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earn money via amazon            usa                  (1890-1915) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist 1912-15 era.
b: 1890 czechoslovakia; resident of cleveland, oh.
p: stage name "young king"; worked for "william carwile" balloon company, under contract to luna, willough, & avon beach amusement parks.
f: first b-jump 1912 from avon beach, oh; made jumps with 3 or more chutes opening on descent. ***epic flight 30 may 1915 from willoughby, oh. the balloon was not fully inflated on launch, and failed to reach sufficient height. the third parachute of his multi-parachute descent failed to open, and he died on impact with a broken back, neck, & skull.
r: w.f.kerka/ltas bulletin; cleveland plain dealer 31 may 1915p1c1.

earn money via amazon            england          (1890?1915) k          (kb/gb)
see appendix-b.                 military balloonist.
p: musical comedy star.
s: officer in the british army b-corps, artillery observer; arrived in france with the 3rd b-section, dec.1915.
l: his demise was considered a national tragedy. ***epic ascent 30 aug.1916 (w/p.b.moxon) near beaumont-hamel. the tether cable of his kite balloon broke over the battle lines. both aeronauts were seen to jump, but radford's parachute harness failed, and he died on impact.
r: the balloonatics.

earn money via amazon         england          (1790?1850)                  (gb)
sport balloonist about 1830.
l: father of military balloonist (see app-as); world traveler, explorer, entrepreneur, statesman, sportsman; founded british colony of "singapore."

earn money via amazon            netherlands          (1880-1911) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b.                 military balloonist.
b: 1880.
s: officer in dutch navy; lieutenant in aero logy dept.
f: received early b-training in belgium; first b-flight 19 oct.1905.
l: 1911, proposed exploration of dutch new guinea by balloon; geographer & astronomer.
m: founded aeronautical society of indonesia. ***epic flight 5 aug.1911 (w/steyn) from surabaya (java). he made an intermediate landing while flying toward semarang. he was holding on to a tree when a sudden gust of wind pulled him out of the basket, and he died on impact.
r: scientific american 9 dec.1911/540/3.

earn money via amazon            netherlands          (1846?1920)          (ob/gb)
see appendix-u.                 military balloonist.
b: 7 may 1846 karsov.
f: flight history unknown.
s: officer in dutch army 1864-97; established dutch military aviation school 1886; received b-training in england, belgium, & france.
l: bought balloons and equipment from g.yon in 1889; built his own balloon and gas generator 1890.
r: brooklyn herald 7 nov.1908.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1901-1965)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai.                 sport balloonist.
b: 1901 oshkosh, wi.
d: 5 jul.1965 los angeles, ca.
e: univ. of wisconsin, ee-engineering.
p: editor of many milwaukee & chicago newspapers.
f: not a licensed pilot, but made many flights.
l: 1922, aide (w/berry) in g-bennett b-race.
r: nt-5 jul.1965/17/4.

earn money via amazon         usa          #-22 (1880?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ar.         sport balloonist 1905-10 era. (bio-data unknown)
b: springfield, ma.
p: doctor of medicine.
f: fai-aca b-license #22 issued 1910.
m: north adams (pittsfield, ma) balloon club.

earn money via amazon (f)            usa                  (1820?1860)                  (gb)
see appendix-s.                 sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown).
f: only recorded flight 4 jul.1855 from springfield, to new salem, ma.
r: scientific american 21 jul.1855/355.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1940-                  (gb/hb)
see appendix-bd/bg/bk/bo.                 sport balloonist. (bio-data incomplete)
b: 24 jan.1940 st.louis, mo.
e: notre dame-bba 1961; washington university-llm 1970.
p: lawyer, teacher (of ballooning) at community college; v.pres.of realty investment firm; pres.cameron balloons-usa; pres.of the st.louis balloon society.
f: early flight history & flight time unknown; british airship and balloon licenses; faa-licensed commercial balloon, glider, and airplane pilot; bfa-flight instructor; faa-designated pilot examiner; bbac balloon & airship inspector.
l: six time competitor in u.s.nat.hb-championships; two time competitor in world hb-championships; contributing editor to many lta publications; founder of annual "long jump challenge" competition; owner of thunder & colt 105 hot-air airship; usa-team captain at 1988 & 90 world airship championships; missouri long jump champion seven years; author of many b-articles; frequent safety seminar speaker.
m: bfa since 1981; board dir. (nc-region 1989-91); govt.relations committee chairman; legal counsel; open sanction balloon-meister; airship competition chairman; president 1995; naa; bbac; gateway aerostatic assoc, past president.
h: 1999 trauger-shields award; bfa-paap-vii; faa-wings-vii; faa-wings program phase eight.
a: 12 spoede lane; st.louis, mo 63141.
r: bio-data form-1994.

earn money via amazon            italy                  (1863?1910)                  (hb)
see appendix-cr.                 sport balloonist.
b: 25 sep.1863 caulonia.
p: portrait painter.
f: built & flew his first glider 1886; built & flew his first hot-air balloon 1889.

earn money via amazon         usa            #-982 (1894?1960)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                         sport balloonist
first name sevend?
b: 14 may 1894 copenhagen, den.
e: polytechnic university.
p: lta & works manager in england 1915-20; curtis co. 1920-22; aircraft development co. 1922-28.
f: fai-aca b-license #982 issued 24 oct.1925.
a: detroit, mi.
r: who's who in aeronautics-1928 p98.

earn money via amazon         usa          #-50 (1854?1929)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/ar.                 military balloonist.
name sometimes spelled "razor" by press; father of balloonist "herbert" (b:1895).
b: 1854 brookfield, oh; resident of st.louis most of life.
p: lumber mill owner in arkansas; wholesale lumber dealer in st.louis, mo and in brookville, oh.
s: officer in the u.s. army balloon corps 1917-19; b-instructor.
f: fai-aca b-license #50 issued 1915.
l: participated in many sport balloon events 1910-23 era.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1909-                  (gb)
see appendix-bp/bw.                 sport balloonist 1935-85 era.
b: 17 jan.1909 grabenstetten.
p: factory manager.
e: technical school, textile engineering, 1932.
s: officer in the german army, 5-years.
f: first b-flight 16 jun.1935 with herman euting; first b-solo 7 jul.1937 from stuttgart; fai-german b-license #432 issued 5 may 1937; more than 970 b-hours (152 gas, +235 hb starts) by 1985.
l: 1937, first night flight (212 km in 8:35); 1938, placed third in nurnberg b-race;1939, flew above the clouds (10000') for 82 minutes;1953, renewed b-license to new german standards;1956, designated b-flight instructor; 1957, placed second in german national b-race; 1958, participated in dusseldorf b-race (speed was 85 kph); 1959, participated in munster b-race; 1960, participated in saarbrucken b-race; 1971, renewed b-license to new german standards; 1975, placed third in german national b-race; 1977, made 11 instruction flights; 1979, winner of german "dezentral" championships; 1981, made a night flight that exceeded 105 kph; 1982, placed second in world gas b-championships; 1985, placed third in german national b-championships.
m: german sportballoon club, statistics officer since 1981.
h: daec badge of sport-ballooning, silver, and gold; fai-diploma, 1982; diploma-aeronautic, 1979, & 1982; otto lilienthal diploma. ***epic flight 1 aug.1982 from augsburg (ger). moonlight-nightflight crossed the black forest, and traversed the rhein river. ended in verdun (fra) after covering 412 km in 14:42.
r: data-form 1985.

earn money via amazon                 germany                 (1882-1972)                         (gb)
see appendix-au.                        military & sport balloonist.
b: 6 sep.1882.
d: 3 jan.1972.
s: officer in the german army b-corps.
p: engineer, company director in gelsenkirchen.
f: first b-flight 1906 in "bezold"; german b-license issued 21 sep.1912; reissued as lfs#19 18 jul.1952; more than 81 ascents in his lifetime.
m: chairman of the fai-freeballoon commission 1925; chairman of the german freeballoon commission 1931-37; chairman of the german federation of b-clubs 1951-2.
h: golden ehrennadel awarded by the daec 1963.
r: fua p123.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1887-1910) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l.                 professional balloonist.
relationship to thomas unknown.
f: student of leo stevens; resident of new york city.
p: worked for the schuetzen amusement park (nj); prot間?of l.stevens and johnnie mack; six year career by 1907. ***epic flight 14 jul.1907 from belleville (passaic), nj. launch was normal, but in doing his "cannon-act,"* his pants caught fire, and smoldered all the way down. he suffered severe burns on descent. ***epic flight 21 aug.1910 from union hill, nj. launched in a moderate wind, the pilot brushed through a tree, and collided with a large gas storage tank. he died of severe injuries. note: 400 people were also injured in the collapse of a grandstand, due to their rush to see the launch.
*the cannon was made of galvanized iron, 12'long by 2'8"diameter, attached to the bottom of the balloon by 2-ropes at each end. the aeronaut lies flat on his back, resting his head on his parachute, in the cannon on launch. a fuse runs through a hole near his face, 10' along the bottom, to a mortar smoke pot (weighing 40 lbs.). the mortar pot rests between his ankles, and has a solid back to prevent "flare-back." at a pistol shot signal from the ground, the fuse is lit with a cigar, and the smoke pot explodes 5-minutes later. the pilot then takes out his knife and cuts one of the ropes attached to the foot of the cannon, and it tips him out feet first.
r: n.y.evening journal 16 jul,1907; nt-16 jul.1907 p2c7; 22 aug.1910 p1c1.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1880?1904) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l/s.         professional balloonist.
f: first flight 30 jul.1896. ***epic flight 24 apr.1904 from smithville, tx. fell from trapeze at about 100' on ascent. cause unknown; died of internal injuries.
r: dallas texas newspapers.

earn money via amazon         usa          #-43 (1864-1933)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 sport balloonist.
b: 16 oct.1864 st.louis, mo;
d: 17 apr.1933 washington, dc.
e: u.s. military academy at west point, 1886; johns hopkins university, 1894 ee-engineering.
s: officer in u.s. army, calvary; ret. 13 feb.1913 general (age 64); served in arizona indian wars, and puerto rico; commander of signal corp aviation forces 1913-16.
f: received b-training 1908-11 in the washington, dc area; fai-aca b-license #43 issued 1909. supervised many balloon events and competitions; expert on wireless communication; surveyed route for the panama canal.
h: fourth order of the rising sun; victory medal with two clasps.
m: aca, contest committee.
r: nt-18 apr.1833/15/1.

earn money via amazon (f)            brazil          (1940-                  (hb)
wife of balloonist, robert.
b: 30 oct.1940, sao paulo.
e: parochial grade school; public high school, teachers college.
p: ballet dancer, ballet & physical education teacher, airline preservationist, medical assistant.
f: semi-pro balloonist/sport balloonist 1978-88 era; first b-flight 20 feb.1977 with husband & v.truffi in brazil; first b-solo 20 mar.1978 from tracy, ca; faa b-license #[redacted] issued 3 apr.1978.
l: first certificated brazilian balloon pilot (11 mar.1978); one of only three brazilian women ever licensed as pilots; flew balloons in usa, brazil, kenya, switzerland.
m: bfa; balloon federation of brazil; orbus balloon group.

earn money via amazon (pronounced recks)            usa            (1935 -            (gb/hb)
nickname: rex. author of the original who抯 who of ballooning, published in 1982; from which this material was collected world wide over a period of 30 years.
b: 31 aug. 1935 so.gate, ca; u.s.army 1957-59 (mechanic);
e: minor-engineering, major-avia. management 1960.
p: airline pilot (panam) ret.; all aviation ratings. flew in more than 100 countries (licensed in six)
f: first b-flight 26 dec.1969 w/don piccard; faa-cfi, dpe, der, a&pia, dai. pioneer of ultralite aircraft. engineering & flight. consultant & inspector on many balloon & blimp projects; author of many aviation publications. founder of the lockheed balloon club (over 100 members); introduced balloon construction, sport ballooning, and b-pilot standards to brazil in 1971.
h: recipient of the first shields-trauger award for contributions to the sport of ballooning.
m: shrine 1968, bfa-life 1970, e.clampus vitus 1985, aiaa-lta 1990, s.d. air museum 1995.
r: 1148 third ave. chula vista, ca. (2005)

earn money via amazon         usa         #-558 (1897-1958)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 1 aug.1897 springfield, mo;
d: 8 mar.1958 hobe sound, fl.
s: officer in u.s. navy.
p: stockbroker/manager for merril-lynch (akron).
f: received balloon training at akron, oh; fai-aca b-license #558 issued 3 apr.1918; no record of any other aircraft qualifications.
r: nt-9 mar.1958/86/4.

earn money via amazon         usa         #-119 (1892-1963)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar/aw/cp/co.         military balloonist.
son of famous military doctor.
b: 7 nov.1892 st.paul, mn.
d: 12 jul.1963 st.thomas, a.v.i.
e: columbia university, bs-arch.. resident of scarsdale, ny.
p: officer in u.s. army, reserve military aeronaut; enlisted in regular army june 1917; commander of first b-company, oct.1917-feb.1919; pilot of first american kite-balloon aloft in ww-i battlefront; served 5-months 23-days in front line combat; colonel in air service 1942; staff officer.
f: received b-training june-sept.1917 at ft.omaha, nb; fai-aca b-license #119 issued 19 sep.1917; received airship training in saumur france 1919-20; proficient in "rigid" airships 1924; fai-french airship license; received airplane training 1926; fai-airplane license.
h: washington dc hospital named in his honor. ***epic flight 20 feb.1922 (w/45 crew) from langley (va) in airship "roma." one of 11 who survived the crash; and the last of living.
r: nt-23 feb.1922/p1, 26 dec.1956p27.
r: who's who in aviation 1943-43; the balloon section.

earn money via amazon         usa         #-735 (1875-1956)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/ar/ch.         military balloonist.
nickname "hurricane bill" for hurricane prediction ability.
b: 18 nov.1875 creston, il.
d: 25 dec.1956 chattanooga, tn.
p: weather bureau meteorologist 1892-1918, 1940-45.
s: officer in u.s. navy, airship aerologist (pensacola, fl) 1918-20.
f: received b-training sept-nov. 1918; fai-aca b-license #735 issued 20 nov.1918.
l: 1922, placed third (w/mulleneux) in u.s. national b-race; 1922, pilot in g-bennett b-race; 1923, aide in g-bennett b-race.
r: aca-records; nt-26 dec.1956/27/2.

earn money via amazon         usa         #-865 (1894-1970)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 17 jan.1894 bloomingdale, ga.
s: officer in the u.s.army 1917; served in the french 9th observation squadron during ww-i; later assigned to the american 7th balloon company as b-instructor.
f: early b-training with french forces; airship training in the usa 1922; photo recon school 1924-26; fai-aca b-license #865 issued 24 sep.1919; airplane pilot 1926.
l: made 3 para-jumps under fire in france. r: who's who of aeronautics-1928 p98.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1890?1916) k          (kb/gb)
see appendix-b/ak.         military balloonist.
b: about 1890.
d: 1 may 1916 (17?) vally.
p: officer in the french army balloon corps; averaged 12 hours aloft for 42 days in combat.
h: chevalier de la legion d'honneur; enseigne de vaisseau; croix de guerre with five palmes; grand medal d'or de l'aero club. ***epic ascent 1 may 1916 over combat lines at vally. he shot at an attacking german airplane with a rifle, until he was hit in the heart.
r: the balloonatics p81.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1780?1840)                  (gb)
see appendix-a.                 professional balloonist, 1817-25 era.
husband of balloonist, wilheimine.
p: school teacher (berlin); specialized in giving flights to royalty.
f: first ascent 1806; first solo flight sept.1817. ***epic flight sept.1817 (w/muskau) from the streets of berlin.

earn money via amazon (f)            germany          (1788?1850)                  (gb)
see appenmdix-a.                        professional balloonist.
wife of balloonist, johan.
b: 2 apr.1788, braunschweig.
d: berlin.
p: professional balloonist, 1811-1820 era.
f: first ascent 1811; first flight 22 jan. 1812; made successful flights in austria, belgium, czechoslovakia. ***epic flight 30 sept.1811 from berlin. entered a thunderstorm soon after launch. balloon burst at a great height in full view of bystanders. with incredible luck, she landed in a large hedge, and escaped with only minor injuries (but retired for five years, and permanently in 1820). ***epic flight 1816 from germany. flew all night in stormy weather, found herself over the north sea. finally over land, she made an unglamorous landing in a tree. ***epic flight october 1820 from munich. flight was made from a beer garden, in her finest native costume, for the "octoberfest." though the flight lasted but one hour, she became an instant heroine by discarding her ballast of printed poetry. it was her last flight, as she retired in glory.

earn money via amazon         usa            #-2422* (1895?1983)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar/ah/ai.         military balloonist.
b: 6 aug.1895 harlan, in;
d: 26 jan.1983 washington, dc.
e: northwestern univ. ab-1917; blue hill observatory, 1918; u.s.naval academy; geophysical institute, bergen norway 1931.
p: weather bureau meteorologist (chief) 1938-63.
s: officer in u.s. navy, director of airship aero logy department; chief of meteorology; retired lt.cmdr.1938; naval aviator #2422.
f: received b-training 1918 at akron, wingfoot lake (oh); received airship training 1919 at pensacola (fl); fai-aca airplane license #2422; more than 500 hours by 1942; note* his naval aviator number was accepted as a record that he was lta qualified. but a license was not required for a co-pilot in international competition.
l: 1919, assigned to airship nc-4 on first atlantic crossing; 1923, aide (w/lawrence) in u.s. national b-race;1923, aide (w/lawrence) in g-bennett b-race;1927, aide (w/bauch) in u.s. national b-race;1927, co-author of "rigid airship manual";1936, assigned to "hindenberg" on atlantic crossing.
l: author of "some aerological principles applying to airship design; meteorological aspects of airship operations; co-promoter (w/j.hunsaker) of the value of the "tiros-i" satellite, to president eisenhower. note: credited with predicting weather by using isobars & isotherms.
m: american meteorology society, pres.; inst.of aero sciences; philosophical soc.of washington; washington acadamy of sciences; american geophysical union. ***epic flight 23 sep.1923 (see lawrence) from brussels belgium. flight in the g-bennett b-race was marred by terrible weather. flight ended at night in a turnip field, 2500' from the zuider zee, and the north sea.
a: 3837 garrison st., nm; washington, dc.
r: who's who in aviation 1942-43; aerostation, v9#1 (ss.83); nt-27 jan.1983;

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1930-                  (gb)
see appendix-i/bf/bj/bl/bn/bw/bx.         sport balloonist.
b: 1 sep.1930, pueblo, co.
e: colorado a.& m., 1951.
s: u.s.navy, 1951-55.
p: businessman/electronics/trucking.
f: first b-flight 12 may 1974 w/j.greeson, from colorado springs; first b-solo 27 may 1974; faa b-license #17126568 16 jul.1975; airplane & glider pilot; 20 gas b-flights by 1982.
l: 1979, placed second in modern g-bennett b-race; 1980, winner of u.s.national gas b-race; 1980, placed third in g-bennett b-race; 1980, participated in st.niklaas b-race; 1981, winner of u.s.national gas b-race;1981, participated in g-bennett b-race; 1982, placed fifth in world gas b-championship; 1984-87, gas balloon advisor to the fai-cia; 1986, director of the world gas b-championship.
h: montgolfier diploma-1988.
m: bfa, gas b-events committee 1980-87, chairman 1981. ***epic flight 11 oct.1977 (w/stephenson) from bar harbor (me) in "eagle." unsuccessful transatlantic flight ended 27 sm. east of halifax after 46 hours.
r: bio-data 1983; bm-win.1990p27; bl-dec.1991p42.

earn money via amazon                 usa                         (1892?1960)                         (gb)
b: 24 mar.1892 evansville, in.
e: harvard law school, llb-1917.
s: officer in the u.s. army; assigned to the french 26th & 84th b-companies during the ainse-marne & st.miheil offensives of ww-i; asst. commander of 3rd & 5th american b-companies.
p: attorney general of wisconsin 1928.
a: madison, wi.
r: who's who of aeronautics-1928.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1928-                  (hb/gb)
see appendix-be/bl/bn.         sport balloonist. (bio-data unavailable)
b: 2 jul.1935. resident of augsburg.
f: first b-flight 30 jul.1961; first night flight 1968; german b-license #207 issued 25 mar.1964 (gb/hb); more than 196 gas (+7 hb) flights by 1985.
l: competitor in many national & in'tl b-events.
r: bio-data; fua p124.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1847-1905)                  (gb)
see appendix-e/u.                 military balloonist.
brother of balloonist paul; full name: louis-marie joseph charles clement.
b: 23 nov. 1847, damblain.
d: 13 apr.1905, calais.
e: polytechnical institute, engineering-1868.
p: distinguished engineer and aviation writer.
s: enlisted engineer, served with distinction with the army of the louve during the franco-prussian war of 1870; commissioned 1875, dir.of aerial navigation; participated in most all aeronautical experiments of his day; director of french military school at calais-meudon (died in his aeronautical laboratory, suceeded by lausadat).
f: accomplished balloon & airship, designer & pilot.
h: paris funeral attended by all great aeronauts of the era; received 3-page obituary of accomplishments in aviation.
m: aero club of france, hon.pres.of technical commission. ***epic flight 9 aug.1884 in airship (co-designed by krebs) from paris, in "la france." successful flight of 1:39 to villacoublay and return using an electric motor, with 880 lb. battery.
r: l'aerophile-apr.1905.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1854?1910)                  (gb)
see appendix-e/u.                 brother of balloonist charles.
b: 15 feb.1854 calais.
s: captain-commandant of french aerostiers 1879.
l: first to fly in madagascar (1 mar.1895).
m: aero club of france.
h: legion of honor.
r: c. faroux, aero manual 1912-13; l'independence belze 1 mar.1895.

earn money via amazon         canada          (1850?1900)                  (sm)
see appendix-ce.                 professional balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
p: smoke balloonist; stage name "reno"; worked for "empire city circus" & "wootten & haights" circus; billed as "famous french aeronaut."
l: made 5 ascents in canada jun-aug.1871.
r: daily evening news 30 jun.1871p2.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1935?1983)          (gb/hb)
see appendix-bn.         sport balloonist (bio-data unknown)
d: 10 nov.1983 bonn ger; resident of new fairfield, ct.
p: airline pilot (twa).
l: 1979, participating crew in modern g-bennett b-races of 1979,80, & 81.
m: bfa, gas balloon safety committee; bbac; nltas.
a: box 260, rt.#1; 06810.
r: pn-dec.1983.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1835?                  (hp)
p: professor of astronomy at the univ.of florida. ***epic launch 8 jan.1988 over antartica. balloon lifted a 2000# telescope to 115,000' for 72 hours, successfully photographing supernova 1987a (170,000 light years from the earth) for the grad project.
r: aviation week 7 mar.1988.

earn money via amazon            usa         #-782 (1892-1956)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 28 sep.1892 atchison, ka;
d: 25 jun.1956 san francisco, ca.
e: university of california medical school, 1925.
p: doctor of medicine, director of pan american assoc.
f: fai-aca b-license #782 issued 5 mar.1919.
l: ardent sportsman, skier, and civic leader.
m: olympic club; tennis club; national ski patrol.
r: san francisco chronicle 26 jun.1956/24/1 (t).

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1830?1893)                  (hp)
see appendix-o.                 historic person.
d: 25 jan.1893 new york, ny (suicide).
p: businessman, import/export. ***epic story: finding himself confined to paris by the prussian siege of 1870, he became desperate to return to the u.s.a. with $1,000,000 in orders. he got the idea of departing by balloon, and had one constructed. the minister of war (see gambetta) heard of his project, and commandeered it for his use. reynolds subsequently had another built, and departed successfully (see trichet & duruof).
h: presented the "legion of honor" for conceiving the idea of using balloons to break the siege, and for giving his balloon for the benefit of france.

earn money via amazon         brazil                  (1843-1887)                  (gb)
see appendix-e/f/w.         sport balloonist.
first names julio ceaser.
b: 13 jul.1843 acara, para.
d: 14 oct.1887 acara, para.
e: military academy 1862-65.
p: teacher, librarian, lawyer, government secretary, and journalist.
s: served as army volunteer in paraguay war (see j.allen).
f: first recorded balloon flight 8 nov.1881 from paris w/lachambre in "cruziera."
l: had an airship (victoria) constructed of his own design in paris nov.1881; details of flight unknown; reportedly made a flight of 3-hours in para 25 dec.1881, and another in rio de janeiro 29 mar.1882; subscribed public funds from three brazilian states for construction of the airship: "santa maria de belem"; airship was constructed to his own design, by renard & krebs; it made two successful flights in paris (one in july, and another 9 aug.1884, both credited to renard); airship was destroyed in accident in para brazil. note: renard & krebs take all credit for design, construction, and flight in their articles to the official publication of the french aero club, l'aerophile, during that era. they also take credit for one built for a.severo about the same era.
l: prolific writer on aerial navigation, politics, poetry, romance, social problems, novels, and language.
r: library of congress card catalog files; pioneiros da aviacao, pirkei (author), paris, france,1888, o balao julio cesar e a. direccao dos baloes por jose feliciano oliveira vol.1. primeira parte. o balao julio cesar e o jornalismo. sao paulo, louzada s.jrmao (pub.),1888, 72p., 2-1.80; 1893: la direction des ballons; published in rio-de-janiero, distributed at chicago exposition in four languages. the balloon "julio cesar" referred to is that of julio cesar ribeiro de souza (cf.no.173); only one volume in french is known to exist. it is available at: senckenberg library, frankfort a.m. only one volume in portuguese is known to exist. it is available at: central library; sao paulo, brazil.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1890?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-l.                 resident of sioux rapids, nd.
p: professional balloonist 1906-10 era. ***epic flight 1908 from sioux rapids. balloon caught fire on launch and burned his harness off on ascent. pilot landed safely.

earn money via amazon         usa                           (hb/ (gb)
sport balloonist 1980s (bio-data unknown).
p: professional micro-meteorologist (specialist in balloons & sail boats); chief meteorologist for wx-services corp. of bedford, ma.
l: meteorologist for e.yost transatlantic attempt; meteorologist for abruzzo/anderson/newman transatlantic attempt; meteorologist for lindstrand/branson transatlantic attempt.
r: bl-may 1991p28; bm-jul.1995p10.

earn money via amazon            usa         #-115 (1895-                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/ar.         military balloonist.
b: 29 dec.1895 auburn, ny; still alive del rey beach, fl 1986.
s: officer in the u.s.army b-corps 1917-19;
e: yale university; adjutant (capt.) in france ww-i; colonel in air corps ww-ii era.
f: received b-training at ft.omaha (nb); fai-aca b-license #115 issued 19 sep.1917.
m: naobcv.
l: 1929, pilot in u.s.national balloon race.
r: the balloon section; who's who in aviation.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1940?                  (gb)
***epic flight 10 jun.1984 (w/reed, lawler, butry) from chateau de balleroy. balloon was launched with the appendix tied shut. it climbed for 5-minutes, reaching 1800' before bursting. all aeronauts suffered severe injuries. pn/s-84/21/1.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1870?1893) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l/s.         professional balloonist.
p: mechanic/inventor; smoke balloonist for cockrama amusement park (trenton, nj).
f: made an estimated 50 ascents 1890-93 era. ***epic flight 5 jun.1893 from trenton, nj. flight was the first test of his newly invented wings. he jumped from his trapeze at 1000'; one wing filled limp, and the other spread and collapsed. he died on impact.
a: resident of springfield, nj.
r: nt-6 jun.1893/1/6.

earn money via amazon         britain                  (1875-1911) k                  (gb)
see appendix-ag/as.         military balloonist.
b: 1875 enfield.
d: 18 aug.1911 farnborough (airplane).
e: city of london schools.
s: officer in the british army; commander of the london balloon company, royal engineers, 1908; asst. superintendant of the army aircraft factory, roehampton.
f: received balloon training pre-1900; accomplished balloonist; holder of fai airship & balloon licenses; killed on his first airplane solo.
r: who's who of england; aeronautical journal oct.1911p136.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1845-1919)                  (gb)
see appendix-c/h/au/av.         professional aeronaut extraordinaire.
father of balloonist.
b: 9 oct.1845 augsburg.
d: 15 jan.1919 augsburg.
e: zurich polytechnic school.
s: technical advisor to german army on lta 1893-19 (see parseval & sigsfeld, both personal friends); manufactured german army observation & kite balloons (balloons, airships, and all kinds of aviation equip.).
p: owner of coal gas production plant (for lighting) 1880-1900; co-owner (w/scherle) of ballonfabrik augsburg (see c.endras 1923-43; s.endras 1944-58; hassold 1958-pres).
f: fai german b-license issued pre-1910; fai swiss b-license #2 issued 1 oct.1905; very active sport & military balloonist in lifetime.
l: developed first successful neoprene coated b-fabric; directed mfg. of parseval airships & barrage balloons 1900-14.
m: augsburg, berliner, frankischer, kolner, mittelrheinischer, munchner, nerderrheinischer, ostdeutscher, wurtettemberg b-clubs; bayerischer & kaiserlicher aero clubs. ***epic flight 10 jan. 1890 from munich to linz (180km) in 2hrs.15min.
r: many sources; reviewed by horst hassold; fua p126.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1890?1960)                  (gb)
p: officer in u.s. army, observation balloonist.
f: no record of completing military b-training. ***epic first flight 1918 from ft.lee, va. balloon was carried out over the atlantic ocean, but returned at a lower altitude. the balloon enveloped a moving car on landing, and exploded. fire destroyed car and balloon. car driver sued the government for the $20 he had in the coat pocket that was consumed in the fire. ***epic second flight 1918. balloon ruptured in flight. pilot jumped from the basket, but chute caught on the map board. he was saved because the envelope inverted in the net and slowed the descent.

earn money via amazon         usa          #-1053 (1907-1980)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/ar.         military balloonist.
b: 23 jun.1907 akron, oh.
d: 3 dec.1980 akron. oh.
e: ohio state university, 1929.
s: officer in u.s. navy, airship pilot & instructor 1940-62; served as patrol officer from: sunnyvale, cs; weymouth, ma;         panama;         trinidad, bwi;        richmond, fl; dutch guiana; houma, la;        hitchcock, tx; cuba;         british guiana.
retired lt.cmdr.
p: goodyear airship pilot 1930-39; airship operations manager 1962-65, ret.1969.
f: fai-aca b-license #1053 issued 21 jul.1930, airship and airplane pilot.
l: 1931, aide in u.s.national balloon race.
r: bf-m/a 1984p15, m/a 1980 p8 (t).

earn money via amazon         england          (1747-1821)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/m.         sport balloonist, 1784-86 era.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1935-                  (sm)
see appendix-cb.                        professional aeronaut.
p: manager of goodyear airship operations.
f: balloon & airship pilot; first b-flight 8 jun.1965; first b-solo 29 jul.1965; all (two recorded) flights made from akron, oh (in gb). ***epic flight in an airship. both engines quit from water contamination. tom free-ballooned it until it caught in power lines.

earn money via amazon         usa         #-484 (1896-1922) k                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
b: 7 dec.1896 morton hights, cn;
d: 21 feb.1922 hampton, va.
e: yale university.
s: officer in u.s. army b-corps 1917-19.
f: fai-aca license #484 issued 13 mar.1918; needed one more airship flight for fai-airship license. ***epic flight 21 feb.1922 (see mabry). killed in crash of airship "roma."
a: resident of new york city.
r: nt-23 nov.1922 p1.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1870?1920)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 professional balloonist 1890-93 era.
***epic flight 27 aug.1893 from peoria, il. launched in a strong wind, he was dashed against the side of a building on landing. he suffered a broken shoulder and ribs.
r: pya-scrapbook.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1950?                  (gb)
***epic flight 20 sep.1980 (w/j.shoecraft). parachuted out of the balloon at 2000' in a thunderstorm. shoecraft had jumped from the basket when it was 10' off the ground.
r: chicago tribune 23 sep.1980p9:1.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1860?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-e/s.                        sport balloonist, 1875-80 era.
b: corry, pa.
p: inventor, tinkerer, machine maker. ***epic flight attempt 22 may 1878 from hartford, cn. flight attempted on a self-made, pedal-powered dirigicycle weighing only 68 pounds empty. ritchel was too heavy to fly it, but it was successfully demonstrated by a young boy (mark quinlan) and a woman (mabel harrington), inside an exhibition hall, on 12 june1878. (see campbell dirigicycle 1888; myers skycycle 1897).

earn money via amazon         canada          (1952-                  (hb/gb)
see appendix-bo/bp.         professional aeronaut.
b: 19 oct.1952 london ontario.
e: univ.of calgary, bsc-1975; univ.of alberta.
p: professional balloonist and airship pilot; chief pilot/operations manager, cameron balloons-canada ltd.
f: first b-solo 1977 from calgary; caa b-license #xdb-250410 issued 1978; more than 1700 b-hours (12 gas flights) by 1988; british balloon and airship licenses.
l: 1981, participant in world hot-air b-championships;1983, winner of calgary stampede b-race;1983, placed second in canadian hot-air championships; 1983, placed second in canadian/n.american challenge cup; 1984, placed second in canadian hot-air championships; 1985, placed fourth in world hot-air b-championships; 1986, participant in world gas-balloon championships; 1987, placed second in canadian hot-air championships; 1987, winner of western canadian hot-air championships; placed in top 10 of all canadian nationals since 1978.
m: canadian balloon association, director 1980-88; alberta free balloonist society, director 1984-88.
a: 7058-k farrell rd. se; calgary, alb t2h-0t2.
r: bio-data 1988.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1740?1800)                  (hp)
p: writer for english newspaper; resident of philadelphia, pa. victim/perpetrator of an epic "balloon hoax." described in detail by a reporter named "hopkinson." reported a reputed balloon flight on 28 dec.1783 from philadelphia, by a carpenter named wilcox.
r: pennsylvania magazine-jan.1911.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1763-1837)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/p/t.         sport balloonist.
p: mechanic, supplier of medical apparatus; younger brother of marie; cousin of colin hullen.
l: participated in the construction of all early gas balloons.
f: made only two recorded flights (w/ his brother).

earn money via amazon         france                  (1758-1820)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/d/p/t.         sport balloonist.
b: 1758;
d: 1820; older brother of cadet; cousin of colin hullin.
p: mechanic; balloon builder & pilot.
l: builder of the first gas balloon piloted by charles; developed a naphtha/rubber coated b-fabric; made first cylinder shaped balloon, july-sept.1784.
f: made 3 recorded flights in his lifetime. ***epic flight 1 dec.1783 (w/charles) from tuileries gardens in paris. both flew in the first 2-hour leg to nesles, then robert got out so charles could continue another 30-minutes. ***epic flight 15 july 1784 (w/brother, chartres & hullin) from saint cloud. balloon had no vent to relieve pressure on climb. balloon assumed an "egg shape" and almost exploded, except for the quick action by chartres, who pierced it with his sword, and landed safely near meudon. ***epic flight 19 sept.1784 (w/brother & hullin) as pilot from paris. flight covered 150 miles in 6.6 hours.

earn money via amazon            france          (1790?1836)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/f.                
p: professional balloonist, 1825-35 era.
son of etienne.
b: france;
d: 1836, calcutta india.
f: taught durant to fly; made the first flight in india.

earn money via amazon (f)            france            (1770?1830)                  (gb)
see appendix-a.                        
p: professional balloonist, 1815-20 era.
wife of etienne.
p: worked mostly as a duo with her husband; accomplished balloonist on her own.

earn money via amazon         belgium          (1763-1837)          (gb)
see appendix-a/f/h.                 professional balloonist, 1803-35.
father of balloonists, dimitri & eugene.
b: 1763 liege belgium;
d: 2 jul.1837 batignolles.
e: paris science academy, physics student of j.a.charles.
p: professor of science in belgium; science demonstrator; illusionist; millionaire at time of death.
f: bought his first balloon in 1802 from the french government (the balloon was used at battle of fleurus in 1794); first recorded b-solo 2 jul.1799 w/turkish ambassador (covered 25 leagues in 5.5 hours); made many world flights: sweden (stockholm), 1804; russia petersburg), 3 jan.1804; denmark (copenhagen), 1806.
l: first to note the precise calculation of temperature lapse rate with altitude. first to note the precise calculation of gas expansion with altitude; artist of famous balloon painting "la minerve." ***epic flight 18 july 1803 (w/lhoest) from hamburg, germany. scientific altitude flight to an estimated 6000m (23,000').
r: adventures in the air.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1800?1838)          (gb)
see appendix-a/e/g/s.                 professional balloonist, 1820-60 era.
brother of dimitri. son of etienne.
d: 1838 veracruz mexico.
e: studied science with j.a.c.charles in france.
p: prot間?of american balloonist c.durant.
f: made first ascent with father at age five; first solo flight 14 may 1819 from lisbon portugal; second recorded flight 12 dec.1820 from lisbon portugal; made many world flights: spain, madrid, 18 may 1821; cuba (havana) 1828; mexico (d.f.), 12 feb.1835.
l: made first usa flight 9 july 1824 from new york city (flight was witnessed by lafayette, then 67 years old); made two tours of the usa (1828, & 1834). ***epic flight 20 sep.1826 from new york, ny. successful flight was the first night flight, and the first fireworks flight in the usa; fireworks were suspended 200' below the basket.***epic flight 10 oct.1826 from castle gardens (ny) in 4-satellite balloon. flight terminated in westfield (nj) covering 25 mi. in 40 minutes. ***epic flight 26 feb.1828 from n.y. castle garden. balloon became impaled on a flagpole at launch. pilot became entangled in the rigging of the deflated balloon, hanging upside down by one foot for 15 minutes before freeing himself. ***epic flight 28 oct.1828 (see marotte) from n.y. castle garden.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1870?1920)                  (gb)
p: engineer, scientist, meteorologist; professional balloonist, 1895 era. ***epic flight 1895 astride a horse, with the ballast and anchor attached to his belt, holding a powerful searchlight in his hands.

earn money via amazon         germany          (1880?1910) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b.                 military balloonist.
***epic flight 29 dec.1910 (w/1-pax) from berlin in "hildebrandt." balloon was found on 16 jan. in lake pomerania, in prussia. both aeronauts were drowned.
r: nt-17 jan.1911/6/4.

earn money via amazon                 usa                #1029         (1904-1994)                         (gb)
see appendix-ar.                        professional aeronaut
nickname "bud."
b: 8 jun.1904 new castle, pa.
d: dec.1994 s.dartmouth, ma.
p: goodyear employee 1928, b-factory 1929; balloon & airship pilot & instructor; ret. jun.1969.
s: u.s.navy airship officer 27 may 1937.
f: first airship flight 1 mar.1929; fai-aca b-license #1029 issued 5 nov.1921; airship #251.
l: helped build the akron & macon; flew as observer on the hindenburg & graf zeppelin.
r: bf-m/a 1994p6.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1830-1892) k          (sm/gb)
see appendix-b/s.                 semi-professional balloonist.
b: 1830 wolfborough, nh.
d: 4 jul.1892 boston, ma.
p: private detective; resident of malden, me.
f: first flight 1870 with s.king from philidelphia, pa; made 46 flights by 1881, 113 by 1892 (3 ended in boston bay). ***epic flight 8 sep.1881 (w/breed) from point-of-pines, ma. balloon burst soon after launch at an est. 150'. pilot sustained major injuries, was not expected to survive, and never fully recovered. ***epic flight 4 jul.1892 (w/thomas lenton & goldsmith) from boston. the control valve was inoperable, so the pilot pulled the deflation line to descend. balloon landed in boston bay, goldsmith swam to the rescue boat, but other two aeronauts drowned.
r: nt-9 sep.1881 p6c3; nt-5 jul.1892 p3c6.

earn money via amazon                 usa                #-596         (1865?1924)                 (ob/gb/kb)
see appendix-ar.                        military aeronaut
first name harry? emigrated to the usa 1893.
b: 16 may 1865 london eng.
e: liverpool college.
s: u.s.army, commissioned 1901 in the philippine scouts; ret. 30 march 1917 (war declared apr.1917); recalled 7 feb.1918 as commander of florence field, omaha (nb); executive officer of camp wise, texas.
r: the b-pilot souvenir.

earn money via amazon         usa                         (1950?                         (hb)
see appendix- (b)                        professional balloonist (bio-data unknown)
***epic flight 27 nov.1976 (w/don cohen & j.aronson) from holiday park (ft. lauderdale) florida. balloon ascended uneventfully to 6000' with don secured in a hang-glider under the basket. to keep the glider from rotating on ascent, a tether line was attached to the nose and secured to the basket. unfortunately, the glider was released without unfastening the nose, and it hung, attached to the basket, in the vertical position. rohr advised don to stay in that position until he landed safely, but don requested that the nose tether be cut with a knife. the glider descended in a "tailslide" out of control until the wingspar broke, and don died on impact. donald ray cohen (age 26) was a hang-glider test pilot for "hang-four" of san diego for 2 1/2 years previous to coming to florida.
r: u.s.hanglider assoc.; miami herald p1.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1841?1910)                  (gb)
see appendix-f/n/t.         military balloonist.
b: 1841.
p: civil engineer.
f: made only one recorded flight.
h: member of the legion of honor. ***epic flight 24 nov.1870 (w/bezier) from paris in "ville de orleans." flight during the prussian siege crossed the north sea with 508 pounds of mail, and landed in norway. it almost ended in tragedy as the balloon averaged 56 mph, landing in the wilds and heavy snow.
r: balloon post of the siege of paris.

earn money via amazon         britain          #*2 (1877-1910) k                  (gb)
see appendix-ag/ah/as.         sport aeronaut.
b: 27 aug.1877 london;
d: 12 july 1910, bournemouth (killed in an airplane crash, broken neck).
e: trinity college, mechanical engineering. p: member of parliament; manufacturer of classic automobiles.
f: sport balloonist 1901-10 era; made 40 b-flights by 1906; airship pilot 1908; airplane license 1910.
l: athlete, cyclist, holder of world auto speed records; financial backer of the short brothers aeronautical endeavors.
m: royal auto club (fm); royal aero club (fm); aero club of france; founding member of the "aero club of the u.k.." ***epic flight 27 jun.1910. first englishman to cross the english channel by airplane. flight also made him the first person to fly cross-channel and return, nonstop.
a: resident of london.
r: who's who of england, vol-2; pya-scrapbook.

earn money via amazon            france          (1760?1785) k                  (hb)
see appendix-a/b/c.                 sport balloonist.
first passenger fatality in aeronautics. ***epic flight 15 june 1785 (w/rozier as pilot) from boulogne. combination hot air/hydrogen balloon crashed after being consumed by fire in flight. both died on impact.

earn money via amazon         usa          #- 94 (1891?1960)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ar.                 military balloonist.
brother of balloonist "walter."
b: 7 oct.1891 granite city, il.
e: university of illinois.
p: farmer. resident of granite city area.
s: enlisted u.s.army 14 jul.1917, commissioned 21 nov.1917; served in 16 b-company on the st.mehil french combat sector.
f: received all b-training at camp de souge france; fai-aca b-license #94 issued 29 aug.1917.
r: the balloon section.

earn money via amazon            argentina          (1870?1908) k                  (gb)
see appendic-b.                 sport balloonist.
s: officer in the argentine army.
f: made 5 b-flights (2-solo) by 1908.
m: argentine aero club (fm). ***epic flight 17 oct.1908 (see e.newbery). lost over rio plata.

earn money via amazon         england          (1937-                  (hb/gb)
see appendix-bl.                        professional aeronaut.
b: 12 may 1937, london.
e: prince of wales school, nairobi kenya.
p: wildlife photographer.
s: army, kenya regiment 1955-57.
p: wildlife film-maker. ***f: first b-flight jan.1961 w/a.smith from lake manyara, tanzania; first b-solo 12 oct.1972 from naivasha (kenya), in a hot-air balloon "lengai"; received flight instruction from p.dunnington; caa b-license 26 nov.1972 w/d.cameron; more than 2000 flight hours (200 in balloons); 3 gas flights.
l: 1961-2, participated in "jambo b-safari" with anthony smith, as photographer; 1976, inaugurated "balloon safaris ltd."; first daily departure of "hot-air airline"; carried more than 9000 passengers since then; made many scientific wildlife movies in central africa. ***epic flight 9 mar.1974 (solo) from tarakia. single-burner ax-8 balloon used "heated" butane tanks to make a 23,500' climb over mt.kilimanjaro. landing with empty fuel tanks after the 4-hour flight, he was arrested as a spy by the tanzania police, and spent 2-days in detention. ***epic flight 14 aug.1974 (w/jackie kennedy onassis) from naivasha. balloon became entangled in telephone lines; passenger injured her ankle as the wires broke. it was said that the president of kenya was trying to make a telephone call at the time, and the operator told him: "sorry, your excellency, but alan root is on the line."
r: resident of navasha kenya.
r: data-form aug.83

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1893-1977)                  (gb)
b: 15 may 1893, chicago, il;
d: 14 may 1977 philadelphia.
e: u.s. naval academy, 1914.
p: officer in u.s. navy, 1914-46; balloon pilot & rigid-airship commander; outstanding military career; served aboard all of the great airships of his day; outstanding combat ship commander.
f: received b-training 1923 at great lakes, akron, ohio.
l: lifetime advocate of large rigid airships.
h: distinguished flying cross; distinguished service cross; distinguished service medal; harmon trophy (twice). ***epic flight 4 apr.1933 (as watch officer w/80-crew) from akron, oh in "shenandoah." airship broke in half in a violent thunder-storm. rosendahl is credited with saving the lives of 23 crewmen by free-flying his bow section like a balloon, for 30-minutes, and landing safely (see z.landsdown).
r: nt-5 apr.1933; bf-j/a1977p2.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1895?1917) k          (gb/kb)
see appendix-b/am.         military balloonist.
b: malone, ny;
d: 12 sept.1918, france.
p: officer in the u.s. army, air service; observation balloonist in ww-1 front line combat; made three successful jumps from balloon while under attack.
h: distinguished service cross (posthumously); ross field (now santa anita racetrack, arcadia, ca) named in his honor. ***epic ascent 12 sept. 1918 (w/hudnut) from the st.miehel sector. balloon was attacked by enemy airplane, but ross hesitated to jump for unknown reasons. when the balloon was ignited by tracer bullets, he jumped. pieces of the flaming envelope landed in his parachute, and consumed enough to cause it to streamer. ross was the only american b-observer to die in the war.
r: naabcv-files.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1919-1985)          (gb/sb)
see appendix-aa/ap.         military balloonist.
b: 15 oct.1919, nomence, il.
d: 8 oct.1985 birmingham, mi.
e: purdue university, bs-phisics-1941; university of chicago, ms-meteorology-1944.
s: officer in u.s. navy, 1943-61 (lt.cmdr. in 1954); aerology officer on aircraft carrier "saratoga" 1944-45.
p: atmospheric physicist, office of naval research, wash. dc; made an epic series of scientific strato-flights 1954-61.
f: more than 100 hours in gas balloons by 1961. ***epic flight 10 oct.1956 (w/lewis). ascended to 40000' in a polyethylene balloon. ***epic flight 1957 (w/m.lewis). transmitted the first live television pictures from space. ***epic flight 6 may 1958 (w/a.mikesel). ascended to 40000'. ***epic flight 27 nov.1959 (w/c.moore). transmitted tv from space. ***epic flight 4 may 1961 (see prather) 113,733'. balloon was launched from the aircraft carrier "lexington" on a fai world record altitude attempt. flight was successful, but prather drowned on landing.
r: men in space.

earn money via amazon         russia                  (1880?1920) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b.                        military balloonist.
p: director of the private chancellery for the empress alexander.
f: no previous ballooning experience. ***epic flight 18 jun.1909 (w/count chamberlain palitzin, palitzins' wife, and korbe) from st.petersburg, in military balloon "gen. wannowski." launch seemed normal, but the pilot pulled the wrong control line (rip), and the all aeronauts died on impact. note: same balloon killed four others in a similar accident one year before. nt-19 jun.1909/1/2.

earn money via amazon            usa                  (1861-1912)                  (gb)
see appendix-u/af.         scientific balloonist.
b: 1861 milton, ma.
d: 7 apr.1912 boston, ma.
e: massachusetts institute of technology.
p: professor of meteorology, harvard university; founder and director of blue-hill observatory near boston; director of geography and geology, harvard-1912.
f: made 12 ascents in 1907; one from london 20 sep.1908; made scientific balloon flights from paris, london, berlin, milan, and strausburg.
l: used kites for meteorological investigations in 1894; used sounding balloons to record meteorological data from altitudes of up to 50,000' by 1904; made many scientific experiments in africa, s.america, europe; author of "the conquest of the air," 1909.
m: member of many world scientific societies; aero club of america.
h: many world honors for scientific endeavors.
r: nt-20 oct.1907/5/1 (t).

earn money via amazon         usa         #-469 (1885?1950)                  (gb)
see appendix-ai/ao/ar.         sport balloonist, 1919-29.
b: 12 jul.1885 akron, oh.
p: balloon instructor for goodyear at akron, oh, 1917-18.
f: fai-aca b-license #469 issued 13 mar,1918.
l: 1927, aide in u.s.national balloon race; 1930, pilot in u.s.national balloon race.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1890-1923) k                  (gb)
see appendix-b/q/ai.         military aeronaut.
b: 24 may 1890 ohio.
d: 7 jul.1923 lake erie.
e: u.s.naval academy; lt. at time of death.
s: officer in u.s. navy; naval aviator #2935; commander of "zr-1" airship at lakehurst, nj.
f: military brevet; no record of fai-aca b-license.
l: competition balloonist 1920-23; author of balloon training manual, "short course on the theory & operation of the free balloon" (standard balloon training textbook). ***epic flight 4 jul.1923 (w/t.null) from indianapolis, in. balloon landed in lake erie during the u.s.national balloon race. his body was found 4 days later, but null's was never recovered.
a: resident of cedar rapids, ia.
r: nt-multi issues.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1870?1893) k                  (sm)
see appendix-b/l/s.         professional balloonist.
p: partner of wesley washburn; stage name "woodford brothers"; claimed residency in new york.
f: 6-year career; sustained injuries in spokane, and portland. ***epic flight 8 feb.1893 from san francisco, ca. launched his balloon from golden gate park in a moderate wind, struck a building while hanging by his feet, and died on impact. witnesses stated that both partners were drunk on the occasion.
r: south county tribune 13 jul. 89p4.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1865?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/m?         sport balloonist 1895 era.
m: l'union aerostatique de montreul, v.pres.

earn money via amazon            france          (1869-1937)                  (gb)
see appendix-ah/at/ax.                sport balloonist.
b: 5 apr.1869, tourcoing.
d: 24 aug.1937 paris.
e: ecole navale (french naval academy).
s: officer in the french navy, 1889-94; ambulance driver, 1914-19.
p: poet, musician, music composer; professor of music, schola cantorum.
f: fai b-license from the aero club of france.
l: 1909, served as aide (w/mix) in g-bennett b-race; outstanding musician.
r: nt-25 aug.1937/21/1 (t).

earn money via amazon         england          (1750?1810)                  (gb)
see appendix-a/x.         sport balloonist, 1785 era.
p: doctor of medicine.
f: made only one recorded flight (w/miss hines) 11 oct.1785.
l: made three unsuccessful attempts to cross the irish sea from dublin.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1890?1915)          (kb/gb)
see appendix-ak.         military balloonist.
s: officer in the french aerostiers, marechal des logis; second lt. (sous liet) of compagnie 34; first kite balloonist killed in ww-1 combat (14 oct.1915 over jonchery); later followed by 11 officers and 19 nco's.
r: the balloonatics p20.

earn money via amazon            france          (1754-1785) k                  (hb)
see appendix-a/b/c/d/f.         sport & scientific balloonist.
son of an innkeeper.
b: 1754 (57?) metz;
d: 15 june 1785, boulogne.
p: professor of physics at reims, 1780; director of natural history museum, paris 1782-85.
f: first ascent on a 80' tether 15 oct.1783 (see g.vilette); made 4 free-flights in his lifetime, listed below. ***epic flight 21 nov.1783 (w/arlandes) from the la muette palace in paris, before a crowd of more than 3000 persons. first controlled free-flight by man, landed near butte aux cailles, after covering 5 miles in 25 minutes. ***epic flight 19 jan.1784 (w/montgolfier & 5-pax) from lyon in "l'fueselle." voyage in a very large hot-air balloon (see appendix-p) ended safely, though it ripped in flight. ***epic flight 23 jun.1784 from versailles in "marie antonette." covered 36 miles southeast, in 45 minutes. ***epic flight 15 jun.1785 (w/romain) from boulogne. balloon was the first attempt at heating hydrogen for lift. balloon was consumed by in-flight fire. both aeronauts were killed on impact. (tragedy was witnessed by rozier's fianc閑).

earn money via amazon         usa         #-1071 (1905?1990)                  (gb)
see appendix-ar.                 professional aeronaut.
b: 16 oct.1905 akron, oh.
d: 1985?90 camarillo, ca.
e: calif.institute of technology, ms-1938.
p: airship pilot for goodyear 1933-38; aerologist; meteorology instructor, dept. head at cal-tech; consulting meteorologist.
f: received balloon & airship training at wingfoot lake; fai-aca b-license # 1071 issued 27 oct.1933; more than 2000 flight hours by 1938.
r: bf-s/o 1984p5.

earn money via amazon         uruguay          (1885?1945)                  (gb)
see appendix-f/w/au.         first native to fly in his country.
s: officer in uruguay navy, ship captain; organized the aeronautical section, of the uruguay military (7 dec.1912).
f: first b-flight 1911 from berlin; fai b-license issued 22 sep.1911 in germany (all training was done with the german aero club).
m: argentine aero club; german aero club.
l: bought his first balloon from the argentine aero club (brought this balloon to uruguay).

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1860?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-s.                 professional balloonist.
resident of upstate new york.
f: first flight 1875; accomplished balloonist by 1875; made several flights for c.myers 1879-80 era.
l: taught mrs.myers to fly after 15 minutes of ground instruction.
r: bm-sep.88/p34.

earn money via amazon         france                  (1880?1940)                  (gb)
see appendix-ag/ah/at/ch/ck.         sport balloonist.
name also seen as "rumpelmeier."
h: winner of the grande medaille de l'aero-club de france-1913 for his epic flight of 2420km. (mar.1913) from paris to kharkov, russia; winner of the grande prix de l'aero-club-1914, for his flight from paris to liverpool england.

earn money via amazon         england          (1820?1870)                  (gb)
f: made several free-flights, one solo. ***epic flight 4 jun.1865 (see coxwell) from belfast. balloon made a series of frightful landings, throwing all basket occupants out except runge. the balloon continued on, runge finally jumped into a hedge near the round.

earn money via amazon         switzerland         #+114 (1926-                  (gb/hb)
see appendix-bb/bc/bl/bm.         sport balloonist.
father of balloonists pierre, ariane, frederique.
b: 26 dec.1926, switzerland.
e: swiss standard schools.
s: swiss regular army.
p: businessman, tec-representative; owner of "multimatic, ltd."; co-owner/operator of only european (1982, hot-hit) hot-air b-school.
f: first b-flight (gb) 26 jul.1956, switzerland; first b-solo (gb)16 jul.1958, switzerland; first b-flight (hb) 13 sep.1966, usa; swiss b-license, pilot & instructor; more than 890 b-flights (15 across alps) by 1983; swiss b-license issued 25 aug.1958; more than 1000 b-hours by 1983.
l: 1966, flew first modern hot-air balloon in europe (switzerland, 22 sep); 1970, established world ax-class distance & duration records; 1974, first to cross the swiss alps by hot-air balloon (18 may, 15 times by 1984); 1975, co-pilot of raven airship (13 oct.); 1984, made his 1000th thermal b-flight.
m: bbac (british b-club); aecs (swiss aero club); bfa (u.s.a.); heissluftballonclub zurichsee (zurich b-club), president.
r: bm-sp.1975/18; bio-data 1983; swiss records.

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1750?1800)                  (hp)
p: professor of medicine, philadelphia, pa. ***epic flight 1793 (w/blanchard) from philadelphia. made physiological study of heartbeat & respiration during the flight (unsubstantiated)

earn money via amazon         usa                  (1860?1926)                  (sm)
see appendix-l/s.                 professional balloonist.
p: smoke balloonist 1890-1900 era.
d: 1926, stage name "mile-high."

earn money via amazon         britain                  (1860?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-x. sport balloonist 1894 era.
r: pya-scrapbook.

earn money via amazon            russia                  (1840?1920)                  (gb)
earn money via amazon            russia                  (1840?1920)                  (gb)
see appendix-u.                 scientific balloonist.
b: 25 dec.1840 jaroslaw.
e: russian naval academy.
s: officer in the russian navy; major general by 1897; served aboard various ships in the mediterranean; established the science academy of lomonosoff-1879.
f: flew in germany, france, & russia.
l: author "memories de la society de londres."
m: geographic society.

earn money via amazon (f)            usa                  (1890?1940)                  (sm)
see appendix-l.                 professional balloonist.
b: 1890, middletown, ny.
f: made one recorded ascent (at age 17). ***epic flight 2 sep.1907 from middletown, ny. balloon caught fire on ascent at 300'. myrtle landed prematurely in thick bushes with only minor scratches. note: flight emulated that of maggie daily of previous year.
r: nt-3 sep.1907/1/2; daily express 4 sep.1907.

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