-Sa - Spel-

SABLIRE, Diane de la (F)            FRANCE            (1950?1976) K                   (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist 1974?76 era. (Bio-data unknown)
Mother of 2-children.
f: FAI-FAC B-License for Hot-Air balloons; Considered an accomplished balloonist. ***Epic flight 20 Jun.1976 (w/VIELLARD & Trazi). Landing impact threw the pilot/owner (Viellard) out of the basket, and broke a fuel fitting. The balloon rose with the two aeronauts to a considerable height before the resulting fire parted the basket suspension ropes. Both were dead on impact.
r: Aerostat, Jun. 1976 p104 & 111.

SABURN, Tillie (F)            USA            (1877-1894) K                           (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L/S.         Professional balloonist
b: 1877 Richmond, VA.
p: Smoke balloonist for Ironwood Park.
f: Made only one flight, her last. ***Epic flight 1 Aug.1894 from Anderson, IN. Ascent and release were normal. However, her parachute did not open until 100' above the ground. The opening shock pulled the trapeze from her hands, and she died on impact.
r: NY-Herald 2 Sep. 1894.

SACONNEY, Genie            FRANCE          (1870-1930)                  (GB)
s: Officer in the French Navy, Aerostier; Military balloonist 1908-13 era.
l: Made wireless telegraph experiments on balloon flights; Wrote a book on his experiences.

SADLER, James Windham            ENGLAND          (1751-1828)          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-A/D/T/X.         Sport balloonist.
Son of a pastry cook. Father of Windham, Thomas & John.
b: 1751, Oxford;
d: 26 Mar. 1828, Oxford (age 77).
p: Confectioner (pastry cook); Chemist, Member of British Board of Naval Works; Assistant Professor at Oxford University.
f: First B-Solo (HB) 4 Oct.1784 from Oxford to Woodeaton; First B-Solo (GB) 3 Nov.1784 from Oxford; Retired from ballooning in 1812 after more than 40 flights.
l: Made and launched toy balloons in early 1784. ***Epic flight 1 Oct.1785 from Ireland to England, First to cross the Irish Sea (after three unsuccessful attempts). ***Epic Flight 24 Sep.1810 (w/Clayfield) from Croft to Bristol. First successful crossing of the Bristol Channel. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1811. Covered 112 miles in 80 minutes. ***Epic flight 1 Oct.1812 from Dublin. Made a second successful Irish Sea crossing.

SADLER, John         ENGLAND          (1765?1840)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.         Professional balloonist, 1785-1814 era.
Oldest son of James.
f: First recorded flight 12 May 1785 from Worchester; Last recorded flight 1 Aug. 1814 from St.James park.
l: Present as advisor of epic Vauxhall flight 9 Sept.1836 (see TORNACHON).

SADLER, Windham William            ENGLAND            (1796-1824) K            (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/B/C.         Professional balloonist
Youngest son of James.
b: 1796, Dublin.
d: 29 Sep.1824, Blackburn (age 28).
p: Engineer for the Liverpool Gas Works.
f: First solo B-Flight 7 Sept.1813 from Cheltenham; made 31 ascents 1814-24 era. ***Epic flight 22 July 1817 from Dublin. Crossed the Irish Sea and landed at Holyhead. Wrote a historical narrative of the flight. ***Epic flight 29 Sept.1824 from Blackburn. Basket hit a chimney after a premature launch. He was thrown out and hung by his foot from the anchor rope for some time before falling to the ground from a considerable height.

SAGE, G.Letitia            (F) ENGLAND          (1750?1800)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-A.                 Sport aeronaut.
FIRST English woman to ride in a balloon; Reportedly weighed over 200 pounds. Wife of George.
f: Made two recorded flights in her lifetime. ***Epic flight 29 June 1785 (w/G. BIGGINS as pilot) from London. F.LUNARDI owned the balloon and was to be the pilot. But due to the weight, graciously got out of the basket and allowed the two to ascend alone on a one hour flight. (Ref. THIBLE= 14 June 1784; SIMONET= 3 May 1785)

SAINT-FOND, Faujas de            FRANCE                  (1741-1819)                  (HP)
First name: Bartholomy.
b: 17 May 1741.
d: 18 Jul.1819.
p: Scientist, Geologist.
l: 1783, Opened subscription to help pay expenses of J.CHARLES experiments; Wrote first authoritative technical treatise on aerostation, "Description des Experiences de la Machine de MM. de Montgolfier" in 1783-84,

SAINT-MARCQ, Le Clement            BELGIUM                 (1870?1956)                 (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AV.                        Military balloonist.
d: 17 Jul.1956.
e: Military Schools, considered brilliant.
s: Officer in the Belgian Army, Commander of Antwerp-Wilrjk B-Battalion 1888; Capt.1896, retired 28 Oct.1915; Recalled as Commander of ALL Belgian Aviation in WW-1, retired again on 30 Sep.1919.
f: B-Training under GODARD & TOULET; Airplane pilot by 1910; Issued FAI-BAC B-License #29.
l: Reportedly designed an airship about 1911-12.
a: Rue d'pitie-Ourse; Anvers. NOTE: other balloon units were at Braschaat, Liege, & Namur, all 4 Kite Balloons were made by LACHAMBRE & YON.
r: BAC-Year Book; J-P Lawler archives.

SAINT-VICTOR, C. de         FRANCE                  (1870?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AG/AH.         Sport balloonist 1895-1910 era.
Full name "Georges de Castillion de Saint Victor.
b: 17 Sep.1870 (?1869) Geneva;
e: Faculte de Paris.
p: Diplomat.
f: First B-Flight 1898 w/DION; student of M.MALLET; Made many scientific B-Flights; Made many epic and unusual flights in 20 year period.
h: La Grande Medaille de L'Aero-Club de France-1913. ***Epic flight 1900 (see VAULX) from Paris to Russia. ***Epic flight 13 Oct.1901 (see VAULX) on Trans-Mediterranian attempt.
r: SA-52:Sup.23 Nov.1901; Aero Manual 1912-13, C.Faroux.

SALA, George Augustus         ENGLAND          (1828-1896)                  (GB)
Sport balloonist, 1855 era; Associate of G.B.GALE. ***Epic flight 1855 (w/Lt. CHAMBERS). Flight ascended to a great altitude. Both lapsed into unconsciousness, and narrowly escaped death from hypoxia.

SALAMANCA, Esteban         SPAIN                  (1882?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/U.         Sport balloonist 1905-10 era.
Full name: Esteban Gutierrez de Salamanca.
b: 8 Dec.1882 Madrid.
m: Aero Club of Spain (FM).
r: l'Aerophile-Sep.1906.

SALOMON, August         SWEDEN                  (1851?1925)                  (GB)
s: Officer in the Swedish Army Aerostiers; Chief of an Army B-Detachment 1901-06.
f: Received his B-Training in Austria 1898; Received Austrian B-License 1901.
l: Flew in a balloon with F.von ZEPPELIN in 1900.
m: Swedish Balloon Federation;
r: H.Akerstedt file.

SALOMON, David         BRITAIN                  (1900?1985)                  (HP)
l: Collector of ballooning memorabilia. Amassed a considerable amount that was sold at a Sotheby's auction in June 1988; Had a home at Broomhill; Bio-data unavailable.

SALOMONS, Sir David Lionel         ENGLAND            (1851-1925)                  (HP)
l: Collector & preservationist of ballooning memorabilia; 1890-98, accumulated 1500 items of the GREEN collection (collection housed in British Science Museum).
m: Founding member of Royal Aero Club, and Aero Club of France.

SALSMAN, John George         USA         #-972 (1899?1960)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 9 Apr.1899 Milwaukee, WI.
e: West Point-1923.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training 1924; FAI-ACA B-License issued 8 Nov.1924.
r: Who's Who in Aeronautics-1928.

SALVATOR, Leopold A.            AUSTRIA          (1863?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-K/U.         Sport balloonist 1900-05 era.
b: 13 Oct.1863 Austria.
e: Austrian Military School; School of Artillery; War College.
p: Archduke of Germany (cousin of Emperor).
f: Made 83 B-Flights & 17 Airship flights by 1903.
l: Owned balloon made by RIEDINGER of Augsburg; Flew from Paris in 1903; Injured in airplane crash 8 Sep.1910.
m: Aero Club of France; Aero Club of Germany.
h: Chevalier de l'Orde de la Toison d'or. ***Epic flight 19 Apr.1901 (w/wife) from Augsburg in "Meteore." Crossed the Alps, Landing in Tyrol after 8Hrs.30Min. ***Epic flight 28 May 1901 (w/wife, 7-yr.old daughter, & the Princess regent of Bavaria) from Vienna. Landed safely near Korneuburg after spending 2.5 hours at 6500'. ***Epic flight 16 Apr.1902 from Augsburg in "Meteore." Crossed the Alps alone.
r: l'Aerophile-Jul.1903.

SAMMON, William B.            USA         #-401 (1896?1960)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 19 Jul.1896 Evanston, WY; Resident of Kemmerer, WY.
s: Enlisted as Private in U.S.Army 29 Jun.1917; Volunteered for 9th Aero Squadron at Ft.Logan. CO; Became Adjutant of the 3rd Army Balloon Corps; Served in Front line combat during St.Mehiel & Argonne drive.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Omaha (NB), and Camp Wise (TX); FAI-ACA B-License #401 issued 20 Feb.1918.
r: The Balloon Section.

SANBY, Michael         AUSTRALIA          (1965?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX- (B)+13         Professional balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
Brother of professional balloonist, Mork.
f: Early B-Training patchy; Instructors: Tony Norton/Alan Shaw; Low time Commercial Pilot license at time of accident.
l: Not held in high regard by his contemporaries. ***Epic flight 13 Aug.1989 from Alice Springs. Grazed another balloon in flight (flown by Anthony Fraser) while descending. The other balloon experienced a major tear in the envelope, and 13 persons streamered to their deaths. Sanby was tried for negligence for causing the accident (Case still pending, July 1992).
r: NT-28 Aug.1990,S1,p20:2; P.Vizzard files.

SANCHEZ, Beza         CHILE                  (1870?1925)                  (GB)
b: Chile; Resident of France 1895-1925 era.
p: Doctor/Professor at Santang University.
f: Balloonist; Airplane pilot.
l: Friend/Assistant/Confidant of SANTOS-DUMONT.

SANCHEZ, Francisco S.            ARGENTINA            #:16 (1886-1952)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV/CN.         Military balloonist.
b: 13 Apr.1886 La Plata.
d: 6 Dec.1952 Buenos Aires.
s: Sub-Officer (Non-Commissioned) in the Argentine Army.
f: First B-Flight 17 Mar.1913 from Palermo in "Hurrican"; Made only 6 recorded B-Flights; FAI-AAC B-License #16 issued 20 Mar. 1913; FAI-ACA Airplane license #31 issued 14 Jul.1913 (ONLY Sub-Officer to receive a B-License). ***Epic flight 1913. Ran out of ballast, and crashed in the middle of a house. Newspaper headlines indicated that he was fined for making "unauthorized Circus acting."
r: Argentine files.

SANDUSKY, Farrari         USA                  (1870?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
p: Partners with Edna SPRINGER. ***Epic flight 6 Feb.1893 (w/E.SPRINGER) from Chutes Park (Los Angeles, CA). Ascent was normal and Edna cut loose at 3000'. Since the standard attachment of the parachutes was to the side of the balloon, the balloon rolled to one side, and Farrari was unable release. His fall was broken by his landing in telephone wires, where he calmly made his way along the wires, and climbed safely down a pole.
r: Call Bulletin (San Francisco) 7 Sep.1893.

SANNON, Emile (Mrs.) (F)            ENGLAND          (1910?1960)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-E.                 Professional balloonist, 1930-40 era.

SANTOS-Dumont, Alberto            BRAZIL                  (1873-1932)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-E/U/AG/AH/AT.         Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Youngest of 10 children, son of a wealthy coffee plantation owner.
b: 20 Jul.1873 Cabangu, BRA;
d: 23 Jul.1932 Santos, BRA (suicide).
p: Dilettante; Designer/developer of mechanical & aeronautical inventions; Co-Founder & co-director of the Fed.Aeronautique In'tl. (FAI).
f: Witnessed first flight in Sao Paulo, Brazil (see A.SEVERO-1888); First B-Flight Summer 1897 (w/MACHURON) to 60 mi. East of Paris; First B-Solo Fall 1897 on commercial event in Belgium; Made/flew many successful self-designed airships & airplanes; All of his Balloon & Airship envelopes were made by LACHAMBRE; Last recorded B-Flight 28 Apr.1907.
l: Automobile and Aeronautical enthusiast, sport balloonist; Author of many Aeronautical articles; Competitor in 1906 G-Bennett B-Race with a motorized basket; Suffered from depression and progressive disease (parkinsons).
m: Co-Founder of the French Aero Club (Chairman of many committees). ***Epic flight Autumn 1897 From Peronne FRA. Sucked into a approaching thunderstorm soon after launch, he experienced thunder & lightning around him for several hours. He landed safely in Belgium the next morning. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1898 in self-designed balloon "Brazil." Balloon (113 cubic meters volume) weighed 121 lbs. ***Epic flight 29 Mar.1900. Dragged violently on landing Broke his leg. ***Epic flight 19 Oct.1901 in self-designed airship, in pre-announced plan, to make a goal & return around the Eiffel Tower. Won 10,000 gold francs for his feat in "SD #6." *** Instructed Aida de Acosta (a Cuban American) in his SD#9 airship. She became the FIRST woman to fly in a powered aircraft (1905 from Paris). ***Epic flight 23 Oct.1906 in self-designed airplane, at a publicly pre-announced flight in "14-Bis" (see WRIGHT-1903).
r: My Airships; The Engineer 26 Jul.1901 p6.

SANTSCHI, Ernst         SWITZERLAND          #+32 (1887-1955)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV/CH/CJ.         Military balloonist.
b: 1887 Geneva;
d: Feb.1955 Geneva.
s: Officer in the Swiss Army LTA-Group; Balloon and airship pilot; Received airship training in Germany; Flew Parseval airships.
f: FAI-Swiss B-License #32 issued 17 Dec.1910.
l: Organizer of the 1922 G-Bennett B-Race in Geneva.
r: SAC-records; Freiballonfuhrer und Anwarter p131.

SARGENT, Fitzwilliam         USA                 #-637 (1892-1955)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 10 Oct.1892 Bridgewater,MA;
d: 14 Mar.1955 Philadelphia, PA.
e: Harvard, AB-1914.
p: Vice Pres. Budd Company, Railroad sales.
s: Officer in U.S.Navy 1917-21; Naval Aviator #648.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron (NAS-Great Lakes); FAI-ACA B-License #637 issued 17 Jul.1918.
m: Multiple Sclerosis Soc., Dir.; Merion Cricket & Racket Clubs.
h: Capt. of the Harvard Golf Team; Gov. of Merion Golf Club.
r: NT-15 Mar.1955/29/1 (T); Contact Profiles p199.

SARTWELL, L.W.         USA                  (1880?1902) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist.
d: Sep.1902 Danville.
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist. ***Epic flight Sep.1902 from Danville. Parachute failed from 1200'.

SAUNIERE, Jules         FRANCE                  (1872?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT.         Military balloonist.
b: 16 Oct.1872 Neuilly-sur-Seine.
s: Officer in French Army, aerostier.
p: President of l'Aerophile Magazine 1903.
f: Military B-School; Had FAI-ACF & Military B-License.
m: Aero Club of France (FM).
r: l'Aerophile-Dec.1903.

SAUTTER, Erwin A.         SWITZERLAND         #+146 (1924-                          (GB)
See APPENDIX-BN/BJ.         Sport balloonist.
b: 5 Sep.1924 Kreuzlingen.
e: National Surveyors School.
s: Heavy Artillery surveyor.
p: Aviation journalist, Travel/Tourism writer.
f: First B-Flight 13 Aug.1961 with Fred DOLDER; First B-Solo 4 Sep.1971 from Lenzburg; Swiss B-License #146 issued 21 Sep.1971; Over 200 B-Hours (50 gas starts) by 1985.
l: 1961-65, Crossed the Alps 5-times from Murren; 1972, Crossed the Alps from Interlaken to Oberwald; 1973, Crossed the Alps from Saanen to LaFordaz; 1979, Pilot in Modern G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Zurich Balloon Group (AeCs).
r: Data-form Jul.85.

SAVAGE, Charles M.         USA         #-879 (1880?1950)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 12 Apr.1880 Reading, PA.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Air Corps; Commissioned 1922; Lt.Colonel 1942.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #879 issued 12 Apr.1920.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

SAVAGE, Henry         USA                  (1880?1950)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist.
a: Resident of Ft.Worth, TX 1939. ***Epic flight 20 Mar.1910 from Los Angeles, CA. Launch was rapid, and the balloon ruptured at about 300'. Pilot quickly released the parachute, which opened successfully. Unfortunately, the balloon fell into it, and collapsed it. The pilot survived with minor injuries.
r: NT-21 Mar.1910/1/6.

SAVINE, Serge de         RUSSIA                  (1850?1910)                  (HP)
p: Inventor.
l: Made several unsuccessful contributions to heating hydrogen in flight.
r: NT-25 Aug.1895/16/1.

SAYERS, William         USA                  (1873?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Reluctant Aeronaut.
b: 1873. ***Epic flight 8 Sep.1893 from Wheeling (WV). Premature launch caused leg to be entangled in a handling line. He ascended upside-down, but eventually climbed into the basket, making a safe landing in Ohio.

SAX, Jean                         BELGIUM                 (1920?                                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-                        Sport balloonist (Bio-data unknown)
l: Sponsor and Official at many B-Events.
h: Montgolfier Diploma.
a: 1 Puitvoet; B-2700 Sint-Niklaas.

SCALIGER, J.C.         FRANCE                  (1484-1558)                  (HP)
First to suggest the use of "gold-beaters skin" to contain gases.
r: Volant Automatta."

SCANDRETT, Richard Brown Jr.         USA         #-717 (1891?1980)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.         Military balloonist.
b: 12 Apr.1891 Pittsburgh, PA; Res. of Cornwall, NY 1969.
e: Amherst College, AB-1911; Columbia University, LLB-1916.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1918-21 (Ens.); Balloon and Airship Pilot. Naval Aviator #1976.
p: Lawyer.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #717 issued 6 Nov.1918.
a: Old Pleasant Hill Road; Cornwall, NY 12518.
r: Contact-Profiles p494.

SCHABBAUER, Gustav            AUSTRIA          (1960?1993) K          (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B (+5).         Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
l: Avid GAS balloonist, instructor.
m: Osterreichischen Balloon Club. ***Epic flight 22 May 1993 (w/7-pax) from the Roehrenbrunn (Southern Austria). Balloon encountered unexpected winds, contacted powerlines and exploded in flames near Zeitraffer. Four occupants died of their injuries. The passengers were:
Wirft den Brenner & wife Seine;
Alois Nimrichter (K) & children Stefan & Rosental;
Arpad Keresztes (K) & children Anna (K) & Antonia (K);
Helmut Klein (died later of other causes).
NOTE: Same balloon (registration number) killed seven 3-years earlier (see H.PETER).
r: Der Freiballon-6/92p58; Skylines-Jul.93 (4-K, 4-I).

SCHABUS , Gunter                 AUSTRIA                 (1960-                         (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC.                        Professional balloonist.
b: 7 Apr.1960 Rankweil, Vorarlberg.
p: Professional balloonist.
f: Austrian B-License #75 issued in 1988; More than 1600 B-Hours (+15 Gas flights) by 1996; Airplane Pilot.
l: Sport parachutist (4000+ jumps) since 1988; Former Military & Austrian Para-Champion. ***Epic flight 13 Oct.1994 from Semley ENG. Established FAI-World altitude record of 5,816 m (19,081') for AM1-7 (Roziere) class balloons. ***Epic flight 11 Feb.1995 from Tigring-Moosberg OUS. Established a FAI-World duration record of 2:50:39 for AX1 & 2 (Lindstrand LBL-9A envelope made of "Trispy," weighing 17 pounds). *** Epic flight 28 Feb.1995 from Saurachberg, Karnten. Established a FAI World altitude record of 2,308m (7,571') for AX1 & 2 (see C.FOSTER).
a: GmbH & Co; Braderhof 13a; A-6833 Klaus Austria.
r: BL-Apr.95p8; BM-May 1995p16; Bio-Data 1996.

SCHAECK, Theodore            SWITZERLAND          #+ 1 (1870-1911)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-D/U/AH/AX/CH.         Sport & Military Balloonist.
b: 25 Apr.1856 Geneva.
d: 5 May 1911 Bern.
s: Officer in the Swiss Army, Colonel in 1911; Section Chief of Aerostiers.
f: FAI-Swiss B-License #1 issued 1904.
m: Swiss Aero Club; Berliner & Augsburger B-Clubs. ***Epic flight 11 Nov.1908 (w/E. MESSNER) from Berlin in the G-Bennett B-Race. Landed near* Norway and established a new absolute World duration record of 72+hours. NOTE* His Drag rope was caught by a passing boat crew, and the bal-loon was towed 10 miles to land. An intermediate landing exceeding 15 minutes would have disqualified him, but he appealed on the grounds that he had enough ballast for another 24 hours, and that he repeatedly told the boat to free him. His appeal was accepted as the "water-landing rule was passed (22 May) after the race qualifications were adopted (1 Feb.).
r: Swiss Aeroclub records; Freib.und Anwarter p132.

SCHAEFFER, Kurt                 GERMANY                 (1882-1966)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.        Sport balloonist.
b: 5 Dec.1882.
d: 3 July 1966.
f: FAI-German B-License issued 25 Feb.1914; Last recorded B-Flight (#101) in 1939.
l: Aide (w/STUBER) in the 1937 G-Bennett B-Race; Picked to represent Germany in the 1939 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Bitterfelder B-Club.
h: Sports Gold medal-1934.
r: FuA p133.

SCHAFFER, David         USA                  (1940?                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-BC/BH/BO/BV.         Sport balloonist.
b: 23 Apr.1948 Kingsburg, CA.
e: Stanford Univ., BS-Mechanical Engineering.
p: Engineer.
l: 1972, Built & flew own hot-air balloon.
f: First B-Flight Fall 1968 w/L. Harding from Rochester, MI; First B-Solo 29 July 1971 from Ann Arbor, MI; FAA B-License 13 Aug.1971; More than 490 B-Hours by 1983.
l: 1971-83, Built 3 balloons, and 2 extra envelopes; 1975, Competitor in World Hot-Air Championships; 1980, Co-Pilot (w/B.COMSTOCK) on first 24 hour hot-air B-Flight; 1981, Competitor in U.S. National Hot-Air Championships.
m: BFA since 1971, Events Committee Chairman, 1975-78.
h: BFA Presidents Award.

SCHANZ, Jetta Miller (F)            USA                          (1959-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BG.                Professional balloonist.
b: 14 Jun.1959 Wichita Falls, KA. Wife of Balloonist, Robert.
e: Oral Roberts University, BA-Telacommunications-1979. Public Relations; co-owner of "Skysigns Unlimited."
f: First B-Flight 30 Oct.1983 from Tulsa, OK w/R.Davenport; First B-Solo 31 Aug.1991 from Jacksonville, FL; Commercial B-License #4446062458 issued 28 Dec.1991; More than 120 B-Hours by 1993.
l: Organized 30-day Oklahoma B-Tour in 1986; Dir.of Special Operations for the Nat.B-Racing Assoc..
h: BFA-Shields-Trauger Award-1995; Montgolfier Award-1995 (?); NAA-Achievement Award-1995.
m: BFA, NAA, AOPA, FIA, 99's; In'tl Council of Airshows. Epic flight 13 Jan.1993 from Clairmore, OK in "Merrill Lynch." Landed near Tichnor (AR) after 291.34 Sm. in 7-hours 1-minute. (See H.DORIGNY 6 Jul.1984; 1000+ in 40:12 in AX-13).
a: POB-51591; Jacksonville, FL 32240-1591.
r: BM SP-93p8.

SCHAUT, Willy Francois         BELGIUM          (1935-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BN/BO.         Sport balloonist.
Son of a balloonist (Military Aerostier).
b: 6 Nov.1935 Zellik.
e: St.Peters College (Jette).
s: Belgian Air Force 1953-85; Steward/Loadmaster; Retired 6 Aug.1985, Warrant Officer.
f: First B-Flight (GB) 1946 with P.QUERSIN; First B-Flight (HB) 13 Sep.1969 with M.WESTWOOD; First B-Solo 23 Aug.1953 from Zwevezele; Belgian B-License #1687/94 issued 14 Jan.1954; Instructor & Examiner of Belgian Gas & Hot-Air B-Pilots; More than 1094 B-Hours (231 gas starts) by 1986; Glider pilot.
l: 1968, Flew the last flight of existing cotton/linseed-oil balloon in Belgium; 1968, Built and flew own 450 C.M. hydrogen balloon; 1973, Built and flew own hot-air balloon (balloon appears on a 1983 Belgian postage stamp); 1973, Participated in Albuquerque (USA) B-Festival; Participated in St.Niklaas B-Race; Participated in radio, television, & movie film B-Promotions; Sport parachutist, jumped from captive balloons & airplanes.
m: Royal Belgian Aeroclub; Balloon Federation of Belgian Aeroclubs, V.Pres; BBAC.
h: Diplome d'Honneur pour Merites Speciaux pour l'Aerostation, Hague (Netherlands) B-Club. ***Epic flight (w/A.Van REETH) from Stechelberg Switzerland. Landed at Obergestein Austria after crossing the "Glacier des Alpes."
r: Bio-data form Jan.86.

SCHELLBERG, Leonard Eugene         USA                         (1902-1995)                 (GB)
See APPENDIX-AO.                                Military balloonist.
b: 1902 Wash.DC.
d: 1 Oct.1995 Toms River, NJ (age 93).
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 30 years, Airship pilot, Served in WW-2 & Korean War; Ret.Lt.Cmdr.1953.
l: Last LTA (gas balloon) flight 1992 w/W.Armstrong: Consultant on the Piasecki-Helistat project.
f: Training instructor in balloons and airships at NAS-Lakehurst.
l: Served aboard the airship "Los Angeles and the Metalclad ZMC-2; Schellberg was the last living crewmember of the Shenandoah airship AND one of the 81 survivors of Macon crash in Feb.1935.
m: LTAS; Toms River Republican Club.
r: Pers.interview; BF-N/D 1995 p12 (T).

SCHELCHER, Andre            FRANCE          (1876?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AT.         Sport Aeronaut.
b: 1 Jan.1876 Paris.
p: Professional photographer; Vice Pres. of Aviation Industry.
f: Active Balloon & Airship pilot 1900-10 era.
l: Pioneer in professional aerial photography.
m: Administrator for the Zodiac Society; Aero Club of France.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

SCHERLE, Johan (Hans)            GERMANY          (1867?1940)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AU/CH.         Professional Aeronaut.
b: 1867.
p: Mechanic/Production Engineer for Ballonfabrik Augsburg.
s: Officer in German Army, WW-1 observation balloonist; Consultant to the German Army 1935-40.
f: First B-Flight with RIEDINGER from Augsburg; Received German B-License 1893; Made 52 B-Flights (46 as Capt.) by 1906.
l: Active sport balloonist, 1900-10 era; Co-owner (w/RIEDINGER) of Ballonfabrik Augsburg; Pilot in 1906 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Augsburger, Berliner, Bromberger, Frankischer, Kolner, Mittelrheinischer, Niederrheinischer, Nurnberger, Vogtlandischer, & Wurttembergischer B-Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero-Club. ***Epic flight 26 Jul.1902 from Augsburg. Landed in Sieradz Poland after covering 750Km in 16 hours.
r: FuA p134.

SCHLEIN, Anton         AUSTRIA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
p: Professor of Meteorology
l: Pilot in 1909 G-Bennett B-Race. ***Epic flight 5 Jul.1905 from Vienna. Ascended to 7800 meters and landed near Pressburg.
r: FuA p135.

SCHLOSSER, Arthur G.            USA         #-1008 (1895?1960)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AB/AC/AI/AH/AR/AX.          (Bio-Data unknown)
b: 23 May 1895 Mekonock, ND. Resident of Detroit, MI.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1008 issued 2 Sep.1927.
l: Sport balloonist 1925-30 era; Aide in US-Nat.B-Races of 1929 & 30; Aide in G-Bennett B-Races of 1926,27, & 29. Epic flight (see E.HILL). Established FAI-World records for A3 & A4 balloons.
r: ACA-archives.

SCHMIDT, Rudolf         GERMANY          (1922-                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-                 Sport balloonist (bio-data unknown)
f: First B-Flight 3 Apr.1960 with Fritz Braun; German B-License #213 issued 22 Dec.1964; More than 100 Gas flights by 1983.
m: Augsburger B-Club, Officer 1969-73.
h: Brickwedde Gold Medal-1971; Dadalus Gold Medal-1972.
r: FuA p136.

SCHMITT, Marechald de Logis         FRANCE (1890?1940)                  (KB)
FIRST French Observation balloonist to be shot down in WW-I.
h: Received the French "Medaille Militaire" for bravery. ***Epic ascent 9 Oct.1915 at 9:40AM over Somme. Balloon was destroyed as the aeronaut parachuted down. He received 2nd degree burns, but survived. (see E.ROSE, First to die).
r: Balloonatics p119.

SCHNEIDER, Jacques            FRANCE          (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AT/CH.         Scientific balloonist, 1910-14 era.
l: Aide to BIENAIME in the 1913 G-Bennett B-Race. ***Epic flight 28 May 1914 (w/BIENAIME & Albert Senouque). Reached an altitude of about 34,000' using the first
strap-on breathing masks coupled to compressed-gas bottles. NOTE: One report lists Pierron von LaMotte as altitude flight aide.

SCHNEIDER, Uwe          GERMANY          (1960?                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BO.         Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unavailable)
l: Winner of many National & International Thermal B-Events.
l: German delegate to the FAI-CIA 1995.

SCHOLL, Walter C.         USA                  (1890?1970)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
p: Smoke-balloonist 1905-15 era. NOTE: Donated his historical memorabilia to the Univ.of Minnesota archives in 1971.
r: The B-Historians Friend.

SCHOLLE, Howard A.            USA         #-675 (1885-1966)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AH/CH.         Military balloonist.
b: 12 Sep.1885 New York City.
d: 25 Dec.1966 Dallas, TX.
e: Williams College; Columbia University.
p: Lawyer.
s: Officer in U.S. Army, Aug 1917-Feb.1919; Commander of Ft.Omaha (NB) B-School 1917; Chief of B-Inspectors (see T.BALDWIN) 1918-19.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #675 issued 28 Aug.1918; FAI-ACA Airship & Airplane licenses.
l: Participant in the 1929 G-Bennett B-Race.
m: ACA, Contest Committee, Library Committee, Balloon Committee, Airway & Maps Committee; AIAA; NAA; NAOBCV; Soaring Society of America; Aero Club of France; Wings Club.
r: Who's Who of Aviation 1942-43.

SCHROEDER, F.W.            USA                  (1830?1890)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Professional balloonist.
Emigrated to the USA about 1860 from Germany.
f: Made several hundred flights by 1878.
l: Assisted John LaMOUNTAIN during Civil War (1861).

SCHUBERT, Friederich Sr.            GERMANY          (1863-1933)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Sport balloonist 1905-31.
Father of prominent German balloonist.
b: 10 Sep.1863 Berlin.
d: 31 Dec.1933.
p: Senior Postal secretary, Berlin.
f: First B-Flight 28 Sep.1905; B-License issued 1906.
m: Berliner, Bitterfelder, & Chemnitzer B-Clubs.
l: Sport balloonist 30 years, 136 recorded flights by 1931. ***Epic flight 1914 (w/Boyle, Freeman, Stronck, Lodi) from Bitterfeild, GER. Dropped ballast bag over Berlin, hitting a bicyclist, knocked him unconscious in the street.
r: NT-1914; Freib.und Anwarter p139.

SCHULTE-HERBRUGGEN, Aloys         GERMANY (1876-1968)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Military balloonist.
b: 5 Sep.1876 Essen-Borbeck;
d: 3 Jun.1968 Essen.
s: Officer in the German Army, retired Airship Captain.
f: First B-Flight 1898 With Katchen PAULUS; German B-License issued 20 Jun.1906; More than 230 B-Flights.
m: Niederrheinischer & Pommerscher B-Clubs.
h: DAeC Gold Medal-1966.
r: FuA p140.

SCHULZ, Alfred         GERMANY          (1924-                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BF.                 Sport balloonist.
Father of balloonist Frank-Michael.
b: 8 Apr.1924 Sonthofen.
f: First B-Flight 21 Aug. 1960; B-License issued 1 Nov.1961; First thermal B-Flight 1 May 1969 in D-ERGEE-IV; More than 350 gas & 80 thermal flights by 1986.
h: Silver Dadalus medal-1972; Silver DAeC-Ehrennadel medal-1978; Montgolfier Diploma-1969.
l: Many epic/unusual balloon flights in gas and thermal balloons.
r: FuA p141.

SCHULZ, Harold Seely         USA         #-391         (18xx?1970)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
B: 10 Sep.1887 Florida, NY.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps.
f: FAI-ACA B-License # 391 issued 20 Feb.1918.
l: Business Manager of "The B-Pilot Souvenir" at Camp Wise (TX).
r: The B-Pilot Souvenir.

SCHUTZE, Richard         GERMANY          (1900?1950)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/CH.         Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown).
f: First B-Flight 13 May 1923 w/Weyhmann; German B-License issued 1924; 165 ascents by 1936.
l: Participant in 1932 G-Bennett B-Race; Pilot in 1933 & 37 G-Bennett B-Races.
m: Bitterfelder B-Club.
h: Gold Balloon Medal-1931. ***Epic flight 16 Jun.1933 (w/SIEGER) to 9120 meters in an eighteen hour and 2 minute flight.
r: FuA p140.

SCHWABE, John Calhoun            USA         #-260 (1895?1980)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 21 Oct.1895 Columbia, MO; Res.Ink, Arkansas 1969.
e: University of Missouri.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917; Naval Aviator #1109; Officer in the U.S.Army in WW-2, Captain.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #260 issued 19 Dec.1917.
r: Contact-Profiles p303.

SCHWEITZER, Werner            SWITZERLAND         #+157 (1934-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO (4).         Sport balloonist.
b: 21 Jun.1934 St.Gallen.
p: Sales engineer.
f: First B-Flight Apr.1971 with Matt WIEDERKEHR; First B-Solo Oct.1972 from Mannedorf SWI; Swiss B-License #157 issued 11 Oct.1972; More than 590 B-Hours by 1985; Swiss designated B-Instructor & Examiner.
l: 1973, Participant in World Hot-Air B-Championships; 1977, Participant in World Hot-Air B-Championships; 1981, Participant in World Hot-Air B-Championships; 1983, Participant in World Hot-Air B-Championships.
m: Heissluftballon-Club Zumikon.
a: Tannholstrasse 5; CH-8910 Affoltern.

SCOTT, Robert Falcon         ENGLAND                  (1868-1912)                  (OB)
b: 1868 Davenport.
d: 29 Mar.1912 Antartica.
s: Officer in the British Royal Navy, Capt-1904; Enlisted (age 14) 1882; Geographer, Explorer. f: Received OB-instruction from TEMPLAR.
l: Made 2-expeditions to the South Pole, 1901-04 & 1910-14; Brought two balloons from the Royal Balloon Factory on the 1901-04 expedition; Made the longest continuous sledge journey ever made in a Polar region (1842 mi.), only to be beaten by Amundson, by 5-weeks.
m: Royal Geographic Society.
r: Harpers Weekly-17 Sep.1904/p1431; Funk & Wagnalls Std.Encyclopedia.

SCOVELL, Bertram         BRITAIN          #*27 (1870?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AS.                 Military balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
s: Non Commissioned officer in the British Army; Served in S.African Boer War 1900; Served as sergeant in Balloon Corps 1910; Retired Royal Flying Corps 16 Jul.1922.
f: FAI-RAC B-License #27 issued 3 Sep.1912; Airship #13.
r: Contemptable p24.

SEAVER, Ebenezer            USA                  (1820?1880)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDIX-M/S.                 Semi-Professional balloonist, 1850-60 era.
f:: Limited pre-war experience; Hired by T.LOWE (to replace PAULLIN at Budd's Ferry) as observation balloonist for Union Army 14 Nov.1861-Jan.1862; Fired for refusal to fly after two months without pay; Served along the Potomac River, Washington to Richmond.

SEELY, Irene A. (F)            USA                  (1880?1901) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional Smoke Balloonist.
p: Stage name: Lillian Lafay. ***Epic flight 9 Oct.1901 from LaSalle, IL. Landed in a river about sundown; body not found until 13 Oct.

SEGRE, Franco         ITALY                  (1940?1975)                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO/BM.         Sport balloonist.
d: 1975 Vald'Aosta.
f: Flew in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, USA.
l: 1973, Competitor in first World Hot-Air Championships.
r: BM-Sp.1976/15.

SEIDELIN, Ph. C.         DENMARK          (1870?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV/CH.         Military & Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
Name sometimes spelled "Seydelin."
s: Officer in the Danish Army Aerostiers; Retired Captain 1912.
m: Berliner Balloon Club.
l: Pilot in 1912 G-Bennett B-Race.
r: Danish Aeroclub records; FuA p142.

SELASINSKY, Eberhard von         GERMANY (1878?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AU.         Military balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
s: Officer in the German Army Aerostiers; Retired Colonel; Lieutenant in Infantry Regiment #117-1910; Commander of Kite-Balloon Battalion 1914-20.
f: German B-License issued (under von Selasen) 23 Sep.1907.
m: Berliner, Mitteeirheinischer, Pommerscher, and Frankfurter Balloon Clubs; Kaiserlicher Aero Club; Appointed Director of the Bochum Club in 1932.
r: FuA p143.

SELDEN, Marjorie Sparks (F)            USA                  (1946-1976) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX- (+1)                 Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unavailable)
Married name "Selden."
d: 30 Dec.1976 Jersey Village, TX.
l: Received B-License about 6 months before accident.
m: BFA; Tejas Balloon Club. ***Epic flight 30 Dec. 1976 (w/Father, Percy and her sister-in-law) from the Houston/Rainbow B-Port. Problems began when her father's hand was injured by a tree limb. In trying to apply first aid, the balloon descended into powerlines. Both Marjorie and Percy were immediately electrocuted, but the sister-in-law survived.
a: Location of surviving family unknown.
r: Houston Post 31 Dec.76; NTSB-report; B.Murtorff archives.

SELFRIDGE, Thomas Etholen         USA          (1880-1908) K                  (GB)
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, Lt. at time of death; Acceptance officer of all military aircraft; Test pilot, balloons, airships, & airplanes.
f: First Flight (in a kite) 6 Dec. 1907; First B-Flight 17 Apr.1908 from Washington, DC.
h: Air Force base in Michigan named in his honor.
m: Aerial Experiment Association. ***Epic flight 17 Sep.1908 (w/O.WRIGHT) on a test flight of a "Wright Flyer" airplane; Orville (the instructor) was hospitalized with serious injuries. Selfridge was killed.

SELL, Oliver Martin         USA                  (1931-1989) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1).                Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 9 Jun.1931.
d: 17 Jul.1989 Houston, TX (age 58).
p: Oil business, General Manager for Petro-Chem Products.
f: Had about 24 B-Hours; Considered a competent balloonist; FAA-Commercial B-License #198412701 issued 9 Jun.88; BFA-Instructor Certificate.
l: Active in many charitable causes; Owner of the Piccard AX-6 Balloon (N84DP) in accident.
m: BFA; Rainbows-End B-Club; Houston B-Assoc; S.W.Chemical Assoc; N.E. Chemical Assoc; Nat.Petroleum Refiners Assoc. ***Epic flight 16 Jul.1989 (w/Bob Buckert, also a balloonist) from Cinco Ranch (W.Houston). Balloon was last seen in clear weather, in normal flight. The chase crew noticed the balloon fly by, without a gondola. The gondola and occupants were found in burning grass near Bear Creak Park. Sell was on fire and beyond help. Buckert was pulled to safety, but died 2-days later of his injuries. Investigation revealed that they had touched a 220V service line, 12' above the ground.
a: Sharon (wife), & daughter Shila: 12600 Kimberly Ln. ; Houston, TX.
r: BL-Aug.89p6; Houston Post; B.Murtorff archives; NTSB-Report. NOTE: Buckert was said to have been a licensed pilot, but unconfirmed. NAME not in 1990 BFA roster.

SEM-Jacobsen, Einar Olaf         NORWAY            #/1 (1878-1936)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.                 Sport balloonist.
Father of aeronaut "Erling."
b: 3 Aug.1878 Kristiania.
d: Oct.1936 Paris.
s: Captain in Royal Norwegan Air Force.
p: Aero Engineer; Airplane constructor, Pilot.
f: First B-Flight 20 Feb.1910 with H.ERDMANN; Received formal B-Instruction from F.CETTI; B-License #1 issued 12 May 1910; made 19 B-ascents in lifetime; Instructor to 4 other pilots; Last B-Flight 21 Jun.1914.
l: Did extensive experiments with manned kites by 1909; Winner of International Challenge Cup 1 Mar.1912.
m: First Secretary of the Norwegian Aero Club (Norsk Luftseiladsforening, founded 5 May 1909).
r: Erling Sem-Jacobsen; Heimdal-sveien 4B; N-1342 Jar Norway.

SEM-JACOBSEN, Erling            NORWAY            HB#/1 (1915-                  (HB)
Son of balloonist Einar; Resident of Jar.
b: 2 Jun.1915 Oslo.
e: Oslo University, LLB-1938.
p: Lawyer, Police superintendent; Chief of Police.
s: Officer in Military Special Operations Branch; Paratrooper.
f: First B-Flight (HB) 14 Jun.1975 with Mike Klingberg; First B-Solo 20 Mar.1976 from Kuopio, Finland; Holder of FAI-NAK Hot-Air B-License #1; More than 180 B-Hours (One Gas flight) by 1988.
l: Balloon historian; collector of balloon memorabilia; Participated in balloon events in:
Austria-1982,                 Canada-1985 & 88,                 France-1983 & 87,
Hungary-1980,                 India-1986,                 New Zealand-1985,
Sweden-1978 & 80, USA-1975, 81 & 85.
h: Norsk Luftseiladsforening (NAC).
m: Norwegian Aero Club, Executive committee (Balloon section); NAK-Delegate to the FAI-CIA.
a: Heimdalsvn, 4B; N-1342 Jar, Norway.
r: Bio-data form.

SEMICH, Mark         USA                  (1925-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BH/BI/BR.         Professional balloonist.
Husband of balloonist, Betty.
b: 12 Nov.1925 San Jose, CA.
e: Georgia Tech.
s: U.S. Navy, B-24 Crew Chief.
p: Balloonist & Balloon maker, Owner/Operator of "Semco Balloons Inc." (sold to "Eagle Balloons Inc." 1978); Obtained the FIRST FAA-Type Certification (A12E) for the manufacture of hot-air balloons in the USA, 29 Jun.1967; Retired from B-Business in 1978.
f: Active sport balloonist 1960-86+; First B-Flight 1960 from Livermore, CA; Self-taught; Received 2nd sport balloon produced by Raven-Industries (a single-place, chair type). ***Epic flight 1968. Landed in a Nudist Camp. ***Epic flight 12 Sep.1964 from Sparks, NV. Competing in a timed-endurance race, he climbed to 22,000', and was clocked on FAA radar at 72 mph. He landed safely in a ravine.
a: 1986 address: Apartado 586; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; 809/586-4416.

SERT, Jose Maria         SPAIN                  (1876-1945)                  (HP)
p: Painter, muralist of high esteem. Balloon enthusiast.
l: Witnessed one smoke balloon flight in the 1920's; Painted many canvases & murals depicting the exhilaration of the sport. Some works are on display at the Nat.Art Museum in Madrid, others are in the Canary Islands.
h: Honored by his painting appearing on a Spanish postage stamp.

SETTLE, Thomas G.W.            USA         #-1021 (1895-1979)          (GB/SB)
See APPENDIX-AA/AB/AC/AH/AI/AR/AX.         Aeronaut Extrordinare.
Mid-names "Greenhow-Williams; Son of an Army Officer.
b: 4 Nov.1895, Wash. DC.
d: 1 May 1979, Wash. DC (28 Apr.1980 ? Bethesda, MD).
e: U.S. Naval Academy, 1918 (Second in Class); Harvard University, 1924-Masters degree.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy. Retired Vice Admiral; Served on Destroyers 1918-22, 1934-38; Commander of Blimp "J-3" 1927-29; Navy Airship Inspector of Akron and Macon Airships 1929-34; Executive officer on airships "Shenandoah & Los Angeles." Executive Officer of Lakehurst Air Station 1938-39; Commander of Navy Bureau of Navigation 1939-41; Commander of Pacific blimp operations (1942-unverified).
p: Naval airship inspector to Goodyear-Zep in Akron, 1930's.
f: Initial flight training 1924 Lakehurst, NJ; Received balloon & airship training at Akron, OH; FAI-Balloon license issued 7 Feb.1929; CAA Pilot licenses for Airships, Airplane & Gliders; More than 4200 Flight hours by 1941.
l: Participated in U.S. National B-Races 1927-31 (won 1929 & 31); Winner of the 1932 G-Bennett B-Race; Holder of FAI Altitude, Distance, and duration records.
h: Navy Cross for heroism in action; Legion of Honor; Bronze Star; Military Order of Caraboa; Harmon Trophy (twice). ***Epic flight 20 Nov.1933 (w/FORDNEY) from Akron, OH in "Century of Progress" (600,000 Cf.) for FAI World altitude record.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; BF-J/A 1980p2 (T).

SEVERO, Augusto         BRAZIL                  (1864-1902) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-G/U/W.         Sport Balloonist, 1894-1900 era.
Full name: Augusto-Severo de Albuquerque Maranhao.
b: 11 Jan.1864 Macaiba (RG do Norte).
d: 12 May 1902 Paris.
e: Rio University; Professor of Mathamatics-1882.
p: Engineer, Politician, member of the Brazilian Parliament (Minister-1892).
f: Started flight experiments 1880 in Brazil; First recorded ascent 1881 with MACHURON (location unknown); Built an unsuccessful airship in Brazil in 1892; First solo flight 14 Feb.1894 from Realengo (Rio) in "Bartolemue de Gusmao," a self-built airship; Made 3 free balloon flights in France Oct-Nov-1900; Received formal B-Training from CARTON & LACHAMBRE.
l: One of 12 children, 2 brothers were Governors; Went to Paris Oct.1901 to build his own airship (Pax); Friend & Protégée of Alberto Santos-DUMONT. Left a wife (reportedly a sister of Santos-Dumont) and 7 children destitute in Paris upon his demise (S.D. provided for them until his death).
h: Brazilian Airport on Rio named in his honor; Many World postage stamps issued in his honor. ***Epic flight 12 May 1902 (w/SACHE) from Paris in "Pax" (Peace). Airship on its first flight, was launched very light on ballast. Unfortunately, it was also launched with the appendix tied shut. The pilot, unfamiliar with his new airship as it made a rapid climb, was seen to discard another bag of ballast. The envelope eventually ruptured, and both died on impact.
a: Resident of Sao Paulo 1886-94; Rio 1895-99; Paris after 1900.
r: NT-12 May 1902/3/3; L'Aerophile; Os Precursores Brasileiros p71; O-Pioneiro Esquecido.

SEVRIN, Marc         BELGIUM          (1954-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BO.         Professional balloonist.
b: 25 Feb.1954 Anderlecht.
p: Aeronaut, hot-air balloons and airships; Sales, Cars and LTA products.
f: First B-Flight 24 Mar.1979 with Gerord DELFORGE; First B-Silo 18 Aug.1979 from Villers-la-Ville; Belgian B-License #6600175343 issued 28 Aug.1979; More than 375 B-Hours by 1985.
l: 1979, Flew in France, England, and the USA; 1980, Purchased his first balloon, made by Raven; 1980, Flew in the USA (Orlando, FL); 1981, Purchased second balloon, made by Adams; 1981, Flew in the USA (Albuquerque, NM).
m: Aero-Club de Mons et du Hainaut; Belgian Balloon Club. ***Epic flight 21 Feb.1985 from Villers-la Ville on "OOBSS." Landed near Arbre after establishing a Belgian duration record for an AX-7. Flight of 8:01:01 covered about 50 Kilometers.
r: Bio-Data-1985.

SEWELL, Arthur T.         USA         #-562 (1896-1965)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 15 May 1896 Garnett, KA;
d:16 Apr.1965 Phoenix, AZ.
e: University of Kansas, Mining Engineering.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot 1917-22; Served aboard "Shenandoah, Resolute, & Volunteer"; Recalled to active duty 1940-45, Retired Lt.Cmdr.
p: Airship pilot for Goodyear, Chief pilot of New York & Los Angeles blimp bases; Business owner of antique firearms.
r: BF-V12 #7 p8, S/O-1984.

SEYFANG, Frank G.         USA                  (1890-1963)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L                         Professional balloonist.
b: 1890;
d: 9 Feb.1963 Atlantic City, NJ.
p: Smoke Balloonist 1905-10; B-Builder 1905-20.
f: First B-Ascent 1905 w/T.BALDWIN; Barnstormer, Parachute jumper, Airplane pilot; Built and flew small airships 1908-12 era; Founder of Seyfang Laboratories, maker of inflatables until time of his death.
l: Made airships for R.KNABENSHUE & R.LAW.
r: BF-V10 #3p5, #9 p3.

SHACKLETON, ?         BRITAIN                  (1870?1930)                  (GB)
s: Officer in the Royal Navy, Lt. in 1903.
l: Had a balloon in Antarctica pre-1903. (see R.F.SCOTT).
r: Morning Post 4 Dec.1903.

SHADBOLT, Cecil V.         ENGLAND          (1830?1892) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist.
Resident of Bromley.
d: 5 Jul.1892 London.
p: Rector of Chislehurst.
f: Student of W.D.DALE; Made several solo flights; Made many flights from Chislehurst-Kent area; Accomplished aerial photographer.
l: Financed DALE in the balloon business; World traveler, Lectured extensively on the "Holy Land." ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1892 (see W.D.DALE) from London. Died of internal injuries from impact; never regained consciousness.
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

SHADE, James F. "Jimmy"            USA         #-562 (1882-1936)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AR/CH.         Military aeronaut.
b: 25 Mar.1882 Macoupin, IL.
d: 29 May 1936 Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-33; Naval Aviator #551; Balloon & Airship pilot and Instructor. Test pilot for Goodyear 1919.
f: Received Balloon & Airship training at Pensacola Florida; FAI-ACA B-License #562 issued 6 Mar.1918.
l: Aide to NORFLEET in 1922 G-Bennett B-Race. ***Epic flight 23 May 1919. Landed on the roof of the Statler Hotel in Cleveland to deliver R.UPSON to a conference.
r: ADT-archives; Contact-Profiles.

SHAFER, Claude         USA                  (1896-1966)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist.
b: 1896.
d: 1966, Illinois.
p: Smoke balloonist, 1923-60 era.
f: Made more than 5000 B-Jumps in his lifetime.
l: Personal friend of P.KRIEG. ***Epic flight 1923 front Quincy, IL. High winds on launch, blew him through the fifth floor of an office building.

SHATTUCK, Frank P.            USA                  (1870?1920)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                        Professional balloonist.
p: Smoke balloonist for G.A.ROGERS. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1892 from Waltham, MA. Launched in a brisk wind, pilot became entangled in telegraph wires 60' above the street. He eventually was pulled onto a roof by bystanders; the balloon landed two miles away.
r: NT-5 Jul.1892/1/5.

SHAW, Elgin Lorance            USA          #1073 (1906?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 11 Jan.1906 Tyrone, OK. Resident of Akron, OH area.
e: Oklahoma University, AeE-1928; New York University, 1930.
p: Research Engineer/Stress Engineer Zeppelin Company 1934-39; Aeronautical Engineer for Goodyear Aircraft 1940+, Manager of development and structures; Founder/CEO of General Development Corp (built airship envelopes for the Navy.
f: Received B-Training at Akron; 200 B-Hours by 1941; FAI-ACA B-License #1073 issued 27 Oct.1933.
l: Wrote many aviation technical publications.
m: Fellow in the Institute of Aero. Sciences.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; BF-S/O 1984p6.

SHELDRAKE, Stanley J.            CANADA          (1930?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BH.         Professional balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
p: Balloonist for Labatt Breweries of Canada; Made extensive tour across Canada (B.C. to Ottawa.
l: Built and flew 3 balloons of his own. ***Epic flight 1970 (w/Wife Barbara). Landed at the 6000' level of Heart Mountain, and waited 7-hours for rescue.
a: Sheldrake Trucking; POB-101; Smithville, ONT.
r: BM-Fa.68/6; W)800/263-8513, H)416/957-3464.
r: BM-1968-70; Hamilton Ontario Spectaular 8 Mar.1967.

SHELTON, John         ENGLAND          (1760?1820)                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-X.                 Sport balloonist.
p: Doctor of Anatomy.
f: Met LUNARDI on 15 Sept.1784; Made a flight attempt Aug.1784 with KEEGAN; Only recorded free-flight 16 Oct.1784 with P.BLANCHARD. ***Epic ascent 29 Sep.1784 (w/KEEGAN, maker of the balloon) from London in "English." Tethered ascent was in a very large hot-air balloon.

SHEPPARD, Daisy (F)            USA                  (1890?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist.
Stage name "Daisy."
p: Smoke balloonist and trapeze artist; Protege of J. FIELDING.
f: First flight 4 Jul.1908 from Chicago. ***Epic flight 28 Aug.1908 from Pittsburgh. Fell back into the crowd soon after launch. Many spectators were injured.
r: Pittsburgh Leader 26 Jul.1908; Standard 29 Aug.1908.

SHEPPARD, Samuel Hamilton            USA                #1037         (1895-                                 (GB)
See APPENDIC-AR.                        Professional Aeronaut
b: 13 Apr.1895 Lexington, VA.
d: Opa-Laka, FL.
p: Mechanic for Goodyear 1929, Airship test pilot; Ret. 1946.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1037 issued 30 Nov.1929.
r: BF-M/J 1984p12

SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Mariam (F)         BRITAIN          (1886-1983)          (GB/SB)
Nickname: Dolly; Married name: Sedgwick; Mother of aero-author Molly.
b: 19 Nov. 1886 Potters Bar, Mdsx.
d: 21 Sep.1983 Eastbourne, Sussex.
e: Public and Catholic schools until age 15.
p: Restaurant waitress, Ostrich feather worker; Professional Balloonist & Parachutist 7 years; Ret.1912; Ambulance driver in WW-I, Shelter Warden in WW-II.
f: First B-Ascent (GAS) 1904 w/A.GAUDRON from Ashby after only 30 minutes of training; First Smoke balloon ascent 1906 from Pickering; Made about 200 Balloon-jumps in career.
l: Friend of S.F.CODY; Employed by A.GAUDRON at 2L10S per jump; Co-Author (w/P.Hearon) of "When the Chute Went Up." m: Red Cross; Member of many charitable organizations & causes.
h: Portrait included on mural of Pioneer Aviators at the Alexandra Palace; Funeral was attended by Britain’s foremost parachute teams, The RAF-Falcons, and the Red-Devils; Featured in TV programs "The Dolly Sheperd Story," 1984 & 87; Epic mid-air rescue recreated on movie film. ***Epic flight 25 July 1908 (w/L.May) on a double ascent by gas balloon. On Miss. Louie May's first flight, her parachute would not release. As the balloon passed 11000', Dolly had Louie transfer to hers by wrapping her legs around her waist, and arms around her neck. After Louie's parachute was cut free, Dolly released from the balloon. Dolly suffered a severe back injury on landing, but continued her career 2 months later. NOTE: Event accepted as the FIRST mid-air rescue, by the Guinness Book of Records.
a: (Daughter) Molly Sedgwick: 5 de Walden Court; 51 Meads Road; Eastbourne, Sussex BN20-7QR England. r: Guinness Book of Records; The Aerostat, June 1988 p19-21; When the Chute went up, 1984.

SHEPPARD, Thomas A.F.            USA                  (1940?                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BG.         Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
f: First B-Flight 1974.
l: FAI-CIA Alternate Delegate for the USA; Attended all meetings from 1979-90, Full Delegate 1994+; Balloonmeister Extraordinaire; Served as Director for many US & Canadian championships.
m: BFA, Director & President.
h: Shields-Trauger Award, BFA-1978; Montgolfier Diploma, FAI-1989; NAA-Certificate of Honor-1989. ***Epic flight 1974. Injured his knee and was hospitalized for two weeks, after making his second B-Flight.
a: POB-674; West Bend, WI 53095.
r: BL-Nov.88; BM-Win.90p27.

SHIELDS, Francis         USA                  (1921-1968) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/BD/BE/BM.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1921;
d: 6 Jun.1968, Austria.
p: Iron worker, freelance building construction.
f: First B-Flight with D.Piccard in a gas balloon; Estimated 100 B-Hours in lifetime; Crossed Swiss Alps twice.
m: Member of the Balloon Club of America, Pres. 1967-68. ***Epic flight 6 June 1968 (w/Kasper & Palmer) from Vienna, Austria. Balloon grazed an 850' observation tower guard rail on launch climb. Sharp protrusions on the tower guard rail peeled the net from the balloon, releasing the envelope. All occupants died on impact.
r: D.Piccard, A.Fairbanks archives.
a: Resident of Swarthmore, PA. (Wife & 2-daughters in that area).

SHIELDS, George Howell Jr.         USA                         (1861?1930)                         (GB)
b: 27 Mar.1869 Hannibal, MO.
e: Princeton University, LLBM-1891.
s: Reserve Officer in the U.S.Army, Administrative duties; Executive Officer of Ft. Omaha & Ft. Ross B-Schools.
a: St. Louis.
r: Who's Who in Aeronautics-1928.

SHINROKUE, Ishimoto            JAPAN                  (1850?1910)                  (GB)
p: Officer in Japanese Army. Rose to Lt.General; Minister of War.
f: FIRST native to fly in his Country. ***Epic flight 10 June 1878 from the Army Academy in Ichigaya (Tokyo). Details unknown.

SHIREY, Douglas E.         USA                  (1963-1990) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Semi-Professional balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 16 Jul.1963.
d: 11 Dec.1990 Columbus, OH (age 27).
p: Balloonist for "Bogey-Inn" Restaurant; Part time Lawn care business.
f: First B-Flight with Pete Hulse (instructor) in 1982; FAA Commercial B-License #302666153 issued 30 Jun.1987; Over 168 TT, 111 in S-60A's; 5 years professional B-Experience. ***Epic flight 11 Dec.1990 (see E. INGWERSON). All aeronauts died after contacting a Television tower in downtown Columbus, OH.
a: Resident of Circleville, OH at date of death.
r: C.Frantz, D.O'Brien archives; NTSB-Report. NOTE: FAA lists him as PIC, as he was the balloon owner (N3589). Report also shows Kathy L.Nemes also as killed; d.o.b. =15 Dec.1963; SS#286-56-6023. She was reportedly a Student Pilot.

SHIRLEY, Albert P.         USA                  (1877-1951)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Jan.1877 Louisville, KY;
d: 14 Sep.1951 Washington, DC.
p: Hardware salesman, Business manager, Industrialist.
s: Officer in U.S.Army, Major in WW-I.
f: First B-Flight 1904 from Paris; First recorded U.S. flight 1906 with T.S.BALDWIN; Balloon, airship & Airplane pilot 1904-20 era; Holder of Military Brevets, No FAI licenses.
m: Atlanta Aero Club (FM); St.Louis Aero Club. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1908 (w/WILD) from Chicago in the U.S. National B-Race. Landed in Ontario, CAN covering 362 miles.
a: Residences noted in Nashville & Memphis, TN; Springfield, IL; Atlanta, GA; St.Louis, MO.
r: Balloon Scrapbooks, St.Louis Historical Society.

SHOCK, James R.                 USA                         (1930?                                 (HP)
p: LTA Historian 1960+.
l: Author of many LTA subjects; Recognized expert on airship history. Pers.Interviews.

SHOECRAFT, John A.            USA                  (1944-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BJ/BL/BN/BY.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1 Nov.1944, Indianapolis, IN.
e: A.S.University, BBA-1966.
p: Real Estate Developer.
f: First B-Flight 1977 w/W.Perry from Albuquerque, NM; First B-Solo 1978 from Phoenix, AZ; FAA B-License 1978; More than 1000 TT (incl. 200 in HB, 30 GB flights) by 1983.
m: BFA since 1978; Arizona B-Club since 1978.
h: Montgolfier Award, FAI-1981. ***Epic series of Trans-USA flight attempts in "Super Chicken":
        #1, on 20 Sep.1980 (w/Ripps) from Oceanside, CA to Columbus, OH
                in 65:30. Forced down by severe thunderstorms.
        #2, on 4 Dec.1980 (w/Ripps) from Oceanside, CA to Liberal, KA
                in 30:00. Forced down by leaking envelope.
        #3, on 9 Oct.1981 (w/Gorrell) from Costa Mesa, CA. Successful
                flight of 55:25 ended at Blackbeard, GA. Reaching altitudes
                of 30,000' and temperatures of -40, the goal was reached.
r: Bio-Data form.

SHOPTAW, John William            USA         #-332 (1889-1923) K          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-B/AH/AR/AQ.         Sport balloonist, 1919-23 era.
b: 28 Mar.1889 Worthington, IN.
d: 23 Sep.1923, Holland.
s: Officer in U.S.Army, Enlisted 1907, Commissioned 1917; Served in the Balloon Section of the Air Service.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #332 issued 30 Jan.1918; Airship pilot training, 1922 at Ross Field. ***Epic flight 23 Sep.1923 w/OLMSTEAD) in G-Bennett B-Race. Balloon was struck by lightning in-flight over Holland. Both aeronauts were killed instantly.

SHORT, Albert Eustace         ENGLAND          (1875-1932)                  (GB)
Brother of aeronauts "Horace L. & Hugh O.."
b: June 1875;
d: 1932.
p: Semi-Professional balloonist; B-Makers in 1908; Co-Founder of "Short Brothers Aircraft."
f: First recorded B-solo 25 Sep.1904.
l: Witnessed first ascent 1897 (of SPENCER); Bought own balloon soon thereafter.
r: PYA-Microfilm.

SHORT, John         USA                  (1850?1900)          (HB?SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
***Epic flight 4 July 1876 from Lafayette, IN. Hot-Air balloon was blown into the side of a building on launch. The torn balloon with the pilot hanging beneath on a trapeze, continued to rise to 200' before falling in the center of town. Pilot broke his leg, but survived.
r: AIAA Box-219.

SHORT, Horace Leonard            ENGLAND          (1872-1917)                  (GB)
Oldest brother of aeronauts "H.Oswald & A.Eustace"; Born with an abnormally large head.
p: Mining engineer before 1905, Aircraft Engineer after 1905; Worked with brothers building aircraft later.
l: Designed a enclosed/sealed gondola for balloons; Walked from Buenos Aires Argentina to Mexico City.

SHORT, Hugh Oswald            ENGLAND          (1883-1969)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-W.                 Sport balloonist.
Brother of aeronauts "H.Leonard & A.Eustace"; Last survivor of 3-brothers that established the famous "Short Brothers Aircraft Company" in 1908.
b: 6 Jan.1883;
d: 4 Dec.1969 England (age 87).
p: Professional Balloonist 1901-06 era; Worlds Oldest Aircraft manufacturer; built 12 balloons by 1908.
f: First B-Flight 1898; Built & flew own balloon in 1900; Last recorded B-Flight 1911 from Santiago, Chile.
l: Built 5 airships, incl. "R-31, 32, 37, & 38." **Epic flight 11 Sep.1908 (w/Tanner) from Battersea. Aeronauts were rescued from the North Sea by a passing ship.
r: Who Was Who in England; Aerospace America, Dec.1944 p80.

SHUMWAY, Carl Elliot            USA         #-492 (1890?1960)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 30 Jun.1890 Melrose, MA. Res.of Lynnfield, MA 1969.
e: Dartmouth College, BS-Economics; (Psi Kapa Psi).
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy 1917-34, 1941-50; Ret.LtCmdr.; Balloon & Airship pilot; Naval Aviator #319; Kite B-Pilot from ships in N.Ireland and England 1917-18; Airship Pilot at NAS-Lakehurst, Waymouth, Airlant, Adak, and Dutch Harbor Alaska.
p: Director, F.P.Shumway Advertising Agency.
f: Received B-training 1917, last LTA flight 1942; FAI-ACA B-License #492 issued 13 Mar.1918.
l: Ardent snow skier, active in organizing many events.
m: Naval Reserve Aviation Assoc; U.S. Amateur Ski Association.
a: 289 Chestnut St; Lynnfield, MA.
r: USN-files; Contact Profiles p505.

SICKELS, Daniel Edgar         USA                  (1823-1914)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-M.                 Military balloonist.
b: 20 Oct.1823.
d: 3 May 1914 New York, NY.
e: University of New York.
s: Officer in U.S. Army (Union), Ret. Major General; Used Observation balloons in successful military campaigns.
p: Printer, soldier, lawyer, Congressman, Diplomat.
h: Commander, Grand Army of the Republic; Buried in Arlington Cemetery with full military honors.
r: NT-4 May 1914/1/1.

SIEBER, H.W.         SWITZERLAND                  (1955?1980) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1)         Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
f: Student pilot; PIC unknown. ***Epic flight 20 Sep.1980 (w/D.AMMAN). Contacted powerlines that severed the suspension cables. Both aeronauts died of their injuries.
r: The Aerostat; awaiting Hohmann reply 12/93.

SIEBERLING, Willard P.         USA                  (1893-1981)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-AI/AH/CH.         Sport balloonist. (bio-data unknown)
Son of Frank, founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.
b: 1893.
d: 3 Apr.1981 Akron, OH.
f: No record of B-License or solo flight.
l: 1909, Witnessed Wright Brothers airplane flight; 1921, Aide (to ORMAN) in U.S. Nat. Elimination B-Race; 1922, Participated in the construction of airship "Akron."
r: BF-Jan.1963p1, M/J-1981.

SIEFKES, John         USA                  (1939-1979) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1)         Sport balloonist.
b: 1939;
d: 4 Jul.1979 Towanda, KA.
p: Housing developer, Shadybrook & Andover subdivisions; Professional Travel Agent, owner of "Siefkies Travel," Wichita.
f: First B-Flight 1972; Flight history unknown.
l: Owner of "Siefkes Travel" balloon.
h: Family established the "Library of Travel" in downtown Wichita. to perpetuate his memory. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1979 (w/Gene Williams) from Wichita suburbs. Balloon was a STOKES-superpressure model, with an electric fan built into the envelope mouth. It was tethered in a parking lot, by placing the tether rope under the wheel of a car. A gust of wind yanked the rope free, and the pilot recovered the tether rope in the climb. Unfortunately, he forgot the 140' extension cord (hanging underneath the basket) that supplied the fan. The cord contacted 69000 volt powerlines near Towanda, and both aeronauts died in the conflagration.
a: Wife Jan: still runs the business, 200 W.Douglas Rd.; Home: 7 Swallow Lane; Shadybrook.
r: NTSB-report; G.Stokes, G.Hyde, H.Wilcox archives; Wichita Eagle, 5 July 1979p1.

SIEGER, E. Arno         GERMANY          (1929-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BO (3).         Professional & Sport balloonist.
b: 24 Aug.1929 Essen.
e: Essen University, Engineering-1955.
p: Consulting engineer; German distributor of Thunder & Colt Balloons.
f: First B-Flight 21 Apr.1962 with Pit BORGERT; First B-Solo 12 Jan.1964 (gas) from Munster-Hiltrup; German B-License #4289-NWMS issued 27 Dec.1963; More than 1500 (99 GB+533 HB flights) hours by 1986; Airplane pilot since 1941.
l: 1969, First night flight; Participated in World HB-Championships 1973/75/77.
m: BBAC; Austrian B-Club; German B-Club; Dutch B-Club; Swedish B-Club; German Aero Club; Club Aeronautica Styria. ***Epic flight 1970. Made a 120 mile round-trip, and landed at his launch point.
a: Ripenhorst 20; D-48163 Munster.
r: Bio-Data 1986.

SIGSFELD, Hans R.Bartsch von         GERMANY (1861-1902) K          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-B/H.         Military balloonist.
b: 9 Feb.1861 Bernberg.
d: 1 Feb.1902 Antwerp Belgium (age 41).
s: Officer in German Army B-Corps, Captain-1902.
f: First B-Flight 1886 w/OPITZ; Received License from PARSEVAL; Experienced free-balloonist/instructor for the Prussian Army; Made 78 ascents by 1902.
l: Co-Developer (w/PARSEVAL) of the "Drachen" Kite-Balloon, 1896. ***Epic flight 1 Feb.1902 (w/LINKE) from Germany in "Berson." Winds aloft were estimated at 200kph. They landed near Antwerp (BEL). Both aeronauts got tangled in the rigging and were dragged to death.
r: NT-2 Feb.1902/3/3; FuA p14.

SILBERER, Herbert Victor            AUSTRIA          (1882-1922)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AT.                 Sport balloonist.
Son of Victor H.
d: 1922.
p: Psychoanalyst.
f: First B-Flight 1899 from Paris.
l: Author of "4000 Km. in a Balloon," 1903-Leipzig. ***Epic flight 25 Sep.1901 (w/E.CARTON) from Vienna in "Jupiter." Flight ended near Cuxhaven (at the mouth of the Elbe River) after covering 850Km. (531Sm) in 13:48 hours. ***Epic flight 1903 from Leipzig to a reported 2000 miles East.

SILBERER, Victor Herbert            AUSTRIA          (1846-1924)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.                         Sport balloonist.
Husband, & Father of balloonists.
b: 1846 Vienna;
d: 1924 Vienna.
s: Conscientious objector in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71).
p: Writer, Author, Aerial photographer, Politician; Took first aerial photos of Vienna, Austria in 1885.
f: Received B-Training in military (Vienna) 1864-68; Owner of 1100 c.m. "Vindabona"; Last B-Flight 1896.
l: Sport balloonist, 1868-1896 era; Author of: Balloon Pilots Handbook (1910-Berlin); Die Unmoglichkeit der Lenkbarmachung des Luftballons.
m: Vienna Aero Club, President 1911.
r: FuA p144.

SILIMPANI, ?         ITALY                  (1873?1930)                  (GB)
p: Professional balloonist.
b: 1873.
f: Made 636 ascents by 1907. ***Epic flight 1 Jul. 1907 from Floresta. Balloon went straight up into the clouds, and disappeared. His name does not reappear in succeeding news reports.
r: LePetit Journal (ITA) 2 Jul.1907

SIMMONS, Harry         USA                  (1870?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B?L/S.         Professional balloonist
p: Smoke balloonist 1890-95 era; Stage name "Mons Verano."
f: Made over 200 ascents in his career. ***Epic flight 28 Jul.1895 from Indianapolis, IN. Ascent and descent were normal, but he landed in a tree. His chute snagged on a dead limb, which broke under his weight. He fell 40' to the ground with such impact, his survival was doubtful.

SIMMONS, Joseph W.         ENGLAND          (1840?1888) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/S/T/X.         Professional balloonist.
d: 27 Aug.1888, Witham (Ulting).
p: Balloonist 1858-88 era; Protege of A.PULLMAN; Known for his courage, skill, and narrow escapes.
f: First B-Flight 29 Sep.1858 from Bolton w/Claude de CRESPENY; First Solo flight 1862 from Bolton; Made 495-500 flights in his lifetime.
l: Crossed the English Channel 5 times (rescued twice from N.Sea) (crossed in 12 minutes on his first attempt, June 1882); Crossed Irish Sea in Jun.1882 (w/CRESPENY) from Maldon to Arras; Dropped GROFF on his fateful Glider attempt 9 July 1874; Flew in Egypt, France (1883), India, & USA. ***Epic flight 11 Sep.1874 from Woolrich in a hot-air balloon. Balloon was 80' in diameter, and similar to present day design. It was made of a light/tight weave of cambric fabric, and a burner that vaporized "petroleum oil." Balloon was built by M.MENIER. ***Epic flight 27 Aug.1888 (w/ Myers & Field) from the Flower Show Grounds at Olympia in "Cosmo." Cross Channel flight attempt, ended after 1.5 hours, in a high-wind landing. Grapnel caught suddenly in the trees, and the balloon burst at 50'. The all-metal gondola, built for strength (but no resiliency), was thrown to the ground. The aeronauts suffered serious injuries, and the pilot died of a fractured skull.
r: LT-28 Aug.1888.
r: NT-24 Sep.1874/4/7; LT-28 Aug.1888.

SIMONET, Jeune (F)            FRANCE          (1871?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A.                 Sport aeronaut.
FIRST woman to fly in Britain (She was NOT a British resident, but was a French subject).
f: Reportedly made a second flight 21 May 1785 from London. ***Epic flight 3 May 1785 (w/BLANCHARD) from London. This young lady at fourteen years of age, was the first woman to fly in England. (See THIBLE=14 June 1784; SAGE=29 June 1785)

SIMONS, David G.         USA                 #-1098 (1922-                  (GB/SB)
See APPENDIX- AA/AF/AR.         Scientific balloonist.
b: 7 June 1922, Lancaster, PA; Son of a Doctor.
e: Franklin & Marshal College, BA-Chemistry; Jefferson College, MD.
s: Officer in U.S.Air Force, 1947; Lt.Col. 1957; Medical Doctor; Chief of Space Biology; Project officer for "Man-High."
f: First B-Flight 1957 with Joe KITTINGER; Received his serious training from W.HUCH; FAI-ACA B-License #1098 issued 16 Jan.1957; More than 100 hours in the stratosphere (above 38000') by 1957.
l: Amateur Radio Operator.
h: Arnold Total Award, AMA-1957; Distinguished Service Cross; LTA-Society Achievement Award. ***Epic flight 18 Aug.1957 from Minnesota. Project "Man-High" ,lasting 32:10, reached 101,516' (30,942m) in a polyethylene envelope; Established FAI Absolute Altitude record (see ROSS, PRATHER).

SIMONS, Vera (F)            USA                  (1930?                  (GB)
First husband was David; Second husband was Otto WINZEN.
b: Brenz, Germany.
e: Art School, 1946-50.
p: Artist; Designer of Strato-Balloons and support equipment; Consultant on many high-altitude research projects:
        Man-High; DaVinci-1 (Nov.74); DaVinci-4 (Sep.79);
        Transonde; DaVinci-2 (Jun.76); Strato-Lab
        Skyhook; DaVinci-3 (Jul.76);
f: Student of B.LEVITT; CAA B-License issued 1957.
l: holder of four patents on B-Fabrication. ***Epic flight 26 Sep-1 Oct.1979 (w/CRAIG, Engleman, Hyde, & Birch) from Tillamook, OR. Aborted TransAmerica attempt after 135 hours. Broke leg on landing near Springfield, OH.

SIMPSON, Mr.         USA                  (1800?1850)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/S.                 Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unknown)
Emigrated from England about 1830.
p: Partner with W.A. WOODALL.
f: First recorded flight 11 Sep.1826 from Stamford ENG; Only recorded U.S.flight 12 Sep.1834 from Frederick, MD (Rose 250' and landed about one mile away).
r: Aeronautics in Great Britain; Hodgeson, London; Baltimore Gazette 15 Oct.1835.

SINGER, A.Mortimer         BRITAIN          #* 12 (1863-1929)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH/AS.         Sport balloonist.
b: 25 Jul.1863 Yonkers, NY;
d: 24 Jun.1929 London; Became a Naturalized British Citizen in 1900.
e: Cambridge.
p: Industrialist, Manufacture of sewing machines.
f: Active balloonist 1900-9 era; FAI-RAC Balloon license #12 issued 20 July 1909; Airplane enthusiast and pilot; FAI-RAC Airplane license #6; Crashed his airplane 9 Sep.1909, retired from flying.
l: Inherited sewing machine company founded by his father (Isaac, in 1850); Breeder and racer of thoroughbred horses; Avid Huntsman, Yachtsman, Motorist, Golfer, Fisherman; Established coveted "Singer Trophy" presented for outstanding accomplishments in aviation.
r: Who Was Who 1929-40.

SIRVEN, Edmond         FRANCE                  (1870?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT.         Sport balloonist 1900-10 era.
m: Ligue Meridionaile Aeriene; Aero Club of Pyrenees, V.Pres.; Aero Club of France, Director.
r: C.Faroux, Aero Manual 1912-13.

SIVEL, Theodore         GERMANY          (1834-1875) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/T;                  Military & Scientific balloonist.
Wife Marie, was the daughter of Eugene & Louise POITEVIN.
b: 10 Nov.1834;
d: 15 Apr.1875.
p: Observation balloonist in the Prussian Army, 1871.
f: Made four free-flights in his lifetime; First B-Flight 1869 in a "solar" hot-air balloon for a duration of four hours (substantiated by C-DOLLFUS). See T.BARNES; Second B-Flight 26 Apr.1873 with SPINELLI, Jobert, & Penaud); Third B-Flight 23 Mar.1874 (w/SPINELLI). ***Epic flight 17 Apr.1875 (w/G.TISSANDIER & SPINELLI) in "Zenith." Sivel & Spinelli died of hypoxia on 23 hour flight, calculated to have reached an altitude of 28,215'.
r: Aerostat V5#1p2.

SIVERSEN, Olaf         NORWAY          #/2 (1869?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1869 Norway.
s: Officer in the Norwegian Army, Artillery Captain in 1910.
f: First B-Flight 20 Feb.1910; Made 17 ascents in lifetime; FAI-NAK B-License #2 issued 12 May 1910. ***Epic flight 20 Nov.1910 from Copenhagen in "Norge." Winner of the Hellesen Challenge Cup for completing a judge-declared goal.
r: Sem-Jacobsen files.

SJUTS, Helma (F)            GERMANY          (1919-                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BN.         Sport balloonist.
b: 29 Jan.1919 Duisburg.
e: Gymnasium/Universitat; Abitur-1938; Staatsexumen, 1940, 45,50.
p: Realschuldirektorin (school director), retired 1982.
f: First B-Flight 11 May 1969 with Bernhard Kemper; German B-License #3723-NWMS (GB/HB) issued 18 Oct.1970; More than 3149 PIC (+1104 CP) B-Hours (588 gas +558 HB flights) by Aug.1985. Covered 63,844 air Km. in 17 years.
l: 1974, Made her first night flight; 1983, Established German Womens Duration & Distance Records;1983, Placed Seventh in Memorial G-Bennett B-Race; 1984, Placed Eighth in Coupe G-Bennett B-Race.
m: Freeballon Sport Club of Munster-Munsterland (since 1969), President 1976-86, Instructor 1976-86.
h: Montgolfier Diploma-1974; DAeC Silver Medal-1975; Dadailos Gold Medal, 1983-German Aero Club Silver Trophy, 1984-German Freeballoon Sport Club; Three time winner of Silver Placque, German Freeballoon Club. ***Epic flight 28-29 Jul.1983 from Oer-Erkenschwick. Established a German Women’s duration record of 23:53, landing in Amagney/Besancon (FRA) after covering 493 Km.
r: Bio-Data form Aug.85.
a: Eichelhaherweg-2; D-4400 Munster: West Germany; 0251/31309.
r: Personal interview.

SKINNER, Clawson N.            USA         #-365 (1898-1977)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military Balloonist 1917-19 era.
b: 21 Mar.1898 Nonnon, ID.
d: 12 Jun.1977 Whittier, CA.
e: University of Southern California, DDS-1922.
s: Officer in U.S.Army B-Corps, 69th B-Company * (listed as an Enlisted man).
p: Doctor (specialist in Prosthetics) USC & County Gen.Hospitals; Anthropologist, Specialist in ethnic skull & bone abnormalities, and causes of infections.
f: FAI ACA B-License #365 issued 13 Feb.1918.
l: Author and highly respected lecturer.
r:*The Balloon Section.

SLOCUM, ?         USA                  (1860?1890) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Professional balloonist & acrobat.
***Epic flight ?1890? from Antwerp, NY. Ascended on a trapeze below a gas balloon, doing an acrobatic routine. Fell from a considerable height, and died on impact.

SMALLBONES, George            BRITAIN          (1880?1940)                  (SM)
p: Professional balloonist. Resident of W.Kensington.
f: Smoke balloonist, Central England, 1903 era.
l: Balloon was destroyed by H.Smith, who slashed it with his knife over a debt of 40 Pounds.
r: Evening Standard 30 Jul.1903.

SMITH, A.E.         BRITAIN                  (1875?1940)                  (SM)
p: Professional balloonist. Husband of balloonist Countess S."
f: First B-Flight 1896 (Wife started 1898); Worked for "Spencer & Sons." ***Epic flight 1 Jun.1903 (w/wife) from Cardiff. Ascent and seemed normal, but his wife had to be rescued by ladder from a tree. He clung to a telegraph line until it broke, and landed in shallow water, sustaining serious injuries.
r: Cardiff Mail 2 Jun.1903.

SMITH, Anthony         ENGLAND          (1926-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-F/BF/BJ/BM/BN/BP.         Sport balloonist.
b: 30 Mar.1926, Taplow.
e: Blundell's Devon; Balliol, Oxford.
s: Royal Air Force, 1945-48.
p: Writer, Author, "Jambo," "The Dangerous Sort"; Radio commentator.
f: First Gas balloon flight Apr.1961 with N. BOESMAN & Demenint; First Solo 4 Jan.1962 from Zanzibar to Tanzania; Netherlands Balloon License Dec.1961; More than 300 hours (60 gas flights) by 1982; Pilot of both gas & hot-air airships.
l: 1963, First Briton to cross the European Alps; 1963, First Briton to build & fly a Gas airship since 1930 (Made & used for Movie "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang"); 19??, Rode a motorcycle from Cairo (Egypt) to Capetown (S.Africa); 1988, Motored a raft down the Araguaia River of Brazil.
m: BBAC (FM), since 1965, Chairman 1965-70, President 1974.
h: 1970, Tissander Diploma; 1976, Montgolfier Award. ***Epic flight 4 Jan.1962 (w/John Newbold from Zanzibar to Tanzania. First aeronaut to cross the Straits of Zanzibar.
a: 10 Aldbourne Rd; London W12-0LN; 01-743-6935.
r: Jambo; The Dangerous Sort.

SMITH, James Richard         USA                  (1920?                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-BS.                 Pioneer balloonist.
e: Hillsdale College, BS-Chemistry 1941; N.Y.Univ, MS-Meteorology 1947; Univ.of Minnesota & Columbia University, Graduate Studies, 1949-54; University of Nebraska, Doctorate of Science.
s: Meteorologist, U.S.Army Air Force, 1944-46.
p: Meteorological B-Systems Director, Gen.Mills, 1952-56; Field Mgr.for Free Europe Press, 1956; Professor of Geography, Augustina College (Sioux Falls, SD); Dir.of Meteorological Systems, Raven Ind., 1956; NOTE: One of 4-founders of Raven Industries Balloon Corporation, Others were Ed YOST, Duane Thon, and Joe Kaliszewski (Russ Pohl came later).
f: First Hot-Air B-Flight 10 Oct.1960 (Made next flight after E.YOST) from Bruning, NB; CAA/FAA B-License; extent of B-Flight history unknown.
l: Served on balloon launch staff for many overt/covert launches; Served extensive time in Turkey; Worked closely with M.Lee LEWIS.
m: Amer.Meteorological Society; American Geophysical Union.
r: Raven archives; Ed Yost archives.

SMITH, James W.         USA                  (1890?1960)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Reluctant aeronaut.
p: Farmer, Mason, Carpenter, Mechanic.
f: Made only one recorded flight attempt. ***Epic flight 22 Oct.1912 from Fayetteville, NC. Assisting in the inflation of a smoke balloon at the Cumberland County Agriculture Society. A gust of wind prematurely released the balloon. Jims leg caught in a handling rope and he was jerked (upside-down), to about 1500', but landed safely two miles Southwest.
a: Resident of farm 6-mi.from Parkersburg, NC.
r: River Hill House Press; BM-J/F-1980/38.

SMITH, Maurice Robert         USA         #- 98 (1890?1965)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/CP/CM/CS.         Military balloonist.
s: Enlisted in the U.S.Army 11 Jun.1917; Commissioned 19 Sep.1917; Commander of the 5th Balloon Company in France; Served during the Argonne-Meuse & St.Mehiel offensives; Spent 79hours 59minutes aloft in combat; Had to make a para-jump from kite balloon while under attack, Balloon exploded in a ball of fire.
p: Investment manager.
f: Received B-Training with the Missouri Aero Society; FAI-ACA B-License #98 issued 5 Sep.1917.
a: 3616 Holmes; Kansas City, MO; Mountain Lake, Lake Wales, FL.
r: The Balloon Section.

SMITH, S.S.         USA                  (1790?1830)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Sport balloonist.
f: Student of MORAT; Made many ascents from New Orleans buy 1860, but only one recorded solo flight. ***Epic flight 8 Feb.1858 from New Orleans, LA. Flight was astride alligator. Aeronaut MORAT was launched at the same time, in a different balloon.
r: Daily Picayune 15 Feb.1856.

SMITH, Stephen H.T.            INDIA                  (1890?1930)                  (HP)
Sport balloonist (Bio-data unknown) Mid names Hector Taylor.
f: Reportedly made a B-Flight 3 Aug.1914 from Pinkcity Jaipur to Bara Bazar Calcutta.
l: Experimenter of Rocket and Balloon Mail; Considered "Father of Indian Philately."
h: Indian postal stamp issued in his honor Dec.1992.
r: Eric Moore; 15 Lincoln Street; Worksop, Notts. S80 2NA England.

SMITH, Vernor L.         USA                 #-1016 (1899-1982)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI/AR.         Military aeronaut.
b: 28 Dec.1899 Vincennes, IN;
d: 6 Aug.1982 Miami, FL.
p: Mechanic & Airship pilot for Goodyear, Ret.1962.
s: Officer in U.S. Navy 1940-62; Balloon & Airship instructor; Commander of Tillamook Airship Base (OR).
f: Received B-Training at Akron, OH; FAI-ACA B-License #1016 issued 14 Nov.1928; Balloon and airship instructor; 42,110 airship hours in career.
l: First to take a bag of mail from a ship at sea, to shore (see W.FLOOD); First to take on a bag of mail from the Empire State Building. 1936, Aide to TROTTER in U.S. Nat. B-Race (won race).
m: LTAS. BF-V8 #7 p3, V15 #1 p1; V29#6p11 (T).

SMITT, Carl         SWEDEN          #=7 (1888?1922)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Sport balloonist.
p: Businessman, Co-Director of large company.
f: SBK-FAI B-License #7 issued 2 Sep.1907.
l: Owner of gas balloon "Argonaut" (made by SURCOUF) in 1905.
r: H.Ackerstadt files.

SMYTH, Charles Frederick            USA                  (1887?1940)                  (HP)
See APPNDIX-AR.                        Professional aeronaut.
b: 7 Apr.1887 Wichata, KA.
e: Georgetown Univ.-1905; Stanford University-1909.
p: Owner of Smyth Motor Car Distributorship; Owner of Connecticut Aircraft Corp.-1916, Built balloons & airships for the U.S.Govt, Built FIRST Navy airship.
l: Holder of patent on 3-lobed observation balloon.
m: ACA; New Haven Country Club.
r: Aviation Magazine-1921.

SMYTHE, Clifford E.         USA                 #- 908 (1888-1922) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 4 Jul.1888 Burlington, IA.
d: 20 Feb.1922 Hampton, VA; Resident of Chicago, IL.
s: Officer in U.S. Army B-Corps 1917-19; Airship training 1920-22.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #908 issued 29 Dec.1920. Epic flight 20 Feb.1922 (see MABRY). Killed in crash of "Roma."
r: NT-23 Feb.1922/page 1.

SNEATH, Mr.         ENGLAND          (1810?1860)                          (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/X.         Sport balloonist.
***Epic flight 24 May 1837 from Bleak Hill (near Mansfield). Flight in a self-built hot-air balloon, landed at 11pm after a two hour flight. Pilot stayed in the basket until the next morning, to keep the envelope from falling onto the burner.

SNELL, Harold Vaughn         USA                 #-602 (1898?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 13 Oct.1898 Boston, MA; Res.of Massachusetts 1969.
p: Contract Representative for the Veterans Administration.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-20; Naval Aviator #1975.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #602 issued 16 May 1918; HTA #2571.
a: 11 Blanchard Bl.; Braintree, MA 84.
r: Contact Profiles p494/512.

SNOW, Robert         USA                  (1940?                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BJ.                 Sport balloonist.
p: Owner of Church Street Station" restaurant in Orlando, FL.
l: Airplane Barnstormer, Skywriter, Stunt Pilot; Participated in five Modern G.Bennett B-Races; Crossed the Swiss Alps by balloon.
r: Bio-data unavailable.

SNYDER, Rick         USA                  (1959-                  (HB)
b: 1959 St.Paul, MN.                        Reluctant aeronaut.
***Epic flight 14 Dec.1969 from Minneapolis, MN. Hot-air balloon was tethered inside a football stadium at half-time activities. Mother (Audrey) stepped out of the basket, balloon ascended rapidly, and broke the tether line. Rick (10 years old) landed in the Minnesota River and swam 30' thru icy water to shore; Passing motorist returned him to the stadium, much to the relief of the crowd.

SONNICHSEN, Darrell                 USA          (1931-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BA/BB/BC/BI/BR/BX.         Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Nickname: "Deke."
b: 14 Aug.1931 San Jose, CA. Resident of Menlo Park, CA.
e: Univ.of California at Berkley, BA-Economics 1959.
s: Enlisted in U.S. Army 1951-54, 82nd Airborne Division.
f: First B-Flight 1964 with W.BERRY; FAA-Designated B-Pilot examiner 1965-pres; More than 500 B-Hours by 1983.
l: 1959, Participated in World Parachute Competition in Yugoslavia; 1968, Originator of "Whisky Hills, Atherton, Menlo Oaks Ballooning & Sporting Society" (WHAMOBASS, annual aeronaut reunion); Editor of "Ballooning" magazine 1968-70.
m: California Parachute Club; Parachute Club of America; BFA.
h: Shields-Trauger Award-1976.
r: BM; Pers.interview.

SOPWITH, Thomas O.            ENGLAND          (1888?1960)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI/AG.         Sport Aeronaut.
e: Engineering.
p: Aircraft Manufacturer (Hawker-Siddley). Made more aircraft (16,237) during WW-I than all other types of aircraft combined. f: First flight 1906 w/C.ROLLS; FAI qualified B-Pilot by age 19 (1907); FAI refused to issue him a license, saying he was too young; FAI issued him an Airplane license 15 Nov.1910.
l: Co-owner (w/Polsey) of balloon "Polsop."
h: Many aviation awards; Knighted by Queen in 1953.

SORENSEN, Edgar Peter         USA                #-949         (1893?1960)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Military aeronaut
b: 11 Mar.1893 Glenville, MN.
e: Univ.of Washington (Seattle), BS-1915; MIT-1923-5. Received B-Training at Ft.Ross Mar.-Dec.1921 (B-License issued 1 Nov.1921); Airships at Scott Field May-Aug.1922 (A-License issued 18 Aug.1922).
r: Who's Who in Aeronautics-1928.

SOUKUP, Jacques W.            USA                  (1950-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BP.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 16 Oct.1950 Tyndall, SD.
e: Univ.of S.Dakota; S.Dakota State; Aquinas Inst.of Theology; BS-Biology; BS-Zoology; MA-Moral Theology; MA-Divinity.
p: Inactive Roman Catholic Priest; Medical Ethicist; Investor, Co-Owner (w/K.Thomas) of Bosque Holdings, Ltd.; Co-Owner (w/K.Thomas) of world's largest fleet of privately owned balloons.
f: First B-Flight 3 Sep.1979 with K.Thomas & J/Toler; First B-Solo 26 Oct.1980 from Albuquerque, NM; FAA B-License #503660152 issued 21 Dec.1980; More than 1100 B-Hours (22 Gas starts) by 1987.
l: 1981, Winner of Farmington (NM) Hare & Hound Race;1984, Competed in the British open B-Championships;1985, Placed 4th in U.S.National GB-Championships; 1985, Established 8-World Records for AM-Class balloons; 1986, Placed 3rd in U.S.National GB-Championships; 1986, Placed 4th in World GB-Championships; President of the CIA 1994-5.
m: BFA, Gas Events Committee.
h: P.Tissandier Diploma, FAI-1990; Trauger-Shields Award (?). ***Epic flight 1984 (details unknown) from Wales (UK) in "Chic-I-Boom." Landing safely in England after crossing the Severn Estuary (98Km,) after 3 hours 35 minutes.
a: Resident of the U.S.Virgin Islands.
r: Bio-data May-1987; Pers.interview.

SOUTHWORTH, Tracy W.         USA                 #-1059 (1895?1970)          (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AI/AR.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 9 Apr.1895 Monroe, MI; Resident of Monroe, MI.
p: Politician, Michigan Legislature.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #1059 issued 4 Sep.1930; Airship pilot.
l: Aide in U.S.National B-Races 1929,31, & 32

SPAETH, Debbra A. (F)         USA                  (1956-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BF/BG.         Sport balloonist.
b: 16 Mar.1956, Hartford, WI.
e: Univ.of Milwaukee, BBA-1976; Marquette Univ., MBA-1988.
p: Manufacturers Rep. (TelCom. Test Equipment).
f: First B-Flight March 1974. First B-Solo Jul.1978; FAA B-License #397508000 issued Jul.1978; More than 100 B-Hours by 1988.
l: 1975, Organized first B-Race under new BFA sanction rules; 1978, Asst.Chief Observer for U.S.National HB-Championships; 1979, Asst.B-Meister for U.S.National HB-Championships; 1981, Asst.Director for World HB-Championships; 1983, Asst.Director for North American HB-Championships; 1984, Steward for North American HB-Championships; 1984, Chief Scorer for the Canadian HB-Championships; 1986-87, Chief Scorer for the Canadian HB-Championships; 1987, Debriefer for the World HB-Championships.
m: BFA since 1975; Scoring Mgr.of BFA Events Committee, 1977-85; FAI-CIA Sec.General 1988-95.
h: BFA Presidents Award, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986; Shields-Trauger Award, 1984; Montgolfier Diploma, 1987.
r: Bio-data form-1988.

SPARKMAN, John            USA            (1918-            (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-BS.                 Scientific balloonist.
b: 27 Aug.1918, Birmingham, AL.
s: U.S.NAVY Meteorologist.
p: B-Launch manager for Navy (overt/covert balloons), 1953-62, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota; Launched "Skyhook, Skylab, Stratoscope, Grab-Bag, etc. from Icebreakers, Sea plane tenders, Aircraft carriers, etc.
f: Made one gas, and one hot-air flight in lifetime.

SPARKS, Bobby         USA                  (1934-                  (GB/HB)
See APPENDIX-I/BA/BB/BC.         Professional balloonist.
b: 2 Feb.1934 Martinsville, VA.
p: Musician/Entertainer, Balloon & Airship builder.
f: First B-Flight 1967 w/Charlie McARTHUR; FAA B-License 1970; More than 3200 B-Hours (28 Gas flights) by 1986; Established B-Training schools in Eastern Europe.
l: FIRST to fly a balloon in the Dominican Republic (date unverified); Built an airship 1986-88 (unverified); Established a B-Museum in New Zealand (unverified); Accumulated considerable amount of ballooning memorabilia. ***Epic series of flights crossing all of the Great Lakes of the USA: 3 May 1975, (Superior) Silver Bay (MN) to Upson (WI):
                28 May 1975,         (Michigan) Milwaukee (WI) to Whitehall          (MI).
                1 June 1975,         (Huron) Harbor Bay          (MI) to Port Albert,          (ONT).
                4 June 1975,         (Erie) Port Huron          (ONT) to Ripley          (NY).
                9 June 1975,         (Ontario) Ajax          (ONT) to Youngstown (NY).
***Epic flight 21 Aug.1975 (solo) from Bar Harbor, ME in "Odyssey." TransAtlantic attempt unsuccessful, due to bad weather. ***Epic flight 21 Aug.1975 (w/Wood) from Mashpee, MA in "Yankee Cliper." TransAtlantic attempt unsuccessful, due to weight of "stow-away" passenger.
r: BM-Su.1975/22; Personal interviews.

SPARKS, Mike         ENGLAND          (1938-1974) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 1938 Birmingham.
d: 8 Oct.1974 Saltby, Australia.
p: Silversmith, Cinema Manager, Amateur actor, Cinematographer.
f: First B-Flight 30 Jun.1973 with R.Jesset; First B-Solo 1 Jun.1974; Made 15 flights, logged 38 hours in lifetime. ***Epic flight 8 Oct.1974 (see M.ADAMS-PIC) from Saltby. Deflation port came open in flight. Both aeronauts died on impact.

SPELTERINI, Edward            SWITZERLAND          #+3 (1852-1931)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-F/K/T/AV.         Aeronaut extraordinaire.
Real name "E.Schweizer."
b: 2 Jun.1852 Brazenhaid/Kirchberg (per license application)*.
d: 16 Jun.1931 Zipf.
e: Tessin/Lugano.
p: Linguist, Artist, Poet.
f: First recorded flight 1880; Last recorded 1926; Swiss B-License #3 issued 1 Oct.1905; Made more than 430 B-Flights by 1896, 530 (w/1200 pax) in lifetime.
l: Sport balloonist, 1890-1910 era; Crossed the Alps many times, from all directions; 1898, First East to West Alps crossing; Made two flights over Mt.Vesuvius in full eruption; 1909, Took first aerial photos of Egyptian Pyramids; Flew in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa Spain, Turkey,.
m: Augsburger and Oberrheinischer Balloon Clubs.
h: Memorbelia on display in the National Museum in Zurich. ***Epic flight 12 Aug.1910 (w/B.Rothschild & Etthofen) from Murren. First to fly from Murren, over Rhone Valley, to Turin Italy. Covered 125 miles in 6-hours. *b: 2 Jun.1853 St.Gall; Ref. l'Aerophole June 1896 p97.

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