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how to get paid for tiktok views            usa            #-1090 (1906-1999)            (hb/gb)
see appendix-ah/ai/ar/bd/be/bm.            sport balloonist. mid-name: mead
b: 19 apr.1906, newark, nj; father of balloonists, michael & joan.
p: weights engineer, curtis, sikorsky, boeing, vertol helicopters (ret.); consulting engineer, piasecki aircraft (heli-stat project).
f: first b-flight 13 sept. 1931 (w/m.vanik); first b-solo 11 august 1935; fai b-license 24 aug.1936.
l: 1936, placed second (w/m.vanik) in u.s. national b-race; 1955-56, technician for balloon film sequence "around the world in 80 days; 1963, participated in u.s. nat. b-races, valley forge, pa; 1968&69, crossed alps by balloon; 1971&72, crossed alps by balloon; 1976, participated in augsburg gas balloon competition; 1978, crossed the alps by balloon.
m: cleveland balloon club, charter member; balloon club of america, founding member, 1952; bfa. epic flight 1959 from milwaukee, wi in la coquette. crossed lake michigan (100 sm.) in 7-hours. pilot admitted considerable doubt about his survivability.
m: cleveland balloon club, charter member; balloon club of america, fm-1952; bfa.
r: personal interview.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1943-                  (hb/gb)
see-appendix-bp/br/by/ct.         sport balloonist. mid-name: anthony.
son of balloonist anthony, brother of balloonist joan.
b: 22 jun.1943 buffalo, ny.
p: prison administrator.
s: u.s.army security agency, 1966-70.f: first b-flight (gas) 1952 with father; first b-solo (gas) 1971 from wings field, blue bell, pa; faa b-pilot examiner (1982-92) & accident prevention counselor; more than 650 (27 gas starts) b-hours by 1991;l: author & publisher of "down one diamond." made and flew 4 experimental balloons; 1976, participated in first world gas b-championships (ous); 1978, made his first crossing of the alps by balloon. 1990, placed 8th in coupe g-bennett b-race.
m: bfa; balloon club of america (since 1952), past president. epic flight 2 sep. 1990 (w/m.wallace) from lech, austria in the g-bennett b-race. was lost in the clouds at 16,300' for 5 hours before sighting the ground. landed safely after crossing the alps, covering over 100 miles in 8 hours.
a: p.o.box 114; swathmore, pa 19081. r: bio-data form feb.1991.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                         (1923-                                 (gb)
b: 23 apr,1923 medford, ma.
s: officer in the u.s.navy, airship pilot, ret. 1963-lcdr.
p: foreign languages, director of navy language school; professor emeritus of old dominion university 1966-88.
f: balloon & airship pilot & instructor; received flight training lakehurst (nj) 1943; first b-flight 14 aug.1943; last b-flight 19 aug.1952; caa-lta license #689015 issued 13 aug.1947. more than 3000 lta (100 in balloons) hours by 1964.
m: foreign language association, pres.; american cancer society, treas.; naval airship assoc., pres.1996-97.
l: first airship pilot to qualify for night aircraft carrier landings; first pilot to qualify for in-flight refueling in an airship; author of many articles on us-russian relations.
h: rotary club paul harris award..
a: 901 pillow dr; virginia, bh., va 23454; 757/481-1563.
r: pers. interview; bio-data (8/96).

how to get paid for tiktok views         netherlands          (1940?                  (hb)
see appendix-bb/bo (3)/ck. bio-data unknown. first to cross the english channel, south to north, in a hot-air balloon.
p: doctor of medicine, anesthetists.
f: early flight history unknown.
l: 1975, placed 8th in world hot-air championships; 1977, placed 26th in world hot-air championships; 1978, est.fai-distance record (178km) for ax-5 balloons; 1981, placed 81st in world hot-air championships. ***epic flight 23 oct.1979 (w/p.morgan) from breda netherlands. crossed the english channel, landing in suffolk england after a 230km flight in 4-hours.
r: aerostat magazine.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1944-1990) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b (+1).         sport balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
b: 1944 (age 46).
d: 6 oct.1990 albuquerque, nm.
p: sandia labs, electrical engineer, nucleonic components.
f: private b-license #[redacted] issued aug.1990 by s. cutter; claimed about 200 b-hours.
l: owner of s-55a balloon n4062 (had four previous owners).
m: square dancers club; neighborhood watch, pres. ***epic flight 6 oct.1990 (w/william schoker) from the albuquerque fiesta grounds. ascent and flight were uneventful. but he contacted 115,000 volt powerlines on a low approach. one aeronaut jumped from the basket before the suspension cables were melted. both aeronauts died of their injuries. note pax name originally reported as schobel. a: wife and 3 daughters still in abq 1991; 12405 view court; albuquere, nm 87112.
r: albuquerque tribune 8 oct.1990pa3, 9 oct.pd6 (t); ntsb-report den91la003.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1870?1930) (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 professional balloonist 1887-97 era.
f: student of t.s.baldwin; worked for baldwin 1887-93; flew as a team w/ greenleaf as "baldwin brothers."
r: jones chronology.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1890?1950)                  (sm)
see appendix-l.                 professional balloonist. ***epic flight 12 sep.1908 from wheeling, wv. launch and parachute release were normal, but descent in a strong wind dragged the pilot against a rock, and he was knocked unconscious.
r: nt-13 sep. 1908/3/2.

how to get paid for tiktok views            france            (1830-1896)            (gb)
see appendix-n.
b: 1830.
d: 18 mar.1896 st.maur.
p: machinist, precision watchmaker, engineer; employee of paris telegraph administration, 1870.
f: paris siege pilot; his only recorded flight.
l: made a steam engine for an early airship; it exploded, severing his right thumb; proposed using an internal combustion engine, 1876; pigeon breeder (colombphile); 1876, first to conceive idea of two-ply rubberized lta fabric.
m: member of the dupis-delcourt aerostatic society; sociate francoise de navigation aerienne, treasurer. ***epic flight 12 oct.1870 (w/tracelet & pieron?) from paris in "louis blanc." flight encountered a severe storm and covered 133 miles in 3.5 hours (38 mph), ending in belgium. first landing in a gale broke the guide rope; the second landing, anchor tore a roof off; the third landing dragged them 4 miles before the envelope snagged on a tree and was destroyed. pilot & pax suffered injuries, but completed their postal mission. six carrier pigeons on board were killed.

how to get paid for tiktok views            france          (1873-1958)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/t.                 sport balloonist (bio-data unknown).
+++ credits constantly confused with brother maurice +++
b: 1873 paris;
d: 18 jul.1958 paris. son of british journalist (london daily telegraph). brother of balloonist, maurice.
f: active balloonist 1890-1905 era; fai-fac b-license #5.l; mechanically and mathematically inclined; sportsman, champion cyclist, motorcyclist, and auto racer; champion tandem bicycle racer (w/brother maurice) 1894.
r: l'aerophile-nov.1907; nt-19 jul.1958p15:3 (t).

how to get paid for tiktok views         france                  (1877-1964)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/t/at.         sport balloonist 1893-1905 era.
b: mar.1877 paris;
d: 25 feb.1964 paris (age 96); brother of balloonist, henry.
e: raised and educated in france, french citizen.
p: paris correspondent for the london daily telegraph; established (w/henri) aviation school in versaills, 1908; prominent airplane designer and pilot 1905-25.
f: first b-flight 1893 with besancon; made 50 flights by 1905 fai-fac b-license #6.
l: bought first balloon from m.mallet; champion bicyclist (1894) and auto racer; made first radio transmission from an airplane, 19 dec.1910; pioneer bicycle, automobile, and glider enthusiast. amateur astronomer and meteorologist. ***epic b-flight 1901 from paris exceeded 3000 km.. ***epic b-flight 9 mar.1907. rescued from the sea.
r: n.y.herald 1 may 1907; nt-28 feb.1964 p27:5 (t).

how to get paid for tiktok views         spain                  (1878-1904) k          (gb)
see appendix-b.                 professional balloonist.
b: 1878.
d: 21 mar.1904 atlantic ocean.
l: made many successful flights in his career. ***epic flight 20 mar.1904 from barcelona in "ciudad condal." the balloon was seen to rupture about 12 miles offshore. the balloon was recovered, but his body was never found.
r: le journal 21 mar.1904.

how to get paid for tiktok views                 usa                #-833         (1890?1960)                 (gb)
see appendix-ar.                        military balloonist.
b: 16 oct.1890 wichita, ka.
s: officer in the us-army, b-instructor; personnel adjutant at camp wise (tx).
f: fai-aca b-license #833 issued 25 jun.1919.
l: known as the "balloon gymnast."
r: the balloon pilot souvenir.

how to get paid for tiktok views         france                  (1750?1800)                  (hp)
***epic unmanned launch 17 apr.1784. tether line was secured to a horse. excess lift caused the horse to become airborne. the horse eventually fell onto a roof and was killed. balloon continued downwind and was not recovered. mr. fathom disappeared quietly from history.

how to get paid for tiktok views         france                  (1873-1910)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/ag/ah/ak/at/az. aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 23 jul.1873 bellevue, paris.
d: 2 dec.1910 quebec (typhoid).
s: officer in the french army aerostiers.
f: first recorded ascent 1899 (w/vaulx); made 143 ascents by 1905, 200 by 1908; built and flew his own airship 1909; outstanding national and international balloonist.
l: athlete, skilled swordsman; automobile racer, yachtsman; explorer, world traveler.
m: french aero club (fm); french aeronautical society; paris aero club; olympic football club, pres. ***epic flight 13 feb.1905 (w/hubert h. latham) from london. landed in paris after a six hour flight. ***epic flight 1905 from paris. won b-race by landing in hungary after covering 1286km. ***epic flight 1910 (w/3-pax) from paris. launched at night, they landed near strasburg germany the next day. they were accosted by suspicious german police, and treated as spies.
h: la grande prix de l'aero-club, gold medal-1905.
r: nt-3 dec.1910/2/4, 4 dec.1910/1/3, 26 mar.1909/1/6, nt-23 feb.1908/1/5.

how to get paid for tiktok views            france                  (1750?1825)                  (hp)
p: officer in french army (gen. in 1794).
l: first general to take full advantage of using observation balloons in battle. credited with winning battle of fleurus, belgium 2 june 1794, against overwhelming odds, by making decisions based on balloon reconnaissance (see conte & contelle).

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1938-                  (hb)
see appendix- (b).                 sport balloonist 1970-75.
b: 1938, western washington state.
e: ms-psychology, univ.of washington-seattle.
p: director of mental health organization.
f: first b-flight 1969 w/m.semich from cour d'alene, id, last flight 1974. faa-rated airplane, helicopter, and glider pilot; more than 14,000 hours tt by 1992.
m: member of several balloon organizations until 1975.
l: leisure activities aviation orientated; owner of semco balloon (n9592x) in accident; sold to dan hacker of sacramento in 1975. ***epic flight 8 dec.1973 (w/tim l.wright, age 19) from chico (ca) in a moderate wind. the balloon contacted 12,000 volt powerlines, severing the gondola from the envelope. the aeronauts fell about 60', dave suffered from shock & 29 fractured bones, but tim died later that day in the hospital.
a: w/wife judy; 1419 rim rock dr.; chico, ca; 916/895-3349.
r: faa-report; marysville appeal democrat (upi) 10 dec.1973; chico daily enterprise 10 dec.73p1:1; pers.interview 9/92.

how to get paid for tiktok views            russia          (1898-1934) k                  (gb/kb/sb)
see appendix-b/ap/aq. russian name spelled: fedossejenko fyodor.
b: 3 jan. 1898, novaya sofnya;
d: 30 jan. 1934.
s: officer in russian army, 1918-34. aerostat pilot 1918-20, aerostat test pilot, 1920-34.
e: zhukouskiy airforce academy, 1932, airship engineering.
f: made many epic & record scientific b-flights.
h: state funeral attended by stalin, molotov, & voroshilov (air marshal); ashes interred within kremlin walls. ***epic flight 30 jan.1934 (w/usykin & vasenko) as commander of "osoaviakhim-1" (24,920 c.m.) to 7400 meters. part way thru the descent, they lost control, and could not evacuate the gondola before impact.
h: order of lenin, 1934; order of the red banner, 1935.
r: great soviet encyclopedia; who was who in the ussr.

how to get paid for tiktok views         spain                  (1953-                  (hb/gb)
see appendix-i./bv         aeronaut extraordinaire
b: 26 feb.1956 spain. son & brother (dolors) of balloonists.
e: graduate electronics engineer, communications.
p: owner/operator of general balloon company, mfg. of inflatable; unmanned airships and balloons.
f: first b-flight nov.1973 with father; soloed aug.1976; spanish b-license issued 25 mar.1980; over 1100 b-hours by 1992.
l: 6-times spanish national b-champion; fai-cia delegate for spain 1985-89.m: spanish balloon federation since 1985, pres.1989. ***epic flight 9 feb.1992 (w/j.gonzales-green) from huelva (canary islands) in "la ciudad de huelva." flight in a "rosier" (gas & hot air) balloon ended in la esperansa venezuela after 130:30. the first crossing of the atlantic ocean east to west. (see eiloart & mudie-1958) note: flight also set altitude record of 17400' for an 60,000 cu.ft. balloon.
r: bf-#40v2p3; bm-winter 1992p17; bio-data form 9/92.

how to get paid for tiktok views            germany          (1870?1920)                  (gb)
archduke, cousin of the emperor franz joseph. sport balloonist. ***epic flight 24 jun.1910 (w/2 officers). was caught in a violent storm and landed in the danube river. they eventually reached shore by lightening the load.
r: daily mail 25 jun.1910.

how to get paid for tiktok views            portugal          (1870?1903) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b.            sport balloonist.
p: chemist in gaya.
f: received b-training from l. godard in 1902; purchased "luzitano" (1000 c.m.) from godard; made 4 ascents in lifetime. ***epic flight 21 nov.1903 (w/marquez & almeida) from oporto crystal palace. flight was blown out to sea. bodies never found.
r: aero philatelist annals, jan. 81.

how to get paid for tiktok views            spain                  (1870?1939)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/au/u.         sport balloonist, 1900-06 era.
s: officer in spanish army.
b: 1878 gijon;
d: 9 aug.1906 san sebastian (typhoid).
f: first b-flight sep.1904 from paris w/bachelard in l'aero club; first b-solo from madrid in "l'avion; landed in the sea once.
l: mechanically & athletically inclined. m: aero club of spain (fm); aero club of madrid, president; aero club of france. ***epic flight 28 mar.1905 from madrid in "el cierzo." flight crossed the pyrenees mountains. epic flight 22 jan.1906 from paris in "el cierzo." made a second flight across the pyrenees mountains.
r: l'aerophile-aug.1906.epic flight 26 mar.1906 from barcelona in "huracan." flight was a trans mediterranean attempt that ended at salces after 14 hours.
r: morning advertiser 29 mar.1905; evening standard 10 aug.1906.

how to get paid for tiktok views         portugal          (1870?1930)                  (gb)
p: mechanic from villa nova de gaza.
f: previous flight history unknown. ***epic flight 16 apr.1904 from oporto. he made an uneventful flight from the crystal palace in front of 6000 spectators. note: attempted another ascent the following day. but the authorities refused to allow it because of strong offshore winds (and the fate of b. fernan-des). so he released the balloon to please the crowd, and his balloon (and his lively-hood) were lost to the sea.
r: glasgow record 18 apr.1904.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa            #- 83 (1894?1970)          (gb/kb)
see appendix-ar/am/aw/cp/cs.         military balloonist.
b: 24 oct.1894 st.louis, mo.
s: officer in the u.s.army b-corps (4th & 7th b-company) 1917-19.
f: received early b-training with the missouri aeronautical association; fai-aca b-license #83 issued 8 aug.1917.
l: made 2-para jumps from observation balloons in ww-1 combat; spent 81:17 aloft in 6-months, 15 days of combat.
h: distinguished service cross.
r: naabcv-files; the balloonitics p156; city of flight p186.

how to get paid for tiktok views            argentina            #:20 (1889-1925)                  (gb)
see appendix-av/cn.         military aeronaut.
b: 14 jul.1889 buenos aires;
d: 27 aug.1925 buenos aires.
s: officer in the argentine airforce.
f: first b-flight 13 mqr.1913 from palermo in "condor." landed at altamirano after one hour 45 minutes;' made 3 recorded b-flights in his lifetime; aac b-license #20 issued 28 mar.1913; airplane #28 26 jun.1913.
r: argentine aero club files.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1880?1903) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist.
***epic flight 20 apr.1903 from houston, tx. ascent was normal, descent started normal. but one shroud line broke at 150' and parachute streamered. pilot landed in a marsh with multiple broken bones. survival not substantiated.
r: nt-21 apr.1903/1/4.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa          #-1017          (1902-1996 )                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military & professional aeronaut.
b: 23 feb.1902 akron, oh.
d: 15 jun.1996 akron, oh.
e: university of akron.
p: goodyear employee 44 years; airship pilot, ret.1945; balloon and airship instructor (non-rigid and rigid); served on graf zeppelin, akron, macon, & hindenburg.
s: officer in the u.s.navy, commissioned 19 dec.1936; balloon and airship instructor.
f: received his balloon training at goodyear in akron; qualified as a balloon and airship pilot on the same day (28 dec. 1927, fai-aca signed by o.wright).
r: fai-files; city of flight p186; lat 26 jun.1996; bf-j/ap11.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1870?1935)                  (gb)
see appendix-af;         sport balloonist 1905-10 era.
p: doctor of medicine.
f: student of h.e.honeywell.
m: organizer of the san antonio (tx) b-club 1908, first president; organizer of the chicago (il) balloon club 1907.
l: motorboat and early automobile enthusiast; 1910, proposed to finance a dirigible attempt to the north pole. ***epic flight 4 jul.1908 (w/bumbaugh) from chicago in "san antonio." flight in an elimination race (non-sanctioned) ended in quebec (can) after covering a distance of 895 miles.
r: nt-9 jan.1910/16/4; fai-files; city of flight p275.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1931-1968) k                  (hb)
see appendix-bh/bi.         sport balloonist; husband of "ruth."
b: 21 feb.1931;
d: 18 feb.1968 bodega springs, ca. died (w/son) in an tragic airplane crash.
p: aircraft salesman.
l: participated in b-events at reno, riverside, & palm springs. ***epic flight 25 sep.1966 from reno, nv. flight in a national competition resulted in a hard landing. six foot, four inch, 300 pound pilot sustained a broken back.
r: personal interview.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa            #-323          (1892?1970)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 10 nov.1892 omaha, nb.
e: univ.of nebraska, bs-electrical engineering.
s: officer in the u.s.army b-corps 1917-20 era; balloon and airship pilot and instructor.
f: fai-aca b-license #323 issued 30 jan.1918; airship #122.
m: aca.
r: aviation magazine 1921.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1877?1945)          (gb/kb)
p: officer in the u.s.army; outstanding aviation career.
f: military brevets for balloons, airships, & airplanes; no record of fai-aca b-license.
r: who's who of aviation 1943.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa            #-23 (1874-1939)                  (gb)
see appendix-af/ai/ar.         sport balloonist 1905-10 era.
mr. miami beach, and crip.
b:12 jan.1874 greensberg, in;
d:15 jul.1939 miami beach, fl.
e: attended a one-room school until age 12.
p: cigar & peanut vendor as child; bicycle auto salesman; founder of the prest-o-lite flashlight company; builder of cities, hotels, harbor terminals, golf courses, etc; founder/builder of the "lincoln" and "dixie" highways; founder and builder of the indianapolis speedway; promoter/developer of miami & miami beach, fl 1913-39.
f: first b-flight 14 sep.1908 (w/bumgaugh); student of bumbaugh; fai-aca b-license #23 issued 1910.
l: bicycle & auto racer in 1890抯; 1904, holder of world speed record in race cars; made his last flight, in a goodyear blimp, over miami beach.
m: aca-founding member; indianapolis aero club (fm). ***epic flight 20 oct.1908 (see bumbaugh) from indianapolis, in.
r: j.watts (wife) archives; aeronautics, oct.1908; nt-16 jul.1939/3/1.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1850?1900)                  (gb)
see appendix-s.                 professional balloonist.
***epic flight 25 sep.1873 from yonkers, ny in "city of paris." balloon landed in the hudson river; pilot was rescued by small boat.
r: nt-26 sep.1873/8/3.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa         #- 34          (1854-1924)          (gb)
see appendix-ar/af.         sport balloonist 1908-10 era.
b: 1854;
d: 16 jan.1924 worchester, ma.
p: businessman, worchester, ma.
m: aca; pittsfield b-club.
r: nt-17 jan.1924/15/6 (t).

how to get paid for tiktok views            france          (1842-1925)                  (gb)
see appendix-u.                 scientific balloonist.
b: 26 feb.1842, haute-marne;
d: 1925, paris.
p: astronomer for the paris-juvisy observatory, director.
f: sport & scientific balloonist 1867-80 era (12 ascents by 1880); first b-flight 30 may 1867 from paris to fontainebleau; made 12 flights (2639 km. in 80 hours) in lifetime; last b-flight 27 jul.1880 from paris to reims.
l: organizer (w/ glaisher) of 1870 b-flights from paris; predicted atmosphere on mars.
m: astronomic society (fm); author of "voyages aeriens" (travels with c.flamarian).
h: officer de la legion d'honeur. r: l'aerophile mar.1895 p33-36; voyages aeriens.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1934-1986) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b (+1).         sport balloonist.
b: 23 aug.1934 clearfield,pa;d:17 may 1986 temecula, ca;
e: orange coast college, costa mesa, ca.
s: u.s. air force, 4 years.
p: synthetic fuel supervisor, getty oil co.; ret.27 jun.1985.
f: first b-flight (unk) with lyle eckemire; first b-solo from perris, ca; 126 hrs. tt.
l: owner of piccard ax-6 balloon (n24902); 1984, participated in las vegas b-meet; 1985, participated in las vegas b-meet; 1985, participated in temecula b-meet; 1984, participated in reno b-meet; 1986, participated in temecula b-meet.
m: bfa; southern california balloon association. ***epic flight 17 may 1986 (w/dale cron & t.benson) from temecula, ca in the balloon & wine festival. inflation and initial flight were uneventful. the balloon contacted powerlines, the basket separated, killing leon & dale.
a: 19632 sanderson ln., huntington bh, ca; wife pat, remarried, living in costa mesa.
r: p.flanagan.

how to get paid for tiktok views         britain                  (1873-1944)                  (sm)
see appendix-q/x.         professional balloonist.
b: 1873 harrow;
d: 1944 (age 71).
p: european smoke balloonist 1894-1913 era; gardener in his final years.
f: witnessed his first b-flight 1880 (made by templar); first b-flight 1894 from wembley park (london); worked with female assistants: miss. florence, "viola," & "nellie niele"; made more than 1000 b-jumps in his career (all in england). retired 1913.
l: designer/builder of parachutes & balloons; usually wore a navy uniform when performing; made many epic flights in lifetime.
r: bm-a/m-77 p29-31; my airships; bm-m/a-77:29; mrs.margaret miles; hemel, hempstead, herts. england.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa            #- 67 (1877-1950)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar/aj.         military & sport balloonist.
lived in england about 1907.
b: 26 feb.1877 riverside, oh;
d: 1950; resident of cincinnati; left an estate of $72,000,000 to charitable foundation in 1951.
e: cincinnati public schools; ohio mechanics institute.
s: officer in the u.s. army reserve; served in the spanish-american war, 1898; commander of first b-squadron 1918; commander of ross fld.1919; paid much of 1st.b-corp costs from his own pocket.
p: mayor of cincinnati, oh; industrialist, manufacturer of beer, whisky, yeast; governor of the state of nevada.
f: sport balloonist 1907-16; owned & flew a haddock made balloon; made his 6th flight on 12 oct.1909; received formal b-training at ft.ross army b-school; fai-aca b-license #67 issued 11 jul.1917; owned & flew airplanes by 1916; fai-aca airplane license #46 issued 1918.
l: hunted polar bears in alaska, tigers in india, lions in africa; owner of racing stables and baseball clubs.
m: aca; naa; f&am; royal geographical society; explorers club; n.y.yacht club; queen city club; santa barbara club. ***epic flight 12 jul.1907 from cincinnati, oh. landed in a river 10 miles from launch point, after exhausting the last of his ballast (two bottles of champagne).
r: st.louis post dispatch, 13 oct.1909; nt-13 jul.1907/1/6; fai-files; city of flight p133.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                 #-1095 (1918?1160)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 23 aug.1918 cleveland, oh; resident of akron, oh.
s: officer in the u.s.navy, lt. in 1944.
p: banker.
f: flight history unknown; fai-aca b-license #1095 issued 12 jan.1942.
r: usn training files.

how to get paid for tiktok views            france          (1750?1800)                  (hp)
resident of lyon. financier/designer/builder of "le fleselles." a combination hydrogen and hot-air balloon that caused the spectacular demise of pilatre d'rozier & jules romain on 15 jun.1785.

how to get paid for tiktok views         england          #*24          (1880?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-as.                 military aeronaut.
s: officer in the british army 1912-14 at farnborough, airship pilot in ww-1, flight commander in rnas.
f: received balloon & airship licenses 2 jul.1912.
r: rac-files; bf-v12 #8 p5.

how to get paid for tiktok views         france                  (1750?1800)                  (hb)
see appendix-a.                 first pilot to take a woman aloft.
f: no previous flights; only one recorded flight.
l: built & flew his own hot-air balloon. ***epic flight 4 jun.1784 (w/thible) from lyon in "le gustave." carried his famous passenger to an estimated 5000' altitude.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1890?1912) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist. resident of quincy, il.
***epic flight 27 jul.1912 from canton, oh. ascent was normal until the trapeze line broke. pilot died on impact, landing head first in a swamp, buried to his knees.
r: nt-28 jul.1912 p9/2.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1939-                  (hb)
see appendix-bi/bk/bo.         professional balloonist.
stage name "capt. phogg"; husband of balloonist.
b: 5 dec.1939, south bend, in; resident of flint, mi.
e: ma-univ.of michigan; clu-bryn mawr (pa).
p: senior financial consultant, e.f.hutton & co; insurance salesman; professional balloonist.
f: first b-flight 4 nov.1968 with charles mcarthur; first b-solo 10 feb.1969 from flint, mi; faa b-license 10 feb.1969; more than 1100 b-hours by 1983.
l: 1971, u.s.national hot-air balloon champion; 1972, lark balloon race champion; 1972, participated in 7-up in'tl b-race; 1973, first world hot-air b-champion; 1973, organized the annual "capt.phogg invitational classic."
h: 1973, selected aeronautical ambassador by the u.s.information agency. traveled to yugoslavia & russia at govt. request.
m: bfa life member.
r: bio-data jan.83; pers.interviews.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa            #-709 (1892-1962)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military aeronaut.
b: 14 dec.1892 leadville, co;
d: 8 nov.1962 mt.view, ca.
e: stanford university, bs-civil engineering 1918.
s: officer in u.s.navy 1918-21 (ens).
p: vice pres. of the california co. (sub.of standard oil co.).
f: balloon & airship training at akron & nas-key west; fai-aca b-license #709 issued 25 sep.1918; naval aviator #1965.
m: breakers club.
a: (son) 845 windsor dr.; menlo park, ca.
r: contact-profile p492.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa            #-934 (1895-1977)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ai.         aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 15 jul.1895 peoria, il;
d: 20 march 1977 rensselaer, ny.
p: officer in u.s.army; commissioned 2nd.lt. 1917; airplane pilot in ww-1 combat, 1917-18; led flight squadron in france, 1918-19; commander of 8th airship company at langley field, va; commander of wheeling field in hawaii, 7 dec. 1941; promoted to brig. general 16 feb. 1943; ret. 5 june 1946; outstanding military aviation career.
f: witnessed first b-flight 1905, indiana; volunteered for balloon training ft. lee, va 1920; completed training at ross field (arcadia), ca 1921; completed airship training 1925; airplanes 1928; active sport balloonist, 1925-32; military brevet; fai b-license #934 issued 2 aug.1921.
l: participated in national b-races 1925,29,32,34; 1925, placed second in g-bennett b-race; represented the ai in official capacity for many events; 1929, landed an airship on the whitehouse lawn.
h: legion of merit; bronze star; air medal; purple heart. ***epic airship flight 5 feb. 1929 from deck of s.s. virginia lee to rooftop of munitions building in central washington, dc.
r: who's who of aviation 1942-43.

how to get paid for tiktok views         sweden          #=5 (1880?1950)                  (gb)
see appendix-av.         military balloonist.
p: officer in the swedish army air corps.
f: sak-sak b-license #5 issued 12 sep. 1906.
r: akerstedt files.

how to get paid for tiktok views            brazil            (1870?1908) k            (gb)
see appendix-b/w.         military balloonist. mid name: fernandes.
b: minas gerais, brazil.
d: 20 may 1908, manaos.
s: officer in brazilian army, cavalry lieutenant.
f: received balloon training in europe, made 3 free-flights. first b-flight 22 aug.1907 w/l.godard from paris w/l.godard; first b-solo 15 sep.1907 in belgium (90 mi.in"radio solaire").
l: 1907, won 3rd place in belgian gas balloon competition. ***epic ascent 20 may 1908 at manaos brazil in "radio solaire." while balloon was on tether for inspection by the commanding general, the wind caused a premature launch to 3000'. the sudden stop at the end of the cable, caused the foot ropes to fail at the load ring. pilot remained in the basket until impact, and died of his injuries.
r: daily graphic, nt-21 may 1908/1/4; n.y.herald 23 aug.1907.

how to get paid for tiktok views            france                  (1826-1914)                  (gb)
see appendix-n/t/u/ag.         aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 25 july 1826, paris;
d: 1914, paris.
e: royal (british) academy in london, electrical engineering; st.barbe college, science & mathematics.
p: writer, balloon historian of great repute.
f: first recorded b-flight 23 jun.1867; made many epic balloon flights in his lifetime.
l: exiled to algeria in 1848 for political beliefs; paris siege pilot of 24 nov.1870 in "ville d'orleans (2:15); sport & scientific balloonist, 1870-1910 era; contributor of many scientific aero articles to l'aerophile; author of "adventures in the air."
m: french aero club, founding member and first president (jan.1893) society of french aero navigation, president; l'union aerophile de france, pres.
r: l'aerophile-may 1894/97.
r: adventurers in the air.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa            #- 11            (1863-1927)                  (gb)
see appendix-af/ah/ai/ar.         sport balloonist 1907-12 era.
b: 1863 new york, ny;
d: 23 dec.1927 new york.
p: publisher, new york city.
f: made 8-ascents by mar.1908; bought "conqueror" apr.1908; first b-solo 5 may 1908 from north adams, ma; first person to get a connecticut state pilots license under new stringent law (1 jul.1911).
f: made 35 recorded flights 1905-09 era.
l: 1908, winner of lahm trophy (st.louis, mo-tiger, ga).
m: areo club of america, first president; new york yacht club. ***epic flight 11 oct.1908 (w/a.post) from berlin germany. aeronauts escaped death when the balloon envelope ruptured at 1000 meters over the city, and inverted in the net like a parachute. ***epic flight 10 may.1910 (w/yates) from quincy, il in "viking." encountered a thunderstorm enroute and rose to 20,600'. had to discard all ballast and provisions to check descent. both aeronauts were found unconscious near center, ky after crashing from terminal velocity.
r: daily telegraph (eng) 12 may 1910; nt-11 may1910/1/5, 23 dec. 1927 (t); city of flight p129.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1919-1990)          (hb/gb)
see appendix-f/i/bb/bc/bu.         aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 19 aug.1919 new york, ny;
d: 24 feb.1990 far hills, nj; father of balloonists: steve, robert, chris, and tim.
e: princeton university. s: u.s. army, nco 1942-45.
p: chairman & editor-in-chief of "forbes" magazine.
f: first b-flight june 1972 with the princeton chalet club; first b-solo oct.1972; faa b-license 1 dec.1972; more than 344 balloon hours by 1983.
l: 1973, founded balleroy balloon museum in france (opened-1975); 1973, established fai distance & duration records; 1975, made an dramatic unsuccessful trans atlantic attempt; high winds destroyed the "pleadies" type balloon; 1982, flew "pagotta" in beijing, china (3 oct.); 1984, flew "phoenix" in luxor, egypt (4 mar.); 1984, flew "elephant" in lahore, pakistan (apr.); 1985, flew "minarette" in malaysia (5 apr.); 1985, flew "palace" in bangkok, thailand (16 apr.); 1986, flew "golden temple" in tokyo, japan; 1987, flew "beethoven" in munich, germany (17 jun.); 198?, flew "harly-davidson" ; 198?, flew "faberge-egg" in moscow, russia; 198?, flew "santa maria" in madrid, spain.
m: bfa, director 1974; naa, director 1975, vice pres. 1976.
h: harmon trophy 1975; order of merit, france 1980; purple heart; bronze star. ***epic flight series 4 oct. to 6 nov.1973 from coos bay, or. successfully completed a trans america trip to gwynn island, va with a single hot-air balloon (see barnes).
r: bio-data 1983; pers.interview; bm-multiple issues; honolulu star-bulletin 25 feb.1990 p.a28/1 (t).

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1893-1959)                  (gb)
see appendix-aa/ap.         military balloonist.
b: 1893;
d: 26 may 1959 bethesda, md.
e: university of michigan, engineering science.
s: officer in u.s. marine corps, major in 1933; ret.1949 colonel; pioneered research on self contained space environments (see herrera-1936); recruiting officer for midwest 1941-45. p: warden of cook county (chicago) jail 1949-50. ***epic flight 20 nov. 1933 (w/settle) from akron, oh as flight commander. landed at the confluence of the delaware & cohansey rivers (near brigton, nj) after reaching 54,675' on a two day flight.
r: nt-27 may 1959/35/2 (t).

how to get paid for tiktok views         swiss            #+97          (1901-1973)                  (gb)
see appendix-bf/bj/bm.         aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 12 feb.1901 zurich;
d: 29 sep.1973 zurich.
p: engineer, director of forrer-fenwick ag.
f: fia b-license #97 issued 11 may 1949; first night flight 29 sep.1949; fie-instructor, 1951; made a total of 90 gas flights in 270 b-hours; also pilot licenses for gliders, airplanes, & helicopters.
l: sport balloonist 1949-70 era; crossed the alps from murren 1963,64, & 65.
h: 1965, montgolfier diploma;
m: fai-president 1970-72.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1870?1930)          (sm/gb)
see appendix-l/s.                        professional balloonist.
smoke balloonist/parachutist; covered the central usa from peoria (il) 1889 era.
r: classic amer.airposts.

how to get paid for tiktok views                  usa                          (1950?                 (hb/gb/rb)
see appendix-bf.                        sport balloonist. aeronaut extraordinaire
p: stockbroker.
f: received b-license sept. 1993; gas b-rating jan.94; had 20 hours total b-hours before transatlantic attempt.
l: swam the english channel (france to england) sept.1985; led a dog team in the iditarod (1165 miles) across alaska mar.1992; drove in the le mans 24 hour sports car race june 1993; participated (w/t.cole) in successful transatlantic b-flight aug.1994; placed 5th in the route de rhum transatlantic sailboat race nov.1994.
h: bfa-shields-trauger award-1995; montgolfier diploma-1995; fai-cia de la vaulx medal. ***epic flight 18 feb.1995 (solo) from seoul (olympic stadium) korea in "pacific peregrine" (cameron r-150). landed near leader, saskatchewan canada after covering 5432.8 sm. (4721 nm.) in 102 hours 15 minutes. first successful transpacific b-crossing. established a new fai absolute distance & duration records for am-10 to 15 (rozier balloon, see b.abruzzo-1981). holder of more than 30 balloon & airship records by 2002.
l: holder of several airplane records, incl. speed around the world.
r: bf-sep.94, jan.95p4, feb.95p8, apr.95p18; bm-may 95p5; skylines apr.2000p6.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1941-                  (hb)
see appendix-aa/ab/ac/ba/bb/bc.         sport balloonist.
b: 4 jan.1941 houston, tx.
e: univ.of texas, bs-1964; univ.of galveston, md-1969.
p: doctor (plastic surgery); aerospace medicine w/emphasis on astronaut support and development for gemini & apollo programs.
f: first b-flight 1975; first b-solo 1976 from dallas, tx; faa b-license 1977: airplane license since 1970.
l: 1978, participated in swedish nat. b-championships; 1978, participated in flims (switzerland) in'tl b-festival; 1981, participated in world hot-air b-championships; 1981, participated in chateau-d'oex (swiss) alpine b-meet; 1982, participated in icicle (england) b-meet; 1983, established nine fai world balloon records; 1984, established three fai world balloon records; 1984, participated in chateau ballory (france) festival; 1986, established five fai world balloon records; 1987, established two fai world balloon records; bfa; n.texas b-pilot assoc. (fm); plano ballooning assoc.; bbac.
h: distinguished aeronaut, bfa-1983. ***epic flight 3 jan.1982 from stauby sweden on an ax-2 altitude record attempt. contacted powerlines and was on the way to the hospital with 2 broken legs, within 2 minutes after launch. ***epic flight 8 oct.1984 (solo) from albuquerque, nm. launch during albuquerque international balloon fiesta was perfect. landing was ignominious, as he hung the envelope over a light pole, having to be rescued with his basket suspended 30' above the ground. ***epic flight 15 aug.1992 (solo) from tyler, tx. flight in the cadillac b-race was marred by contact with 69,000 volt powerlines, 20 feet off the ground. he was pulled from the burning basket by his ground crew, conscious. he suffered severe burns to 80% of his body, and was not expected to live. note: was expected to lose dominant left hand, but was sufficiently recovered by early 1994 to fly again.
r: bio-data 1983; los angeles times 9 oct.1984; balloon & airships, aut.1990p24; pers. interview; dallas morning news 16 aug.1992.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1757?1810)                  (hp)
b: 1757.
e: philadelphia college.
p: medical surgeon.
l: science lecturer; made a thorough study of b-technology in france, 1782-83. ***epic event 10 may 1784 from philadelphia, pa. launched the first unmanned hot-air balloon in the usa. note: the first gas balloon was launched from charleston, sc by unknown builder on 7 feb.1785.
r: georgia (savannah) gazette, 24 feb.1785.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1879-1967)          (hp/gb)
b: 9 dec.1879 washington, cct;
d: 25 apr.1967 washington, dc.
s: enlisted as private 1898; served in spanish-american war, 22 combat engagements; served in ww-i, led first american attack squadron of war; first army test pilot, continued in that capaity to 1938; mjr.gen.1931; chief of the army airforce 1936-38., ret. general 1938.
p: director of the airforce historical foundation 1938-67.
f: attended balloon & airship schools 1906-8, ft.leavenworth, ka; first recorded b-flight feb.1911 from texas; airplane pilot; outstanding aviation career; established many "firsts" in the annals of aviation.
h: dist.service medal; commander, legion of honor; grand officer, crown of italy.
m: aca; aero club of washington (dc).
r: nt-26 apr.1967/47/1; mafb-files.

b: 9 dec.1879 washington, cct;
d: 25 apr.1967 washington, dc.
s: enlisted as private 1898; served in spanish-american war, 22 combat engagements; served in ww-i, led first american attack squadron of war; first army test pilot, continued in that capaity to 1938; mjr.gen.1931; chief of the army airforce 1936-38., ret. general 1938.
p: director of the airforce historical foundation 1938-67.
f: attended balloon & airship schools 1906-8, ft.leavenworth, ka; first recorded b-flight feb.1911 from texas; airplane pilot; outstanding aviation career; established many "firsts" in the annals of aviation.
h: dist.service medal; commander, legion of honor; grand officer, crown of italy.
m: aca; aero club of washington (dc).
r: nt-26 apr.1967/47/1; mafb-files.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa                  (1880?1940)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s;                 professional smoke balloonist, 1905-10 era.
epic flight 4 july 1906 from chanute, ka. balloon released prematurely and dragged the pilot through the fire. envelope consumed itself on ascent but pilot landed safely.

how to get paid for tiktok views                 usa                         (1940-1995) k          (hb/gb)
see appendix-b/bf/bo/bp/ct.        sport balloonist.
brother of balloonist victor jr.
b: 1940 scotia, ny;
d: 13 sept.1995 (age 55) belarus russia.
e: state university of new york, 1962.
s: u.s.navy, transport pilot, 1963-67.
p: airline pilot (twa) 1968-95.
f: first b-flight 1983; faa-airline transport rating.
l: gliders and parachuting.
l: participated in the trans-australia b-race 1988; world thermal b-championships 1989, 91, 93, 95; world gas b-championships 1990, 92, 94; g-bennett b-races 1992, 93, 94, 95.
m: bfa.
f: montgolfier diploma-1995. ***epic flight 9 sep,1995 (w/john stuart-davis) from wil switzerland in the g-bennett b-race. balloon (owned by j.soukup) was attacked by a military helicopter at 7200' near a russian military base (near minsk) and both aeronauts died on impact.
a: carlton, ny; st.thomas, bvi.
r: ap; ny-times (in'tl) 17 sep.95p3c1; time magazine 25 sep.1995 p43; bl-nov.95p25, apr.96p11; ntsb-report dca95ra061.

how to get paid for tiktok views            sweden            #= 3 (1870?1919)                  (gb)
see appendix-av.         sport balloonist.
d: 1919. brother of knut.
p: engineer and adventurer.
f: first recorded flight 1897 in france; made many long distance flights 1902-05 era; fai-sac b-license #3 issued 8 may 1905.
l: led an expedition to n.siberia searching for s.andree; arrested as a suspected spy at petersburg, but later cleared; arrested as a suspected spy in norway, but later cleared. note: historical coincidences indicate fact.

how to get paid for tiktok views            sweden          (1870-1897) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b.                 sport balloonist. brother of balloonist, hans.
b: 1870;
d: 1897 arctic.
e: educated in france.
p: civil engineer.
l: outdoor sportsman.
f: made 5 b-flights before n.pole attempt; no b-license. ***epic flight 11 july 1897 (see andree) on north pole flight attempt. all participants died on the expedition.

how to get paid for tiktok views         england            #*40 (1885?1950)          (ob/gb)
see appendix-ah/as/ch.         military balloonist.
s: officer in the british b-corps 1915-19.
f: first b-solo 1912; active pilot by 1913; fai-rac b-license #40 issued 1 sep.1915.
l: participated in g-bennett b-races 1909, 12, & 13.
r: the balloonatics; rac archives.

s: officer in the british b-corps 1915-19.
f: first b-solo 1912; active pilot by 1913; fai-rac b-license #40 issued 1 sep.1915.
l: participated in g-bennett b-races 1909, 12, & 13.
r: the balloonatics; rac archives.

how to get paid for tiktok views         germany          (1897-1992)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/au/ch.         sport balloonist.
b: 8 nov.1897 augsburg.
d: 1 dec.1992.
f: german b-license issued 10 oct.1929, renewed 1952; last b-flight 1955; 144 lifetime flights.
l: pilot in 1936 g-bennett b-race; balloonmeister #163 issued 1934.
m: augsburger & vorsitzender b-clubs.
r: fua p48.

how to get paid for tiktok views         germany          (1924-                  (gb)
see appendix-bf.                 sport balloonist.
b: 23 jun.1924 augsburg.
f: first b-flight 30 sep.1933; german b-license #69 issued 7 may.1953; more than 260 gas b-flights by 1980.
l: served the fai-cia 1969-78; pilot examiner.
h: daec gold medal-1975; montgolfier diploma-20 may 1962.
m: augsburger b-club. r: fua p48.

how to get paid for tiktok views                 britain                 (1800?1845)                         (hp)
first aerial devices used by the british military. ***epic voyage 1845 with royal navy ships terror & erebus. nine hydrogen balloons were to be used to send messages out of the arctic. unfortunately, all crew and ships disappeared without a trace.

how to get paid for tiktok views         australia          (1965?1989) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b+12         professional balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
f: early b-training unknown; instructors unknown; new commercial pilot license at time of death.
l: was being trained as tour pilot for m.sanby; low time pilot, not considered very experienced. ***epic flight 13 aug.1989 from alice springs. grazed by another balloon in flight (flown by mike sanby), fraser's experienced a major tear in the envelope. fraser and 12 passengers died on impact. (11 of 12 pax names on file)
r: nt-28 aug.1990,s1,p20:2; p.vizzard files.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa            #- 309 (1876?1950)          (ob/gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 5 jul.1876 snow shoe, pa;
d: arizona (sons home).
e: miami (oh) commercial college, 1893-bookeeping.
s: enlisted in u.s.army 1898; officers commission 1900; served in cuba, philippines, mexico, & panama; chief of the balloon corps in france, 1919; commander of shepard field, tx during ww-2; ret.colonel.
p: shipping clerk; farmer near wrightstown, pa.
f: first b-flight may 1911 with c.d.f.chandler; made seven free-flights by nov.1917; fai-aca b-license #309 issued 23 jan.1918; airship training 1920; airplane 1929.
l: inventor/developer of many b-transmitting devices; credited with preserving most of the official ww-1 b-corps records that survived after the war; built and operated the first portable aircraft transceiver.
r: the balloon section; naabcv-files; mafb-files; who's who of aviation 1942-43.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1887-1912) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist.
b: 1887 lowell, ma. ***epic flight 1 dec.1912 (w/crosby) from jacksonville, fl. ascent and release were normal, but frayne lost his grip on the trapeze when the parachute opened. he fell to his death from an estimated 2000'.
r: nt-2 dec.1912.7/4.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1888-1907) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist.
b: 1888 w.haven, cn. resident of west haven, cn; son of a police chief.
p: semi-professional balloonist for tri-county fair.
f: made about 30 ascents in his career (july-august 1907). ***epic flight 17 aug.1907 from savin rock, cn. launch was normal and his "cannon act" successful, but his parachute did not open.
r: nt-18 aug.1907 p1/5; sunday chronicle 19 aug.1907.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1830?1890)          (ob/gb)
see appendix- m/s.            semi-professional balloonist. resident of philadelphia, pa.
p: lawyer, professional gambler.
f: first b-flight 8 may 1861 (w/lowe) from philadelphia, pa; hired jan.1862 by lowe as an observation balloonist (to relieve steiner); first ascent feb.1862 at edwards ferry; fired dec.1862 for gambling and dereliction of duty (had not been paid in several months). vandalized lowe's b-storage facility in washington (for spite, destroyed "constitution" balloon by slashing it with a knife).
r: nasm-archives; eb-29.

how to get paid for tiktok views         france                  (1870?1930)                  (gb)
s: captain in french army aerostiers. ***epic flight 16 aug.1909 (w/3-pax) from garenne-bezons. flight was uneventful until landing. after throwing the anchor out, it caught in electric trolly lines. the static started a fire at the top of the envelope and destroyed the balloon. the aeronauts escaped unharmed.
r: daily telegraph 17 aug.1909.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1880?1940)                  (gb)
sport balloonist, 1905-10 era (details unknown).

how to get paid for tiktok views         germany          (1927-                  (gb)
see appendix-bn.         sport balloonist.
b: 19 jan.1927 bottrop.
e: engineering.
p: engineer.
f: first b-flight 20 mar.1971 with rolf eck; first b-solo 27 aug.1977; german license 3219-nwdu issued 24 jun.1977; more than 652 b-hours (124 gas starts) by 1986.
m: luftfahrtverein essen, daec.
r: bio-data 1986.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa                  (1930?                  (gb)
see appendix-bs.                 scientific balloonist.
direct descendant of the inventor of the steamboat.
l: inventor of the skyhook recovery system using a tethered balloon to pick up persons on the ground and winch them into an airplane. (see t.levere)
r: air & space magazine. a/s-1996 p19.

how to get paid for tiktok views         usa          (1890?1950)                  (gb)
see appendix-af.                 sport balloonist.
p: doctor of medicine. ***epic flight 4 sep.1908 (first solo) from point breeze, nj in "initial." balloon sprung a leak over philadelphia an descended over downtown buildings. bystanders saved the pilot and balloon by pulling it with the drag rope to a vacant lot, where it was deflated.
r: nt-5 sep.1908/2/2.

how to get paid for tiktok views            usa            #-1028 (1904-1972)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/ar.         military & sport balloonist.
b: 15 aug.1904 alliance, oh;
d: 29 feb.1972 miami, fl.
e: mt.union college; u.s. military academy at west point.
p: goodyear b-pilot and meteorologist at wingfoot airship base, ret.1964.
s: officer in the u.s.navy; airship pilot 1940-45, ret. commander.
f: balloon and airship pilot and instructor; crossed the atlantic 14 times in the "graf zeppelin"; served aboard the "macon" in 1934; goodyear observer on the "hindenburg."
l: 1931, pilot in g-bennett b-race.
r: bf-#31v3p3, #32v5p7.

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