EADON, Fred            BRITAIN            (1875?1925)            (SM)
p: Professional balloonist. Resident of Rangoon, Burma. Protégé of PRICE & E.HAVAS (who flew in S.Africa).
l: Flew in Mandalay (Burma), and Maulmain. ***Epic flight 4 May 1907 from Rangoon (Burma). Ascent in a partially filled hot-air balloon came to an abrupt end when a handling rope, still tied securely, became taught. The aeronaut was yanked from his parachute ring, to the ground, and escaped with minor injuries.
r: Bombay Gazette 14 May 1907.

EARECKSON, William E.O.            USA            (1900?1980)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AX.            Sport & Military aeronaut. (Bio-Data unknown)
Mid-names Eareckson-Olmstead.
e: West Point Military Academy.
s: Enlisted as Private, Ret Colonel in the U.S.Army Airforce.
f: No FAI B-License listed; Holder of a Military brevet.
l: Participated in US-Nat.B-Races 1927, 28, & 30 as aide; Participated in G-Bennett B-Races 1927 & 28 as aide.
h: Navy Cross, DSM, DFC.
l: Made many epic flights W/KEPNER; Qualified as pilot of most all military aircraft of his era; Commander of 11th Air Force; Hero of the Aleutians campaign in WW-2.
r: "The 1000 Miles War"

EARLE, Clarence Edwards            USA            #-677 (1893-1953)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 27 Aug.1893 Bengies, MD.
d: 26 Nov.1953.
e: Baltimore Polytechnic, BS-Chemical Engineering, 1923.
s: Officer in U.S.Navy Airship Service. Production Chief of Helium at Ft.Worth, Texas.
f: Received Balloon and Airship training at Goodyear-Akron; Airplane pilot. FAI-ACA B-License #677 issued 28 Aug.1918.
l: Inventor of Aviation Hydraulic Oils; Carbon monoxide detectors; Phenyl-Amino salts for combat "jungle rot." One of the official USN investigators of the "Hindenberg" crash.
r: NT-27 Nov.1953p27:3 (T).

EARLY, James Francis         USA                #-992         (1901?1970)            (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AI/AR.                Military aeronaut.
b: 3 Feb.1901 Worchester, MA.
e: Worchester Polytechnic Institute; West Point Military Academy.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Aviation Section; Assigned to 18th Airship Company; Commander of LTA Detachment 1927; Outstanding Military career.
f: Graduated from Balloon & Airship Schools 1924; FAI-ACA Balloon & Airship Licenses issued 23 Apr.1926; Airplane Pilot 1927.
l: Participant in the U.S.National B-Races 1926.
a: 73 Paine St; Worchester, MA.
r: Who's Who in Aviation-1928.

EARLSON, Richard            USA            (1875?1925)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.            Professional balloonist 1896 era. Resident of Boyle Heights (Los Angeles) 1896.
f: Made many ascents on the California West Coast. Last recorded ascent 22 May 1901 from Victoria, BC Canada.
l: Ran off with 14-year old Belia Minot. Last seen in Carson City (NV).
r: Los Angeles Times.

EASTERLY, Marcus Herbert            USA            #-474 (1891-1921) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 30 Jun.1891 Columbiana, OH;
d: 24 Aug.1921 Howden, England.
s: Officer in U.S.Navy Airship Service 11 Oct.1917 until death.
f: Balloon and Airship training at Goodyear-Akron; Airplane pilot; FAI-ACA B-License #474 issued 13 Mar 1918; Naval Aviator #2110. ***Epic flight 24 Aug.1921 (W/crew of 40 &4 pax) from Howden ENG in the R-38 (ZR-2) airship. Serving as a Radio officer, he was killed in the crash. (see L.MAXFIELD /H.HOYT).
r: NT-25 Aug.1921p2c4 (T); Contact-Profiles p550.

EASTMAN, Gardner P.            USA            #-652 (1893-1968)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 8 Nov.1893 Milbury, MA;
d: 7 Dec.1968 Summit, NJ.
e: Amherst College, BA-1915 (Beta Theta Pi/Phi Beta Kapa).
p: President of Eastman's Inc. (Book dealer).
s: Officer in U.S.Navy Airship Service 1917-19 (Ens).
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #652 issued 24 Jul.1918; Naval Aviator #1579.
a: 142 Oakwood Drive; Murray Hill, NJ.
r: NT-8 Dec.1968/86/3; Contact-Profiles p409.

ECK, Rolf         GERMANY          (1939-            (GB)
See APPENDIX-BN.            Sport balloonist.
b: 13 Jun.1939 Kothen/Anhalt.
e: Primary school 10 years.
p: Maler (painter).
f: First B-Flight 16 Jun.1960 with H.PROBUSTING; First B-Solo 5 Jun.1971 from Lunen; German B-License #NW DU-27 issued 8 Apr.1971; More than 1140 B-Hours (209 Gas starts) by 1984.
m: Many German B-Clubs.
h: Lilienthal Diploma.
r: Bio-Data form 1984.

ECKERT, Alfred            GERMANY            (1916-1996)            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BE/BF/BM.            Sport balloonist.
b: 18 May 1916 Augsburg.
d: 18 May 1996 Augsburg.
e: 14 years Public Schools.
s: German Army, one year.
p: Lithograph maker.
m: Augsburg Freiballoon Club.
f: First B-Flight 1953; First B-Solo 1953 from Augsburg; German B-License # 2745 BYLAS issued 29 Dec.1956; Over 4000 B-Hours (883 gas, +14 hot-air starts) by August 1983.
l: 1956, Crossed Alps from Augsburg to Genoa, Italy; 1958, Made his first night flight; 1960, First crossed the Alps from Murren (many times thereafter); 1975, Author of book "Am Himmel Ohne Motor"; 1976, Editor of Balloon Magazine "Der Freiballon" (see U.HOHMANN & W.MULLER); 20 year member of the German B-Commission; Founder of Gersthofen B-Museum (Augsburg); 1979, Author of book "In Blauen Wind"; 1985, Founder of Gersthofen Aeronautical Museum (open Nov.1985);
h: Montgolfier Diploma, FAI-1960; German Golden Daedalus Medal; Honorary Member "Lighter-Than-Air-Society"; 20-time Premier National and International "Wessfahtern." ***Epic flight; Crossed the English Channel by balloon (Ref. book AmHimmel page 54).
a: Drentwettstrasse 3; D-8900 Augsburg.
r: Bio-data Aug.1985; BallonSport M/J-96p25.

ECKMEIER, William Leroy            USA            (1935?1976)            (HB)
See APPENDIX-BH/BI.         Sport balloonist.
Resident of Norwalk, CA.
d: About 1976, heart attack. Husband & Father of balloonists.
p: Space Communications Specialist, Manned & Unmanned.
f: First B-Flight 1969 with R.RECHS; First B-Solo 1970 from Lancaster, CA; FAA B-License #1787850 issued 21 July 1970; Also airplane and Glider pilot; Active balloonist, 1970-73 era.
m: BFA; Wind Drifters Balloon Club. ***Epic flight 1970 (first solo) From Lancaster, CA in "Freedom-1." Successful one hour flight, landed the mouth of the envelope over the only tree within 10 miles. Deflation in slight wind required that the Joshua tree (endangered species) be cut down, to retrieve the balloon (legislated $500 penalty).
r: Bio-data/Pers.interview.

EDDY, William A.            USA            (1850?1910)            (HP)
p: Physics professor.
l: Did experiments with sounding balloons and correctly determined the characteristics and severity of thunderstorms.
r: NT-7 Aug.1899/3/2.

EDWARDS, Duncan L.            USA            # 320 (1879-1945)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 29 Oct.1879 Quogue, NY;
d: 21 May 1945 Santa Barbara, CA.
s: Officer in U.S.Army Balloon Corps 1917-19; Served as a balloon flight instructor.
f: Sport balloonist 1910-17 era.
r: NT-3 Jun.1945/32/2.

EDWARDS, Fred Van            USA            (1944-1974) K            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1)            Sport balloonist.
b: 13 Aug.1944.
d: 9 Jul.1974 Travares, FL (age 29).
e: education unknown.
p: Contractor
f: FAA license #1730336; Airplane pilot; Commercial B-License issued June 1974; 113 hours total flight time, 10.8 in balloons at time of death.
l: Sky-diver; Co-Owner (W/K.King) of Raven S-60A (N54691). ***Epic flight 9 Jul.1974 (W/Jimmy W. Hall) from Travares (FL). After an uneventful flight of 8 miles to the Southeast, the balloon was seen to enter a 500' cloud base. It was observed a few moments later in a deflated "streamer" condition, and impacted into an orange grove killing both aeronauts. It was speculated that the deflation port top was opened to accelerate a descent. NOTE: Police investigator revealed that Fred still had the rip-cord line in his hand; This was reported as the second flight of this balloon since new; The subsequent lawsuit against the VELCRO corporation resulted in a public refusal to sell their product for further balloon construction.
a: 1183-C Paseo Delmar; Castelberry (Orlando), FL.
r: FAA/NTSB report MIA-75-AMO; Orlando Sentenal p1; K.Sprott, J.Winker archives.

EHRLER, Charles D.            USA            (1953-            (HB)
See APPENDIX-BK/BX.         Professional Aeronaut.
Son of balloonist Michael.
b: 23 Sep.1953 Louisville, KY;
e: Marquette University, BBA.
p: Professional balloonist, Owner of Odyssey Inc. (Aerostar B-Distributor), 1973 - 1990; Heavily involved in airship industry.
f: First B-Flight Jun. 1973 with father Mike; First B-Solo May 1973 from Fenton, MI; FAA License #407765033 issued July 1974; Airplane pilot, soloed on 16th birthday; B-Instructor; More than 2500 B-Hours by 1987.
l: 1974, Winner of U.S.National B-Championship; 1976, Raven Industries Dealer of the Year; 1977, Raven Industries Distributor of the Year; 1977, Winner of Kentucky Balloon Championships; Producer of annual "Kentucky Governor's Trophy" B-Race; Served as Balloon pilot for film: "Stardust Memories," by Woody Allen; Made the only indoor inflation in Kentucky to 1987; Made the only indoor inflation in Georgia to 1987, inside the Hyatt-Regency Hotel;
m: BFA; NAA; BBAC; Balloon Society of Kentucky, V.P.
h: BFA-Distinguished Aeronaut Award.
r: Bio-Data form-1987.

EICKMANN, Edwin M.            USA            #-1072 (1907?1970)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.         Professional Aeronaut.
b: 13 Mar.1907 Indianapolis, IN.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Lt.Jg. 8 Jul.1940.
p: Good-year Balloon and Airship pilot.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1072 issued 27 Oct.1933.
l: Hero of the 1927 Rose Bowl football game.
r: U.S.Navy training files.

EIDSNESS, Carl William         USA                  (1950-          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/AC.         Sport Balloonist.
b: 10 Dec.1950 Alexandria, VA.
e: Universities of N.Dakota, Montana, & Hawaii; Univ. of Heidelberg (Germany) BA-History-1972, MA-In'tl Management-1979.
p: Farmer, Businessman, Pilot.
f: First B-Flight 1987 W/Randy; First B-Solo Sept.1987 from Park City Utah; B-License #517600716 issued Oct.1987; More than 700 B-Hours by 1996 (60 Gas flights); Airplane pilot.
l: 1989, Winner of the Austrian Alpine B-Fiesta; 1990, Winner of the European Thermal B-Championships.
m: BBAC; BFA, Gas Div. 1992-95; FreiballonSport Verein; Experimental Balloon & Airship Assoc. ***Epic flight 19-20 Oct.1995 (solo) from Reserve Montana in "Big Sky." Flight ended in Oklahoma woods after covering 1160 miles in 21:35. The flight in an AA-4 (Ammonia, sized to equal the same lift as helium) balloon exceeded that of G.CORMIER (1922) and B.BOURLOUSKI (1939) for a new World distance record.
a: 556 W.Reserve Rd (Box 105); Reserve, MT 59258; 406/285-5423.
r: BL-Nov.95, Dec.95p9; Bio-form Feb.1996.

EILOART, Arnold Bushy            BRITAIN            (1907-1981)         (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-I.                  Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 1907 (unknown);
d: 6 Feb.1981 St.Ives.
f: Received B-Training in Holland (details unknown); Received his balloon license from a CAA-Examiner who rode a bicycle along his flight path; Last balloon flight 2 Jun.1970.
l: FIRST Transatlantic B-Attempt in 20th Century. ***Epic flight 12 Dec.1958 (W/son Tim, C.&R.MUDIE) from Tenerife, Canary Islands in "Small World." Flew 1200 Nm. in 94 hours, 30 minutes. The voyage ended 5 Jan.1959, East of Barbados, by sailing the last 1500 miles in the boat-hulled gondola. NOTE: Gondola/boat was made of Polystyrene foam with Terylene resin coating.
r: BF-J/F-1982; National Geographic Magazine July 1959.

EIMERMACHER, Ferdinand            GERMANY         (1881-1961)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Sport balloonist.
Father of (Hugo), and grandfather of (GABY) balloonists.
b: 10 Dec.1881 Munster.
d: 10 Mar.1961.
p: Balloon maker in Munster.
f: B-License issued 20 Jan.1910; 274 recorded B-Flights in his lifetime.
l: Participated in G-Bennett B-Race 1912,14,27,28, & 32; Author of: Welten, Ozeane und Sterne.
m: Munster, Osnabrucker, & Westfalisch B-Clubs.
r: FuA p41.

EIMERS, Wilhelm         GERMANY         (1960?          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AC.         Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unavailable)
***Epic flight 16 Sept.1995 (W/B.Landsman) from Switzerland in the G-Bennett B-Race. Established a FAI-World duration record of 92 hrs.11 min. for AA-7 class. (See A.FRAENKEL).

EINSIEDEL, Alexander G.von            GERMANY          (1884-1953)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Military & Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Jul.1884 Berlin.
d: alive in Hamburg 1953.
s: Officer in the Dragoons-Guard-Regiment, Lt.1910/Ret.Mgr.;
f: B-License issued 11 May.1908; Last flight 25 Oct.1953 w/F.Friedrichs.
l: Participated as dual Aide in G-Bennett B-Race of 1909.
m: Berliner, Munster, Osnabrucker, Sachsischer & Vogtlandischer B-Clubs.
r: FuA p41.

EISEL, Homer         USA                  (1875?1895) K          (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist.
f: Extent of career unknown. ***Epic flight 1 Oct.1895 from W.Libery, OH. Ascent was normal, but he had great difficulty releasing his parachute. When it did finally release, he was too low to the ground for it to open fully, and he died of impact injuries.

ELDRIDGE, Thomas E.            USA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF.                 Sport balloonist.
p: Doctor, Resident of Philadelphia, PA.
f: Made many epic sport balloon flights 1907-10 era.
l: Co-establisher of ELDRIDGE/ZIMMERMAN Balloon Cup (For the Non-professional Woman Pilot flying the greatest distance in a single ascent during the years 1908-10).
m: Philadelphia Aero-Recreation Society (FM) 3 May 1908; Philadelphia B-Club, Pres.1915. ***Epic flight 26 Oct.1907 (see KING) from Philadelphia, PA. ***Epic flight 21 Oct.1909 (W/Miss.Ridgeway) from Philadelphia, PA. Made a 200mi.round-trip in a balloon.
r:NT-20 Oct.1909/2/1. ***Epic flight 21 Jul.1910 (W/Fred & Andrew Underhill) from Philadelphia, PA in "Phily-II." Established a ACA/U.S. National duration record of 14:15, landing near Pascoag, RI.
r: Aeronautics, July 1908; NT-22 Oct.1909/2/1; NT-14 Sep.1916 p5/1; Philadelphia Public Ledger 3 May 1908.

ELIAS, Hermann         GERMANY          (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Scientific balloonist.
e: Doctor of Philosophy. Still alive 1979.
p: Assistant to BERSON at the Meteorological Institute.
l: Accompanied BERSON on many experiments.
f: More than 4446 B-Flights in his lifetime.
m: Berliner B-Club; Kaiserlicher Aero Club. ***Epic flight 1902 (W/BER-SON) on record 1470km distance.
r: FuA.

ELKINS, Lester         USA                  (1889-1909) K                  (SM)
b: 1878 San Antonio, TX;
d: 8 Mar.1909 San Pedro, CA.
p: Traction Engineer; Semi-Professional balloonist; Worked for balloonist L.L. HILL.
f: Last flight was his first in more than a year. ***Epic flight 8 Mar.1909 from San Pedro, CA. Launching his balloon in a moderate offshore wind, he released his parachute over the bay. Pilot was carried further offshore until he landed. His body was never recovered.
r: NT-9 Mar.1909/1/6; L.A.Times 9 Mar.1909/II/1/4.

ELLINQUIST, William            USA                  (1875?1910)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/ (B).                Professional balloonist.
p: Partners with Joseph MOSS. ***Epic flight 25 Aug.1906 (W/J.MOSS) from Bergen Beach (NYC). The balloon burst into flames on ascent; Both aeronauts were severely injured from the impact and flames. Moss was not expected to live.
r: N.Y.Herald 26 Aug.1906.

ELLIOT, Charles A.         USA                  (1875?1900)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                        Professional balloonist.
p: Partners with Anna PEEK. ***Epic flight 5 Aug.1895 (W/A.PEEK) from Jackson, MI. Double ascent started normal, but the basket ropes broke at 50'. Both aeronauts fell into a tree; Elliot with bad bruises, but PEEK broke an arm and a leg. (see PEEK)
r: Evening Telegraph 5 Aug.1895.

ELLIOT, George         USA                  (1800?1855)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Semi-Professional balloonist.
f: First flight 12 Aug.1834; Still active 1854 (see CARRIER); Continually plagued by poor planning and unruly mobs at ascent attempts (see CARRIER). ***Epic flight 12 Aug. 1834 (W/Redman, a 12-year old boy) from Charleston, SC. Gas valve stuck open in flight. Aeronauts had to be rescued from the Patapsco River. ***Epic flight 28 Dec.1834 from New Orleans, LA. Violent winds caused the balloon to crash into spectators on launch. Pilot broke hip on impact with chimney as the balloon bounced off several buildings. Pilot finally rescued by passing ship four miles offshore. Pilot recovered after surgeons removed 4-inches of bone from his leg.

ELLIS, Johnstone Dean         USA            #-585 (1893-1965)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 1 Feb.1893 Philadelphia, PA;
d: 26 Mar.1965 Cleveland, OH.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-26.
p: Research Engineer.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #585 issued 27 Oct.1933; Naval Aviator #701.
a: Res.of Loraine, OH.
r: Contact-Profiles p211.

ELMHIRST, Thomas            BRITAIN          (1898-1982)                  (GB)
Military balloonist.
b: 1898.
d: 1982.
s: Officer in the Royal Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot in WW-1; Air Marshal of British Government in WW-2.
f: Early B-Training prior to 1914 unknown, considered the expert after 1914; No record of B-License, Airplane pilot.
h: CB, AFC, KBE-Received Knighthood for services rendered to his Country. ***Epic flight Summer 1915 from Strander Scotland (W/wireless operator) in a SS-17 airship. Patrolling for German submarines, his rudder cable broke and the ship drifted until the props disintegrated on water contact. By careful use of ballast, he drifted to a safe landing in Ireland. FIRST (& only) free balloon crossing of the Irish Sea East to West.
r: Aerostat V8#1 p18; BF-M/A 1983p6 (T).

ELMSTROM, Lois M (F)            USA            (1930?1971)            (HB)
See APPENDIX-V/BC.         Sport balloonist.
Wife of balloonist, George, Maiden name Mercer.
d: Dec.1971, El Segundo, CA; Married in a balloon 21 Dec.1969.
f: First B-Flight 1970<with D.PICCARD from Sun City, CA; Last B-Flight Sep.1971. Maiden name "Mercer." ***Epic flight 2 June 1971 from Lancaster, CA in "Sagittarius." Established FAI-Duration record for AX-4 class.
r: Bio-data, Husband.

ELSDALE, ?         BRITAIN                  (1850?1920)          (GB)
Military Balloonist.
s: Officer in the British Army, Royal Engineers; Commander of Aerial activities 1895; Served in B-Expeditions: Bechuanaland-1884, Marfeking-1885, Sudan-1886, S.Africa-1899.
l: Did experiments with B-Borne cameras at Halifax, Canada-1883. ***Epic flight 7 Apr.1885. Observation balloon broke loose from mooring, causing an inadvertent free flight from the battlefront.

ELSTER, Ray         USA                  (1869-1893) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1869;
d: 4 Jul.1893 Omaha, NB. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1893 from Omaha, NB. Ascent from Cortland Beach Amusement Park was normal, but his parachute failed to open on descent, and he drowned in the Missouri River after impact.
r: NT-5 Jul.1898/1/2.

EMDEN, Albert         SWISS          #+14 (1862-1940)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU/AV.            Sport balloonist 1900-14 era.
b: 4 Mar.1862 St.Gallen;
d: 8 Oct.19440 Zurich.
p: Professor at Zurich Technical School.
f: German License #240; Swiss license #14 (resended).

EMERSON, Raafe E.            USA            #- 53 (1880-1962)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AI.         Military aeronaut.
b: 3 Nov.1880 Lincoln, NB;
d: 30 Nov.1962 Islip, NY.
e: Univ. of Pennsylvania; Univ.of Washington, Engineering; Also studied in England, France, and Belgium.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy 1917-25, Pilot; Served as an Airship technical officer to British Navy 1917-19; Assembled Italian "O" type airship in Italy, 1919; Navy inspector of Rigid Airships in Europe.
p: Engineer for Emerson Engineers, founded by his father.
f: First recorded balloon flight 1915; Qualified as a Kite Balloonist at Akron 4 Oct.1917; FAI-ACA B-License #53 issued 26 Aug.1914; Naval Aviator #622; Qualified in Airships at Rockaway 18 Jun.1918; Italian Airship license # 122.
l: Aviation technical writer most of his life.
h: Cross-Knight of the Crown of Italy; British Commendation. ***Epic flight 25 Sep.1920 (W/SLOMAN) from Birmingham, AL. Competition in the National Balloon Race ended by clinging to the rigging for 6-hours after loosing the basket in Lake Erie. NOTE: He contracted pneumonia from his exposure, causing him to lose his military career, and eventually his life (42 years later).
r: NT-30 Sep.1920/17/4; Contact-Profiles p193.

EMMERT, Josef         AUSTRIA                  (1900?1945)          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-C/AA.                 Sport balloonist.
Name sometimes listed as Joseph EMMER.
b: 14 Apr.1912.
d: 8 Jun.1983 Zum.
f: Proficient balloonist & glider pilot.
l: Schoolmate of Bruno MAREK; Established an official record listed in the FAI archives; FIRST record of using Propane as a balloon heat source. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1935 (W/B.MAREK) from Vienna, Austria. Flew a Co-designed hot-air balloon of 63,600 cu.ft. using pressurized petroleum burner. ***Epic flight 25 Sep.1939 from Vienna. Flew a self-designed & made hot-air balloon using a pressurized petroleum fuel as a heat source. Flight was the first officially recognized FAI record done in a hot-air balloon (AX-6/7, 9374m/30,755'). NOTE: Records of this historic flight are hard to find, as the FAI did not have a separate "AX" category for Hot-Air balloons.
r: FuA p42.

EMMS, ?                         BRITAIN                  (1870?1930)          (SM)
Professional balloonist 1906 era. (Bio-Data unknown)
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

ENDRAS, Clemens         GERMANY          (1881-1943)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-J/AU.                 Brother of balloonists Sigmund & Gabriel.
b: 20 Oct.1881 Tannenberg/schwaben;
d: 30 Oct.1943 Augsburg.
s: Technical advisor to German Army on LTA 1910-43; Manufacturing Director of German Army observation (Drachen) balloons for PARSEVAL Balloon & Airship Company 1910-14.
p: Technical Director of Ballonfabrik Augsburg (under RIEDINGER), 1910-32; Owner of "Balloon Fabric Augsburg" 1932-43.
f: First B-Flight 1909 with August Riedinger; FAI B-License issued pre-1914; Very active sport & military balloonist in lifetime.
l: Directed the manufacture of barrage balloons in Austria, France, & USSR during WW-II (until death); Credited with construction of "FNRS" balloon (see A.PICCARD); Flight was made from the present site of "B-Fabric Augsburg."
r: Horst Hassold, 1985.

ENT, Uzal Girard         USA                  (1900-1948)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-AI.                         Sport & Military balloonist.
b: 3 Mar.1900 Northumberland, PA;
d: 5 Mar.1948.
e: U.S. Military Academy at West Point 1924.
s: Served as Private to Major General, 1918-44; Chief of staff in Middle-East; Outstanding Aviation career.
f: Airplane pilot; Made only one recorded Balloon Ascent.
h: DSC; DSM (W/Oak Leaf Cluster); DFC (W/Twin-Oak Leaf Cluster); Air Medal; Order of Empire. ***Epic flight 30 May 1928 (W/EVERT) from Pittsburgh, PA. National Balloon Race competition Flight launched in approaching thunderstorm. Ent survived a lightning strike that killed the pilot.

ERBSLOEH, Oskar         GERMANY          (1879-1910) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AK/AU/U.         Sport balloonist 1900-10 era.
b: 21 Apr.1879 Elberfeld;
d: 13 Jul.1910 Leichlington, Prussia.
f: Made 14 B-Ascents by 1906, 30 by 19007 (Killed in airship crash); Balloon & Airship Licenses issued 1903.
l: Considered an outstanding aeronaut by his peers; 1906, Participated in the G-Bennett B-Race in balloon "Pommern"; 1907, Won the G-Bennett B-Race in balloon "Pommern"; 1909, Crossed the Alps in at an altitude of 18,000'.
m: Agsburger, Berlin, Hamburg, Kolner, & Niederrheinischer Balloon Clubs; Kaiserlischer Aeroclub. ***Epic flight 13 Jul.1910 (W/H.Hopp, R.Kranz, J.Spicks, & M.Toelle) in an airship of his own design. Aircraft exploded and crashed in flames from 1000'. There were No survivors.
r: l'Aerophile-Sep.1906; FuA p43.

ERDMANN, Albert William            USA            #-657 (1897?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 9 Oct.1897 Short Hills, NJ; Res.of W.Hartford, CN 1969.
e: Union College; Yale University, PhB-1921.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-52; Balloon & Airship pilot WW-I; Parachute rigger/tester WW-II.
p: Stock broker, Investment counselor, and Yacht broker.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #657 issued 7 Aug.1918.
a: 35 Concord St; W.Hartford, CN.
r: Contact-Profiles p406.

ERDMAN, Hugo         GERMANY          (1880?1910)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG.         Sport & Professional balloonist.
d: 1910 Charlotteenburg.
p: referred to as "Dr.Professor" (Philosophy teacher).
f: Made 39 B-Flights in his lifetime; last B-Flight 30 Jun.1914.
l: Taught ballooning in Norway 1910; B-Instructor for A.RIEDINGER of Augsburg.
m: Berlin B-Club; Kaiserlichter Aero Club. ***Epic flight 20 Jan.1910 from Kristiana Norway in"Norge." Landed in a storm after 23 minutes (see E.SEM-JACOBSEN & O.SIVERSEN). NOTE: Balloon is on permanent display at the Oslo Technical Museum.
r: E.Sem-Jocabsen archives.

ERICKSSON, ?         USA                  (1830?1900)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S?                 Professional aeronaut.
p: Manufacturer of gas balloons in St.Louis 1858.
r: City of Flight p287.

ESCHWEGE, Rudi von            GERMANY          (1890?1916) K                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Historic person.
d; 21 Nov.1917 (Only fatality ever recorded by this method).
p: Officer in the German Army Flying Corps; Airplane pilot.
l: Germany's greatest "ace" at his time of death; Known as the "Eagle of the Aegean Sea." ***Epic flight 21 Nov.1917 over the Balkans in a Pfalz D-III (Halberstadt-III) airplane. Killed by the explosion of a British Kite Balloon charged with 300 pounds of high explosives.
r: The Balloonatics.

ESCOLA, Melchor Z.         ARGENTINA #:19         (1875-1945)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military aeronaut.
b: 10 Jun.1875 Buenos Aires;
d: 18 Nov.1945 Buenos Aires.
s: Career Officer in the Argentine Airforce.
f: First B-Flight from Palermo to San Martin in 1:50; Made two recorded B-Flights in his lifetime; Argentine B-License #19 issued 28 Mar.1913; Airplane license #15 issued 23 Oct.1912.
l: Wrote many books, aviation and technical articles.
h: Declared "Father of Naval Aviation."
r: Argentine Aero Club.

ESHOO, Fredric         IRAN                  (1940?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-F.                 Sport balloonist.
FIRST to fly a balloon in Iran (see H.BUCHER).
p: Engineer, Designer.
f: First B-Flight W/B.Stockwell. ***Epic flight 6 Feb.1978 from Minneapolis, MN in "Sunstat." Self designed solar balloon of unique design. Envelope was 40% (black inside, white inside), 60% transparent (on the gore line). Control of lift was made by rotating the envelope with the opaque side toward the sun by DC-electric fans attached to the equator. ***Epic flight 9 Oct.1983 from Albuquerque, NM in "Sunstat-2." Self designed solar balloon of 146,000 cu.ft. made a textbook flight of 18 minutes.
r: Aerostation, Sp.1984, pp20; Raven Owners Newsletter, Mar-78.

ESNAULT-Pelterie, Robert            FRANCE          (1881?1950)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/U.         Sport aeronaut.
b: 8 Nov.1881 Paris.
p: Engineer/Inventor; Constructor of aero-devices.
f: Balloon and Airplane pilot.
l: 1904, verified experiments of WRIGHT brothers.
r: l'Aerophile-Dec. 1907.

ESPITALLIER, Georges            FRANCE          (1849-1923)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AH/AT/U.         Sport balloonist, 1870-1900 era.
p: Military Aerostier, 1870-90 era.
l: Author of "Aerostiers et Aviateurs."

ESTIFEEFF, Paul         RUSSIA                  (1871?1930) (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-U.                 Military balloonist.
s: Officer in Russian Army; Commander of Aerostiers at Ft.Ossovetz; Served as Aero-Officer at St.Petersbourg, Ivangorod, and Novogeorgievsk-1894.
f: B-Instructor, trained famous officers: KOWANKO, RYKATCHEW, POMERTZEV.
m: Aero Club of France.
h: Served as a director on "Deutsch Prize" commission.

EUTING, Hermann         GERMANY          (1878-1963)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 2 Jan.1878 Reutlingen;
d: 7 Mar.1963 Stuttgart (age 91).
e: Engineer.
f: recorded 53B-Flights in his lifetime; Airship pilot 1929 of "Prufung"; Initial B-License issued 1910; Reissued as #99 12 Mar.1955.
r: FuA p44.

EVANS, Frederick W.            USA            #-289 (1898?1960)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 8 Mar.1898 Lawrence, MA.
s: Officer in U.S.Army B-Corps 1917; Air Corps Colonel 1942.
f: Balloon Pilot & Observer; Airplane Pilot & Observer; Airship Pilot & Instructor; FAI-ACA B-License #289 issued 9 Jan.1918.
l: Attended Chemical warfare, and Tactical Command Schools.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1942-43.

EVANS, Maude Louisa (F)            BRITAIN          (1882-1896) K            (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-B/X.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 6 Dec.1882 an orphan; Stage name "Mdsml. Albertina."
p: Circus apprentice trapeze artist. ***f: Made three captive ascents (W/GAUDRON) from Dublin prior to 1896; Student of A.E. GAUDRON; witnessed 14-ascents; First B-Solo (at age 14) was her last. ***Epic flight 23 Jul.1896 from Cardiff. Ascent and para-jump were normal. However, the open parachute drifted offshore. She landed in the water and drowned before rescue. PYA-Scrapbook.

EVANSON, J.                          BRITAIN          (1895?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AL.                 Military balloonist.
Enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service1912; Retired from Royal Air Force in 1947 after 35 years service with Balloons & Airships.
l: Assigned to the Beta Airship at Dunkirk in 1914; Served with the first 2 British kite balloons in 1915; Served as a balloon instructor after WW-I; Flew observation balloons during WW-2.
r: Aerospce America June 97 p49.

EVERT, Paul         USA                  (1900?1928) K            (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AI.            Historic person.
p: Officer in U.S. Army.
f: No record of flying career or balloon license (ENT did NOT have a FAI B-license either). ***Epic flight 31 May 1928 (W/ENT) from Pittsburgh, PA in "Army-III." Launched in the #3 position at the U.S. National Balloon Elimination Race at the approach of a thunderstorm, the balloon was struck by lightning. Paul died instantly, but Ent survived with minor injuries.

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