JACKSON, Emanuel            BRITAIN            (1860?1883) K (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/X.         Professional balloonist.
Resident of Darby; Relationship to Frederic unknown.
p: Active 1875-83 ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1883 from Abbey Park. Launched in a strong wind, the balloon hit a chimney, and the pilot fell to his death.
r: Aeronautics in Great Britain.

JACKSON, Frederick            BRITAIN            (1870?1930)            (SM)
p: Professional balloonist from Darby. ***Epic flight 11 Aug.1892 from Bramgote. Launched in a strong wind, the balloon impaled on a school bell tower. The aeronaut had to be rescued by a ladder.
r: Notts Guardian 12 Aug.1892.

JACOB, Franz            SWITZERLAND            #+30 (1870?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-AV/CJ.            Sport balloonist.
e: University of Basel, Doctorate of Law.
p: Lawyer, Judge.

JACOBI, Felix            GERMANY            (1880?1960)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.            Military balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
d: 22 Jan.1960.
s: Officer in the German Army; Infantry Commander 1912; Airship Commander of LZ-34, -72, -81. Retired Mjr.General.
f: Received Balloon & Airship licenses 11 Aug.1910.
m: Oberrheinischer B-Club.
r: BuA p75.

JACOBS, Clyde H.            USA            (1941-1974) K            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1).            Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Nov.1941 Danville, PA;
d: 31 Mar.1974 Cambridge, OH.
e: Susquehanna College, BA-1962; Nickname "Skip."
p: Professional pilot (fixed wing) for oil company; Part owner/manager of restaurant and real estate investments.
f: Received one training flight (2-hours) from D.FLODEN; 100 B-Hours, 4000 Airplane hours by time of death.
l: Owner of "Pepsi-1" balloon (N2324); Avid Motorcyclist, Scuba Diver, Parachutist, Hang Glider Pilot; Active in Cancer and Heart fund raising drives.
m: BFA; Central Ohio Balloon Club (FM); Rotary, and Country Club; AOPA; YMCA.
a: 201 S.23rd St; Cambridge, OH. ***Epic flight 31 Mar.1974 (w/Rich.Whiteleather & Tom LeBleu) from Cambridge, OH. Balloon contacted 34,000 volt powerlines, severing the basket from the envelope. The gondola fell from about 65', and Skip did not survive the impact. The passengers almost drowned while in shock. NOTE: Tom LeBleu died about 30 days later while recovering from his burns in an El Paso hospital (choked to death on a piece of steak). The survival of Dr.Richard F. Whiteleather (of Henderson Heights, OH) is unknown.
r: The Daily Jeffersonian 1 Apr.1974 p1; NTSB-report; D.FLODEN, B.MURTORFF, & K.Kramer archives.

JACOBS, Fernand            BELGIUM            (1870?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV/CH.            Sport balloonist.
p: Professor of Meteorology.
a: 19 R.des Chevaliers, Brussels.
f: FAI-Royal Aero Club B-License #25 issued 1908.
m: Royal Aero Club (FM-1909), first pres.; FAI V.Pres. 1909.
l: Established the "Jacobs Trophy" for the best annual flight within Belgium for hydroplanes (2000 Belgian Francs); Participant in the 1908 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: German Kolner B-Club.
r: RAC-archives; BuA p75.

JACOBS, Francis            USA            (1874-1896) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1876, Quincy, IL;
d: 16 Aug.1896 Quincy, IL.
p: Smoke Balloonist, 1890-1896 era. Toured from Seattle (WA) to Cincinnati (OH);
f: Learned profession from T.S. BALDWIN; Partners w/E.DUDLEY; Claimed 1005 ascents in his lifetime (6-year career). ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1896 from Quincy. IL. Balloon burst at 200' on ascent. His parachute failed to open before impact. Flight was witnessed by his wife and child.
r: Chronicle.

JAGER, Martin            GERMANY            (1901-1970) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.            Sport balloonist,.
b: 16 Aug.1901 Augsburg;
d: 1 Sep.1970 Augsburg (age 69).
p: Professional Balloonmeister (inflator of gas balloons); Inflated more than 1500 gas balloons in his 40 year career; Earned designation 9 Dec.1929; Starter #173 Nov.1934.
f: First student flight 1 Mar.1958; Active 1930-70 era; More than 63 lifetime flights; German LFS B-License #144 issued 10 Jul.1958. ***Epic flight 1 Sep.1970. In the process of inflating several gas balloons at night, one balloon ripped its moorings in a wind gust. Martin tried to hold the balloon by grabbing a handling line, and was carried aloft. He eventually lost his grip and died on impact.
r: BuA p75.

JAHRE, Richard            GERMANY            (1895?1994)            (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.            Sport balloonist.
b: 7 Sep.1895 Berlin.
d: 10 Sep.1994 (age 99).
e: Vilksschute-1909, Mechanic-Apprentice, 1909-13;
s: Soldier 1914-18.
p: Mechanical Engineer-entrepreneur, aero instruments/avionics; Founded firm bearing his name-1919.
f: First B-Flight 13 Apr.1923 from Nunchritz with Robert PETSCHOW; First B-Solo 2 Oct.1927 from Bitterfield; 38th
B-Flight 19 Aug. 1930; More than 184 Gas (+3 HB) flights by 1985; B-License #108 issued 31 Mar.1927; Airship license in 1927; Flew balloons in Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland.
l: 1908, Witnessed airplane flight by O.WRIGHT in Berlin; 1908, Witnessed G-Bennett B-Race in Berlin; 1913, Witnessed first World Airplane Acrobatics competition; 1923, Flew in second post-war B-Flight in Germany; 1925, Winner of Bitterfield Balloon Competition; 1927, Made a "honeymoon" flight of 9-hours (21 May); 1932, Participated in flight of LZ-127 over Switzerland; 1935, Made his first Night B-Flight; 1955, Made FIRST Post-war flight in Germany (28 Aug.); 1958, Placed third in Dusseldorf B-Competition; 1961, Winner of Aachen B-Competition; 1963, Made his first Alps flight from Murren, Switzerland; (17 succeeding flights 1964-79, 82, 84) by 1986; 1963, Participated in B-Film for BBC with Anthony SMITH); 1964, Participated in B-Film (for German-TV) from Murren; 1965, Placed second in Oxford (England) competition (made B-Film for German-TV) with A.ECKERT; 1965, Participated in B-Film (for USA/CBS-TV) with Reitberger; 1978, Participated in B-Film (for Japanese-TV);
m: German Aero Club since 1923, started as glider pilot; Augsburg & Berlin B-Clubs.
h: Freiballonfuhrerabzeichen in Gold; Otto Liliental Diploma; Dieselmedaille in Gold; Bundesverdienstkreuz (First Class); German Aero Club, Medal of Honor (for special Merits) in Gold; University of Hanover, Honorary membership; (plus numerous other aviation honors). ***Epic flight 10 May 1930 (w/PETRA) from Bitterfeld. Pilots launched in the evening, and found themselves over Hamburg the next morning. Flight ended with a landing on the Island of Fehmarn, in the Baltic Sea, after 27 hours.
r: Bio-Data 1985 & 86; BallonSport N/D-94p54.

JANETS, Emile            FRANCE            (1880?1940)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.            Scientific balloonist.
p: Doctor of Medicine, Son of a distinguished doctor.
f: First flight 30 Jun.1901 w/BES-ANCON in "Aero Club-II"; Active 1870-1900 era m: Aero Club of France.
l: Owner of"Eden" (made by M.MALLET). ***Epic flight 22 May 1902 (w/4-women) from Paris. Flight ended after 15.5 hours, and 425Km.
r: l'Aerophile-Sep.1902; BM/Sp.72:54.

JANIK, Franciszek            POLAND            (1900-1975)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH.            Sport balloonist.
b: 27 Dec.1900 Muszanka;
d: 27 Dec.1975 Warsaw.
p: Professor of Aviation, Warsaw Technical University; Chief of Aerodynamics, Aircraft Institute, 1948-58.
f: Early B-History unknown; Active 1930-1970 era; Accomplished Balloon, Glider, & Airplane pilot; Parachutist.
m: Warsaw Aero Club, active on many committees.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1961.
l: Author of many Aviation Technical books; Winner (w/A.JANUSZ) of G-Bennett B-Race.
r: Mala Encyklpedia Sportu-1984; Encyklopedia Dla Wszystkich-1970.

JANSSEN, Pierre Jules Cesar            FRANCE            (1824-1907)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.            Scientific balloonist.
b: 22 Feb.1824 Paris; Son of an eminent musician;
d: 1907 Paris.
e: Doctorate in Science.
p: Scientist/Astronomer, Director of French Civil Aviation Commission; Director of Research, Meudon-1880-1901; Director of In'tl Aeronautic Commission, Berlin-1901.
f: Flight history limited, but unknown; Active 1870-1900 era
l: Invented the aeronautical compass; Credited with predicting water on Mars. m: l'Academie of Sciences; French Aero Club; Paris Institute. ***Epic flight 29 Dec.1870 (on his first solo flight) for the French Academy of Science to photograph an eclipse from Oran Algeria. NOTE: He left Paris (not by balloon) on 2 December while the city was under German.
r: L'Aerophile Jun-Jul 1894; The Aeronautical Journal; The Standard, 29 May 1901.

JANUSZ, Antoni            POLAND            (1900-            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/CH.            Aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 30 Jan.1902 Leszno; Res.of London 1991.
e: School of Aeronautics-1919; Air Force Technical College, Physics and Mathematics.
s: Officer in the Polish Air Force 1919-47; Airship pilot 1923-27; Commissioned 29 Sep.1919; Kite Balloonist on Russian Front in 1919; Company Commander in the Battle of Warsaw 1920; Duty Officer at Warsaw Air-port on morning of WW-2; Officer in the French Air Force 1939-40, combat pilot; Professional Officer in the British Air Force 1947-1953.
f: early B-Training with Polish Army, 1919; First Aircraft flight July-1918; Kite Balloon May 1919; First Free Balloon flight Summer 1921; Airship Summer 1923; FAI Airship License #2 (incl.Balloons) issued 1920.
l: Participated in six G.Bennett B-Races; 1932, Aide (to W.POMASKI) in the G. Bennett B-Race (placed 4th); 1934, Placed 4th (w/Wawszczak) in G.Bennett B-Race; 1935, Placed 2nd (w/Wawszczak) in G.Bennett B-Race; 1936, Placed 2nd (w/Brenk) in G.Bennett B-Race; 1937, Placed 2nd (w/Krzyszkowski) in G.Bennett B-Race; 1938, Winner (w/Janik) of G.Bennett B-Race; Amateur Astronomer, Mathematician, and Philosopher.
m: Polish National Aero Club; BBAC, V.President-1990-91. ***Epic flight 28 Aug.1932 (w/POMASKI) on a test flight from Basle. Flight at 18,000'near cumulus clouds produced static sparks between his hat emblem and the load ring. They made a rapid descent and landed safely.
r: BM-FA.68/17. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1934 (w/POMASKI) from Warsaw. Flight in a storm ended by landing in Sima Lake in Finland. The aeronauts almost drowned before rescue.
r: Personal revalation. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1936 (w/BRENK) from Warsaw in "LOOP." The flight in the G.Bennett B-Race ended in Northern Russia after covering 1000 miles in 14-hours. They walked 3-days before being rescued, and another 20-days to return to Warsaw.
r: The Aerostat, Apr. 1982 p10; Mala Encyklpedia Sportu-1984.
a: 2 Hilly Fields Crescent; London SE4-1QA.
r: Bio-Data, Mar/Jun.1991.

JARDINE, J.Willoughby            BRITAIN            (1880?1920)            (KB)
See APPENDIX-AS.            Military balloonist.
s: Officer in the British Army, Lt. in 1915; Served in 3rd Balloon Wing. ***Epic flight 23 Jun.1915 (w/G.D.S.M.Pape) from Verdun France, in a Kite balloon. Cable broke in a 40 knot wind and they ascended to over 15000'above the German lines. During the ascent in snow and hail, Pape became entangled on the back of the envelope. Jardine slowly released the gas and they landed with minor injuries.
r: The Balloonitics.

JAUBERT, Joseph            FRANCE            (1850?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.            Scientific balloonist.
p: Meteorologist, Director of the St.Tour Observatory; Director of Montsouris Observatory.
f: First ascent with F.l'HOSTE; Made 12 ascents by 1880; Active 1875-90 era; All ascents were for scientific observations.
l: Founder/editor of l'Atmosphere Magazine.
m: Aero Club of France.
r: l'Aerophile-1890, May 1894, N/D-1895 p177.

JEFFRIES, John            USA            (1745-1819)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A.            Scientific Aeronaut.
b: 5 Feb.1745 (?1744?), Boston, MA;
d: 16 Sept.1819, Boston, MA. Died (age 76) of strangulated hernia reportedly caused by a hard balloon landing of 1785.
e: Harvard 1763-66, MA-1766; Marischal College, MD-1769.
p: Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon.
s: Served with the British Forces during the American Revolution; Fled to England when the rebel forces won; returned to the USA about 1790 and continued practice until his death.
f: Witnessed first B-Flight 25 Nov.1783 by ZAMBECCARI; Made three ascents in his lifetime, all considered historic, and all with Pierre BLANCHARD from England. And paid for by John, at the rate of 100L for each flight. #1 13 Nov.1784 from London-Rhedarium for science, #2 4 Jan.1785 from London for physiological testing, #3 7 Jan.1785 from Dover on Trans English Channel flight. NOTE: Flight #3, paid for in advance, produced a lawsuit by John that had to be justified in court. Blanchard realized the honors that were to befall such a historic occasion, delayed and refused to take Jeffries. The Judge ruled, that since John had suggested and financed the idea, Blanchard had to take him on the first attempt.
l: Founder Of "Boston Medical Library."

JENKINS, Robert C. Jr.            USA            (1946-            (HB)
See APPENDIX- (B).            Semi-Professional balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 1946 (age 29).
e: Baton Rouge High School, 1964.
p: Assembly worker, Western Electric of Lafayette.
l: Owner of Semco Balloon N3610. ***Epic flight 19 Sep.1975 (w/ Jane O. Atkinson) from Baton Rouge, LA. Advertising flight for Auto-Agency ended in tragedy when the balloon touched powerlines. Jenkins jumped from the burning basket and sustained 35-40% body burns and recovered. Jane died of massive injuries.
a: Parents: Robert Sr.; 1245 Aster St.; Baton Rouge, LA.
r: Advocate, 19, 20, 21 Sep.1975; P.Thompson, C.Lane archives.

JENNINGS, Hollace H.            USA            #-276 (1893?1970)            (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 7 Apr.1897 Eastline, SD;
e: South Dakota State College.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps 1917-19; Enlisted 19 Sep.1917; Commissioned 3 Jan.1918; Commanding Officer of the 8th B-Company.
p: Stone cutter, Headstone maker. Ft.Omaha B-Training; FAI-ACA B-License #276 issued 2 Jan.1918.
a: Brookings, SD;
r: The Balloon Section.

JOBERT, Claude            FRANCE            (1829?1905)            (HP)
See APPENDIX-U.            Scientific balloonist.
b: 1829 Dijon.
e: Apprentice mechanic Academy, Chemistry & Physics; Conservatory of Arts & Letters.
p: Instructor at l'Ecole Industrialle.
l: Engineer, Inventor, Perfectionist; Pioneer in the development of Sonde-Balloons for high altitude research. Proposed "solar" balloons in 1873 (see A.DARBELET).
m: l'Academie d'aerostation & Meteorology, V.President; Aero Society of France.
r: l'Aerophile-Apr.1903.

JOHANSEN, Laurits            USA            (1856-1919)            (GB)
b: 1856, Copenhagen; d; 1919. Emigrated fro Denmark.
s: Military balloonist 1897.
p: Professional balloonist, 1871-80; Worked for Tivoli Gardens, Summers 1891 & 92.
f: Learned ballooning from Alfred GODARD after helping to repair his balloon in 1871; Made more than 100 flights in his lifetime.
l: Almost died from asphyxiation climbing up the net to patch a hole. ***Epic flight attempt 5 June 1891 in a 4-satellite balloon. Craft was destroyed at its mooring location by strong winds.
r: l'Aerophile-Apr.189??

JOHNSON, Dan Deovies            USA            (1944-1989) K            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+2)            Professional balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 4 Mar.1944 Raleigh, NC;
d: 11 Jun.1989 Raleigh, NC (age 45).
p: Worked 3-years for "Aerial Ascensions" and "The Balloon Plantation."
f: Commercial Balloon license #238685876 issued 7 Nov.1984; 551 total hours at time of death.
l: Lone Wolf; never liked to fly with other balloonists; Considered a good balloonist, but reckless.
m: BFA. ***Epic flight 11 Jun.1989 (w/James J. & Margaret A. Tanahey) from 6 miles East of Raleigh (NC). Launched in marginal weather, in a marginally airworthy balloon, they snagged on a guy wire at the 1000' level of a 2000' TV (WPTF) tower. The basket support cables were sheared, and all aeronauts died of impact injuries. NOTE: The Balloon Plantation (Ron & Mary Brady) were Owners of the Barnes AX-8B (N37141). The balloon had sustained a split envelope previously.
a: 4509 Yadkn Dr; Raleigh, NC 27609.
r: NTSB-Report ATL89FA158; Charlotte (NC) Observer 12 Jun.1989; E.Newman, T.Wright archives.

JOHNSON, John            USA            (1863?1900)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            Professional Balloonist.
b: 1863.
d: Northampton (Akron), OH (Died a pauper).
p: Farmer; active balloonist 1870-80 era.
l: Aeronautics visionary. ***Epic flight 1873 from Akron, OH Fairgrounds in "Summit County." Self-made balloon, grazed a tree and tore on launch. Flight continued to "great height," and plummeted to the ground. Pilot suffered minor injuries; balloon was sold as a haystack cover.
r: Akron newspaper clipping 2 May 1934.

JOHNSON, (Mrs.) (F)            USA            (1790?1850)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.            FIRST American woman to fly solo.
b: 1790 New York, NY;
p: Semi-professional balloonist 1825-28 era.
f: First flight 20 Oct.1825 w/E.ROBERTSON; Flew in Camden, NJ. in 1827; Last recorded flight 27 Oct.1828 from Philadelphia, PA. ***Epic flight 24 Oct.1825 (solo) as from (Castle Gardens) New York City. Landed in a salt marsh and had to be rescued.
r: National Gazette 24 Oct.1828; N.Y.Herald American-24 Oct.1825.

JOHNSON, Raymond            USA            (1935?            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B?.            Sport balloonist (Bio-Data unavailable)
p: Director of Illinois State Division of Aeronautics.
f: First B-Flight 1972.
m: BFA, Pres-1986-87; NAA, Nat.Aviation Council, Nat.Aerospace Education Assoc., Civil Air Patrol, Nat.Assoc of Avia.Officials.
h: Frank G. Brewer Trophy-1995, for 47 years of outstanding contributions to aviation.
r: BL-V1#8/30 (Oct.86).

JOHNSON, Ruby (F)            USA            (1880?1930)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.            Professional balloonist. Wife of balloonist "Reckless."
f: Flew in the Central USA in the early 1900's.
l: Used a coil burner using pressurized kerosene. Burner & balloon parts held in the National Balloon Museum in Indianola, IA.
r: R.Newbaurer.

JOHNSON, William            USA            (1881?1920)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1881.
p: Active family business w/wife & 4-brothers early 1900's
f: First ascent 1903 from Little Falls (Utica), NY; 3-year career. ***Epic flight 8 Aug.1906 from Utica, NY. Ascent was normal, but the second of his double parachute failed to open completely. He landed on railroad tracks, and broke his spine.
r: The (London) Times, 9 Aug.1906.

JOHNSTON, Douglas            USA            #-989 (1896?1970)            (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/CM.            Military balloonist.
b: 18 Jun.1896 St.Joseph, MO.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps 1917-19.
f: Balloon, Airship, & Airplane pilot; FAI-ACA B-License #989 issued 30 Mar.1926.
l: Aide to H. GRAY in US-National B-Race 1926.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

JOHNSTON, T. Douglas            BRITAIN            (1900?1970) (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH.            Sport balloonist (bio-data unknown)
l: Pilot in the 1925 G-Bennett B-Race.

JOLLIFFE, T.R.            ENGLAND            (1800?1850)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.            Sport balloonist, 1825-30 era.
f: Protégé of CORNEILLOT.
***Epic flight 23 Aug.1825 from Sevenoaks. Claimed to have perfect control of balloon altitude (theory was immediately disputed).

JONASSEN, Noah            USA            (1890?1940)            (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.            Professional balloonist.
b: Auckland, New Zealand; Stage name: "Aerial King."
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist & Parachutist, 1905-12 era.
f: Made more than 650 smoke balloon flights in his career; Reported to have "broken every bone in his body, except neck." ***Epic flight 1905 from Gisborne. Balloon burst at 600', and the parachute partially opened. Noah broke both legs on impact.
r: High Adventure: Alexander, T.T.; NAC-1968; BM/Au.74:47.

JONES, Allan C.            USA            (1932-1993) K            (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1).            Sport balloonist (Bio-data unavailable)
Husband of balloonist Kay.
b: 15 Nov.1932 Mississippi;
d: 9 Oct.1993 Albuquerque, NM (age 60).
p: Retired News-Anchor for KGO-TV Station (San Francisco) 1990. Relocated to Albuquerque (NM) 1992.
f: Bought balloon and took flight instruction from Ken O'Connor. FAA B-License issued about 1990 by D.SONNICHSEN.
m: Balloon Federation of America; AAAA. ***Epic flight 9 Oct.1993 (w/Karl Gordon) from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta grounds. Ascent and flight were uneventful. But he contacted 115KVA powerlines on a low approach in 10-12K winds. All suspension cables were burned or cut, and the basket & burner crashed to the ground from 60-75'. Both aeronauts died immediately of their injuries, and the envelope was recovered from a residential neighborhood.
a: Kay: 8333 Comanche NE; #3C; Albuquerque, NM 87110.
r: Albuquerque (NM) Tribune 10 Oct.1993p1; Downwind Chase Oct.93p5; A.Prinz, C.Kalakuka archives; NTSB-Report FTW94FA008.

JONES, Brian                         ENG                 (1947                                 (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-                        Sport Balloonist
b: 27 Mar.1947 Bristol.
s: Royal Air Force 13 years, retired.
f: First B-Flight 1986; License 1989; CAA B-Pilot Examiner; More than 5000 flight hours, 1200 in balloons.
l: Gondola project manager & Copilot of the Breitling Orbiter-3.
a: Erlestroke, Wiltshire.
r: Breitling web site, R.Wertman archives.

JONES, Charles O.            USA            (1870?1908) K            (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/L.            Professional aviator.
f: Balloonist 1890-08; Airplane student of Glen Curtis; Flew airship of own design; Crashed airship on roof 27 Jul.1908. ***Epic flight 5 Jul.1891. Fell from his basket. ***Epic flight 2 Sep.1908 from Portland, ME. Balloon caught fire soon after launch. The pilot died of injuries.

JONES, Ernest la Rue            USA            (1882-1955)            (HP)
b: 14 Aug.1882 Haverstraw, NJ;
d: 1955 Montgomery, AL.
e: Eastman Business College. Resident of New York City.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Signal Corps 1917-21; Reserve Air Force, Aviation historian, Retired Major 1948.
p: Editor of "Aeronautics" monthly magazine 1808-10; Publications manager for Wright-Martin Aircraft Co. 1916-17.
l: Aeronautical Research Engineer and Technical expert; Aero & Auto enthusiast/promoter 1906-death; Founder/publisher of "Aeronautica" magazine 1907-15; Secretary of the "Aero-Congress" 1907; Air exhibits and history collector whole life; Author of "Chronology of Military Aeronautics, 1793-1903" (known as the "Jones Chronology").
m: ACA, Secretary; Aeronautical Society (FM); Aero-Manufacturers Association (FM), first President.
r: NT-8 Jul.1910/2/3; Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

JONES, H.B.            ENGLAND            (1860?1930)            (OB)
See APPENDIX-J/X.            Military balloonist.
p: Officer in British Army, Capt. in 1888; Commander of Balloon Detachment in 1888-89 Boer War; Served under Gen.Methuen in S.Africa as Observation balloonist.
l: Did free balloon training at Aldershot.

JONES, James            USA            (1945? (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-B?.            Sport balloonist (Bio-Data unknown).
p: Chiropractor.
f: First B-Flight 1980.
l: 1984, Placed 3rd in Modern G-Bennett B-Race. ***Epic flight 1983 from Visalia, CA. Participant in "The Great Sierra Balloon Crossing"; crossed Mt.Whitney and Death Valley (highest & lowest points in the Continental USA).

JONES, Luther Edward            USA            (1881-1908) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.            Professional balloonist.
b: 1881 Springfield, IL.
p: Professional balloonist for Mildred Amusement Park;
f: considered an expert, with many successful career ascents. ***Epic flight 7 Jun.1908 from Springfield, L. Rapid launch broke the pilot's safety belt, and catapulted him into the crowd. He died on impact of head injuries.
r: NT-8 Jun.1908/1/4; CT-8 Jun.1908/1/5.

JONES, Raymond            USA            (1870?1894) K            (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.            Professional balloonist.
Resident of Bloomington, IL.
p: Professional balloonist for Mildred Amusement Park;
f: Protégé of t.GREENLEAF and E.FALK; Part of "Flying Baldwin’s" team 1900-05 era. ***Epic Flight 4 Jul.1894 from Joliet, IL. Launched in a strong wind, he was pulled thru 40' trees. Stripped of his clothing, he lost his grip on the trapeze, and fell from considerable height. He broke both arms and legs, and died of internal injuries.
r: Brooklyn Eagle 5 Jul.1894.

JONES, Steve            USA            (1951-            (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO (3)            Sport balloonist.
b: 1951 Beldon, TX.
e: Univ.of Texas, BS-Chemical Engineering.
p: Fiberglass container mfg. 1976; Owner of Con-Tex Balloons; Owner of Thunder-Colt Balloons-USA, 1992.
f: First B-flight 1976 from Albuquerque, NM; FAA B-License issued 1977; Airplane pilot; More than 600 B-Hours by 1991.
l: Competitor in 10 U.S.National Hot-Air Champion- ships; 1980 & 90, U.S.National Hot-Air B-Champion; 1981,83,91, Member of U.S.World Hot-Air B-Team; Won his first (1981) Championship with less than 20 hours in balloons.
m: BFA-Board of Directors.
r: BFA-file.

JONES, Victor Hugo            USA            #-722 (1895-1956)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military aeronaut.
b: 25 Nov.1895 Mankato, MN;
d: 7 Oct.1956 Evanston, IL.
e: University of Wisconsin, EE-1916.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-21 (LTJG); Naval Aviator #881; Served at Hampton Roads & Cape May.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola. FAI-ACA B-License #722 issued 13 Nov.1918.
r: Contact-Profiles p250.

JORDAN, James B.            USA            #-839 (1891?1960)            (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR. Military balloonist.
b: 26 Jan 1891 Bolivar, MO.
e: Army Industrial College, 1930; Harvard, BBA-1932.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Air Force 1920-45.
f: Balloon, Airship, and Airplane pilot; FAI-ACA B-License #839 issued 30 Jul.1919.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; City of Flight p187.

JORDAN, Thomas D.            USA            #-113 (1896?1960)            (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.            Military balloonist.
b: 14 Jun.1896 New York, NY.
e: Stevens Institute of Technology.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Balloon Corps 1917-19; Enlisted as Sergeant 11 Jun.1917, Commissioned 5 Oct.1917; Commander of the First & 15th Balloon Companies.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #113 issued 12 Sep.1917.
r: The Balloon Section.

JOUETT, John Hamilton            USA            #- 61 (1892?1950)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.            Military balloonist.
b: 14 May 1892 Berkley, CA.
d: St.Thomas, BVI (residence).
e: U.S.Military Academy at West Point-1914.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps 1917; Balloon and Airship pilot/Instructor; Director of Airship School at Langley Field, VA; Commander of U.S.Air Service Balloon Units AEF; Outstanding military and aviation career.
p: 1930-32, Aviation Advisor to the Republic of China; 1935-36, Aviation Executive, Standard Oil Company; 1936-38, President of Fairchild Aviation Corporation; 1939-43, President of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce.
f: Original B-Training at Ft.Omaha, NB; FAI-ACA B-License #61 issued 6 Jun.1917; Airplane pilot.
l: Taught Airplane flying to the Chinese 1922-25; considered "The Father of the Chinese Air Force."
m: NAA, Dir.of the Executive Committee, President. ***Epic flight 24 Oct.1917 (w/F.Grant & W. Crehore) from Ft.Omaha, NB. Flight ended in Missouri after covering 82 miles in 90 minutes.
r: The Balloon Section; Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

JOVIS, Paul            FRANCE            (1844-1890)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-T/AG.            Sport balloonist (Bio-Data unknown)
B: 1844;
d: 1890.
f: Very active balloonist in Europe in late 19th century.
m: Zodiac Society (FM), First Director. ***Epic flight 13 Aug.1887 (w/MALLET) from Paris. Flight to an altitude of 7000 meters resulted in his passenger fainting twice.
r: NT-14 Aug.1887/2/7; BM-Fa1968/p6.

JOYGNEREY, Henri            FRANCE            (1850?1920)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-N/U.            Sport balloonist (Bio-Data unknown).
p: Gymnast, Professor of Gymnastics at the Paris National Circus. ***Epic flight 11 Dec.1870 (w/Larmaanjat & Wolfe) from Paris in "General Renault." Flight over enemy lines was marred by a direct hit from a "Krupp Balloon Musket." Aeronauts landed safely near Neufchatel after covering 115 Km. in 3:15.
r: NT-22 Jan.1888/10/1; Balloon Post, Siege of Paris.

JUCHMES, Georges            FRANCE            (1874?1935)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AH/AT.            Sport balloonist .
b: 18 Jul.1874 Paris.
e: Chaptal College.
s: Volunteer, four years service.
f: First B-Flight 1889 from Paris with BESANCON; B-Student at l'Academie d'Aerostation Meteorologique; First B-Solo 14 Jul.1891 (age 17) from Bois-Colombes; Active 1900-10 era; Airship & Airplane pilot.
l: Organizer of In'tl Aviation Exposition at Vincennes; Author of "Constructeur Aeronautique," "Location de Ballons," "Garde & Etretien Materiel."
m: Aero Club of France.
r: l'Aerophile-Feb.1901.
h: French Aero Club Gold Medal (see LeBLANK & C.VAULX). ***Epic flight 19 Sep.1899 from Boulogne-sur-Mer. Crash landed after covering 230Km.in 2hrs.25min. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1899 (w/Herbster) in "Touring Club" to 6867meters. ***Epic flight 30 Sep.1899 (w/RADDISON & Dard) from Paris. Landed in Warburg GER after covering 560Km.in 9hrs. 8min. ***Epic flight 12 Dec.1903 of airship "Le Jaune." Destroyed airship by crashing into trees.
r: Le Monde, 25 Nov.1903; C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

JULHES, F.Emile-Louis            FRANCE            (1855-1895) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/T/U.         Sport balloonist, 1881-95.
b: 12 Mar.1855, Cherbourg;
d: 20 Jul.1895 Paris.
p: Artist.
f: First B-Flight 25 Jun. 1869 (age 14) in a hot-air balloon; Made a B-Flight 1881 from Portugal in a hot-air balloon; Made ten flights in his lifetime; rescued from sea twice.
m: French Society of Aviation.
h: Received National honors for his outstanding bravery in saving many lives in a factory fire. ***Epic flight 12 July 1883 (w/JOVIS) from Marseille. Traversed the Mediterranean Sea for 1250 Km. (see DORIGNY). ***Epic flight 14 July 1885 from Le Harve. Launching in a strong wind, the balloon ruptured at a considerable height. Juhles survived the crash, but died in the hospital 6 days later.
r: l'Aerophile Aug.1895 p121-125.

JULLIEN, Pierre M.            FRANCE            (1810?1870)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/E.         Sport Aeronaut, 1837-55 era.
p: Inventor, mechanical fabricator.
f: First B-Flight 9 Jan.1837 from Paris.
l: Designed & flew a successful working model of a fish-form dirigible "Le Precurseur" in 1851.

JULLIOT, Henri            FRANCE            (185?-1915)            (GB)
See APPENDIX-U.         Professional & Sport balloonist.
f: Made 79 flights by 1904.
b: 1855 Fontainbleau.
e: l'Ecole Central (first in class) 1873.
p: Engineer, mechanic; known as a perfectionist; Balloon maker for Paul & Pierre LEBAUDY 1899.
l: Considered inventor of the (ballonet" (for RENARD & KREBS).
h: La Grande Medaille de L'Aero Club de France-1904.
r: l'Aerophile-1902.

JUNGIUS, Friederich Wilhelm            GERMANY            (1771-1819)            (GB)
p: Professor of Mathematics. Sport balloonist. Resident of Berlin.
f: Made 3 flights in his lifetime: #1= 16 Sep.1805 to 6500 meters from Berlin to Muncheburg, #2= 19 May 1806, and #3= 19 Aug.1810 to 30 miles from Berlin in 1:30.
r: BuA p77.

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