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product reviewer

product reviewer                          japan         (1950?
see appendix-bf                        bio-data unknown
h: 1999 montgolfier diploma for contributions to the sport.

product reviewer         brazil         (1958-                                 (hb)
see appendix-bo.                        professional balloonist.
brother of balloonist.
b: 13 jun.1958 sao paulo.
e: univ.of s.p., civil engineering-1982.
p: professional photographer, b-maker (rubic baloes)-1993.
f: first b-flight 19 mar.1983 w/v.truffi; first b-solo 17 sep.1983 from aguas de sao pedro; brazilian b-license #27 issued 12 jan.1988; more than 270 b-hours by 1990.
m: bfa; club orbis; assoc.ballon brasilairo (fm-1987), treasurer-1988-89.
l: brazilian national champion-1989 & 90; competitor in the world thermal b-championships, japan-1989; luxembourg-1993. ***epic flight 1988 from itu. successfully mapped a forest preserve for the brazilian electric company (cetesb).
r: bio-form-1990; pers.interview.

product reviewer                 japan                 (1960?                                 (hb)
see appendix-ba/bc.                        sport balloonist (bio-data unavailable)
epic flight 13 nov.1988. established a fai-world altitude record of 13897 meters (42358') for ax-7 class. ***epic flight 27 jan.1997 (w/h.takezawa) from calgary can. landed near jordan, mt, est. a new world ax-10 duration of 50:38 encountering a temperature of -26c, and speed of 53 kts. note: balloon was same used by s.ichiyoshi in his record of 41:29.
r: skylines apr.1996 p4; bl-apr.97p44.

product reviewer         france                  (1870?1930)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/at.         sport balloonist 1904-10 era.
b: 2 oct.1870 paris.
p: engineer, ship designer, oil explorer (java & sumatra).
f: first b-flight 1 nov.1904 with j.faure.
l: collaborated on airship "ville de paris."
r: l'aerophile-sep.1907.

product reviewer         finland                  (1940?1978) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b/bo.         sport balloonist. first finnish hot-air b-pilot.
p: schoolmaster.
f: built and flew his own hot-air ax-6 balloon june 1966. ***epic flight oct.1978. flying the balloon he built in 1966, the deflation port came out, and he died on impact. investigation revealed that the accident was the result of material degradation.
r: aerostat-oct.1978, dec.1978, feb.1979.

product reviewer         german          (1900?1944) k                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/au.         sport balloonist.
son of hugo sr.; husband of balloonist marlies.
d: killed in bomber crash in holland 1944.
f: first b-flight 11 apr.1914 with father.
l: flew in g-bennett b-races of 1927, 28, 29, 30, 32, and 34; made many epic balloon flights.
m: bonn, niederrheinscher & wuppertal balloon clubs.
r: fua p79.

product reviewer         german          (1869-1954)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/au.         father of balloonist, hugo jr.
b: 11 apr.1869 elberfeld;
d: 9 jul.1954 wuppertal.
f: german b-license issued 4 oct.1910; danish b-license; new german b-license #9 reissued 10 jun.1951; made 206 gas b-flights in his lifetime.
l: flew in g-bennett b-races of 1913, 27, and 28.
m: niederrheinscher & wuppertal balloon clubs. ***epic flight dec.1913 from bitterfield germany to kirgischan, russia. landed in siberian tundra; took three days by dog sled to get to the nearest village. spent three days in jail, release negotiated on a diplomatic level. 1756 sm. (2800km), in 87 hours, a world distance record).
r: bm-v8#4; nt-12 jun.1954p15 (t); freiballoonfuhrer und anwarter p79.

product reviewer            australia          (1950? )                   (hb)
see appendix-.                 professional balloonist. bio-data unknown.
p: b-designer, manufacturer, and pilot
l: holder of u.s.patent for maneuvering vent system for hot-air balloons, 1996.
r: skylines feb.1997.

product reviewer         canada          (1950? )          (hb/gb)
see appendix-bp.                 sport balloonist. bio-data unknown.
see appendix-bp.                 sport balloonist. bio-data unknown.
f: first b-flight w/horst hassold from augsburg.
l: flew gas balloon cf-xqx 11 may 1969 w/h.hassold.
r: fua p79.

product reviewer            japan                  (1880?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-                 military balloonist. bio-data unknown.
s: officer in the japanese army, captain in 1902.
f: first b-flight w/berliner b-club in 1902.
l: flew gas balloons w/swiss b-clubs in 1904.
r: fua p79.

product reviewer         england          (1760?1810)                  (hp)
p: umbrella dealer; manufacturer of toy balloons, 1784-85; manufacturer of manned balloons, 1784-90.
f: made a tethered ascent 29 sep.1784 with sheldon. ***epic flight attempt aug. 1784 (w/sheldon) in "english" balloon. large hot air balloon was destroyed by fire started by rioting crowd after balloon failed to rise.

product reviewer         germany          (1866?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-au.         sport balloonist.
b: 3 may 1866 kolmar.
s: officer in the german army; observation balloon builder 1894; field artillery battalion chief (regiment 35) 1906; director of military airship construction 1908.
p: german director of wright airplane construction 1909; balloon & airship builder in stralsund-1933.
m: kolner & norddeutscher b-clubs; president of the german federation of aero clubs-1924.
r: fua p80.

product reviewer (f)            usa                  (1923-1964) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b/bi.         sport balloonist.
b: 1923, hartford, cn;
d: 11 jan. 1964, pacific ocean off s.california.
p: cosmetics saleswoman; widowed grandmother.
f: first b-flight (gas) 15 oct.1950 with the b-club of america; made 15 flights in her lifetime; logged 17 hours, 44 minutes.
l: sport parachutist. ***epic flight 11 jan. 1964 from catalina island. barbara was a participant in a b-race (22 miles) to the california mainland. the weather was marginal, with a low overcast sky. most pilots (see appendix-bh) aborted their launch, and four others made water landings after exhausting their fuel, but barbara continued on. the autopsy showed that she had landed in the water, and remained there, for at least 8 hours before dying of pneumonia. planned recovery was thwarted by poor event organization, and inept performance of the chase crew.
a: 412 farmington ave; hartford, ct 06100.
r: nt-20 jan.1964p16:8; bm w-1970p17; n.lamport, d.piccard; d.sonnichsen archives.

product reviewer            usa            #-101 (1895?1960)            (kb/gb)
see appendix-an/ar/aw/cs.         military balloonist.
b: 15 aug.1895 new york mills, ny;
e: yale university, 1920.
s: officer in the u.s. army b-corps 1917-19; enlisted 6 jun.1917; commissioned 3 oct.1917; commanding officer of 11th b-company.
f: received b-training at ft.omaha; served as a b-instructor; fai-aca b-license # 101 issued 5 sep.1917.
r: the b-section.
l: parachuted from kite balloon while under attack, twice in one day.

b: 15 aug.1895 new york mills, ny;
e: yale university, 1920.
s: officer in the u.s. army b-corps 1917-19; enlisted 6 jun.1917; commissioned 3 oct.1917; commanding officer of 11th b-company.
f: received b-training at ft.omaha; served as a b-instructor; fai-aca b-license # 101 issued 5 sep.1917.
r: the b-section.
l: parachuted from kite balloon while under attack, twice in one day.

product reviewer         usa                  (1877?1935)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 sport balloonist.
b: 1875; resident of lebanon, in;
f: student of dennis.
f: first flight attempt 1 may 1896, mother attempted to thwart all flights by calling police; fifth attempt, the balloon burst before launch. ***epic flight 29 may 1896 from lebanon, in. balloon ascended 300' before bursting. pilot released his parachute, which opened 10' above the ground. he was reported as "stunned," but uninjured.
d: inquirer, 30 may 1896.

product reviewer            germany          (1860?1930)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/au/ch.          (bio-data unknown)
m: augsburger, kolner, niederrheinischer, and oberrheinischer balloon clubs.
p: airship & balloon pilot.
l: participant (w/brockelmann) in 1909 g-bennett b-race.
r: fua p80.

product reviewer         usa #-1083 (1904?1980)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ah/ai/ar.         military balloonist.
b: 17 jul.1904 baltimore, md.
e: u.s.naval academy, 1928.
s: officer in the u.s.navy; balloon & airship instructor; lt.commander, commander of airship squadron zp12 in 1941; executive officer of uss-shaw, 1943;
f: received b-training at lakehurst naval air station; fai-aca b-license #1083 issued 27 jul.1934; more than 1525 lta hours by 1933; last lta duty 1944.
l: 1933, aide (to t.settle) in g-bennett b-race; 1934, winner of u.s.national b-races; 1934, placed 12th in g-bennett b-race.
r: who's who in aviation 1942-43; the airship 29 dec.1943p3.

product reviewer            usa            #-784 (1886-1965)                  (gb)
see appendix-an/ar.          military balloonist.
b: 10 july 1886, chicago, il;
d: 21 mar.1965 aurora, il.
e: university of wisconsin, bsce-1908.
s: officer in u.s. army, 1917-44, retired 1944 lt.colonel; b-instructor at ft.omaha, nb; commander of b-detachment at ft.sill, ok. 3 july 1918; commander of scott field (il) airship station 1920-22; army observer at the zeppelin works in germany 1922-24; u.s. representative for german airship zr-3; chief of army lta, dayton (oh) 1924-27; outstanding military aviation career.
f: accomplished airplane pilot prior to 1911; one of first five men to volunteer for airplane flight training in the u.s. army up to 1911. fai-airplane license #97; b-training 1917, fai-aca b-license #784 issued 5 mar.1919; airship pilot training at pensacola (fl) 1919.
h: order of the crown of italy; american legion medal.
m: early birds; rotary; f&am; many country clubs.
a: residence of record was hinckley, il; had homes in dc & ca.
r: nt-22 mar.1965/23/4; who's who in aviation 1942-43.

product reviewer            usa         #-278 (1895?1965)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
b: 8 may 1895, chicago, il;
f: fai-aca airship license #34.
f: fai-aca b-license #278 issued 2 jan.1918.
r: aca-archives.

product reviewer            usa                  (1944-                  (hb)
see appendix-bk/bo.         professional balloonist.
b: 27 nov.1944.
e: cal state college-northridge.
f: first b-flight 1973 with g.stokes; don davis was instructor; first b-solo 1974 perris, ca; more than 1400 b-hours by 1986.
l: 1983, u.s. national thermal b-champion; 1983, north american b-champion, battle creek, mi; 1984, north american b-champion, grand prairie, alb; 1993, placed 2nd in world thermal b-championships.
r: bio-data-1986.
a: 24800 piuma rd; malibu, ca 90265.

product reviewer            usa         #-1009 (1893-1982)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ai/ap/ar.         military strato balloonist.
b: 6 jan.1893, miami, in;
d: 1982.
e: private tutor; received high school diploma, 1956 from kokomo indiana.
p: enlisted in u.s. marines 1909; officer in u.s. army, 1917; experimental test pilot for air-corps lta section; test pilot of airship zmc-2 (tc-2) 27 apr.1933; flew as observer on airships los angeles, shenandoah, and roma; commanding general of 8th air force 1943-45; retired lt.gen. 1949 (40 year military career).
f: grad. ross field b-school 1921; langley airship school 1922; airplane pilot; more than 6000 hours in his lifetime; last recorded b-flight 10 july 1935 to 60,613' (see app-ap).
l: 1927, placed 3rd in the u.s.national b-race; 1928, winner of the u.s.national b-race; 1928, winner of the g-bennett b-race; 1929, placed 2nd in the g-bennett b-race; expert on the atomic bomb.
h: distinguished service cross; dist.flying cross; legion of honor; croix de guerre.
m: naa; nat.geographic society; american legion; f&am. ***epic flight 28 jul.1934 (w/anderson & stevens) from the strato-bowl, sd in "explorer-i. altitude flight to 28,934', was sponsored by the national geographic society. pilots had to bail out on descent as the balloon burst at 4000'.

product reviewer            usa            (1925-1998)            (hb/gb)
see appendix-ad/bd/bh/bi/bk. sport balloonist; father of balloonist, stephen.
b: 10 may 1925, ft dodge, io.
d: 7 feb.1998.
e: univ. of notre dame, ba 1948; drake univ., jd 1955.
s: u.s. air force. 1948-52.
p: lawyer.
f: first b-flight 24 july 1965 with d.piccard; first b-solo 29 july 1965 (merope); faa b-license 29 july 1965; 460 hours in balloons by 1981. sport parachutist; also pilot of single & multi-engine airplanes, gliders.
m: bfa-life member, president 1969-71 & 1975-77; v.p.1967-69; board of directors 1967-73, 1975-78; quiet birdman; fia/cia rep. for usa/bfa 1970,71,72, 76,77.
l: 1965 & 1966, competitor in u.s.national b-races; 1967, incorporated bfa with new constitution; 1968, winner of indianapolis b-race; 1970, co-pilot (w/yost) at st. niklaas, belgium gas b-race; 1970, winner of columbus 7-up b-race; 1970 thru 1980, competitor us-nat. b-races; 1971, co-pilot (w/? ) at tilburg, holland gas b-race; 1971, secured fai/cia approval for first in'tl. hot-air b-championship (1973, albuquerque,nm); 1972, co-pilot at swiss high-alpine b-week; 1973, judge at world hot-air b-championships, albuquerque, nm; 1974, founded all-iowa b-rally, ft. dodge, iowa; 1975, judge at world hot-air b-championships, albuq, nm; 1977, chief judge at world hot-air b-championships, york, eng. ***epic flight 15 may 1968 from the indianapolis indiana speedway. launch in high winds resulted in collision with an outhouse occupied by two irate women. resulted in first lawsuit against a balloonist for "loss of honor." ***epic flight 13 sep. 1977 from castle howard, york, england; with world premier balloonist, charles dollfus on his last flight.

product reviewer         germany          (1890?1960)          (ob/gb)
s: officer in the german army, lt. in 14th artillery 1917; combat military observation balloonist. ***epic flight 28 oct.1916 (17?)from pt.faverger (france). his kite balloon broke loose in a storm. pilot jumped, but his parachute tangled in the rip line. he landed near thuizy, 50 miles behind french lines and was captured. the balloon was re-inflated and thourghly tested, before it was deemed "inferior" and discarded. (see g.hinman & r.tait for a similar flight over axis lines).
r: the balloonatics p115; u.hohmann archives.

product reviewer         usa                  (1925?                  (hp)
see appendis-bs.                 strato-balloon specialist.
e: georgetown university 1949-50, pre law; univ.of minn. ee-1959.
p: b-flight operations manager for general mills, inc; b-flight supervisor for raven industries, 1965; launch controller of high-altitude research strato-balloons; field operations supervisor; scientific liaison; most experienced b-launch manager in usa by 1975; more than 1050 from usa, and 300 from 4 foreign countries.
f: caa/faa b-license; early b-history unknown.
l: 1962, participated in st.paul b-race; 1963, site manager of palestine (tx) atmos.b-research station; 1977, crew chief for t.gatch on his fatal flight.
r: raven industries archives.

product reviewer (f)            usa                  (1870?1830)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 professional balloonist.
f: usually flew with a monkey (yan-yan gin) on her shoulder; normally ascended with two trapezes doing acrobatics; reportedly ascended with a dog on 1 dec.1894 from yuma, az.; last recorded ascent sioux falls, sd 1896; made 150 ascents (newspapers reported 200 & 500) in her career. ***epic flight 6 may 1893 from sausalito, ca. launched in a strong wind, her parachute became impaled on a ship (ss j.b.walker) mast. she was rescued by one of the ground crew after much difficulty. ***epic flight 10 jun.1894 from la jolla, ca. rescued from 300 yards offshore, clinging to her life preserver.
r: s.f.chronicle 5 jun.1893; yuma oasis-6 dec.1894; sioux falls argus-leader-1896.

product reviewer         japan                  (1900?1970)                  (hp)
p: officer in japanese navy, rear adm. in 1944. invented the super-pressure envelope (for altitude control) on fogos balloon-bombing project of 1944-45. (see tada/ takada)

product reviewer         china                  (ad215-282)                  (hp)
made an unsubstantiated flight in honan, china about ad 280; emperor reportedly ordered the balloon destroyed to prevent its existence known to the chinese people. picture of device appears in 14th century book (history of ancient emperors) kept in the cambridge university library.

product reviewer         britain        #*56         (1895?1970)                         (gb)
see appendix-as.                        military aeronaut.
middle names campbell-corning.
s: officer in the british rnas, balloon & airship pilot.
f: early flight training at wormwood-scrubbs; balloon (#56) & airship licenses issued 13 dec.1915. ***epic flight 12 dec.1917 from pulham in airship c26. flight was to search for his downed comrades in c27; gray's ship ran out of fuel and he drifted across the north sea to holland where he was interned until the end of the war.
r: g.meagar archives.

product reviewer                         usa                         (1900?1980)                         (hp)
see appendix-bs.                         historic person.
p: professor of physics; president of the massachusetts institute of technology (mit, boston).
l: technical leader of the "moby dick project" in the 1950's era; pioneer of high altitude photo reconnaissance by balloons. worked with dr. stark draper, considered the production genius.

product reviewer         spain                  (1880-1962)          (gb)
see appendix-ah/av.         military balloonist.
b: 1880 santiago, cuba;
d: 13 dec.1962 spain.
p: officer in spanish air force; chief of spanish air force (nationalist, under franco) in 1937; considered responsible for aerial massacre of partisans with airplanes in 1937 (see e.herrera); ret. general 1945.
f: learned ballooning at the military academy at guadalajara; early flight history unknown.
l: 1905-10, avid sport balloonist and airplane pilot; 1906, crossed the english channel in g-bennett b-race; co-builder (w/quevedo) of spain抯 first airship "espana." ***epic flight 1903 from madrid. altitude flight to 5100 meters. ***epic flight 27 oct.1905 from madrid to portugal. 500km/29:30. ***epic flight 26 aug.1907 from valencia (spain). he landed in the water, and swam for 2-hours before rescue by a passing ship.
r: the memoirs of emilio herrera; star, evening news 28 aug.1907; bf-feb.1963p4 (t).

product reviewer                 usa                         (1900-1972)                         (hp)
b: 1900 germany.
d: 7 nov.1972 wadsworth, oh. u.s. citizenship 1952.
s: technical aviation expert for the german air force 1935-45.
p: designer for the zeppelin works; goodyear engineer, designer of the "v-balloons."
r: bf-j/f 1973p9.

product reviewer         usa                 #-587 (1894-1959)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military aeronaut.
b: 14 nov.1894 e.orange, nj;
d: 7 jan.1959 montclair, nj.
e: cornell university, bs-1917.
s: officer in the u.s.navy 1917-21; naval aviator #1408; served at nas-cape may, nas-montauk, & nas-key west.
p: president of king container corporation.
f: balloon & airship training at akron & nas-rockaway; fai-aca b-license #587 issued 10 apr.1918.
r: contact-profiles p371.

product reviewer (f)            britain          (1872?1930)                  (gb)
b: 1872 edmonds.                 professional balloonist 1892-96 era.
f: partner with lempriere (pilot), she was the parachutist. ***epic flight 16 jun.1895 (w/lempriere) from glasgow. her parachute came loose from the balloon, and fell below her. she had to jump from her seat to miss becoming entangled in the chute. ***epic flight 13 nov.1900 from glasgow scotland. details unknown.
r: pya-scrapbook.

product reviewer         usa                  (1828-1914)                  (gb)
see appendix-s/t/af.         professional balloonist, 1851-81 era.
father of balloonist frank k.
b: 9 apr.1828, tirricum, pa;
d: 3 nov.1914 philadelphia, pa.
p: circus performer for p.t. barnham in 1875; photographer, chemist, in later years.
s: observation balloonist for union army, 1861.
f: first flight 25 sep.1851 from philadelphia, pa; last recorded flight as pilot 13 oct.1881; made his 202nd ascent in nashville 1887; first airplane ride 1910 (w/c.g. white) at age 82; last balloon flight 27 jun.1908 at age 81, his 453rd ascent; active 63 years.
l: 1905, built and flew "ben franklin" (92000 cu.ft.); 1907, rejected from g-bennett b-race because of age; made extensive plans to cross the atlantic by balloon;
m: founding member of the philadelphia b-club 1908. ***epic first flight 25 sep. 1851 from philadelphia, pa. landed in telegraph lines with a partially inflated balloon. ***epic flight 13 oct.1860 (w/black) from boston, ma. black is credited with taking the first aerial photographs in the usa. ***epic flight 4 aug. 1875 from texas to burlington, iowa. ***epic flight 18 june 1877 (w/lillard) from nashville, tn in "buffalo" balloon (100,000 c.f.). landed in gallatin, tn after a one hour flight. credited with using the first "adhesive" air mail postage stamp (unofficial, 300 privately printed). see clayton1835. ***epic flight 4 jul.1883 (w/judge william fuller, walter davis, and rose kennedy) from cleveland, oh. flight was a wedding ceremony performed aloft. all aeronauts were safe after a high wind landing near salem st., oh. epic flight 26 oct.1907 (w/eldridge, grain, himmerman, longacre, rech, meyer) from philadelphia, pa in "ben franklin." flight was in the last balloon built by king.
r: nt-27 oct.1907/1/2.
r: the aeronaut 2 oct.1873; nt-5 jul.1883/2/3; ny-public ledger, 4 aug.1907; first century of flight in america; the buffalo b-mail.

product reviewer            usa         #- 52 (1870?1944)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ai/ar.         sport balloonist. resident of new york city.
b: 1874 boston, ma;
d: 15 jul.1944 new york city.
e: n.y. university; bellview medical school, 1897; post-graduate studies in paris and london.
p: doctor of medicine, pathologist, dermatologist; professor of dermatology, polytechnic medical school; director of dermatology at new york mid-town hospital.
s: u.s. army national guard, 1915-20; aef medical officer.
f: fai-aca b-license #52 issued 1915.
l: flew in many national and international balloon events.
m: aca, chairman of b-committee; society of military officers; early birds; american inst. of aero engineers; mason/shriner; many professional societies.
r: nt-16 jul.1944/32/3 (t).

product reviewer            usa         #-494 (1896?1970)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar/cu.         military balloonist.
s: officer in the u.s.army b-corps; enlisted 26 oct.1917; commander of the 63rd & 68th b-companies.
f: fai-aca b-license #494 issued 20 mar.1918; balloon and rigging instructor at ft.omaha 1918-19; received b-training feb-mar.1917 at ft.sill, texas.
m: missouri aeronautical society.
r: the b-pilot souvenir.

product reviewer            usa                  (1923-                   (hb/gb)
balloonist extraordinaire. founder of "kinsinger trophy" for world (hb) balloon championships.
b: 5 aug.1923 chicago, il.
e: stanford univ., ab-1947, ma-1951; columbia univ.,edd-1953; simpson college, lld/lhd-1977.
s: u.s.navy 3.5 years.
p: executive; kellog foundation trustee; restaurant owner.
f: first b-flight 17 may 1972 with b.comstock; first b-solo 30 jul.1972 from ann arbor, mi; b-license # 2200718 issued 3 may 1974; hot-air airship pilot; more than 339 b-hours (2 gas flights) by 1986.
l: 1948, u.s. delegate to united nations general assembly; 1966-70, program director for "w.k.kellog foundation"; 1977, established "kinsinger b-trophy"; author of many health publications.
m: bfa; numerous other health related organizations; battle creek country club.
h: man of the year, 1971-nat.council of community service; society honors, amer.soc.of allied health professions.
r: who's who in america, 1984-85, v1/p1788-9; bio-data form feb-86.

product reviewer         belgium          (1900?1970)                  (hp)
see appendix-k/aa/ap/bf.         scientific balloonist.
b: switzerland; (still alive 1979) nationality sometimes listed as swiss.
p: engineer, university professor. ***epic flight 27 may 1931 (see a.piccard) from augsburg germany. first persons to return safely from the stratosphere (51,775').

product reviewer         usa                         (1970-2002)                         (hb)
sport balloonist, union organizer. organized & participated in many charity b-events, survived a serious balloon accident in 1994 while flying bottle shaped balloon (early times, 300?high) into louisville powerlines. resident of shelbyville, ky. died 25 jan., 2002 of suicide after robbing a bank and shooting at police officers.
r: sentinel-news; readers digest, family circle.

product reviewer         usa                  (1810?1860)                  (gb)
see appendix-s.         sport balloonist. resident of baltimore, md.
name sometimes spelled "kirby" in the press.
f: made four recorded flight attempts: #1 27 nov.1834 from cincinnati, oh (unsuccessful); #2 25 dec.1834 from cincinnati, oh; #3 7 mar.1835 from louisville, ky. ***epic flight 13 apr.1835 from louisville, ky. flight lasted 45 minutes, ending with a high impact landing. instruments were destroyed, and balloon was carried off in a gust of wind.
r: louisville (ky) literary gazette 9 mar.1835; cincinnati historical society bulletin v28#2 (sum-1970).

product reviewer         france                  (1820?1870)          (sm/gb)
p: professional balloonist (smoke & gas), 1840-50 era. ***epic flight 16 july 1844 ?43? (see j.guerin) from nantes. anchor caught on the childs trousers, and carried him aloft.

product reviewer            usa                  (1928-          (hb/gb/sb)
see appendix-i/c/ap/ax/bj/bn/bq/bs/by.            aeronaut extroardinaire.
b: 1928 orlando, fl.
s: officer in the u.s.air force 1950-75, ret-captain 1978; survival equipment tester (space suits & parachutes); flew 483 combat missions as fighter pilot; spent 11-months as a n.vietnamese prisoner of war, 1972-73.
f: airplane pilot since 1949; first gb-flight 1955 (hb-1964); more than 8600 flight hours (all aircraft) by 1981.
l: 1983, established an fai-distance record (2001 mi.) for aa-5. 1979-85, participated in almost all modern g-bennett b-races. ***epic series of flights 1955-65. participated in high-altitude projects: man high to 96,000', excelsior--1 to 76,000', stargazer to 86,000', excelsior-2 to 75,000', excelsior-3 to 102,000' (made 5-strato flights. ***epic flight 16 jul.1960 from alamogordo, nm. made a successful parachute jump from 102,800' (19.3sm). free-fell for 4.5 minutes at a velocity exceeding 600 mph. (project excelsior), equipment on display at air force museum in dayton, oh. ***epic flight july 1982 from st.louis mo. landed in quebec can after covering 1348 miles in 44 hours. established fai-distance record for 1000 cubic meter class. ***epic flight apr.1982 (w/knapp) from fountain valley, ca. won the modern g-bennett b-race after placing 2nd the 3-previous years. ***epic flight nov.1983 from las vegas, nv. landed in new york after covering more than 2000 miles. ***epic flight 15 sep.1984 (solo) from caribou, me in "rosie o'grady." landed near cairo-montenotte ita after covering 3544sm. (5703km.) in 84:00 hours. suffered a broken ankle on landing. ***epic flight 15 sep.1985 (w/r.snow) from palm springs, ca in "rosie o'grady." winner of the modern g-bennett b-race for the third consecutive time. retired the perpetual trophy.
r: bio-data 1984; t.heinsheimer; pn-oct.84/8/1.

product reviewer            usa         #-1000 (1898?1960)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar/ai.         sport balloonist.
b: 29 dec.1898 sebastopol (russia).
e: polytechnic university, naval arch.& marine engineering; mass. institute of technology 1923.
s: engineering corps of russian army 1916-17.
p: aircraft stress analysist, lta & hta projects; worked for the "metalclad airship corp"; university lecturer on aircraft stress & structures.
f: b-flight training at the detroit aero club; fai-aca b-license #1000 issued 5 feb.1927; airship pilot.
l: participated in all u.s.national b-races 1927-30; wrote many technical articles on aviation. ***epic flights to numerous to mention.
r: who's who in aviation 1942-43.

product reviewer         usa                 #-912 (1898-1971)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 sport balloonist.
b: 10 jan.1898 crawley, la;
d: 1971 stockton, ca.
s: officer in the u.s.navy lta-section; airship & balloon pilot & instructor.
p: organic chemist; sugar beet specialist.
f: first b-flight 13 dec.1920 from goodyear-akron; fai-aca b-license #912 issued 5 feb.1921; received navy airship training at goodyear-akron. ***epic flight jul.1920 over jamaica bay, ny in an airship (c-10); airship crashed in view of the "american cup yacht race. ***epic flight 1918 over milford, ct. balloon snagged on a tree and was destroyed. ***epic flight 13 dec.1920 (w/s.farrell, & walter hinton, famous airplane pilot) from rockaway (naval air station), ny in"a-5598." flight ended after 24:20 by crashing in the dense forests of upper canada. they had covered 825 harrowing miles, partly in a thunderstorm, only to be lost for 3 days before rescue by an indian. the real ordeal was the 14 day walk thru ice & snow, returning to civilization.
r: n.y.world 9 jan.1921; bl-jun.1988/9.

product reviewer (f)            france          (1870?1920)                  (gb)
married name: mme. issac roberts.
e: doctorate in mathematics.
p: astronomer, paris observatory. ***epic flight (pre-1900) to photograph a comet.
r: daily express (eng) 11 nov.1900p6.

product reviewer            usa #- 31 (1876-1960)            (sm/gb)
see appendix-s/af/an/ar.         aeronaut extraordinaire.
b: 15 july 1876, lancaster, oh;
d: 6 mar.1960, arcadia, ca. son of a newspaper editor, resident of toledo, oh.
e: toledo public schools. p: gen.manager for both wright, & martin airplane companies; mechanic/machinist, inventor; worked for t.s. baldwin; professional balloon, airship, & airplane pilot; stage name "don carlos."
f: witnessed first b-ascent 1880 as a small boy; first b-solo 1899 in a gas balloon purchased from baldwin; flew airships 1904-17; airplanes 1908-40.
l: 1904, first to fly a powered airship in the usa (25 oct., see a.santos-dumont); 1908, flew t. roosevelt in a blimp; 1910, first to race a blimp; 1910, started a blimp passenger service in los angeles, ca; flew 129-pax in 30 consecutive days in airship "pasadena." ***epic flight 1900 from toledo, oh. low flying balloon became impaled on a barn lightning rod and deflated. impact threw roy out of the basket, into a pile of horse manure. ***epic flight 27 oct. 1904 from st.louis (exposition), mo. flight in an airship was interrupted when the engine quit. roy flew it as a balloon, crossed the city and mississippi river, landed in illinois. ***epic flight 6 aug.1906 (w/j.p.thomas) from new york city. he fell from the basket near brant rock, ma.
r: n.y.american 7 aug.06.
r: st.louis star, 26 oct, 28 oct.1904; the delineator-may 1909/p700; nt-7 mar.1960 p29 (t).

product reviewer         usa                  (1870?1920)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 professional balloonist.
***epic flight 7 sep.1897 from lima, oh. balloon burst at 200' and fell into a telegraph line. pilot was knocked unconscious, but recovered.

product reviewer         austria                  (1870?1920)                  (gb)
***epic flight 17 oct.1902 (w/prof.valentin, from the vienna meteorological institute) in "jupiter." the flight went to 6800m for 3:30, and landed safely at pelvas.
r: pya-scrapbook.

product reviewer         britain                  (1860?1920)                  (gb)
p: doctor of medicine.                 scientific balloonist.
f: experienced balloonist by 1903.
l: did physiological studies from balloons.
r: daily mail 4 jun.1903; pya-scrapbook.

product reviewer            usa         #-1050 (1905?1970)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 sport aeronaut.
b: 2 apr.1905 n.bedford, ma; still alive 1985.
e: mass.institute of technology, bs-1927.
p: 1927-30, consultant to zeppelin transport company; 1930-33, assistant engineer; 1934-36 development engineer; 1934-36, goodyear-zeppelin corp. representative in washington, dc; 1936-40, manager of customer engineering; 1941-61, sales manager; 1963, president of goodyear aerospace.
f: b-flight training with goodyear, 1927-33; first b-flight oct.1927 from cleveland (oh) w/v.orman & k.lange; fai-aca b-license #1050 issued 24 jun.1930; first airship flight 15 oct.1927; student of c.wollam, j.boettner, & v.smith; fai-aca a-license # ? issued 22 jul.1930; airplane license #224875 issued 3 oct.1945.
l: amassed considerable collection of lta memorabilia.
m: fellow of the institute of applied sciences; cosmos club.
h: honorary doctorate, 1963-univ.of akron.
a: 255 n.portage path; akron, oh 44303; 216/864-1943; ret.to florida 1985.
r: who's who in aviation 1942-43; telcon-jul.88.

product reviewer            poland          (1900?1941)                  (gb)
military & sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown).
s: officer in the polish air force; killed in the katyn forest massacre of 1941.
l: 1937, aide (to z.burzynski) in the g. bennett b-race (8th place);1938, placed fifth in the g.bennett b-race.
r: a.janusz mar.1991.

product reviewer         usa                 #- 80 (1889?1960)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military aeronaut.
b: 27 sep.1889 st.louis, mo.
e: washington university, st.louis.
s: officer in the u.s.army b-corps, and air force; enlisted 28 jul.1917; commissioned 7 nov.1917; commander of "b" company, 4th b-squadron; outstanding military aviation career.
f: b-flight training w/missouri aero society sep-oct.1917; fai-aca b-license #80 issued 7 nov.1917; airship pilot 1922; airplane pilot 1929.
r: the balloon section; who's who in aviation 1942-43.

product reviewer         germany          (1890?1910) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b/au.         sport balloonist.
***epic flight 29 dec.1910 (w/keidel) from berlin in "hildebrandt." balloon landed in a s.pomerania lake; both aeronauts froze to death, and were not found until spring.

product reviewer                 n.zealand                 (1962?1995                         (hb)
see appendix-b                        professional balloonist.
p: pilot for up, up & away (partnership w/chris ridge). ***epic flight 19 oct.1995 (w/8-pax) from hagley park (christchurch), nz. a weather front had passed through the area earlier in the morning, but conditions looked favorable at launch. soon after launch, a squall forced the flight over the waimaira beach, and ditched 1000 yards offshore. three passengers (yumi ikeoka, yoshiykuki hashimoto, and a tourist from taiwan) died of hypothermia before a fishing boat arrived to rescue them. peter & mika kollar, a.aida, h.hormi, h.sekiguchi, and h.hashimoto survived.
r: bl-nov.95p9; gasbag journal dec95p12; skylines sep.96.

product reviewer         japan                  (1908-1975)                  (gb)
see appendix-c.                 military balloonist.
son of famous aeronaut (father learned to fly in san diego usa, received an american fai-airplane license)
b: 1908;
d: 29 dec.1975 tokyo.
s: officer in the imperial japanese army 1930-45; meteorologist & spy in manchuria 1938-42; used balloons to return massages to japanese territory; commander of "black leopard" commando unit, manchuria-1945; used balloon to infiltrate russia at night.
p: manager of japans atomic energy research institute, ret.1965.
l: 1966, reviver of sport "jumping-balloons" in japan; 1972, founder and editor of "buoyant flight japan" magazine.
h: holder of jumping balloon patent in japan 1968.
r: taro yoshihashi report; bf-v15 #11 p2, v15 #4 p5; nt-5 may 1912 (p4)8/6; lets enjoy the air with jumping balloons.

product reviewer         germany          (1880?1930)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/au/ch.         sport balloonist 1900-10 era.
son of a publisher; inherited $22 million in 1907.
p: doctor; resident of berlin; salesman in later life.
f: made many adventurous and epic flights.
l: participant in 1912 g-bennett b-race.
m: sachsischer, vogtlandischer, bitterfeld & chemnitzer b-clubs; kaiserlicher aero-club. ***epic flight 9 feb.1914 (w/ 2-pax) from bitterfield. balloon landed in krasno-ufimsk russia after covering 1738 miles in 4-days. world distance record beat rumplemyer's 1492 mi. flight of mar.1912.
r: fua p86.

product reviewer         austria                  (1870?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-av/ck.                        military balloonist.
s: officer in the austrian army; commander of military ballooning department 1903.
f: made 3000 ascents (150 considered "voyages"). ***epic flight summer 1903 covering a distance of 700 km. ***epic flight jun.1904. landed between two buildings in vienna and had to be rescued.
r: n.y.herald 13 jun.1904. ***epic flight may1906 (w/prince jaime). crossed the english channel. ***epic flight 3 jun.1906 on a tran baltic attempt. was blown over the atlantic ocean, but landed safely in france.
r: daily express 21 may 1906; n.y.american 4 jun.1906; aeronautical journal jul.1906.

product reviewer         russia                  (1850?1900)                  (gb)
s: captain in the russian army.
p: balloonist, adventurer, and inventor.
f: received balloon training at meudon (french military academy).
l: attempted to build an 80' x 200' airship powered by 16 men and a 50 hp. engine.
r: nt-17 oct.1884/4/7.

product reviewer            usa                  (1958-1980) k                  (hb)
see appendix-b (+1?)         professional balloonist.
b: 17 mar.1958 worthington, oh;
d: 17 oct.1980 dublin, oh.
e: graduate of "alternate" high school.
p: founder/manager of "balloon service organization"; a partnership in a balloon with his father; president of louis airship company; galena, oh; owned/displayed a 12' scale model of a rigid airship.
f: early b-training unknown; instructor e.ingwerson (?); faa student b-license at age 14; commercial license date unk. nine years experience, total b-hours unknown.
m: founding member of ohio's first hot-air b-rally (7-up); known to have brought a bicycle strapped to his basket, to return with a vehicle to recover his balloon.
m: lta-society; bfa; abac (fm). ***epic flight 17 oct.1981 (w/j.& s.williams) from delaware, oh. balloon collided with a rooftop on landing near dublin, oh. burner control was lost as balloon was caught in a thermal, and contacted 8700 volt power lines. the basket fell 30' to the ground; louis was electrocuted, but the passengers survived with minor scratches. (spectator reportedly killed also?)
a: family resides in columbus area 1991.
r: faa-accident report; aerostation, v8#4 (wi.82); c.franz, d.o'brian archives.

product reviewer            russia          (1870?1930)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/av.         military balloonist.
member of the russian aristocracy.
s: officer in the russian army 1890-1910; chief of the balloon corps 1900; had two capable assistants: ryjatscheff & pormortzeff; general lieutanent in 1902.
l: made many scientific balloon flights.
m: augsburger, kolner, & frankfurter b-clubs; kaiserlicher aero-club.
r: pya-scrapbook; fua p87.
start k4 (13986)

product reviewer            usa         #-973 (1888-1960)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 professional aeronaut. resident of akron, oh.
b: 11 apr.1888 akron, oh;
d: 21 mar.1960 akron, oh.
p: goodyear balloon & airship pilot 1917-28; general tire company chief experimental engineer.
f: received b-training at wingfoot lake 1924-25 era; fai-aca b-license #973 issued 24 feb.1925; airship #37.
l: holder of 240 aeronautical & machine patents; credited with inventing the "iron lung" for polio therapy; credited with first internal suspension of airships.
r: nt-22 mar.1960/37/3; aviation mag.11 jul.1921p47.

product reviewer         switzerland          (1914-1982) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b/bf/bj/bm.         sport balloonist. husband of balloonist, margrat.
b: 4 apr.1914 jahrgang;
d: 1 july 1982, jungfrau massif.
p: civil engineer (bridges & dams).
f: first b-flight 1962 with fred dolder; swiss b-license # 124 issued 12 nov.1962; more than 800 b-hours (390 gas-starts) by 1982.
l: considered an expert on alps crossings, crossed the alps 63 times in 20 years (greatest number of alps crossings ever); 1962-82, participant in 19 consecutive "high alpine" weeks; participant in many usa & european gas balloon events; author of textbook on flying gas balloons.
m: founding member of rapperswill balloon club.
h: winner of "grand schilthorn" award three times. ***epic flight 1 july 1982 (w/wife +2-pax) from murren, switzerland in "tablerone" (1600cm). climbed to 15000' in 4-minutes, and was followed by a photographer in a helicopter. balloon was caught in a downdraft crossing the mountains, and impacted against the side of a 1000'cliff. net & basket separated from the balloon and all aeronauts died on impact onto kranzberg massif (3650m).

product reviewer         france                  (1850?1910)                  (gb)
see appendix-e.                 military balloonist. bio-data unknown.
p: engineer; commander of the paris fire department.
s: officer in the french army.
f: accomplished balloonist.
l: co-inventor (w/renard) of first successful dirigible-balloon (electric powered) "la france" on 9 aug.1884. flew 7.5 km. ***epic flight 10 jul.1909 (w/moltke) from copenhagen (den). crossed the baltic sea in 10 hours.
r: nt-13 jul.1909; fua p88.

product reviewer            russia          (1710?1750)                  (hb)
see appendix-f.                 sport balloonist.
p: member of the military governor抯 staff; sub-deacon in russian orthodox church, 1730-50. ***epic flight 17 nov. 1731 from the town square of ryazan (south of moscow). balloon was made of ox-hides, and filled with "an evil-smelling smoke"," with the pilot suspended in a harness below. his flight ended by getting tangled in church bell-tower rope, scaring the superstitious peasants. they proceeded to beat him unmercifully for imitating the devil. he had to flee the district for his life, and disappeared from history.
r: manuscript of s.milailovich, russian archives; bm-.

product reviewer            usa            (1937?            (hb/gb)
see appendix-bj/bn/br/bx/by.         professional aeronaut. bio-data unknown.
resident of perris, ca.
p: airline pilot; professional balloonist; owner/operator of scorpion balloon productions.
f: faa-gold seal flight instructor with more than 300 students; faa-designated b-pilot examiner.
l: 1979-85, participant in modern g-bennett b-races.

product reviewer         usa                  (1937-2002)                  (sm/hb)
see appendix-l/bh/bi/bk/br/bx.         sport balloonist.
b: 23 feb. 1937, indianapolis, in.
e: purdue univ., me 1959.
p: sales engineer, semi-prof.balloonist.
f: first b-flight 12 jan. 1969 with dave thiel; first b-solo 24 mar. 1969; faa b-license 1969; first smoke-balloon flight/jump 1970; sport parachutist.
l: historian/preservationist of the ancient art of smoke-ballooning. has done extensive research on the subject and actively participates in demonstrations; 1969-1975 participant in us-nat. b-races.
m: bfa-life member since 1970, treasurer 1970-73.
h: bfa-lead balloon award, 1969. ***epic flight 16 nov.1969 (w/pavey) from indianapolis, in. flight of 40 minutes ended unglamorously impaled on a tree. balloon suffered considerable damage, but only injured the pilot's ego. ***epic flight 12 jul.1975 indianapolis, in, in "banana" to 31600'. ***epic flight 15 aug.1993 from luxembourg in a smoke balloon. parachute collapsed on release, but miraculously popped open just as his feet landed on a tent roof.
r: bio-data-1983; bm-j/f-1977/22/3 (sm); pers. interview.

product reviewer                 germany          (1870?1920)                  (gb)
s: officer in the german army b-corps. ***epic flight jul.1901 (w/zeller & pronay) from the military aero institute. launched in a strong wind, they traveled 280 km. in less than 3 hours. attempting to land near dorfsetten, they crashed into a house. pronay suffered severe injuries and had to have his leg amputated. zeller had 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung. kriz had only minor cuts and bruises.
r: pya-scrapbook.

product reviewer         germany          (1860?1930)                  (gb)
see appendix-au.         military balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
s: officer in the german army artillery; battalion chief of 62nd field artillery regiment at osnabuck.
f: german b-license issued 1899; more than 350 gas b-flights in career.
m: augsburger, hamburger, pommerscher, & wurttembergischer b-clubs; kaiserlicher aero club. ***epic flight 28 sep.1907 from berlin. landed in holland after covering 600 km. in 25:20.

product reviewer         usa                  (1860?1930)                  (sm)
see appendix-k/s (bio-data unknown)
p: professional smoke balloonist about 1900.

product reviewer            poland          (1900?                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ch.          (bio-data unknown)
l: 1937, aide (to a.janusz) in the g.bennett b-race (placed 2nd); 1938, placed 3rd (w/lancucki) in the g.bennett b-race.
r: a.janusz mar.1991.

product reviewer         switzerland          (1934-                  (gb)
see appendix-bp/bw.         sport balloonist.
b: 13 dec.1934 porrentruy.
s: fusiller in the swiss army.
p: business director.
f: first b-flight 1961; first b-solo 1967 from bale; swiss b-license #132 issued 4 apr.1967; more than 780 b-hours (180 gas starts) by 1985.
l: 1976, aide (w/peterka) in world gas b-championships (winner); 1980, aide (w/peterka) in world gas b-championships (3rd pl); 1982, aide (w/peterka) in world gas b-championships.
m: fai-cia swiss delegate.
r: data-sheet 1985.

product reviewer            poland          (1780?1820)                  (hb)
see appendix-a/c.                 professional balloonist, 1805-10 era.
first to successfully use a parachute to save his life.
h: polish postage stamp printed in his honor. ***epic flight 24 july 1808 from warsaw. reportedly made a successful parachute jump from a burning "montgolfier" balloon.
r: the big umbrella p18.

product reviewer         japan                  (1900?1970)                  (hp)
see appendix-c.
p: officer in japanese army, general in 1945; chief of the fogos balloon-bombing project, 1944-45. (see kondo/tada/takada)

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