TADA, Reikichi            JAPAN                  (1900?1980)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-J.                        Historic Person.
p: Officer in Japanese Army, 1930-45 era, Lt.Gen. 1945; Program manager for the development of new weapons, 1939-45; Originated the idea of the "FoGos" balloon bombing project. See T.TAKADA, S.KONDO, KUSABA, L.GOSSAGE.

TAIT, Roderick H.         USA #- 69 (1895?1981)                         (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AM/AR/AI.         Sport & Military balloonist.
------ (Credits intermixed with brothers)------
b: St.Louis, MO.
l: Participated (as aide) in the 1927 U.S. National B-Races.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Balloon Corps, 5th B-Company.

TAIT, Roland S.         USA          #- 70 (1895?1981)                   (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AM/AR. Sport & Military balloonist.
Nickname "Rol." Brother of balloonist, "Roderic H."
b: St.Louis, MO.
d: 14 Nov.1981.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Air Service (8th & 12th B-Companies); Observation balloonist for the 8th B-Company in WW-1 combat; Made only one Kite-balloon ascent during WW-1, but made 11 artillery adjustments before his epic free flight.
f: Sport balloonist before the war, none recorded after the war; FAI-ACA B-License #70 issued 1917; Both brothers received their licenses on the same day. ***Epic flight 12 Sep.1918 (w/ HINMAN) in France in a Kite Balloon, on the first day of the St.Meihel Offensive. Ascending in high & gusty winds, the cable broke at about 1500'. The free flight lasted about 30 minutes and covered about 26 miles, landing near Harbinville, behind the German lines. They were treated as heroes by the enemy, as the new design of kite balloon was captured intact. It was the first and only Kite balloon captured by the Germans during the war.
a: 8100 Knox Ave. South (Apt.506); Bloomington, MN 55431.
r: The Balloonitics; NAABCV-files.

TAKADA, Teiji         JAPAN                  (1910?1970)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-J.                        Historic person.
p: Officer in the Japanese Army, 1935-45, Major; Chief engineer on the "FoGos" balloon bombing project, 1944-45. See L.GOSSAGE, S.KONDO, KUSABA, R.TADA.

TAKAHASHI, Kazato         JAPAN                 (1950?1995) K                         (HB)
See APPENMDIX-B/BO.                Sport balloonist
f: CAA-British B-License #3 issued 1968; Instructor.
m: BFA, BBAC. ***Epic flight 22 Jan.1995 (w/3 students) from a rice field in Western Japan at 0915. Flying offshore, he had planned to use the shoreward wind flow at a lower altitude. Unfortunately, the winds were not as predicted, and he made his last radio contact at 1313 to say he was low on fuel. A ship arrived at 1348 and found parts of the balloon, but no bodies or fuel tanks were found.
a: 1482-2 Miyamac-cho; Isezaki-City, Gunma-Ken 372.
r: Skylines Mar.95p4.

TALBOT, Andrew B.         USA                  #-606 (1897-1938)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 21 Apr.1897 San Fran, CA.
d: 11 Jan.1938 San Francisco, CA.
e: Harvard Univ., MA-Architecture, 1923.
p: Architect.
s: Officer in the U.S. Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot & instructor; Graduate of the FIRST Navy LTA-Class (Akron-1917); Served in France on Airship patrol.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #606 issued 15 May 1918.
h: Navy Cross.
r: Kite Balloons to Airships, USN.

TANNAR, J.L.         ENGLAND          (1860?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-X.                        Sport balloonist, about 1905. (Bio-Data unknown)
f: Owner of balloon "Mamouth" & "Daily Graphic" (107,963 Cu.Ft.) both made by A. GAUDRON; Student of GAUDRON; No record of a solo flight.
s: Officer in the British Army Aerostiers. ***Epic flight 13 Oct.1907 (W?A.GAUDRON & Turner) from Yarmouth in "Daily Graphic." Landed in Lake Wenern near Brocken Sweden. They abandoned the balloon in the lake; the balloon was later found in a forest 30 miles away.
r: Manchester Guardian 14 Oct.1907.

TANNAY, de St.Ouen         FRANCE                  (1866-1907)                  (GB)
l: Sport balloonist.
b: 1866 Belgium (?).
f: Made 15 flights in his lifetime.
m: Union Aeronautique de St.Denis. ***Epic flight 27 Jun.1907 (w/Alphonse Bulkaen) from Dunkurk. The aeronauts were last seen in the English Channel clinging to the net.
r: Daily Telegram 28 Jun.1907.

TANNEHILL, Gladys (F)            USA                  (1880?1950)                  (GB)
l: Sport balloonist.
f: Made 2 recorded flights in lifetime, both from Canton Ohio: #1 (w/ STEVENS) 24 Sep.1908; #2 (solo) 25 Sep.1908,

TANTILLO, Charles R.         USA                         (1936-1998)                         (HB)
Sport balloonist.
d: 10 Apr.1998 Topeka, KA.
p: Businessman.
f: First B-Flight 1973 (?); Commercial B-License; active B-Instructor.
l: Organized of the Topeka Huff & Puff Balloon Rally for 24 years; Sailing enthusiast, auto racer, musician.
m: BFA; Great Plains B-Club (FM).
a: 3706 S. Topeka Bl.; Topeka, KA 66609.
r: BM-July 98p36; Skylines June 98p8.

TARDINI, Joseph G. (Jr.)         FRANCE                  (1821-1851) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Professional balloonist, 1850-51 era.
Son and Father of balloonists.
b: 1821.
d: 1851.
f: First recorded flight early 1851 from Sweden; Made 3 ascents in Summer of 1851 for Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen). ***Epic flight 31 Aug.1851 (w/son & woman passenger) from Tivoli Gardens in Paris. As balloon started its final descent into the North Sea, Tardini jumped from the basket to save the passengers. He drowned, the passengers survived. NOTE: His father, a balloonist born in Italy 1797; made his first flight in France 1807. He also flew in Norway that year.

TARRO, Domnick A.            USA         #-984 (1904-1980)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AR.         Sport balloonist 1920-36 era.
b: 2 Jan.1904 Troy, NY.
d: 1980. Brother of balloonist, John*.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps, Balloon & Airship pilot.
p: Professional balloon & airship pilot, 1920-30.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #984 issued 30 Nov.1925.
l: 1926, Flew in Roswell, NM; 1926, Participated (as Aide) in G-Bennett B-Race. NOTE: His brother John, died 1964.
r: BM-Wi.1976 p79. (*John-see Who's Who of Aeronautics-1928 p114)

TARZI, Safra         AFGANISTAN          (1950?1976) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist.
Resident of France.
b: Afganistan;
d: 20 Mar.1976 France.
f: British-CAA B-License issued June 1974; Owner of "Jammy"; 1974, Winner of Reims B-Meet; 1975, Winner of Heinekin Trophy at Cirenchester. ***Epic flight 28 Jul.1975 in "Jammy." Established a women’s hot-air altitude record of 21,500' in a FAI-Class AX-7. ***Epic flight 20 Mar.1976 (see VILELLARD & SABLIERE). Died in fire.
r: BM-Au.1975 p57.

TASELOW, Frank         USA                  (1880?1901) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional Smoke balloonist.
Resident of Grand Rapids, MI.
p: Worked for "Prof. MOISELL"; Stage name: Tamento. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1901 from Muskegon, MI. On seemingly normal ascent, the suspension ropes broke. Pilot fell more than 1000' into a river, but died of impact injuries.
r: NT-10 Jul.1901/2/1.

TAYLOR, Alfons Goedecke            USA         #-683 (1892?1970)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military aeronaut.
b: 19 Jul.1892 Leipzig GER; Res.Hemet, CA 1969.
e: Northwestern University, 3-years Libral Arts.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-22; Naval Aviator #1717.
p: Printer & Publisher.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #638 issued 17 Jul.1917.
l: Made FIRST parachute jump for the U.S.Navy (Pensacola).
a: 531 Cedar Pl; Hemet, CA.
r: Contact-Profiles p439.

TAYLOR, George         USA                  (1890?1910) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist
Resident of Philadelphia, PA.
p: Worked for Hillside Amusement Park (NJ). ***Epic flight 26 Jun.1910 (w/T.MOORE) from Newark, NJ. Launched successfully in a "Double-Double" parachute jump. Taylors second chute failed to open. Landing on his feet, he died several days later. His partner survived uninjured.
r: NT-27 Jun.1910/1/5.

TAYLOR, William J.R.         USA                  #-801 (1895?1960)                  (KB)
See APPENDIX-AM/AR/Aw/CP/CS.         Military observation balloonist.
b: 10 Jan.1895 Tares Lake, MI.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army B-Corps (2nd & 69th B-Co.)1917-19; Spent 6-mos.19-days (5 May-10 Oct.1917) in front line combat; Made four para-jumps from kite-balloons in less than 3-months (2 Aug.; 3 Oct.; 6 Oct.; 10 Oct.1918); All combat observation ascents were solo; Made two para-jumps (24 Sep.1918) while under enemy attack.
f: B-Training received at Camp DeSouge/Saumur, France; Balloon & Airship pilot and instructor; Airship training received at Pensacola, FL.
p: Missionary in India by 1921.
f: B-Training received at Camp DeSouge/Saumur, France; FAI-ACA B-License #801 issued 16 Apr.1919.
h: Distinguished Service Cross.
a: Resident of Philadelphia, PA 1920-25 era. ***Epic ascent 3 Oct.1918 (w/G.Cummings) over Montfavcon France. While making artillery adjustments in front line combat, he came under attack by a German airplane. Parachuting for his life from the burning balloon, he landed in a coral of Army mules. Landing on the back of one, he got a violent ride before the muleteers could quiet the animals.
r: Aviation Mag.1921; The Balloonatics; NAOABCV-files.

TEASDALE, William         BRITAIN                  (1946-                  (HP)
b: 2 Oct.1946 Windsor, Berks.
e: Windsor Grammar 1958-65.
p: Chartered Accountant.
f: First B-Flight 7 Aug.1977 with Peter BISH.
l: Administrator of many LTA organizations; Organizer & Chairman of Vintage Balloon Meets, 1988 & 90.
m: BBAC; Air Britain (historians); Popular Flying Assoc; British Aero philatelic Society; British Balloon Museum Library, Treasurer; & Council Member (since 1984).
a: 96 Springfield Rd; Maidenhead, Berks; LL6-2YN.
r: Bio-Data form Feb.1991.

TEMPLAR, James L.B.            ENGLAND          (1860?1924)          (OB/GB)
See APPENDX-B/J/U/X/AG.         Aeronaut Extraordinaire
Mid names: Lethbridge Brooke.
d: 1924.
p: Professional balloonist, 1875-78 era.
s: Officer in British Army, 1878-1906; Enlisted as rank of Captain as military balloonist, 1878; Served with the official ballooning committee, 1878-88; Formed the first B-Corps unit at Middlesex; Served as chief designer of all B-Field equipment; Experimented with four types of observation balloons; Developed procedure for storing compressed hydrogen gas; Served as Chief-instructor at Aldershot, 24 Sept.1880; Served as Chief of the balloon factory, 1878-87; Served as Superintendent of the balloon factory, 1887-99; Became commander of the 1st British Balloon Corps; Served as B-Observer at Khartoum, Sudan, 15 Feb.1885; Served in Durban, S.Africa 1899-1902 (Boer War); All his B-Equipment was lost in a shipwreck; Did no ballooning there during history of duty; Retired (under financial scandal, a subordinate embezzled funds) 1906; Was replaced by J.P.L.MacDONALD, R.E. ***Epic flight 10 Dec.1881 (w/POWELL & Gardner) from Bath in "Saladin." Templar & Gardner were thrown from the basket on a high impact landing. Powell continued out to sea, and was never found.
r: Early Aviation at Farnborough; Early British Aeronautics. NOTE: Aldershot was abandoned for Far borough in 1905.

TEMPLE, Richard         USA                  (1949-1979) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B (+1).         Sport balloonist.
b: 30 Aug.1949.
d: 10 Oct.1979 Albuquerque, NM (age 30).
p: Auditor/accountant for Bell Telephone Company.
f: FAA Private B-License; 41 total hours in 6-months, 25 in type.
l: Owner of Raven S55 balloon (N403AA) in accident; Bought balloon from Rod Duff (instructor); Widow unsuccessfully sued R.Duff; Was successful against the manufacturer. ***Epic flight 10 Oct.1979 (w/Kathy Wyley) from base of Sandia mountains near Albuquerque (NM) in "Jonathan Livingston Seagull-II." Launched his marginally airworthy balloon (high-time envelope) from the 6700' level in a known windshear. The balloon distorted and ruptured from overstress, and streamered into a rocky gorge. Both aeronauts died of impact injuries. NOTE: Kathy from Palmdale, CA.
a: Last address: Lancaster, CA.
r: NT (AP)-11&12 Oct.1979; NTSB report; Manachette Magazine; L.A.Times; R.Duff, G.Cerveny archives; NTSB-Report.

TESTU-BRISSY, Pierre         FRANCE                  (1770?1829)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-A/C.                 Sport & professional balloonist, 1790-1800.
f: First B-Ascent 1785; First B-Solo 18 Sep.1791 from Paris; Made many flights astride animals; Made more than 50 flights in his lifetime. ***Epic flight 11 May 1786 from Paris. Flew 11 hours in a line of thunderstorms. Experienced "St.Elmos Fire" (Static corona). ***Epic flight 15 Oct.1798 from Bellevue Park in Paris. First ascent by a pilot astride a horse. Horse was trained to stand perfectly still on a platform, regardless of surrounding activities, or altitude. Horse started to bleed from the nose due to the altitude, but both man & beast survived the flight.

THAYER, Francis L.         USA                  (1880?1913)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional barnstormer.
l: Parachutist from balloons (1905-10) and airplanes (1910-13); Killed in para-jump from airplane 19 July 1913 (Seattle).

THAULOW, Hans H.M.         NORWAY          #/6 (1887?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AV.         Military balloonist.
Mid names: Henric Muller.
b: 1877.
s: Officer in Norwegian cavalry, Capt.in 1912.
f: First B-Flight Jun.1911; FAI-NAK B-License #6 issued Oct.1912; Airplane pilot later.
r: Sem Jacobsen files.

THEODORE, Adolfo         FRANCE                  (1793?1835)                  (GB)
b: 7 July 1793, France.
d: possibly in Mexico.
p: Officer in French Army, 1813 artillery; Minister of War for Spain 1818; Consul General to Cuba, 1830.
f: First B-Flight 31 May 1830 (w/ROBERTSON & MAROTTE) from Havana, Cuba and landed in the water; Made 4 other flights in Cuba, 15 Aug., 14 Oct, 25 Dec.1830, 16 Feb., & 16 Mar.1831 (5 recorded flights in his lifetime).
h: Legion of Honor; Military Order of San Fernando, 2nd Class; Distinguished Order of Spain.
l: Wrote a treatise on balloon history; Published in Cuba 1831; Went to Mexico 3 Apr.1831 at the invitation of military Colonel Barrera, to build & fly a balloon. ***Epic flight attempt 27 May 1831 from Vera Cruiz, Mexico. Sold 4000 pesos worth of subscriptions to finance the balloon flight. After a disagreement with Barrera over the availability of promised materials, and two postponements of the launch date, Adolfo was incarcerated for his "own protection. His whereabouts thereafter are unknown, and he disappeared from history. NOTE: He reportedly made an ascent from Mexico in 1833, but not verified.
r: Aeronatica Historica, 1831, Havana; Medias, 1833, Mexico.

THIBEDEAU, Robert         USA                  (1894-1912) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist 1912 season.
b: 1894.
f: Made two flights in his career: #1 = First flight 1 Jun.1912 (see BANKSTON). ***Epic flight 7 Jun.1912 from Cleveland, OH. Ascent and descent were normal. However, the pilot landed in the Fairmont Reservoir, and drowned.
r: NT-8 Jul. 1912 p14c2.

THIBLE, Marie E. (F)            FRANCE          (1760?1810)                  (HP)
See APPENDIX-A/C.                 FIRST woman to ascend in a balloon.
b: Lyon, Beautiful & popular. ***Epic Ascent 4 June 1784 (w/FLEURANT, Gustave, & Haga) from central Lyon in the thermal balloon "Le Gustave." Noticed in the crowd for her good looks, she was invited at the last minute. She pleased the crowd greatly, by singing "Oh to travel in the Clouds." (see SIMONETE=3 May 1785; SAGE=29 June 85).

THIEL, David Richard         USA          (1931-                         (HB/GB)
Sport balloonist.
b: 13 Feb.1931 Indianapolis, IN.
e: Indiana Univ. BS-1961
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1951-57, Airship pilot.
p: Telephone engineer for Indiana Bell; Tax accountant..
f: FAA B-License 1962 (reissued 11-01-73 as #1301566); First B-Flight 7 Dec.1968 (solo) from Indianapolis; First Airship flight Nov.1954; Designated B-Pilot Examiner; More than 550 B-Hours & 344 A-Hours by 1998.
m: BFA-Life Member since 1970.
h: Budweiser Award, Indianola-1975.
r: Bio-form 12/98; Personal Interview 1970.
a: 8130 N.Michigan Rd; Indianapolis, IN 46268; 317/872-6130.

THIELE, James         USA          (1950?                         (HB/GB)
Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable).
b: Topeka KS.
e: University of Kansas.
p: Aeronautical engineer; Worked for Goodyear, ILC-Dover, Grace Airships; Owner of "Oz-Balloons" (manufacturing special shaped figure balloons)-1980; American Blimp Company-1986; Designer & builder of the A-60 Lightship (airship series).
f: B-License unk; B-Instructor was C.TANTILLO.
l: Made several flights in a superpressure gas balloon (see T.Heinshimer). Resident of Hillsboro, Oregon.
r: Pers.interview.

THOMAS, Arthur         USA          #- 84 (1894?1970)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military balloonist.
b: 2 Jan.1894 Zanesville, OH;
e: St.Louis University, LLB-1917.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Air Corps; Lt.Colonel 1942.
f: Trained in Balloons 1917; Airships-1922; Airplanes-1925; FAI-ACA B-License #84 issued 15 Aug.1917.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

THOMAS, David S.         USA                  (1850?1900)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist.
p: balloon & Parachute maker 1870-80 era; Usually worked with balloonist brother; Press agent & stunt balloonist for P.T.BARNHAM. ***Epic flight 1 Oct.1876 from Bridgeport, CN to Rockland, MA. Launched in high winds, he quickly climbed to 10,000' and dropped several messages enroute. On landing near Rockland (MA) his anchor stuck in a rock wall and broke the rope, throwing the pilot out into trees. He received minor injuries, but the balloon was lost. The flight covered 150 miles in 9:45.
a: Resident of Aurora, IL.
r: Providence Evening Press 6 Oct.1876.

THOMAS, Julian P.         USA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG/AH.                 Sport balloonist.
Husband & Father (of Oden) of aeronauts.
b: Native of Georgia.
p: Doctor of Medicine; Supposedly earned $100,000 per year; Close personal friend of Dr.A.P.MUELLER.
f: First flight 2 Apr.1906 (w/LEVEE & VAULX) from Glendale, NY; Witnessed the final flight of NOCQUET-3 Apr.1906; Claimed 12 ascents by Dec.1906.
l: Sport balloonist 1906-10 era; Bought his first balloon "Nirvana" from MALLET.
l: Suffered serious injuries in car crash 7 Jul.1907; Suffered serious injuries in windwagon crash 1908 (Windwagon was a car, propelled by engine driven propeller).
m: ACA. NOTE: Though he was an early supporter of the ACA, he had a way of ingratiating himself with the membership. Specifically, he refused to abide by the rules of training and competition. ***Epic flight 21 May 1906 (w/LEVEE) from Hoboken (NY) in "Nirvana." Flight was uneventful until landing, when the drag rope caught Wilfred Croft and carried him aloft. ***Epic flight 17 Jun.1906 (w/LEVEE) from New York City in "Nirvana." Balloon launched into an approaching thunderstorm, traveled 300 miles in 14.5 hours. Landed in a tree at 1-AM, pilots went to sleep in the basket. The sun and wind caused the balloon to ascend again to 8000'. ***Epic flight 31 Oct.1906 from Augusta, GA. Balloon had a 4' by 6' tear and was launched without a basket. Pilot, holding on to the load-ring, landed with much difficulty, and minor injuries.
a: Resident of New England 1906; 1910=172 W.72nd St; NYC; 1914= 380 Riverside Dr.; NYC.
r: NT-12 Apr.1906/1/5; 1 Nov.1906/1/3; Cosmopolitan Magazine; N.Y.American Magazine 22 May 1906 v42:179 Dec.1906; N.Y.Tribune 8 Jul.1907; N.Y.Herald 1 Nov.1908.

THOMAS, Mrs. J.P. (F)            USA                  (1875?1925)                  (GB)
Daughter of Civil War balloonist (her statement); Wife of balloonist.
f: First flight 11 Apr. 1906 (w/C.LEVEE) from Pittsfield, MA.
l: Badly crippled in an automobile accident. ***Epic flight 9 Nov.1907 (w/ERBSLOH, R.& O.LOVELACE, Hendrickson) from Philadelphia, PA in "Pommern."

THOMAS, Karl         USA                  (1949?                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-I/BK.         Sport balloonist. (Bio-Data unavailable)
b: 1949, Germany; Resident of Troy, MI 1976.
l: Part financier of 7 Aug.1973 Trans-Atlantic attempt by B.SPARKS. ***Epic flight 25 June 1976 From Lakehurst, (NJ) in "Spirit of 76." Transatlantic attempt crashed in the ocean on the 27th after 550 miles. He was rescued at sea by a Russian freighter after spending 3-days in a life raft. He was without contact until it docked in Rotterdam on July 8th
r: BM-J/F-77:48/9; Chicago Tribune 26 Jun.1976 (N1)p15:2; Newsweek Magazine 14 Aug.1976; BF-S/O 1976p12; B.Sparks archives (agreement was that if Sparks failed, he would make an attempt with the salvaged equipment)

THOMAS, Purcel         USA                  (1860?1893) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L/S.                 Professional balloonist 1888-93.
Husband of balloonist.
p: Acrobat, balloonist, stuntman, parachutist, showman.
l: Killed in an exhibition jump from the top of a 110' building; Missed the net in a strong wind (in front of his wife & children). ***Epic flight May 1889 from Buffalo, NY. Balloon caught fire on launch, but pilot parachuted to safety.
a: Resident of Indianapolis, IN.
r:NT-31 May 1893/1/6.

THOMPSON, Adele (F)            CANADA          (1885?1950)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-CE.                        Professional balloonist, 1900-1910 era.
Sister of balloonists Robert & William (team leader).
p: Usually flew as a team, with brothers; Balloons were made in Cincinnati, OH.
f: First recorded B-Flight 2 Jun.1900 from Winnipeg Canada; Made 29 B-Jumps in that year. ***Epic flight 29 Jun.1900 from (Riverview Park) Winnipeg, MAN. Ascent was uneventful, but she landed in the Red River, and almost drowned before rescue.
r: Manitoba Free Press 18 & 30 Jun.1900; Winnipeg Telegram 19 June 1900p7.

THOMPSON, Eugene Verne         USA                         (1883?1940)                 (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L.                        Professional balloonist
b: 4 Nov.1883 Decorah, IA.
p: Smoke balloonist & parachutist; Balloon & parachute builder.
f: First B-Flight 1903.
a: Thompson Bros. Balloon Company; 85 Locust St.; Aurora, IL.
r: Who's Who of Aeronautics-1928.

THOMPSON, F.L.         USA                  (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-C.                 Professional balloonist, 1899-1915 era.
f: First recorded B-Solo 18 July 1899. ***Epic flight 16 June 1914 (w/1-pax) from Portland, OR. Flight seemed uneventful. But Thompson was brought to justice for luring young girl into his balloon for immoral purposes. He was asked to leave town immediately.

THOMPSON, Georgia Ann (F)         USA          (1893-1979)          (SM/GB)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Aeronaut Extraordinaire.
Daughter of a poor farmer, one of 7 sisters; Stage name "Doll-Girl" (she was reported as 54"tall); Pseudonym "Tiny Broadwick" (see J.H.MURRAY); Married name "Brown" in 1916 (had one daughter/resided in Long Beach, CA).
b: 8 Apr.1893 Henderson, NC;
d: 25 Aug.1979 Long Beach,CA (age 85).
e: No formal education; Married Sea Captain in 1915.
p: Professional Smoke Balloonist & Parachutist 1908-22 era; Protegee of C.BROADWICK (J.H.MURRAY); Was fascinated by his 1908 B-Ascent in Raleigh (NC); Her father presented her to MURRAY "to learn a good trade" at age 15; Worked for Johnnie Jones Carnival 1908-13; Performed nationwide; Worked in Missoula (MT) Nursing homes from 1922-62.
f: First recorded B-Jump 10 Apr.1905 (age 12); Made over 900 (1100?) jumps before retiring in 1922; Flew Curtis Airplanes on occasion.
l: First Airplane jump 21 Jun.1913 with Glen L.Martin (pilot) over Los Angeles, CA (Griffith Park); Made FIRST premeditated free-fall Para-Jump (airplane) 1914 over San Diego, CA (many of her parachutes in the Smithsonian Museum).
m: So.California Aero Club; Early Birds; OX-5 Club.
h: Guiness Book of Records (for first airplane jump); Curtis Hall of fame; Hon.Member of 82nd Airborne Division. ***Epic flight 10 Apr.1905 (w/C.BROADWICK) from Columbia, SC. Ascent and release were successful. But on descent, she released her parachute harness, and fell 250'into water, and was reported killed by the press.
r: Daily Telegraph 11 Apr.1905. NOTE: Book claims first recorded B-Jump 28 Dec.1908 Raleigh, NC; First water jump 1913 at Chicago, and last jump 1916.
r: Getting off the Ground. ***Epic flight 1909 with a smoke balloon. Landed through the back window of a train.
r: L.A.TIMES 28 Aug.1978 Pt.II/pg.3 (T); Long Beach Press Telegram 28 Aug.1978 (T); The Big Umbrella.

THOMPSON, H.William            USA                  (1875?1925)                  (GB)
p: Doctor of Medicine. Resident of Salem & Canton, OH.
f: Made 10th flight (solo) 24 Apr.1909; Last recorded B-Flight 1 Jul.1909 from Wilkens-burg, PA; Claimed 93 GB-Flights in his lifetime.
m: Aero Club of Ohio.
l: 1909, Participated (w/Mast) in US National B-Races.

THOMPSON, James A.            USA                  (1934-                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-BD/BK/BO (5)         Sport balloonist.
b: 20 Oct.1934 Oneida, SD.
p: Traffic/Transportation Engineer.
e: South Dakota School of mines, BS-Civil Engineering.
f: First B-Flight 1977 with Son Jeff from Des Moines, IA; First B-Solo 3 Jun.1979 from Des Moines, Iowa; FAA B-License #[redacted] issued 5 Jan.1980; More than 500 B-Hours by 1991.
l: Placed in top 10 of US-Nat.HB Championships 1987,88,89, &90; 1982, Participated in Mexico City air show; 1982, Participated in N.American B-Championships (Barre, CAN); 1983, Flew in Bristol England; 1988, Participated in N.American B-Championships (St.Jean,CAN); 1989, Participated in World HB Championships (Saga, Japan); 1990, Participated in N.American B-Championships (Texas); 1991, Participated in World HB Championships (St.Jean, CAN).
m: BFA, Sec.1988-89, Pres.1989-90; Iowa B-Assoc., Pres; National B-Championships Ltd.
a: 5622 Francis; Des Moines, IA 50310.
r: Bio-data 1991.

THOMPSON, John Wesley            USA                  (1870?1940)                  (SB)
date/place of birth/death unknown.
e: No formal education; could not read or write.
p: Professional balloonist 1898-1905 era; Fireworks designer-builder.
l: Credited with inventing air-burst rockets; Lost arm from fireworks explosion. ***Epic flight from the top of Lookout Mountain. Well publicized event was billed as a "Trip to the Moon."
a: Last residence: 905 Georgia Ave; Chattanooga, TN. Perry W. (son, age 85 in 1992): S.Willow St; Chattanooga, TN.
r: Chattanooga Post 22 Jul.1969; B.Beck archives.

THOMPSON, Ray W.            USA         #-121 (1896-1953)                  (GB)
See APPPENDIX-AH/AM/AR/Aw/CH/CS.         Military balloonist.
b: 19 Jun.1896 Tuckahoe, NY.
d: 30 Dec.1953 Massillon, OH.
e: Mechanical Engineering.
p: Mayor of Tuckahoe, NY; Sales Mgr. for Griscom-Russell Co.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1917-19; Enlisted 1 Jun.; Commissioned 3 Oct.1917; Served in 1st & 12th Balloon Companies; Commander of the 42nd B-Company.
f: Received B-Training at Ft.Omaha & Saumur Artillery School; FAI-ACA B-License #121 issued 26 Sep.1917.
l: Pilot in G-Bennett B-Race 1920.
h: Croix de Guerre. Epic ascent 25 Jul.1918 over France in WW-1 Combat. Kite Balloon was hit and destroyed by enemy fire; Ray landed safely by parachute.
r: The Balloon Section; NT-1 Jan.1954/23/2 (T).

THOMPSON, Thomas            USA                  (1956-                          (HB)
See APPPENDIX- (B) Professional balloonist; Resident of Albuquerque, NM.
f: B-Pilot certificate issued 7 Sep.93; 402 B-Hours at time of accident. ***Epic flight 5 Oct.1998 (w/15 pax) from Albuquerque, NM in "Wayfinder," a Cameron A-250. Attempting a landing in a small field, it contacted powerlines a second time that cut the suspension lines. Occupants fell 15-25’ and all suffered serious injuries. One pax died.
a: POB 4458 Abq. 505/255-6535.
r: R.Wallace report; Abq.Journal; NTSB- DEN99LA023 or FTW99LA0004.

THON, Duwayne         USA                  (1915?1980)                  (HP)
e: Univ.of Minnesota, BA-1948.
p: Instrument/electronics Manager, Raven Ind. 1956 (One of four founding members, see E.YOST).
r: Raven archives; no balloon flight history.

THORNELL, John         USA                  (1890?1950)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AW.         Military balloonist.
e: West Point Military Academy.
s: Officer in U.S. Army Balloon Corps 1917-19; Commander of the 6th Corps B-Group 1918; Acceptance Officer for the airship "Roma."
f: Received B-Training at Camp de Souge, France.
r: The Balloon Section; Army Airship Roma.

THORNTON, James         USA                  (1933?1983) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown)
b: 3 Jan,1925 Grand Blank, MI;
d: 18 Jun.1983 Flint, MI (age 58).
p: Steam fitter for General Motors.
f: First B-Flight w/D.FLODEN (instructor); Commercial B-Pilot #385147512; claimed more than 350 hours TT, with 10 hours PIC in fatal balloon (N27114) owned by J.Taylor; Other pilots estimated 60-70 hours at time of death.
l: Had one instruction flight, knew it all, took the balloon home. ***Epic flight 18 Jun.1983 (w/S&W.Modrah) from the suburbs of Flint, MI. Flying gregariously, he passed out with a can of beer in one hand. Balloon crashed into the street and came to rest on a house front porch in downtown Flint, but the passengers walked away unhurt. Autopsy revealed death from heart attack.
a: Family still living at: 5129 Howell Rd; Grand Blank, MI (1983).
r: FAA-Report; D.Floden archives; NTSB-Report CHI83LA265.

THORNTON, Jonathan                 ENG/BRA                 (1946-2003)                 (HB)
b: 5 Sep.1946, Norwich England; Emigrated to Brazil about Jan.1972 (dual Citizenship).
d: 26 Feb. 2003 (heart attack). First B-Flight about 1968 in England; Flight instructor, B-Pilot examiner. Credited with promoting and organizing the sport of ballooning in Brazil.
p: Machinist / Engineer; Balloon & Airship builder.
l: Explorer, Mountain climber, Spelunker. Bought his first balloon (AX-5) from R.Rechs in Brazil 1972; FAI delegate for Brazil for more than 10 years.
m: BFA, BBAC, Balloon Club of Brazil (FM), First President.
r: Guiliana Marino, Editor recollections.
a: Thirty year resident of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.

THURSTON, Alic S.         USA                  (1860?1920)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Semi-Professional balloonist.
Only child of balloonist "Samuel."
b: Meadville, PA.
p: Dairy farmer; Mineral water sales (from his farm); Balloonist; Made regular ascents from Oakwood Park.
f: First B-Flight about 1870 with father from Meadville, PA; Last B-flight 1915 from Meadville, PA; Made about 100 Free flights in his lifetime.
l: Made one airplane ascent, remarked that "he felt safer in a balloon." ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1891 from Meadville, PA. Launching from the city-center, he contacted street-light wires, and was thrown from the gondola. He caught a guy rope and climbed back in as the balloon continued in a slow climb along the street. It caught a house chimney, and threw both him, and his passenger into a tree. Neither aeronaut was injured, but the balloon was later recovered from his fathers former farm in Guys Mills, some miles away.
r: BM-SP88/29 (Crawford County Historical Society).

THURSTON, Ira J.         USA                  (1820-1858) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/S.                 Professional balloonist 1855-59 era.
b: 1820 Lima, OH;
d: 1858 Adrian, MI (residence).
f: First flight 6 Oct.1851 from Cleveland, OH in "Buffalo"; Partner of W.D.BANNISTER. ***Epic flight 10 Aug 1858 (w/BANNISTER) from Adrian, MI. Landed after an uneventful flight. Made a partial deflation to make repairs. A gust of wind caused the balloon to ascend. As it rose Ira clung to the neck. His body was discovered 22 Aug. near Sylvania, MI.
r: St.Catharine's Journal (Niagara, CAN) Sep.1850.

THURSTON, Samuel Sylvester            USA          (1834-1888 )                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-S.                 Semi-Professional balloonist.
Nickname: Vet; Father of balloonist Alic.
b: 1834 Guys Mills, PA.
d: 1888 Meadville, PA.
p: Farmer, Hotel owner (Crawford House-Meadville); Balloonist; Made regular ascents from Meadville.
f: First B-Flight 1867; Flew all over the USA; Last B-Flight 1888 from Meadville, PA; Made 216 Free flights in lifetime.
r: BM-SP88/29 (Crawford County Historical Society).

TILGENKAMP, Erich            GERMANY          #+63 (1898-1966)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AV/CH.         Sport balloonist.
b: 1898 Koln Germany.
d: 1966 Zurich Switzerland.
p: Professional pilot, Swissair; Test pilot of early German amphibian airplanes.
f: Early ballooning unknown; FAI-Swiss B-License #63 issued 5Sep.1931.
l: Participated in G-Bennett B-Races 1932,34,35,36,37 & 38; Author of: Geschichte der Schweizerischen Luftfahrt.
r: Swiss Aeroclub archives; Frieballon und Anwarter p154.

TISDELL, Tracy A.         USA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX- (B)/L/S.         Military balloonist.
p: Professional balloonist. Resident of Brooklyn, NY.
s: U.S.Army 1898; Served in the Balloon Corps at Tampa, FL, during the Spanish-American War.
f: Student of C. MYERS; First recorded free-flight 4 Jul.1904 from St.Louis, MO; Flew in a 3-balloon race (against C.MYERS & G.TOMLINSON).
l: The deflation of his balloon 27 Jul.1898 asphyxiated Charles G. Bell in Tampa, FL.
m: ACA.

TISSANDIER, Albert         FRANCE                  (1839-1906)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-E/N/P/U.         Sport aeronaut.
Brother of Gaston.
b: 1839.
d: 1906.
e: l'Ecole de Beaux-Arts.
l: Author: "les Voyages Aeriens"1870.
p: Architect, Designer, aeronautical experimenter; Participated in most of brothers endeavors.
f: First B-Flight 1868 on a scientific ascent.
l: World traveler: USA, China, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, & Ceylon; Crashed on airplane flight w/W. WRIGHT 5 Feb.1909.
h: Many honors for achievements in science & aerostation. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1870 (w/Ranc & Ferrand) from Paris during the Prussian siege.

TISSANDIER, Gaston         FRANCE                  (1843-1899)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-E/N.                 Aeronaut Extrordinare.
Brother of Albert; Father of balloonist Paul.
b: 21 Nov.1843, Paris.
d: 7 Sep.1899, Paris.
e: Lycee Bonaparte; Cons. de Arts et Metiers.
p: Chemist, director of research, 1864. ; Editor of Nature Magazine.
f: First B-Flight 16 Aug.1864 with DURUOF in "Neptune"; Made 40 ascents between 1868 and 1886.
l: Sport balloonist, aeronautical enthusiast; Balloon Historian; Collected a library of over 3000 aeronautic artifacts; Author of five books, articles & publications on aerostation; Co-designer of ANDREE's balloon used on North Pole attempt.
m: French Aero Union. ***Epic flight 30 Sep.1870 (solo) from Paris in "Cellist" (during siege). ***Epic flight 15 Apr.1875 (w/SIVEL & SPINELLI) from Paris in "Zenith." 8500 Cu.Ft. balloon went to an est. 28,000'. Passengers died of hypoxia. Gaston was unconscious on landing, but survived. ***Epic flight 8 Oct. 1883 (w/brother) from Auteuil to Croisay-sur-Seine, in a propeller driven airship*. Flight was considered partially successful, as the craft was limited to battery power. NOTE:*see RIBEIRO-Souza & A.SEVERO. ***Epic flight 1885 (w/J.Duncan) from Berlin, Germany. Passenger/photographer made a unique series of aerial photos of Berlin.
r: l'Aerophile O/N-1894; BM-M/J 1978/60; Balloon Post of the Paris Siege; History of my Ascensions.

TISSANDIER, Paul         FRANCE                  (1881-1945)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AT.         Sport balloonist, pre-1940.
Son of Gaston.
b: 19 Feb.1881, Paris.
d: 10 May 1945, Paris.
p: Photographer
f: First B-Flight 1902; Airplane pilot 1909; Made more than 100 B-Flights in his lifetime.
l: Flew in Italy, Spain, Algeria, and Tunisia.
h: Coveted "Paul Tissander Award" presented in his honor.
m: Aero Club of France since 1902; Treasurer 1902-13; Director, 1913-45; FAI Director at time of death. ***Epic flight 5 Mar.1903 (w/Borde) from Paris to Holland.

TOKUNOGA, Kumao            JAPAN                  (1880?1930)                  (OB)
See APPENDIX-J.                 Military balloonist.
s: Officer in Japanese Navy, 1900-20 era; Major-1910; Observation balloonist in Russo-Japanese War of 1904-07; Made 14 ascents over Port Arthur.
f: Received initial balloon training in Germany.
m: Augsburger Balloon Club.
r: FuA p155.

TOLNAY, M. von         HUNGARY          (1880?1940)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX- (B).                 Sport balloonist.
p: Private secretary (for member of Parliament. ***Epic flight 3 Mar.1903 (w/K.Ordody & M.Kubik) from Budapest. Balloon launched prematurely in a strong wind and hit a chimney. All fell from the basket at 20 meters. Tolnay & Kubik sustained minor injuries, but Ordody died of his injuries.
r: N.Y.Herald 3 Apr.1903.

TOMLINSON, George W.            USA                  (1880?1940)                  (GB)
Father of famous US-Naval aviator: W.G. (winner of 1929 Curtus trophy).
f: Student of C. MYERS.
m: ACA. ***Epic flight 27 Aug.1904 from St.Louis, MO. Participating in a 3 Balloon Race (against C & M.MYERS & T.TISDELL) Aero Exhibition of the "Louisiana Purchase Exposition. He won by landing at Peoria Illinois after covering 400 miles.

TOPPING, Alanson Dale            USA                  (1917-1993)                  (HP)
LTA/Balloon Historian of great repute.
b: 8 Mar.1917 Lafayette, IN;
d: 2 Nov.1993 Atlanta, GA (age 76).
e: Purdue Univ., BS & BSCE-1940; Univ.of Missouri, MSCA-1947; Texas & A.M., PHD-1949; Univ.of Illinois, 1951.
p: Structural Engineer, Goodyear Aerospace, Ret-1982.
f: Made one ascent in each: Gas, Hot-Air balloon, and airship.
l: Editor of "Buoyant Flight," 1959-death; Many technical publications on LTA; Respected Public Speaker on LTA subjects.
m: The Lighter Than Air Society (LTAS), Pres.1968-74; Amis du Musee des Balloons (Balleroy), 1975-present.
h: LTAS Achievement Award, 1966; Honorary life member since 1982.
r: Bio-Data Spr.83; Pers.interviews.

TORREY, Joseph R.                 USA                #-608         (1892-1983)                         (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                        Professional Aeronaut.
b: 4 Sep.1892 Worchester, MA.
d: 1 Aug.1983 Worchester.
p: Goodyear pilot & Instructor. Balloon (#608) & Airship licenses issued 5 Jun.1918.

TOULET, August (Sr.)         BELGIUM                  (1853-1895) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-B/T.                 Professional balloonist.
Husband & Uncle of balloonists.
b: 1853 Blandain.
d: 15 Sep.1895.
s: Trained the first Belgian Aerostiers in 1888.
f: First B-ascent 24 Nov.1870 (w/W.FONVIELLE) from Paris during the Prussian Siege; First solo 20 July 1877; Student of GODARD; Had a reputation as "foolhardy"; Made 361 ascents by 1895. ***Epic flight 20 Aug.1888 (w/Mahauden & Crooy, Belgian Army Officers) from Anvers in the "Argus." The aeronauts were rescued (115 miles from Dunkirk) in the N.Sea by a passing ship after 7.5 hours in the water. ***Epic flight 11 Apr.1892 (w/Son, Brouwet, Libau) from Brussels in "National." Balloon crashed against the side of a hill during the night. Rescued from the sea near Etaples, with the basket held by one rope. Two passengers had broken thighs, one a broken foot. ***Epic flight 15 Sep.1895 (w/3-pax) from Brussels in "Prince Albert." Making a rapid climb, the balloon was seen to explode at 1200m. All aeronauts died on impact. NOTE: One popular balloonist (see CAPAZZA) of the era became famous by proving that this type of accident was imposable, with proper preflight precautions.
r: LePetit Journal 18 Sep.1895; l'Aerophile.

TOURNACHON, Felix Gaspard         FRANCE          (1820-1910)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-C/N/P/T.                 Aeronaut extraordinaire.
Stage name: NADAR (pseudonym); Father of balloonist Paul Nadar (Bio-data unknown).
b: 5 Apr.1820 Paris.
d: 20 Mar.1910 Paris (age 90).
p: Journalist, caricaturist, inventor, photographer, author.
l: Sport balloonist, 1858-78 era; Aeronautical historian.
l: Made large (212,000 c.f.) captive balloon "Le Geant"; Had a 2-story basket, & 2-tons of lift capable of lifting 30 people at one time; Had amassed a large collection of balloon memorabilia (much of collection is in the present French Air Museum, see C.DOLFUS).
m: Founding member of the French Society of Aeronautics; President and prominent fund raiser. Epic flight 4 Oct.1853 (w/two GODARD brothers, Martin, Auvergne, and Wittgenstein). Four hour flight ended in a hard landing at 9pm near Meaux. ***Epic flight 18 Oct.1853 (w/J.& L.GODARD, YON, Montgolfier Jr., St.Felix, and Nadars wife) from Paris in "Le Geant." Free ascent at 5:10pm, landed 48 hours later near Hanover, Germany. Passengers sustained serious multiple injuries, due to a hard landing in a violent storm. ***Epic ascent 23 Oct.1858 above Paris. Took the first photographic/positives on glass plates, from a captive balloon. ***Epic flight 16 Aug.1869 (w/DURUOF) from Paris. Flight went out over the North Sea, but were able to return safely to land by using a different current at a lower altitude. ***Epic flight 7 Feb.1869 (w/FONVIELLE). Flight covered 80 Km. in 35 minutes.
r: The Aeronautical Journal, Apr.1910 (T).

TOWNSEND, Frederic p.de            USA         #-695 (1891-1961)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                 Military Balloonist.
Son of a Landscape Architect; Resident of Buffalo, NY.
b: 13 May 1891 Cleveland, OH.
d: 20 Feb.1961 Bangkok, Thailand.
e: Yale University, 1922; Harvard Law School, 1926.
s: Officer in the U.S. Army Balloon Corps.
p: Lawyer; Secretary for the Curtis-Wright Corp.
f: FAI-ACA B-License #695 issued 16 Oct.1918.
l: Manager of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 1955-57.
r: NT-8 May 1951/31/5; 25 Feb.1961/21/5 (T).

TOWNSEND, George Alfred            USA          (1841-1914)                          (HP)
See APPENDIX-M.                 Military Balloon observer.
b: 1841 Georgetown, DE.
d: 15 Apr.1914 Gapland, OH.
e: Philadelphia City Schools.
p: Newspaper reporter; Prolific writer, Correspondent. f: Made several battlefield ascents during Civil War of 1861-62; Wrote many accurate reports from his observations.
l: World traveler; Confidant of Kings, Generals, and Politicians.
r: NT-16 Apr.1914/9/3 (T).

TRAUGER, Robert E.         USA                  (1939-1968) K          (SM/HB)
See APPENDIX-B/L/BI/BG.         Professional balloonist, 1966-68.
b: 24 June 1939, Tellers Ch., PA.
d: 19 Sep.1968, Langhorne, PA (orphaned at an early age, raised by his grandmother).
e: Pennsylvania State University.
s: U.S. Air Force, 3-years.
p: Stonecutter (maker of tombstones); Owner/Operator of "Old Time Balloon Ascensions" (founded 1967); Professional smoke balloonist, 1966-68 era; Airshow performer (wing-walker & parachutist).
f: First hot-air B-Flight Feb.1966 with Don PICCARD; First smoke B-Flight 1966 tutored by Captain ALLEN; FAA B-License #1352382 issued 18 June 1968; Also airplane pilot; Master parachute rigger, Expert parachutist; More than 50 B-Hours in lifetime, incl.15 Smoke B-Jumps.
l: 1966-68, B-Jumps in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Indiana, & Massachusetts; 1967, Winner of the St.Paul Winter Carnival B-Race.
m: Quiet Bird Man, Wingfoot Lighter Than Air Society, BFA, NAA, And Experimental Aircraft Association.
h: BFA-Shields-Trauger Memorial Award created in his honor. ***Epic flight 19 Sep.1968 (w/Flannery) from Langhorne, PA in a hot air balloon. Ascent from a small, congested parking lot, contacted high voltage power lines. The resulting electrical arc cut the basket cables, and both aeronauts fell out into a second set of wires. Both were dead on impact.
r: Robert F. Long; Quakertown, PA 18951, Oct.1982; BM-Fa.1968/6.

TRAUTWEIN, Lillian         USA                  (1877?1930)                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-L.                 Professional balloonist.
Stage names: "Miss Carmo" & "Josie Carmel."
b: 1877. Partners with COLE brothers.

TRAYNOR, William         CANADA          (1945?1989) K                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-B.                 Sport balloonist.
d: 21 Jun.1989 Calgary ALB (age: Mid-40's).
e: Calgary Public Schools.
p: Tow truck Operator; Postal Worker.
f: First Flight with B.Hval; Instructor was D.Ritchie; CAA-Private B-License; 337 hours at time of death; Flight history unknown.
l: Participated in many local events; Conscientious balloonist, well liked by colleagues; First & only flight in this "Ice-Cream Cone" shaped (C-GHZF) Cameron balloon. ***Epic flight 21 Jun.1989 from Riley Park (Calgary, ALB) in "Dairy Queen." Flight crossed the downtown area and descended into powerlines. As a result of the conflagration, the pilot fell to the sidewalk, and died of his injuries. Investigation revealed severe contamination of the fuel system.
a: Relatives & place of residence unknown.
r: CAA Accident report #89W0127; M. August & B.Hval archives.

TRIACA, Alberto Carlo         USA                  #- 10 (1880?1930)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-U/AF/AR/AV/AZ.                 Professional aeronaut.
Husband of balloonist.
b: Milan, Italy.
e: Studied aeronautics in Paris.
p: Manager of airplane flight school (owned by C.F.BISHOP), Balloon AND Airplane pilot AND instructor (Morris Park, and Hammondsport, NY); Correspondence School Office: 108 W.49th St.; NYC; Foreign Dept.of the N.Y.School of Auto Engineers.
f: Received initial B-Training and License in Italy; Received French B-License 1908; German and American B-Licenses issued 1909; FAI-Aero Club of America Airplane License.
l: Founder of the International School of Aeronautics" (N.Y.City, later moved to Garden City, Long Island) 1910; Airplane builder.
h: Winner of 500 franc Prize for establishing a distance record for airplanes.
m: ACA, Chairman of the Heavier than Air, & Navigation Committees.
r: NT-10 Feb.1910/8:5.

TRICHET, Alexandre-Jacques         FRANCE (1828-1895)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-N/ (B).                 Professional balloonist 1865-70 era.
Son and Father of balloonist (unverified, see E.McMELVILLE); married to daughter of balloonist: Fan-Fan GODARD.
b: 2 May 1828;
d: May 1895.
f: First B-Flight?1857?with father Jules; Last flight 1887.
l: Protegee and personal friends of the GODARD families. ***Epic flight 7 Oct.1870 (w/GAMBETTA & SPULLER) from Paris under Prussian siege. Gambetta, the Minister of War, sustained the first in-flight gunshot injury in the history of ballooning. Spuller, a politician, went to form a government in exile. ***.Epic flight 13 Aug.1876 (w/Son) from Paris. Son was hanging from a trapeze, below the basket, on launch. Balloon made a premature landing and crushed him to death.
r: Ibis.

TRIFONOV, Ivan Andre            AUSTRIA          (1950?                  (HB)
Sport balloonist. (Bio-data unknown). ***Epic flight 3 Nov.1989 from Malaga Spain in "Santa Maria." Flight was marred from the launch, when the balloon was damaged scraping the roof of a bullring. The balloon continued on across the Mediterranean Sea towards the North Africa. The flight was discontinued short of the coast, and balloon was abandoned due high seas and 60 mph winds. Ivan was rescued by helicopter, but most of the equipment was lost. ***Epic flight 6 Jan.2000 (w/A.Gonzalez & F.Mortera) FIRST B-Flight over the South Pole. (see B.ARRAS 1996-Antartica)
r: BM-1989p15; May 2000 p30. NOTE: The flight was dedicated to the memory of Malcolm FORBES.

TROLLOPE, Frank C.            BRITAIN                  (1850?1910)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AG.         Military Balloonist.
s: Officer in the British Army Balloon Corps; Superintendent of the Aldershot Balloon Factory (protégé of TEMPLAR).
f: First B-Flight 1882 w/POWELL from Malmesbury; Very experienced balloonist and B-Instructor.
m: Royal Aeronautical Society; In'tl Aero Commission, V.President.
r: PYA-Scrapbook.

TROTTER, Frank A.         USA          #-1051 (1901-1942) K                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/AR.         Sport balloonist 1930-40 era.
b: 26 Feb.1901 Talihina, OH;
d: 8 Jun.1942 Atlantic Ocean.
e: U.S.Naval Academy at Annapolis.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy, Balloon & Airship pilot & instructor; outstanding airship career.
p: Airship pilot for Goodyear 1930-40; Goodyear representative in the "Hindenberg," 1936.
f: Received B-Training at Goodyear-Akron, OH.
l: 1930, Aide (w/BLAIR) in U.S.National B-Race, placed First; Aide in U.S.National B-Race 1930, 32, & 33; 1936, Pilot (w/Smith) in U.S.National B-Race, placed First. ***Epic flight 4 Jul.1936 (w/V.SMITH) from Denver, CO. Flight in the U.S.National B-Elimination Race ended with a landing near Presho North Dakota, giving him the winning distance of 115 miles. The shortest distance ever recorded for a winner. ***Epic flight 8 Jun.1942 (w/4-crew) from Lakehurst, NJ in "Defender." Airship (L-2) on a night search mission, collided with another airship (G-1). Entire crew was killed. NOTE: reports indicate the crew consisted of several civilian scientists; the mission was to test a new method of detecting submarines with light emitting explosives.
r: BF-S/O 1984p11.

TRUFFI, Victorio         BRAZIL                  (1913-                  (HB)
Father of balloonist "Anthony," and Grandfather of Olive (Heike).
b: 13 Jun.1913 Araaquara.
s: Officer in the Brazilian Army, Reserve Major 1970.
p: Entrepreneur, Sold apples & pencils on street corner as a boy; Antenna Manufacturer (largest in all Latin America by 1970); Balloon maker, Fabricator of all kinds of inflatable 1976.
f: First B-Flight Feb.1970 with R.RECHS from Palmdale, CA; Received initial B-Training from R.RECHS; First B-Solo Nov.1970 from Cotia (Brazil); More than 1000 B-Hours by 1985.
l: Credited with introducing the modern sport of Hot-Air ballooning to Brazil; Credited with introducing Hot-Air Airships to Brazil, 1976; Built and flew more than 15 of his own balloons 1975-84 (balloons & facilities were destroyed by fire Dec.1984). ***Epic flight 19 Jun.1972 (w/Olavo Sr.& Olavo Jr.) from Ribeirao Preto (home of Alberto SANTOS-Dumont) in "Brazil." Balloon of 56000 cu.ft. was overloaded and climbed slowly after launch. It became entangled in 13,300 volt powerlines over a crowd of people. Arcing electricity burned six (of 20) suspension cables off, but he continued heating until the gondola was free, and landed safely.
r: CTA accident report; M.Truffi.

TSCHUDI, August von         GERMANY          (1862-1928)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AI.                 Sport balloonist.
b: 29 Jan.1862 Wiesbaden.
d: 8 Oct.1928 Berlin (age 66).
s: Officer in the German Army B-Corp, Retired Major.
p: Vice President of the German Airship Works; Director of Berlin Airport.
f: Flight history unknown.
m: Berliner, Munchner, Obe-rrheinischer, Mittelrheinischer, Frankfurter; Bayerischer and Kaiserlicher Aero Clubs.
l: Last recorded B-Flight 1928; Author of: Aus 34 Jahren Luftfahrt. r. FuA p156.

TURNBULL, Gerry         BRITAIN                  (1918-                  (HB/GB)
See APPENDIX-BJ/BM/BN/BP.                 Sport balloonist.
Father of balloonist, Christine; Husband of Kathy.
b: 1 Jan.1918 Cork Ireland.
e: Harvey Greater Law School, 1961.
s: Officer in the British Air Force 1939-69; Commander of Parachute School at Abingdon; Ret.Wing CMDR.
p: Barrister (Lawyer).
f: First B-Flight 6 Sep.1941 w/Gerry Long; First B-Solo 6 Oct.1941 from Cardington; CAA B-License 1960 (Gas); CAA B-Pilot Examiner; More than 2051 B-Hours (390 gas starts) by 1991; Airship (400+hrs) and Airplane pilot.
l: 1955, Built & flew "Bouncing Balloon" (Humpty-Dumpy); Flew it at annual events for 14 years; 1967, First Hot-Air B-Flight (9 Jul) in "Bristol Belle"; 1967-77, Participated in 8 Murrain Alpine flights; 1969, Built & flew own Hot-Air balloon (65,000 cu.ft.); 1971, Built & flew own one-man Hot-Air balloon (20,000 cu.ft.); 1973, Crossed the English Channel Rye to Beck (date unknown); 1975, Crossed the English Channel Rye to Calais (date unknown); 1976, Obtained CAA Airship Pilot license; 1976, Pilot (w/Daughter) in World Gas B-Championships; 1979, Pilot (w/D.COOPER) in Modern G.Bennett B-Race; 1980, Winner (w/Daughter) in World Gas B-Champion-ships; Owner of Gas Balloons "Omega-I" & "Omega-II"; Owner of Hot-Air Balloons "Nimble" & "Tinker belle"; Flew in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland; Sport para-sailor and parachutist.
h: 1969-Dist.Flying Cross; 1972-Alpine Golden Balloon; 1972-Grand Prix Schilthorn"Trophy; 1980-World Gas Balloon Championship Gold Medal; FRAeS-French Aero Club.
m: BBAC, Chairman; British Parachute Assoc, Chairman.
a: Elm Gables, 8 Critchmere Vale; Haselmere, Surrey.
r: BM-Au.1973p29; Bio-Data form Jan.1991.

TURNBULL, William P.            USA         #-466 (1889?1970)          (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.         Military balloonist 1917-19.
b: 10 Sep.1889 Charleston, MA.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Air Service, Balloon Observer; Colonel in 1942.
f: Received B-Training 1918; Airships 1928; Airplanes 1933; FAI-ACA B-License #466 issued 13 Mar.1918.
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43.

TURNER, Jerry         USA                  (1880?1906) K                  (SM)
See APPENDIX-B/L.                 Professional balloonist.
f: Made only one recorded flight, his last. ***Epic flight 6 Sep.1906 from Oskaloosa, KA. Launch and parachute release were normal, but the pilot lost his grip on the trapeze and died on impact.
a: Resident of Kansas City, KA.
r: NT-7 Sep.1906/1/6.

TURNER, Roscoe Wilson            USA            #-417          (1898-1970)          (GB/KB)
See APPENDIX-AR/AW.         Sport & Military aeronaut.
b: 29 Sep.1895 Corinth, MS.
d: 23 Jun.1970 Indianapolis, IN.
s: Officer in the U.S.Army Air Service, Balloon Observer 1917-19; Served in France during WW-I (no front line combat).
p: Stunt pilot, Aerial Circus Performer, Movie & Airline pilot; Owner/Operator of airplane manufacturing & repair facility in Indianapolis.
f: completed B-Training at Ft.Omaha (NB)22 Feb.1918; Applied for FAI-ACA B-License in Sept.1919 and received #417 dated 27 Feb.1918; Airplane #388.
l: Circus Lion tamer; Later, always traveled with a pet lion; Internationally known competition and race pilot; said to be fearless, Established many records.
h: Bendix Trophy; Harmon Trophy; Thompson Trophy 1934, 38, & 39 (only person to ever win all three trophies); Annual Hot-Air B-Race held in his honor (Aug.1986,87).
r: Who's Who in Aviation 1942-43; Flying Magazine Mar-1952.

TYLER, Raymond Farrington         USA                 (1889-1963)          N (KB/GB)
See APPENDIX-AH/CH.                        Military Aeronaut
b: 8 Mar.1894 Connecticut.
d: 15 Apr.1965 Los Altos, CA.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-, Served as Balloon, Kite balloon, & Airship pilot & instructor; Atlantic Fleet Airship Commander 1941-46; Outstanding career, Retired Captain.
p: Airship pilot (1947-48) for Associated Oil Products in California.
f: Received initial training at Goodyear-Akron; First B-Flight 28 May 1919 w/HOYT from Akron; Served as Kite Balloon observer (1920-23) at Guantanamo Bay Cuba; Received Airship (in C-7) Brevet1920 at NAS-Pensacola; Rigid airship training (Class #1) at NAS-Lakehurst 1923-24; Flew with the Shenandoah, Los Angeles, & Hindenberg.
l: Participated in the 1936 G-Bennett B-Race in Poland.
h: Legion of Merrit.
r: BF-V12 #8 p6 (T), V12 #9 p

TYNDALL, Clarence William         USA            #-629 (1889-1963)                  (GB)
See APPENDIX-AR.                         Military aeronaut.
b: 27 Nov.1889 Kinston, NC.
d: 22 Mar.1963 Oceanside, CA.
e: Univ.of Minnesota, Mathematics; N.Y.University Medical School.
s: Officer in the U.S.Navy 1917-20; Naval Aviator #987; Served as Airship pilot at Hampton Roads & Cape May.
f: Balloon & Airship training at Akron & NAS-Pensacola; FAI-ACA B-License #629 issued 3 Jul.1918.
p: Physician.
r: Contact-Profiles p274.

TYTLER, James         BRITAIN                  (1747-1804)                  (HB)
See APPENDIX-A/F/X.         Sport balloonist.
Son of a poor Scottish Church Minister; Immigrated to the USA as a political exile 8 Aug.1795.
b: 1847, Fern at Forfar.
d: 9 Jan.1804 Salem, MA (USA), Died by falling into a salt pit while drunk.
e: Edinburgh University, 1768, Doctor of Medicine.
p: Chemist, surgeon, journalist, poet, printer.
f: FIRST British balloonist.
l: Political agitator. Accused 7 Jan.1793 by British Govt. of inciting civil disorder by his seditious writing. ***Epic flight 27 Aug.1784 from Comely Gardens (Edinburgh) in a hot air balloon. First successful flight in Britain, even though the flight was two jumps of about 500' while hanging from the rigging, before it collapsed. ***Epic flight attempt 29 Sep.1784 ended unsuccessfully. ***Epic flight attempt 15 Jul.1785. Paid audience became a mob on the unsuccessful inflation. As a direct result, he was sentenced to a Debtors Prison in 1789.

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