HACKSTETTER, Karl            GERMANY            (1885-1932)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Sport balloonist.
b: 23 July 1876 Furstl;
d: 17 Jul.1932.
p: Baumeister/Bauinspektor (engineer). Balloon & airship pilot in the German Army.
f: German B-License #55 issued 1 Nov.1904.
l: Pilot in 1908 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Augsburger, Berliner, Frankfurter, Niedersachsischer, Sachsisch, Sekton, Vogtland, & Wurtemberg B-Clubs; Kaiserleicher Aero Club. ***Epic flight 12 Oct.1908 (w/H.Schreiterer) from Berlin in "Pauen." Flight in the GBR ended with a landing in the North Sea, disqualifying them from the race. Author of Die Luftschiffahrt about his flying exploits. Awarded the honorary title of Bey and the rank of Major in the Turkish Air Force.
r: BuA p60; Grandson’s (Rene) family history collection.

HADDOCK, John A.            USA                  (1860?1899)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-I.                 Historic person (Bio-data unknown)
d: 1899 Watertown, NY.
l: Ballooning benefactor 1858-1868 era; Author of "The Picturesque St.Lawrence River." (see LOWE & LaMOUNTAIN)
p: Wealthy news publisher.

HADDOCK, Leslie J. "Bert"            USA            #-179 (1878-1918) K          (GB/SM)
See APPENDIX-B/S/AF/AR.         Professional balloonist.
B: 10 Apr.1878, Haverhill, MA;
d: 4 Jul.1918 Norwood, MA (age 40).
s: Spanish-American War Vet, served in Panama & Mexico.
p: Semi-Professional balloonist 1898-1918; Auto salesman; Professional B-Maker in Cincinnati by 1907,"American La France B-Company" (Later known as "American LaFrance"), maker of Fire Trucks.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #179 issued 14 Nov.1917. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1918 from Norwood (MA) in a smoke balloon. Released from the balloon prematurely; parachute did not have time to open.

HAENDLER, Oscar            GERMANY          (1880?1930)                  (GB)
Military & Sport balloonist.
b: 1880 Holland; Emigrated to the USA 1905; Resident of Hoboken, NJ.
s: Former officer in the German Army B-Corps.
f: Claimed 67 free flights with the German Army prior to 1906; First recorded U.S. flight in 21 May 1906. ***Epic flight 21 May 1906 (w/Chalmers) in "Eros." Old balloon (formerly the "Flying Dutchman" w/many patches) was launched at night and immediately struck a chimney. The basket almost overturned, but it continued, and made a safe landing. NOTE: The flight caused much consternation among the "gentlemen aeronauts" of the day. Balloon was considered un-airworthy, and the aeronaut had no proven experience. r: NT-22 & 23 May 1906.

HAGGENEY, Brenedikt         GERMANY                 (1965?1995)                         (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO.                        Sport Balloonist (Bio-Data unknown)
Brother of balloonists Markus & Paul.
d: 23 Aug.1995 Germany (auto accident).
p: Special shape Balloon maker, Dealer for Thunder & Colt Balloons, Event organizer, Repair station.
f: First B-Flight 1970 as a child with his father.
l: Natural athlete; Top competitive European balloonist; Winner of 1989 World Thermal B-Championships, Saga Japan.
m: Enningerloh B-Club.
a: Wife Reinhild. Company absorbed by brother Markus.
r: BL-Sep.1995p10; Balloonsport-S/O 1995p21 (T).

HAGLE, Frank G.         USA                  (1890?1940)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist.
Husband & wife team; Stage names "The Hagals"; Billed solo as "King of the Clouds."
l: Toured California seacoast 1892-95 era; All known B-Ascents were between San Francisco & San Diego (CA); Disappeared from profession after his wife’s demise. ***Epic flight 8 Aug.1894 From the Pismo Beach (CA) pier. His balloon caught fire during inflation. The hole was hastily patched, and the balloon launched about an hour later. Frank landed on the roof of the bathhouse, but was uninjured.
r: S.F. Call 30 Dec.1892; South County Tribune 13 Jul.1889 p4; San Luis Tribune 8 Aug.1994; B.Patton archives.

HAGLE, Nellie (F)            USA                  (1870?1895) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
Husband & wife team; Stage names "The Hagals."
p: Retired waitress;
f: First flight Mar.1893; Billed solo as "Lillie." ***Epic flight 16 Apr.1893 from San Francisco, CA. Launching at the "Cliff House" in a strong wind, she hit the side of a building with such impact, her two legs were broken with an audible "crack." She fell to the ground with serious injuries. NOTE: She was talked into making the ascent by her husband, against her better judgment. ***Epic flight 29 Sep.1895 from Monrovia, CA. Ascent was normal, but her parachute opened, then closed. She died on impact 100 yards from her launch point.
r: S.F. Chronicle 17 Apr.1893; L.A.TIMES 30 Sep.1895.

HAINUR, Frank         USA                  (1850?1875) K          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist.
b: Warren, OH; Resident of Warren, OH.
p: Professional balloonist for a traveling Circus; Stage name "Prof. H.Hoffman." ***Epic flight 10 Sep.1877 from Glade Springs, GA. Launch and rapid ascent were successful. Pilot was hanging from the trapeze by his heels, at 300', when the (well-patched) envelope ruptured from the bottom to the top. Frank survived the crash, but died later of his injuries.
r: NT-17 Sep.1877/2/4; Sun, 21 Sep.1877.

HALE, Andrew F.         USA            #-718 (1893?1975)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 21 Jun.1893 Akron, OH.
d: 4 Jul.1972 Akron, OH.
e: Cornell University, ME-1916.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1918-21 (Ens.).
p: Designer/developer of tire making machinery.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #718 issued 6 Nov.1918; Naval Aviator #1864.
a: 1931 Stockbridge St, Akron.
r: Contact-Profiles p470; BF-N/D 1972p8.

HALL, Eddie         USA                  (1888?1980)                  (HB)
See APENDIX-L/S.                 Schoolboy, resident of Portland.
***Epic solo flight 8 Sept. 1899 from Portland. Eddie was watching a smoke-balloon inflation by P.H.REDMOND, at City View Park (next to the Willamette River). At launch, a handling-rope tangled around his neck. He was carried to 1000' above the crowd, and flew 2 miles in seven minutes over Portland. He survived by pulling slack into the rope and holding it in his mouth. On landing, he had a severe rope burn on his neck, but ran home to milk the family cows before rescuerers arrived.
r: Oregonian Newspaper.

HALL, Harold Raymond         USA                #-446         (1891?1960)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military balloonist.
b: 11 Dec.1891 Industry, PA.        s: Officer in the U.S.Army; Commander & later X-O of the 40th B-Company (19 Dec.1918).
f: FAI-ACA B-License #446 issued 6 Mar.1919.
l: FIRST editor of the publication "The Balloon Pilot" at Camp Wise (San Antonio, TX) 1918, Last publication 23 Jan.1919.
r: The B-Pilot Souvenir.

HALL, Jimmie Wayne         USA                 1950?1974) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Brother of balloonist.
***Epic flight 10 July 1974 (w/Fred Edwards) from Central Florida. Flight seemed normal, But balloon was later seen in a streamer condition, descending through a cloud layer. Both died on impact. Controversy continues as to cause (envelope rupture or open deflation port).

HALL, W.H.         ENGLAND          (1830?1859) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/X.                        Professional balloonist.
p: Acrobat, stuntman; Made many flights in his career, 1855-59. ***Epic flight 14 Aug. 1859 from Newcastle. Made ascent doing acrobatics from a trapeze and fell from a great height. It is suspected that he was a victim of hypoxia.

HALLAM, Basil         ENGLAND          (1885?1915) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Military Balloon Observer.
s: Officer in the British Army B-Corps.
p: Stage actor of pre-1914 fame, known as "Gilbert the Filbert." ***Epic ascent 1916?in an observation balloon in WW-I combat. Balloon was hit by a tracer bullet from a German airplane. Basil jumped with his parachute, but the attachment ring failed. The parachute never opened, and he died on impact. NOTE: His untimely death was considered a national tragedy, and an extensive inquiry was instigated, resulting in many safety innovations.
r: The Balloonatics; The Brabazon Story; The Big Umbrella.

HALLECKER, ?         ITALY                  (1880?1920)                  (GB)
professional balloonist. ***Epic flight Sep.1907 (w/1-pax) from Sorrento. Balloon climbed to 3500 meters, and descended into the bay. The aeronauts were rescued by boat.
r: N.Y.Herald 25 Sep.1907.

HALSEY, Joseph Graves            USA            #- 90 (1895?1970)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 1 Mar.1895 Whitehaven, PA.
e: Yale University.
p: Silk manufacturer.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Balloon Corps; Enlisted 5 Jun.1917, Commissioned 7 Oct.1917.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Omaha, Ft.Sill, & Camp de Souge FRA; FAI-ACA B-License #90 issued 29 Aug.1917.
a: 107 W.River Street; Wilkes Barre, PA.
r: The B-Section.

HAMILTON, Charles Keeney         USA          (1885-1914)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional Aeronaut. (see George HAMILTON)
Pseudonym: H.A.Milton; Stage name: "Demon of the Skies."
b: 30 May 1885 New Britain, CN;
d: 22 Jan.1914 New York City.
e: New Britain Public Schools.
p: Professional aeronaut; Balloon, Airship, & Parachute maker; Exhibition airplane pilot 1909-14.
f: First flight in a kite 1902; First B-Flight (SM) 1903; First Glider flight 1903; First Airship flight 1906; First Airplane flight (solo) 1909 from hammondsport, NY; Last flight (in an airplane) 27 Jul.1912.
l: 1902, Flew manned kites for Israel Ludlow; 1903-05, Toured the Southwest USA as a Smoke balloonist; 1906, Flew an airship in Montreal for R.KNABENSHUE; 1909, Taught himself to fly an airplane; 1909-11, Exhibition pilot for Glen Curtis; 1910, Made FIRST successful scheduled airmail flight (from NYC and return, in the same day, 11 Jun); 1910, Made FIRST In'tl. flight over Tijuana Mexico (24 Jan); 1910, Made FIRST In'tl flight over Vancouver Canada (28 Mar); 1911, Thrown in Mexican jail for spying by airplane; Contacted tuberculosis that caused his death; 1912, ACA withdrew his FAI license for participating in an unsanctioned event.
h: Times-Ledger Prize ($10,000), 1910.
l: Protégé of Bud MARS & T.S.BALDWIN.
r: Hardware City Flyers, Early Aviation in New Britain; Conn. Aeronautical Historical Society, LeSane, A1.A.

HAMILTON, Frank                 USA                 (1875?1920)                         (GB/SM)
p: Professional Balloon contractor 1896.        Bio-data unknown
f: Flight history unknown; assumed to be a former balloonist.
l: Contracted Gas & Smoke Balloon exhibitions on the West Coast. Known as Prof. Lascelles. Provided balloons for MONTGOMERY’s glider experiments in 1905.
r: John Montgomery, Berkley Press, 1946. Note: era & credits seem to match Charles & George.

HAMILTON, George            USA          (1885?1920)                          (SM)
See APPENDIX-S.            Professional Balloonist. (relationship to Charles & Frank unknown)
p: balloon & airship pilot; Partners with "Prof. Baldwin." NOTE: Baldwin suffered an accidental explosion the previous week in Ohio and George attempted to fulfill the Patterson engagement. ***Epic flight 9 Sep.1905 from "Fairyland" Patterson, NJ in an airship. The Engine quit and the airship continued to climb. George was seen to almost fall out several times trying to restart it. He pulled the valve cord at about 2000', only to have it fall around his neck. He eventually cut the envelope with a knife, only to have the tear propagate. He held the flaps closed until it crashed onto a roof. He fell out of the gondola into trees, knocking him unconscious.
r: NT-10 Sep.1905p1:4; Daily Mail/Daily Mirror, 11 Sep.1905.

HAMILTON, Henrik David            SWEDEN            #=4 (1850?1919)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Military Aeronaut.
Member of Swedish aristocracy, Count.
s: Officer in the Swedish Army, Captain in 1905.
f: Received early B-Training from E.UNGE; Flew a dirigible "Svenske-II" (made by M.MALLET) in 1903; FAI-SAC B-License #4 issued 8 May 1905; Airplane #2 16 Aug.11.
l: Learned to fly airplanes in France while in the Diplomatic Corps as an Air Attaché. Was the only known dual qualified Swedish pilot to 1920.
r: SAC-Bulletin; H.Akerstedt files.

HAMILTON, Thomas            USA                  (1947-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B?.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 29 Jan.1947 Nyack, NY.
e: Armstrong State College, BBA-1974; MBA-1977.
p: Publisher, Balloon Life Magazine.
s: U.S.Army, 6.5 years. f: First B-Flight 3 May 1981 with Bob Wilbanks; First B-Solo 29 Nov.1981 from Gwinett (County Airport), GA; FAA B-License issued 7 Feb.1982; More 215 B-Hours by 1987; FAA Pilot license for Helicopters (w/Instrument rating).
l: 1982, Participated in B-Rally for the opening of the Worlds Fair at Knoxville, TN; 1983, Organized First B-Safety Seminar in the Southeast U.S.A.; 1983, Became Editor of the BFA-Pilot News; 1984, Founded the magazine "Balloon Life"; 1986, Winner of the Indio Hot Air B-Championship; 1987, Invited as honored guest of M.FORBES at Balleroy, France.
h: BFA-Presidents Award, 1983 & 85; Sid Cutter Award, 1985.
m: BFA.
r: Bio-data form Spr.1987.

HAMMARSTEIN-Gesmold, E.F.            GERMANY            (1876-1954)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Military & Sport balloonist.
b: 23 Dec.1876;
d: May 1954. First names: Ernst Wilheim Freiher.
s: Professional soldier, Obr.Lt. Regiment 31 in 1910.
f: German B-License issued 12 Aug.1910; Made about 40 flights.
l: Pilot in 1937 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Hamburger B-Club; Won first place in 1934 German Championships ( 698 Km in 18:45).
r: NT-28 Jun.1937; BuA p62.

HAMMOND, David Quick            USA            #-148 (1896-1964)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 10 Aug.1896 Augusta, ME;
d: 22 Nov.1964 Montclair, NJ; Married to sister of R.KNABENSHUE.
e: Yale, 1916.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1917-19.
p: Vice President. John Price Co.; V.Pres. New York Hospital Association.
l: Served on many Government Technical Committees.
m: Phi Gamma Delta; Sons of the American Revolution.
r: NT-23 Nov.1964/37/5.

HAMPTON, John         ENGLAND          (1799?1860)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-H/X.                 Professional balloonist, 1838-52.
b: 1799.
s: Officer in Royal Navy, 1816-36.
f: First solo B-Flight 8 Jun.1838 (previous ascents with COXWELL); Co-inventor (w/CHELTENHAM) of successful parachute; Inventor of loop & toggle system for securing balloon basket and envelope net to the load-ring; Retired in 1852 with more than 120 flights. ***Epic flight 8 June 1838 from St. Johns Wood in "Albion." Insufficient lift caused balloon to strike a building. Pilot fell out of the basket and sustained serious injuries. ***Epic flight 10 Sep.1838 from Canter-bury. Gas was insufficient to fly. To please the crowd, he cut away the basket, and flew holding on to the load ring. ***Epic flight 8 Oct.1838 (w/CHELTENHAM). FIRST Englishman to make a successful parachute jump. (see GARNERIN-1802). ***Epic flight 1844 from Portobello (near Dublin). Balloon crash landed on a housetop; balloon & house were destroyed by fire.
r: Early Aviation in Ireland p26; The Big Umbrella p25.

HANNAR, May Allison (F)            USA                  (1874-1896) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.                 Professional Balloonist.
Stage name "Mille. DeVoy"&"Lillie Lewis"; Daughter of Clergyman; Wife of balloonist William.
b: 26 May 1874 Cincinnati, OH;
d: 26 May 1896 Fairy Grove, NY.
p: Sunday School teacher; Public School Teacher; Trapeze artist, Professional Smoke Balloonist.
f: First B-Flight Spring 1894 from Urbana, OH; Made about 400 ascents in her lifetime. ***Epic flight 26 May 1896 (22nd birthday) from Fairy Grove, NY. Ascent proceeded over, and landed in the river, in full view of her husband in a rowboat. She was last seen struggling with her parachute harness, was dragged under, and body never recovered.
r: NT-31 May 1896/5/2

HANNAR, William H.            USA                  (1860?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist 1895-1905 era.
Stage name "Kid Hanner"; Resident of Cincinnati, OH; Husband of balloonist May.
f: Taught more than 500 persons to do Smoke Ballooning; Made more than 1500 ascents in lifetime. ***Epic flight 14 Aug.1895 from Baltimore, MD. Hit a windmill and fell from 100'. Broke his arm in several places.
r: NT-1896-1904.

HANSEN, Albert August            USA            #-696 (1891-1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 3 Apr.1891 Copenhagen, DEN;
d: 25 Mar.1940 San Francisco, CA.
e: Pennsylvania. State, BS-1913, MS-1915; Univ.of Chicago Grad School.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1918-21 (Ens.).
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #696 issued 16 Oct.1918; Naval Aviator # 1868.
r: Contact-Profiles p471.

HANSEN, Philip         AUSTRALIA          (1930-                  (HB)
b: 1930 (bio-data unknown)                 Sport balloonist.
s: Royal Australian Navy.
p: Aircraft mechanic.
f: Commercial B-License 1986, Instructor, Pilot Examiner; Airplane pilot since 1952; Instrument rated.
l: Sport balloonist; Owner of "Rainbow Connection." Accident Investigator for CAA.
a: P.O.Box 95 Glen Osmond, S.Australia 5064.

HAPE, Albert         USA                  (1840?1870) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/S.                 Resident of Atlanta, GA.
p: Doctor.
f: Student of S.KING.
f: Only three recorded flights; First ascent 19 Oct.1869 (w/KING) from Atlanta, GA in "Hyperon." ***Epic flight (#2) 10 Dec.1869 (solo) from Atlanta, GA in "Hyperon." Pilot neglected to release the appendix-tie on launch. Balloon ruptured at 5000' and inverted in the net, forming a parachute. Pilot returned to launch site within 15 minutes, much to the relief of the crowd. ***Epic flight (#3) 1 Jan.1870 (solo) from Augusta, GA. Rapid ascent made into an approaching thunderstorm. Balloon collected ice & snow before bursting. Pilot clung to the side of the basket until impact. He died of impact injuries, and the balloon was a total loss.
r: EB-29.

HAPPE, captain                 FRANCE                 (1890?1940)                         (OB)
FIRST person to shoot down a balloon in aerial combat. ***Epic flight 10 Jan.1915 near Meder-Marschwiller. Attacking a German kite balloon in his Farman Pusher, he made a direct hit with a bomb. The resulting explosion so damaged his airplane, he barely made it back to his lines. (see Y.PRIEUR-May 1916).

HARBORD, Isabel Assheton (F)            ENGLAND            (1870?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AS?CK. Wife of prominent balloonist (div.1918); Husband was Police Inspector of S.Africa 1902-8; Daughter-in-law of Lord Suffield.
f: First B-Flight May 1906; Made over 100 ascents by 1908; Owned her own sport gas balloon. (maiden name "Lowth"); Flew in six B-Competitions by 1908; Highly skilled sport balloonist, 1900-10 era; Made 150 flights in her lifetime (retired in 1910).
l: Won several awards for competition; Second woman to cross the English Channel.
m: Active in formation of the Royal Aero Club.
r: The Ladies Field, 1 Aug.1908.

HARKNESS, Annie (F)            USA                  (1870?1891) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist.
f: Made several B-Jumps in 1891; Resident of Terrie Haute, IN. ***Epic flight 15 Aug.1891 from Cincinnati, OH. Launch was normal, but when she released for her descent, the parachute opened and closed, and failed to open fully again before impact. She died of injuries sustained. r: NT-16 Aug.1891/3/6.

HARMON, Charles            USA                  (1870?1940)                  (GB)
Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown). ***Epic flight 21 Jan.1910 (w/HARRISON) from Los Angeles, CA in "New Yorker." Two hour 10 min. flight in the Dominguez Air Meet to an altitude of 10,500' was marred by a landing in Hollywood. The anchor tore the roof off a house. The balloon crashed into a second house and the aeronauts had to be rescued from a second story window.
r: NT-22 Jan.1910/1/6; NT-9 Jan.1910/1/6;

HARMON, Clara Benedict (F)            USA                  (1875?1940)                  (GB)
Sport balloonist. Wife of aeronaut Clifford; Bio-Data unavailable.
f: Made four gas balloon flights from Dayton, OH during the week of 14-21 Sep.1910.
h: "Dayton Loving Cup" for establishing a woman’s duration record. ***Epic flight 21 Sep.1910 from Dayton, OH. Established a women’s record for duration (60 miles in 3-hours).
r: NT-25 Sep.1910/16/4.

HARMON, Clifford Burke            USA            #- 28 (1868-1945)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AI/AR.         Sport balloonist, 1907-20 era.
b: 5 July 1868, Urban, OH;
d: 25 June 1945, Cannes, FRA.
p: Real Estate, Oil investments. Resident of N.Y.City.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Signal Corps (later B-Corp), Ret.Colonel; Airplane flight instructor 1917-19.
f: First recorded B-Flight 1907; Twenty year aviation career; FAI B-License #28 issued 1910; Airplane #1 issued 1910 also. First person in history to drop a bomb by airplane (1910); Made a Flight at Dominguez, CA Jan.1910; Bought & flew his first airplane Jan.1910; Made many epic "firsts," and records in aviation.
l: Automobile racer and enthusiast; Created great controversy in the 1920 League of Nations by suggesting an International Air Force to enforce peace; Left most of his estate to the perpetuation of annual awards.
m: Founded the In'tl. League of Aviators.
h: Established a prestigious In'tl. Trophy bearing his name, 1926. ***Epic flight 4 Oct. 1909 from St.Louis, MO. Flight 48:26 ended in Edina, NY, reaching a max. altitude of 4876 meters (15997'). Record stood for 14 years (see GRAY).
r: NT-23 Jul.1945/13/1; 29 Sep.1945/30/3 (T); City of Flight p122.

HARMON, E.W.            USA                  (1890?1950)                  (GB)
Professional balloonist, 1905-15 era.
l: Organized the Kansas City Balloonist Union 1910, establishing the union-scale of $15 per flight, plus $10 per passenger.

HARRIGAN, John Joseph            USA            #-598 (1882-1953)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 21 Aug.1882 Newburyport, MA;
d: 8 Aug.1955 El Cahon, CA.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1904-35; Naval Aviator #550; Balloon & Airship Pilot & Instructor.
p: Test pilot for Ryan Aircraft; Pilot for the City of Chicago; Navy Aircraft Inspector during WW-2.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #598 issued 24 Apr.1918; Airplane pilot.
l: Golf, Dog breeding.
r: Contact-Profiles p172.

HARPER, ?            ENGLAND            (1760?1800)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.                 Sport balloonist.
r: Barber from Birmingham.
l: Purchased his balloon from J. SADLER. Much satirized by the press for repeated failure to perform as publicized. ***Epic flight 4 Jan. 1785 from Birmingham. Flew 70 mi. in 1:15.

HARRIS, Harold Cobb            USA            #-347 (1895-1957)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 16 Dec.1895 Somerville, MA;
d: 4 Dec.1957 W.Roxbury, MA.
e: Dartmouth College; Northeastern University, LLB-1925.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-21, 1941-57 (LTCMDR); Served as Kite Balloonist off English/French coasts in WW-I; Staff Officer at NAS-Lakehurst & NAS-Patuxent in WW-II.
p: Real Estate/Insurance broker, Probate Lawyer, Title Examiner.
f: Free & Kite Balloon training at Akron & Roehampton ENG; FAI-ACA B-License #347 issued 6 Feb.1918. NOTE: Was due for retirement 1 Jan. 1918.
r: Contact-Profiles p296.

HARRIS, Thomas         ENGLAND          (1800?1824) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/B/H/X.         Sport balloonist.
s: Officer in British Navy, Lt. in 1824.
f: First ascent Sept. 1823 with GRAHAM; Constructed his own balloon by late 1823; Credited with invention of double-flap (duplex) gas valve (unfortunately, its misuse killed him). ***Epic flight (first solo) 25 May 1824 (w/STOKES) from London. Ascended with his 18 year old girlfriend, pulled wrong control line, and balloon deflated in flight. Thomas jumped from the basket shortly before impact, to soften the landing, and was killed. The passenger survived with bruises.

HARRISON, George Blair            USA            #- 32 (1873?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AR.         Sport balloonist.
b: 5 Oct.1873 Emmitsburg, IA.
p: Financial reporter. Resident of Kansas City, MO.
e: Washburn College; Univ.of Michigan.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Signal Corps; B-Instructor 1917-19.
p: Journalist, Owner of Pageant Film Corp.
f: ACA B-License #32 issued 1911.
l: Author of "Handbook of Aerial Navigation."
m: Pacific Aero Club; Aero Club of California; Aero Society of CA. **Epic flight 21 Jan.1910 (see Chs.HARMON) from Los Angeles, CA. Altitude flight reached 10,500'. ***Epic flight 2 Jan.1915 (see E.UNGER) from Los Angeles, CA. Dragged a mile on a night landing near Collinsville, CA.
r: NT-22 Jan.1910/1/6.

HART, John P.         USA                  (1875?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI.         Military & Sport Balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
p: Officer in U.S. Army Signal Corps (later B-Corps) 1910-20 era; Instructor-pilot for balloons and airships.
l: Sport balloonist 1910-12 era.

HART, ?         USA                  (1860?1920)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
***Epic flight 29 Aug.1874 from Wisconsin. Balloon was blown into trees on launch. Parachute separated from the balloon at 50'. Pilot suffered severe injuries, but survived.
r: AIAA box-218.

HART, Van Breed         USA            #-668 (1894?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 5 Oct.1894 McClean, NY; Res.Ithica, NY 1969.
e: Cornell University, PHD-Agriculture/Economics-1923.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-31; Naval Aviator #1560; Served at NAS-New London & NAS-Hampton Roads.
p: Professor of Agriculture, Cornell University.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #668 issued 14 Aug.1918; Airplane pilot.
m: Theta Alpha.
r: Contact-Profiles p405.

HARTMAN, Arthur J. (Sr.)            USA                  (1880?1940)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L/AO.         Professional balloonist.
Stage name: A.J. Hart. Father of balloon & airship pilot, A.J. (Jr.).
p: smoke balloonist, 1903-05 era; Employed by Goddard B-Company of Chicago.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy, 1916-40 (Airship pilot).
f: First B-Flight Spring 1903 from Seattle w/F.JACOBS; Airship pilot 1907-10, Airplane pilot 1910-20.
l: Built own balloons & airships.

HARTMAN, Susan (F)            USA                  (1970?                           (HB)
See APPENDIX- (B).                 Professional balloonist (Bio-data unknown).
p: Worked for "Balloons over the Valley" (Napa; owned by Bob Barberic).
f: 564 Total B-Hours, 183 in make & model.
m: BFA. ***Epic flight 3 July 1995 (w/C.Kinnear, F.Terzola, Y.Howishi, + 4 others) from Yolo County Airport. Balloon (N6317U, Raven S77A-3013) made a high impact landing near Davis (CA) ejecting Caroline Kinnear, who died of her injuries. A second impact landing ejected two more passengers who received emergency care.
a: 77918-G Freeway; Napa, CA 94558; 707/252-4126.
r: BL-Aug.95p11; Davis Enterprise, S.F.Cronicle pA3c1; NTSB-Report LAX99LA237.

HARVEY, (2-children)         USA                  (1850?1910)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            Martha Ann (F), age 8, David Isam, age 3. ***Epic flight 17 Oct. 1858 from Centralia, IL. The two children made an inadvertent free-flight, when the restraining rope was released. Night flight covered 17 miles in 3:30 to an estimated 15,000'. Both were found safe in a tree the next morning, near Moores Prairie, IL. NOTE: Pilot (S.WILSON) completed a successful flight, and chose to give tethered ascents to the local bystanders.
r: EB-29.

HASKELL, Merrill         USA            #-634 (1892?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.         Military aeronaut.
b: 6 Feb.1892 Portland, ME; Res.Yarmouth, ME 1969.
e: Dartmouth College, BS-1915.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-21 (Ens.); Naval Aviator #1752.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #634 issued 17 Jul.1918.
a: P.O.B. 206, Yarmouth, ME.
r: Contact-Profiles p206.

HASSOLD, Horst                 GERMANY                 (1925-                                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-BE/BF/BM/BN.         Professional Aeronaut.
b: 15 Feb.1925 Augsburg.
e: High school, 1943. Husband of Gabriele ENDRAS (see A.RIEDINGER).
s: Naval Coastal Defense, 1943-44; P.O.W. 1944-48.
p: Managing Director of Ballon-fabrik Augsburg.
f: First B-Flight 8 Jul.1956 with Ernst Frank; First B-Solo 15 Aug. 1957 from Augsburg; B-License #3350 BYLAS (GB/HB) issued 10 Aug.1957; More than 359 Gas Balloon flights (+9HB) by 1985; Crossed the Alps from Murren Switzerland 17 times (1966,67,68,69,70,71,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,85.).
l: 1958, Revived (as owner) balloon fabricating company; 1965, Received Instructor license for balloons; 1969, Made first night solo in a balloon; 1983, Participated in G-Bennett B-Race (Paris).
m: 1956, Augsburg B-Club, Pres 1958-69; German Aero Club, Free Balloon Commission, 1969-84; FAI-CIA Pres.1977-82. h: 1967, Tissandier Diploma; 1983, Hon. President of FAI-CIA; 1983, Montgolfier Diploma. ***Epic flight 27 Jun.1973 from Murren, SWI. Flight ended near Abano Therme (near the Adriatic Sea), ITA. after covering 360 Km. in 10 hours, 43 minutes.
r: Bio-data Sep.1985; BuA p63. a: Auenweg 9; D-8900 Augsburg 22.

HAUPRICH, Rae J. (F)            USA                  (1952-1979) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+3).         Professional Balloonist.
Divorced mother of a 10 year old son.
b: 7 Jan.1952.
d: 15 Dec.1979 Davie, FL (age 28).
p: Professional Balloonist for the (Chuck) Rohr B-Company.
f: Early training unknown; FAA-Commercial license #2176842 for Airplane & Balloon; Had more than 500 hours total at time of death; More than 200 hours in Barnes Balloons; Had accumulated 20 hrs in the Raven S55A (N64RR) owned by "Auntie Mame's Nightclub." ***Epic flight 15 Dec.1979 (w/Jack Mowday, Glen Berg, & Richard Rhine) from Davie*, FL in "Auntie Mame." After an uneventful flight, a landing was attempted in nice field. Unfortunately, it had a 7620 volt powerline down the center that was not seen until contact. Hauprich jumped from about 70', another tried sliding down the drag rope until his body virtually exploded. The balloon then broke free of the powerlines and rose to about 400'. The flaming basket separated and the remaining two aeronauts were dead on impact. The balloon, launched from *Broward Mall, was later recovered more than 2-miles downwind at the Rolling Hills Golf Course.
a: 10505 SW 9th Street; Ft.Lauderdale, FL. Family unknown; Mrs. Lois Mowday was with Ground crew.
r: FAA-Report; Miami Herald p1; J.Winker archives.

HAUEISEN, Wolfgang            GERMANY          (1930-1996)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BE.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 29 Mar.1930 Hamburg.
d: 7 Aug.1996 Hamburg.
f: First B-Solo 22 Apr.1956; B-License #119 issued 24 May 1956; 211 flights by 1979; DSFV B-Pilot Examiner.
l: First Alps crossing 6 Aug.1966 from Murren; Crossed the Swiss Alps many times thereafter.
m: Spelterini Society, Pres.; FAI-CIA Secretary 1965-69, President 1971-73.
h: Montgolfier Diploma 1969; Brickwedde Gold Medal 1979.
r: BuA p63; BallonSport S/O-1996 P24 &30.

HAWKINS, Mrs. Edmond J. (F)            USA                  (1860?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional balloonists.
Wife of professional balloonist.
p: Worked as a team promoting balloon races.
f: Ten year career started 1881; Worked the California Coast. ***Epic flight 18 Aug.1891 from Santa Barbara, CA. Balloon was launched before being fully inflated. He proceeded with his acrobatic act, but the balloon never exceeded 10 feet. He eventually had to release it, but it was recovered later.
r: Santa Barbaran, 14 Mar.1966; Santa Barbara News-Press 8 Jun.1969 p-D4.

HAWLEY, Alan Ramsey            USA            #-7 (1869-1938)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AH/AI/AR/AX. Sport balloonist, 1908-18 era.
b: 29 July 1869, Perth Amboy, NJ;
d: 17 Feb.1938, N.Y. City.
e: Trinity School;
p: Stock Broker (family partnership), ret.1912.
f: Received B-Training & French B-License in France; First recorded US B-Flight 1907 from Pittsfield w/A.L.STEVENS; Made 18 B-Ascents by 1907; ACA B-License issued 8 Aug.1908; Airplane pilot also; Founded "Lafayette Escadrille."
m: Auto Club of America, Credited as "the" founder; Founding member of ACA, President 1913-19; Aerial League of America 1917-38.
l: Early proponent of Airmail and Transcontinental Airways; Pioneer Automobile owner, racer, enthusiast.
h: 1909, Took permanent possession of the "Lahm Trophy." ***Epic flight 20 Jan.1907 (see LEVEE) from St.Cloud, France. ***Epic flight 17 Oct.1910 (w/A.POST) from St. Louis, MO in "America-II. Won the G-Bennett B-Race by landing near St. Johns, NFD after a 48 hour flight, covering 1887 Km. (1173 Sm.). Were lost in the Canadian woods for four days before rescue.
r: NT-20 Oct.1907/5/1; City of Flight.

HAYES, Anthony         AUSTRALIA          (1940?1975) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1)         Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
PIC unknown; assumed T.McCormic. ***Epic flight 23 Nov.1975 (w/T.McCORMIC) from Sydney in "James Cook." Home-built balloon got caught in a "thermal" (Willy-Nilly) that twisted the mouth closed and forced the deflation port open. Both died on impact and resulting explosion; Hayes in his un-opened parachute.
r: AEROSTAT-Apr.1976.

HAYWARD, Charles L.         USA                #105         (1895-1998)                  (OB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.         Military Aeronaut 1917-28 era.
b: 11 Nov.1895 Holyoke, MA;
d: 12 Apr.1998 Portland, OR.
e: Columbia University, Electrical engineering.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army; Enlisted 2 May 1917, Signal Corps; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant in Air Service 14 Jun.1917; Constructor of Colombey-les Belles (1st Air Depot), France; Served as B-Observer for 4th B-Company July 2-Aug.4 1918; Commander of 13th B-Company; Ret.Res.Captain 9 Oct.1919. p: Electrical Engineer (ret.) for North Star Wollen Mills.
f: Received B-Training Jun-Jul.1917 at Ft.Omaha (NB); Received Observer training Aug-Sep.1918 at Camp de Souge; FAI-ACA B-License #105 issued 12 Sep.1917; Airplane pilot (in JN-4D).
h: Rated "Military Aeronaut" three times.
m: Phi Delta Theta; NAABCV, Nat.Commander 1977; OX-5 Aviation Pioneers, Governor; American Legion; Mason/Shriner; Active in many community organizations.
r: NAABCV files.
a: 1717 SW Park Ave #409; Portland, OR 97201.
r: The Balloon Section; Oregonian 10 Nov.1989 pD4, 15 Apr.98 pD8 (T); .

HEARTSILL, Joseph Hedrick            USA                  (1950-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO/BK (4)         Sport Aeronaut.
b: 24 Sep.1950 Meridian, TX.
e: North Texas State University, 1972-Education.
p: Real Estate.
f: First B-Flight Oct.1979 with O.W.Winsett; First B-Solo 15 Apr.1980 from Belton, TX; FAA B-License #[redacted] issued 1980; Single & Multiengine airplane rated.
l: Placed in the top 10 of the U.S.Nat.HB-Championships1988 (4th), 89 (5th), 90 (6th), and 91 (2nd); 1988, Winner of Battle Creek B-Race; 1989, Winner overall at Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; 1989, Participated in World HB-Championships (Saga, Japan);1990, Placed Third in Canadian Nat.B-Championships; Winner of World Thermal B-Championships 1995.
m: BFA.
h: BFA-Rookie of the year 1987.
a: P.O.Box 675; Meridian, TX 76665.
r: Bio-data form 1991; BM/BF updates.

HEDGE, Homer E.         USA                  (1864?1909)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF.                 Sport balloonist 1900-05 era.
b: 1864 New York City.
d: 10 Sep.1909 New York City (Typhoid).
p: Owner of a New York Advertising Agency (22 years).
f: First B-Flight 1905 w/A.L.STEVENS; Student of A.L.STEVENS; Made many unique sporting flights.
m: ACA (FM) First President 14 Oct.1905, and Treasurer later; Auto Club of America (FM).
r: NT-11 Sep.1909/9/4.

HEILT, Edouard            BRAZIL            (1830?1870)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-W.                 Historical person.
f: Made an ascent 1855 (for a few seconds) in a gas balloon from Rio de Janeiro.
r: Saco dos Alferes.

HEIMANN, Morris A.            USA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
Father of balloonist "Melba."                Professional Aeronaut.
p: Balloon & Airship pilot and manufacturer (St.Louis, MO).
f: First B-Solo 1908 from St.Louis, MO (see H.BERRY & H.HONEYWELL).
l: Owner of balloon "Melba."
m: St.Louis Aero Club (FM-1909).
r: City of Flight.

HEINSHEIMER, Thomas            USA                  (1935?                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-H/I;                 Sport balloonist.
Reviver of the "Modern" G-Bennett B-Races.
e: Mass. Institute of Tech.; Director of Atmospheric Physics; University of Paris, Post Graduate Physics studies.
p: Atmospheric Physisist for County of Los Angeles; City Councilman, Mayor for the City of Rolling Hills.
f: Early Balloon training & experience unknown.
l: Revived the G-Bennett B-Races 1979 (first since 1936); Designed & flew unique superpressure gas balloon (for constant altitude atmospheric studies over AZ, CA, & NM); Designed a gas balloon used to collect mineral samples on Mars.
m: Balloon Federation of America.
f: Research balloonist 1962-75.
h: Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society; LTAS Achievement Award; Advanced Scientific Research Fellowship by NATO. ***Epic flight attempt 6 Jan.1975 (w/M. FORBES) from Santa Ana, CA in "Windborne." Flight aborted on launch.
r: Bio-Data form; Personal interview.

HEINTZELMAN, Samuel P.         USA          (1807-1880)                  (HP)
See APPEBDIX-M.                 Military B-Observer.
b: 1807 Pennsylvania;
d: 1 May 1880 Washington, DC.
e: West Point, 1826.
r: NT-2 May.1880/5/4.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army 1826-65, Served in Florida-Indian War of 1835-37; Mexican/American War of 1847-48; Civil War (Union Army) of 1861-65 Long and brilliant career as a field officer; Retired General.
f: Made many successful Observation balloon flights 1861-62.

HELDMANN, Josef            GERMANY          (1886?1980)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Sport balloonist.
p: Architect; Munich Auto Touring Club.
f: First recorded flight 15 Mar.1914; First B-Solo 11 Apr.1914; German B-License issued 14 Aug.1914; 98 flights by 1939.
l: Silver Sports Medal i935.
r: BuA p65.
m: Augsburger & Munich B-Clubs.

HELME, William H.         USA                  (1835?1900)                  (HP)
p: Dentist, Resident of Providence, RI. (Bio-Data unavailable).
s: Enlisted as Private in Marine Corps Artillery in 1860.
f: First recorded flight 5 Jul.1860 (see BLACK) from Providence, RI.
l: Semi-Professional balloonist (self-described "amateur"); 1861, Attempted to build a hot-air observation balloon (using an alcohol burner) for the Union army, but all attempts were met with failure.

HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, David            ENGLAND                 (1957-                         (HB/GB)
Sport Aeronaut Extraordinaire         (Bio-data unknown)
l: Renowned mountain climber. Climbed the 10 highest peaks in the World.
First person to fly a balloon (Britanic Challenge) to the North pole (from Spitsbergen), 3 June 2000. After suffering –21 degrees for 17 hours in an open wicker basket. First person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an open wicker basket, 29 Sep.2003. His third attempt took 83 hours. Set a world altitude record for an open basket of 41,998’ 22 Mar. 2004. Skylines July 2000, p2; Nov. 2003, p7; 22 Mar. 2004, p4.

HENDRICKS, (Mrs.) H.H. (F)            USA (1880?1904) K (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional Smoke Balloonist.
***Epic flight 22 Sep.1904 from Phillipsburg KA. Ascent & release were normal, but she drowned in a lake trying to free herself from her parachute.
r: NT-24 Sep.1904/1/4.

HENSLEY, William Nicholas            USA            #-321 (1881-1929)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.         Military balloonist.
b: 18 Oct.1881 Columbus OH;
d: 21 Mar.1929 Houston TX.
e: U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
p: U.S. Army 1905-23, Ret. Col.
f: Free & Kite balloon, Airship, and Airplane pilot; Flew British "R-34" & German "Bodensee" airships; FAI-ACA B-License #321 issued 30 Jan.1918.
l: Distinguished marksman.

HEPPELER, Willi Sr.         GERMANY          (1901-1984)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.            Sport balloonist.
b: 27 Feb.1901 Stuggart;
d: 13 Feb.1984; Father (of Willi Jr.), and Grandfather (Gunther & Christina) of promanent balloonists.
f: First B-Flight 16 Aug.1953; First B-Solo 4 Aug.1957; B-License #145 issued 14 Jul.1958; 48 lifetime flights.
r: BuA p66.

HERBE,                         FRANCE                 (1880?1930)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT/AB.                Sport Balloonist (bio-data unknown)
Active balloonist 1900-10 era.
l: Participated in many sporting events.

HERBERT, Craig Stanley            USA                  (1900-1993)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-AM.                 Historian of WW-I Military Kite Ballooning.
b: 3 May 1900 Philadelphia;
d: 20 Dec.1993 Philadelphia (age 93).
e: Philadelphia Public Schools, to 1916.
s: Enlisted U.S.Army Signal Corps (Ft.Slocam (NY) 13 May 1917; Assigned to Ft.Omaha Air Service Balloon School 29 May 1917; Arrived Allied Front in France (St.Mihiel Sector) 28 Dec.1917; Assigned 1st Division, 2nd Balloon Company, Airplane spotter; Served 251 days of continuous combat (all major WW-1 battles); Returned to the USA June 1919; Honorable discharge 6 July 1919.
p: Railroad administrator 40 years, Retired 1960.
l: Amateur aviation historian; U.S. expert on use of Kite Balloons of WW-1, and Lighter-Than-Air history; Editor of NAABCV newspaper "Haul Down & Ease Off," 1932-82; Retired 1982 after 50 years activity (due to declining survivorship of Balloon Corps veterans); Contributor of historical records to the Air Force Archives at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL; Author of "Eyes of the Army," Self publish-ed-1986.
m: Nat.Assoc.of American Balloon Corps Veterans" (FM-1932), First Commander 1932-33, 3rd Commander, 1934-35; American Legion, District Commander; Valley Veterans Assoc.; F&AM#70, Shrine.
h: Winner of six battle stars, 26 Feb. to 11 Nov.1918; French Verdun Medal; Honorary Admiral in the Nebraska Navy; Honorary member of the confederate Air Force; Honorary Member of "The Lighter-Than-Air Society."
r: Personal interview 1983 & 1986; Philadelphia Times-Herald 24 Dec.93 (T).

HERBSTER, Maurice            FRANCE          (1870?1914)                  (GB)
b: 1870 Paris.
p: Professor of Aeronautics at FARMAN Aviation School.
f: Balloon and airplane pilot.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

HERGESELL, Hugo            GERMANY          (1870?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-K/AU.         Scientific balloonist.
b: 29 May 1859 Bromberg;
e: Doctorate in Science.
p: Professor of Science; Mathematician, Meteorologist; Director of Meteorology, Institute of Alsace and Lorrain; Commissioner of German Airships 1909-10.
f: Made many balloon flights to test the atmosphere 1895-1910.
l: Pioneer in the use of Sonde balloons; Made studies of high altitude winds; Made extensive study of data at St.Thomas, BWI.
m: Berlineer,Oberrheinischer, Munchner, Niederrheinischer, Frankfurter, & Kolner B-Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero Club.
r: PYA-Scrapbook; NT-4 Dec.1910/1:6; Frei. und Anwarter p66.

HERMITE, Gustave         FRANCE                  (1863-1914)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/T/AV.         Scientific balloonist
b: 11 June 1863, Nancy;
d: 1914.
e: Science Academy of Neuchatel Switzerland.
p: Astronomer, Meteorologist.
f: First night flight 1889.
l: Inventor of many electrical & aeronautical instruments; FIRST to use sounding balloons 21 Mar.1893.
m: Astronomical Societies of France & Switzerland; Aeronautical Union of France; Aero Club of France, Officer of Instruction. ***Epic flight 1890 (w/G.BESANCON) in "Sivel" on North Pole attempt.
r: l'Aerophile May 1894, J/F-1896 p1.

HERON, Ralph         ENGLAND          (1780?1830) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/C/X.         Young boy.
***Epic flight 19 Sep.1786 from Newcastle. He became entangled in a restraining rope on premature launch, fell from considerable height, and died on impact. He became the FIRST person to die in a all GAS balloon. (see d'ROZIER, 6 V.LUNARDI).
r: History of Aeronautics.

HERRERA, Linares Emilio            SPAIN                  (1879-1967)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV.         Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
b: 13 Feb.1879 Granada;
d: 13 Sep.1967 Paris (age 88); Son of Army Officer, Grandson of Army General; Father of famous airplane pilots Jose & Emillo.
e: College of Granada-1895; University of San Pablo; Spanish Military at Guadalahara-1900.
s: Officer in Spanish Army, General-1936; Served in Lima, Peru, and Mililla, N.Africa; Commander of the Republican Air Force against Franco 1936-37; Exiled to France 1937 by Franco's Nationalist Government; Prime Minister of Spanish Government in exile, 1936-67.
p: Professor of Mathematics & Aerodynamics.
f: Learned ballooning at the Military Academy at Guadalajara; Made 16 B-Flights by Sep.1906; Up to 70/year thereafter; Military B-Brevet issued 1903; FAI B-License issued 1908; Made 25 flights with airship "Espania"; 3 in "Astra"; Made numerous epic & historic B-Flights.
l: 1942, Author of first public article on "Atom Bomb"; 1955, Resigned from UNESCO to protest Spain's admittance to UN; 1945, Published article in "Le Genie Civil" (15 July, 20 days before the bombing of Hiroshima. Article was first offered to l'Aerophile in 1942, but Germans surprised it. Contributed more than 200 scientific articles to l'Aerophile Magazine 1911-1965; Served as part-time pilot & navigator on historic triangle flight of Zeppelin Airship (Seville-Buenos Aires-New York); Personal friend of Dr.Hugo ECKNER; Pioneer in the development of "Space Suits" (see C.FORDNEY).
m: Aero Club of Spain (FM); Spanish Mathematics Society.
h: French Legion of Honor, Knights Rank; Aero Medal of the Berlin Aero Club; Cross of Maria Cristina-1914; Portuguese Order of Christ. ***Epic flight 2 Apr.1906 (w/J-F DURO) from Barcelona. Attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea, landing near Salces, Corsica after 11 hours, 10 minutes. NOTE: See JULHES-1883, CAPAZZA-1888, D'VAULX-1901, C.DOLDER-1972, H.DORIGNY-1983. ***Epic flight 1905 (w/ DURO) from Paris. Competitor in B-Race. Covered 1086Km. at an average speed of 87Kph. ***Epic flight 21 Aug.1905 (w/DURO) from Burgos. Scientific ascent to witness a Solar Eclipse. After considerable delay in the launch, they passed thru a cloud layer at 5000 meters, just as the eclipse started. He quickly made a pencil drawing of the Solar Corona, using a flashlight attached to his helmet. They landed safely 3-hours later with no ballast remaining. ***Epic flight 1908 to a National Altitude record of 6000 meters.
r: The Memoirs of Emilio Hererra.

HERRGUTH, Fred         USA                  (1892?1980)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Semi-Professional balloonist.
b: 1892; Resident of Pleasant Lake, MI 1976; Brother of balloonists William, Reuben, & Joseph.
p: Carpenter, Saw filer.
f: First flight 1904 (at age 12); Last flight 1915.
m: Jackson Aero Club. ***Epic flight 1915 from the Onondaga County Fairgrounds. Launched in a strong wind, he saw an approaching tornado. He landed hard into a tree, an immediately announced that he was changing his career.
r: Jackson (MI) Citizen-7 Apr. 1976/6.

HERRGUTH, Rubin         USA                  (1883-1976)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist 9-years.
Resident of Pleasant Lake, MI 1965; Brother of balloonists William, Fred, & Joseph.
b: 1883;
d: 9 Mar.1976 Jackson, MI.
f: First flight 1904 (at age 12); Last flight 1915.
m: Jackson Aero Club.
r: Jackson (MI) Citizen-7 Apr.1976/6.

HERRGUTH, William            USA          (1890?1910) K          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
Brother of balloonists Fred, Reuben, & Joseph. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1910 (near Lake Erie). Landed in Lake Erie and drowned.
r: Jackson (MI) Citizen-7 Apr.1976/6.

HERSEY, Henry Blanchford            USA            #-6 (1861-1948)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AF/AI/AN/AR.         Sport & Military balloonist 1905-20.
b: 28 Jul.1861 Williastown, VT.
d: 24 Sep.1948 Sierra Madre, CA.
e: Norwich Univ. MA-1883.
s: Career Officer in U.S.Army, Enlisted 1885; Cavalry Officer in Spanish-American War 1898-99; Signal Corps Weather Bureau Staff Meteorologist 1885-1932; Commander (3rd) of Ft.Omaha B-School, 8 Jun.1917-18; (as Major in charge of all balloon instructors); Commander of Camp de Souge FRA Nov-Dec. 1918; Ret.General.
f: Received B-Training in France; Issued French B-License Jan.1908.
l: 1906, Served as Aide (to LAHM) in G-Bennett B-Race (winners); 1909, Accompanied W.WELLMAN on airship attempt to the N.Pole.
m: ACA; NAABCV; Aero Clubs of France; Cosmos Club (NYC); California Academy of Science, Los Angeles, CA.
r: Who's Who in American Aeronautics; NT-25 Sep.1948/17/6; The Balloon Section.

HERVE, Henri         FRANCE                  (1870?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT.         Sport balloonist.
-------------------------Credits to Hervieu? ------------------------
p: Engineer.
l: 1901-04, Established several flight records; 1901-02, Made two Trans-Mediterranean (w/VAULX) attempts; 1905-15, Active in airship & airplane development.
l: Made a successful parachute jump from the Eiffel Tower; Tested airplane by pushing it from the tower.

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