850)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            Scientific balloonist.
Resident of Bucks County, PA.
f: First student of J.WISE. Made only one recorded flight. ***Epic flight Summer 1839 (solo) from Kutztown, PA. Flight was for "medicinal purposes" in a balloon owned by J.WISE.
r: EB-29.

DUNN, Chauncey            USA            (1932-            (HB/GB)
See Appendix-BA/BF/BG/BJ/BN/BU/BV/BX.            Sport balloonist.
b: 6 Jan.1932, Elgin, IL.
e: Colorado State Univ.; Denver Univ.; Stanford University.
s: U.S. Marine Corps.
p: Real Estate. President of American Balloon Adventures Ltd. (since 1970).
f: First B-Solo 1970 from Denver; FAA B-License 1 Sep.1970. More than 2200 B-Hours by 1983.
l: 1971, Established new FAI records for Altitude; 1971-79, Participated in U.S. National B-Races. 1973, Participated in World hot-air B-Championships. 1978, first to cross the Continental Divide in a gas balloon. 1979, Participated in G-Bennett B-Race.
m: BFA-Life Member, Director 1976, Vice Pres. 1977, Treasurer. 1978; Colorado Balloon Club, President 1975; Rocky Mountain Gas B-Society, 1978-82.
h: Montgolfier Diploma, FAI-1980.
r: Bio-Data-1993; BM-Sep.96 p26.

DUNN, Fred S.            USA            #-114 (1896?1960)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 28 Jan.1896 Elizabeth, NJ.
e: Columbia University, 1917.
s: Enlisted in U.S.Army 11 Jun.1917; Commissioned 3 Oct.1917; Commander of the 11th, and 24th Balloon Companies.
f: Received B-Training at Ft. Omaha (NB). FIA-ACA B-License #114 issued 3 Oct.1917.
a: 92 Mead Ave.; Passaic, NJ.
r: The Balloon Section.

DUNNINGTON, Phillip G.            BRITAIN            (1947-            (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BO/CL.            Sport balloonist.
b: 10 Mar.1947 Scarborough.
e: Bristol University, BA-Geography (w/Honors).
p: Company Director, Cameron Balloons; Gone With The Wind, Ltd..
f: First B-Flight 10 Apr. 1971 w/D.CAMERON; First B-Flight 10 Apr.1971 w/D.CAMERON from Woburn Abbey; First B-Solo 18 Mar.1972 from Beverstone, Glouchester; CAA B-License #PP133B issued 26 Apr. 1972. Kenyan CAA B-License issued Sept.1974; Airship License issued in Chile 1989 (17 Aug.); Airplane pilot since 1968.
l: 1972, Made the FIRST Hot-Air B-Flight in Kenya (1 Oct.); (Instructor of Alan ROOT). 1973, Made the FIRST Hot-Air B-Flight in Malawi (13 Oct.); 1975, Made the FIRST Hot-Air B-Flight in Jamaica; 1983, Made the FIRST Hot-Air B-Flight in Iceland (18 June); 1988, Participant in the Trans-Australian B-Race (April); 1985, First "Westerner" to fly a Hot-Air balloon in Czechoslovakia (5 Sep.); Also flew in Brazil (Aug.89), Chile (1989), Dubai (Dec.89), Lithuania (?), Nigeria (Dec.89), Pakistan (Feb.90), Russia (May 90). BBAC (since 1974), Chairman of Technical Commission. 1982-5, Chairman of Western Region 1986+, Chairman of Examiners Panel 1989+; Dante Group (FM).
h: Winner of 1991 British Long Jump (221 miles).
r: Bio-data.

DUNNVILLE, John            BRITAIN            #* 9 (1866-1929)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AS/CH.            Sport & Military Balloonist.
Father of balloonist John Jr.
b: 1866 Redburn;
d: 10 Jun.1929 London. Scion of a Belfast Whisky Distiller.
s: Officer in the British Army B-Corps in WW-I; Lt.Col. in 1918.
p: Political Secretary to the Eighth Duke on Devonshire. Sporting Club Manager, 1911-15.
f: First B-Flight 1906 with C.ROLLS; FAI-RAC Balloon license #9 issued 3 Dec.1907.
l: Participated in many Sport gas-balloon events; Competed in Hurlingham Meet 30 May 1908; Owner of balloon "La Mascotte"; All his balloons were made by the "Short Brothers." President of the Irish Aero Club 1910; Master of the Cambridge Draghounds.
h: D.L; C.E.B.-l919. ***Epic flight 14 Dec.19OB (w/C. POLLOCK & P.Gardner) from Battersea (London) in "Banshee." Landed in Russia after covering 500 miles in 13 hours. ***Epic flight Feb.l910; crossed the Irish Sea.
r: N.Y. Tribune 15 Dec.1908; The Aeronautical Journal; Early Aviation in Ireland p26.
a: Resident of Ulster Ireland.

DUPONT, Chambon de            FRANCE            ( 1764?1800 )            (HP)
See APPENDIX-C.            FIRST aerial hijacker.
p: Cadet at the Marine Academy, Champ de Mars, at Brienne. ***Epic hijack attempt 2 March 1784 injuring pilot (P.BLANCHARD) with his sword as he slashed the rigging on being refused permission to ride. He had already forced a priest out of the basket, but was eventually restrained by the crowd.

DUPUIS-Delcourt, Jules            FRANCE            (1802-1864)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/E.            Professional balloonist, 1825-35 era.
p: Designer, Inventor, Newspaper Editor, Balloon historian.
f: First B-Flight 7 Nov.1824 (w/Richard) from Paris (Montjean Pk.). Made many epic flights in his lifetime.
l: Constructed a balloon made entirely of thin copper sheets; weighing a total of 770 pounds (but it never flew)
m: Member of French Aerostatic and Meteorological Societies.

DURANT, Charles Ferson            USA            (1805-1873)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            FIRST American-born native balloonist.
b: 19 Sept. 1805, N.Y. City;
d: 2 Mar.1873, Jersey City, NJ.
e: Little formal education; Self taught in the sciences; Serious interest in Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Astronomy.
p: Candy maker, Fish dealer, Farmer, and Poet; Sport and Semi-Professional balloonist 1828-35 era. Printer, Astronomer, Naturalist, amateur biologist. First to produce silk worms in the USA.
f: Witnessed first flight 9 July 1825 by ROBERTSON. Accompanied ROBERTSON on tour of New Orleans, Cuba, and France. Worked two years for E.ROBERTSON in France. First B-Flight 3 Aug.1829 from Paris (w/E.ROBERTSON). First B-Solo 24 Aug. 1830 from N.Y. City Castle Gardens. Credited with First Aerial Advertising in the USA on his First solo flight (also same over Boston & Cincinnati later). Consultant to U.S. Army on Seminole Indian War of 1840, on the use of observation balloons in Florida. Made 13 flights (12 in the USA) in his lifetime; Last flight 13 Sep.1834;
l: Unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of Jersey City, NJ. Ichthyologist, collected & classified sea life of Jersey Coast. Author of "Algae and Corallines of New York Bay." ***Epic flight 14 Oct.1833 from Baltimore (OH). Landed near Chestertown (MD) carrying the FIRST addressed airmail in the USA. (see BLANCHARD 1793)
r: Classic American Airposts.

DURRSCHMIDT, Frederick J.            USA            (1890?1922) K            (KB)
see APPENDIX-Aw/CO.            Military balloonist. Resident of Shelton, CN.
d: 20 Feb.1922 Hampton, VA.
e: U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 1918.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Field Artillery 1918; Transferred to Air Service 1919; B-Observer in 5th and 11th B-Companies; Commander of 16th; Commander of 9th Army Corps 1919;
f: Received B-Training at Eshon France Oct.1918; Military brevets as Balloon & Airship Instructor 1918. ***Epic ascent 20 Feb.1922 (see MABRY). Killed in Airship crash.
r: The Balloon Section.

DURUOF, Caroline Morriere (F)            FRANCE            (1845-1933)            (GB)
d: July 1933, a pauper (divorced 1884).
p: Professional balloonist, 1865-85 era; Wife of balloonist, Claud.
f: First B-Flight 31 Aug.1874, with husband.

DURUOF, Claud Jules            FRANCE            (1841-1899)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-C/N/T.            Semi-Professional balloonist.
b: 21 Dec. 1841 Paris;
d: 12 Feb.1898 (in a paupers hospital) Paris.
p: Professional balloonist 1860-85. Journalist/aviation writer.
l: Balloon historian. ***Epic ascent 1860 in "Le Neptune." Balloon exploded on tether. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1870 from besieged Paris in "Le Neptune." First manned evacuation from a besieged city. ***Epic flight 1 Sept. 1873 (w/wife) in "Tricolore." Rescued from the North Sea. ***Epic flight 31 Aug.1874 (w/wife) from Calais, France in "Tricolore." Adverse winds caused a cancellation of the scheduled launch. Bystanders taunted the aeronauts as "cowards," to which they replied: "we know how to die." Thus they launched immediately into adversity, flying for 22 hours over the North Sea until all ballast was expended. They spent several hours in the sea before being rescued by ship, half drowned and exhausted. NOTE: One of the jeering crowd (Justin Fourner) committed suicide five days later.
r: NT-27 Sep.1874/4/7.

DYOT, E.            GERMANY            (1840?1920)            (SM/HP)
See APPENDIX-U.            Professional balloonist. German origin, French nationality; Pseudonym: E.Delamarine.
l: Purchased "L'Aigle" (SM) from E.GODDARD in 1868. Made several ascents in London before adding a self-designed, liquid petroleum burner. Balloon caught fire on inflation, and was destroyed.
r: C.DOLLFUS, Aerostat 2 Apr.1977 p57.
m: Aero Society of Great Britain.

DWORZAK,            GERMANY            (1870?1920)            (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-            Military balloonist.
***Epic flight 1 Sep.1894 from Vienna (OUS) in a kite balloon. Balloon was being walked to an observation site. As was the procedure for crossing telegraph lines, the 12 line handlers were ordered to drop their lines and cross under. However, the officer in charge neglected to realize his procedure was flawed, and the balloon escaped. It continued on for 11 hours, and covered 250 miles before the aeronaut landed safely.

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